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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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d right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. good evening. i'm jen leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. first let's check on breaking news out of the south carolina. a teenager now in custody connected to a shooting at an elementary school in townville. we know the man found dead three miles away from the school is the suspect's father. that 47-year-old jeffrey osborne also hurt students and one teacher. all three are expected to survive. according to the superintendent, it happened on the playground and then a teacher rushed the children inside. we're going to give you any updates as soon as we get them on the air and online. also shock, outrage and the male disappointment. friends were stunned when the news broke that the treasurer of a catholic charity was
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$80,000. here is more from the sheriff's office. bring us up to speed on this. >> reporter: good evening to you. crawford bennett was the last person anyone would have suspected but his conscious drove him to confess. >> what in the world was he thinking? that is what friends are asking about crawford bennett, the treasurer of the nights of columbus in port of stealing $80,000. >> you can only be betrayed by somebody you trust. they are all good catholic church going men. this is one of the last i would have expected this from. >> he is the president and had to fire bennett after serving side by side with him at this church. he is a deeply religious man, a member of the church for 29 years with a son studying to be
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sunday school. >> shock and outrage. a lot of anger but trying to forgive, trying not to judge. he has to make his own peace. >> so where did things go horribly wrong? detectives tell us bennett also ran a business as a cabinetmaker in hudson but struggled financially. over the last two years knee was allegedly taking money from the charity to keep his business afloat hoping to pay it back when the profits road in. >> it is not a haca you say i got this guy, you know. it is sad all around. nobody wins. >> reporter: so ultimately how was bennett busted in the end? he issued a rather large check trying to pay a bill and that is when he got arrested, confessing to deputies and his church. >> $80,000 is a lot of money especially for a charity. they are out this money. what happens to the charity
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are heart broken because that war earmarked to help the homeless and people in the community that needed it so much. they will have to have fundraisers but it is a lot of money. >> thank you. kratom supporters are trying to keep it from being banned. they announced its go on that banned drug list this friday, right? >> reporter: that is what is expected, but we're waiting to see if that will happen. in the meantime more than 130,000 people signed this pelted tition to the white house hoping to keep kratom from being banned. >> gina says it has been her life saver.
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agee while kicking an opioid addiction. >> her doctors prescribed these drugs to deal with her severe back pain following a bad car accident in 2007 while getting treated, a doctor told her about kratom. >> within 30 days i woke up on july 22 and haven't gone back to the clinic since then. haven't taken a single narcotic since then. life changing. >> reporter: now she rallied in front of the the dea says there have been 15 kratom related deaths between 2014 and 2016. they also say it produces an opioid like affect and can be abused. >> they take it in various forms and has a euphoric affect and has some medicinal value. others say no, it is a problem. >> reporter: if the dea bans it, those caught with it face fines. she doesn't want to have to
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away. >> you would think while the opium epidemic is at a high, and 29 people dying per day from opioid doses, something that is not going to kill you, you would think they would be pro for. >> reporter: the sheriff said even though law enforcement is seeing a problem with kratom in south florida, they are not seeing too much as a problem here in the tampa bay area. >> i understand they are going to protest here in tampa, is that right? >> reporter: they do. they are hoping to get some people together for potentially saturday. they want nary voices to be heard before a final decision is made. >> all right. >> a pulse nightclub shooting survivor is trying to have them pass safety legislation. they met with chuck schumer and other gun supporters. he was shot multiple times on
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process of recovering. >> i would never wish the pain that i had or still have upon anyone, upon anyone's family especially the feeling of a mother, of a sister, because not only did i go through pain but my mother went through pain as well just seeing me. senator charles schumur has been pushing colleagues to stand up to gun they had the first ever campus safety day. 20 agencies were there with demonstrations. they show what happens when a car flips and a driver isn't wearing a seat belt. there were k-9 demonstrations and lessons and how to perform c. p r. >> we want to educate them. we don't want them to just get the information but we want it to simmer in their hearts and
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keeping safety first. the national campaign is in its tenth year. a rundown apartment complex was on its last leg. dangerous balcony; but they took over the apartments and they tell us things should soon start to look up. ryan hughes reports on them revitalizing the complex. >> reporter: it was one thing after another complex. mold, leaky roofs. >> when it rains, it pours. there is a lot of leakage that comes in through the windowsills. >> reporter: residents have had enough. >> it is just old stuff. it is old, old building, old complex. >> reporter: so old and rundown, some residents had to leaves complex. the issues kept adding up. >> a big complaint by neighbors, their driveways have
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bad, code enforcement officers moved in. >> we received some complaints initially we investigated. >> reporter: the management recently took over and the city told workers to clean up the place or face hefty fines. recently we found crews hard artwork patching roofs and repairing other things that have fallen apart. nay see it as a positive that came from a negati apartment complex, we're going to hold you to the standards. >> reporter: words she can live by. >> we're hoping to see change and good living conditions when you come home, you feel safe and comfortable. >> i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. r they will appear in court in december to determine if things are finally up to par. we reached out to franklin street management for comment.
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>> >> a woman tells us the sort ry of a fateful christmas in that she almost lost her life. it was that simple thing that saved her life, next. plus, from the nation's capital. the set of law and order. what message joe biden hopes to give on the special episode of svu. >> >> high temperature. sterile thunderstorms too. we'll have tropical storm matthew details coming up. >> we'l coming up. you're watching news channel 8, the station that is always on
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and eagle 8 hd coverage is brought to you by... vice president joe biden
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law and order svu to deliver a message about sexual assault. >> they have both been in talks about vp's television debut. the white house says he wants to make progress on the backlog of untested rape kits and to end violence against women. it starts at 9:00 tonight after blind spot. then chicago p.d. and news channel 8 at 11. schools to spend more time with their children. it was dad's take your child to school day and tony dungy came out to spread that important message. he says fathers and male role modeling have a big impact on their children's success. >> we're busy. i know ever pri body works and everybody has things going on. everybody wants to provide for
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makes a world of difference. i know what i got from my dad i could never replace. >> he was the national spokesman for all-pro dad and helps strengthen relationships with their kids. >> >> when sudden cardiac arrest starts outside a hospital. someone knowing cpr is critical. stacie schaible has another amazing story of survival. >> sudden cardiac different than a heart attack. it doesn't happen because there is a blockage. it involves an electrical disturbance in the heart and it can turn deadly. >> it was a great day. shopping, eating and taking in the states and that day my life changed forever. >> she watched the florida state football game with her parents. >> within five minutes of being in the restaurant, my parents looked over and they thought i was having a seizure.
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doctor in the restaurant and actually found two, eye dock forks but the problem was her heart. she had flat lined and was without a pulse. the doctors started cpr. i remember sitting at the table and ordered food and the next things i woke up in the hospital with a breathing tube. i had no idea what happened. >> she suffered sudden cardiac arrest with no warning what so >> i thought i'm 24, i'm healthy. i work out. i eat healthy. i didn't come to the conclusion. >> she works at hs n. she learned she was born with a heart problem that can cause fast chaotic heartbeats and in her case, sudden cardiac
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and had to get a defibrillator implanted so she could fly back to florida. people lose lives everyday because people don't know cpr. i am here because somebody did know cerebral palsy. everyday is a struggle because i'm paranoid about having it happen again, but i got my second chance and i'm taking it. >> we need help of raising $100,000 for the association at this year's heart walk. they are matching the first 50,000. so every dollar you donate counts as $2. go to walk to join our team and donate. >> what an impressive story. >> out of nowhere. >> and she is so young too. >> she had one little mishap between now and then but she is
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defibrillator. she looks gate a >> 85 degrees right now out here in polk county. temperatures are pleasant. sky looks beautiful. a little bit of a breeze. you can see. southwesterly winds at the crystal river. mostly overcast. there are showers and thunderstorms around the northern part of the citrus county with a cold front to the north and storms going west to east. e a s t . 84degrees. this is new port richie, 81 degrees. this is in the western sections
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north. natural instability and lots of moisture in the atmosphere. fees storms are developing and moving north. possibly southern sections of levy county and pushing into sumter county and lake county too. back to the west, a few showers here pinellas county. we'll leave rain in the forecast. otherwise spotty stuff, a few scattered showers south of lake placid primarily nice shot from clearwater. look at the plenty of sunshine. must have been earlier it day before we developed these clouds and. a few showers. we did have rain offshore and then moving onshore with the westerly breeze. some rain cooled numbers, 80s and upper 70s
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dewpoint 76 degrees. summer like number. drier air aloft. surface cold front. creating showers and thunderstorms as we have seen. you can see it is relatively quiet. it tends to stabilize the atmosphere a little more. the farther south, shower activity. in the tropics, hurricane hunters getting a 72-mile-an- hour wind gust and tropical storm matthew is the system. the forecast track will push it west in the caribbean possibly strengthening to a category 1 hurricane on friday and then turning north. that is the last forecast that track will change. that is when we have to continue to monitor the changes. there you see the bulk going east of the state of florida at this point. that can change as i mentioned intensity and certainly track forecasting still quite a bit of air, so watch for this. high wind sheer. you can see the brighter dollars. it is good. it tends to create strong upper level winds that take energy out of the system.
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down. most computer models strength then the system long term. you can see the showers and more that could be possible in the morning hours. yes, overnight and mornings there is a possibility of seeing a shower. 40% chance for thursday. 30% chance for friday, saturday and sunday. high temperatures flew out this period upper 80s. not much chance for drier feeling air. maybe across the northern part of the state, but we're waiting for the air. a costume controversy at a texas high school. >> why one student came to school dressed as a slave and what the school decided to do about it. you can join us for news
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9:00. ahead on nightly news, the latest on the school shooting in the school. we'll tell you what we know about the teen in custody. the world's airlines try to find an answer to bad plane behavior and how one man's snuggling operation is winning
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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the fbi is putting together
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of deadly force by law enforcement. fb pie director james comey told lawmakers about it today. the database captures how often police officers kill citizens and to correct what he calls a record keeping gap in these cases. the fbi plans to have it up and running within two years. fire officials in california are hoping cooler temperatures and rain in the forecast will give them a boost in fighting the fire. it has scorched more than acres and caused hundreds of evacuations. it is just 10% contained. a texas high school is facing backlash after a student was asked to change when he dressed as a slave for a school project. he wore a threaded t-shirt in blood and chose to do that for the decades day. he wanted to recognize the polite of his ancestors.
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outfit what you see with the slash marks is bad like i should take it off before it starts problems and it is uncomfortable for people. this is who i am. this is history. >> they said it was inappropriate and distracting. he did change to avoid a suspension. >> >> news channel 8 coming up next. we continue foo follow up breaking news in south carolina. a teenager, a gunman, opening fire at an elementary school injuring two students and a teacher. we're going to have a live update from south carolina. that is coming up. plus, a mental health counselor accused of taking
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why police believe there maybe more victims. they got good news, but their worries are not over. those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports wo outh... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care s for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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tilt is called plexaderm and she is here to tell us why she says this is for real. >> this one is for real. we even have a video viewers can watch while you and i talk so they can sti how this works. the model has bags under his eyes and all amount. >> what is in it? >> thin rales found in shale rock. it tightens and lifts the bags under your eyes. i did this to my father. 4 minutes 34 seconds, cot meanly gone. it also works on crows feet and fine lines and wrinkles. >> this is a daily thing?
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it is quick and easy. you can see them disappearing on the videos. >> now, you quan get the results you want. news channel 8. terrifying violence at a south carolina elementary school. what we learned about the suspected teenage shooter and his victims. >> plus, breaking new developments in an on going investigation. it turns out that we knew about the mosaic sinkhole before the governor. we'll tell you when he found out. i'm steve jerve. >> i'm stacie schaible. we begin with the shooting at a south carolina elementary school. tonight we're learning all of the victims at the school, two children and a teacher, are expected to survive.
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teenage suspect's father was found dead three miles from the school. >> at this point it is unclear what the gunman's mow fif was in all of this. here is more from the scene and this was in townville, south carolina. he hacks the latest. mark. >> reporter: good evening. yes, wee elementary school. you can see that administrators and teachers have been allowed back into get their possessions after what has been a very terrifying day. >> it happened just after lunch. reports of shots fired at the elementary school in greenville, south carolina. after least three people at the school were murt. >> one patient flown to the


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