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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now four headlines at 4:00. number one tropical storm matthew. early models have this one going all over the place. we'll have the latest track. >> and number two results. more toxic water tested. the latest on that in less than a minute. >> number four, adoption needed, find out why social media is begging someone to adopt this 15-year-old lab. good afternoon everyone. thanks so much for being with us. i'm josh benson.
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let's go to julie phillips. >> we're watching tropical storm matthew. max winds at 60 miles per hour. currently moving off toward the west at 20-miles-per-hour. so while the system was just named it's already a very healthy tropical storm as it makes its way west into the caribbean. notice as we go toward the end of this week into this coming weekend it will likely become a hurricane then with an upper notice the shift toward the north. we're expecting a hard turn to the north as we head into this weekend and early next week. then we're expecting additional lengthening. due to the proximity of the hurricane we're watching this of course. most of the system are east of florida but we're still going to watch this very closely. this is a while out. you know how quickly these
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we're watching this closely for you. max winds at 60 miles per hour. here's a look at what we're expecting on that european model. you can see it'll be moving into some very warm waters. it will start to approach some lighter wind sheer which will help it to strengthen and make its trek to the north. it may affect you. you see mountainous terrain over cuba. there's the trough to the west that's going to make that turn north. we'll watch things very closely for you. at this point locally we've seen a good number of showers and storms move through due to that on shore west flow. we'll take a look at how the rain chances will develop for the weekend. two children have been slot -- shot at a south carolina elementary school.
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teenager. >> i just found out that the suspect is a teen and he is in custody. the scene is now considered secure. there were two helicopters at townville elementary school. we know that one child has been air lifted to the hospital. again two children are injured as well as a teacher. the teacher was taken away in an ambulance but we don't know her condition right to figure out how the shooter got in. the south carolina highway patrol came to the school and helped children get out safely. kids were bussed to a near by church where parents were asked to come pick them up. one student says she's scared to go back in the school. i really don't want to go back to school tomorrow because you don't know if you can trust them or not.
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school is being investigated. i'll be following these stories and bring you any new updates. >> cara jones, thanks we'll check back with you at 4:30. and also some more breaking news right now. an amber alert is in effect for a little boy from jacksonville. this is norris dail be with norris dail sr. this morning, authorities made a welfare check and found norris dail's mother dead. the two may be traveling in a silver mitsubishi gallant. that car has a specialty plate and a sticker for the baltimore ravens. if you have any information, be
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the funeral procession for baseball player jose fernandez is underway in miami. fernandez pitched for the marlins and graduated from -- high school. no radio active water that leaked into the aquafer have reached neighbors wells. >> a sink hole ed the water supply. senior investigative reporter steve engles explains why these neighbors are not yet out of the woods. >> good afternoon, i'm in lithia at the home of james maxwell. we're just a couple of miles from the new whales plant that's owned by mosaic. the first nine wells meet epa drinking water standards.
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the testing on the wells began three days after eight on your side revealed 215 million- gallons of contaminated water sitting in this gypsum stack. the water is also radio active. poses a threat to our aquifer. the test results on these nine wells do not mean these well ors homeowners are in the clear. >> the tests are a snapshot of what occurred. >> reporter: the fear james and others have is what the long term plan to monitor the impact on these people's homes and health. back to you. >> now to request a water test from mosaic the number to call 813-500-6575. we also have that number for
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north port officials are concerned that fuel could be leaking into the water supply. a fuel tanker spilled spilling more than 200-gallons of fuel. as a precaution the city of north shut down their water treatment plant. >> we were able to stop production of the water treatment plant well ahead of when it would go do with state officials and tests are being done on the water and booms are in place to prevent the fuel from spreading any further. northport is using water from other treatment plants as they try to fix this problem. more breaking news right now. the house is working to approve a government funding bill that includes $1.1 billion to fight the zika virus. the senate passed the bill earlier today and we're expecting the house to pass the bill and for it to be on
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signature. >> a lakeland psychotherapist is in jail accused of groping patients during exams. tony conti was called a predator who took advantage of young vulnerable women when they most needed help. conti is accused of putting his hands on women under their clothing and saying it therapy. here's our capital bureau correspondent mike vaselinda with more. >> the 14-1/2% increases across the board for every epl -- employer. but the increase will mean different things for different people on the job. >> others like mark fulmar who runs this pawnshop pay 80-cents for every $100 in wages they pay. >> it's not like we'll turn
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slightly different. we'll try to make more money which is what we try to do every year. >> the height is a direct result of two court cases that found portions of the law unconstitutional. businesses say they will absolutely try and make workers comp the number one issue for the 2017 legislative session but it was lawmakers who changed the law in 2009 that got businesses in the position that they're in today. reporting from the state capital, i'm make vaselinda. a happy ending to a very >> a rescue group has taken custody of a 15-year-old black lab named affirm. animal services removed the dog on friday. robert walker the 81-year-old who was attackedded during a violent home invision and later died owned that dog. keith furgon heard the story and quickly worked to find a new home for the dog.
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into a couch dog, living out the rest of his life with a family that's going to love him, care for him. and it's rapscalion to the rescue. rescue organization in levi county answered the call. for information on how you can adopt the firm, go to their weapon site. we have a >> are you still a gemini in am i still a taurus. there's a mix up in the world of astrology or is there? >> lots to sort out next at
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c1 what's your sign. really, horoscope readers
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anymore. nasa updated the dates for each of their other existing constallation. it was discovered 3,000 years ago. >> your zodiak change has not change. constalations directly, it's based on the planets. >> good, i thought my life was a lie for a second. >> i'm a gemini. you're a taurus. >> i'm a cancer. i'm on the cusp though.
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you're a tarot reader. >> some extra cloud cover due to that westerly flow -pl this was the view that took this morning from fort desoto -- weatherly flow. this was the view that tony colon took this morning from fort desoto. when you wake up tomorrow morning we're going to see showers and storms near the coast. possibly even more to start the day. by the afternoon hours, we'll see our showers and storms beginning to push more inland. temperatures will make their
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not going to be too hot tomorrow but the drier air has not arrived just yet. at this point you can see fairly dry near the coast but we're still tracking showers out in the gulf that may be moving in. a lot of the storms have pushed east of i75 that we're currently dealing with. right around kinsey. tracking some heavy rain also tracking some spotty showers up toward invernes and brookville as well. dependent on how recently you've seen some rain. we're up to 91 in opallo beach. 88 in north port. for the rest of this evening showers and storms could still see a few more move on shore and especially in our inland spots. overnight tonight we'll keep a slight rain chance in and tomorrow morning scattered storms move on shore. then ship more inland as we head into the afternoon hours a good 40% chance of rain. friday morning, small rain chance in the morning. with this stalled boundary to
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forecast. initially we thought this front would move farther to the south. doesn't look like it's going to do that. our rain chances will stay decent through this weekend for us. you can see that 40% rain chance tomorrow. a 30% chance for friday and saturday. back up to 40% as we head into the start of next week with temperatures staying in the mid- to upper 80s and of course coming up at 4:30 we'll have another check at tropical storm matthew. guys. >> thanks, julie. so what percentage of us will get the flu this ye. bad news but it's between 15 and 40% of us. not quite half of everyone. anybody can get the flu even healthy people and serious problems can happen at any age. this is the season right now for colds and flu. the question today is when should you stay home? we have answers for you today and joining us now is dr. jill. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> and we both have kidoes and
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been sick. what are the signs that we have to look for that you should keep your child home from school. >> the pretty obvious one is fever. a temperature greater than 100.4. if they're having vomiting, diarrhea or those symptoms and pink eye. other things like the cold and flu. the flu you're going to have a fever with. with a cold, if their cough is productive or would cause enough distraction in the room, i would keep those kids home. >> how long do you keep them well enough. because some, i'm not saying mine, might milk it a little bit. >> mine just did. with a fever you would want them to be 24 hours without a fever. so 24 hours without a fever. and if they have nausea or vomiting 48 hours at the minimum from the last episode they had. because they're still contagious and you want to make sure you don't spread that
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you send them back out. a lot of this is mommy. has your child been tired. are we going to be able to sit up and learn or not. >> be a distraction or contaminate others. >> if they're acting puny i would keep them home an extra day. >> my daughter was down for four days. and she's very active. she could barely move. ly the pillow. so that's when you know something is wrong. >> attitude is everything. if they're not acting themselves you know something is wrong. >> and getting the flu shot. is it too early. right on time. is it too late? when do you get it? >> right on time. right before october is when we recommend you get it. you can get a flu shot any time during the season. everyone should really get the flu shot but remember if you're pregnant, you're elderly and you're a child over the age of 6 you need to get the shot.
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there's no flu mist this year it's just the shot. so makes parents a little leery. >> don't warm them. >> don't warm them. don't tell them we're going to the doctor. just tell them you're doing it to protect them. >> have you gotten your flu shot. >> i have not. >> we have a couple in the n ew you today. >> we need them. thank you. and today was heart walk day. it was my pleasure to hand out awards. the ah a gave out awards for
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their priority. when sudden cardiac arrest strikes outside of a hospital setting the chances of survival drop significantly that means someone near you knowing cpr is critical. as one young local woman found out firsthand. >> it was christmas time in new york city. >> it was a great day. shopping, eating and just taking in all the sights and that day my life changed forever. >> reporter: britney williams had just city restaurant to watch the florida state football game with her parents. >> within five minutes of being in the restaurant, my parents looked over and a thought i was having a seizure. >> reporter: so her mother went to look for a doctor and found
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and britney was having cardiac arrest. >> the next day i woke up and i was in the hospital. i was freaked out because i didn't know what happened. i thought no way because i'm 24. i'm so young, i'm healthy, i work out. >> she learned she was born with a heart rhythm condition that can cause fast chaotic sudden cardiac arrest. she spent eight days in the icu and had to get a defibrillator inplanted before doctors would let her fly back to florida. all this has made her a huge advocate to learn cpr. >> people lose their lives every day because nobody knew cpr. i'm here today because someone did know cpr. >> and how has it been since
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>> she's doing well. the 2016 heart walk is coming up. and news 28 needs your help to raise $100,000 again this year. ikea is matching the first $50,000 that we raise. so every dollar you donate really counts as two. that walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium. go to to join my team and donate. a local lawyer's marquee is getting him into we're going to tell you what that says. >> in first at 4:00. the bucks on the field. and get the latest developments with james holloway, julie phillips and me
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>> brought to you by catania and catania. vo: we asked women in pinellas county
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welcome back. let's check in with paul ryan. >> how in nfl teams. >> there are five. >> the minnesota vickings amongst them. >> you purple people eaters disgust me. there are 13 teams with 1-2 records. the buccaneers were 15 yards away from a win over e but alas, tampa bay is .500 and is staring down on the loss -sz. quarterback james winston never dwelling on one play or one game too long. but after watching the faithful finish finish even he wishes for a do over. >> i know we had so many
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those plays if i make one or two of those plays, i'm in here with a big smile on my face because we're 2-1 instead of 1- 2. obviously we didn't like the way it ended again: but it's on to a new week. we plan to reigning superchamps so it's very exciting. the tampa bay bolt opened -p up their season. they were still without half their typical nhl roster. but reinforcements arrived this morning. jonathan drewann and others reporting for duty. despite plenty of trade rumors. ben bishop also back in blue and black. big blue was back in business even if his future remains in limbo. >> it's definitely a different
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happen. i've been traded twice, there's nothing new for me. you have to tell we're missing a guy right here now. sometimes that's the way it works. that was over and done with i'm just excited to move forward. >> finally time for me to eat a little crow. first pitch, first at-bat for tim tee league. it comes off john kilokowski. i'm still in the mind that
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do anything of this baseball career but he's already on the way. so he's proving us wrong. >> give him some time. we'll be right back. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? u can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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now four headlines, tropical storm matthew we're keeping a close eye on this storm as it moves northward. so far models have it going right to the gulf. we have a close eye on the track. both the house and the senate just voted to override a veto by president obama. the bill allows saudi arabia to be september 11. it is the first time in mr. obama's presidency that congress has overridden the veto. number three janet yellen will be eligible for a rate hike. when the fed med last week a majority of her colleagues believed it would be appropriate to raise rates. the fed last boosted its key rate back in december.
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gun. the gun that charlotte police say keith scott was holding when an officer shot and killed him was a stolen gun. a police source reports the weapon was stolen and later sold to scott. police also claim the weapon has his fingerprints and dna on it. his family though insists scott was not holding a gun when he was shot last week. his death sparked days of protests in charlotte. and right now an update to breaking news. we are keeping an eye on shooting at an elementary school in. >> i just found out that one of the students who was shot is a 6-year-old boy. one other student was shot and we know a teacher was also injured. we don't know their condition right now but we do know a teenage suspect is in custody. this is new video into our newsroom right now as parents and kids reuniting at the church near the school where
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townville along i85. again, two children are injured as well as a teacher. the kids were bussed away from the school to that church for safety with some help from the south carolina highway patrol. parents are feeling scared and for some feeling a small sense of relief. >> i just pray for the families of those kids. i thank god i wasn't mine but i feel so bad for them. and i am just going to pray that they daughter's classmates or someone i knew, i just feel so bad. >> there's a second scene where a death is being investigatessed -- investigated to this shooting. stacy and scott. >> thanks, live from our tampa news center. more breaking news we told you about earlier today as
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cancelled. we just learned norris dail jr. was found safe. he disappeared this morning with norris dail sr. the officers found the little boy's mother dead at her home. we're working to learn more about whether anybody is going to face charges in this case. also making news across america. police in into an overdoze. right now investigators are trying to figure out who supplied those drugs. and a survivor of the pulse
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many who watch the presidential debate heard a new name alicia machado miss uniform 1996. hillary clinton brought machado's -- >> what were the names he called you. miss piggy. miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. that was really normal for him in that moment. you know at 18 years old, when
4:38 pm
i was my self-esteem on the floor. >> reporter: machado says trump's insults worked into an eating disorder she worked very hard with. >> reporter: she did release this ad after the debate. >> saying, she looks ugly. >> she was the worse we ever had. the worse, ultimate worse. >> mr. trump immediately today said you're no mother teresa and he eluded to your past. >> i'm not going to pretend being madre teresa. i know they will try into distractions about my story. this happened 20 years ago and
4:39 pm
>> in 1997 trump brought cameras to film machado exercising and discussing her weight on howard stern. machado called it a lie saying she gained 18 pounds after her pageant win. the latest controversy of trump and sexism on the heels of another clinton campaign ad featuring young girls looking at themselves in the mirror. >> i would look that ugly fat face of her. >> reporter: machado profiled says she's thinking of her daughter. she told me in her native spanish that the trump we see on television seems no different than the man she knew 20 years ago.
4:40 pm
conoci, es la misma persona de hoy. >> machado tells us she's not being paid by the clinton campaign. >> how cute is this, a watchdog. we're making pet costumes in today's guide to pinterest. accused of stealing from a catholic clarity it's the lower of the low. a long time member of the church is busted. we'll tell you how he caught, you won't believe it. i'm melanie michaels, that story is coming up. >> we told you about the story of a high school football player who paid for insurance that didn't pay off.
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eagle h brought to you by your local hyundai dealers. halloween isn't just for people. our four legged friends like to get in on the action too.
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and their human friends are expected at raymond james stadium for the must love dogs fest this weekend. here's gayle gallardo's local guide to pinterest. >> and there's a lot of pet costumes and this is the week to get yours done. not just for but for doggy costume contesting happening in tampa bay. cody is hoping to win best dressed with a costume that starts with a boy's button shirt. >> you can get a shirt at a thrift store.
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the tie. and all you have to do is trace it out on to either felt or you can use some old fabric. anything works. >> reporter: you can use elastic for the collar. it's comfortable for your pup and easy to measure. >> then your backing, so you can glue it in very simple and easy. >> an adhesive velcro will help pull this piece together. >> so >> that's all it takes to have a dapper doggy. >> this is the week to get your pet costume done because there happens to be a big pet costume contest. if you win there's pretty serious contests involved. >> until next week, happy pinning and good luck coby. >> the you must love dogs fest
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weekend. gayle put information online for us. she posted pet costume diys on gayle's pinterest page. >> my daughter is already wants to start >> outside right now we're tracking what is tropical storm matthew. the advisory came in from the national hurricane center has max winds at 60 miles per hour. last check it's moving now to the west at 18 miles per hour into the caribbean and expected to eventually make its way into hurricane matthew as we head closer into the end of the week and this weekend. by the end of the weekend notice this curb off to the north. it's going to be influenced
4:47 pm
shift the track north as we head into the end of the weekend and the start of next week. but it's also going to continue to strengthen at this point by early next week it's already a category two hurricane. we're watching it very, very closely for you. hurricane hunters out investigating this storm. i found max wind gusts up to 72 miles per hour. those sustained winds still at 15 miles per hour as of the last notice our spaghetti models. the large part of these -- here's a look at one model we watched. as you see as the storm moves toward the caribbean. warm ocean waters and also fairly light wind sheer are going to allow it to continue
4:48 pm
interact so we'll have to see if it causes issues. but over all, temperatures at 80 degrees. we'll top out in the mid-80s tomorrow afternoon and a similar weather pattern. showers and storms near the we're actually still tracking a few more storms that could move on shore this evening. tracking some spotty packs of heavy rain. some rain about to move over toward clear water beach also some rain about to move on shore in pasco county as well. great view out at the lake club though. 84degrees. partly cloudy sky and for the rest of this evening we'll keep rain chances in the forecast overnight tonight. tomorrow morning a good chance
4:49 pm
thursday as we head into friday a similar story. our rain chances drop back a little bit. that front that we thought that was going to move in maybe bringing us slightly lower humidity may not have as much of an impact un unfortunately. our rain chances increase as we head into the start of next week. guys. next at 5:00, his loving owner died after a home track for tropical storm
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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welcome back. september is national whole grains month. with a number of people who cutting back on carbs and going gluten free you might think they're the bad guys. registered dietitian and nutrition consultant -- >> a lot of times carbohydrates
4:53 pm
because they're grains. >> what do you pick. >> the label always wants to entize you in. the best thing you can do is always turn that label over and look at the ingredient list. the big key is looking at for whole grains because that's referring to the entire grain. there's three layers. and the outer two are where you're going to get the good stuff. the fiber and vitamins and minerals. the inner one is going to be what's left when they take all the other stuff out like white bread is just the inner layer so it's stripped of good nutrients. >> i'm a big sucker for the buy one get one. so i think it's grain, it's not bad if i get two. >> look at the back and if it's cereal and pasta look for whole wheat or whole grain. >> what are the benefits of whole grain. >> the benefits, the fiber, the vitamins and minerals you're going to get from that.
4:54 pm
helps fill you up. helps with die -- digestion. the kind of fiber that's in oatmeal has helped to reduce cholesterol. it's very good for you and your family. >> i like carbs because they fill you up and get you through the day. but you say you can still cut back on the carbs and take advantage. >> with any of these whole grain, whole you can have one instead of two. you can still have the quinoa or a whole grain pasta. you can still have it but just have a little bit less. it does have portion control but that's in all areas of life. >> oatmeal is great for your heart and quinoa is great. >> you're doing so great. >> i pay attention during these
4:55 pm
to be better. there's even really great grains like spelt. you can find it in grain variety or grain. the whole grain is what you want to go for that's the key. >> thanks so much. good advice. >> back to you. and coming up a live action remake of the lion king. a better look when the news returns. >> his loving owner died after a brutal home invasion. w is working to fetch a firm. a new forever home. >> plus the update track for tropical storm matthew. next at 5:00. closed captioning brought
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omento describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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oop >> beginning with a lion king
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your kids' rooms in all things lion king. this morning disney made the announcement that it is reimaging it. it is one of the biggest animated films of all time. there is no release date just yet. >> now to, but ter fingers. check this out. a guy with the red sox yankee's game dropped the engagement ring while proposing. everyone looked for it. he got a redo and she said don't drop the ring. >> time for news channel 8 at 5:00 with keith and jen. breaking news on news channel 8. an elementary school, a teacher hurt. what we have learned about gunman and another crime tied to this one. >> >> i'm jen leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thanks for joining us tonight. we begin with that breaking news. a teenager is in custody
5:00 pm
two children and a teacher at a south carolina elementary school. now we're hearing a murder connected to this incident. we are waiting on a news conference to begin here shortly. and we are going to go to jana jones who is joining us from our tampa newsroom. she has the latest on the information we have at this hour as we wait for this news conference to begin. jana. >> reporter: another location about three miles from the school where a death investigation is police believe this is connected to the shooting at the school. we're learning that the two children hurt are expected to survive and the teacher is in good condition all three in the hospital according to the coroner again this took place at an elementary in townville, south carolina around 1:45 this afternoon. that is a small town near greenville.


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