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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a third night of protest in charlotte, income energy but they switch tactics last night. and new developments on the massive sinkhole in polk federal investigators are on the case. and massive data breach at yahoo. we'll tell what you need to know to protect yourself. thank for waking up with us. let's get a check on your friday forecast. we have mostly clear skies. and it is warm.
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73 in brooksville and 73 in lakeland. sarasota at 78 and 71 in zephyrhills. still the drier air in place. but up in the atmosphere. there's not a lot of moisture around. but we rely in the upper level moisture for the thunderstorms. so i'm only putting in a chance. 91 today. i have an hour by hour look at your friday so you can make your plans. >> we got a great drive right now. it is early in the morning and what better way to kick off your friday morning than a nice drive on 275. no delays on the skyway and courtney campbell all looking very good. and we have an accident on i-75
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delays and the same goes with the debris on the roadway down north of venice that is right before the venice connector that is a look at weather and traffic and now back to melanie and gene. tampa police searching for this run away boy. take a good look at him. he's just ten years old. he was last seen at his home on the 2900 block of lake avenue east yesterday about 4:00. if you know where the boy is, ten-year-old chad kendrick, if you know where he is, call the police. investigators from the u.s. protection agency will go to the site of massive sinkhole in polk county. they want to know why they did
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filed against the company, mosaic. and the attorneys want some answers in this case. [ no audio ]
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it that dep sat on the information about the contaminated water. it was there for three weeks. >> it is important that all of our water resources were clean. after they were notified they started the investigation and they are continuing to do the investigation. [ no >> lots of questions will be asked today and we know they will. 8 on your side exclusive this morning this is video you will only see here on newschannel 8. you see water spewing over a waist water
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spilled into tampa bay. last night the city council voted for an outside investigation. the mayor not talking after that meeting. >> reporter: is he going to make any pub public comment tonight? >> no. >> this is the third night protests in charlotte, north carolina after a deadly police shooting. meredith, you've been following the developments. did the curfew work? >> reporter: the curfew was largely ignored by the protesters overnight and it is also being ignored by the
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the city announcing overnight as long as protests were peaceful, the curfew would not be enforced. street rallies turned into riots wednesday night. 44 people arrested and one person killed. charlotte has been on the edge since the police shooting of college lamont scott on tuesday. and his family and friends disagree what led to the shooting. and the family wants two videos of the shooting released. >> the videos that today,ed body camera and dashcam should be made available to the public, allow people to see it and allow people to draw some of their own conclusions. >> i'm trying to balance between transparency to the public but also knowing that we want that investigation to have the highest integrity and have all the pieces in place before that is completed. >> reporter: that curfew in charlotte is in place till 6:00
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died down around 3:00 a.m. and unlike wednesday night, no arrests in charlotte overnight in regards to the overnight activities, but they have just arrested someone in connection with break into property the night before that is new this morning. >> they'll keep an eye on things in the very manies in the days to come. new information just in. the tulsa, oklahoma police officer accused of shooting and killing an american man turned herself in this morning on manslaughter charges. this is officer betty shelby's mug shot. she has been released on a $50,000 bond. and the charges against officer shelby come a week after she shot and killed 40-year-old terrence crutcher as he walked towards his broken down suv with his arms in the air. and the family sports the charges but wants to make sure
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learn that the officer that senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face charges for her reckless act, we understand nothing will bring him back. nothing will bring back our father, son, brother, cousin. and other goal is to ensure this never happens to another incident citizen. >> prosecutors said they believe that officer opened fire when he began to reach into his suv window. another cyber data breach affecting yahoo and a half million accounts. and that includes e-mails, security questions and answers. and payment card data and bank act information were not
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campus has some advice. >> you've got to take steps to make sure that you're well protected. and one of the first things that you can do, you should go ahead and change your password to a complex password that people cannot easily get. >> security experts suggest having a password for each hour through your friday. so you can plan out your day today and this weekend. we'll start around 80 degrees by the time we get to 9:00 this morning and 88 at noon. 91 at 4:00 p.m. and there's a 20% rain chance. and that is one of the reasons why it will be so hot. and 20% tomorrow and 30% on sunday and 40% on monday. not much rain in the next threw days. low 90s through sunday and rain chances increase next week.
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on the 8s. traffic looks very nice right now. so let's hold on to it as long as we can. we have a couple issues. but they're not going to slow you down. this is pasco county. there's an accident off to the shoulder. and let's hop dunn to the sun coast area and debris out there according to fhp. this is northbound i-75 right where you get to connector here. let's take a live look this is i57 and fouler avenue. things look great. and that is weather and traffic on the 8s. a ten-year-old run away boy from tampa is found safe. the police issued an alert for the boy, chad kendrick but he had disappeared from his home. we just got off the phone with the police and they tell us
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safe. the 2016 heart walk is around the corner. and newschannel 8 is committed to raising a hundred thousand dollars. but we need your help. kia is generously raising the first $50,000 that we race. the walk is happening november 12th at raymond james iu talking about, the fbi is getting involved now. >> still ahead. why agents want to know what happened brad pitt, angelina jolie and their kids. a new tactic to bring small businesses back to downtown tampa. what does it cost? there's a dangerous situation that a hillsborough county deputy faced when he
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county deputy. and the deputy telling us it happened very fast after he stopped this man and somebody else in this car for a seatbelt violation. >> you don't get out of the vehicle. and he pushed me away. and this little struggle happened. >> that is the deputy. he attempted to use his taser. but it doesn't work. and the passenger got away. he dropped his driver's license in he's identified as -- a wanted ex-con. the deputy suffered a fractured finger but otherwise okay. there's a new trend that is saving money and opening doors. it is part of a plan to transform downtown tampa into a live, work and play city. in the past, the high cost of rent downtown has shut some small businesses out. but a new trend called retail space sharing could change all of that.
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exchange on the outskirts of downtown tampa sparked a retail trend in tampa bay. and now downtown tampa is home to a new pair of unlikely rooming. >> we wanted to create a space that was more social and much more inviting. and they actually sit in the back of the house, if you will. and in the front of the house it is >> reporter: it is part a concept called retail space sharing. businesses share a space to cut the cost of rent. and these ladies are getting ready for a hot cup of coffee and if they wanted to, they could head to the become and buy some real estate. the chic design like with the ceramic floor tile is a new
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mayor is doing a great job and generating the growth that we need in downtown tampa. >> reporter: there's space for 15 agents to use and a bullpen where lunch can be served. >> there are three breakfast items. >> reporter: and experted said they expect to see more local businesses working together to invite more people into the new downtown district. >> i love that idea. do you think we can get a coffee shop in e >> james ram ramos is a tampa native. he said that he remembers that when people would leave downtown looking for something to do. and now people are coming to tampa and he wanted to spearhead the first shared space in the area. the feds getting involved in angelina jolie and brad pitt's divorce.
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in involving pitt and his family where pitt is accused of being abusive towards one of his six kids. you remember angelina jolie filed for divorce monday. samsung's galaxy note program is going to well. half of recalled smart phones have been turned in. of those that turned in, most, 90% opted to ge note 7. millions were recalled worldwide because the battery could cause the phone to explode. it will be a hot one today. it is. at 6:47, there will a good path for international space station. it will be visible for six
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the sky and it will be up over trees and things like that. it will be a steady dot possibling through the sky. the sun will be shining and it will warm us up quickly. this is well above average for this fall day. and 75 in one of the tear haven and 78 in bradenton. so it will be a sunny, bright morning and maybe a cloud were to by 1:00. we start to see the first few showers early evening hours till about 8:00 p.m., maybe a stray shower. another clear start today. and only 20% rain chance. we have an accident in pasco county. this is fbi be in u.s. 19 just past state road 64. but i'm not seeing any delays. and it is tying up the
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and the state road 54 is a great drive between u.s. 19 and over to the sun coast parkway. and let's take a look at our bay area bridges. it will take you about six minutes to cross it. and you're looking at 11 to pass the courtney campbell. and back to melanie and gene. halloween, it is the one day that we can be one thing or anybody that we want. >> bu disney character that boys and girls will have to cross off the list. 5:20. it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use febreze... ...fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. walker inhales
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times the freshness... one refill. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher...
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and lee let international of conartists stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from u.s. victims. and now the u.s. government is cracking down. they are you want mail fraud people. they convince people via mail to just send them money. and they are preying vulnerable people like senior citizens. >> when it comes to cutting off frauds by going to after behind the scenes companies, this
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biggest toe date. maui is the biggest and latest disney film. >> you can cross it off the list for the halloween costumes. disney stopped selling them. the costume is offensive because it allows the child to wear a skin color of race. disney released a statement apologizing for it but they say this should not be sold. >> it is not the skirting of the leave that's causing the controversy. it is the top body suit park. they are comparing this to black facing and they stay is offensive. you can share your comments on line. log in right now to our facebook page to share that
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lots of people will be talking about this all morning. >> every year it seems like there's and controversial halloween costume. starting monday, there could be another option for the morning commute. we'll look how the tampa trademark trolleys and they are changing people to get more folks on board and we'll take you on one coming up. we leave you with this live picture of beautiful
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it should be a clear sky for the kids at the bus stop this morning. 91 tomorrow and 90 on sunday. looking at pasco county,
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state road 54 and fire lane road in zephyrhills, a tiny
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new developments on the massive polk county sinkhole. and we're asking governor scott and police officer is charged for shooting an unarmed man. and donald trump facing criticism about the comments he made following the violent protests in charlotte. we'll let you hear the comments and judge for yourself. good morning. friday. we finally made it. it doesn't feel too bad


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