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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 23, 2016 11:00am-11:58am EDT

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>> you're welcome. thank you. >> have a great day, everyone. the news is next. see ya next time. ? ? new developments with on the massive sinkhole in polk kaechlt a class action lawsuit is the filed. federal investigators are object case that sent contaminate the third night of protests in florida over the shooting. protesters switched up their tactics last night. we'll tell you how they plan to keep pressure on city leaders. >> we're taking a listen to the enforce old shooting 911 call
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i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm stacie schaible. we're going to head over to haste. >> we're at 84 degrees and dew point at 74. once it get to mid 70, it feels hot. we're going to warm up. the average is 88. i expect us to get to 91. it's hued surface. we're going to greatly limit our chance for seeing thunderstorms. that's one of the reasons why it's going to be hot. we don't get cooling relief. slim rain chance today and tomorrow in the afternoon. low 90s through sunday. we do go into the upper 80s next week. that's because we'll start to increase rain chances and increase moisture coming up. we have breaking news at
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us they have arrested tampa bay back nears tight end austin jenkins. it's not the first time. we're told he was speeding and weaving. he previously pleaded guilt to dui back in 2013. the environmental protection agency getting it's first look at county. they just arrived onsite. the ginning hole, you'll remember, opened back in late august underneath a jim gypsum stack. the company didn't notify neighbors. when pressed about the issue, governor rick scott defended the state agency. >> who is going to lose their
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starting the investigation immediately. they're accelerating that investigation. they're going to continue doing it and hold anything that did anything wrong accountable, if anything did. >> is anybody going to gate de? >> we're going to focus on water equality. >> the governor denied that mosaic received special treatment. they face a class action lawsuit from a new york law firm on behalf of people who live the contamination. this morning, a tulsa police officer accused of shooting an unarmed african american man turned herself in. she has since been released on bond. the charges against officers shelby come one week after she shot and killed 40-year-old terrance crutcher as he walked toward his broken down suv with his arm in the air. the family supports the charges but say they're waiting to react
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cases. we know this is the formality. we know she's been charged but then we get no convictions. >> prosecutors say they belief officer shelby overreacted. her attorney claims she opened the fire when he began to reach into his suv window. if she's convicted. she could face 4 years to life. >> calmer protests the charlotte, north carolina. demonstrators violated the curfew, but this time around they were peaceful. the past few nights, looked like this, violence. last night, they shook the hands of national guard members. . >> the this protest is much better. the clergy is here, buts are here. , black and white.
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this is what happens when leaders show up. >> they want the city to release the dashcam video. scott's family also wants the video released, however, charlotte's police chief that's not happening. he says he wants to project the integrity of the investigation. thursday night's peaceful protests mean's sunday's matchup in charlotte in the on. the panthersre vikings. after wednesday's riot, the possibility of moving the game was discussed. as of now, the game is expected to be played in charlotte. for the first time, a 911 call praised inside the pulse nightclub during the massacre is made public. >> he's still inside. >> who is still inside? >> the shooter. >> the shooter inside?
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is not known, nor is it known if he survived. all the times and numbers were redacted. here's another kauchl a woman called to report her 20-year-old brother was trapped in the bathroom. >> tell them to hurry up. >> what's his call back number? >> he's on the phone with us. what's his number? i don't know. >> they hung up. >> what's his number? >> i don't know. . >> ma'am? we have deputies and people out there now. >> city officials released more than a dozen of the calls made to the police and more than 6 does made to the fire department. in the fight against zika virus,
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delegating money to fight the vaccine. this comes after governor scott lashed out at the federal government for failing to pass a bill that including zika funding. the florida department of health will oversee the distribution. >> if we don't get something done, the research on the vaccines going to stop and that means it's going to take longer to develop a vaccine. do you want to save money on zika, save one develop a vaccine. >> that is marco rubio, add florida leaders ask congress to help the state fight the zika virus. he pleaded to get a bull passed. they tried to get a package in congress. the 2016 walk is coming up. newschannel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 or more.
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kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. every you donate counts at 2. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium government to our wednesday to join our team and make a donation. it's friday. the countdown is on. >> in just a few short hours, football teams will duke it out on the on the gridiron. it's the friday night blitz. ready for the game early this morning at our blitz pep rally with our help from our friends at 93.3 flz, even though they were up early to join us at newschannel 8 today, the captains of the clear leading squad won't have problems keeping the school spirit alive. >> everyone contributes to the spirit. we're all a team. about everybody contributes.
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everybody is involve involved. >> the game kick off at 7:30. one football fan will have to wait until sunday to cheer on his team. >> check out his new luck. he made his big reveal i heart radio. he's known to us here at newschannel 8. his name is he works with us here. such a joufl money to work around. every time he comes to the news room, he loudly says good morning. he takes that spirit to the bucs game. >> i saw him a minute ago and he was in a bolts shirt. love it. tickets and toll violations wracked up under the reg station of a murders man's cap.
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news 8 for help. plus meet the newest edition of lowery park zoo, is southern white rhinos and now one two weeks old. we'll tell you about her coming
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were back. tampa's lowery park zoo has a new tenant that happens to be the cutest >> the new baby rhino. the zoo made the big announcement yesterday, which happened to be world rhino day. without further adieu, let's see her. the little one doesn't have a name just yet. her mother is named kidogo. the calf named 80 pounds at birth but could reach 45 hundred pounds. >> after she met her moment, she
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they will be sharing is her habitat with zebras. how cute is she? >> she's very cute. she's a lot bigger than expected. >> all 80 pounds. >> that was back on the 12th. welcome to tampa bay and how wii park zoo. >> it's going to be a hot one. >> it's going to be mostly dry. for most of your plans outside, you can enjoy the fall weather. >> here's what wit looks like from the ranch. it's 86 degrees, steamy, mostly dry. biggest rain chance should happen at 4:00. that's a 20% chance. if you were like me, had you you were near one of the thunderstorms yesterday. they don't move around a lot. if you get under one, it's going to produce a lot of rain and heavy rain. it's just not widespread. most will stay dry. 91 at 4:00. those showers will come to an
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warm, 86. it's going to be heating up the high school football games. i left in a slim rain chance at kickoff for a couple of you. the rest of us are going to be warm, weather sitting in the standing, cheering on the sidelines, playing on the field. by halftime, the band coming out, steamy. almost all the rain is gone, 81 degrees for the final play. the buccaneers playing their raymond james stadium. it will be hot, 90 degrees if you're tailgating. bring plenty of water. there's a better rain chance sunday, 40%. 89 at sarasota. there's already a pretty good heat index, especially south of
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the dryer air is filtering down. another bright, sunny morning we'll see passing clouds, 20% chance of rain chance. this is barely showing any rainfall, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. we'll count the number of thunderstorms that will develop. the raining sending around 11:30 and clear again overnight and you wake up saturday to a clear start. tomorrow's rain chance basically the same. aou form. otherwise, a hot, 91 degrees . sunday's high is 90, 40% rain chance for monday. highs in the upper 80s. we get the trade-off. we get the hot days because we don't have as much rainfall, which people like to be able to play outside. >> enjoyable weekend ahead. stay hydrated with water. >> water.
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a victim's gill friend is afraid the mistake is putting her and her children endanger. >> the red light ticket came in the name of curt. he was chelsie's boyfriend and murdered last eye. someone renewed on his car and is driving it around. >> how can someone that's passed away get their car registered? >> apparently being dead isn't enough to make florida's department of motor vehicles check it. >> they walked in, said i want in the place reregistered. >> i called state authorities for answers.
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>> i was told whoever did this drove to a dmv office in broward county last month, then came back to hillsborough and ran the red light and used a toll road. the bills are both violations are coming to mosley because his last address was with her. >> that should not be legal. that's setting people up to commit crimes to do stuff in that person's name. >> that's a real concern, considering still not solved. his car, a 2004, mitsubishi galant was released to a family member. how did this happen? my investigation revealed two problems. the dmv computer does not list
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registration does not required. it's a loophole to allow family members to renew registration. >> that's not accept. . >> tampa place are continuing to investigate the murder and looking into. this the dmv officials tell me they are making into what happened and what would be done the help chelsie now. >> if you have a problem that needs solving, call >> in consumer watch, check hotel rewards program. marriott now has 30 brands. this morning, marriott international closed on its acquisition of star wood hotels. this makes marriott the largest hotel chain in the world. the company owns 1 out of every 15 hotel rooms all around the globe with more than a million rooms total. the california supreme court is taking up a lawsuit involving yelp.
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of dangerous consequences. yelp is appealing a lower court's order to remove a post. yelp argues if the ruling stands it will open the door for a business to force the company to remove a critical review. >> just in time for the holidays, kohls' most loyal shoppers will be able to leave their credit card at home. in october, kohl's will roll rout a users to check out from the kohl's mobile a. it's in existence to the mobile wallet capability, which lets shoppers store their information. earlier this year, kohl's became the first retailer to tie its program to apple pay. the real time traffic app waze is going further in helping us get from a to b.
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exception data company nrix to show users where to park. it's name where to park. ever wonder how much time you waste looking for a park? it's an average of 55 hours per year. that adds up to $600 million in total lost time. this feature will suggest parking near your destination and it will also tell you where to find the cheapest spot. that's an added bonus there. >> i like it. >> another app about, rewards users for not using phones while driving. >> it's out of japan and it's called driving barista. here's how it works. through a sensor, the app knows when a phone is being looked at. through gps, its knows when it's moving the point of the app is to encourage drivers no to use their phone while driving. once the drive reaches 62
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coffee. a couple cool college stories to tell you about coming up. one has a money back guarantee. the other wants to encourage students to be creative. plus one of the strangest diets you'll ever heard about but it seems to work. the lunch lady diet. coming up on newschannel 8 today
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. welcome back. a university in pennsylvania is allowing students and workers to use mention names for official business on things like student i.d. cards and emails. clarion university exmrabs it's plains -- explains it's to allow students
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>> the cafeteria worker in texas has been a spokesperson their food. she's lost over 100 pounds by eating cafeteria food. in september 2016, she ditched her old diet, which was usually super sized combo meals and started taking cafeteria menu, eating the food for breakfast lunch. he's now 100 pound lighter and healthier. >> good for her. it's typical to lose that own kind off weight. who knew it could be that easy. >> a team is looking to bring
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>> it selling a proposal package. the school's athletic department tweeted it out. you'll work with a proposal planner, get two seats for the hopefully happy couple and two more seats for surprise guests, who get to watch. you also get enagement t-shirts and a photographer. >> this is the best part. you never know what's going to happen when you propose to somebody. if they money back. that's good if you just got your heart ripped out. >> coming up, after the weekend, and there sky the public transportation in tampa is going to look different. >> more ahead on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. d to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family
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right now on
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>> a third night of protests sparked overnight in charlotte, north carolina, but it looked different from the past two. more peaceful. how the city looks this morning. plus just a week into miami beach's new the law that banned styrofoam. already rule-breakers to else the you about. many believe tampa is need of mass transit. more coming up. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. it is friday and leigh has your forecast as we head into the weekend. >> some people taking a long weekend. some people on the fairway here. hot out there. they had sunscreen on. 87 degrees. this morning, the skies were nice and clear. at 6:47, we had a six-minute
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station. that's the dot. it was visible for six minutes. this was the moon. kind of bright out there. if you took pictures, we love to see them. this put them on our facebook page. it's not now or going to get hot ore. 91 for an afternoon high today and tomorrow. the average is 88. we do trend closer to the average as we head to next week. tuesday's high is 88 degrees. that's because rain chances are going up. it's kind of a give tomorrow. that goes up to 30% on sunday and 40% on monday. out in the tropics, i'm tracking two named systems. they're moving away from the u.s. there's tropical storm karl, tropical storm lisa. no need to worry about them. we're easy going in the tropics in the short-term, guys. >> sounds good. leigh, thank you. we have a developing story. peaceful protests in charlotte overnight after days of violence
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emergency but it's now calm. tensions are high with many calling for justice in the shooting is death of keith scott. sarah rosario has more from last night's demonstration. >> a third night of protest in north carolina's biggest city after days of violence with hundreds clashing with police, angry about tuesday's shooting death of keith scott. of emergency with the national guard and highway patrol sweeping in. overnight, a change of heart, some giving hugs instead of clashing police. demonstrators are ecoing the call of keith scott's family to publicly release individual yes, showing is his death, hoping to resolve different accounts can of what happened. >> what i see is an individual, who is sitting in a car, who gets out in a calm, peaceful manner.
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demands to put down a gun before fatally shooting is him. his family said he didn't have a weapon. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts said it's not clear enough to see. >> there's not a clear picture. the body camera is viewing. the view is obscured at certain points. the dashcamera is only a partial view. >> i'm going to be i of the investigation. >> now many are left with questions. >> it leaves more questions than answered, honestly. >> hoping for justice. safe a rosario, nbc news. >> after three nights of street demonstrations, we haven't been told of another protest for tonight. the while the issues still remains, activists are hoping had an outside investigation will lead to the video's release. breaking news now from the charlotte police chief.
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carr is the protester who was shot during wednesday night's protests. a man is in custody. that is all we know right now. we'll have more on that in our later newscast. house law makers have passed a bill, banning what some consider ransom payments to iran. the bill sailed through the house on thursday with a final vote of 254 to 163. it followed the announcement of the obama administration that it paid $1.3 billion to iran part of that money amounted to ransom because the first payment was made on the same day when iran released four u.s. hostages. congress also taking the action on the so-called victory tax. the bill passing through the house and senate would block the irs from taxes most medals or other prizes awarded to u.s. olympians. the u.s. olympics committee awards cash prizes to olympic winners.
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it's a practice some law makers refer to as the victory taxes. it was passed overwhelmingly. across america this morning, parts of utah are cleaning up after severe storms the, including a possible tornado. this video, in fact, shows funnel clouds as they swirled through weber county. the storm also packed high winds and rain. no one was injured but the storm damaged several homes and knocked out power to thousands this morning on a shooting in tennessee. the tennessee bureau of investigation says it happened while an employee met with his supervisors at the commission plant. a 40-year-old became upset while talk with his supervisors. he left the building, came back with a gun, and killed a 44-year-old and 68 old before turning the gun on himself.
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beach, no using or selling of styrofoam. the city passed the ban to keep the waters and beach clean. things like cups, plates, containers, water coolers, they're banned. this morning, in the first week of ban, city slapped 15 businesses with a $50 fine. repeat offenders are looking at $500 in fines. cleanup crews say the styrofoam breaks down and floats in the water for decades. difference to this. a similar law passed in france this month. the entire country banned business posable plastic cups or office. no plastic plates at the office ore family get togethers. all disposable table wear has to be made from 50% biodegradable
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in july. some believe tampa traffic wouldn't be bad if there were more mass transit options. starting next week, people in downtown tampa will have a new way to get to work. leslee lacey has a scoop. >> tampa police want more people to move downtown. starting move, there may be a new option for the morning commute. . >> the streetcar is beginng weekday morning service for commuters in downtown tampa, the district and ybor. >> we're leaving in the morning. >> the route will run every 30 minutes until noon. >> how much is a ticket? >> $2.50 one day $5 for a round trip ticket all day.
11:39 am
three districts, you can purchase a 20-ride pass for $25. >> you can park here in ybor, go downtown, no drama or issues. >> kick i ricky has been riding the streetcar for years and hopes people will join him. t' >> the new service is a six-month pilot program that will gauge the demand for morning interest. utility bus line is picking up the price tag. >> think how productive you can b you sit back and enjoy the ride. you can start checking your emails or not. >> be on social media. >> things you shouldn't be doing behind the wheel. >> and up won't be in production. >> on the traffic note, there's a big accident.
11:40 am
275 before you hit the skyway bridge. we have quite a bit of backup. we want to allow for extra time. >> we're going to have more on that. we're three days away from the first debate from donald trump and hillary clinton. >> it's shaping up to be interesting and not just because of the candidates. coming up, some of the twists to watching the debate ahead today
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we've got some bad news here, folks, a nasty accident. this is in manatee county. what you're looking at is foggy. you can see a lot of activity. i'm going to move over to the other camera, got a better view right now. it looks light only the right lane is getting by. this is northbound 275 right by old u.s. 41. that is right before you get to the skyway bridge.
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that's afterover turn -- an overturned truck. if you're h bradenton, take 19 to get on 275. don't take u.s. 41. otherwise you need to probably allow for 30 minutes to get by. now weather. >> it's been a nice one but hot one. it's already made it up to 88 degrees in polk county. in brandon, also hot. a few more cars on the street there. at 1:00, still mostly dry. we are certainly feeling hot. 89 degrees at 1:00. we're going to spend several hours today in the 90s.
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we're at 91s by 4:00. by 7:00, the rain coming to an end. you might be headed to the trop. this is one of the last games of the trop. last one will be on sunday, all against the red sox. 85 degrees as you're walking into the trop. it may be mainly dry but it's going to be toasty when the game starts. it's 87 in st. petersburg, 86 in tampa and 87 in several civils. we do have the heat index, high er higher humidity levels south of the interstate. the reason is the moisture levels. here's the surface. it's still plenty humid.
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atmosphere in three dimensions. it's going to stay with us through sunday. look at the deep, tropical moisture spreading in. the rain chances come back. 30% chance of rain sunday. that's a transition day. 40% chance on monday. once we started aing in ed a adding in extra showers and clos , highs will be near normal next week. well, 8 is on your side with a new trend that's saving money and opening doors. >> it's part of a plan to transform downtown tampa into a live, work, and play city. in the past, the high cost of rent downtown has shut on
11:47 am
the outskirts of downtown tampa sparked a shared retail space in tampa bay. now downtown tampa is home to a new pair of unlikely roommates. >> we wanted to create a space that was more social and inviting. they sit in theac retail space sharing had. businesses share a space to cut the cost of revenlt these rent. these ladies -- rent. these ladies are getting y for a nice, hot cup of coffee. >> the idea is to lure in new
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the mayor is doing a good job generating growth. >> there's three breakfast items, sick, seven sandwiches. >> experts say expect to see more local businesses working together. >> james remember when people would plan time away from downtown tampa. now he and his family look for reasons to head to the downtown district. in the race for the white house, the dump campaigning in pennsylvania is making controversial new comments about the violent protests happening in charlotte. the republican blames hillary clinton for helping ignite ini city unrest and violence. tramp claims that she supports what he called the narrative of
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society. >> hillary clinton does not have to worry about the sirens and the gunshots at note. she doesn't worry about it. >> the issue of fatal police shooting and race looms as a potential flash point in next week's first presidential debate. clinton has paired back her campaign schedule to get ready for the debate. tim kaine says she's ready to take down trump. rod carter will be at tha look for his reports beginning sunday night here on newschannel 8. as clinton and trump debate, there's a separate debate on how people will watch, especially young voters and cord cutters. both facebook and twitter will live stream the debate. twitter is partnering with bloomberg to stream three presidential debates. facebook is teaming up with abc to stream the same amount.
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our state, elections office us are assembling and sending out the first batch of general election mail ballots. they're first sent to absentee state side military vote series and overseas voters. ballots must be returned no longer than 7:00 on election day, which we like to remind you, is november 8th. taking a look at sports, this weekend is huge for sports. we'll start with tomorrow. florida state comes to town to take on the florida. the 13th ranked seminoles have licked their wounds all week after a beating by louisville. kickoff is at noon. >> the bucs will play their season at home in the tampa. it will be their first regular
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the bucs are hoping to get back on track. kickoff is at 4:05. it's still going to be hot at that time. by the 4th quarter, you won't be sweating. come you go up, a scary encounter for a kayaker. >> how would you like to see this? a creepy creature of the deep chasing after this guy.
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south of st. augustine. we see pill padding him -- him paddling faster and faster,e predator coming after him twice. >> it's hitting his paddles. >> this guy said he didn't realize how close the shark came until later. he was just focussed on getting out of there. >> there's a reason why this is going viral. you can't take your eyes off of it. >> what you doing this weekend, kayaking? >> i'm not kayaking. i might justoo from your windows here. this is a look from our wfla studios, 87 degrees. it is a hot one. you don't have to do anything to switch. >> happy kayaker. have a great weekend. thank you for joining us on this friday. >> i'll see you at 4:00 and 6:00
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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's friday, september 23, 2016. klg is off today. billy bush, bog double duty. >> in the hour before, tried the hottest tortilla chip, comes in a coffin box. >> because when you bite it, that's it?


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