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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening i'm jen leigh. >> i'm josh benson thanks for being with us. first storms are moving across th let's check in with meteorologist steve jerve for the latest. no severe thunderstorms they're very strong. we've seen thunderstorms likely with hail. radar, the strokes area was across the northern part of pinellas to hillsborough. that's sinking south. there are more storms developing. it reminds you that the atmosphere can produce strong thunderstorms near the sea breeze there a round lakeland that's all rain the western
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fort meade. thunderstorms have developed across central and eastern pinellas county. just north of downtown st. pete getting rain. largo then drifting to the east safety harbor area. farther south you can see north port seeing thunderstorms all the way down south. not at severe levels. small hail with thunderstorms that develop on a day like this as well as a lot of lightning and local flooding. >> more in just minutes coming up. well tonight voters will be able to see the presidential candidates goto to toe in the first presidential debate of this historic election. >> earlier today news channel 8's jeff patterson was the only local fig tour to interview vice presidential nominee tim kaine. jeff joins us live in lakeland where kaine made a brief campaign stop. >> reporter: yeah, good evening. this is his fifth campaign stop in florida since being put on the ticket as the vice
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even he acknowledges that right now this state is too close to call. tim kaine has served as a city council member, governor and now senator in virginia his campaign offered news channel 8 the opportunity to be the only local television station to interview him one on one on the same day hillary clinton will face donald trump in the first presidential debate. >> i really do view tonight as like starting the home stretch of the campaign. >> reporter: he format with nbc moderater with lester holt will expose differences between the candidates. >> i think the voters want to see, okay, do they have details for their plans or is it just a sound byte. >> reporter: he believes voters will see trump facing issues he's been able to avoid in other forums. >> on something like the tax returns that he said he would produce and hasn't you're going to see that really dug into tonightsome of his connections to russia which are
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honesty of candidates' responses. >> reporter: to supporters his message is we have to consider ourselves the underdogs. >> you're the difference makers, the deciders in presidential politics. and that's a lot of fun. it's a lot of responsibility. >> reporter: the crowd was relatively small in lakeland but enthusiastic. >> we are upbeat positive can do o. mystic patriotic people. we're problem solvers. >> reporter: yeah, senator kaine traveled to orlando very important visits, very important night and obviously a very important election, jen. >> we know, jeff, i think back to the primary debates and a number of republican candidates had trouble getting their message across with donald trump on the stage. how does tim kaine think hillary clinton will deal with that tonight? >> reporter: yeah, i asked senator kaine about that very issue, jen. he told me that voters will see a difference tonight in the answers between the two.
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though, if hillary clinton can get her message across as opposed to trump's unconventional debate style. >> unconventional indeed. jeff patterson live in lakeland tonight. tonight's debate will be the biggest single event of maybe any election in u.s. history. it k bide on the line for hillary clinton and donald trump. 90minutes on stage. no breaks and an estimated 100 both campaigns realize there is a lot on the line. >> hillary recognize she does need to earn the voters' trust. i think tonight is a great opportunity for her to do that. >> sees going to try to interrupt him and confuse the people watching in such a way that he was somehow rude to a woman, somehow lied on the stage. >> so clinton will go first followed by trump and catch the debate live right here at 9:00 on news channel 8. we're on
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coverage from the campaign trail. rod carter will have live reports from hofstra university including one at 6:00. then after tonight's debate we'll have reaction and analysis from new york. dead fish are washing up on beaches from pinellas county down to the southern tip of sarasota county. red tide is to blame and they're urging swimmers to be careful. news channel 8's john rogers joins us lye with what you need to know. and john, red tide is foggy for beachgoers. >> reporter: oh, it's annoying and it's disgusting. it does not make the best of beach days, jen. this is lido beach where there are dead fish littering the sand and a lot threating in the water. >> it smells pretty bad. it's important to emphasize that the beaches are open but you need to be very careful especially if you have respiratory problems. poor lisa, you expect to see
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>> reporter: she flew in at 3:00-kickback on this beach but her visit was cut short when seesaw this, hundreds of dead fish washing ashore and floating infrastructure the water. >> i don't know what happened. i had to ask my friend and see said it was called red tide. never heard of that before. >> reporter: that's right. florida fish and wildlife say a large red tide bloom in the gulf is kill the fish. they started receiving fish kill reports on september 19. and it's only gotten rs >> reporter: red tide is an algae bloom that forms in late summer, early fall it kills fish and causes respiratory problems for humans. >> it seems to be a continuous problem. >> reporter: sundayy sees this almost every year. >> i used to live about a block away from the beach. we had to move to north port further away from the beach because my lungs could not handle it. >> reporter: they say red tide is a natural phenomenon but suit in e spills can worsen the problem. it's unclear if the sewage spill in pinellas county is
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outbreak. >> the smell, i think the smell is really, really bad. really, really bad. >> reporter: it may not be scenic but it is still safe for swimming. despite this you won't find her in the water today. >> may find something else to do today. i don't know. >> reporter: if you have respiratory problems, you need to be cautious because it could make your condition worse. >> yeah, it really burns to breathe that air. but do we have any idea when the bloom could be gone, john? >> reporter: well, it's hard to tell. i was asking them about that. they say it's difficult to predict. sometimes they could be a week or two or could appear intermittently over the course u 6 months. we have links on were you can check every day on the beach tuesday see what the red tide status is. >> good information there.
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to fort lauderdale made an emergency landing. one of the engines went out. passengers say they heard a large boom and saw sparks from the right side other plane. no one was injured during that emergency landing. well, recent event have shined a light on the importance of quality law enforcement officials. >> coming up we'll show you a high school program in florida where student learn just about everything about police work. >> also ahead it wasn't your nom ul political interview. a web clip of hillary cl goes viral and sets a record in
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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the campaign due of to defeat amendment two the medical marijuana ballot it's telling the sametory when they barely lost. we sent our reporter in to take a closer look at the situation. >> reporter: thousands of slick brochures are showing up in mailboxes across the state. much like a successful campaign two years ago. the mailer tells stories about medical marijuana. christina johnson says little has changed since voters last weighed in. >> this is nothing but recreational pot. we have the florida medical association the american medical association that are against it. >> reporter: a full page takes shots at attorney john morgan the organizer of the amendment two. it recounts one the yes campaign's gaffes when he was
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and a flurry of e-mails since friday from the yes on 2 campaign asked for money to buy tv. it points out that no on 2 booked more than a million for the first 10 days of october alone. bud tenders will legally deal pot. >> reporter: yes has outraced no. no has a million dollars in the bank and yes just over a hundred thousand. the voters shouldn't be mailer or on tv. 10 very specific debilitating medical conditions so we think there's a lot of safeguards to trust our doctors. >> reporter: while no says little has changed the 2016 version is more strict than what voters saw two years ago. in tallahassee, news channel 8. now much of the no on 2 monday is coming from several sources. tampa developer dropped a million dollars with a promise
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and casino magnate put up a mullion dollars. arnold palmer passed away inburg, pennsylvania from complications of heart problems. he was 87. his legacy is not limited to the 62 pga tour titles or the 7 majors that he won but the masses. >> we wouldn't be playing for these obscene amounts of money. i wouldn't be standing here having a heed or having a massed the success -- achieved or having a massed the success or money or whatever you want to call it. >> palmer received the highest civilian awards given in the u.s. the presidential medal of freedom and the congressional gold medal.
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unique immersion into police work. a unique look at the program. >> right face. left face. >> reporter: this is what you'd expect to see at a place called law enforcement officers memorial i school. maybe not so much of this. >> nice job. >> reporter: this is the forensic science class in which the emphasis is all laboratory science. students may come into it thinking this is like the crime lab on csi miami but learn how intricate and detailed real world forensics really is. >> they leave with a soundness of thization that science goes beyond just, you know, the glitz and glammer on television. >> it's a real respect that they're gaining. >> we like to make it relevant. >> reporter: as the principal explains the all magnet schools prepares kids to go into forensics or other areas of law enforcement, as well as the law
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progress inside the school's courtroom. >> it's just a great opportunity for students to be exposed to areas whereas they would not be normally exposed. >> reporter: you've seen students learning the forensics and the science. they also learn actual police tactics here in the homeland security section just like the police academy. students learn the basics from gathering evidence like fingerprints to seeing how difficult the police dispatchers' job can be. they graduate with a aa ready to further their studies. >> not only just law enforcement but also in the area of if they wanted to be awe judge, if they wanted to be an attorney, if they wanted to be a crime scene investigator. >> reporter: the school is a small school. fewer than 500 students and it's obvious that they all want to be here. hillary clinton's appearance on a web show
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pregnant? are we going to be stuck with tim kaine for nine months? >> i could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand. >> the off beat interview was viewed more than 30 million times. in the first 24 hours on line. that's the highest first day viewership in funny or die history. >> the web channel's ceo says he's open to an appearance by donald trump funny. well hula bay temperature 80 degrees. soy didn't see much rain there. temperatures have fall en a little bit. up in land o lakes, 73 degrees. up in new port richey, 76 degrees and dark skies but no rain. temperatures have fall bunt they didn't get the showers or thunderstorms that came along with the. saw that story about john down in sarasota with red tide going
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early fall, medium to high concentration along manatee and sarasota county coast lines mostly here. fish kills, of course, as we talked about. tease art beaches included in that according to the information that we have lee dough key. siesta key. unfortunate arrangement. showers thunderstorms, still out there. most of the rain has quieted to just rain. west of inverness and just north of brooksville. well. very heavy rain fell across the western part of polk county earlier. >> right now thunderstorms are moving on shore in pinellas county from west to east. you can see just north of st. petersburg drifting east in tampa. and also in the east bay area around apollo beach points that. good area of thunderstorms that have developed from north port all the way through the central sections of hardee and desoto counties moving toward you folks in
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placid, you may still pick up thunderstorms as they continue to move east. as we talked about a couple minutes ago not at severe levels. we've seep severe thunderstorms this afternoon. just flow that we can see stronger activity. shelley got a dark shot of the skies out in largo. storm team 8 wfla and liz out in holiday. look at the dark clouds. content of the moisture in there makes it dark and just doesn't allow the light to pass on through. here. into the sticky category but this is like late week. especially northern folks might get a small sample of fall. might be less than two weeks away from real cooler air. seven of degrees at 7:00 a.m. 80 in tampa. the dewpoint 69 degrees. little drier in st. pete. the temperature 78. thunderstorms in these areas. in the tropics something we'll watch closely a 90% chance of developing over a five day
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which is pretty far south relative to south america. takes a hard right. but still a long way away. forecast model says fairly quiet for showers and storms late evening. still a possibility of seeing showers and storms activity the rain chances 30% for tuesday. 40% for wednesday and 30% for thursday. so we're in the range of seasonal averages but as i meanin mentioned with a front moving drier air in some of the northern folks, citrus might sample slightly lower humidity. but we're really looking for the big cold front and right now the computer models are hinting perhaps less than two weeks away we could see an impact that most of us would feel. we'll wait on that, guys. . >> careful what you promise. the weather here much better than iowa where residents are bracing for even more flooding.
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she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. new to what's making headlines across america.
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13 people injured. critically in the homeland park baptist church van was bringing senior citizens to a restaurant in georgia when it overturned. after coming in contact with a pickup truck. >> cell phone video taken by a witness slows people inside the van crawling to safety after that incident. more than one week after being reported missing a boater has been found alive. off the coast of rhode island. the 22-year-old was spotted in a life raft by the crew freighter ship. he survived off emergency food and water rations. a coast guard representative says it's really amazing that he survived. he was fishing with his mom when their boat disappeared. they say they have no plans to restart a search for the mother because she is presumed dead at this time. an iowa man risked his life to jump into a swollen riff to save a deer. people stand on the bridge witnessed it jump into the
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a rail and got in the water with a life jacket, the man got hold of the deer and the group above him, was able to hoist it out of the water. incredible. >> it feels good to see the city coming together in the midst of something like this to come together to save wildlife. it's a lot of animals who won't be able to make it through the flood. so we're able to help an animal. >> the men who rescued the deer said they were going to take it to nearby woods free. >> cool to see that. news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> thank you. a frightening incident in the bathroom of a popular store. tonight the search is on for a man accused of touching a child. we're going to show you witch store this happened in and what else he tried to do to the victim. >> plus, one of major league baseball's brightest stars tragically killed in a boating accident. how the coaches who knew jose fernandez so well are
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place here in just a few hours. i am live at hofstra university and i'll give you a preview of what to expect. >> florida's department of environmental secrets has new marching orders. after our reports exposing their standing silent routine,
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it's debate night in new york. we're live a led of the showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> change sparked by our investigation into this contaminated sin; hole. while of why it's going to be harder to keep secrets like this in the future. >> plus he overcame so much to reach the pinnacle of a sport that eloved. how jose fernandez's high
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good evening i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible now to your vote and the night everybody has been waiting for. in about three hours hillary clinton and donald trump will face off on the debate stage for the first time. one of the big talkers of this debate has been the issue of fact checking. >> it sure has. hillary clinton's camp is calling on lester holt to fact check everything donald trump says. trump says clinton is trying to sway the debate. news channel 8's rod joins us live from hofstra university. there is going to be a lot of eyeballs watching this tonight. >> reporter: you know what, there really are. >> let me tell you what riding over on the media bus the first thing i heard was out this issue of fact checking. let me tell you there's so much media here. down the row there all of the media outside and then insiders a lot of media, as well. i talked to a political analyst about this issue and the senior


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