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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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notifying neighbors about a potential threat to their well water? this attempt for answers has been going on quite some time. steve andrews broke the story 12 days ago. and once again, today, steve is pressing the governor for answers. >> reporter: expectations for high today. the governor's ounce announces he is meeting at the sink hole site. helicopters buzzing him around. the press is expecting an explanation. what did he deliver? a whole a quick helicopter tour provided governor scott with a bird's eye view of the sink hole causing concern in mulberry. mosaic and the department of environmental protection briefed the governor on monitoring and capturing hundreds of millions of gallows of contaminated water that slipped into the aquifer when this thing opened in august. neither mosaic nor dep told neighbors about this for 19
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followed an outdated law that didn't require sharing contamination information with the public. >> but that law didn't say dep shouldn't notify the public did it? >> no. the bottom line is, you know, we will have notification. we will doubt within 24 hours. >> reporter: following our report, governor scott issued an emergency rule requiring polluters to notify the public of issues within 24 hours. >> it is kind of ironic that the governor is because, they have fostered a culture of secrecy at dep and the governor's office that is worse than in living memory. >> reporter: governor, when did you fine out about this? >> we can get the time line of when you did it. >> 24 hours after it happened? >> reporter: has office gave me nothing that showed the dep gave him the information right
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>> did dep keep you in the dark? >> we are in the middle of an ongoing investigation. i'm not going to fire stevenson based on anything i know today. he follow first-degree law. >> reporter: as for dep secretary, he was at the plant today, but did not make himself available for questions. >> i think you pointed it out. the governor came, you expect more answers to be there. they still cannot answer they didn't notify. where was he? why is he not available for comment on this? >> reporter: good yes. no explanation from him. but let me tell you something, every night, his minons send me nasty grams saying they are monitoring the situation. we expect dep to be there. sort of like we expected them to make the public aware of this environmental mess instead of sitting on itself hands for
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that is inexcusable. and i think if i were him, i would hide too. >> all right. thank you steve. >> you bet. well, governor scott wants the 24 hour notification rule in the wake of the mosaic and the pinellas county sewage spill to now become law. also, one state representative tells us that she will sponsor that legislation in the florida house. republican kathleen peters say it is public deserves to find out about environmental pollution from those in charge. >> they were and, quite frankly f it wasn't for the diligence of the reporters, a lot of that wouldn't have come to light. also, another local community claims it was kept in the dark regarding a sewage release. one of sarasota's facilities dumped $3.3 million of partially treated waste water into the grand canal during hurricane hermine. residents were not notified.
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release was necessary to avoid spilling raw sewage. we have some new details tonight in the shooting death of a tampa toddler. a search warrant obtained by newschannel8 shows the detectives are searching for evidence to file aggravated manslaughter or murder charges in this case. witnesses at the scene told police that 17 month old amaya scaffi accidentally shot herself. but a dcf investigation shows that her father gun. it is unclear who will be charged and when. credit card skimmers repeatly show up on tampa bay gas pumps stealing your money. and a new law is giving prosecutors more teeth to crack down on the crooks installing them. this law takes effect this week. it is requires more responsibility on gas station owners and harsher penalties on the thieves. 8 on your side's john rogers spoke with the agricultural
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john? >> reporter: good evening. well, basically, these laws were not harsh enough. these crooks didn't have much to lose when it came to stealing people's money. thankfully, that is all about to change. three times a day. daniel and his team check these pumps for skimmers. >> check the seal here. match it up with the number. pump number four. it's good. >> reporter: since he has been here, none of his pumps have been hit by thieves. but, he is not taking any chances. >> starting tomorrow, we are ha installed. >> reporter: these think advanced pumps will have the late estimate security features. >> they will be really nice. skimmer free. >> reporter: he is being proactive and so is the state of florida. october 1, a new law takes effect cracking down on skimmers. it increases the penalty for installing the theft devices meaning more time behind bars. >> it just wasn't taken very seriously. it was unknown as a crime. it was a high reward, a low
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so, we enhanced the penalties and made it easier to build the case. >> reporter: the new law increases penalties on those with stolen credit card information. and it requires gas station owners to take proper measures to protect their customers. >> we just have to stay onestep ahead of the bad guys. >> reporter: that is why he is installing these new pumps wednesday designed to make it very difficult to open the panel. >> they won't have a key. they won't be able to make a key. that's the important thing. >> reporter: he is thrilled about the new law, but he wants to do everything he protect his customers. florida official say one skimming device can steal thousands of dollars from hundreds of unsuspecting drivers before it is spotted so it is very important to get them off the streets. back to you. >> john, what requirements does this new law put on gas station owners themselves? >> reporter: good point. under this law, gas stations
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anything from labels to inscription devices that protect that sensitive financial data. if they fail to do this, the state could shut down the pump meaning lost money. >> all right, that is what it boils down to. john rogers live in sarasota. thank you john. a deadly tanker truck crash is causing water worries in north port. the city now tells us more than 4,000 gallons of fuel spilled in the crash over the weekend. this morning, an oil sheen was discovered in the creek that leads to the water plant. the city shut down part of the plant as a precaution. tests are underway, but they don't believe any contaminated water made it into the system. a crook with a gun picked the wrong store to rob. >> the weapon the store owner used to scare the crook off. >> taxpayers are picking up the tab of legal bills. i'm on it tonight because you paid for it. >> well, the thunderstorms are
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thanks to our westerly flow. we will also peek at the
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>> new tonight, a tampa score clerk fends off a would be robber with an ax handle. he goes in with what appear to
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register, but the clerk was having nothing to do with that. he swung the ax handle at the guy and he left without any cash. a breezen theft at a saint petersburg car dealership. a man stole a $1,000 car vet right off the lot. in the video, you can see the guy casually strolling through the lot. then you can see him walking back toward the red corvette with the keys in hand. he gets in the car and off hi es $2,000 reward in this case. from the football field to federal court. today, a bay area high school filed a lawsuit after it was ordered not to broadcast public prayers before games. tampa's cambridge christian school made it to the championship game in december. and as part of a long standing tradition, it planned to start the game with a pregame prayer. that is, until the florida high school athletic association
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amendment to exercise their right of speech. free speech in america. my concern is that our students have come under the understanding that the first amenment no longer protects them. >> the florida high school athletic association says it has not received the official paperwork yet. and when we come back, a legal battle that you paid for. >> another building administrator accused of breaking laws. coming up, we will show you how much it cost you the mark is on it because you paid
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>> battling boondoggles. 8 on your side's mark douglas is taking on the big shots wasting taxpayer money because you paid for it. >> you may recall our 8 on your side investigation of the tarpon springs billing administrator practicing without a license. his defense was paid for by taxpayers. tonight, we bring you a story administrator who also landed in some hot water and wait until you hear how much you paid for that. mark is on it tonight because taxpayers are really taking a bath on this one. >> reporter: absolutely keith. this one involves a scandal that unfoaled in the largo building department. the administrator resigned under pressure, but the trouble for taxpayers did not stop there.
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when he was administrator. city taxpayers funded his defense. >> do you think the taxpayers in the city of largo should be troubled by any of this? >> i would be. >> reporter: whistle blower glen hall told the state his boss was breaking the law. >> it is not a one time thing. it went on years. >> reporter: he claimed and the state alleged that he allowed unqualified an improperly licensed staff members to approve plans for buildings like this wal-mart wawa. hall caught numerous mistakes and contractors had to tear out work. >> the contractors are the ones that were suffering. >> reporter: in august, the city started paying private lawyers $190 an hour to defend him and three members of his staff. every month since then, the invoices just kept coming month after month after month. so far, largo taxpayers have paid $27,418.
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i don't know why the citizens or largo would have to pay for his attorney fees. >> reporter: we wanted to know why so we came to city hall looking for answers. the city taxpayers are picking up the legal tab because that is what state law requires. but two state lawmakers say thalia doesn't make any sense to them. >> on the surface, it sounds like there is is a glitch and it need to be fixed. >> that law need to be changed immediately. that is outrageous. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> reporter: as the city paid any legal bills on your behalf? >> no. quite the contrary. >> reporter: the city fired hall for what managers insist were unrelated reasons creating a toxic environment among other things. now, meanwhile, largo allowed andelich to resign with health benefits and severance pay and we still haven't seen his final legal bill yet.
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investigation. >> reporter: he pays $2,000 out of his own pocket this time. has probation and gets to keep his license. so, pretty much a good deal for him. >> as you pointed out, two cases like this, maybe this law does need changes. something doesn't seem right. taxpayer haves to pay for that. thank you mark. now, we travel to north pinellas. palm harbor here at ennis brook, a go look look at this gorgeous sight. most of the rainfall east of this spot. here at the plantation, crystal river, 85 degrees, beautiful, western part of citrus county here at the moment at hula bay and tampa. south of the gande. 12 one-hundredths, looking forward to sunset to help cool the temperatures down a little bit. pretty clear on the radar, you can see from north to south, a few showers in extreme
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but pinellas and hillsborough, clear of shower and thunderstorm activity. right now, we see a few lightning strikes across the northern part of high lands county. in hardy and de soto, looks like avon park is seeing the thunderstorm activity the strongest around the bay area. good downpours there drifted off to the east at the moment. that could carry on another hour or so. in lake placid, we are getting
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stanley cup begins tonight! >> yeah. >> keith is excited. it's just an exhibition game. the nhl preseason does begin when the lightning host the carolina hurricanes. eight bolt regulars in the lineup including tyler johnson and alex. and coburn. gileski gets the starting goal. just like in spring training in
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give lightning fans a chance to see the core that will fill out the roster in syracuse during the season. some players have never played in a professional game. and that has head coach john cooper all pumped up for game time. >> i just know for them, what an exciting time it is. and ... to think how far they have come in their hockey career to put on the jersey of the national hockey league team. i have been shaking these guys' hands on the just to watch them progress and play their first exhibition game. i kind of feel like a proud dad. >> it is obviously very exciting. i'm a bit nervous, but it is a more anxious nervous to get out there and see everybody here. and, just kind of get the first two shift ins the way. it ought to be a fun moment for sure. >> we won't see goal tender ben bishop play tonight, but big
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of hockey. steven stamkos begins with team canada. bishop was disappointed with his team's quick exit. but he is exciting to start. >> it was not quite the result we wanted in toronto, but it is over and done with now. so just kind of focused on getting ready for the season. you know. it was a busy month. it is nice to be back home. sleep in your own bed again. goad ready to hit by a pitch in his wrist, rays outfielder kevin kiermaer still out of the lineup. no need for him to play with slight pain. they have six games remaining beginning tonight in chicago. and the university of florida introduced new athletic director scott strictland this afternoon. leaves his alma mater
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for the outgoing gators coach jeremy foley. four decades of his tenure. not only as athletic director, but it will be hard to see him go. >> uh-huh. time for change right? >> thank you dan. finally tonight, an adorable and important new addition at tampa's lowry park zoo. look at that little cub there nursing from mama. yeah. the tiger cub was born september 11 and is doing well. the lion critically endangered. there are only 250 left in the wild, so the birth of this cub is very important and the protection of the species, it will be several weeks before the tigers are on exhibit as the mother takes care of her cub. is this one of the cameras you can just keep watching? >> yes. that is a cute kitty. >> i expected more action. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> all right. >> give my regards. [ talking over one another ] >> goodnight.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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tonight, historical showdown, the fireworks, fact checks, and the fall-out from the first clash between donald trump and hillary clinton. the most watched debate in american history. plus, the former beauty queen thrown into the debate his attacks on her appearance. blazing inferno. blistering heat wave fueling wildfires, threatening hundreds of structures, residents under emergency evacuation. emotional plea, a little girl moved to tears in charlotte, her powerful message about police shootings. and new details about the man whose death sparked a week of protests. house explosion, a sudden blast levels a home, killing a fire chief and father.


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