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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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two children and a teacher at a south carolina elementary school. now we're hearing a murder connected to this incident. we are waiting on a news conference to begin here shortly. and we are going to go to jana jones who is joining us from our tampa newsroom. she has the latest on the information we have at this hour as we wait for this news conference to begin. jana. >> reporter: another location about three miles from the school where a death investigation is police believe this is connected to the shooting at the school. we're learning that the two children hurt are expected to survive and the teacher is in good condition all three in the hospital according to the coroner again this took place at an elementary in townville, south carolina around 1:45 this afternoon. that is a small town near greenville.
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students. they were busts bused to a church nearby. at the scene they said it has been a hard situation to be a part of. >> it is a struggle for everybody. it is emotional for us, too, to be here and know the situation in the dynamic of all the things going on in the world today and to know that there has been such a tragic situation in our own community. it is hard for all of us. >> reporter: any moment we're expecting an police and we plan to carry that live. for now back to you keys. back to you keith. thank you. now, let's check on tropical storm matthew. it formed today in the atlantic. steve jerve joins us with the latest on this one. >> this was invest 97 yesterday. today tropical storm matthew.
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a tropical storm today. wind gusts. you can see a good look on the satellite imagery. the brighter color mean cooler cloud tops so the system is well formed as a tropical storm and will move rapidly to the west northwest at 18 miles per 60-mile-an-hour winds and that forecast track will take into the west. most computer models want to take it farther to the north here. the official track follows what the spaghettid models do moving east. we'll have to watch how west this will get. you can see the last position with 105-mile-an-hour winds, but impressive winds coming out of the observation from the air
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72-mile-an-hour wind gusts in this area. we'll have to monitor this for possible movement and any affect -- if any on the state of florida. we have a new tropical storm. >> >> thank you steve. we'll check back with you in a couple minutes. the city of north port is planning to clean up a fuel spill that leaked into the water supply. they had to shut down a water treatment plant precaution. i guess the big question, john, is -- [ no audio. ] >> reporter: the water is safe and they are doing frequent test toss make sure it is safe. you can see this in the creek. you'll see booms throughout other city because the oil sheen is still there. late friday night, a tanker carrying thousands of gallons of fuel crashed on i-75 in north port. around 4,200-gallons leaked out and officials thought they had
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were alarmed to find the fuel leaked through. >> the utilities department saw a sheen. it is clearly visible in water that leads directly to the water plant. >> my first thought was how does this impact our drinking water supply. >> officials set up booms throughout the city and shutdown the water treatment plant. >> it is concerning because we don't know what it thousands and thousands of gallons of oil, chemicals and fuel retarded foam. >> the water runs and goes this way. >> reporter: robert shell is a longtime resident. he is concerned that the fuel could make people sick. >> you're always wondering when something happens but you're hoping that they do the best that they can tar you know, to take care of it. >> reporter: health officials are doing water quality tests.
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worried? >> no. this is all a precautionary measure. >> reporter: just in case, the city is pulling drinking water from other plants to make sure the public is safe. >> reporter: it is unclear how long it will take for this mess to be cleaned up and for the water treatment plant to open. they are working 24/7 on this issue. the city has a lot of water on reserve so it is unlikely any of this oil made it to the faucets. >> so right now to be the water is safe to drink. that is what i wanted to know at the beginning of the story, so that is good, but if people are worried who should they call? >> reporter: if they are worry add bought their wells, far florida department of health and the water is safe to drink.
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sarasota countiy. a police source reports it was stolen and later sold to scott. his family insists he was not holding a gun when he was shot. they said his fingerprints and dna are on the gun. it sparked days of protests. this is in a san diego suburb showing a black man pointing something at officers. they claim he was acting erratically. they are calling fo they investigate that situation. right now we want to get back to the breaking news. an update on the school shooting. let's listen in. prenot audio. >> we'll bring the audio up, so we can hear this. this is in townville, south
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the elementary school stated an armed male on the school grounds had been shot. the information we are providing today was very fluid and things were still ever changing. some of the misinformation that was put out by myself earlier was that two of the patients were flown and there was on one from patient. the other patients were taken and we'll speak to that further. i want to thank the members of the fire department, ems for their quick response and there were lives saved by the action of the fire, ems personnel today and the law enforcement response was phenomenal. there were lives saved because
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today. that is one of the things we pride ourself in. we have the program and it brings the community together. we were hoping to never see this training used but today i believe lives were saved because of being so well trained. one of the things that i think is very important is that our first responders, our teachers and all involved in this incident. you know, for factual information, this is going to be for several weeks, so just bear with us as we deal with this as a team. for that i would like to introduce dr. avery, the superintendent for district
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at the school. at approximately 1:45 this afternoon, an individual with a gun entered the premises of the elementary school and injured two of our students and one of our teachers. we do not know the extent of the injuries at this time, but all are receiving medical care. the perpetrator was apprehended by law enforcement within a matter is in custody. all students and staff have been evacuatend and accounted for at this time. we're heart broken about this senseless act of violence but we are so thankful for the quick response by law enforcement and school employees who prevented further injuries. our school district has been working hand in hand with law enforcement for the past five years. we have participated in countrywide active assault
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all received active shooter training. the quick response by the principal, teachers and staff kept this horrific tragedy from being much worse. school has been cancelled for the rest of the week. counseling services will be available both on thursday and friday for both students and staff members. the school district is working to coordinate those efforts. information on these will be communicated through our messaging system. this is a very difficult time and we ask that everyone keep the injured students and their families in their thoughts and prayers along with the entire townville community including our students, staff members and their families. we will make a further
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get more information. thank you. i'm greg shore, anderson county coroner. the sheriff's department and coroner's office is doing an active investigation at this time of a homicide of jeffrey os burn. he is 47 years old and he lives at 150 osborne road. this is two miles from the school. 911 received a call from his family a short time after the incident at townville and when officers was deceased. he died from a gunshot wound and we believe at this time it is connected to the incident at townville. there is a relationship between the victim and the shooter. this appears to be the victim's son who is a minor. okay. there you have it. that last part probably the most important because we knew
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is 100 miles northeast, two teachers and a student shot. a teen-age suspect in custody and the murder that took place prior to the school shooting was, in fact, the father of the teen who had been arrested so there is a family connection. >> they are continuing to investigate. the three have been transported to local hospitals there in townville. we'll bring updates on this breaking news as soon as we get
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a 15-year-old black lab was left without a home when his owner died after a brutal attack. one man stepped into make sure
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fate. here is more from the pasco animal shelter. chip, older dogs are pretty tough to adopt out. >> you're right jen. many never leave the shelter and we all know what that means. a man and other volunteers at the shelter were determined that was not going to happen in this case. >> turn around here. hi. oh my goodness. hi. >> he admits he has a special especially black labs. >> my forever dog is in heaven now was a black lab and that is why i got into dog rescue. >> the 81-year-old robert walker died after a brutal attack and robbery at his home, he knew he had to do something quick. days are numbered for a dog this age edge a shelter.
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older dog and black dogs people tend to walk past them. >> she is the coordinator at the shelter. she and others did what they could do to make sure he didn't spend his last days here. >> a lot of the volunteers posted stuff on facebook about him. there was a huge networking with him so it was wonderful. >> he was one of those volunteers who reached out on facebook, a answered the call. they are taking care of the dog until someone steps forward and adopts him. this lab avoided a death sentence but is still looking for a forever home. >> come on baby, let's get in the car. oh, boy. we're excited about getting in the car. yay! and anyone interested in adopting the dog needs to get in touch with them. we have the contact information
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organization and the story on chip, do we have updated information or the teen charged in that attack on the dog's owner? >> nothing new on that front, jen. alexander perez 14, still in the assessment center and facing charges. chip, thank you. i don't think we needed a nd season and we have one. >> you forget that when you get past the peak but the waters are warm and tropical activity can still form. let's look out here locally. we're seeing thunderstorms and more offshore, too. it is 84 degrees. a tenth of an inch of rain. temperatures are not too brutal there. 84 degrees, our current
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degrees. a common number. here in tampa, ominous looking clouds, but no rainfall. fritz is 80 degrees there. temperatures down, but no rainfall to show for it. northwesterly winds at 10 miles per hour. mostly cloudy skies. clouds will continue. a cold front to the north of us. they are creating showers and some are moving onshore up in the citrus and hernando counties. you can see north to south. thunderstorms offshore. north of this, so we're hoping for slightly drier air to be felt in some of these northern counties but not much south of that. that area of showers, across pinellas and more offshore here. then a few scattered showers. there could be showers and storms especially northern
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now mid-80s currently in temple terrace. 85 new port richey. sun city center mid-80s and apollo beach. there is some temperature affect from the passioning showers we're seeing today. 90 bartow. 80 sarasota. you can make out the front and certainly we're seeing that. a lot of dry air aloft just north of this area so it is where the boundaries located where you see showers rising along the boundary and showers ng the front itself. if you missed this, 60-mile-an- hour winds for tropical storm matthew moving to the west at 18 miles per hour but the official track following what the computer models are following a northerly turn, passing east of florida to the bahamas. that track always changes as we will know. that is the thinking.
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high pressure and a trough as well. the european model forecast shows the path of the area of low pressure over the caribbean sea. the warm ocean waters, upper 80s near 90 degrees but the turn is interaction with mountainous terrain as it moves over sex of cuba, hispaniola. trough in the upper atmosphere all playing apart. for tomorrow still plenty of moisture around so we'll keep the rain chance above 40%. 30% for friday favoring southern areas. same for saturday and sunday. 30% and 40%. mostly afternoon and evening hours as the temperatures staying warm as well. any great hope nor dewpoint change, lower humidity not so good at this point. maybe some folks way up north
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affects from the cold front but it is stirring up the rain activity. the 2016 heart walk is around the corner. they want to raise $100,000 but we need your help. they are matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as $2. go to walk for all of the details or if you want to, join stacie's team. >> >> a creepy halloween decoration is pulled from the shelves. >> why one mother was so upset about this. storm team 8 always tracking the tropics, always on
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d vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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home depot is pulling a peeping tom deck rakes off shelves in canada. it is a scary creaper costume and imitates a person who is looking in your window. home depot apologized and removed it from the shelves in canada. it is creepy when you get an up close shot of it. this is still for sale in the united states and online. it is one of those in a restaurant in my town 20 years ago. >> still there. >> you're close to the canadian border. >> i think it is a painting. >> we can go on for that for awhile. she claims this drug helped her. we'll have the debate over cray dumb. they called 8 on your side. we'll show you the progress
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d right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. good evening. i'm jen leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. first let's check on breaking news out of the south carolina. a teenager now in custody connected to a shooting at an elementary school in townville. we know the man found dead three miles away from the school is the suspect's father. that 47-year-old jeffrey osborne also hurt students and one teacher. all three are expected to survive. according to the superintendent, it happened on the playground and then a teacher rushed the children inside. we're going to give you any updates as soon as we get them on the air and online. also shock, outrage and the male disappointment. friends were stunned when the news broke that the treasurer of a catholic charity was


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