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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. d
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and local star taken too soon. coaches and parents and stoop didn'ts at alonzo high school in tampa for a vigil in memory of the late miami marlins pitching ace jose fernandez. i can only imagine the mood out there as they prepare to pay tribute is very somber. >> reporter: indeed it is jen. if you ask anyone here tonight they will tell you indeed that jose fernandez definitely made one heck of a lasting impression. i will step out of give you a live look at what is going on. you can see home plate right there with a cone of circles of candles around it if you will. plus, wreath of flowers and then there in that frame is the jersey fernandez number 16 of this comes three days after his untimely death and his funeral
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mournsers surrounding the black hurst as it made its way through the the streets of miami wearing white t-shirts and it read rest in peace. fernandez bass taken to a catholic church in miami for a public viewing that is happening right now. >> fernandez and two other men died in a boat. back in 2011 after he brought the ravens to championships for several years, and before settling county, he held his native cuba at the young age of 15. as we come out here live, there are the ravens. this is this year's team right now. they are here. a lot of fans, friends and colleagues, coaches here, as well. there will be a private funeral for friends, family and teammates tomorrow, but tonight this vacant will get under way a short time from now at about
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expected to be a touching tribute. tropical storm matthew has formed in the eastern caribbean. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us now with the latest track. steve, we hate to hear this news that there is a storm out there, but 'tis the season. >> it is the season. abcly. we get the storms formulate in the season. we know that we can see storms form this late in the season. just a heads up. we'll have to keep an this over the next week or so. likely it women it will pass to the east, but we don't know that for sure. 18miles per hour. this tropical storm is south of hispanola. the turn will happen now. they have come into a consensus today. you can see the forecast track. 105-mile-an-hour winds and land interaction would be a problem
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air but most of the models do deepen this into a stronger hurricane. 60-mile-an-hour winds. the spaghetti models push it east to the state of florida, but well formed at this point in the last 24 hours, quite a bit of strengthening. the storm continues on that westerly track. ocean waters and light wind sheer over the long haul. interaction ks with land, mountainous terrain could weaken the system, but a trough across the eastern part of the country that could lift it north and a weakness on the upper ridge into the atlantic would play the biggest parts in helping to steer and guide the system so we'll have to monitor it. that is not set in stone, that forecast track will change, but tropical storm matthew is here
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a strong hurricane. 8 on your side, it kept rick scott in the dark about a massive sinkhole and dangerous contamination to the aqua fur. they are testing wells of neighbors. p steven andrews shows us what they uncovered so far. >> reporter: james maxwell now knows water taken from his well for testing on september 19th met standards, at least that is what the company hired by mosaic told him. his words the water i tested last monday is okay. >> reporter: our investigation confirmed for 19 days they didn't alert neighbors about the threat this sinkhole posed to their wells. who else did they keep this from? late today we received this e- mail. it states the governor's office
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the day after our first report aired. dep kept the governor in the dark. >> governor, dep keep you in the dark and if so are you going to fire the secretary? >> we're in the middle of an on going investigation. i am not going to fire him for anything i know today. he followed the law. >> one of the biggest disasters thissen fry and news channel 8 news viewers before the governor. you can call (813)500-6575. we have that posted on our website north port officials are scrambling to prevent fuel from leaking into the water supply. a tank crash leaked thousands of gallons of fuel into waterways that feed into the water plant.
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we were able to stop production of the water treatment plant well, a head of when it would go down. north port is using water from other treatment plants while they fix this problem. they are working closely with state officials. it is unclear when that will be resolved. tonight a lakeland psychotherapist is accused of doing unthinkable patients. the 71-year-old anthony conti jr. is a predator taking advantage of young women when they needed help. four victims have come forward and there may be more. >> first case this afternoon is for anthony conti, jr.. >> longtime psychotherapist looked vulnerable himself in court standing in an orange jail jumpsuit accused of groaning patient under their clothes and telling them it was therapy. >> i will tell you reading the affidavits was just bizarre.
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patient of his came forward and told how he touched her under her shirt and put his hands down his pants telling her he would rid her body of toxins. >> his office is closed until further notice. an attorney has an office next- door. >> i can tell you i have known tony for a long time. he is a good man. >> lakeland police want to talk to any potential victims in th identity confidential but they want to speak to them. the treasurer of the catholic charities facing charges after deputies say he stole money meant for the homeless. he stole $80,000 over the last two years. they say the 51-year-old admitted that he used the money to keep his struggling cabinet business afloat. still ahead, a 1 50-year-
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the pasco county animal shelter. coming up why volunteers, one in particular, were so passionate about saving this animal. we told you a story about a football player that paid for insurance that didn't pay off. wait until you hear what is
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%c1 in need of a heim tonight. the black lab named a firmed was taken by animal services after his owner died. his owner was robert walker, the man who was robbed and beaten at his home last week. chip spoke with the man who made it his mission to save this animal. >> turn around here. hi. oh my goodness gracious. look at a firm. hi. >> he admits he has a special
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>> my forever dog in heaven now was a black lab and that is why i got into dog rescue. >> when lee learned a firm was seized after his 81-year-old owner died after a brutal attack and robbery at his home, he knew he had to do something quick. days are numbered for a dog this age in a shelter. they are taking care of a firm adopts him. he avoided a death sentence but is still looking for a forever home. >> let's get in the car. oh, boy. we're excited about getting in the car. yay! in pasco counties i'm chip osowski, news channel 8. still ahead, dangerous celebrities. the stars that could put your digital devices at risk.
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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d on wall street today the dow is up 110 points. s&p 500 bass up nearly 12. the nasdaq gained 13. we're one step closer to avoiding a government shutdown. the senate approved a bill to keep it funded past friday. now that bill goes to the house. it has more than a million virus. key executives are paying up. the bank is forcing its ceo and the executive in charge of retail banking to forfeit tens of millions of dollars in compensation. they opened millions of accounts without customers' permission to reach aggressive sales targets.
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your laptop or tablet, don't look up certain celebrities. amy schumer, justin bieber and carson daly. according to intel searches for these they are to land consumers on websites that carry virus or malware. it is crunch time for seniors and their parents. new changes to the student aide application and that means the clock starts ticking earlier. you can file your fafsa as early as october until january 1st. the filing deadline is june 2018. most schools have what is called priority filing deadline. that is the date that those schools say first come, first serve. so depending on the school you choose, you're going to have first dibs on any money that might be available when your fafsa is filed by the priority deadline. another change, parents and students will be required to
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their 2015 tax year. >> >> sear's has hitched a ride with uber to make the rewards program. they will receive up to two dollars in loyalty points for every trip. it is called ride eerie wards and will be rolled out nationwide soon. those who drive with shop your way with u der will get up to $1,000 in points. >> shoe but these adidas kicks are made almost entirely by robots. it was made in germany. the idea of robot factories is to make fully exist tom miced shoes on demand rather than having stockpiles of inventory. they plan to open another one in atlanta next year. money well spent. some taxpayers don't think so.
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mark is on it because you paid for it. denied and left hanging. we told you about a single mom who paid for mandatory football insurance for her son, but she couldn't collect. because of our story, her luck may have changed. the mandatory football insurance the school district requires football players to buy didn't cover kenny johnson when he had his >> did you see stars that day? >> yes, sir. >> he saw stars and she saw thousands of dollars of bills for treatment of his concussion. she has to pay about $3,500 out- of-pocket after her primary family health insurance kicked in. the secondary school insurance didn't cover so much as a penny. >> but did you ever think you would have to work this hard to collect on an insurance claim?
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insurance policy in place for the offseason. that is when players practice are blamed for an outside organization. >> we're going through trying to find that paperwork and get it together. >> trouble is, the coach is gone. the athletic director is gone and so is the trainer who filled out the injury report. no one can find the coach's insurance policy that was supposed to cover johnson's injury. >> i can't explain it. i don't know why the coach didn't say go use this thir i didn't know about this until a week and a half ago. >> he said now that he does know what happened, he is helping monica johnson file a new claim through the district's safety office. >> that means it will be great. then i can take some of what i need to pay on this bill and put it on something else, another bill. >> it is still not clear how much if anything the school district is going to take care of in all of this, but after a year and a half, this is the
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has heard since her son's injury. in tampa, i'm mark douglas, news channel 8. 88 degrees for a high temperature. we're currently at 82 here in the south part of sarasota county. no precipitation. lots of overcast at the moment. 80degrees there. overcast has helped out a little bit. perhaps some nearby showers. you can see 80 degree northwest wind at 2 so temperatures are reasonable but the humidity is very high. thunderstorm activity ty to the north. you can see the western part seeing thunderstorms come on shore all racing off to the east. pretty good rain coverage. a few lightning strikes there. some rain there, but that is the strongest area southwest port of her nan dough county.
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pinellas county. then farther south drying up in southern areas. most of the rain close tore where that front is located. at 9:00 p.m. our temperature, upper 70s. we'll stay with that overnight because the humidity is so high. 82 in tampa. 82 in downtown st. petersburg. dewpoint 75 degrees so really high humidity. surface cold front right in that area which is why we're seeing thunderstorming develop n heaviest rain now to the northern sections of the news channel 8 viewing area or in citrus county. the path of tropical storm matthew forming today will eventually curve to the north. that is the consensus at this point. potentially monday, with 105- mile-an-hour winds and a hurricane passing over the bahamas east of the florida, but that can change. shower chance overnight and
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off especially northern spots closer to where that cold front is located. highs in the upper 80s thursday, friday and saturday. the rain chances seasonal levels. it is fall but the temperatures are warm. it comes with high humidity. not much refreshment to the north. not for most. >> you can tell it is trying so hard in the morning in exactly. >> it is a good time to live here. >> we'll be right back.
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. he is the infamous ceo who became public number one after hiking um drug prices 500%.
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people to get even. he is auctioning off the chance for someone to punch him in the face. right now the highest bid is about $80,000. hey, a foul play had fans at when key stadium gasping in disbelief but it is a guy at the game dropped the engagement ring as he was proposing to girlfriend. fans surrounding the couple helped them look for it. romeo got his ring back and most importantly got a yes, from that lady right there, mrs. right. >> initially when you started that story, i thought they were on national television and she said no. >> that would be terrible. >> but she said yes, just a lost ring. that's would be embarrassing. >> they found the ring. it had some cotton candy on it.
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>> we'll be back here at 11:00. have a great night. paris. >> the serial celebrity prankster strikes again, now on "extra." >> days after ambushing gigi hadid, kim kardashian gets bum rushed. the dramatic new video as her worst nightmare. >> what is wrong with you. >> nasty brawls clashing over the kids. new details, angelina escape plans as their marriage crumbled. and the flight fight why it was the final straw. ivanka trump's intervention before the debate. >> she begged donald not to go after bill clinton.
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called miss piggy blast back today. >> and drunk debate kimmel style. >> i have a feeling by the end of the evening. >> halle berry at 50. has she ever looked better? >> hope we stay that way. >> and the "blackish" star, ross is going crazy over. >> diahann carroll. >> okay. >> and isabel sanford. >> okay. >> the entertainment l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up his run came to an end on "dancing with the stars." now is rick perry's next move going to be on trump's campaign? >> and we've seen it on glee and now kate hudson belts it out for jimmy fallon. and for the second time kim falls victim to the same prankster in paris.
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on the streets of paris. brand new video. infamous celebrity prankster rushing the star lunging at her and incredibly trying to plant a kiss her sheer asset. through this business suit. >> jumping into action and pinning him to the ground. this new insane stunt nearly two years after he attacked her at paris fashion week. and just days after he violently grabbed model gigi hadid in the line. no body gard needed here as she pummelled him in the face. >> what's wrong with you? >> i'm just different guy who thinks differently. >> protesting kim's butt implants which she's denied


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