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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. an 8 on your side warning tonight. several dogs have rattlesnake bites in a north lakeland neighborhood. melissa marino spoke to pet owners about what is happening and what fwc recommends they can do. >> reporter: we are told at least four dogs have been killed in the past several weeks. neighbors are terrified. >> she was bleeding all over the backseat. we were afraid we weren't going to make it. >> reporter: carol miles will never forget the day her dog pounced on a rattlesnake? her yard and nearly died.
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inpossible to get. >> reporter: denise bliss was not as lucky. she lost two of her dogs on labor day after they were bit in her yard. >> it was a rattlesnake. >> reporter: both incidents happened in the area of cambria lane in north lakeland. five dogs have been brittle in the past several weeks. four of them died including one yesterday. now, they want other pet owners to be alert. >> this is darn hard. and, i would never want to see it happen to anybody else. >> reporter: neighbors think the snakes are comeing these woods. 8 on your side reached out to florida fish and wildlife which maintains them. spoke person gary moore says that isn't the answer. >> there is a fire break in that area. fire breaks don't discourage wildlife from crossing onto your private property. so, it is important for people who live next to conservation areas to ensure that they keep their properties clear. >> reporter: after that interview, he e-mailed the area in question was inspected today. he tells 8 on your side, it was
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mowed next week. he suggests the homeowners keep their grass cut and any food or trash cleaned up. in lakeland, melissa marino, newschannel8. well, a brazen purse snatching at a broward county gas station caught on camera. watch what the woman does. she climbs on top of the thief's car, reaching in, and hitting the man as he drives off. the victim was knocked to the ground and actually run over. she suffered a badly sprained ankle but otherwise, i. ands the driver of a sports car may have been drag reyesing when it was involved in a deadly crash. this man driving the yellow lamborghini was speeding when he t-boned another vehicle. the person behind the wheel of that driver was an uber driver who was taken to the hospital and died. miami-dade police using a new technology in an effort to combat gun violence.
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sounds of gunshots are heard in realtime. the goal is allowing officers to respond faster. >> if a round goes off within 25 to 50 feet, we are able to tell where that gunshot went off in the particular areas where they are deployed. >> the devices will be placed in three high crime neighborhoods in miami-dade. a woman says she could go to court to fight for jesus and she did. she was pulled a phrase what would jesus do in thick white lettering on her windshield. she was ticketed saying it is against the law to have the letters blocking her view. >> how could that be blocking my view? it is really not as you can well see here. the purpose was, that name right there. capital jesus. >> but fhp says the word jesus had nothing to do with it.
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but a judge says she needs to replace the lettering with something transparent. well, just under 900 people in the state of florida have tested positive for the zika virus. while it continues to take its toll on people, florida's biggest industry is starting to get bit too. we sent our capital bureau reporter matt galka to find out what is going on. >> reporter: florida's $90 billion cash cow, the tourism of zika. $24billion alone comes from miami-dade where local transmission of zika started in this state. and worried people are canceling their travel plans. hotel rooms sold in the miami beach area are down more than 2% compared to the same time last year. >> we have been monitoring this as you can imagine, since february. >> reporter: they are not taking the zika threat likely at visit florida. >> having zika in miami doesn't help.
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for concern. it is a very ... it is an issue that is very well known among travelers around the country and around the world. >> reporter: though there might be a dip now, the tourism agency says they will get through it. >> it is important that we not hide from that and make sure we continue to let people know that this is a challenge. and then, continue to support the government and the local officials. and doing everything that they can to get the word out. >> reporter: a zika zone in the win wood area was cleaned this week. the governor s safe to go out. >> we have to help the businesses down there get back to normal. we will be doing a dine out day on the 30th. >> reporter: but even with everything south florida has to offer, zika fears might deter the itch to head south for worried people around the country. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. >> the governor did add another $25 million of state funds into aiding the fight against the zika virus this week. the state department of health
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researchers and developers who are working on a vaccine. still ahead, giving people more options in how they can get around downtown tampa. >> we are going to show you where you can go now on the channel side streetcar. and online hackers looking to get their hands on your personal informationment how you can safeguard your family. >> tonight's game of the week matchup pits two bay area teams that share a combined six state championships between them. i'll explain how this could be one of the best games in the stat f fall. in fact, record high temperatures going to lead to a warm evening for those headed out to watch high school football, play it too. i guess. we'll have the forecast for the weekend coming up. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station that is always on
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>> news that yahoo suffered a hack of 500 million of its user accounts may have people worried about their online account safety. >> that's right. tonight, mark barger takes an 8 on your side look at how to keep your personal information safe. >> reporter: your information could be vulnerable if your operating system or software are not current. you could tighten security for computer software and mobile apps. >> hackers are always finding new holes, new vulnerabilities to exploit. and then the developers on the other side are always playing whack-a-mole and trying to shore up vulnerabilities and fix things. if you get the new software, you get the benefit. >> reporter: make sure you have a screen lock so if they are lost or stolen, someone cannot access accounts. when it comes to the screen lock codes. >> longer is better. >> reporter: avoid obvious
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birth date, or social security number. >> you want random string of digits. that is true for all passwords. >> reporter: a website like i have been homed can let you know if your e-mail account or the personal information attached to it have been involved in a hack. >> if your name pops up, then you were part of that data breach and you should go and certainly, first thing you should do is change that password. >> reporter: one way to avoid a wave of marketing come-ons is using a self-destructing e-mail service like there sals a simple way to ensure your web cam is not being used to spy on you. >> using a post it is a good idea. >> reporter: while there is no way to completely guarantee privacy. >> every little bit helps. it is sort of like locking the door at night. >> reporter: simplesteps to keep personal information from getting into the wrong hands. mark barger, nbc news. >> turning off location tracking in apps can also keep information from being
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tampa traffic could be better if there were more mass transit options. starting next week, people in downtown tampa will have another way to get to work. the streetcar. 8 on your side's leslee lacey shows us a new option for your morning commute. >> reporter: the tico line streetcar is beginning a weekday morning service for commuter ins downtown tampa, the channel district, around ybor city. >> in both ends, we leave at 7:10 in the morning going both ways. >> prior to that, >> 12:00 noon. >> reporter: the new a.m. route will run every 30 minutes until noon. >> how much is a ticket going to cost me? >> the ticket is 2.50 one day. $5 all day. >> reporter: if you live and work in any three districts, you can purchase a 20 ride pass for $25. bowman says they are hoping to grab the business crowd. >> you can park here at ybor,
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run constantly. all through the night. >> reporter: richie bowman has been driving streetcars for years. and he is hoping people will join him for their morning commute. >> streetcars, just look at it. it is more fun. it looks like something out of the 1920s but we keep it modern. >> reporter: leslee lacey, newschannel8. the fbi is looking into an incident between brad pitt and one of his angelina jolie filed for divorce. an incident took place on their private plane a day before the two separated. the fbi is gathering facts and evaluating whether there needs to be an investigation or not. adam levine is a new dad. his wife has given birth to a baby girl. the voice coach and maroon 5 front man started dating the model back in 2012. the couple named their daughter dusty rose levine. and looking for something
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a remake of a classic western is getting a lot of buzz right now. the magnificent 7 starting denzel and chris pratt. and a new movie putting a spin on where babies come from. storks is rated pg. it is friday night, and our game of the week takes us to south tampa where hawks. that is where we find newschannel8's double a anthony allred. he joins us now. i understand that the field they are playing on is also one of the best in the country. is that right double a? >> reporter: you got that right stacie. i can see that you have been doing your homework and i got to tell you, take a look at this field. $600,000, and six years later, no worse for the wear. armwood coach robert weiner was telling me everybody comes out
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track, the band, everybody comes out here and practices. and they don't have to do anything to the field. it is really a great looking field. now, onto tonight's game. they tell me number 12, armwood, they are playing plant. so, you know, i talked to the coach and asked him why would you schedule a game like this. this is what he had to say. >> when we play, later on, lakeland, you know, and the playoffs of lakeland kathleen, hopefully, we get to the maybe you play someone like saint thomas aquinas. if you have not been on the field with someone like armwood, you will probably be caught by surprise and have no idea what is about to hit you. >> reporter: now, i have to tell you, the plant parents are no joke either. kickoff starts at 7:30. i have already been told that this game is going to be a blackout. students are wearing black. and it will be plenty of them because the game is also sold out. but, this is the game of the
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over the bay area, covering games and we will have more on that tonight at 11:00. >> should be a good one. thanks double a. 91 at freedom plaza. we tied a record of 93 today at tampa international airport. there's a view from venice. 86 degrees. we have is a northwest wind at 6 miles an hour. and, you can see the time lapse here from veteran's ford this afternoon, not much in the way of showers and thunderstorms developing here locally. but there are some inland at the a nice looking sky there throughout the afternoon. and our temperature currently 86 at this location. along the veteran's express way with the southwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour. if you are headed to the beach this weekend, and why not, it should be a great beach weekend for us. running about 8, 9, 10 in the category. light chop in the waters. gulf temperatures warm at 87 degrees. not much rain lately. cloud cover, that really helps to raise the gulf temperature. showers and thunderstorms further down to the south.
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the drier air aloft really has shut things down. central and the southern portion of the state, much more activity, and, just looks like highlands county is clipping some of that. lake placid getting good downpours at the moment. also, a few of these all the way down to the south of de soto county as well. the next five days, rain chances 20, 30, 40%. perhaps above normal as we head into the early part of next week. very summer like in the way of activity along the sea breeze in the rn evening hours. at noon, 87 degrees. 4:00 p.m., 91 degrees. 20% chance of showers. a similar day in the forecast area tomorrow. now, 91 degrees, tampa international airport. currently 90 in downtown saint pete. the dew point, 70 degrees. winds that are fairly light. should be a pleasant but warm evening in the downtown area in saint pete. sea breeze is active. temperatures maybe a little cooler along the beaches. this is where the deeper moisture is located. that is why we are seeing the thunderstorms there.
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water vapor imagery. at least how we have it colored herement you can see it on the red, the central and no , your northern part of the state. doesn't provide a lot of moisture for us to work with. just the opposite is true further south. that is why we are seeing much more activity from north to south across the state of florida. that is evident as well on the satellite next to the radar as weapon. in the tropics we have a couple of storms. tropical storm karl, tropical pr 20% chance of development over the next five days. the first two storms, no effect at all. it is that newest one we are watching for, the potential effect on our part of the world say about ten days out or so. 90 degrees for the rams and the bucs. home openers, 20% chance of game time showers. game time at 4:05. we have the huge game at raymond james tomorrow. very hot conditions. fsu and usf. hopefully, the shower activity
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most of the shower activity will remain much as you just saw on the radar. inland, southern sports here at the moment, as we get beyond that saturday morning looks fairly quiet. a partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny skies to start the day. then in the afternoon, we will watch for the possibility of development of showers and thunderstorms, but still, i think tomorrow at 20%, those rain chances are still relatively low. early part of sunday morning, same routine here, dry start to the day. temperatures staying warm. certainly very warm temperatures slightly normal. maybe a bit more coverage as we see the sea breeze get more active and deeper moisture in the area. the rain chances are a little bit higher for sunday as compared to saturday. 20% chance you can see there. for monday, by monday, tuesday, wednesday, perhaps above normal rain chances, additional moisture. activity along the sea breeze. late september, heading into october, we are headed to the
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amount of coverage. as we do in the summer months. >> my yard will look worse when the dry season hits. >> time to sprinkle. >> there you go. her story got national attention. >> a cafeteria worker quit over what she called lunch shaming. coming up, how the school is calling that whole tale into question. >> and, remember, you can join jenn holloway, julie phillips, and me on newschannel8 on great 38 every night from 8:00 to 9:00. we are one nation under god.
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>> now to what's making headlines across america. three people are dead in a workplace shooting in tennessee. the shooter ricky swofford got angry with two of his supervisors and left with a gun. he shot his two supervisors and
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carolina are starting to recede. julia caused flooding. water levels will continue to recede and will reach the minor flood stage by sunday. and police released video of a frightening robbery in a sacramento neighborhood. you can see the victim unlocking her door when two men came up behind her. one of the men putts his hand on her mouth and the other takes her purse. she was not hurt, but she is understandably shaken up. resignation over lunch shaming went viral is now accused of making the whole thing up. stacy caslisca said she was fired after she took away a lunch from a child who could not pay and gave him a cheese sandwich instead. the superintendent says it is not true. the lunch was not taken away. >> he ate chicken nuggets that day. >> this is a bad policy. he made a bad choice.
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a discussion about it, you are now going to blame an employee over policy. >> despite the superintendent's allegations, the cafeteria worker is sticking to her story. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> and here is what we are working on. one day he is a bucs starter, the next, he is off the team. we have coverage of asj and his dui arrest. >> plus, a man brutally beaten on his front porch and the attacker is just a teenager. so hear from the viewers have important questions following the dumping of waste water into the bay. is it safe to swim here? is it safe to eat fish that you catch in this water? we have answers coming up. >> clearwater police department and city officials are cracking down on illegal dumping. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas. coming up on newschannel8, the
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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> arrested and ousted. a bucs player is now a former bucs player less than 24 hours after he was put in handcuffs. >> a teenager arrested for a brutal beating and victim says this is not his first run-in with the suspect. >> plus, sewage worries. is the fish safe to eat out of tampa bay? i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. thanks for joining us tonight. well new tonight, a buccaneer busted for dui and now off the team. austin sefarian-jenkins cut just moments after he got out of jail. and this is not the first time asf has been in this kind of trouble. he has been arrested for dui
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he is live at one buc place. hi rod. >> reporter: hey, good evening. when i came here this morning just after buccaneers morning practice, head coach dirk koetter said he was going to withhold make any decision on what happened with austin sefarian-jenkins after he got that information. he must have gotten that information quickly. within a couple of hours, asj was done. tampa bay buccaneer austin sefarian-jenkins was not a happy man he spent time this morning trying to talk his way out of a dui after the fhp pulled him over at 275 and state road 60. they said he was flying down the road doing 80 miles an hour in a 50 miles an hour zone. and even whizzed by and cut off a trooper in the process. >> all right man, whatever man. tell me how you want me to walk. >> reporter: troopers gave him a field sobriety test. he failed. and so, they cuffed him and threw him in the back of the


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