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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a deadly boat crash kills a rising major league baseball star with tampa ties. a look at the impact pitcher jose fernandez had on the bay area. >> and all eyes will turn to new york tonight where donald trump and hillary clinton face off for the debate. a historic night ahead. a look at how the candidates are me paired what happened is at stake. good morning and happy monday to you. welcome to news channel 8. i'm melanie michael if for gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. least has your -- leigh spann has your wake up weather. >> the showers are cleared out so we're left with lingering clouds. temperatures not bad, what we expect for this time of
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auburndale at 74, 76 in sarasota and 72 in crystal river. after the evening storms i'm keeping it basically dry through the morning. we will bring that rain chance up to about 30% in the early afternoon, 40% by the evening. these storms will be pretty slow moving. if you do happen to be under one of them you may get a good amount of rain out of it. a high today of about 89 degrees. coming up on the weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:08 i'm tracking the trafficking.>> watching. >> it's a good drive out there. a nice morning on the interstates. no delays. i-4 another catronio leap at kathleen road in the heart of lakeland traffic looks wonderful. travel times through manatee and sarasota county. out in the suncoast area state road 64 to fruitville 9 minutes. up to speed plant city and the new tampa area on i-4 and i-75. that's a look at weather and traffic.
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with sad news this morning, a local high school baseball star turned pro pitcher was killed. jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident in miami. he was just 24. he got his start right here in tampa bay. ryan hughes is live at alonzo high school. he led the school to two championships. people are reacting this morning. >> reporter: exactly right. he helped the a team win state championships his sophomore and senior year. they can want believe he's gone so soon. >> he had this thing on the field. he glowed. everyone looked at him because he was so aggressive and he put all his heart into the game. you know, i think that really says a lot about a player. >> reporter: fernandez and two others were killed in a boating accident in miami early sunday morning. their boat hit a jetty.
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were speeding. fernandez fled cuba at 15 years old on a speedboat filled with others. he made his home in the bay area and attended alonzo high. that's where he made his mark as an ace pitcher before being drafted by the marlins in the first round of 2011. fernandez was scheduled to start in today's game against the new york mets. today people all over florida are remembering per fernandez from his high school here to south florida. he just announced o melanie, that he was expected to be a father. baaing to you. -- back to you. >> ryan, such a sad story this morning. thank you for sharing with it live. more tragic news out of the sports world. american golfer arnold palmer has passed away. he was 87. he died in pittsburgh due to complications of heart problems. he was nicknamed the king, known for taking chances saying you must play boldly to win.
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including seven majors and four masters. hillary clinton and donald trump face off tonight for the first presidential debate. the stakes could not be higher. the race is in a dead heat. news channel 8's meredith is in the tampa news center this morning with a look ahead. >> reporter: hi, gene. as many as 10 0 million potential voters are expected to watch tonight's debate. the debate marking the start to election day. both clinton and trump must convince voters of their vision for america's future. tonight's head to head will give the candidates more time to speak than they have any other debates so far. clinton's challenges include getting under trump's skin and avoiding being provoked. she needs to deliver an ernest performance. for trump his first one on one debate is a test of his ability
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cool. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. >> he is not just unprepared, he's unfit. >> reporter: clinton's campaign has made no secret of her prep work for the debate and trump has been doing his own prep work, long policy conversations with governor chris christie. in addition toat channel 8 the debate will be live on line. facebook and twitter will live stream the debate and it will also be carried by multiple digital news out lets. you tube will have coverage from six news services and younger generations are being targeted by snap chat which will compile bite-sized stories of debate nuggets. gene.
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you can watch it right here begins at 9:00. rod carter is in new york with a front row seat to the show down reporting live on all the action starting tonight and again tomorrow morning. don't miss it. time now 5:06. tim caine is campaigning today for hillary clinton. he will attend an event at the lakeland center. the rally begins at 12:15. it's day two of swing. he heads to orlando after his stop in lakeland. he's pumping for supporters for clinton's debate per to -- performance. >> i'll tell you this about hillary clinton, when the lights are bright like now she brings the a plus game to the table. >> the vice president candidates will also face off in a debate. senator kaine is set to face off with mike pence next tuesday. the mayor in charlotte,
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after days of protests over the police killing of a black man. hundreds of demonstrators stood outside the bank of america stadium as the fans walked into the carolina panthers game yesterday. cam newton wore a martin luther king shirt during warm ups yesterday. outside demonstrators took a knee. in breaking news this morning, follow tampa. police arrested four juveniles for break-ins this morning. they put the cuffs on the kids in the sulphur spring tss -- springs area. we are trying to figure out how many cars were broken into and if anything was stolen and who all was effected. a developing story out of tampa with a lot of car break-ins in the area.
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i think it was a little squirrely last night is a good way to describe it. a lot of lightning and messy. >> amazing pictures coming in of the thunderstorms and the lightning. a lot of you were shaken by some of the thunder that happened. let me take you back over the last 12 hours. this is 5:00 yesterday afternoon. barely any rain. by about 8:00 or 9:00 the thunderstorms just fired up moving right off the coast. actually even had some evening and over night rain that just has come to an end. it has come basically dry this morning. 79 degrees at 9:00 a.m., 84 another 11:00, 88 at 2:00. an afternoon high of 89 degrees. notice later in the afternoon and evening i do bring that rain chance back up to 40 %. scattered storms through midweek. looking forward arc -- forward, a chance is going to lower the rain chance for friday and saturday. then there's the tropics. well, nothing named at this point.
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developing. what i expect it to happen, generally pushing to the west in the caribbean. we will be tracking this thing for quite some time. this is a five day forecast over the central caribbean. we'll check in now with traffic on the 8s as people start their monday morning. >> the earlier drive on hillsborough avenue has cleared from the roadway. a look through st. petersburg. 275 looks very good coming up to the howard frankland bridge. we're not seeing any delays. also a very good drive as well on 275 into downtown tampa. take a live look again. this is 275 at 54th avenue north. this is pinellas county. you can see traffic is very light and it's an easy ride. also on the howard frankland bridge it's still going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. 7 on the courtney campbell. >> thank you. bucs fans are waking up disappointed this morning. the team blew a 10-point lead to
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the l.a. rams. the rams took the lead with less than 2 minutes left in the game. the ref called a weather delay for a thunderstorm that was messy out there. play resumed just over an hour later. sadly our guys lost in the end. the rams ended uptaking it 37-32. >> our culture is not where it needs to be and that starts with me. i'm the head of that. i mean, i'm put ting that re ulders. sdls we have to get over that hump. >> next sunday they take on the super bowl champs the denver broncos at ray j. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. fucillo kia
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raise. it will be november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for details. a new device for treating breast cancer patients. >> how it's working to save time and munch -- money. >> a university campus is on edge after a shooting. the search for a gunman.
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across america, two shootings near the university of illinois campus. the shooter or shooters are still on the loose at this hour. the first shooting happened at an off-campus apartment during an argument. four people were shot, one person died. the second shog 30 minutes later at a second apartment. investigators in champagne believe those two cases are related. in st. louis someone is shooting out windows with a bb or a pellet gun. police received hundreds of calls from people whose windows were shattered over the weekend. so far no leads in this case. a call this morning for upgrades to the nation's emergency alert system. now, this coming in new york senator chuck schumer in reaction to
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in the circle -- search for admad khan rahami it only give a brief description and he believes it should allow for pictures. >> when a terrorist or other dangerous criminal is on the run a picture is not only worth a thousand words but it could save a thousand lives if the right person sees it. >> it was rolled out in 2012 and warning people about dangerous weather or missing children usually. in iowa residents are devastating floods. hundreds of people in cedar rapids stilled sandbags to protect their homes from the rising cedar river. it's expected to crest 8 feet above flood level tomorrow. they are telling people to leave tonight. a new device that's helping breast cancer patients in the bay area. it's designed to make removing breast cancer tumors,
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guyardo shows us how ultrasound is saving lives. >> surgeons in tampa bay are the first to use a non-radio active device to pinpoint breast tumors and he move the tissue effected. >> pain free, very simple. no problems. >> i talked one on one with patient joyce alare moments before she had her tumor removed. she was injected with a sma technology that allows doctors to pinpoint where lesions are located. >> you can actually see on the probe numbers so you know how close you are to it based on the distance wherever the little device is and you see it. that's where you make your incision and go down and take it out. >> the device developed by dr. charles cox and now used in hospitals across tampa bay is thanks to grant money donated
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hooked on hope. >> you can actually help us to get the resources we need to be able to provide the newest and best technology for our patients that can't afford it or that wouldn't normally be able to afford it. >> gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> the women of hooked of hope raise money for breast cancer research through fishing tournaments. what a great way to do it. right here in tampa bay they take place. gorgeous locations. ey classes and pamper patients for breast cancer patients to give them glam and glow. the big tournament is next week. it's supposed to be so much money. to learn more log onto our website at are you ready? excitement is building for hockey. the new season for the tampa bay lightning is just around the corner. this weekend they got a chance to watch their team
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from their favorite players. >> people love hockey here and it's great to be with them and watch our amazing team. >> preseason kicks off tomorrow. they take on the hurricanes at amalie arena. the puck drops at 7:30. let's check in with leigh for a check on the weather. >> things are quiet now after the strong thunderstorms yesterday evening. we had a thunderstorm that lasted until 4:00 this morning. now quiet. ift won't be that -- it won't be that muggy and 77 degrees at 8:00, at noon warm at 86. the clouds will build and that's going to lead to another round of after and early evening thunderstorms. about a 40% chance. outside right now in zephyrhills you're not too bad. it's 73 degrees. 76 in bar toe tow, 72 inverness and 80 in st. petersburg. feeling muggy and there's some lingering clouds around. notice through the day this is about 2:30 when we start the see the showers
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they will be relatively slow moving. they are not pushing east or pushing west. they will just develop on top of you and sort of rain themselves out right on through the evening. this is about 8:15. finally it will clear out over night. there's a smaller rain chance in the morning. tomorrow there will be more of an eastern push to the storms. they will at least be move anything a direction. keeping the rain chance at 40% for wednesday but drier friday and start. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> taking a look at sarasota, folks. over a but a little debris on the roadway here. southbound i-75 just past state road 72 clark there. again, just a little debris out there. use some caution. a great drive across the skyway bridge. a quick reminder, last week the gulf to bay through 2017 over the next year you will start to see some intermitten construction through the area between high land avenue over to demascus. it's
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project. have a little patience there. back to meny and -- melanie and geeb. -- and gene. >> thank you . snap chat is adding a new dimension in the form of glasses. >> what they can do and how they will effect the i what -- effect the way you look at social media. >> coming up, a deal alert. why right now is the time for you to cash in on traveling. how much you can save will probably surprise you. >> you're watching newsnn 8 today on this monday morning.
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we are back now within 8 on your side consumer watch. now is the time to think about taking a cheap. it's the cheap -- take ago trip. it's the cheapest time to travel. school is back in session so families aren't traveling as some cruise lines are offering trips at 40 to 60% less during the busy wanter and spring season. it's the national diaper awareness week. a new report is indicating that one in three families doesn't have enough diapers for their babies. organizers of this awareness week are hoping to encourage folks to donate diapers to families in need. you have to check in out.
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their first hardware product. they are video recording classes. they are called spectacles. they come in all these different colors. with them you can record video 10 seconds at a time by tapping a button. it's uploaded to the memories section of your snap ? chat app. they will put you back about $130 but they look pretty neat. >> they definitely look cool. we'll see how many people dig into protests shift gears in charlotte as video of the deadly encounter between police and an african-american man raising questions. >> the stage is set in new york. a look at how presidential candidates are preparing for the debate. >> a look at downtown tampa. all let up. lit up. weather and traffic
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feeling warm this morning. 77 degrees for the kids getting picked up today. drop off a 40% chance of thunderstorms with temperature of 89 degrees. a 30% tomorrow and back up to 40% on thursday. trending down to a 20% chance on friday. you can head out the door in bradenton and sarasota. no delays here. this is i-75. looks good between 6 4 and university. usually we have a lot of construction on university underneath i-75 or on
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already cleared. none this morning. let's take a live look at i-4 around state road 33 in lakeland.
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all eyes on the university in new york where the stage is set for the first presidential debate. up next, how the candidates are preparing for tonight's face off. >> also this morning, remembering jose fernandez. the school star died this weekend in a tragic boating accident. a look back at his career next. >> the protests continue but what really happened in charlotte when police fatally shot an african-american man after he climbed out of his car. video of that deadly encounter could hold the key to all the answers. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 on this monday morning. i'm melanie michael. >> i'm gene ramirez . leigh spann has a look at the weather on this monday


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