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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a third night of protests in charlotte, north carolina, over the deadly police shooting. protestors switching tactics, how they plan to put the pressure on city leaders. >> and new massive sink hole in polk county. a lawsuit is filed and now investigators are on the case. >> and a massive data breech at yahoo. if you have ever set up a yahoo account for workings school or fun, we will tell you what to do to protect yourselves. >> here we are, 4:00 a.m. on the dot.
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here we are, we made it. how is the weather shaping up? >> it is not quite fall-like, but it is not too bad. societies is 78. like what happen -- sarasota is 78. look at this upper level low. that will keep us from seeing too many thunderstorms developing. no rain chances this morningers lots of sunshine and during the afternoon -- chances this during the afternoon only a 20% chance of a thunderstorm. it will be hot today with a high of 91. at 4:08 i have an hour by hour hook at your friday. >> we have a good commute this friday morning. hopefully it will last. let's take a look at what is happening travelwide. u.s. 19 looks great through palm harbor.
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through the land oh lakes areas. i-75 is good in and out of pasco county. hardly any vehicle on the road my friends. that is a look at weather and traffic. back to melanie and gene. age we have a missing boy, if you know where he is, if you seen him, please call police immediately. some new information overnight. protestors return to the streets of charlotte for a third night following the deadly police shooting that left a 43-year-old african- american man dead. >> this, despite a state of emergency in the city and a curfew to keep people off the streets. we have more from meredith in the news center.
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>> well, it has been ignored largely, as well as by the police and national guard. the city announcing overnight as long as protests were peaceful the curfew would not be enforced. street rallies turned into riots on benz night. charlotte has been on the edge since the
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melanie, unlike wednesday night. to arrests in charlotte overnight. >> all right, meredith, thank you. in tulsa, oklahoma, a police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed african-american man now facing charges. officer betty shelby is no charged with 1st degree manslaughter. the charges come a week after officer shelby shot and killed 40-year-old terence crutcher as he walked toward his broken down suv with his arms in the air. his family supports him and want to make sure this never happens again. >> while we are pleased to
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hi innocent twin brother for his senseless act, we understand nothing will bring back our father, nephew, father, cousin. our goal as a family is to insure this never happens to another innocent citizen. >> prosecutors say they believe officer shelby overreacted. her attorney claims she opened fire when crutcher began to reach into his suv window. the time is 4:05. happening today the environmental protection agency is expected to get its look at a giant sink hole in polk county. it opened in late august at the mulberry plant and spilled millions of gallons into the contaminated water in the florida aqua fur. the florida department of environmental protection didn't notify neighbors. when pressed about the issue governor rick scott defended
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the governor denied the mosaic received special treatment. now the company faces a class action lawsuit on behalf of the people that have contamination from their drinking water. this is water spewing over the side of a st. petersburg waste water treatment plant it felt video was taken after hurricane hermine when 150,000- gallons of sewage was spilling into tampa bay. >> it is centered around the consultants report from 2014. why were so many city leaders supposely kept in the dark.
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council voted on an outside investigation. >> we need to better engage the public and the impress. >> reporter: and that is exactly what we wanted to do moments after the mayor addressed the city council, trouble is, the aide later tweeting us the mayor will not be making a public comment because of family obligation. now this exclusive video, water pouring off the top of a water treatment plant after hurricane hermine slammed the city. the water from the treatment plant flooded the neighborhood. the mayor claimed it was not a public health hazard but new documents from a whistle blower reveal otherwise and residents want the truth now. >> we as residents are looking from our government trust.
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long term planning. >> reporter: now the only two council members voted against close closing albert wit at the time. >> you make yourself more culpable because they are saying they didn't know. you don't need a report to tell you that. come on. >> reporter: what are the options on the table? first off there is ramping up the expansion work at the southwest waste water treatment plant and reopening the wittard plant. it is 4:08. let's get this friday started so we can get into the weekend. let me take you hour-by-hour. it feels comfortable. the skies are clear. it doesn't feel like fall but it is no not uncomfortable. 79 by 8:00 a.m. 8 by noon and a high of 91. we will spend several hours at or above 90 because of a 20% chance of an afternoon storm.
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30% on sunday and 40% on monday. in our headline, not much rain. the slim chance of storms in the afternoon and staying hot. low 90s through sunday and upper 80s next week. the rain chances next week will increase slightly. tropical storm carl regains storm status and tropical storm lisa no threat to the u.s. we are looking great out there on the roads. c no accidents or slowdowns. take a live look at i-75 from fowler. in and out of the new tampa area it looks great on 75 and even stretching up through pasco. travel times on the suncoast parkway, 8 minutes 52 to 54. also great drive as you connect down to the veterans
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thank you, leslie. six now to a data breech that happened in late 2014, including name, email addresses, password, security questions and answers, not a good combination. extra hoo is claiming payment card data and bank either way, here is advice for you. >> take steps to make sure that you are well protected. 2 first thing you can do, whether or not you are one of the 500 million that have been breeched, go ahead and change your password to a complex password that people cannot easily get. >> funny. gene was saying those very same things. >> if you changed it since 2014, you should not have to worry about it. you should be in the clear.
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>> look into it. >> security experts say having a password for each account is a good idea. if you write down your passwords do not keep it, obviously, in a with he will known place were people can get into it. news channel 8 is once again committed to raising $100,000. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise so do the math. for every dollar you donate it really counts at two. the walk is 12 at raymond james stadiumment head over to for more details. melanie, you went out there last year. i was out there last year. we had a great time. >> we little did. >> for a good cause. hope to see you there. why agents want to know what happened on a feels-like temperature carrying brad pitt,
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small businesses back to downtown tampa. how it is cutting costs and opening door. >> first, a scary run-in with a convicted felon. the dangerous situation a hillsborough deputy faced when he is pulled over a car. you are watching news channel
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now downtown tampa roommates. re/max database and indigo coffee. >> we wanted to create a space for social and inviting. they actually sit in the back of the house, if you will. the front of the house is run by i wantgo. the brand has been -- indigo. it has been around since 2002 . >> reporter: businesses share a
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these ladies are getting ready for a nice cup of coffee. if they wanted to they could head to the back and buy real estate. >> sheik design and floor tile is also by design, the idea to lure in a whole new customer to downtown tampa. the millennial. >> the mayor is doing a great job creating growth in downtown tampa. >> there are three breakfast items, sandwiches and wraps and veggies. >> reporter: experts say expect to see more local businesses working together to invite more people into the new downtown district. gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> what a great idea. james ramos is a tampa native and told gayle he can remember when people would plan their time downtown because there was nothing to do.
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first shared space. >> the feds are getting involved in brad pitt and angelina jolie's divorce. on a private flight pitt is accused of being abusive toward one of the six children. the fbi has not decided whether they will open their own investigation. jolie filed for divorce on monday citing irreconcilable differences. 4:18. let's get a check on the weather with leigh. i know itis you don't have to to to work for a little while, here is something you can do this morning at 6:47 before the sun comes up, there will be a nice long pass of the international space station. it will be in the air if are six minutes. it will be high in the sky. it will be very bright, like a little dot traveling through the sky. once the sun comes up we will see a lot of it. 79 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 88 at noon and 91 at 4:00 p.m.
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81, as well. so remember what yesterday felt like? that is what to expect today. northport is 74. another bright, sunny morning. during the afternoon, about 1:00 we will see the very spotty storms form. without that rain that is why it will be so hot today and 91. the rain should taper off at 8:00 p.m. if you are heading out to those only a 20% rain chance saturday afternoon. 30% on sunday. leslie, what about traffic on the 8s. >> let's take a look at the veterans expressway, a great drive. the odessa area 8 minutes, early to 275. suncoast parkway up to speed as well as 275 on the skyway bridge where it will only take
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plaza. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to melanie and gene. leslie, thank you. halloween is the one day you can be anything you want. >> but disney characters boys and girls will have to cross off their list. >> and a government crackdown not just nationally but internationally to save americans hundreds of millions of dollars. i will have the ta up next.
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an elite international group of con artists are stealing a network of mail fraud surges and the companies that make them millions. they work by convincing people via mail to send them money back. the attorney general lynch litch saying they on vulnerable people like senior citizens. >> senior citizens should be enjoying their requirement, not financing so -- retirement, not financing some fraudster's lifestyles the. >> the government attempt the biggest to date. >> moana is a character in disney's latest animated film
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voicing the character is dwayne the rock johnson. >> disney world stopped selling the costume and the pj set. it is said to be offensive because it allows the child to wear the skin color of another race. >> yes. this is the girl costume and this is the boy in the film, maui. >> disney released a statement apologying for the costume. i think what they were trying to say is we were copying the film and trying to provide this to kids. >> a costume like this where it you can understand how they make that decision but it is now -- decision but you can see how it is insensitive to many people and they are being asked to take them off the shelfs. >> you can share your thoughts and observations. >> yes. could it be another option for the morning commute? >> new in the next half hour we will show you how these tampa trolleys are changing to get more people a climb on board.
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downtown tampa all lit up early on this friday morning. you made it to the end of the week. weather and traffic on the 8s coming up in just three
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4:28. you made it to friday. the morning pickup is clear and 79 degrees. when the kids come home from school a 20% rain chance and hot at 91. if you are going to the high school football games still hot, 85 degrees and a 20% rain chance. still steamy at halftime. 81 for the final play. lessonly? >> -- leslie? >> if you are traveling through manatee county to palmetto
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and 275 in tampa/st. pete is looking good. also in hillsborough county
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new developments on the massive polk county sink hole. a class action lawsuit is filed and now the feds are getting involved. 8 on your side asks governor scott who will be held responsible. >> and this morning a police officer facing charges for shooting and killing man. coming up how the man's family is reacting and why the da filed the charges. >> and donald trump facing criticism for comments he made about hillary clinton in charlotte. we will let you hear the comment as and judge for yourself. good morning. i am melanie michael in for gayle.


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