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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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governor's new pollution notification rule is in full force, the way it is impacting what we know and when we know it. good evening. >> and i'm jennifer lee. thank you for joining us. an emotional night at one bay area high school. friends, teammates and coaches of the late miami marlins' ace pitcher jose fernandez tonight pay him a final tribute. just hours before, another procession. the members boeing their heads and afterwards hugging each other as they cry. fernandez and two friends died early sundays morning when their boat crashed in a jetty in the waters off of miami beach. here at home where he went to high school, a candle light vigil to remember the man who came here from cuba before he made it to the big time in miami. and we are live at alonzo high
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eye there tonight. >> reporter: you got that right, so many tears, fond memories, and also a whole lot of love at the vigil tonight, and a sign here at the school sums it up pretty well. there it is. jose fernandez, fly high and sour proudly. they turned out in the hundreds in the pouring rain to remember number 16. >> he touched my heart just like he touched many. >> reporter: anyone you ask here, they'll tell you how jose fernandez touched them. >> and ma helped and how many people he made smile. it -- and how many people he struck out that he didn't make smile. that was jose. >> reporter: he just got back from seeing the family in miami. [ just seeing his mom and his grandma and everybody. a houseful of people that loved him very much. it is definitely heartbreaking.
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one thing about fernandez always stood out. >> i'm going to remember his smile. everybody keeps talking about it because it is the truth. >> reporter: his former coach says jose was unlike any other player. >> that guy brings something special to the mlb. there is no guy who has a charisma like him. people just gravitated to him and just love the passion he had for the game.. [applause] >> reporter: his rm teammates say he was force to reckon. >> >> it is in the a thing you really put into words, no matter how many words people can say about it, i just can't capture. >> reporter: and there will be a private funeral tomorrow for close friends and family. >> the investigation obviously in its early stages, but i know senator marco rubio has become involved in this situation.
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guard to investigate the jetty, the same jetty that the boat fernandez was on crashed into. apparently there have been many similar incidents like this one and now the senator wants the coast guard to look into it. >> he wants questions answered. paul, thank you. new information tonight on that south carolina school shooting we have been talking about today a teenager boy is in custody accused of opening fire outside the elementary school injuring two students and a teacher. now, the boy is also accused the investigators believe he called his grandparent whose went to the home, which -- grandparents, went to the home, which is about three miles away. and we're in townville, south carolina with new information about the schooling victims and the hero who stopped that team gunman. >> reporter: it was near the end of the school day when authorities learned a gunman was on townville elementary school grounds. >> a white male, all black
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teenager armed with a handgun opened fire on the playground. an off duty firefighter apprehended the shooter before he could enter the school. [ and he engaged the suspect, and at that point took him down, and law enforcement was quickly behind him. >> reporter: authorities say two male students and one female teacher were hurt. the entire incident over about 15 minutes after the initial call. >> but we are so thankful for the quick response by law enforcement and injuries. >> reporter: a short time after the school shooting, authorities received another 911 call. about two miles away, a man dead from a gunshot wound, the school shooter's father. >> we believe at this time it is connected to the incident. >> reporter: the students at the school were taken to a nearby church where they were reunited with pardons. >> i thank god it was not might be, but sad it was them.
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canceled classes for the rest of the week as they try to make sense of the senseless. nbc news. first responders and school officials are crediting prior training for saving lives today. and as mark just mentioned in that report, law enforcement officials have not released a motive for this shooting. tropical storm matthew is churning along in the atlantic. chief meteorologist joins us now in the forecast center with a look at this latest track. is it still a little early to know impact us in. >> reporter: it is, but, of course, the computer model has been fairly consistent. it is just something these things have change. i have been doing this too long. they change through the coming days with the conditions that we have. of course, the computer model runs as well. they offer different opinions, too. it is right around the outer islands. it is now essentially and technically inside the caribbean over those warmer waters. very well formed storm. you can see here the latest
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per-hour winds flying out of puerto rico there, and you can see that is enough to be very close to hurricane status. but right now the winds are a little stronger as of 11:00 at 65 miles per hour. 60 miles per hour as of 5:00 this afternoon. and the forecast track continues to the west at a pretty decent pace. as a category one hurricane possibly sometime tomorrow, and then, like most of the computer models do, turn it to the north interacting with land better wind sheer environment for strengthening over the long haul. a quick look at the spaghetti models show why it has come up with that track as the consensus of the models came more in line. we'll continue to watch it and a lot can happen. back to you. >> all right, steve. thank you very much. his job is to heal and instead he is accused of doing harm a mental health counselor is accused of groping his patients during exams. he appeared in court ted and
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women. two women told police that conti put his hands under their clothes, touched them inappropriately, all under the guys that he was helping them by releasing toxins. the police expect there will be even more victims. new tonight, there appears to be an agreement that could allow the ride sharing service uber to operate legally in hillsboro county. they report they worked out a temporary agreement with the chairman. it spells out background checks other rules. they must approve this agreement and we're expecting to learn more tomorrow morning. of course, be sure to tune in to our 11:00 a.m. news for updates on that. two updates now on the contamination threat by a sink hole in mull bury. the florida department of environmental protection kept governor rick scott in the dark
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system. and the tests show the raid yes active water had not yet reached wells. and james maxwell learned his water was good on the day it was tested, but that has done little to ease his fears. >> is it going to be next week i start getting sick or six months my wife starts getting sick? is it from the well? >> reporter: maxwell hopes the state for mosaic continued testing his well. today 8 on your side confirmed the governor's of first report along with neighbors and the public, the governor was kept in the dark for 19 days. in north florida, officials are scrambling from allowing fuel to enter into the water supply. a tanker fuel spilled into the water plant. in response, booms were set up and the treatment plant was shut down. it is still unclear when this mess will be cleaned up. jo and it
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the government to alert when there is pollution. clearwater, and the reason large-scale sewage spills and the millions of gallons of contaminated water from the plant that flowed into the florida water system prompted this emergency rule. news channel 8's peter bernard is joining us in clearwater with new information about how much raw sawage was spilled. pete summer. sewage spewed from this station starting around 4:00 a.m. tuesday emergency and lasting until 1:00 this afternoon. that is small compared to the millions of gallons discharged by st. petersburg but it is enough to cause concern. 150,000 gallons? i hope they get it ficked very, very quickly. >> reporter: a pipe under this concrete slab ruptured letting loose a torrent of raw sewage into nearby alligator creek. it gushed for nine hours until
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>> what is different this time around is the governor has determined all spills, it appears, are going to be noticed the way this one was. in the past, a spill of this size, we would have noticed everyone anyway. >> reporter: responding to the mosaic sink hole and the sewage spill, governor spot issued an emergency rule requiring the pollution incidents be reported within 24 hours. near the clearwater spill, if the -- at the harbor arms town homes, this neighbor likes that really. otherwise the public will never -- you know, they may momentarily smell something, but not know who to talk to. >> reporter: but this neighbor doesn't think it goes far enough. >> it would work if it did its job, but unfortunately it is not because we didn't get notified. >> reporter: the city crews have posted signs warning of the polluted water in the correct and put letters on adjacent doors cautioning
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keep her dogs on a leash. >> really, you would have told us within # hour ? >> absolutely. >> reporter: absolutely, he says. testing is being done to see where that pollution traveled. how big of a spill does it need to be before that trigger comes in that they have to report it to everyone. clearwater is interpreting it to mean any spill. >> yes. and it is a sign of that. we're hering about another sewage spill in river view and that an incident that might have gone unnoticed prior to this new rule. >> reporter: exactly. there was a spill in river view about 10,000 gallons that was yesterday. it was caused by some grease that clogged the line. they went down there and cleaned it up. you're right. we may not have known about it had we not known about this new order and the governor wants to make ate law. >> thank you,. with a wildfire burning all around them, the residents in california are being allowed to go back to their homes.
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fire under control judgement and plus, an important 8 on your side consumer alert. we'll show you if your washer could be at risk of exploding. eagle 8 hd ruling the skies of tampa bay, brought to you by your sun coast hyundai dealers. when a sink hole dumped radioactive water into our drinking water, 8 on your side broke the story. >> and we exposed it >> significant developments in an 8 on your side investigation. >> the state kept the public in the dark. >> we kept asking questions. >> is anyone going to be fired? >> we tried to reach you for three or four days. >> what will they do to help us in. >> we won't stop. >> news channel 8, the only
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cooler could wagainst the wildfire in california. so far it is blamed for burning 2,500 acres. more than 1,000 firefighters were called in over the last few days to help battle these flames. there is a little bit of good news, though. evacuation orders were lifted this afternoon, however, the roads are still shut down for people who don't actually live in there. >> the fact it was getting closer and closer was to me a warning sign, not a danger sign, but a warning sign. >> it is a waiting game right
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cooler temperatures will actually help. firefighters are working 24 hour shifts with the hopes of having this fire contained by monday. and now to an 8 on your side consumer alert. another samsung product is reportedly exploding, and this time it is top loading washing machines of all things. the u.s. regulators are warning that some samsung washers made between march 2011 and april 2016 have exploded a woman says her machine blew velocity it broke through a wall. samsung is working with officials on a quick fix. you may want to think twice before googling certain celebrities. according to intel security, if you search amy schumer, justin bieber or carson daley, you're more likely to go to a web site that carry as virus or malware. this list also includes selena gomez and miley cyrus. a new rewards plan is
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uber riders who link their accounts to searses shop your way loyalty plan will receive up to $2 in loyalty points for every trip. those loyalty member whose sign up to ride with uber the first time will receive their first trip free up to $15. the program will soon be rolled out nationwide. you nominated and you voted. tonight the big winners of the best of the day party were awarded in st. petersburg. >> and the happy theatre filled with the best of the best. they from best sports teams to best restaurants. the best coach went to the lightning's own jon cooper. and a familiar face co-hosting that right there is our very own jen holloway who emceed this evening. a nice shot tonight. andrew says not a lot of color
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beautiful one, and today we had a warm high of 88 degrees. showers and thunderstorms. a few continue to roll across the bay area from west to east. we have seen this throughout the day, especially with the cold front from front to north. this area of thunderstorms, the southern part of hardy drifting toward folks in sebring. so watch for that in the next half hour to an hour or so, probably the next half hour. you can see the activities have from fort meade and all the way up drifting off to the east. you can see a few showers back to the south. but these thunderstorms north of arcadia put it in line, and potentially avon park, sebring and maybe lake placid, too. the rain chances the next couple of days are near the average of 30% or maybe above that. thursday, friday, saturday, moisture to work with. we do have a front to the north, but that is not going to
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drier air. 86 degrees at 4:00 p.m. now 74 and getting rain cooled numbers here in the afternoon. reasonable temperatures and the dew points have been high. the humidity is still up there. 78 barto. 77 sarasota and northport. a surface cold front here as well that will change some of the dew points, the humidity across the northern part of the state and southern georgia. but for us, we're still kind of in the soup. you can see most of the point. there is the front on the map so we're not expecting that big push at the moment. if you missed this a couple of minutes ago, a track of tropical storm matthew will continue to the west at 15 miles per hour and take the northerly turn. you can see interacting with potentially the eastern part of cuba. haiti and also the dominican republic and more closely to port-au-prince. and that area will probably
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track. but this can actually change over a period of time. well formed, good convex, cooler cloud tops are very clear for tonight. so this is the sign of a system that is strengthening. the forecast was a little stronger at 65 miles per hour. 74 is when it officially become as hurricane. so the effects on it, the warm, sea surface temperatures and the northerly turn as forecasted by most computer models will continue to lift to the north. of pressure that extends out to the atlantic. it will combine sharply, according the computer models and what we think move farther to the north. hopefully east of the state of florida. that would be god as most computer models suggest at the moment. stay tuned in case that decides to change. morning showers, even overnight showers possible. and keep in mind you can see a morning shower. we have seen a few strong overnight showers the past couple of days. 40% rain chance that is for thursday.
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also sunday, the rain chances remainer in or slightly above normal. we don't see that cooler, drier air. some of it across the northern part of the state. the northern counties could potentially feel some slightly drier air getting into friday, saturday, but not a big change at this point. >> but we want to hear from them if they feel better than they do. >> the dew point down five degrees. they will. >> that is what facebook is for. >> and cat >> yes. the rays continue their final road trip of the season. highlights from chicago straight ahead. plus, the bucs try to move on from the sting of sunday's loss. they look ahead to a match-up with the super bowl champs, next in sports. and will you guys remember this? this year's heart walk is coming up in november, but now is the time to join the team. kia generously matching the first $50,000 reraise. you can go to
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if i make the plays, i will have a big smile on my face because we're 2-1 instead of 1- 2. >> sunday's loss still springs. jameis winston, but there is only forward, no other way, and tampa bay's next po and the head coach has never shied away from setting goals, as lofty as some may seem. after a week one win, the bucs were quick to bring up the super bowl. and he said it best. when you start a business, you don't set out to break even. you want to be a millionaire. this sunday the buccaneer also have a chance to ask that question directly to a team that has the answer. the reigning world champion denver broncos.
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spotless squads. tampa bay could use a win to wash away the sour taste of last sunday, but they'll have to bet the best to be the best. >> it is can he feel a measuring stick for us. we definitely thought the cardinals game was going to be that. the game didn't go the way we planned, so this is not a -- another measuring stick for us. >> who else should we play but these guys. we have them and carolina in back-to-back weeks, when you rook at that stretch with arizona, the carolina, arguably the five best defenses in the whole nfl, so it is a challenge that's what all of us have to come together and be like we take on that challenge. >> to get a win in the nfl is hard enough to get a win on a super bowl caliber championship team, it would be a very exciting time for this town and this team and it just shows we're going in the right direction. >> just in time for pre-season game number two tomorrow night,
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this morning as most of the bolts competing with the world cup of hockey reported for duty at the arena. among them, the goaltender ben bishop who sounded off on his international experience. >> it feels good to be back obviously. it wasn't the result that we would have liked in front, but it is kind of over and done with now. we're just focused on camp new and getting ready for the season. it is a busy month. they were all over the place. it is kind of nice to be back home here sleeping in your own e >> finally, if you haven't seen this yet, drink it in, man. i give you the gift of tebow. tim tebow, the former gators' quarterback taking the first pitch of his first at-bat in the mets' instructional league and smacking it for an opposite field home run. you have to start somewhere if you're tim tebow. the rays in action in chicago tonight. even a couple of rain clays. that game in the sixth. that game is still scoreless. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with
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i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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>> your winning lottery numbers.
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52, 53, 62, the powerball itself is 1 no and the morning? >> in the morning, 76 degrees. we do expect a slight possibility of a few coastal showers. we have seen that the past couple of mornings and we can't rule that out. and the afternoon should end up in the upper 80s. the rain chance is seasonal or a little higher the past couple of days. >> we had some rain today. >> you like the disney. you like that disney, don't you? >> they're remaining "the lion king." >> no. >> check this out. the studio announcing they will reimagine "the lion king" that is similar to "the jungle book." walt kiss nee is teaming up with the director for the remaining. don't worry this new lion king will include music from the original. no release date yet for that new movie, but i'll guess they'll have to consult sir elton about that. >> didn't you say don't worry,
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>> it is played. i'm calling it! >> that's it. >> thank you for joining us. >> it is like listening to the c.d. >> it is. >> it is a reimagining.
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[ cheers and applause ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sting,


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