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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 first at 4:00. four headlines at 4:00. number one, shooting in charlotte. new video just released by the man's widow. number two, buck's player let go. we just found out about a huge change just before the first home gauge of the season. number three, this place is not a a woman's constant fight to keep her property clean. and number four, space sharing, we'll show you the new way some businesses are renting property downtown. good afternoon. thanks for being here. i'm josh benson. this is first at 4:00. right now we have some breaking news for you. cell phone video of the police shooting that sparked riots in charlotte north carolina. >> keith scott's widow shot the video with her cell phone. we want to warn you some of it
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don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. keith, don't do it. >> drop the >> keith, get out the car. keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith. keith. keith. don't you do it. [ gun shots ] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be -- dead. he better not be -- dead. i know that much. i foe that much he better not be dead. i'm gonna come at you. >> it's hard to listen to that
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the tbi is her husband's traumatic brain injury. police claim he had a gun. police plan not to release videos to the public. this just into the news room, a tampa bay buccaneer is off the team after being arrested and charged with driving under the influence. former buck tight end was arrested for dui this morning. this is video showing him in the they stopped him entering i 275 going almost 80 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone. he didn't have much to say as he bonded out of jail today. head coach dirk cutter saying he really wasn't going to comment. >> again, i'm aware of what the situation is. i don't -- i haven't seen any reports on everything. on anything like that. so i just -- i just don't know. i'm not going to stand up here
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know about. it's stupid. >> any regrets. >> jenkins pleaded guilty to dui back in 2013 while he was at the university of washington. again, austin safarion jenkins is off the team. police are working to catch criminals dumping track on private property. news channel 8 on how they're nabbing these lawbreakers. >> reporter: the clear water police department and code enforcement are cracking down on illegal dumping. here's an example in this neighborhood in the ci o clear water. authorities say they had a recent increase in a number of cases of illegal dumping on vacant lots and residential properties throughout the city. property owners have to bare the expense of getting rid of appliances, grass clippings, and tree trimmings. >> this is a crime gun violence the property owner. -- crime against the property own. they dump the property and they have to pick it up.
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put notices on their property like this one. but city leaders say it's a crime against the property owner. the clear water police department is asking anyone if they see any illegal dumping to call them. reporting in clear water, news canal 8. a number of news channel 8 viewers are asking us if it's safe to swim in the water or eat fish caught in the bay following the massive waste water dump recently. a fishing captain told us the news bay is killing his business because people are concerned about eating fish they catch right now. >> they're afraid to go out. they're afraid to eat the fish. a lot of them like to wade fish. they're afraid of getting some sort of bacterial infection. and so today, i'm going fishing by myself, because i had a cancellation. >> the hillsborough county environmental protection commission told us the over all
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fish should wash and cook them thoroughly. let's check on your first at 4:00 weekend weather. >> thank you stacy, the weekend is here. we have some friday night football tonight. great weather for it as well at kickoff, 85 degrees. only a couple showers and storms expected. for most games, we're going to stay dry, at halftime, 83 degrees. on if muggy side. partly cloudy, by the final play, we'll drop back into the low 80s. we'll start to see clearing dry drive home tonight. currently outside at the plantation on crystal river, 90 degrees with our winds coming in fairly light out of the north/northwest. no rain at this location. you can see beautiful blue skies. that's what most of us are deeming with today. we've had dryer air that's moved in. that red color, that's dryer air sitting on top of us at the upper levels. that's what's limiting our rain chances. that along with high pressure that's moved in as well. for the rest of this evening.
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tampa bay area looking good right now. if we do see showers and storms most of them will be south of i- 4. you can see that right now. we are tracking storms north of north port. a good amount of lightning and heavy rainfall in sarasota and southern manatee county. but otherwise it's looking quiet. and it's going to stay that way into the over night hours. a 10% to 20% chance of rain in the forecast as we head throughout the evening. and as we head into the over night hours. any rain around will quickly wrap up. l with the clearing sky. and we'll have more on your full weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. still ahead -- >> it's friday, that means high school football. we'll take you to one school that can't wait for tonight's game. and also coming up. >> shared space is a hot trend across the country. i'll show you a new concept that opened up in downtown tampa that caters to
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now your first at 4:00 consumer watch, twitter stocks soared amidst rumors the company may be headed to the sales floor. stocks boosted 20% with the news. alphabet, the parent company of google is said to be a top interest. despite recent success with live streaming, twitter seems to have stalled a bit. none of the potential suiter companies have commented on any rumored sale. united parcel service, ups is testing the use of drones it's starting off using drones to make commercial deliveries to places that are hard to get to with a normal vehicle. it's being tested in marble head massachusetts where the drone flew three miles over the atlantic ocean to deliver an inhaler to an island. >> now a new trend saving money and opening doors, it's part of a plan to transform downtown tampa into a live-work-play city. >> in the past, the high cost of rent shut aspiring business
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a new trend. >> shared space is becoming a trend across the country. here in tampa bay, this particular concept caters to millennials. >> the trendy oxford exchange on the outskirts of downtown tampa sparked a shared retail space trend in tampa bay which is now seen in upcoming neighborhoods like seminole heights and ebor city. and downtown tampa is home to a pair of li coffee. >> we wanted to create a social, inviting space. and they actually sit in the back of the house if you will. in the front of the house, it's run by indigo. and the brand's been around since 2002. it's all part of a concept called retail space sharing. businesses share a space to cut the cost of rent. >> these ladies right here are getting ready for a nice hot cup of coffee. and if they wanted to, they could head to the back and
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>> the industrial sheik design with ceramic floor tile is also by design, the idea, to lure in a whole new customer to downtown tampa. millennials. >> we're so excited. because we do see so much traffic, the mayor is doing such a great job by generating the growth we need in downtown tampa. >> there's space for 15 agents to use and a bullpen where lunch can be served. >> there's six to seven sandwiches and wraps. there's comes up, your first at 4:00 extended weekend weather forecast. and also, if you wanted to avoid the heat and see a movie this weekend, we have a couple films out that are now showing. then it's your friday night blitz, high school football kicks into high gear and the bucks warming up for their first home game of the regular season. get developments on the
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holloway, julie phillips and me on tampa bay's most convenient prime time news cast, every night on great 38.
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joining us now is julie phillips. >> things are looking good for this friday. >> it is friday after all. into this weekend. if you have outdoor plans, expect it to stay like this. you can see the view from downtown tampa. it's hot out there. we're back in the 90s for most of us it's fall. but not feeling like it yet. not much in the way of rain. you can see fair weather cumulus clouds. at hoola bay, a similar view with temperatures coming in at 92 degrees. winds light out of the north. no rain at this location just
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91 degrees. no rain at this location either. it's really quiet across the region. it's going to stay that way for the rest of the evening. partly cloudy skies at 9:00 p.m. we'll be at 83 degrees. at midnight, close to 80. warm temperatures continuing over night. tomorrow morning, we'll be in the upper 70s to start off your weekend. low 90s tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be just as hot tomorrow, expect that. at this point, not much on the rada storms developing, they're likely going to stay south of i- 4. that's what we're dealing with now. a few spotty showers and storms. temperatures still in the 90s for a lot of us. 92 in tampa. 88 in wimauma. and 88 in inverness. for the rest of the evening, very few showers and storms, these will mainly be inland and south of i-4 this evening. a 20% chance for rain. tomorrow morning, a dry start
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hours as well. a 20% rain chance. it's not going to feel like fall either. we're back in the low to mid 90s. sunday morning, we're looking at a dry start to the day. temperatures are warm. and then by the afternoon hours, we start to see a slightly better chance of showers and storms forming. so we're calling for about a 30 percent chance if you're headed to the bucks first home game of the season against the rams. expect it to be hot. there's a small chance we could see a passing shower or storm at raymond james. during the tailgate or even ng out in the tropics, we're watching tropical storm carl and tropical storm lisa. and we also have another area we're watching. that's moved off the coast of africa. this has a 20% chance of developing over the next five days. with this current track, we'll keep a close eye on this system for you. tropical storm carl will be no threat to the u.s. or florida. you can see it could potentially become our next hurricane.
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tropical storm lisa is forecast to continue to weaken. it's also going to be no threat to land for the u.s. for us, here's another recap of your weekend, a 20% chance of rain saturday. a 30% rain chance sunday. highs in the low 90s all weekend long. and then our rain chances go up a bit as we head into next week. look for a 40% chance of storms with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. tom hanks and sully have flown to the top office. but two new movies could soar past it. david daniel has the forecast. >> is it difficult? >> impossible. >> denzel washington and chris pratt lead the magnificent seven, a remake of the classic western about bad guys teaming up to save a town from a brutal industrialist. their combined star power should also lead the film to
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analysts expect a 30 million- dollar opening weekend. but 40 million is in reach. >> corner >> our new phones. >> family audiences figure to flock to storks. they've left the baby business behind. with one small cute exception. they're predicting a second place debut, feathering its nest with 30 million or more. there's a lot going on in the bay area this weekend. if you're looking for something answers. joining me this week with the weekend buzz is katie summers from 93.3. wflz. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> there's different things to choose from. not just festivals. >> s that at international plaza. it's tampa fashion week. you can go there today and tomorrow. fashion shows, styling sessions, fashion advice, just anything, check it out.
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sporting the black boots. over summer. fall is here. there's two different halloween events kicking off. >> tonight is the first night for bush gardens. this is hallow scream in tampa. lots of demonic dolls. and two brand new houses. tons of scare zones. that will be fun. >> and the other one is halloween oher they have the american horror story house. when you're bad crampus comes to see you. there's walking dead, there's halloween, tons of good stuff. >> halloween puts you in the mood for fall. that's when the switch happens. i know josh's wife said she was decorating for halloween all ready. i usually wait till october but apparently she loves the holidays. we have the tampa bay lightning
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back all ready. but hockey fans are happy about this. free on sunday. starts at 11:00. we have player autographs. team scrimmages. hockey shoot out. there's fad and drink. that's in the morning. and then we've got football in the afternoon. yeah the bucks. their first home game. >> this is cool. 4:00. tickets still available. get your tailgate on. it's going to be nice weather. >> go bucks. >> and speaking of football, every high school football friday news channel 8 and stations 933 wflz throw literally rallies. >> we're up here at the high school in river view as the spartans get ready to take on the hillsborough high school tonight. these students are up early. they have joined us, we have the football team. we also have cheerleaders. loving the students have also gotten up early.
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signs. let's go spartans. bleed purple. they are so excited for the game tonight. >> everyone contributes to the spirit. and we're all a team. >> everybody really contributes. we can't do it by ourselves. everybody needs to be involved. we have so much pride here. kickoff isn't until 7:30. but something tells me these high school students won't have trouble staying excited and pumped up for the big game. mary maguire, news channel 8. all right. let's checfi sports. >> good to see you sir, how is it going out there? bad day for the bucks. >> this is a rough one, the bucks made quick wok of this. we'll see where they go of this. just like that, the short and tumultuous ten year of bucks tight end austin jenkins is over. asj was done in by another bad decision off the field.
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field either. in between stents on the injured list, jenkins left his team and the fans quite frankly shaking their collective heads with ridiculous personal fouls like the look at me one there. he was booted out of a practice during the off season program by head coach dirk cutter. the first sign that the new coach was not sold on letting a player be a liability because he he was demoted later reinstating him to a shared role with the bucks tight end, cameron. i just mentioned cameron. he's at the top of the depth chart. six watches. 46-yards. it gets a little tricky. brandon meyers fits in nicely as a touchdown catch all ready this year. there it is. for now the bucks promote undrafted rookie allen cross to
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on the practice squad. another bizarre nfl story today, new england patriots quarterback, jacoby burr set, the third guy on their depth chart reportedly tore a ligament in his thumb in thursday night's game. someone in the patriots organization is conflicting that report saying there's no tear. but he's hurt. the patriots are all ready missing back up jimmy and tom brady who has one more week left on his suspension. and through all of this, the patriots are off to a 3 and 0 start. but they have to get through one more game without tom brady. i think they can do it. >> they're just waiting. when the patriots are angry. watch out. >> how about the bucks from the time that we heard the news about the dui to letting him go. that was very quick. did they make the right move? >> i was wondering if he was
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day. >> it was hours. i have a feeling they knew about it and they were trying to get their ducks lined up you have no choice. what are you going to do. >> he had a dui before in college. >> here's the thing, he's not done playing football. somebody at some point will get him. and i've been talking about the he has a couple super bowl rings now. and he hairs an nfl record with -- shares an nfl record with de on sanders. aqid talib turned out to be a pretty good playerings but do you keep asj around hoping he'll come around? >> you're in the big leagues, you have it made and a move like this. you have to wonder.
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over into sports for sure. >> thank you sir.
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now four headlines at 4:30, new video released by the widow of a man shot in north carolina. you can hear gunshots but you don't see the actual shooting. we're told police won't release body and dash cam video. the shooting sparked three nighs protests. a woman in georgia shooting at three men during a home burglary. the video is very unnerving showing the men walking around the atlanta home with guns drawn looking for cash. that's when the woman comes out and starts to fire her gun. one suspect died. police are looking for the other two. and they're trying to find out if this home was specifically targeted. number three, right before the home opener, the tama pa bay buccaneers have one of
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jenkins was stopped entering the highway going 10 in a 50 miles per hour zone. he's been released from the team. your vote 2016, a new pole shows hillary clinton with a lead over donald trump heading into the first presidential debate. clinton and trump will meet at loster university in new york monday night for their first prime and news channel 8's rod carter will be there covering that debate for you live sunday night. now we have an 8 on your side warning, rattle snake infestation, police living in a north lake land neighborhood say it's happening to them. >> several dogs have been killed. melissa moreno spoke with one of those pet owners about what is happening. >> four dogs have been killed in the past several weeks.
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it's happening in north lake land. denise lost two of her dogs on labor day. both from rattle snakebites. >> i was letting them back in. and all of a sudden i had noticed the little puppy had blood on him. and then he started to go on the floor. and i scooped him up. the vet confirmed what she suspected. we did a neurocropsy on both dogs. it was a snake. four dogs died. including one >> this is darn hard. i would never want to see it happen to anybody else. >> neighbors think this area might be part of the problem. i'll explain on news channel 8 at 5:30. melissa moreno, news challenge 8. now your first at 4:00 weekend weather. >> early this morning, if you were out, you may have seen a pretty nice passing of the international space station, carol sent us in this photo, there's the moon.
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station passing, visible for six minutes this morning. and i want to remind you, if you have more weather photos to share, head to our facebook page or twitter page. we love to see those. outside currently, it's a nice afternoon. a hot afternoon but a nice one. beautiful blue skies at new port richey. 86 degrees. with winds coming in out of the west, mid 70s, lots of sunshine to start the day. we're going to heat up fast though with the slightly dryer air, that helps us get er we're not going to see much rain tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. if you want to head to the beaches, great day for that. low rain chances along the coast for tomorrow. and temperatures hot enough to head to the beach. we're in the low 90s, as we head into next week, we're around arch in the upper 80s, no big cool down in sight just yet for us. but we're starting to notice coming back up is the pollen count. maybe that's a sign that fall's on the way. we're in the moderate to moderate high range through the
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next week. we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast and talk about the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. now to our 8 on your side coverage, zika in your backyard. >> just under 900 people in the state tested positive for the zika virus. florida's biggest industry is standpointing to get bit. -- is starting to get bit. >> a zika zone was lifted this week. the threat hit the florida tourism industry's bottom line. the miami beach zika zone has grown and growing fears of the virus have led to hotel cancellations. >> having zika in miami doesn't help. and it's certainly a cause for concern. it's an issue that's very well known among travelers around the country and the world. >> rooms sold in the area are down more than 2% compared to the same time last year. reporting in tallahassee.
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reminder to keep an eye on your surroundings. this video is from california where police are looking for two men who jumped a woman as she tried to enter her home in sacramento. one suspect puts his hand over her mouth while the other takes her purse. the victim was not physically harmed in the incident. look at this brazen purse snatching in a south florida gas station. the woman reaches in and hits the man as he starts driving off. janelle is attempted to retrieve her purse before she was knocked to the ground. she suffered a sprained ankle and cuts and bruises but is going to be okay. thursday's news about yahoo suffering a hack have many taking a look at how to keep their emails secure. today an editor at consumer reports offers some 8 on your side tips. >> your information could be
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current. tighten security by turning on automatic updates for computer software and mobile apps. >> hackers are finding new holes to exploit. and then the developers on the other side are always playing whack a mole and trying to fix things and shore up vulnerabilities. if you have new software, you get the benefit of that work. >> make sure you have a screen lock on all your devices. so if they're lost or stolen, no one can access avoid obvious choices like phone number, birthday, or social security number. >> you want them to be a random string of digits. that's true for all your passwords by the way. >> a website can let you know if your email has been involved in a hack. >> if your name pops up. you are part of the data breech. you should change that password.
4:37 pm
rk ten minute there's a simple way to ensure your web cam's not sure to spy on you. >> putting a post it or tape over the web cam is a good idea. >> there's no way to completely guarantee privacy. >> every little bit helps. it's like locking your door at night. >> simple steps to keep personal information from getting into the wrong hands. mark barger, nbc news. you can try turning off location tracking apps. that can keep information from being extracted from your phone. >> that glass of wine might not be as good for your heart as once thought. how a new study contradicts traditional thinking. stick around for 8 on your side stories. my investigation into how someone renewed car registration in the name of a deceased person has caught the attention of state officials. coming up, i'll tell you what
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loophole i uncovered. starting monday, there's going to be more ways to get around downtown. i'm leslie lacy and i'll tell you what's happening with our trolleys. it's called dad's stadium. but tonights panthers' game of the week ain't your daddy's high school football game. coming up at 5:30, i'll explain how this could be the best game
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eagle 8 hd coverage is brought to you by your local sun coast hyundai dealers. welcome back. this is one of the most unique 22 push up challenge videos you'll ever see. >> check it out. it's instagram video of david beckham ham doing push ups on top of a piano with his flawless hair, and yes, in his underwear. this challenge is meant to quote honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment. for day one of the push up
4:42 pm
ups on an airplane. i'm excited to see what he'll do tomorrow. >> get a little lower. you're cheating a bit. rob kardashian shared a sonogram. this will be kardashian's first child. can't wait for you, the soon to be dad says in the post. now a movie that doesn't open for two months is causing headaches for >> sure is, david daniel has the day's hollywood minute. >> it's maui shape shifter demi god hero of men. >> one of the halloween costumes promoting the animated adventure was based on the maui character. the costume drew objections from critics. the costume was pulled saying
4:43 pm
respect of cultures of the pacific islands that inspired them. here's your first look at scarlet johansson in ghost in the shell, the cryptic teaser trailer is a series of very short clips, visually compelling but revealing little. she was a controversial choice for the lead as the source material is japanese. and congratulations are in order for ridiculously photo genic levine. they welcomed a daughter, dusty rose levine. in hollywood, david daniel. >> time for a check of the forecast, here's storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. >> we're headed into the weekend. i know that all important weekend is here. first weekend of fall too. >> is it going to change much? >> no.
4:44 pm
seven day yet. i can't deliver that. but i can deliver a fairly nice weekend. as long as you're okay because of the heat. 20% rain chance on saturday. for most of you. it will stay dry. then there's a few more storms expected sunday afternoon and sunday evening, we'll call for a 30% chance of rain. big game in tampa. at noon, 85 degrees as sfu takes on the bulls. the gators take on knoxville. some showers and storms around, temperatures in the mid 80s. ucf taking on fiu in miami. low 80s, a chance to see a few storms that evening, then we have the rattlers, fairly nice in tallahassee, 87 degrees with a few passing clouds, for us this evening, rain chances stay low, a humid night with temperatures in the mid 80s. on the radar currently, not much. a few showers and storms well to the south. you can see the showers and
4:45 pm
some storms between sea bring and lake placid and highlands county. but for most of us, this is the view. 85 degrees. beautiful blue skies. just some high thin clouds at this location. and no rain yet so far today. it'll likely stay dry if you want to head to the beaches for your friday evening. temperatures for a lot of spots, especially as you head inland are hot today, it's 96 currently in bartow. 92 in winter haven. 95 89 in brooksville. steamy across the board. really not much in the way of rain to cool us down. we'll have a few more showers and storms developing inland and south of i-4 through this evening. but we'll keep the rain chances low near 20%. tomorrow morn, a few clouds around, warmer than average still. that's been a recent trend, then into the afternoon hours, a 20% chance of rain. the dry air, high pressure, that's going to limit our rain chances, again, by sunday. the dry air stays with us.
4:46 pm
and our rain chances go up to 30%. so there's a bit of a greater chance by sunday afternoon, and sunday evening, you can see a passing shower or storm at your house. currently we have this dry stable air mass in place. but especially as we head into next week. we'll see the moisture returning. and our rain chances will be going back up as well. out in the tropics, not a whole lot has changed with tropical storm carl. and tropical storm lisa. both are still in the central atlantic and not effecting the u.s. or matter. we will watch a little more close litho an area that's moved off the coast of africa and it's moving due west at this point. this has a 20% chance of development over the next five days. rain chances fairly low this weekend. the temperatures stay hot into next week. look for a better chance of rain with the storm chances up to 40%. guys. julie, thank you much. the bucks first home game is this weekend. today we have a surprise for you. >> a special in studio guest,
4:47 pm
we want to welcome buck burt. he's unveiling his brand new costume for 2016. hi burt. >> are you excited? >> i'm excited about this game. when you have a bad game like last week, you want to get that taste out of your mouthment we can't wait for this game to come up sunday against the rams. >> you are a super fan, clearly, this is a new -- >> from head to toe. >> costume for you this year. w year? >> we had 100 million-dollar renovation for the new stadium. and the other costume was okay with the 68 million-dollar stadium. now since they upgraded. i'm upgrading as well. >> i love the hat. it's so intricate. i notice you have a golf towel. do you play a lot of golf in this. >> i play a lot of golf. but sometimes when you get hot walking around the stadium. or walking around tailgating meeting and greeting.
4:48 pm
>> you were on the radio station this morning. unveiling this. so you've been making the rounds today. >> oh yeah, i went to jack harris. and i gave him some information about buckified. >> what does that stand for. be understanding citizens, identify friendly individuals each day. and we like to put the emphasis on the friendly individuals. because if you're not friendly, we'll tolerate you. but celebrate you. in a covers everybody. >> you do a lot of good stanley cup. not to mention you spread goodwill at news channel 8. you're always in a good mood and it's contagious. >> working with quality people like yourself. >> it rubs off. >> it really does. >> thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. we'll take a quick break and be right back. go bucks.
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welcome back.
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special parents. we want to talk about how to spot a learning issue and the best way to handle it. joining me is psychologist dr. stacy. always great to have you. if you think there's something wrong with the situation with your kids, what do you do first? how do you identify? >> the first thing that i would do is take your child to the pediatrician. i think that's the best call. because the pediatrician has hopefully been with you from the beginning. or has files on you beginning. and is assessing the physical development, emotional development, social development. so i would discuss any issues that you may have with your pediatrician. >> it's got to be stressful, especially for first time parents, not knowing, an issue arises, and then having to deal with it. how do you address something you hear from a school or teacher. >> i think you'll have mixed feelings. oh my gosh what's wrong?
4:53 pm
child? go and listen and take notes. the teacher is not a psychologist or doctor. just listen to what they have to say and ask questions and then maybe take the information to your pediatrician or to a child psychologist such as myself and get your child assessed. >> and then you should talk to the child at some point. what do you say? >> this you want to be careful with. you don't want the child to feel like something's wrong with them. that there's a stigma attached to them. you would say to are all born with different strengths and weaknesses and we need to find out and the sooner the better. so that we can see what you're really good at and what you're not good at and help you with that. and not make it a big deal. >> it could be stressful for parents who have never dealt it with or maybe are going through it again. how do you cope with the news. >> is it autism? or adhd? is it going to effect them in the future?
4:54 pm
you start think futuristically. cope and calm themselves down. whatever it is, it is. they've caught it. and there is help. and their child can be happy and successful parents need to cope with their own feelings so their don't mirror and scare their kids. stacy, back to you. will, in an 8 on your side medical report today a new study finds drinking alcohol even in moderation may increase e chambers. and leave people at risk for irregular heart beat, blood clots, and a stroke, the study published in the journal of the american heart association. and speaking of heart, the 2016 heart walk is coming up. and news channel 8 is asking for your help as we try to raise once again this year, more than $100,000. they're generously matching the first $50,000 that we raise.
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the walk is november 12th. it's easy to sign up, go to to sign up and donate. coming up, a real life sized transformer. it turns out to be a red bmw. see more when first at 4:00
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob.
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does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online beginning with an iconic dress up for auction.
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that marilyn monroe wore singing happy birthday to john f. kennedy, you can. it will be auctioned off for a mere 2 million or $3 million. legend has it the dress was so tight in 1962, she had to be sown into it on the day of the party. julliane's auctions is hosting the event. check this out, a turkish country has created a real life transformer thousands of people have look at this video on youtube. now it is on facebook. now time for newschannel8 at 5:00 with josh and jenn. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> a shocking crime committed in manatee county. he works at a middle school and coaches basketball at a high school. now, this bay area man is charged with doing the unthinkable. >> a buccaneer busted for drives under the influence.
5:00 pm
controversy right before the first home game of the season. >> good evening everybody. i'm josh benson. >> i'm jenn holloway. thanks for joining us tonight. a man who works at a bay area middle school and coaches high school basketball is facing charges for getting a teenage girl pregnant. lamont houston befriended the young girl at lincoln middle school and had an inappropriate relationship with her over the summer. now he is facing felony charges. john rogers s nightmare. >> reporter: palmetto police say this past may, 31-year-old lamont houston began a relationship with a teen at lincoln middle school. he was a graduation education technician here tasked with helping students who were chronically absent. he was also a basketball coach at the high school. after he befriended the girl, they began texting then he picked her up on two occasions to have six in his car.


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