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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> you can come back any time. >> love to. >> the news is next. have a great day, everyone. bye. ? ? new information this morning on the contaminated water flowing into the florida aquifer. this a day after governor rick scott tour mosaic plant where it's all coming from. >> affecting blood donations. the changes affect blood doe t he -- blood donors and bank employees. good morning. thank you for joining me on this wednesday. i'm gene ramirez. we want to go ahead and check on the weather with ed bloodsworth in for leigh spann. >> yeah, we have our 13th named
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formerly invest 97. we just got confirmation that this is now tropical storm matthew. the m storm on the list. hurricane hunters have been flying in the system this morning. at flight level, they found a closed area of circulation. here's the latest track from the hurricane center. this is expected to continue through the southern caribbean and becoming a category one hurricane as early as fr the make a hard right turn, start heading to the north, pope benedict materially approaching jamaica by sunday and monday as potentially a strong hurricane, a category two storm. and from there, a lot of uncertainty as to where this goes. at this point, we need to watch the system closely. right now, the winds are at 60 miles per hour so it's a potent tropical storm. more about matthew coming up in a bit. and also, showers and
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mainly just shower activity. we've had this onshore flow. it's been giving us the morning showers here and cloudiness as well. rain chances will continue as we go into the afternoon. temperatures right where they should be this time 60 year, topping off -- this time of year, topping off around 88 degrees. could get stormy through the afternoon. we will look at the forecast in detail in a bit, gene. >> thank you. we will check back. thank you. breaking news now at 11:00, 8 on your side has confirmed test results are back on the first contamination near the mosaic sinkhole. according to the company that took the sample, every well met the epa drinking water standard. the company began three testing for neighbors just three days after 8 on your side broke the story of a sinkhole swallowing hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive back in august. the first round of tests looked for abnormal readings.
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radio chemistry or radiation levels. every well in this part of florida contains trace amounts of radiation. and the jet shot down over ukraine in 2014. a dutch team of criminal investigators claim russia fired the missile. investigators say they have, quote, solid evidence to support communications intercepts show pro-moscow rebels called for beemployment of the weapon and reported it -- for deployment of the weapon and reported it to areas of rebels in eastern ukraine. and the launcher was returned to russia afterwards. world leaders are remembering former israeli
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credited with brokering a peace deal with palestinians in the 1990s. president barack obama praised him for his commit. in pursuing peace. he was -- commitment in pursuing piece. remembering a baseball star with ties to the bay area. tonight the high school is holding a memorial service for jose fernandez. fernandez and two friends died over the weekend when the boat they were on crashed into rocks. his story captured the hearts of the bay area when he made a harrowing escape from cuba and settled in tampa. he led the ravens to two state championships. tonights amemorial is at 7:30. and fans will participate in a procession and viewing taking place -- tonight's memorial is tonight at 7:30. fans will participate in a procession and viewing taking place in miami. he is accused of sexually assaulting his clients.
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police tell us that he inappropriately touched two of his patients during sessions claiming it was part of their treatment. investigators believe there could be more victims out there. anyone with information is now asked to call lakeland police. well, florida is stepping up the war on a dangerous synthetic drug. florida attorney general pam bondi issued an emergency order outlying the synthetic drug. it is cheap and easy to ge the internet. another risk, it is 50 times more potent than heroin. the drug is blamed for three reported deaths in pinellas county. a sign outside a bay area law firm is sparking the reaction. some online are calling it a disgrace and anti-police. news channel 8's mary mcguire sat down with the defense attorney behind the sign who explains why he put it up in the first place. >> reporter: following officer involved shootings in charlotte and omaha, one tampa defense
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sign outside his law firm. and since then, many -- law firm. since then, many people have spoken out about it online. they are greeted by a sign that changes frequently. >> a lot of people are not in the best of moods because they are backed up here. >> reporter: over the year, the attorney has displayed various messages on it. but recent officer involved shootings prompted him to make a big change. killing unarmed black men now then we have a bigger problem. >> reporter: now the sign reads, stop killing unarmed black men now. the message brought support but also comments like these, must be an office full of cop haters wrote one user on the facebook page. and another user write, when you publicly post a message of
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shown yourself you no longer respect the process. he tells us that he served in the military for four years and does respect law enforcement. he doesn't mind in the backlash affects business. >> i don't want business from racists and i don't want business from people that don't think that we should have equal justice in this country. >> reporter: we want to hear your thoughts about the sign. you can join the conversation on our we have facebook page. in the studio, -- on our wfla in the studio, mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> let us know what you think. the ground breaking is underway for the usa water sports complex and training center. when construction is complete, it will be three lakes, a disabled water sports acadmy. and much more. the $4 million prois a huge deal. it-- million project is a huge
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also happening right now, a career fair in st. pete. if you are looking for a job, head out there. the fair runs until 2:00 this afternoon. it started a couple minutes ago at 11:00 a.m. it's happening at the hilton st. pete bay front on 1st street south. dress professionally and print out and take with you plenty copies of your resume. for more information call 877- 561-5627. new this morning, there's a new option shopping in the bay area in seminole and called earth fair. they sell organic natural foods that are fresh and local. news channel 8 was there for the ribbon cutting and grand opening this morning. the line as you see out the door. in fact, it wrapped around the building. and one woman we spoke withstood in line, get this, for nine hours. >> have been looking forward to the store coming here since i heard that they were coming.
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hormone, no add colors and preservatives. for so long, we've only had one option and now, right, here we have a whole other option. >> maybe you can make a pit stop for lunch because they also feature an organic juice bar and ready to go foods including a salad bar, hot food and pizza station and sandwich counter as well. kidney stones are known for causing pain but getting rid of them can what's that about? why rolling a roller coast -- why riding a roller coast is what the doctor ordered. plus, telling the story of brittney williams. what happened to her could happen to anyone. and it's something we can all learn something from. you're watching news channel
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back along side ed bloodsworth here.
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>> but i have to show you this real quick. a man in an tar owe, boy, he's brave. >> yeah, no doubt about it. the man came up to the skunk with a can stuck on his head. and yeah, of course, breaks your heart to see the animal in distress but it doesn't refute the fact that it's a skunk. >> watch what he does. approaches slowly. tries to get it off the head. successful. you see how quickly he backed away. >> yeah. >> can >> well, i wonder. >> the skunk took off to actually -- he did not spray the guy. >> yeah. >> would you be that brave? >> no, you shouldn't have gotten your head in there to begin with. >> call someone else. >> exactly. >> thankfully the skunk is okay. >> busy? >> yeah, no doubt. tropic, 13th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. we showed you this at the top
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the caribbean. we noticed tropical storm- forced winds over the last 12 hours but the hurricane center finally found a closed area of circulation and now we if i recallly have tropical storm matthew. first forecast track, the 11:00 a.m. advisory moving through the caribbean. becoming a category one hurricane by friday or the weekend. and then from there, the environment appears to be conducive for additional development here. so this could become a category tw week. it's expected to make what appears to be a hard right turn towards the north here. once we get beyond this point, still a lot of uncertainty. any time we get a tropical storm in the caribbean, it bears watching. right now, winds are at 60 miles per hour. we will watch it. 86 here at home in new port richey. we've had this strong onshore flow throughout the morning here. and that's been causing showers. we're still looking at a few
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one over old tampa bay as well. and then a few other showers here working their way through manatee county. so again, we will keep our eyes on this but the rain chances will likely continue through the afternoon. and they'll the start to push inland, shifting east of 75 here through the course of the afternoon. so our inland counties, polk county, highlands, hardee, desoto, your chances get better for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures seasonal, right around 88 degrees. so we sit at 82 now for fi 86 in tampa. and 85 degrees for brooksville here. so a warm and steamy day. you can feel the higher humidity. thanks to the persistent flow. and we are tracking the cold front to the north. it will slowly start to sag toward our area. but as long as as this flow persist, we will keep the chance of morning showers, mainly along the coast and then the chances will start to drive inland through the afternoon. so tomorrow morning, could see some showers. even for that morning commute, especially along the coastal
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at the chance of rain to continue. getting a little bit higher, 40% for your thursday. and then a big push of dry air, looking very good. look at the morning lows, how about 72 when you wake up on saturday? >> yeah,. >> that would be nice for the morning jogs. and 30% rain chances for weekend. >> and not much for us right now on the tropical storm but we will keep an eye on it. >> we will certainly do that. >> ed, thank you. we carry the zika virus. well, today we will find out exactly where the mosquitoes are. miami-dade county if i recalls are going to release the locations of mosquito traps that captured the zika virus- positive insects in miami beach. governor rick scott had to give the green light to release the information but not too long ago, both the state and county refused to disclose the locations arguing they were exempt from public records laws. the recent centers for disease control recommendation
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facility testing for the zika virus. up until that ruling, many people were turned away because of recent travels. and now you will likely be allowed to donate. on the other side, blood testing centers are paying employees more and longer for the additional testing. the only change for donors is signing a consent form to have the blood tested. >> the process for donors should be seemless. they shouldn't notice much of a change. no additional time to the doon of the donation to the patient. >> states have until mid- november to comply with the directive from the fda. when sudden cardiac arrests strikes outside of a hospital setting, the chance of survival drops significantly. that means someone near you knowing cpr is critical which one local survivor found out first time. >> reporter: christmas time in new york city. >> it was a great day, shopping and eating and taking in the
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changed forever. >> reporter: she had just arrived to watch the florida state football game with her parents. >> within five minute, my parents looked over and they thought i was having a seizure. >> reporter: are her mom rushed to find a doctor in the restaurant and found two. eye doctors. but the problem was brittney's heart. she had flat lined and was without a pulse. so the doctors started cpr. >> i remember sitting at the table. we ordered food. and then the next thing you know, i walk up in the everyone just staring at me. and i was just in shock i had no idea what happened. >> reporter: brittney suffered sudden cardiac arrest with no warning whatsoever. >> i thought, there's no way, i'm 24. i'm young, i'm healthy. i workout. eat healthy. and i just didn't come to the conclusion that i went into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: and now she works in st. petersburg. she learned she was born with a heart problem, a heart rhythm condition that can cause fast
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case, sudden cardiac arrest. she spent eight days in the icu and had to get a defibrillator implanted before she could fly back home to florida. all has made her a huge advocate for learning cpr. >> people lose their lives every day due to somebody not knowing cpr. >> reporter: how are you these days in terms of health? >> i'm doing good. every day is a struggle because i'm paranoid about if it's i just have to live life. i got a second chance and i'm ready to take it. >> that was stacie schaible. news kate is committed to raising $100,000. fuccillo kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. the walk is happening november 12th at raymond james stadium. i will be there along with stacie schaible and many of us from here at news channel 8.
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there. an interesting story in our medical report this morning, fertility specialists from the u.s. are reporting they delivered a baby conceived using the dna from three people. the procedure involves replacements. it's meant for parents at high- risk of passing dangerous diseases to their offspring. scientists replace the nucleus of the mother's egg cell and place it into the donor egg that is fertilized in a lab. passing a kidney stone, yep, that's a painful experience but apparently getting on a roller coaster is easier. listen to the study from a urologist. the doctor said he had patients telling him after riding big thunder mountain, that's at disney world, they were able to fas stone. one passed three different stones after riding multiple times. so he tested for himself,
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and he rode the coaster with the fake kidney in a backpack and had a 70% success rate. the most effective place to ride to help you out is in the back of the roller coaster. the day humans blast off to visit mars will be here before you know it. and one of many, many questions is, who is going to go there? spacex's ceo would like to be the first guy to put human feet on the red planet. hear how he plans to do that
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welcome back. this is neat. an idea of how he hopes to send humans to mars. spacex released a new video that shows how the company's transport system is designed to work. passengers will blast off aboard a reusable rocket. and then it parks them up in orbit and returns home to grab an extra tank of fuel.
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and gases up the spacecraft which has solar panels to help with power, by the way. don't let the images of astronauts fool you. he says the trip is going to be fun. >> in order to make it appealing, and increase the portion of people wanting to go, it's got to be really fun and exciting. and it can't feel cramped or boring. but the crew compartment is set up so you can float around. it will be like the movies. cabins. a restaurant. it will be like really fun. so go. you're going to have a great time. >> and now the fine details, he explains the trip would likely cost about the same as buying a house. start saving now. he says the key to making it
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propelling on mars for the return trip. this may look like a photo of a cracked statue. but this is jupiter's moon. nasa believes the picture could help them with future missions. astronomers say it shows a plume of water erupting from the ice-covered surface. it's the light blue area on the bottom left of the moon. scientists say this may be proof that the ocean can be sampled and studied without having to drill through miles and another pick from the hubble to share with you this morning. it captures the death of a star. the burned out star is that white dot you see in the center of the photo. around it is the star cask off outer layers of gas. the it's a beautiful sight for sure. today is september 28th and if things stay as they are right now, in two day, the government will run out of money. congress is trying to get a
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the road block that could cause a shut down coming up. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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disagreements on capitol hill. the government will run out of money and shut down friday unless congress acts. but they just can't seem to agree. we will show you the sticking points coming up. plus, the first nomination for an ambassador to cuba in 50 years. that's strt cars, how about self-driving chairs. this could revolutionize the way we stand in line. thank you for joining me on this wednesday. i'm gene ramirez. and we want to get straight to weather. a lot happening in the tropics. here's ed bloodsworth. >> yeah, a brand new tropical storm. the name is matthew. this is formerly invest 97l. we have been tracking this for the last couple days. hurricane hunters have been flying in the system throughout the morning and found strong
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circulation. and they are now comfortable calling this a tropical storm. so there's a look at the flight from the hurricane center this morning. they found flight level winds right at 71 miles per hour. so it has punch to it. it's a strong tropical storm with 60 miles per hour winds and. the latest track from the hurricane center. could become a category one hurricane by the end of the week and into the weekend as well. so the environment ahead of this is going to be conducive for additional development. in fact, potentially becoming a category two hurricane by monday north towards jamaica. and now the impacts on the united states, still up in the air at this point. florida sitting just behind the banner here but this one will bear watching. also we're watching the radar locally. we do have scattered showers and thunderstorms that have been rolling onshore with the flow off the gulf of mexico. and that's going to keep the rain chances around this afternoon at 30%. bumping up a bit by thursday and very comfortable air, some drier air by the end of the week and as we approach the mornings there for the weekend.
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chance in greater detail along with the neaps full weather in a bit, gene. >> all right, we will check back. thank you. we have breaking news right now. the u.s. and iraq have agreed to send roughly 600 more troops to iraq ahead of the new offense toy retake the city next month. nbc news is reporting right now that the soldiers will provide logistic support for iraqi troop, not spearhead the attack. the troops will deploy in the coming weeks. and this morning, a measure to keep our government running the senate tuesday in a 45-55 vote. and now we're staring down the barrel of another government shut down. andy rose reports. >> reporter: with another government shut down, just three days away, senate democrats blocked the republican bill to fund the government. the bill would have provided disaster relief to louisiana and allocated money to help battle zika virus. >> i think they're ignoring a major public health emergency. >> reporter: democrats took
11:33 am
flint, michigan water crisis. >> democrats are going to oppose the bill because it pits victims of one crisis against victims of another. >> reporter: republican senator marco rubio of florida is anxious to secure the zika virus funding. he is accusing democrats of forcing the shut down to help the election in november. >> while this crazy game of republicans against republicans, some 2,001 united states citizens who are women, who are pregnant or who have shown evidence of possible zika virus infection are now in danger. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has agreed to drop flood relief money for louisiana and other states. and democrats did not
11:34 am
proposal. andy rose reporting. right now, the fbi director is fielding questions from lawmakers on capitol hill. the second time in two days in fact. members are asking about the agency's response of extremist violence in orlando and new york. and whether more could have been done to prevent them. and he is expected to face questions about why the fbi granted immunity to hillary rodham clinton's former chief of staff as part rodham clinton's emails. president barack obama will nominate the first u.s. ambassador to cuba in more than 50 years. haddest a career member of the senior foreign service and has served as the u.s. chief of mission in havana since 2014. in a statement, president barack obama said in that role his leadership has been vital towards the normalization of the relations between the two countries.
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morning, as fires blaze on the west coast, floods are hitting the central u.s. parts of iowa are getting hit with high water. and low-lying areas are inundated. and authorities are warning thousands of residents to stay away for a couple more days. authorities are optimistic no one will get hurt in the flooding but they are emphasizing the historical scope of the floods. >> this is the second largest event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. >> national weather service data shows the cedar river dropped to 21 feet as of 7:00 this morning. that's just below the crest of just under 22 feet 24 hours ago. a wildfire in northern california continues growing, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. the fire now stands at about 1500 acres. firefighters say just 10% of it
11:36 am
the blaze has destroyed at least one home and damage thed another. hundreds more buildings are threatened by the fire and residents in two counties have been ored to evacuate. crews dropping retardant on the blaze as you see here competing with sweltering heat and some dry brush. >> we've got a mix of folks that have decided to stay and some decide to leave. >> we see flames get close, then we will head out. otherwise, i'm staying here. >> if i recalls say more than 500 firefighters were working temperatures to bat it will blaze there. nissan has taken the idea of self-driving transportation to a new level or perhaps should say a lazy level. the automaker has unveiled new self-driving chairs. the newly developed chair could end the need to stand in line. a fleet of self-driving seats equipped with sensors allow each chair to defect and follow the one in front of it. six chairs are currently on
11:37 am
roll them out further would depend on the public's response to chairs. the man in this next video probably doesn't want a self- driving car or chair and not even a regular car. he probably just wants to walk everywhere. and this video will show you why. >> get out of town! what? look! what? you've got to be kidding me! >> get out of town! instagram post. the daughter explains he wanted light up shoes for about eight years now. sadly he assumed they were only made for kids. what, thanks to the company evolve footwear, this gentleman can now be young at heart as the shoes will allow him to be lit up. coming up, do you remember the name martin? if not, maybe you will remember his face. take a look. this is a guy a lot of people
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punch him right in the face. we're going to show you how and
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havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk! retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk! i want to change my name to hot mamma! lame. you're lame. no! i'm not writing down somebody who's retired! baby, i'm changing my name to hot momma.
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ys. life looks good. i'm back along side ed bloodsworth. weather in a minute but we got to chat about this. great, great video. a lot of people talking this morning. this guys, he made a big oops at yankee's stadium and it had the fans in disbelief and then scrambling to help this guy out. it had nothing to do with what >> no, we're talking about a downed diamond. oops might be an understatement. a fan planned to pop the question last night at the yankee's game. but he dropped the ring before he could and the question. >> thankfully though fellow spectators gave him a hand and found it. and there's a kiss. the cheers get louder and louder. yeah, she said yes. i'm thinking only because he found the ring.
11:42 am
plan comes to fruition. unfortunately this guy knows nothing about that. >> and if he's this nervous with the engagement, what's going to happen at the alter? i want to see the wedding video. >> yeah, the best man really needs to have the ring. >> maybe hold his hand. well, let's get to water because there's a lot halving. we have a new tropical storm. get your bearings straight. you can see florida, tampa, miami. we're going to zoom down to the system entering the caribbean. it's convection. hurricane hubbers have been -- hurricane hunters have been flying in the system throughout the morning. it's been upgraded to tropical storm matthew. the 11:00 a.m. advisory has winds of 60 miles per hour, tropical storm warnings in effect for the lesser antilles here. and rolling through the caribbean. the environment at that point is expected to be conducive for additional development. low wind sheer, very warm sea surface temperatures. it could become a category one
11:43 am
and the weekend. forecast models take this off to the north. and from there, could actually become a category two hurricane. generally approaching the vicinity of jamaica. from there, the the impacts to the u.s., very early to tell. and we will be keeping a close eye on it over the coming days. clouds continue to develop there. new port richey, 86 degrees for the current temperature. and it is warping up. the humidity is very high out there. and you can see from the loews don cesar, st. pete beach, also tt cloudiness and 85 degrees here. and this will be the trend continuing through course of the afternoon. showers rolling onshore over hernando and pasco county. a good downpour over old tampa bay. and that will head towards rocky creek and drew park many the next few minutes. and south of i-4, down towards manatee county, a good downpour north of fox. and that will continue generally parallelling highway 62. but keep the umbrellas around for the afternoon. the rain chances at 30%.
11:44 am
the coast inland through the day. so our inland communities will have a better shot of getting wet into the late afternoon and certainly through the evening. very warm temperatures in the low to mid-80s. and fairly sole judge this afternoon with the highs in the upper 80s. but with that continued onshore flow, the activities starts along the coast and pushes east across the florida peninsula. and now we're sit ago head of the cold front. this frontal boundary as it sags towards our area, the moisture increases and the onshore flow continues so showers along the coast will be possible. rain chances get better for your thursday afternoon. so 88 today. sun and clouds with the chance of rain continuing through afternoon. again, heavier downpours possible. but then we get a push of dry air by friday. rain chance drops to 20%. high of 86. and those mornings, going to be comfortable. 72 on saturday morning. that's going to feel so nice when you wake up. we will get back to 40% rain chances next week. >> sounds good.
11:45 am
smile. >> yeah. >> it's refreshing. so nice to put the smile on your face. >> thank you. we will check back. 8 is on your side. a run down the apartment complex in hillsborough county was on the last leg, leaky roof, potholes, dangerous balconies, you name it. normally they're too unfit to fix. but a new management took over and things should start to look up. 8 on your side's ryan hughes reports on efforts to revitalize the complex. >> reporter: it was one thing after another at a tampa apartment complex, mold, broken balconies. >> when it rains, it pours. there's leakage that comes in through like the window seals. >> reporter: residents had enough. >> just old stuff. just old. old, old building. an old complex. >> reporter: so old and run down city documents show some
11:46 am
complex. the issues kept adding up. a big complaint by neighbor, their driveways are rittled with huge potholes. and then things got so bad, tampa code enforce. officers moved in. >> we received complaints. we investigated. >> reporter: what they found was described as deplorable. but at the same time, hope. the franklin street management took over and the city told workers to clean up the place or face fines. recently we found work patching roofs and repairing other things that have fallen apart. city officials see it as a positive that came from a negative. >> if you want to own an apartment complex in the city of tampa, we're going to hold to you the standards. >> reporter: words she can certainly live by. >> hoping to see change. and hoping to see, you know, good living conditions. you feel safe and comfortable. >> reporter: ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> and the management company and city leaders will appear in
11:47 am
things are up to par. we reached out to the management for comment but we have not heard back. and now an 8 on your side consumer alert. parents listen to this one and check your freezer. looking for tyson chicken nuggets. the company issued a voluntary recall after the discovery of plastic. the product includes the fully cooked chicken with the use by date of july 18th, 2017. they came in five and for more information, well the federal reserve chair is deal being the headache of wells fargo today. she is testifying before the house financial services committee. there she will likely face some sharp questions over whether federal banking regulators dropped the ball by not detecting practices at wells fargo. thousands of employees were fired after it was revealed
11:48 am
wells fargo was fined $185 million. it is forcing the ceo who you see here to give up $41 million in compensation. the bank's former head of community banking is foregoing $19 million. and he will testify before the house committee on thursday. and twitter wants you to fulfill your civic duty this november. they are launching a new feature to help you to register to vote through a chat asis at that point in the account will tell you how to register with a link to sign up online. and it may show you ballot information and help you find your polling place as well. remember this guys, that's a man a lot of people have labeled america's most hated ceo. he knows that and now he is trying to use that anger to benefit someone in need. the person who donates the most money to a fund raiser for a child who lost his father to cancer will get to punch him in
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in case you forgot, he jack up the price of a life-saving medication 5,000%. he says he is also open to getting dinner instead. you decide what you want. if you're the highest bidder. october is just a few days away. so have you picked out your halloween costume yet? better yet, how about your pet's costume? it's easier than you think to bring your fur baby into the halloween fun. how just in a few minutes.
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halloween is not just for adults and little ghosts. our for-legged friends like to get in on the action. or we like to think they do. in fact, thousands of dogs and their human friends are expected at ray jay for the must love dogs fest. gayle guyardo joins us now with
11:53 am
pinterest. >> reporter: now this is clearly a watchdog. but there are all kinds of cool pet costumes trending on pinterest right now. and this is the week to get yours done. diy pet costumes are fun and surprisingly easy to put together on the fly. not just for trick-or-treating but costume contests happening in tampa bay. he is hoping to win best dressed with a costume that starts shirt. >> you need the collar and cuffs from the shirt. goodwill, theft store, anywhere. make a tie or purchase one. >> reporter: cut as close to the ribbing as you can. >> cut out the cuffs as well. >> reporter: and now it's time to tie one on. >> create a template through the tie. and all you have to do is trace it out. on to either felt or you can use some old fabric. anything works.
11:54 am
elastic for the collar, it's comfortable and easy to measure. >> and then the backing. glue it in. very simple and easy. >> reporter: and the velcro will help hold it together. >> attach the velcro to a piece of the felt or fabric, whatever you want to use for the tie. >> reporter: and that's all it takes to have a dapper dog ready for halloween. and this is the week to get your pet costume done because there happens to be a costume contest at raymond james stadium this weekend. if you win, there's some serious prizes involved. until next week, happy pinning and good luck. gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> again, the you must love dogs fest is happening at ray jay this weekend. gayle put information for you on love those costumes by the way. she posted the pest costumes on her gayle's guide to pinterest board.
11:55 am
now obviously, pets can't pick out their own costumes but they can let you know what they like and don't like. i know when i put something on her head, she freezes. take sam. you got to see the video and see if he likes the pet store or not. >> i promise they're not open. sam, come on. >> i'm going to go with no. oh, wait, does he not want to go in? or doesn't want to leave? he doesn't want to leave. i think he stores. he's not stupid. >> no. >> this is a 5-year-old beagle lab mix. he is not giving up on the dream of getting inside and. even if it's closed. mom, i will stay and wait in line. probably would have stayed all night. >> they are per sis 10. they know what they want. >> it's all about the treat aisle. >> that's it. >> and the toys. the treats. >> i've seen a lot of the videos of the owners drive their pets to the store. once the pet realizes where they're going, they go nuts. hilarious.
11:56 am
the vet. >> no. no they start howling. let's take a quick check. there's a look at matthew. it's now rolling into the caribbean. it's a strong tropical storm. the wins are 60 miles per hour. it is -- the winds are 60 miles per hour. it's expected to continue over the next days and will strengthen as well. it will bear watching as it heads towards the island of jamaica. our forecast, showers now. they'l inland. 88degrees for the afternoon high today. >> i work for the weekend. that friday and saturday looks good. >> not too bad. lower rain chance bus mornings, low 70s, that will be a treat. >> ed, thank you. happy hump day. have a great day.
11:58 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studi1a rockefeller plaza. ? >> hey, everybody. you made it. happwednesday. winesday wednesday. hoda calls it hump day. september 28. that's act like you don't by brook eden. >> i haven't heard that. i like it already. >> yeah. >> we have a great show. two lovely talented stars are here. hilary duff and debbie mazar from "younger" which we happen to have a cameo in tonight. >> that's what we hear. >> home cooking.


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