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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00: >> the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton is just two hours away and it's very likely to receive
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the line. ryan carter joins us live.hofstra university in new york. a big night ahead. >> reporter: a big night ahead and a lot is going on in this media room. do you see that gaggle of reporters? that is a group of reporters gathered around mark cuban, a very vocal critic of donald trump. he just came into this media filing station just a few minutes ago and just before he a walk in so we had two dueling groups of reporters and photographers running after both of them to get their comments. a big night ahead indeed. a perfect example. thousands of people are credentialed to cover this debate which starts in a couple of days. that's just the folks inside. i am one of thousands bringing you coverage of the event later tonight. before the presidential debate games, traditionally 75% of the
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but this election is everything but traditional. >> more than 25% of those people are still waiting to see. >> reporter: this university of south florida professor of government and international affairs say that number may be higher and that is why tonight's debate is so important. >> there are people in this election that i talk with every day. a flip of the coin. i don't want to vote for hillary clinton, i ca vote for somebody. >> reporter: so he says this debate may just confirm what voters already believe. >> whereas a debate, it will only sway a few people. typically, debates help a voter confirm yes, i was going to support clinton or trump and the debates confirm that i have picked the right person. >> reporter: and so what are we expecting out of hillary clinton tonight?
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caught up with the former interim head of the democratic national committee and i also talked to a former indiana coach, bobby knight, who is a trump supporter to take a look at what we could see in the next couple of hours. let's take a listen. >> this -- tonight, they should be themselves. don't try to create a new persona. the american people are smart. they understand difference between these two candidates. >> he is a tough guy and that is what we mean. i don't care whether it is this president. george washington had to be a tough guy or we wouldn't be where we are today. >> reporter: and in case you have been somewhere, perhaps under a rock and don't know, this debate starts at 9:00 right here at foster -- hofstra university. watch it on news channel 8 and we have coverage at 11:00 as well. ron carver, news channel 8 him accredit vice presidential
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lakeland this afternoon. jeff patterson was the only local reporter offered a chance to interview him before the critical debate. >> reporter: tim kaine has served as a city councilman, governor and now senator. his campaign offered news channel 8 the only opportunity to be the local television station that interviews him one- on-one. this is on the same day hillary clinton will face donald trump in the first presidential debate. >> ivy tonight as the home stretch of the campaign. >> reporter: he told me the format with lester holt will expose differences between the candidates. >> i think the voters want to see, do the candidates have details for their plans or is it just a soundbite? >> reporter: to reporters, he says we have to consider ourselves the underdogs >> you are the deciders in presidential politics and that is a lot of fun and it's a lot
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>> reporter: from here, senator tim kaine traveled to orlando to keep up a presence in the critical state for this critical election. jeff patterson, news channel 8. alonso high school baseball family is mourning the death of marlins pitcher jose fernandez. fernandez died sunday in a boat crash of miami beach and now his former coaches are remembering a shining star. peter bernard joins us live at the school. a heart ache for so many people there. >> reporter: it is. one of today could hardly get the words out. this is where jose fernandez honed his baseball skills. his career took off like a home run into the upper deck. watching current members of the alonso high school baseball team wrap up a quick practice, you can't help but wonder if another jose fernandez is among them. the pitcher for the florida marlins were alongside them. the boat they were riding in
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this alonso coach knew josi had talent. >> the first day he showed up, i knew he was special. i told one of my assistant coaches, he is going to be a first-round pick. >> reporter: they believed someday he would be a hall of famer. his former pitching coach choked up talking about the young man who loved baseball and worked hard to fine-tune his skills. >> to us, he was like a comet we were able to harnes for the rest of the world to see. >> reporter: daring to escape cuba, jose fernandez made it to the top, respected and admired by teammates and not afraid to show emotions when things got tough. >> we are going to miss him. we are going to miss him. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil to offer -- honor him is set for wednesday night at 7:30 pm. peter bernard, news channel 8 we know what killed radio personality dave mckay. the medical examiner for pinellis and pasco county's
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autopsy this afternoon. it blames cocaine and alcohol as well as cardiovascular disease for his death. it also rules to death an accident. he didn't show up for work on august 4 and his body was found in his st. petersburg apartment. governor rick scott says no more secrets. that means polluters must, within 24 hours, make any pull leading -- polluting incident public. steve andrews tells us that does not apply to agency that kept the mulberry sinkhole quiet for weeks. >> reporter: for 19 days, the florida department of environmental protection kept this from the public. a sinkhole, swallowed 215,000,000 gallons of radioactive contaminated water. it dumped that load into the aquifer, potentially threatening the wells of nearby homes. on thursday, i grilled the governor about a little secret.
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>> within 24 hours after being notified, they started the investigation. are they getting special treatment? absolutely not. >> reporter: the governor announced changes. within 24 hours, dep come a local governments and the general public must be notified of pollution by all responsible parties. until the sinkhole is plugged, sandy nettles told me via skype, contamination of the aquifer will continue. >>ry is more material going down that sinkhole. >> reporter: mosaic and dep estimate the plume of contaminants is moving at 30,000 feet per week. areas bordering the area will be shut off to protect water supply. the tampa bay water is drawing 14.5 million gallons a day from this well. >> if they are pumping that much water, i guarantee that plume is moving faster than they are estimating. >> reporter: steve andrews.
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afternoon out there. >> as head of the welcoming committee, i have to welcome you back from vacation. >> was there a packet -- basket or flowers? >> there was but i am keeping it for myself. >> sounds like a great welcome. >> fantastic work >> it doesn't look like the rain gauge is moving but east winds at 15 miles per hour. pretty good easterly breeze as these thunderstorms rumble around the area and other spots in the bay area are also seeing showers and storms. the current radar shows more than spots fairly quiet although one shower north and east of crystal river. a few showers across pope county -- polk county and pinellis, hillsboro, point -- pointed southward. this is strong across manistee county west of downtown.
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sarasota seeing some showers and thunderstorms. what along the sea breeze in the western part of sarasota county, filling in with showers and storms. that whole area. sebring and lake placid, some showers. the showers if you didn't see them, are at lower temperatures as a result of the storms. there is a closer look at the ones around inglewood. a chance to cool off on this hot day. 90 degrees for a high temperature officially. these are the temperatures as we stand righ 70 slick -- 70 degrees. there is that. will talk about the potential for cool air in the 80 forecast coming up. still ahead, dead fish are washing up on bc -- on beaches all across sarasota and manatee counties. what is causing this and how
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot
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dead fish are washing ashore on beaches throughout tampa bay. officials blame a red tide bloom in the gulf. as john rodgers shows us, they urge beachgoers to be cautious. >> reporter: fwc have -- has been receiving fish kill reports from anna maria island to the southern end of sarasota county. it's caused by red tide, a naturally forming algae bloom that occurs every year around late summer or early fall. the bloom forms offshore and kills fish causing respiratory problems for humans. it's unclear how long this will last but wildlife officials are taking daily water samples. officials say the water is still safe to swim but you must make sure to rinse off afterwards. >> i don't mind swimming in the water when the fish are alive but when they are dead, no. >> reporter: it's important if
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them to eat these dead animals. the stench from these dead fish is awful but red tide also causes respiratory problems for people with asthma or copd. be very careful if you choose to go to the beach. john rodgers, news channel 8. it's disappointing news for some bay area spaghetti lovers. that story is coming up. plus, you won't need your phone to take a snap if the latest innovation from snapchat catches on. this year's heart walk is coming up in novemb is the time to join stacie schaible's team. you can go to for
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on wall street today, the dow jones was down 166 points and the s&p 500 dropped 18 and the nasdaq was down 48 points. fans of the spaghetti warehouse will want to plan a final meal. the restaurant is closing for good this time. the popular pasta place announced back in march it was shutting down but a surge of business and -- and support urged business owners to keep it open but today the owners announced there is no way to
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october 2, this sunday will be its final day. snapchat wants you to put on a pair of spectacles. over the weekend, snapchat announced new sunglasses with an embedded camera. tap a button and the glasses record 10 seconds of video and then upload them into the snapchat memory section. the battery should last about a day between charging and spectacles will sell for about $130. the company behind the snapchat app is changing its name to snap. campaign is showing its snapchat savvy, offering a filter during tonight's debate's adding -- by adding patriotic graphics along with the quote donald trump versus cooked hillary. it is unclear how much donald trump paid to make the filter available. now you can use a gift card for uber rides. uber is selling a gift card for $25 or $50 and a set your own
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the cards will be available in the bay area, walmart stores and eventually online. if you haven't used up all of your vacation days yet, it's the perfect time for a getaway. fall is considered the shoulder season for many destinations. that means it's a good time to travel on a budget. airlines, hotels and even cruise ships offer bargains and if you want to do some leaf peeping, you don't have to travel far. >> if you are looking for equally as beautiful colors but maybe a little less price tag, tennessee is a great option. also, north carolina around the newbern area. beautiful fall colors. >> of course, this window of low prices does not stay open forever. prices will climb again as the holidays approach. 10 items or less could be less of a rule and more of a suggestion in the near future. some grocery stores are changing the wording on their express lane signs, reading
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kroger has already made the changes and experts say they don't want to pressure customers into buying fewer items. you will probably have fewer princesses ringing your doorbell on halloween. after an 11 year rain, the princess costume has been dethroned and is now the second most popular behind superhero costumes. more than 3 million children plan to dress up as superheroes. most adults or a pirate and most pets will be dressed as pumpkins. if you are suffering from kidney stones, a few rides may be the cure. a urologist noticed some of his patients returned from theme park vacations and managed to pass the kidney stones after being jostled around by roller coasters. a doctor tested the theory and
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actually help you pass the stones. he found it is most effective to ride in the back seat. lots of sunshine here at veterans forward. 29 100's, almost 3/10 of an inch of rain. temperature 79 degrees. temperatures have fallen as a result of dan bice showers and storms. at innisbrook, lots of green with southeast winds that 2 miles per hour. big thunderstorms to the east of that location in palm harborh part of citrus county. we just showed you along the coastal areas, manatee and sarasota could go on for another hour or so. showers relatively light at this point. at 9 pm, 79 degrees, 76 degrees at 7 am, 89 degrees at 4 pm. another warm day tomorrow. can't rule out a morning shower. 79 degrees the current temperature at the airport. this upper-level low spinning over the east and our part of florida. quite a bit of moisture around.
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around the pinellis area. we did see some small hail stones. thunderstorms to the west and north with scattered showers. in the tropics, still very much hurricane season. certainly for the west coast of florida, historically late september and early october can be a time where we can get big hurricanes. that is not what we're seeing here. this is just an invest 99 l with a 45% chance of development. the computer models shifted east but this hard right turn reacting to an upper-level trough that will be digging across the central part of the country. still a very long way away. our p.m. forecast, overnight things pretty quiet. a shower near the coastal area in the early part of the day. we are still in a light westerly flow. we have seen some seabreeze showers and thunderstorms that are still active as you saw on
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chance with an approaching front on wednesday. 40%. behind that front, we may feel drier air at the end of the week, the farther north you travel. long-term, just been looking because i knew jennifer would come back from by kate -- from vacation and would ask me when it would cooldown. probably less than two weeks. around the ninth or 10th of october. a front may actually have some impact to make it feel cooler. >> someone sent an email to our boss and said we hates the humidity. you think i have talked about it enough? >> i never noticed. >> i felt like i was being very low key about it. we will be right back. >> plus, here is what you will see tomorrow at 6 am. >> a florida mom takes heat for her daughter's hair. i will ask a child development expert, is there a downside to the letting your children express individuality? >> plus, traffic on the 8 on
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there is something unusual about the sheep out one farm in england. these are not goats. these are sheep. this whole pumpkin spice thing gone clearly way too far, the owner of the sheep decided to paint his entire flock bright orange. tourists but he did it because he is concerned about sheep thieves and says more than 300 sheep have been stolen recently. he is helping thieves will think twice if the sheep are so recognizable. >> that's a good way to make them recognizable. >> they are kind of cute all orange like that took >> is it safe for the sheep? >> i was thinking it might offend them. too many cheetos turns your
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put u in the prenup that could spark a brangelina war. now on "extra." ? extra extra ? ? extra extra ? >> angelina shelling out 100 grand a month for this malibu bachelorette pad. how far in advance she found it before filing for divorce and why a fierce custody battle is imminent. plus new video, brad's ex, jen and husband, justin face the cameras. >> any comment on brett and angelina? the first photos from josh blolin's wedding. >> weekend of breaking couples news. blake had a run -in with his ex miranda. britney, bono, usher, the
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president obama, oprah, will smith, taking over d.c. >> over there, oprah. >> okay, over here. our new a-list interview with emily blunt on her oscar-bound new thriller "the girl on the train." >> you're surrounded by oscar buzz. what does that feel like? in the "extra" feed taylor swift's new bangs. why she's hanging out with mick jagger. plus, kevin hart instagram diaries from the set. >> just got shut down. jet black needed to finish rest. >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood the entertainment capital of l.a. ? extra extra ? hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up double baby news. the first look at adam levine's little girl and who else just announced they're expecting. also coming up, mario, all the stars in vegas at the i-heart music festival. first angelina's decision to file for divorce wasn't spur of
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all unfolded and where angie is hiding out. >> this is the o cscar winner's multiple dollar paparazzi proof escape. "extra" inside the malibu mansion she's calling home while she maps out her split strategy. "people" magazine reporting the oscar winning actress rushed to rent this 95 grand a month home steps away from the ocean only day before she filed these divorce papers. a staffer picking up a five bedroom kid friendly location without angelina rental on a month to month basis. two should have no problem dividing up their 12 properties all over the world including this $6 million home in new orleans and the $60 million french estate where they were married. tmz reporting they did have a prenup that divides assets but not who gets to see their six children and when. she's asking a judge for sole physical custody of the kids. brad expected to fight for joint custody. >> filing for civil custody is going right to the heart.


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