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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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into what is being done to keep open that much-needed facility. good evening, i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. saint petersburg mayor rick kriseman is facing tough questions from residents and city council members about the huge waste water spill into tampa bay. he is talking to council members about the spill and solutions. newschannel8 has obtained exclusive video that shows a major problem going on during ic waste water. tonight, we brought that video and the problem to the attention of saint petersburg city council members. jeff patterson joins us live from outside of city hall. i bet the reaction was something to behold and you were face to far with them. >> reporter: yeah, good evening keith. this is video i was able to obtain exclusively from a source and it clearly shows a problem. because it is one thing to tell you about a sewage spill into
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to you. as it happens. as hurricane hermine passed saint petersburg, 15 inches of rain fell on the city in four days. water infiltrated the city's waste water lines and this is the impact. video shows water pouring out of the top of a holding tank with the force of a large fire hose. >> what do you think when you see that? >> i think we made a huge mistake. >> reporter: we showed the video to two saint petersburg city council members. >> i said multiple times on the record, the second we started discharging, the second after that, we should have informed the public and the media. >> reporter: the water flooded the azalea neighborhood. mayor kriseman says it is 99.99% clean. that is not what new documents from a whistle blower reveal. in a new e-mail, they warn we must inform upper management
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informed the public it is the same water they put on their lawn. they want to put up warning signs around the area of the discharge for public safety. after seeing our video, council member charlie curtis agrees. >> as soon as the spill happened, there should have been notification, whether at the time they believed it was partly clean, mostly clean. whatever. there should have been notification right away. >> reporter: yeah. the mayor and city public works administrator claude tackersly facing tough questions now inside of city hall about the mayor saying no one is angrier about this than he is, but at the same time, they say it could take up to three years before a permanent solution could be implemented. keith? >> it seems confusing because
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you said. clean. and, then you show these documents. it almost looks like a cover up. like who doesn't know what is in the water? i mean, either it is long water or it is drinking water. >> reporter: there is disagreement over that, keith. the mayor has dismissed two key people in his administration that were part of the water department and they are saying the culture needs to change there. the water department need to be able to te that there's a problem as it is occurring. >> and the managers need to tell the people they serve. thank you. jeff patterson live in saint petersburg. >> florida's department of environmental protection may be monitoring and investigating a massive contamination on the aquifer of mulberry but it is not getting high grades in not alerting the public. 8 on your side confirmed and
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that opened at the fertilizer plant in mulberry. it dumped hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water into the aquifer. dep claims it was not legally obligated to disclose the incident. as you can imagine, that does not sit well with tampa state representative dana young. >> if they weren't legally required to submit that information today, perhaps this legislative session, we should pass a law saying they submit that information. not only to the regulatory community, but, to the people who live around these sites. they have a right to know. >> following reports by 8 on your side, mosaic is now providing tests of wells for concerned neighbors. 106 tests are now scheduled. one of mosaic's vice presidents also publicly apologized for not making the contamination known to neighbors. according to the company and
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not traveled beyond mosaic's property line. bay area moms and dads are heartbroken after hearing their severely disabled children will have nowhere to go if a popular group home in hudson closes its doors. as newschannel8's melanie michael explains tonight, the angeles is now in danger of shutting down if the state has its way. >> reporter: good evening to you from pasco county. 8 on your side spent time with concerned moms and dads would be catastrophic. >> it would be like have a death in the family for us. >> reporter: katherine greco sits with her son marcello worried about his future. he can't walk or talk. he is 32 years old and suffered from a severe chromosome disorder. the angeles is family for him.
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devastated if he were separated from his buddies an the people who have been caring for him for years. >> reporter: it is nestled in a quiet wooded area of pasco county and feels more like a summer camp or a college campus. for nearly four decades, men and women have received comprehensive care here. but recently, a state report called for its closure. >> we would be devastated. we know he would be. he wouldn't be able to tell you that. you can try to interview him, you know, and he couldn't say to you but he would feel that. >> reporter: the agency for healthcare administration says the angeles is too isolated and has the feel of an institution rather than a group home. marcello's mom disagrees and has a message for governor rick scott. >> i would tell him to come. just think about if in your family, you had a very fragile handicapped individual. what would you like him to
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heartbroken parents are hoping you will come here and visit soon. i'm melanie michael in hudson tonight. newschannel8. well, as an update after 8 on your side began asking the state some tough questions, we are told by the ceo of the group home that leaders in tallahassee could be planning a trip to pasco county. we will give you an update. we will keep you posted. it may be one of the largest cyber security breaches at least 500 million user accounts were stolen. this breach is believed to have occurred back in late 2014. according to yahoo, the information could include your name, e-mail, e-mail address, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, all kinds of information. yahoo users are urged to change their password and security questions immediately. well, new tonight, the family of a man killed at the
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defending its loved ones. the family of keith scott argued he had no weapon when an officer shot him on the street. >> did no hold a gun, that he did not carry a gun. as far as we know, we still don't know if there was or was not a gun even there. >> his death sparked anger on the streets of charlotte overnight. now the city is under a state of emergency. josh benson joins us now live from our tampa news center, the national apparently there now. >> reporter: that's right well. another vigil is planned. right now, one person is still hospitalized with critical injuries suffered in last night's chaos. there was more looting, tear gas, and overall, a very clear sense of anger and tension in the streets of charlotte. another night. >> oh! >> reporter: another tense faceoff. >> justice, no peace! >> reporter: police in riot gear clashed with angry protesters both sides. even journalists in harms way.
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jeremy, get out of there! >> reporter: a local news crew taken to the hospital when this reporter was knocked to the ground giving a report. protesters angry over the death of keith scott who was shot by police tuesday. since thennen conflicting reports on if he brandished a gun. the police chief says he had a gun, but there is no evidence he pointed the gun at police solely based on cod by pointing a gun. i didn't see that in the videos i reviewed. >> reporter: now calls for the video to be released to the public and scott's family. >> that family has the right to see the video and frankly, i think the city of charlotte has the right to see the video. >> reporter: in the streets, looters smashed in windows of local businesses, stole items, damaged property. >> these are not protesters, these are criminals coming out here to do the damage in charlotte. >> reporter: police
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sat in the street. many were swiftly taken into custody. late thursday, north carolina's governor telling the nation charlotte will not be defined by the last two days. >> we are not going the let a few hours give a negative impact on a great city. and this city is also very resilient. i know it because i still live here. and i'm proud to live here. >> reporter: now, the victim's family is ebbing perfecting to see that dash cam and body cam video of the oo release it to the public. jenn? >> all right. well, the chief says the video does not definitely show that scott pointed the weapon toward the officer. does that change the narrative, josh? >> reporter: the police chief says there is other evidence and witness accounts that support the police narrative that officers opened fire only after he refused to drop the weapon. >> josh benson, thank you josh, live in the tampa news center. now to some breaking news
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we just learned the tulsa police officer who shot and killed another black unarmed man will face charges. officer shelby now faces a first degree manslaughter charge in the death of terrance crutcher. in this video here, it does appear to show that crutcher unarmed with his hands in the air raised, right before he is gunned down. we will keep you updated. and now, to your vote in the race for the white house. we are less than a week away from the first presidential debate. preparations are underway right now in the university in long island new york. lester holt will be the moderator for the debate monday night. he plans to focus on topics like america's direction, prosperity, and security. newschannel8's rod carter will be reporting live from this debate. be sure to tune in for those reports starting this sunday night right here on newschannel8. well, tickets and toll violations are all wracked up under the registration of a murdered victim's car. >> coming up, the man's loved ones reach out to 8 on your
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the legal loophole we discovered that allowed it to happen. >> a few showers and thunderstorms slow moving. i'm looking out the window seeing sunshine right now. those warm temperatures will carry all the way into the weekend coming up very quickly. the drier forecast, we will have it for you coming up
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> i think it was right at 10:00 this morning i thought it feel sos much better. just like that. feels like fall is here. >> you looked out the window. leaves. >> it was beautiful. we did get some rain today. it felt like fall in downtown tampa late this afternoon. >> yes, a few showers still out there. thunderstorms too. but we know in florida, it takes a little longer for us.
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harbor. a few clouds around. no precipitation at this location. but we have seen a few showers and thunderstorms about today. here is lakeland auto mall view in polk county. 91 degrees. we have a northwest wind. a healthy wind blowing old glory around there. 44% relative humidity here at famous tate in brandon. 83 degrees. kind of dark skies here. there have been a few showers as keith mentioned rumbling about. they have been kind of isolate. not widespread. so keep that in mind, you might see an isolated shower here this evening. this area in particular just developed and didn't move around very much. had some lightning strikes, thunder mixed in there. south of pasco county line. rain continues. but that is about it. this isn't very strong at the moment. kind of stretching back along 275. so they are out there. they are just not moving very much. you can see out in highlands county, sebring, lake placid, a few scattered showers in the southeast part of polk county.
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yankees are in town to play the rays. maybe just an isolated shower. but probably not. 84 degrees. warm out there in the parking lot before you head into this game. in case you are tailgating. nice view here. saint peat beach. a nice spot to be taking pictures from saint pete beach last night. forecast at 9:00 p.m., # 1 degrees. clearing skies. 77 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 91 degrees at 4:00 p.m. sunshine mixed with clouds. a warm day for currently. the numbers 92 at macdill. the sea breeze is having an impact on temperatures a little bit to drop them. you can see mostly in the 80s . otherwise, it is hot in brandon. 95 degrees. 94 in frost proof. 90 in inverness, there is the sea breeze, the cooler breeze, relatively. coming off the gulf of mexico and that creates that little area here. you can see showers and thunderstorms developing near
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develop, they don't move around too much. now, effects of drier air are clearly seen across the central an northern portion of the area helping to quiet the amount of shower activity. that is the red color, the drier air, high levels of the atmosphere, that has helped to suppress the shower activity. the heavier showers have been further to the south. tropics, we have karl. a tropical storm again. neither one of these really consequential to us. it is interesting to note their tracks. 40 miles an hour winds curry. the northeast. perhaps, south of bermuda. and tropical storm lisa, may not be in a great environment as we have been saying for days and here we are in in state of florida, barely on the map. you know this is really out there. inland areas as you can see in highlands county. maybe still developing out in polk county throughout the early evening hours, as we head into the overnight, things are fairly quiet as you can see. partly cloudy skies to mostly clear conditions. friday morning, sunny start,
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degrees in the afternoon, a few popup showers in the afternoon. really, the rain chances are actually below our averages. friday, saturday, sunday, 20 to 30%. high temperatures remain warm. not exactly fall like. yeah, it is florida fall like. 85 degrees monday, tuesday, wednesday. and, perhaps, rain chances become a little bit bet earl early next week. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> terrorized twice. a loophole in state policy allowed someone to renew the registration of a murder victim's car. and now, a full year later, the victim's girlfriend is scared this mistake is putting her and her children in danger. that is when she knew she better call behnken. this story is somewhat complicated but it came down to this loophole.
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his murder is unsolved and someone is driving around in his car in his name and he is wracking up tickets. >> reporter: the red light ticket came in the name of kurt. he was chelsea mosley's boyfriend and he was murdered last year. but someone renewed the registration on his car and is driving it around. >> how can someone that ha passed away get reregistered? >> reporter: being dead is not enough department of motor vehicle's turn away business. >> they walked in with the plate, no id, nothing. and said i want this plate reregistered. they didn't ask for any identification. >> reporter: i called state authorities for answers. >> so is there anything we can do to help her? >> reporter: i was told whoever did this drove to a dmv office in broward county last month. then came back to hillsborough, and ran the red light.
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are coming to mosel because his last address was with her. >> that should not be legal. >> reporter: that is a real concern, considering his murder is still not solved. his car, a 2004 mitsubishi g gallant was released to a family member after his de registration is not linked to the car. my investigation reveals two problems. the dmv computer does not list chang as deceased and renewing registration requires no id at all. it was explained as a loophole meant to a allow ma'amly members to renew the registration as a convenience. but that is not the way mosley sees it. >> that is unacceptable to get an answer like that. >> reporter: you want to hear unacceptable? the dmv told mosley the only
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customer. but of course, he can't, because he died. >> this is so bizarre that this can happen. you worked all day. did you have any luck. >> i had a little. the tampa police department is still investigating. they have not yet caught who murdered this man. they have flagged this in their system. but if something does happen and this car is used in a crime, they will have it in their system so they won't show up better but she withins her information off of this car. the dmv is looking into it. i looked went all the way to the hop in tallahassee. they are looking into what to do. >> thank you shannon. if you have a problem, you better call behnken. the telephone number, 1-855- behnken. still ahead, cbs hits a snag in its plans to launch curb side pickup. why the pharmacy chain is
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>> but bell is now recalling two popular flavors of ice cream over more listeria concerns. they were distributed here in florida. the company is cookie dough and cookie two step. some cookie dough from a third party supplier could contain listeria. you might remember, they had a listeria outbreak last year. cvs did not launch curb side pickup service nationwide today. they are delaying it until next monday. seems so many people trying to
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backlogged and slowed the whole thing down. it will allow customers to order items online and pick them up outside a cvs store in one hour. they got a great idea. it is just, the demand. it is too great at the moment. so ... we'll see. >> all right, josh is with us for more on what is coming up. >> coming up at 5:30, from algae blooms and sewage, radioactive sink holes, it is not a great year for water in florida. we will show you what environmental lists want to see happen here in th
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm josh benson. thans for being with us tonight. >> tonight, hillsborough county sheriffs deputies are trying to get their hands on a dangerous criminal who fought with a deputy and then took off. >> it happened during a traffic


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