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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's friday, september 23, 2016. klg is off today. billy bush, bog double duty. >> in the hour before, tried the hottest tortilla chip, comes in a coffin box. >> because when you bite it, that's it?
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chip in the world. scratched my eye and had tortilla in the eye. >> billy was yelling for visine, seconds before the show. >> fighting a left eye blink. if you see a lot of left eye blinking you know i'm hanging in there by a thread. >> a lot to kick off the weekend. sean mendez is here singing a song for us. girls >> i had breakfast with him at my house. did a "breakfast with billy." most charming guy. cooked pancakes, interested in my father's recipe. nicest guy. the girls loved him. screaming through the window. >> a young girl was watching and she was sobbing away. look at her. watch this girl. watch this girl. >> shaking. >> wait. wait, wait.
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that's it! oh, and then -- >> my name's logan. >> logan. >> look at logan. >> look at logan. look at logan. logan can't handle it. [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> i love her. >> logan! oh -- he's worthy of it. if i'm logan's dad. >> yes. >> i'm thrilled she loves sean mendez. he's the nicest kid. >> what do you like about him? >> he's honest with his not afraid to share the bumps and bruises. he's kind. >> he's cool. a cool guy. >> a cool kid. sprouted up, start add couple years ago on vine with a six-second song, sang a bieber cover. this little dude. boom. shot up. >> wait. medics arrived. saline. >> having a heart attack. right there. what i meant was, thank you so much, jerry, for this --
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>> i'm a mess. >> jerry, you're a doll. >> also the hilarious ken jeong, his own show called "dr. ken" basically fashioned after his own life and the guy's got dance moves. >> they're not that good. i've seen his -- don't tell ken that. speaking of dancing? a legend, three-time choreographer, debbie allen. never know where she'll poup, on "grey's anatomy". >> and two women starting over in careers and good friend souci we suzy welch is here, how to start over again. >> one is starting a bridal salon, right? getting into the bridal salon business. which is great. got to look good.
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you're shopping for halloween costumes already. these are emoji masks. here's mine. >> i use that all the time. better than lol. >> laughing hysterically. >> i don't know how i got this one, but, here we go. [ laughter ] >> poop! >> that's a poop one. >> you got to like poop. just goes poop. >>ed only issue with these, and i want to be honest, i don't know if you can hear me, the only issue is seeing. right? >> yeah. >> it's not so >> give poop a little kiss. see a little poop kiss. you just got kissed by poop. buy this for nothing. $29, $39, all kinds of websites. >> $39, it's nothing, for a thing. >> if that's all you're wearing. wear your own brown turtleneck and you're set. what did you do yesterday? >> every now and then you walk into a perfect moment.
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walking out, minding my own business. ? do-ta-do ? >> i see hunk heaven in front of me. chris pratt, denzel, ethan hawke. look what's happening jnd, and the film's director. isn't that crazy? >> magnificent seven? >> scared to get in the picture. smiling, over here. maybe they're notice me, then i just jumped in. i found my spot. >> you looked like l sean mendez. look at you! chris pratt is one big stud. remember? can you believe "parks & rec." >> he is something, by the way. update us on brangelina. >> yeah. the latest, source close to the los angeles count ip department of children and family services told nbc news that a child abuse allegation against brad has triggered a routine investigation. anytime they get a call, whether anonymous or not they have to investigate.
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was between brad and angelina and then one of the kids somehow got involved in this. i can tell you i spoke with someone this morning working with brad and very close with brad and he's giving -- said two things. one i don't want any comments from anyone connected to me that are disparaging of angelina, as mom, or anything like that. i want to keep -- he would love very much to keep all of this as private as possible. of course, that's not happening. also, made, stressed >> okay. >> from his side. but you get a call, you get a call. this, you know, the fbi is gathering information now, haven't launched an investigation. gathering information, deciding whether or not to. air space, under federal aviation. touched down in minnesota. they're not fueling up. it's a big plane. >> interesting. when you think about i know it's routine if something happening
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fbi has millions of things to do. might even be glancing in that direction. but according to "people" magazine pitt admit he was inebriated and a source close to says they have not spoken since their split. >> sad. >> it is sad for the whole thing. the kids, everything. but hopeful -- >> no one knows exactly what's -- i said earlier, we're in the news business and so we gather information, but you know, if there's not much information to about good thing. hopefully they can deep as quiet as possible and no one's engaging in a, you know, let's get ahead of the story tactic here. >> i think sometimes when there is a vacuum, when no one's talking, either the story dies down, or so much speculation gets tossed around. one of those weird things. it either goes one way or the other. we reached out to both camps about the allegation of child abuse and haven't heard back on that for the well-being of the children, everyone's says acting
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children, what's really in their best interests, this story and sources close to each of them not really saying anything. that is in the best interests of the children. speaking of chris pratt a second ago. you saw him. very different. a great comment recently about late-night arguments between spouses and lovers. a lover's quarrel. he says, the old expression, don't go to bed mad? >> i'm not so sure. >> if you don't go to bed mad might rush into the wrong resolution. might be a form of sweeping it under the carpet. he says, go to bed mad. fine. under the covers maybe a little toe touch. the toe goes over and touches the other toe. of -- you know, a beautiful lady and says, we'll deal with this later, yeah? we're good. >> what if the lady does the old, kick toe back? >> oh, she moves it back?
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over. you know what? look at all the girls. you see? we've done the kick toe. >> what if she doesn't kick the toe back and kind of maybe circling her toe around your toe? >> if you get the toe linkage, that's awesome, but more people are thinking that there is a -- kick toe -- >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> the kick toe is winning out. >> i'm going to say never had a kick toe and that would be lying. [ laughter ] yeah. had a few kick toes. yeah. >> all right. so you guy, kathie lee by the way going to be at the greenwich food and -- wine and food festival. one of those great events. >> surprise, surprise. >> she going to have her stuff there. it's going to benefit paul if youman's the hole in the wall gang club and shield be at te'l tasting ten, 1:30 to 3:30.
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my dad says your house looks ugly. you're my third best friend. kids don't know how to act fake. you're losing your hair. so we're learning to be more like them, removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. a dr. turned actor who now plays a doctor on tv. >> but to many, ken, always known as the outrageous asian mobster mr. chow in the blockbuster buddy comedy "the hangover" when he said -- ah -- >> season two, funny sitcom. "dr. ken," based on his real
12:14 pm
do for you? >> no. i'm just trying to spend more time with my patients to make sure they don't feel short changed. >> that's og. i feel like i got correct change. >> good. then we can talk about me. a lot of stuff has been going on with me lately. my resident julie left to do a pediatric fellowship and i tried stand-up comediality the laugh factory, alert! -- b comments. comedy, medicine, we're going to do the most good. >> not that ken's loving his own show, that's leo in mustache. >> not wearing a fake mustache, glasses thing. david, amazing actor. he's not the prototype. for the eyebrow and -- >> mustache and nose you can buy. >> ken! >> ken jeong. >> ken jeong, this man is great.
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right? >> yeah. zoe appears on the third and fourth episodes playing dave's stalker, my tv son's stalker, stares at him through a window. i think in a whole episode. good initial acting gig. >> this show is based on your life? >> loosely based on my life. i was a real-life doctor working in -- in l.a. >> what kind of doctor? >> an ugly one. a real-life doctor in general medicine, like general and at an hmo in l.a. loosely based on my life there. >> and your wife signs off on all the story lines? >> yes. has become a collaborator, even more so this year. my tv wife tonight on the premiere joins me at the hmo. it's about working with your wife and living with her outside of life. yeah. >> and a second season -- >> it's a miracle just to get a
12:16 pm
embarrassment of risembarrass ment riches. i'm so grateful. >> what's it like now being mr. hollywood? >> not much. i just work, go home to my wife and kids. it's pretty -- i try to keep things as simple as possible. so i work and go home. >> as an actor in hollywood for years, he laid low. >> he did? >> kim jeong laid low. not out there like you think, you know, partying e not, maybe doing it in front of his bathroom mirror, i know you got dance moves. >> yeah. geeky, dorky. >> not like him. you and i wife dance some. but i heard your wife doesn't love the way you dance? >> yes. always accused me of being a selfish dancer. we go to weddings, paertsrties, never dance with her. i dance at her. >> maybe for her? >> that's better.
12:17 pm
a few beats. you can just -- if you can do this little thing like that. ip do love that. >> number one. see your number two move. >> it's more like -- like this. i don't know if you can do this. >> your last move. >> it's more of the -- more of the -- the -- >> what is the world-class choreographer watching these moves? would you want input? >> you would never want to work with me because those are the only moves i -- >> or she. >> or she. >> or she debbie allen! [ laughter ] >> debbie allen. wow! >> wow. >> oh. >> debbie what do you think of this? >> i'm not worthy. >> put you back at the trunk, honey. i don't want to say bad, but -- debbie allen. >> go. >> isolate. isolate, honey. isolate. >> copy that. copy that. >> isolate. isolate. come on, easy. easy. easy. >> keep that going. >> what was that other move you did? it doesn't have any function. >> it just --
12:18 pm
>> chill him down. >> more of the white man's -- >> no. you're not a white man. >> true. >> look at this. out, out, out. >> no. >> you got to -- debbie allen one, two and one two, one, two. >> i can do that easy. so easy. i can do that. >> premieres tonight. debbie allen is sticking around to talk "grey's anatomy" and so much more! >> the for under $50. deluxe for less. a big comeback, after this. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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made to flatter only at chico's and ? ? lilliana, you decent? billy bush is coming in. >> you had moves downstairs. >> yes, he did. >> they came out. a little bit. the trend we'll see is a classic? >> avoiding calling it a trend
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these. like an updated classic. for fall back in a huge way. talking denim jackets and every one we show you today under $50. let's start with this one. this is on megan from unique glow unders 40ds for this one and a classic fit. hits right at the hip. got a nice, little collar. immediate ya medium wash, goes with everything. >> do you ever put the collar up? >> i like a pop. do you like a pop? >> -- no. frat boy >> on a girl. look. >> way cute. way cute. >> over a sweatshirt, printed shirt, ankle boots, perfect to transition into fall. >> adorable. >> when the weather gets a little colder layer your denim jackets. here we have this one. actually available at under $50. warmer, take it off. cold, cozy up.
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flats, polished, sharp and chick. so cute. >> yep. what's going on with this? >> this is kind of new wheest w it comes to denim jackets. whimsic ma ical patches. shows off your personality more. you can diy this. say you have an old denim jacket, purchased one vintage. you can buy these adorable patches. these are boyne com. pin them wherever you want. on your jacket. a little retro. i think it's so cool. >> your daughter would like that. >> yeah. flashback to the browny, scouts, when you had -- earn them then. >> you did. now you design for $10. okay. then this is one of my favorite looks for the season. this is denim on denim. it's huge. celebrities -- >> remember when this was a no-no? remember when they said, don't do denim on denim.
12:24 pm
>> that's it. nothing else. >> this is a gorgeous jacket from forever 21. more of a boyfriend hit. hits lower, looser. the cool girl way of doing a denim jacket. all we did, layer it over a sweater, a great button-down and distressed denim on the jean. a bit of contrast between the jacket and the jeans. >> don't have to be the exact same tone. >> don't have to be the same. >> talkilliana's dress. wo on that? >> yes. let's try it. >> is this one piece? >> it's one piece. there's a slip. >> if not, you're in a lot of trouble. >> if not, big trouble. >> look how cute you are. you're so cute. >> look. >> and it is. do you have one? >> i hahave one and love it. got it from anthropology. >> guys can pull it off at well. his concert sold out in
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>> announcer: second act steyle created by our sponsor, chico's. the ultimate fit for every body. it is billy bush is helping me out today. kathie lee is off. >> changing your role often means changing your wardrobe. >> and second act styles beginning with tracy cornett. tracy's been a stay @home mom 15 years and plans on opening her own business at a laundromlaund.
12:31 pm
we're celebrating this next chapter in your life. tell us about that. >> i have three kids, and it's kind of time for me to go back to work, and create, you know, part of my future. >> you told me you like to wear jeans and t-shirts. how are you hoping to elevate your wardrobe? >> i want to be comfortable first but i also want the people who work for me and the people coming to visit know that, you know, i'm there for them, and i need to stand out a little bit, but also congratulations. >> thank you. >> i like that. i don't know about, too dressy. i like this, though. ? >> all right. we're going to take a look. this is is what tracy looked like before. >> which is gorgeous. >> but we would like tracy, come on out. see you with your new look. >> you're not going to believe.
12:32 pm
>> what? wow! >> wow. >> a lot of new threads coming in. >> jill, the second act look is hot. awesome. >> okay. >> well, i understand what you're saying, but we talked about it and she want a look to get into work and feel fabulous, but also put on a pair of flats, a pair of sneakers, you can make it more casual. these are mix and match pieces. everything is from chico's and to get to work, have to look chic as well. a cape. everybody should invest in a cape for fall. like a superhero wh and leopard. >> love that. >> suzy -- >> congratulations. laundromat opens in two weeks? correct? >> hopefully, yes. >> now i think, you're about to make a transition, about to become a working mother. two pieces of that. >> yes. >> i guess my career advice would be around whether or not you've talked to your kids and enlisted your kids in helping you with that transition to become a brand new thing. a working mom is a brand new thing for you t. is. i'm a little nervous about
12:33 pm
everything. but -- >> there's going to be a new normal. you and your kids are going to get there together, and my advice, experiment with different kinds of situations that allow you to transition from being a stay @home mom -ato a working mom. there will be some chaos and to be expected. >> which we're used to. >> hit a home run. >> you look beautiful. good luck at the laundromat. what's it called? >> tracy l. cornett. your name. i knew t. right. >> next up, donna hayes, registered nurse opening a bridal salon with her daughter. the daughter complains when she stops by the store in her scrubs. take a. >> very exciting, next chapter in life. tell me about it. >> i'm a nurse by career and recently in march we opened up a bridal salon with my daughter kaitlyn. her passion and became my second career. she had worked in a bridal
12:34 pm
herself. we said, why not do it ourselves? so now my daughter, my 19-year-old, is teaching me the business of how to run this bridal salon. >> you told me kaitlyn is very critical of what you wear to work? >> yes. she makes fun of everything i wear and a joke, also my three daughters of what i wear. she begged me enough to wear these flip-flops today. >> how would you like to dress? >> a little more sophisticated, like i done just roll out of bed. >> so sophisticate comfortable. casual, elevated and a little on trend so we could please ca kaitlyn? >> exactly. this is pretty cute. ? >> oh, donna, get over here. >> come here. come on, donna. you look awesome. tell us about that look, jill. >> home run. we love. long denim jackets are in and took the belt off. you look dorg gorgeous. >> thank you.
12:35 pm
may already have in your closet. everything from chico's. look how we changed the look? two looks for work and her daughter approves. yes. >> looks great. >> you look great. >> all right. >> you look professional and i think that's the role you're going to play. your daughter is a creative stylist, young creative genius and your role, mom, the professional in the house and work with vendors. you look great. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? like a different person in a school outfit? >> yes. especially makeup and hair done. my eyebrows. >> thank appreciate it. >> a one-two punch right there. second, third and fourth acts in her life and is not done yet. talking about debbie allen. something new and great to share with us. >> after this. >> uh-huh. ? the juliet ankle pant from chico's the ultimate fit for every body designed to move made to flatter
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idol these days than shawn mendes. >> a big star. yum coming world tour, new album just dropped at midnight called "illuminate." in a matter of hours, the number one album in 60 countries on itunes. >> here he is, shawn mendes singing his latest single "treat you better." ? ? i won't lie to you ? know, i know he is just not right for you ? you can tell me if i'm off but i see it on your face when you say that he's the one that you want ? and you're spending all your time in this wrong situation and anytime you want it to stop ? i know i can treat you better ?
12:41 pm
and any girl like you deserves a gentleman ? tell me why are we wasting time on all your wasted crime ? when you should be with me instead ? i know i can treat you better better than he can ? i'll stop time for you ? the second you say that you'd like me to ? that you're missing, baby, just to wake up with you ? would be everything i need and this could be so different so tell me what you want to do ? 'cause i know i can treat you better than he can ? and any girl like you deserves a gentleman ? tell me why are we wasting time i know you're wasting time when you should be with me instead ?
12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. now you can. ? ? ? ? ? ? the best moment to be happy... the one happening right now.
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to sit way legend. talking about debbie allen. her name etched in our collective minds ever since she delivered his memorable line
12:49 pm
>> got big dreams. you want fame. well, fame costs, and right here is where you start paying. in sweat. >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> yes. >> yes, you do. sweat! >> honey, i'm paying. i want to tell you. i'm still paying. >> are you still paying or -- >> i am. >> enjoying the fruits of the labor? >> no, no. the work. i'm one of god's generals, field sergeants. got to g field. raising children, and pushing the arts, and taking a big step right now with freeze frame, stop the madness, biggest thing. >> you have a couple of things. talk about freeze-frame in a second. can we talk about "grey's anatomy"? billy was saying, it's like a second life for "grey's" isn't it? >> it is. like a brand new show. i feel i'm executive producing a brand new show. go to the movies with my husband
12:50 pm
see me. i thought something was wrong. wanted to take a picture. i was flattered. >> missed it the first time around. 14, 15-year-olds watching it on netflix and bingeing it. >> based on something so ream. a lot of television is just not truthful, or fantasy. "grey's anatomy" is based on the real. shonda rhimes is home base for all the other wonderful things she's doing association b something people can hold on to something and see themselves in. >> talk about freeze frame. you've been talking about this since you arrived today. say it's like the purpose of your life's work. that's a lot coming from you. >> it's a lot, because i feel that i have been pulled into it. i didn't do it. it's doing me. >> yeah. >> i've talked to mothers that lost their children. talked to police. a very balance portrayal. it's about -- oh, it's everything that i do, it's cinema, dance, it's music.
12:51 pm
>> stage production. >> spoken word and about the violence going on in america right now. it's about the racial divide. it's an parenting. it's about the police, and i'm sorry that it's so relevant. vie to say, i am sorry that i have to keep rewriting it. you know, we wake up every morning shattered to more news about senseless loss of life. >> how long have you been working on this? >> probably actively about five years. but in my head, probably since i moved to los angeles to do "fame." >> interesting story line, it's not changed in your head. right? this is about -- >> yeah. the headlines have, feel like, in the last couple of years -- >> not enough has changed. right now it's critical because it's an election year, and what is happening? i mean, i am supported by the center for american progress. coalition to stop gun violence. westfield is the only corporate sponsor that i can get, thank
12:52 pm
thank god for the kennedy center. part of the john f. kennedy center centennial celebration, in his name. >> how can people see this if they're interested in freeze frame? >> they want to go to the kennedy center website, with their october 27th through the 30th. on october the 29th whoopi goldberg is coming with lee daniels and nicole hockley from the sandy hook promise. phylicia rashad and michael. eric dyson, to have a panel discussion and raising money on that night, and for night, you can call me at the debbieallendance academy and get those tickets to raise money. this needs to go to chicago to orlando, to every place -- >> don't you love debbie allen's passion? every time you come here you have a purpose. that's probably why you say so young, vibrant and relevance, you keep on going. >> keep on going and still doing
12:53 pm
and ken jeong just enrolled in the debbie allen -- >> i got to go. >> you can catch "grey's" on thursday nights. >> we'll be back with more. first, this is "today" on nbc. debbie allen!
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okay. twitter this is "wagon wheel" by old crow medicine show. i said i didn't know who they were. >> well, here they are. we know. >> okay. is it okay or not? >> time for okay or not okay, to tout pricey beaut yy routines? >> revealing high products paid for high products and beauty
12:57 pm
>> hoda, many times celebs are paid to tout things. anytime touting things to make people jealous, i don't think that's okay at all. >> great. i say if you have the money, spend it any way you want. personally, i love oil of olay regenerist. tried it? >> are you getting paid nofor that? >> no, sadly. >> ah, yes. there we go. >> is it okay charlie took off early for the weekend? >> charlie, everybody cut out early on a friday. >> that's enough. really fun. >> thank you. something fun planned this weekend. >> a little fun, oh, yeah got a big week ahead. samuel l. jackson, mandy moore, hilary duff and debbie mazer. >> plus john cena and the beautiful bellas nicky and brie.
12:58 pm
1:00 pm
[tense music] ? ? >> brady: [sighs] >> nicole: hey. >> brady: hey. >> nicole: ah. >> brady: i didn't like you being alone last night. >> nicole: okay, i was fine, okay? seriously. deimos hired security for me and he told them to stick to me like glue. xander and his friends, they don't do anything halfway, do they? >> nicole: i mean, blowing up the power station for the entire town? that's definitely sending a message. >> brady: and the message is that they are calling the shots right now. >> nicole: yeah. i just hope that the cafe has a generator. i can't get through this day without coffee. >> brady: look, you know where there's hot coffee? at the kiriakis kitchen, okay? and there's a security guard every two feet. >> nicole: [sighs] is that your cute little way of trying to get me to move in? >> brady: yeah. just 'cause deimos suggested it,


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