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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> it never stops. >> the man never sleeps. thank you again. the news is next. have a great day. >> bye-bye. ? right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. this morning, one of the all-time golfing greats gone. we're looking back on the incredible look and career of the king, golfing legend arnold palmer. a rising basketball morning, killed in a boating accident. we're looking at the impact pitcher jose fernandez had here in the bay area. >> we're hours away from the presidential debate, where hillary clinton and dump donald trump will square off face-to-face. we'll look ahead. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us.
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iconic figure. arnold palmer revolutionized the game of golf and made it popular. >> the legend died due to complications of heart problems. >> arnold palmer grew up the son of a greens keeper turned head golf professional in pence fans crowded the fairways in groves and came to be known as arnies aarmy. many who couldn't watch him on the course in person did so in their living room. palmer helped make golf the tv sport it is today. his popularity grew. companies wanted arnie pitching their products. >> ernie, they said, you'll like it. the tractor will like it.
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strength and shot-making. he loved to take chances on the course, saying you must play boldly to win. and win, he did. seven majors, 95s offal victories, including the champions had tour. palmer stopped playing the champions tour in 2006 but remained a part of equipment, and clothing lines. he designed 200 courses around the world. in 2012, he was awarded the congressional gold medal, recognizing contributions as a golfer and philanthropist. >> arnold palmer will be remembered as one of the greatest players to pick up the
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sport, becoming a hero to many. >> arnold palmer won his last pga event in 1973 but continued to appear at events. basketball fans are mourning a much younger but rising sports star in morning, jose fernandez, a star pitcher for the miami marlins. he died in a boating accident over the he was just 24 years old. before making it to the majors, fernando went to high school in hillsborough county. >> jose fernandez came here to the united states when he was just 15 years old aboard a boat with other people he and his mom made their home here in the bay area. he attended alonso high school. this morning, students left
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fernandez and two friends were aboard the sodium speedboat speed -- speedboat that crashed in miami. people left carts and flowers at marlins park to remember fernandez. he was called a great young star who made an impact on basketball. we spoke school resource officer. >> he was a good kid, full of life, amaidsing pitcher, probably one of the best i ever seen. it was just a joy to have him here. and he even came back after he made the marlins. >> this sign reads in memory of jose fernandez. fly high and sore proudly.
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fernandez at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll have the latest on later newscasts right here on newschannel 8. reporting at alonso high school, ryan hughes. >> jose fernandez posted a picture of his pregnant girlfriend on instagram a week ago. he was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father. in the race for the white house, hillary clinton and dump will face off tonight in their first presidential debate they spent much of the weekend preparing. both took time to meet with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. hours earlier, the israeli prime minister had a meeting donald trump. they discussed military assistance, security, and regional stability. the trump campaign says they
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fence that helped protect its borders. tonight's debate will be held at hofstra university in new york. this is a live look outside the debate hall, where the two candidates will face off. big night happening. >> it's a site that hosted debates in the last two presidential elections. andrew spencer has more. >> tonight will be a big night for the candidates shared this stage earlier at the same month, but not at the same time. tonight, they will go headed to head. they will have more time to speak than before. they will speak at each other and may throw instults. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global specialists.
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he is unfit. >> nicely news anchor lester holt will have his hands full moderating this candidates. while he'll likely do fact-checking, don't be surprised if he leaves that up to the candidates. >> i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into serving as the encyclopedia britannia. can it's better for the person to facilitate and depend on the candidate to correct each other. >> clinton's campaign has made no secret of her work. trump has been doing prep work of his own in the form of long policy conversations with rudy giuliani and governor chris christie. the pressure is on for clinton and trump. the andrew spencer reporting. >> the debate starts at 9:00. newschannel 8 will have a front seat. our rob carter is there and will have reports from hofstra before
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right now in lakeland, clinton's running mate, tim kaine is preparing to take the stage. kaine is going to speak at a rally. jeff is sitting down for a one on one interview with the senator as we speak. we'll have their discussion coming up. we're following breaking news right now out of texas, where a workplace shooter has been shot and killed in houston. police say at least nine people were injured when the shooter is opened f marking lot. six people had to be hospitalized. the police chief is not releasing the shooter is's identity but did say he is a lawyer and there are issues concerning his law firm. happening today, the does moore a shooting is spree inside a seattle mall friday will appear in court. the 20-year-old was arrested late saturday night in an island town. he's accused of opening fire
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killing four women and a man. investigators say he once dated a woman, who worked at the store but the motive for the shooting is unclear at the time. a call this morning for upgrades to the nation's emergency alert system. it's coming from new york senator chuck schumer in reaction to last week's bombing. during the man hunt for ahmad rahami gave a brief description. >> a picture is not only worth a thousand words but it could save a thousand lives. >> the emergency alert system was rolled out in 2012. it mainly warns people about dangerous weather or missing children. north carolina is no longer under curfew after days of protests over the killing of an african american man by police.
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remained peaceful sunday. isn't 100 demonstrators stood outside bank of america stadium. cam newton wore a martin luther king, jr. justice shirt during warm-ups. one man was arrested outside the panthers stadium for having a tos toll. authorities say bruce garmon help a loaded magazine and unloaded pistol in a bag. no one was injured. breaking news right now in crashed into a house. that car is now on top of the tow truck. it was on the house. we're told an elderly woman was inside the home when this car crashed into it's. she was taken to the hospital with a serious leg injury. let's turn it over the
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hey, leigh. happy monday. >> happy monday. it is heating up quickly out there. this is a live look from the innisbrook golf and spa resort in palm harbor. they have the sprinklers going on the fairway. 87 degrees. they might get rain. the rain chance is 40%. it's hot. 84 in lakeland, 86 in plant city, 82 in clearwater and st. petersburg, 83 in brookville. we're going to see scattered downpours through midweek, today, tomorrow, wsd transition day. a cold front is going to get into florida, which would help draw in slightly dryer air, lowering the rain chances for friday and saturday. out in the tropics, still keeping a close on invest 97-l. it has a 90% developing the next five days. it's going to track west and be in the caribbean by the weekend. after that, a little bit more
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watching. we'll keep you updated. 8 on your side is getting result. a car registration renewal until the name of a deceased man made this vet decide to call behnken. it was a nail had the biter and heart breaker. the bucs let this one slip away. who the head coach is blaming
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investigator shannon behnken is following up open a loophole that allowed someone to renew the registration of a murder victim's car then drive that car around hillsborough county, racking up red light tickets, toll violations.
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she new she better call bank. >> chelsie mosely is worried that someone driving the around in a car tied to her home address and registered to her deceased boyfriend. >> that doesn't sit well with me. >> she is furious that dmv officials say the only person that can fix this is customer. that would be impossible. he was murdered. >> someone drove to drew art county last month, walked to a dmv counter, paid to renew the registration. i tracked down a director for the hillsborough tax collector. >> do you think this situation shows that maybe the situation
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>> absolutely. if it can be, if the law can be changeded. >> i brought this to state officials if and they spun into action. the registration is now revoked. >> no one will be able to renew this vehicle again. >> that means there's a car out there, now registered to no one and possibly still on our roads. mosley worried it's a perfect get away car for a crime, so i want looking for released to chang's uncle after his death. i called him. >> you have reached a number than has been disconnected or no longer in service. >> i want to the uncle's tampa home. no one answered the door. but neighbors told me this missing daughter has been here for a year until lately. >> the state is also looking for a policy change that would prevent a new rule like this
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>> if you have a problem that needs solving, call behnken. the number is on your screen. and leigh joins us now. i saw some of the stuff down off the coast of africa, starting to form, makes me nervous. i don't know it's a long way. >> it's still an invest at this point and has a 90% chance of developing. the next name on the list is matthew. we have a week and a half, where we have to track it. e we do. outside right now, look at that, calm and beautiful out there. 84 degrees. look how call. the water is. very inviting. taking a look out at the lake club in lakewood raunch, 84 degrees. we also have a look at the
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the first storms forming around 1:00. we get a 40% chance of rain through the afternoon. 89 at 4:00. right now, lakeland, you're at 84 degrees. 85 in fishhawk, 84 in clearwater. you frac to be in humidity, believe me, it's been worse but it's the humidity. the heat index is zephyrhills is 95, feeling muggy, a few clouds. around 1:45, storms are popping up. they're not going to move around a whole lot. they may drift inland. if you get under a thunderstorm, it may produce significant rain. it's not going to move quickly. on through 6:00, 7:00, the rain generally drifts inland but
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the coast until almost 8:00. there's just a slim rain chance tomorrow morning. tomorrow, i think we'll get more of a westerly breeze, coming from the west. the rain, about a 30% chance. it's going to drift to the east quicker. i'm going to keep the rain chance down at 30% for tomorrow afternoon. he's what stacie was talking about, invest 97-l. it's an area of lowre this point. it's going to cross in the caribbean, south of puerto rico, south of hispaniola. this is a five-day forecast. we're looking at saturday morning still in the central caribbean. obviously it bears watching etch we're keeping a close eye on it. we'll let you know what happens had long-term. in our eight-day forecast, you'll notice us is changes, 40%
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40% wednesday. that's when a cold front gets into florida. it's going to allow north of i-4 for dryer air to sneak in, so rain chances to go down 20%. the tampa bay heart walk is coming right up. and we need your help. we're trying to raise for the american heart association. heart disease and stroke effects so many families. this is i didn't walk every year. that's my dad, norm. he is a heart attack, stroke, and heart bypass survivor. my sister carey is a heart attack and heart bypass survivor. kia has agreed to match the first $50,000 that we raise.
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2. the heart walk is november 12th at may monday-- raymond james stadium. bucs fans were excited two weeks ago after starting with a road win. >> now after two losses, some are concerned they're the same buc. the bolts getting back on the ice and signing autographs,
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bucs coach dish coat consider, he -- dishing coat -- did he recollect coyoter, he is -- dirk koetter, he is
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losing. >> the rams win 37-32. >> our culture is not where it needs to be. that starts with me. i'm putting that squarely on my shoulders. >> you can see the disappointment in fair faces. the bucs fall 1-2. next sunday, they take on the denver broncos. the excitement is building in morning for hockey and the new sun for the lightning. hundreds of people attended the fan fest for the bolts. >> people love hockey and it's fun to be with other people that love hockey. the preseason kick off tomorrow night. they the take on the hurricanes
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presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> coming up next, we're going to get a preview plus hear from the tim kaine.
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right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. hillary clinton and donald trump coming face-to-face tonight, the difference strategy both will need to take in their first debate against each other. plus clinton's running mate , tim kaine, holding a rally in the state. we have a preview. concussions a huge concern for many parents as kids want to play football. still ahead, we're going to show you the new hardware that one florida school district is using to protect each player. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm gene ramirez. so glad you're joining us on this late morning. in it race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton will square off tonight in the first presidential debate.
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university in new york, where tonight's debate will be held. clinton will be stage left, donald trump stage right. tonight's topic, america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. that could get into immigration, jobs, the economy, foreign policy and clinton's different. >> she has to be mable able to -- be able to make the positive case. >> my advice, be himself. i think the american people are entitled to him being what he is. >> tonight's debate is expected
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100 million viewers. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is campaigning today. it's day two of his florida swing. he campaigned in miami yesterday, and will head to orlando after his stop in lakeland today. the kaine is already pumping up supporters for clinton's debate performance. >> i don't know this about hillary clinton, when the lights are bright like they are now, she brings the a the table. >> the vice presidential candidates will set off. senator kaine is set to debate mike pence next tuesday. tonight's debates underway at 9:00. newschannel 8 will have a front seat. rod carter will have a front seat and listen have update.
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planning an attack in europe. the men are from morocco. one had planned on joining isis and syria. the and many is accused of helping the first man travel to syria and train. here in the bay area, tampa place busted fourteen agers for a rash of car break-ins in sulphur springs. they put the cuffs on kids earlier this morning. this is burglarized but we'll update when we have more information. all right. let's hand it over to leigh spann. looking okay today. >> so far, so good. we have blue skies. there's a live look at the veterans expressway. so far, it's been dry. we did have the strong storms yesterday evening.
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potential for today. by 3:00, we'll see spotty showers. the heavier downpours will be wean 3:00 and 8:00. the green area, which is most of you, is less than an inch of rain that we'll see. there will be pockets with up to two inches of rain in places, depending on where it falls. other places will be left out completely. it's about a 40% chance. a lot of you will not everybody. tomorrow a 30% chance. that goes back up to 40 persons wednesday. a cold front will enter in and stir up rain before the dry air comes in and bringing down the him. the average is 88. i'm expecting 89 today. 88 tomorrow. 87 wednesday and thursday. 86 days something to look
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right now people in iowa are dealing with this, some devastating floods out there. as you see here, hundreds of people in cedar rapids have been filling sandbags to protect their homes. city leaders are telling people who live in low-lying areas to leave. a wildfire in northern california is quickly spreading. the so-called saw mill fire has already grown to more than 1500 acres and was only as of last night. investigation orders are currently in place and a red cross shelter is open. one of two missing boaters has been found alive in rhode island. the coast guard found the 22-year-old man on a life raft 115 miles off the coast. the man's mother is still missing but they hope she will be found alive. the mother and her adult son
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dedicated to law enforcement is giving high school students a unique immersion into police work. >> there's the forensic science class at the law enforcement school in miami. the emphasis is on laboratory science. students may come into this thinking it's like the crime lab on csi but they learn how intricate real world forensics is. >> they leave with the it's a real respect that they're gaining. students learn the basics from gathering evidence like fingerprints to seeing is how difficult a police ditch patcher's job can be. students graduate with an aa degree and certificates. >> what a need program. it's not always as soon on tv. a new device bay area doctors are using could be a game-changer for breast cancer patients. >> we're going to look at the
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hit means for women. protects kids from concussions see. the helmets one florida school district is using to protect
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in an 8 on your side medical report, a new device helping breast cancer patients in the bay area. it's designed to make tumors less painful. >> this is a nonradioactive device that pinpoints breast tumors and allows surgeons to more accurately remove the tissue. >> pain-free, no problem. >> i talked one on one with joy, moments before she had her tumor removed. she was injected with a small
11:41 am
see where the tumors are located. >> you can see on the probe the numbers so you know how close you are based on the distance. >> the device developed by dr. charles cox and now used in hospitals across tampa bay is thanks to grant money donated by an organization called hooked on hope. >> it can actually help thus to get the resources we need to be able to provide the newist and best technology to our patients that can't afford it. >> gayle guyardo, newschannel 8. >> the women of hooked on hope raised money through fishing tournaments. they also organized yoga classes and pamper parties. the hooked on home tournament is coming up next.
11:42 am weasley the sea turtle is on his way home. he was found earlier this month with a fish hook stuck in his throat. he recovered quickly from the surgery to remove the hook. just about an hour ago, workers at the clearwater marine aquarium released him back into the gulf and we have pictures of that release coming our way soon we'll post those on happy he's coming home. >> ty animal hospitals around here. finally it's not the same old, same old in the weather. >> we're talking about changes in the eight-day forecast. let's take a look outside. it's beautiful. so far, no rainfall. we did have some rain that fell just after midnight. while most of you have been awake today, it's been dry.
11:43 am
county, 86. in brandon, 86 degrees with just a few clouds and the plantation on crystal river, a few clouds, 84 degrees. as we show you the rest of the degree , 1:00, that's when we'll start to see the thunderstorms pop up. nothing is changing with today's work out. about a 40% rain chance, summer like, 89 at 4:00, 86 at 3:00 with storms lightering. we'll have cloud cover across the southern part of the viewing is area. north port, 81. 88 in brandon, 85 in clear. a big-time cold front, 50s and 60s around midday for a lot of country. in the southeast, we're nice and warm. the cold front has been marching its way closer and closer to the east coast. againing the again, the later we get to the
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september and october -- get to september and october, the cold fronts move in. by 1:00, 2:00, we see shower this is pop up. our better chances for heavy downpours comes later in the day. this is 5:00. you see pockets of heavy rain. that will continue through 7:00, 8:00. that will will take it to after 9:00, when we start to see this ease off, like yesterday. now i want to take you further into the in the air. how much moisture would translate to the translate to how big our moisture is. the cold front i was showing you, i tries to make it to florida, gets to i-10 on wednesday. thursday, it's north of alligator alley.
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come in. it's small changes. slow-moving storms. the evening rain comes to an end, partly cloudy with a low of 75 tonight. we're nudging temperatures down. we go from upper 80s today and tomorrow to 87 wednesday and thursday, finally 86 on friday. notice friday and saturday morning down to 72. that's below average. >> i'm looking forward to the weekend. the risk of concussions is a fear of parents. >> one high school has outfitted players were tracking helmets. >> when the pirates faced their rivals, the bulldogs one recent
11:46 am
time in school history the high school won in connective seasons. it was also the first time each player on the field wore special helmets that recorded blows to the head then sent the information, like a text, to train worse alert monitors. >> if our monitor goes off, we have to have step off the field. >> the helmets measure the severity of the impact, as well as where it occurs on head. it's not diagnose concussions. it's simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them. >> when the game is going on, there's 22 guys. it's hard to pick out one specific blow, let alone may multiple blows that happen. >> 17,000 students acrosses the country are using those, including those at the
11:47 am
not cheap. residents of flagler county, florida paid by the helmets by voting to increase sales tax. >> our school board was behind it to get the data. >> it's another tool that can help athletes stay in the game they love and watch from the sidelines when necessary. erica edwards, nbc news. >> they're testing ways to explain the d the helmet. college football celebration went a little too far. students at auburn university set a free covered in toilet paper in fire. take a look. minutes later, the entire tree is engulfed in flames. students rolled the tree, as they call it, after auburn's win over louisiana state university.
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alert. a lot of us love to give and receive gift cards. buyer and receiver, beware, a tactic called gift card draining is becoming common because it's fast and easy to steal a card off the shelf, alter it, and pull it sfwlak they back. >> they scratch off the bar code, get the number, put sticker break over the gift card, bring it back. they have the number. they're waiting for this card to be activated. >> 8 on your side found safest places to buy a gift card sr. directly from the retailer, ideally the gift cards stored behind the counter. now is the time to take a trip. fall is considered to be the cheapest type to travel.
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airlines, cruise ships, and hotels have a hard time filling vacancy. they're offering 40 to 60% less than the busy winter and spring season. >> if you're looking for equally beautiful colors, maybe a little less price tag, tennessee is a great option. also north carolina around the new bern area, beautiful fall colors. >> remember it's best to take advantage of the fall before higher prices ring in. >> who was the big winner at the box offices? we'll show you coming up. plus funny moments in debate
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moviegoers had a lot of choices this weekend. they had biopics, family films,
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the magnificent 7 rode away with $35 million in sales. storks came in second, earning 22 million. sully sits in 3rd place followed by bridget jones' baby. in light of tonight's first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump and in this intense campaign season, we could use levity. >> we thought weld take a look ba debate history. here are some of the funniest. >> we tend to watch debates, hoping to see a train wreck. instead, we're left with memorable moments. sarah palin, winking. >> how long have i been at this, five weeks. >> ronald reagan demanding the sound system not be turned off.
11:54 am
>> something he picked up from spencer tracy. tv magnifies everything from sweat to al gore's exaggerated, exasperated sigh. >> there's differences. >> resuscitated by snl. >> rome came to life in gladiator. forgetful moments. commerce, education and what's the third? >> rick perry's oops moment and as as governor jan brewer's bran freeze. >> that we could possible do. >> and this was just her opening statement. >> you know what a televised debate isn't the time for? checking the time, as president george bush did. >> how has national debt --
11:55 am
memorable zingers. >> you're no jack kennedy. >> and one-liners from a relatively up known candidate for vice president. >> who am i? why am i here? >> whatever you do, don't envied your opponents' personal space, as hillary's senate rival just did. >> we'll shake on this. >> i want your signature . >> or when al gore crept up on georgia bush. >> can you get and i believe i can. >> there's nothing like debatable behavior to liven up a debate. >> there's differences. >> you're likable enough. >> jeanne moos, new york. >> i have to agree we need a laugh once in a while. it's a little too intense. >> it's time to wrap this up. >> we're getting there. >> we have to do weather first.
11:56 am
hot, 86 in tampa, 81 in inverness. still not what i would call fall-like, but we're trending down into the mid-80s by the end of the week, rain chances dwindling down to 20%. i'm dwindling out of time, so we'll wrap this up. >> and thank you for joining us this morning. i'll see you back here on first at 4:00 and tonight on newschannel 8 at 6:00. w picture in lakeland. tim kaine pumping up the hillary clinton ticket. big night tonight. don't miss the coverage with rod carter updating live. have a great day. is one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too.
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in >> everybody, so glad you're joining us. it's september 26, that is ariana grande. >> she's on fire. >> so we have a fun show. sutton foster is here. such a doll staring in that really big hit "younger ". it is on fire ad season.


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