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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  September 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good saturday morning. i'm melissa moreno. thank you for joining us. minute but first a look at the forecast with ed bloodsworth. >> we'll deal with fog in our communities. out the door we have calm winds. mostly clear skies. 90 st. pete. 72 apollo beach. in our northern counties we have been watching visibilities. it has been getting better in the last couple of minutes. we could see a little bit of
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county and hernando county later today. partly cloudy skies along i-4 and south. looking at the water vapor loop we have a lot of this upper level dry air around our area. that's going to keep our rain chances limited. notice by noon not much out there. may get a couple road showers or thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. over all most of us going to miss out on the rain today. otherwise hot for the first weekend of fall. 79 this morning. t way above average. we'll have the forecast for the college football games coming up. >> thank you very much. breaking news out of washington state. at this hour the fbi is joining the search for a man who opened fire inside a mall killing four people and injuring another. this is a picture of the shooter. police say he is armed and acted alone. the shooting happened friday night inside the cascade mall in burlington. that's an hour north of
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department of macy's. one man suffered life- threatening. paramedics rushed him to a hospital in seattle. at this hour no word on his condition. the shooter was last seen walking away from the mall towards i-5. at home an important traffic along on i-75 in sarasota. crash involving a fuel tanker. i-75 is closed in both directions at sumptor boulevard. the driver of the semi died. investigators tell us several hundreds gallons of fuel spilled on the ground. happening today the fight against zica is not over. residents will have a chance this weekend to help prevent mosquito breeding in and around here homes.
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what are officials doing in hillsborough county to make sure this doesn't spread? >> reporter: her -- they are hosting a tire collection today. we have video of a similar tire collection event in tampa last year that i want to show you. the free tire disposal runs from 8:00 a.m. to today. residents with a photo i.d. can drop up to 12 towers in gibsonton and hillsborough heights collection community in seffner. this is a proactive step in the fight against zica. >> we want to be proactive. we don't want to wait for the concerns to get out of control. this is our answer to help reduce the spread of the virus. >> reporter: commercial
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tires from commercial vehicles will not be accepted. this is an important event because the virus is showing no signs of slowing down or stopping the spreading of it. just yesterday we found out there was a new case of the virus here in hillsborough county. it is hitting close to home. back to you. >> absolutely. melissa moreno live in tampa. thank you county home invasion robbery is now dead. paramedics rushed 81-year-old robert walker to the hospital hours after news channel 8 talked to him about the attack. walker told us the teen who attacked him, 14-year-old alex
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investigators are working to determine if walker died of natural causes or from injuries he received during the attack. perez is currently facing charges of home invasion and battery on a person over 65. two kids are accused of stealing a specialized van and leaving a paralyzed man stranded. he has als and the van is the only means he has anywhere. the two stole the van and parked it in a tampa driveway. thanks to a witness and police, chapman has his van back. >> we didn't need to go through any of this. it was ridiculous. it was unnecessary. i'm grateful at the end that the van is fixable. >> the damage to the van is $2,000. we are told the teen thieves both confessed to stealing it. they have extensive criminal histories. a tampa bay bucs player was
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the team released the tight end following a dui arrest early friday morning. fhp released video of the arrest. a trooper stopped him on i-275 reportedly going almost 80 in a 50 mile-per-hour zone. then later friday morning jenkins had nothing to say as he bonded out of jail. fhp says it is not his first time being tipsy behind the wheel. >> also based upon our previous arrest that driver had was supposed to have an ignition interlock device in his vehicle, which he did not have. >> the team's general manager sent out a news release stating the bucs were disappointed and this was the best decision at the time. right now residents in charlotte, north carolina are waking up after another night of protests. this is in the wake of a new
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and the police. we have new video showing public outcry. >> reporter: another tense night in the center city of charlotte. emotions running high bringing hundreds out for a fourth time, all while police in riot gear joined by the national guard try to keep peace. for the most part it works keeping marchers off of 277 in attempts to shutdown the interstate. >> don't shoot him. >> reporter: this dramatic cell phone video is fueling now anger. even outside charlotte with demonstrations like this one at nc state of students marching and lying on the ground. and this rally in atlanta. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> reporter: scott's wife rushes to the scene telling officers her husband has a traumatic brain injury.
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>> keith! don't you do it. keith! >> reporter: seconds later shots rang out. >> did you shoot him? >> reporter: the video difficult to watch with no clear view of the gun. keith scott was on the ground. >> my gut reaction was pure sadness for anyone to go through that. >> reporter: cries echoed by said will come in time. >> i have asked to have it released. i understand it is not a clear picture. >> reporter: a picture coming into focus as the investigation continues. state bureau of investigations, an outside agency is looking into this case and released a statement saying the body and dash cam video still legally belongs to the charlotte police. that means it is up to them to
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release it. protesters took to the streets of atlanta last night. evening's march was organized by the naacp and was peaceful. organizers say the focus is ending police violence nationwide. pope francis is holding a multifaith meeting of grieving relatives and survivors from july's attack in nice, france. 86 people died just this week the pope denounced violence in the name of religion declaring quote, there is no god of war. calling all museum lovers. how you can enjoy your saturday without spending a dime. plus the national museum of african-american history is opening its doors today.
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happening today, after years of planning president obama will officially new national museum of african- american history and culture later this morning. it is located along the national mall less than ten minutes away from the white house. tracie potts has more on today's historic events. >> reporter: the three-day celebration continues. official dedication gets underway this morning. 7,000 invited guests from all over the country are here. along with civil rights icons
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bush and president obama and their wives. the president said seeing recent struggles on display here puts today charlotte protests in context. >> i step back and say i understand. i sympathize and empathize. i can see why folks might feel angry. i want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: people from all walks of life are here seeing value in experience. >> it is a tribute to my ancestors. >> african-american history is an important part of our history. >> it is about equality and being treated fair. >> reporter: inside the museum, decades of history known and unknown. from slavery and reconstructions to civil rights and modern achievements by african-americans. >> as long as there is an america there will be a story.
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courage, songs harriet tubman sang along the underground railroad. the pop belly stove that kept black children warm while learning in segregated school. all of their stories captured within these walls preserved for the next generation. tracie potts nbc news washington. happening today is free museum day. many museums across tampa bay are opening their doors. free museum day is the smithsonian magazine. it is annual event celebrated across the country. 13 museums are participating in the bay area. to find out where you can go check out our website coming up, we'll have your full forecast. also, ahead, protecting football players. we'll show you the new technology one florida school district is using to track player's concussions. you are watching news channel 8
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thousands of fans packed high school football stadiums across the country friday night. one florida school district is outfitting every single high school football player with new smart helmets that track and measure concussions. erika edwards shows us how. >> reporter: when the pirates faced their rival, the flagler palm coast bulldogs one recent
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high school beat fpc in consecutive seasons. it was also the first time each player on the field wore special helmets that recorded blows to the head. then sent the information, like a text, to trainers with alert monitors on the sidelines. >> if a monitor goes off we have to step off the field. >> reporter: the helmets measure the severity of the impact as well as occurs on the head. it is not designed to prevent or diagnosis concussions. it is simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them. >> when the game is going on it is hard to pick up one specific blow let alone multiple blows on one play. >> reporter: 17,000 student athletes across the country are using the new technology, including those at one of the biggest power houses in college football, the university of
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not deep. residents of flagler county florida paid for their helmets by voting to increase sales tax. >> our school board was behind it to give ourselves a chance to have the data. to have something to be able to assess it from multiple angles. >> reporter: it is another tool to help athletes stay in the game they love and watch from the sidelines when necessary. erika edwards nbc news. >> they are testing expand the data collected by the helmets to give coaches and trainers a more comprehensive view of each player. we are a few days into fall. it certainly has not felt like it the last couple of days. you go back to thursday, that was first day of fall. we had a high of 91. we tied a record on friday at 93. we are expect you can 91 today. keep in mind your average high is 88 for this time of year. we are likely to stay above average as those temperatures warm very quickly.
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those temperatures again climbing rapidly today. by this afternoon, 91. your rain chances stay slim at best. only around 20%. 80 in st. pete. 78 for tampa. 74 fishhawk this morning. right now we have scattered cloudiness mainly south of i-4. north of i-4 we have mostly clear skies. we could actually see a little bit of patchy fog development this morning. we'll be keeping our eyes ou southern half of the florida peninsula. near the ground it feels very warm and muggy. with that drier air aloft, that's squashing our rain chance. the same looks to happen for today. notice as we go into the afternoon, model doesn't paint out much activity at all. sea breezes will develop. with the dry air above, the more stable atmosphere rain chances are few and far
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i think more communities will have a better shot of getting a little bit of wet weather. by monday the moisture continues to increase. tropics still active. we have tropical storm karl in the atlantic. tropical depression lisa. and a new cluster of thunderstorms. we'll watch this over the next five days as it generally heads off too the west. karl could become a hurricane as it rolls off to the north and east. lisa, its days are nearly numbered here. it is expected to weaken into a depression here fizzle into a remnant low in the next couple of days. 91 for a high today. it will be a scorcher by late september standards. 91 for your high. it will feel warmer than that when you factor in the humidity. next few days rain chances come back up to 40%. temperatures back to seasonal norms. 88 tuesday and wednesday. perhaps another push of dry air by next weekend. >> i love the the seasonal warm. >> absolutely. >> it is going to take a while
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officially fall. >> thank you very much. still ahead this morning, long time rivals arm wood and plant face off one more time. high school highlights and scores are next in sports.
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good morning. we closed out week five of the
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great night. we had a ton of rivalries in hillsborough county and pinellas county. >> you could not have scripted it any better. our game of the week, a matchup tough to think about in the name. number one in the state armwood and number three plant city. we have our highlights for the game of the week. >> reporter: game of the week matchup ranked 12th in the country and third in the state. one on the road? i don't know. too t.o. -- to the highlights we go. this game is huge when the they drop in from 5, 000 feet to deliver the game ball. the hawks haven't been scored on in ten quarters. that's' because their defense is also is putting a couple of hatsen s -- hats on the ball.
6:26 am
literature, all good things must come to an end. thompson takes it to the house. when it came time for armwood to answer panthers defense shut him down. that's a three-play game tackle sack on the quarterback. just as sure as the sunrises in the east back come the hawks. junior running back around the left side. nobody's going to catch him. then panthers quarterback competing 80% of his passes this seath runs back left. oh my groceries, oh no he didn't. just dropped a dime. whoa nelly, we have ourselves a ball game. ryan inside the red zone goes untouched, unharmed, unbelievable. the panthers go on to went it. just like every ice cube friday movie made in the beginning the
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the hood. news channel 8 sports. >> let's pay our respects to the reds. home of the 4-0 middleton tigers hosting blake. yellow jackets on the first possession. same drive walker hits on the slant. touchdown blake. middleton lives and dies by the defense. allowing less than a dozen points per game coming in. later on peterson, if you are not using that, i'll take it. tigers could not keep jackets off the board forever. walkers go up top to robert overton. more overton, please. on 4th and goal from the half yard line the force is strong with young ed walker. magic runs out for middleton.
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let's go to pinellas county. st. pete green devils hosting largo. the devil got overheated in this one, how is that possible? >> he is good to see. >> packers on offense. 4th down takes the pitch and dives across the goal line. largo on top 7-0. green devils get a good kick return on the drive. i thought he was going to run out of bounds just for fun. no, he gets in there. second quarter st. offense. look at this catch by matt landers. that's a beauty. devils knocking on the door. has going to roll out. he wants this one back. easy pick for brown. largo lead 10-9 at the half. st. pete pulls away in the second half 31-10. >> that's why they play the whole game. i want to mention the rays lost 2-1. chris archer eats another loss.
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the crowd. >> before we go to the game today says big poppy i'm going to watch florida state at raymond james stadium. have a great saturday. >> thank you very much. more and more baby-boomers are leaving the work force. coming up the program that many companies hope will help ease this transition. plus, a middle school coach arrested for a crime that has parents shocked. our top stories and much more next. you are watching news channel 8 today. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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rise and sunshine tampa bay. it is the last weekend in september. there is a lot happening around the bay area. you are taking a live look at downtown tampa. good morning. i'm melissa moreno. thank you very much for waking up with us. in our top morning, a man who was beaten and robbed at his pasco county home died. robert walker passed a way yesterday evening hours after he talked to news channel 8 about the attack. he said 14-year-old alex perez made off with his wallet. he said this wasn't the first time perez robbed him. i-75 is still closed in both directions in sarasota county.
6:33 am
crash involving a fuel tanker. i-75 is closed at sumptor boulevard at north port. investigators tell us several hundred gallons of fuel spilled on the ground. the driver of the semi died. people in washington shocked and devastated after a gunman opened fire in cascade mall. state police report that the gunman started firing inside the macy's department store. four women were killed and one man was critically injured. that gunman is still on the loose. a manhunt is underway. we'll have mo come. we'll get to more stories in a moment. first let's check in with ed bloodsworth with your forecast. >> i tell you what, the calendar says it is fall. it certainly is going to feel like to summer today. we'll be sweltedderring with temperatures way above average and not many storms to cool us down. 78 is where we stand now in tampa. 77 in bradenton. and you are waking up to 71 in zephyrhills this morning. hour-by-hour, those numbers
6:34 am
yesterday in tampa at 93. we'll hit 91 this afternoon. temperatures three degrees above average. right now we have fairly dry air in the northern portion of the state of florida. more moisture to the south. that dry air has been keeping our rain chances low the last couple of days. only a 20% shot of rain today. that increases in the coming days. back up to the 40% range. rays playing host to the red soxs this afternoon at the trop at 6:10 this evening. 86 degrees. it will be warm the rain chance will be a bare minimum. coming up we'll have a check of your college football forecast and a detailed look at the weekend forecast. >> thank you very much. today avoiding mosquito bites is the best protection to fight the zica virus. today hillsborough county is taking steps to make sure the bugs don't have a place to breed. mary mcguire is live in tampa. tell us where mosquitoes like to breed. >> reporter: well mosquitoes
6:35 am
water. as you well know, we have had a lot of rain in our area over the past couple of months. that's left a lot of standing water in the area creating a perfect breeding ground for these bugs. that's why hillsborough county is hosting a free tire disposal event today. it runs from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at two locations in the county. this is video from a similar event in tampa in february. residents with photo i.d. can drop up to 12 towers county transfer station in gibsonton and the collection center in seffner. county leaders tell us getting rid of the old tires is essential. >> they make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. instead of having the tires sit on their property, we'd like to offer them a chance for a free disposal. >> reporter: mosquito fish will be given away at the gibsonton location. commercial businesses can not
6:36 am
any tires from commercial vehicles will not be accepted. this is certainly a great opportunity for residents in hillsborough county to do their part to make sure that mosquitoes have no place to breed. and that the zica virus doesn't spread any further. >> absolutely. mary mcguire thank you very much. live in tampa. a bay area middle school employee is charged with getting a teenager girl pregnant. lamont houston worked with at- risk ut school. police say over the summer he befriended a young girl. the two started meeting for sex. after she became pregnant she told her mom and he was arrested. a friend of houston's tells us he can hardly believe it. >> he is a good guy. he helps the community. he would never do nothing wrong. >> houston faces felony charges including sexual battery and child abuse. a jury found a sarasota mom guilty of stabbing her own 6- year-old daughter.
6:37 am
2015. ashley parker held her daughter under water and stabbed her causing serious injuries. the child recovered and even testified during this week's trial. parker will face sentencing on november 2nd. clearwater officials are cracking down on illegal dumping. that's good news for some residents dealing with a big mess left behind. several residents have complained about people dumping furniture, appliances and lots of trash on their properties. one woman even had to haul off someone else's garbage left on her land. the police department have several cameras placed in neighbors across the city. >> my speculation is people are doing contracting work on landscaping work and they have branches and stuff. rather than take them to the dump and pay a fee, they are just dumping them in this
6:38 am
the sewage spill following hermine's heavy rains is having an impact on local businesses. charter fishing captain tom charleston tells people with canceling trips because they are worried of eating fish caught in the bay. hillsborough county environmental protection commission gave us some answers. >> if someone wanted to limit their exposure to the that the fish swam through, they should wash their hands. they should wash their fish. >> we are told it may take up to a year to analyze the impact of the waste water dump on the overall health of the bay. in addition to 14 beaches in pinellas county and hillsborough county, the department of health says it has tested another three beaches. they say they are all in acceptable ranges. epa officials checked out the massive sinkhole in polk
6:39 am
the sinkhole drained millions of gallons of contaminated water into the aquafer. they are asking for the monitoring of ground water that people drink and the monitoring of people's health conditions. happening today, residents are lacing up their sneakers for the st. jude walk and run to end cancer. it is a 5k down bay shore boulevard. a majority will traffic during the event. it starts at amalie arena at 8:00 a.m. registration is $10 for adults and children older than 6. >> a lot of folks will be out there this morning. >> first week of fall but it doesn't feel like it here. here's a beautiful shot from april in brandon. that was a nice looking end to the day. jackie sending us a nice view
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send us your photos to facebook and twitter. we appreciate all of your
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older workers flexible retirement. sharon explains how this can help a problem called boomer brain drain. >> reporter: 63-year-old randall brocks still enjoys coming to the office every day. >> there are a lot of interesting, bright people here. they are fun to be with. >> reporter: after nearly 30 years of work, the last 11 spent with the furniture designer herman miller, he said he is ready for a change. >>i'm part of the baby-boomer generation. we get to so, for me i use the word retirement sort of reluctantly. >> reporter: baby boomers are known for redefining life at every turn. retirement is no different. the generation is active, engaged and interested in continuing to work in some capacity. >> i see it as a transition from the work i'm doing now to some other kind of work. >> reporter: more than 46 million americans are already
6:44 am
10,000 baby-boomers retire and leave the work force every day. it is a shift that's starting to have an affect on companies big and small. >> there is going to be a need for employers to hang on to older, experienced workers because they don't want the brain drain. as you look down the road and the pipeline there is not as many younger workers coming along. >> reporter: some companies like herman miller are being proactive trying to boomer brain drain. >> we realize that if all the people at once or half decided to leave the business, it would be debt -- detrimental for us. >> reporter: it allows workers to slowly transition into retirement for up to two years. while at the same time, training someone to take their place. >> capturing what that person does, how they do it, what the
6:45 am
that aren't writing down in a job description. it is vitally important to put something in place to catch it before they go. once they are gone they are gone. >> reporter: four years into the program it has been a success for the furniture manufacturers and the workers. >> i'm earning less but it gives me a chance to look at personal finances and see can we make it work? it is going to be another hot weekend. your temperatures well into the 90s coming off of the record day yesterday. had a high of 93 degrees in tampa. rain chances, well they stay low. not too much to cool us down today. they'll start to improve in the coming days. tropics also active. we have karl, lisa, also a third system way out in the atlantic we are tracking. for today 79 degrees at 8:00. those numbers rise quickly.
6:46 am
high this afternoon. 71 zephyrhills. a warm 80 in st. pete this morning. 76 degrees towards venice. weather watcher wendy in brooksville this morning waking up with us checking in at 71. a lot of moisture in the southern portion of the florida peninsula. the northern half of the state relatively dry. the reason is we have upper level dry air. it has been situated over our heads for the last couple of days. that's what's really been keeping our rain chances at bay. it looks like will take hold for today, as well. we'll get a sea breezes to develop. really the coverage of rain will be limited. i think where we have the better moisture in our southern counties, your rain chances may be a bit higher. tomorrow the moisture starts to increase for everyone. just a bit. so the rain chance comes bank -- back up to 30% . the moisture continues to rise. it is saturday. another day of college football
6:47 am
fsu takes on usf. 85 when the game gets underway at raymond james stadium. gators going to knoxville today. 86. could see some storms during that game. central florida taking on fiu later on today. south carolina state passing clouds and warm at that game in tallahassee. a preview to tomorrow's big game. home opener for the tampa bay bucs taking on the l.a. rams. 90 degrees for that game. it will be a hot one out of raymond james st tomorrow. 91 for your high today. those temperatures will start to ease back into the upper 80s. which is where we should be for this time of year as the moisture values start to increase up to 40%. if you don't get wet today, you have not gotten wet the last couple of days, you have a better chance to wait a few days before we get to monday and tuesday. >> i love that we don't need sweat shirts. >> feeling very much like summer this weekend. >> i love it.
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the big screen from a classic western remade to that dramatic
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get $10 off your women's fall fashion purchase of $50 or more! right now.
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denzel washington and ethan hawk star in the remake of the magnificent 7. the 1960's western is a hollywood classic. here >> reporter: denzel washington recruits half of the dirty dozen in the magnificent 7. this remake is outlaws to seek revenge for a widowed woman and protect the town of rose creek. it is rated pg-13. >> now stores deliver packages for corner >> reporter: feather friends
6:52 am
they have been repurposed as delivery drones for a toy store. when they turn on the baby maker they produce an adorable package before the boss finds out. storks is rated pg. the big one is based on the true story of a poor girl living this the slums of uganda. the teen shows enough skill to change her entire life. >> it is your 30th birthday. >> reporter: internet queens live big screen dreams in dirty 30. they had millions of followers on their youtube channels. it is a comedy about life-long friends throwing a blowout bash. 3030 is in select theaters on
6:53 am
happening today boat lovers can check out the newest vessels at the florida state fairgrounds. tampa bay boat show will be happening this weekend show -- show casing the latest in boating and fishing supplies and accessories. it is opened today 10:00 to 6 :00. tomorrow 10:00 to 5:00. admission is free. a dog gives us an opportunity to be at amazing places. sometimes our assignments put situations. the live encounter of a reporter and a giraffe. that's next. you are watching news channel 8
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finally this morning things got a bit awkward for one tv reporter. 's jacobs at california's san diego zoo. she came face to face with a friendly giraffe. reporters at the station and the viewers seemed pretty amused. >> she is married. >> he is like nine months old, too. he is getting frisky. >> hey there. slow down. >> this is good tv. let's just keep it here. >> the giraffe finally stopped.
6:57 am
recovery. the two anchors could not stop laughing. right now a massive manhunt underway. coming up, the search is still on in washington for a mall shooter on the loose. and now he has already killed five people. the latest on that investigation is next on news
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good saturday morning. i'm melissa moreno. thank you for joining us. we'll get to our top stories in a moment. first we are going to check on our forecast with meteorologist ed bloodsworth. good morning. >> good morning. we are getting our first gles morning. a few high clouds in southern counties. another warm start. 77 is where we stand now in downtown tampa with calm winds. 71 in zephyrhills. inverness and brooksville 70. temperatures 77 in bradenton. 75 in bartow. right now high clouds mainly south of i-4. if you are north of i-4 you are seeing clear skies. if you are north of i-4 you


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