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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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> a st. petersburg little league left in a lurch. how money problems could keep them from playing ball. f0 and the company they say is to blame. and a tw anthem controversy. the sticker a bar is using to denounce the acts of protests. plus, tracking the tropics. hurricane hunters will head toward invest 97l this morning. will this system turn into our next tropical storm? leigh spann has the latest in a bit. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i am gayle guyardo. let's head to leigh spann. >> hurricane hunters flew into it yesterday and did not find
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f0 going to fly back in this morning and at this point, they are giving it a 90% chance of becoming the next tropical system, whether it's a tropical depression or tropical storm matthew. and it's moving west at 18 miles per hour right now with sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. so it has tropical storm-force winds but not that closed circulation. as it moves west, between the next couple day, it's going to be south of the dominican republic and haiti by saturday morning at 8:30. and then a dip in the jet system up and move it almost due north. a strange path. our concern will be just how far west it goes before it makes the turn to the north. at this point, all the models keep it in the bahamas but we're watching it, that's for sure. locally, an onshore wind flow so we have seen the spot city showers. here's one. and this will happen through the next couple hours. soy left in a 10% rain chance this morning and a 20% chance at noon, and thunderstorms
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push inland. at 5:80, i have an hour-by-hour look at your wednesday in weathed and leslee has the commute. let's take a look at what's going on here folks across the bay area bridges, things look wonderful. only six minutes across the howard frankland bridge either direction. and 10 across the courtney campbell causeway. and that takes from you pinellas all the way over to memorial highway. all right, let's talk about this crash here, sun city center area, let me zoom in. i'm not unfortunately, we have injuries reported. fhp says it's tying up the right lane as well. this is northbound 75 and just past state road 674. it's dark outside so be on the look out for that. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you, leslee. hands down, the most talked
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facebook and twitter pages, a bar owner's protest against colin kaepernick. >> it's raising eyebrows. meredyth censullo is here in the studio. and you have some dedales on dirty decals. what's that -- dirty decals? >> reporter: yes, here is why. the lakeland bar owner is making a point where people take a pit stop. take a look at this. stickers resembling mini kaepernick jerseys are a couple urinals in polk county. we can't show you the full decal because let's just say it rhymes with kaepernick. the bar owner's son is a marine. he says he finds kaepernick's stand against the national anthem offensive. >> just a little message, don't
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chance to disrespect his jersey, so to speak. >> reporter: now for those who don't agree with the stance there, are facilities that don't have the stickers. and for those who do agree, he has had extra decals printed up. so i've reached out to colin kaepernick. while i don't expect to hear back from him, i will let you know if i do. and as you can imagine, strong feelings on both side oscars they have issue and you can -- voice your comments on the news channel 8 facebook page. an additional 200 reactions on the story since we mentioned it an hour ago. >> i understand that that place has it posted, we say merry christmas. so they have their opinions. and-- >> i'm going to stay out of this one. i'm going to let you guys share your opinions. this is a hot topic but creating a lot of buzz. >> getting people talking.
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happening today, remembering a baseball star with ties to the bay area. tonight the high school will had hold a memorial for miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he and two friends died over the weekend when the boat they were on crashed into rocks. fernandez''s story captured the hearts of the bay area when he made a harrowing escape from cuba and settled in tampa. f0 >> reporter: gayle, good morning ho single digits fernandez is being remembered all over florida, coaches, current players and students will remember him at the high school later tonight for vigil. earlier this week, miami marlins teammates remembered him on the field. watch as friend and teammate dee gordan gets this lead-off home run in the first game since fernandez's death. >> gordan to right. it's deep. and it's gone! gordan has hit it out and the marlins have a 1-0 lead!
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bases proudly. finally signaling to his friend. when he hit the dugout, he was hugged and high-fived by every teammate. and now fernandez and two friends were killed when the boat they were in crashed at full speed early sunday morning. he was an up and coming star in the majors and announced recently that he was going to be a dad. those who knew him from his days in high school tell us he was a fantastic player and a terrific person all around. again, that vigil starts here at 7:30 herald is reporting he and the friends went out on the boat around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning on sunday because he got into an argument with his girlfriend and he apparently needed to relieve some stress. gayle, but regardless, so sad to see somebody gone so young. >> it's one of the text messages from a friend was like, slow him down. show him my message. it was a warning. what a sad, sad ending to this story.
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right now, a st. petersburg little league is striking out because of a cash crunch that could keep kids off the playing field. nearly $35,000 is missing from the league's funds and as peter bernard report, a sports management company may be to blame. f0 >> reporter: that's right. parents are outraged over all of this. nearly 300 kids participate in the little league system and their season could be over before it's really started this year. now this all links back allen, texas that is holding back payments collected from fees. 8 on your side contacted the owner who said the credit card processor froze his account after after parents in utah began asking for refunds. >> we're trying to do some temporary short-the term things and we have discussed that with the northeast little league board and treasurer. we are caught in the mid and will we are at the mercy of
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don't buy the explanation and parents are now pitching in through a gofundme account to try to keep this thing going. st.petersburg police say they don't believe any criminal wrongdoing is happening here but they have forwarded a complaint to authorities in texas to look into this. the company says they are being held hostage by their own bank but they have no idea when it all could be resolved. >> terrible for the players, of course, thank you let's get a check on the weather now. happy wednesday. >> good morning. i tell you what, we have seen a couple showers along the coast this morning. i don't expect a lot of them but i'm going to leave it in the forecast for you. winds that come off the gulf of mexico, look off citrus county's coast and very spotty showers. they'll continue to push onshore. it's 73 in weeki wachee right now. 73 in plant city. and 75 in venice. so it's a little bit warmer also than yesterday morning.
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degrees at noon. and that's when the rain chance gets a little better at 20%. and then 30% through the afternoon and evening with a high of 88. so scattered storms today and tomorrow, all south of a cold front. so what impact does that cold front have on us? very little but some. less humid air and fewer storms north of i-4 friday and saturday. so this is a cold front, not big cold front that comes in and changes our weather. the hurricane hunters flying in look at friday, just 20%. so it's an impact, just small. we will check on traffic on the 8s. no major impacts out there. a little bit overnight construction and we have an accident, let's talk about this in the sun city center area. not seeing delays but injuries are involved. northbound 75 past 674 which is known as college and sun city center boulevard here. the right lane is taken away. again, injuries.
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and let's move over here, overnight construction, gunn highway at the veterans expressway. sometimes it's closed in the area. and that's the case, come down and take linebaugh as the alternate. and macdill avenue by bay to baby the selmon expressway, you will see closures there through october 7th. they're doing utility work. avoid the slow downs, gets congested any way because it's down to one lane with the parking around the businesses. just take himes or dale mabry until the be traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. breaking news overnight, word leaders are remembering former israeli prime minister shimon peres. testifies one of israel's most admired leaders and considered a warrior for peace. he is credited with brokering a peace deal with palestinians in the 1990s. president barack obama praised
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pursuing peace. he was 93 years old. well there are two words that mothers hate to hear, morning sickness. nobody likes that. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. but morning sickness may not be all bad. still ahead, i'll show you new research and how it could be a good sign for moms and babies. and a bay area charity that helps disadvantaged high school girls enjoy home coming and prom is hit by thieves. coming up, what you can do to help out. you're watching news channel 8
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> we are back. we are learning new information about a tampa toddler's shooting death. according to police, there's evidence the little girl's father may be to blame. 8 on your side obtained the search warrant related to the deat witnesses told police that the little girl shot herself more than a week but a dcf investigation found the father may have shot her while he was handling his gun. right now, the father is not facing charges. governor rick scott isn't firing anyone just yet over the massive mosaic sinkhole in polk county spilling contaminated water into the aquifer. he made those comments after getting his first look at the
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at discussion is why the department of environmental protection a secret for 19 days. the head of the dep didn't break any laws and an investigation is ongoing. the city of north port is worried about contaminated water and this tanker crash is to blame. more than 4,000-gallons of fuel spilled in the weekend crash. this week, officials discovered an oil sheen in the creek that leads to the water treatment plant and that prompted the city to shut down part of the plant. and now officials are testing the water to determine if any fuel made it into the system. right now, clearwater police are investigating a cold hearted burglary. bell of the ball, it supplies less fortunate high school
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and jewelry for home coming and prom dances. now the non-profit will have to use reserve funds to replace the stolen items. happening now, this guy went into the mobile station threatening the clerk with something hid lightning a sock. when he tried to grab the cash register and the clerk wasn't having it. he swung an ax handle at hurry without the cash drawer. happening across america this morning, charlotte police headquarters are back open this morning after a suspicious package caused an evacuation there. everyone was asked to leave the department while firefighters and the bomb squad responded. a robot removed the package about the size of a shoe box. no phone call or threat was made. the scare came after nights of protests linked to the fatal shooting of 43-year-old lamont
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the fallout continues for wells fargo as the bank now launches a probe into its fraudulent scandal. the ceo will give up his bonus. and the board of directors is launching an investigation into the sales practices. feeling sick during pregnancy can be uncomfortable but it might be a good thing. this morning i explore new research that's out and what it reveals abouyo >> is that okay? >> reporter: expectant mother amy knows the term morning sickness a misnomer. >> about 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon are my worst times. >> reporter: nausea and vomiting that plagues so many pregnant women can be miserable. and now scientists say it's a good sign the pregnancy is going well. >> exhale. >> reporter: researchers study nearly 800 pregnant women, all had previously endured at least
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those with nausea and vomiting were less likely to lose their current pregnancy. >> it can help provide reassurance that at the end of the day, they have a healthy pregnancy. >> reporter: of course, many pregnant women have no symptoms and feel great. doctors say those lucky ladies should not be troubled by the latest study. >> it doesn't mean there's a problem with the pregnancy. in fact, she can enjoy the experience of being pr >> reporter: some women say ginger helps their nausea and others swear by crackers. the good news for many women, all of that retching will be well worth it in about nine months. so the reason pregnancy can induce nausea is unclear but doctors believe it might have something to do with the rising hormone levels in a woman's body. i knew that feeling too well.
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>> i was green around the gill. >> but as you said, all worth it. we have an onshore wind and that's pushed one or two showers onshore and that's going to continue to be the case. there's one onshore up in citrus county but i left in the slight chance. inland area, completely dry this morning. 77degrees at 8:00 a.m. storms develop, better coverage at noon, 85 degrees with a 30% rain chance at 4:00 p.m. as the storms push east of 75. so your cooler -- cooler inland, 70 in lakeland. when i say inland, i mean east of 75. but at the coast, you get the gulf moisture. 80 in st. petersburg. in fact, everybody is a little bit warmer than yesterday. by two to four degrees. there is a going to be a cold front sinking into north florida this morning. as it does, a few showers along the coast and the storms pushing inland throughout the day. and better impact from this cold front tomorrow.
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still the coastal showers. and notice a better coverage of thunderstorms tomorrow as the front is closer to us at 40%. and we get slightly drier on friday. how about traffic on the 8s? well, looking good in the sun coast area. checking out travel time, 75 to fruitville, nine minute commute. good drive through manatee county. and to the south out in sarasota, we're also up to speed on i-75. all right, let's move over now and look at the veterans expressway. we've got a good drive coming through around gunn highway. and and the veterans expressway. but on the veterans expressway itself, not seeing delays and even into hillsborough county and down to 275. the sunshine skyway bridge across the water itself, only six minutes to drive. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. well, chicken nuggets are a staple in many freezers but some are under recall this morning. >> yeah, the important information parents need to know before they cook their kids a snack. and drilling into the new
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the newest smart phone. it's 5:20. you're watching news channel 8
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> parents listen up, you will want to check the freezer for tyson frozen nuggets. the product includes the fully cooked chicken be a used by date of july 18th, 2017.
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for more detail, head to a video going viral claims to show new iphone 7 users, how to get a headphone jack. >> but you do not want to try this because it's a prank. >> don't do this. >> the video claims you can add a headphone socket by drilling into the bottom of the phone through the hole. >> sure. >> well, guess what, gene? it doesn't work. >> it's going to sound like a boom box. the only thing it does is destroy the phone. right now, the video has more than 11 million views. hopefully not too many people are buying into it. >> it's going to go boom, not sound like a boom box. that's what's going to the happen.
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involving donald trump and a former miss universe. >> what she is saying about the names she claims donald trump called her. first, a look live outside at beautiful downtown tampa.
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f0 i'm tracking just one or two showers close to the coast up in citrus county. most of you will be dry at the bus stop. right at the beach, maybe a shower this morning. 77degrees. better rain chance this afternoon at 30% rain chance with a high of 88. how about traffic on the 8s? still watching this accident in the sun city center area. it's northbound on 75, just past state road 674. right lane taken away. and injuries involved.
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traffic is extremely light so there's not a lot vehicles on the roadway. and 301 and u.s. 41 look good
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> a baseball star remembered by thousands of fans here in miami. more on today's viewing and procession just ahead. cash crunch, a little league team cheated out of thousands of dollars. how this could affect their future games next. plus, the world is mourning the loss of the former israeli prime minister. how president barack obama and leaders around the world are honoring the nobel prize winner. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i am gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. the former miss universe right now in the center of a political storm. hillary rodham clinton brought her name up during the presidential debate. >> this morning, she is telling her side of the story during


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