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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now four headlines at 4:00. number one, hurricane matthew. we are keeping a close eye on this storm as it heads towards land. and number two, deadly crash. a commuter train plows through a new jersey station during rush hour. the number three, uber and lyft. if you use a ride sharing service or maybe you work for one, we have good news for you today. and number four -- >> reporter: this just in, the judges have made their decisions. so i'll introduce to you the big three team of the week coming up. good afternoon. thank you for being here. i'm josh benson. >> i'm jenn holloway. this is first at 4:00. we begin with the late nest a deadly train crash. one woman is now dead and more
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plowed through a busy commuter station in hoboken, new jersey. >> that's right. and according to governor chris christie, the engineer is now in critical condition. here is the latest. >> reporter: the devastating pictures show the aftermath of a massive crash at a busy rush hour train station in new jersey just outside of new york city. the passenger train slammed into the station killing one person standing at the platform. the crash happened around 8:45 ea part of the roof of the terminal looks to have collapsed. the ntsb is sending teams to the scene and will look at all possible factors. >> operation, mechanic, tracks, signals, human per formans. >> reporter: they'll look at -- performance. >> reporter: they'll look at this crash and one from a similar station in 2011. >> we working closely with local officials in order to assist in their efforts to
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the accident. >> reporter: a freight engineer who witnessed the crash described what he saw. >> about 30 seconds after it happened, i looked to the right and i just saw the train in the building, like, whoa, this train had to come in about 30 miles per hour, maybe more. >> reporter: this survivor says he was in the front car when it crashed. >> a loud bang and then the lights we want out and the roof came down on it. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie offered condolences and promised quick action. w the one fatality. that we have confirmed. we're going to work together to make sure that the investigation is seemless and coordinated and that we come to a conclusion as quickly as possible. and also making headlines today, one child remains in critical condition following a shooting at an elementary school. a volunteer firefighter is being called a hero for stopping the shooter in asouth
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father to death, called his grandmother sobbing and then drove himself to the school and started shooting. he is now in custody and we will have reactions for the mother coming up at 4:30. well, of course, we are tracking hurricane matthew. storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips has the latest. >> thank you. and that's the big deal, matthew was upgraded to a hurricane with winds at 75 miles per hour. making it a category one storm. you can see it imagery. you can see right there, that red color, the cooler cloud tops in the storm. so it's well formed at this point as it moves west into the caribbean right now, bringing heavy rain to parts of puerto rico currently. and continuing to track west the next couple days. you can see our current movement is out of the west at 17 miles per hour. it's expected to gradually strengthen and then into the end of the weekend, make the curve towards the north,
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or potentially over towards haiti. but we will watch this closely. it may weaken a bit as it moves over land. again, favorable environment at this point. spaghetti models have a general consensus bringing it west and then making it curve northward. it would depend on any u.s. impacts. and we will continue to do so over the next hurricane hunters are out in the storm today. and they found wind gusts up to 91 miles per hour. so no surprise. this was upgraded to a hurricane at 2:00 this afternoon. those sustained winds are at 75 miles per hour. and this season, active so far. now had 13 named storms and now we've had five hurricanes so far as we count matthew. we will have more on the forecast for the rest of the week and your weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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coverage, zika virus in your backyard. >> well, finally federal dollars will now flow into florida to help fight the zika virus. congress just approved spending $1.1 billion to battle this virus. right now, there are more than 900 cases in our state. 190 of them were contracted right here in florida rather than overseas. local legislative leaders happy the bill finally passed but they are frustrated it took so long. >> it did take we got it done and reached a bipartisan compromise that will fund critical prevention, health care and delivery. >> $394 million are allocated for surveillance. and $397 million will go towards vaccines. last night, hundreds gathered at the high school to honor the memory of star baseball player jose fernandez but one person was there for more sinister reasons.
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jerseys that was hanging in the dugout for all to enjoy. the school immediately put out feelers on social media hoping the the culprit would return it, no questions asked. and the theft was reported to the sheriff's office. and this is happening during the funeral pitcher. you are watching eight teammates carrying the casket into the church in miami. he was one of three people kill when had the boat they were on crash sunday morning. an investigation into the e of the crash is still ongoing. well, uber and lyft may soon be working legally in hillsborough county. the two ride sharing services have been in a legal battle with the transportation commission. >> but the chairman of the ptc now believes he has a deal that will allow the companies to end their lawsuits. >> reporter: it's a battle between ride sharing services like uber and lyft on one side and the public transportation commission and taxicab
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the table that could help. >> i think we need a change. we need something new. >> reporter: she has been driving for uber since the end of july but like other uber driver, if she works in hillsborough county, she faces expensive tickets from ptc officers if she is caught. now the chairman of the ptc believes he is worked out an agreement that would allow ride sharing services to operate legally in the county. >> it could bring an end controversy that has plagued ptc. >> reporter: it requires the ride sharing services to pay a fee, drivers to go through background checks and cars to be inspected and have insurance. but this deal is not the final word. it must still be approve bid the full ptc in october at their next meeting. still ahead, watch out for these washing machines. how one company's warning as
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is happening in people's homes. plus, taking pictures of your cree creations. we have apps that may help you enjoy it more. that's coming up on first at 4:00. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em.
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and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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now on to your consumer watch first at 4:00, a warning from samsung. they are receiving reports about top loading spin cycle. that's right. machines made between march 2011 and april of this year. the consumer product safety commission is recommending owners use a lower speed delicate cycle until they figure out why it's happening and owners should receive a notice from the company. mercedes-benz unveiled a cool concept for an electric suv in the paris auto show. it's the first in the line of
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and zero external mirrors. instead, it uses cameras. inside and, no knobs or switch, everything is controlled through the touch screen. the price tag around $50,000. and get this, a study finds a whopping 34 million u.s. adults have begun holiday shopping. can you believe that? and that includes about 1 million who are completely finished. it's september. what are these people doing? according to the report from, 58% of shoppers like shopping in stores while 32% do shopping online. >> got to make a list. >> that's not even on my radar at this point. yikes. we've got your first at 4:00 weather coming up including hurricane matthew coming up next. >> that's right. and also coming up -- >> a couple robberies games are in the running to take one of these home. coming up, to the highlights we will go. and you don't want to miss it. and then in first at 4:00 sport, the bucs play the
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broncos are 3-0. one buc's player says why he is not surprised the rookie quarterback is having a great year. plus, developments on the biggest stories with josh, julie and myself on tampa bay's most convenient time prime newscast, that's every weeknight on great 38 at 8:00. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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joaning us now for another look at the first at 4:00 we now have a hurricane. >> we do. hurricane matthew formed this afternoon. already the fifth hurricane of the season so that's an active season. >> is that above or below average? >> we're running a little above average. the average total number of storms for the year so we are on track for a busy season.
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>> reporter: >> 85 degrees at veterans ford in tampa. and for the even, we will see isolated storms moving onshore, lingering still into the late evening hours past sunset tonight. and into the overnight hour, we will drop back into the mid- 70s. we will see more rain near the coast the to the start off tomorrow morning. expect that for the friday morning commute. and it will spread inland into the afternoon hours. we're calling for another 40% chance of rain tomorrow. that's slightly drier air we were hoping to see, going to pan out for us. temperatures right back up into the upper 80s. westerly flow today and that's been pushing showers and storms from west to east across the tampa bay area. and we are still tracking heavy rain in southwestern polk county, through auburndale, over towards bowling green. heavy rain and a lot of lightning within the storm. and tracking more spotty showers making their way onshore, manatee and sarasota
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south. and more rain headed towards sarasota and towards gulf gate estates and towards englewood as well. temperatures right now, dependent upon how much rain you have seen. only 76 in winter haven. 87 in tampa. 28 the in clearwater. and 84 in crystal river. and it's 84 right now in inverness. we will see more showers and storms continuing and they'll continue to push east through the evening hours. and even into the overnight hour, we will continue to see showers around. tomorrow morning, notice a wet commute if you live west of i- 75. and it's possibly you will run into some rain. and the showers and storms will spread inland into friday afternoon. a 40% rain chance throughout the day. so not just during the afternoon hours. saturday does look better though. the front gets closer to us. feels less muggy saturday morning and slightly drier air saturday afternoon capping the
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and back up into next week. here's a look at the hurricane matthew. again, that category one storm. the track looks similar to what we have been dealing with the past couple days with the curve towards the north as we head into the weekend. temperature-wise, we are staying in the mid- to upper 80s, no change there. first big cold front hasn't arrived just yet. guys. >> thank you. a question for you, how many of your friends or family members commented on social media during monday night's well, for us here at the station, it was a whole lot. so how is this public forum changing the way that we watch politics? we have answers for you today. joining me now our social media expert from illuminate local, jonathan sellers. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> it's been four years since we have gone through this. what is the difference between four years ago and now and people reacting. >> the big thing is the access to the debate, the access to
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conversation. for this time in particular, we had both facebook and twitter live streaming the whole debate. and we saw something in the form of advertising that's taking things to a different level where donald trump purchased a filter on snapchat. so during the debate, anyone who went on to snapchat had the chance to see the debate day, donald trump verses crooked hillary felter and. the use that, a little mud commercials on tv, that's a way we haven't seen it before. >> if you were a guessing man, how much do you think he paid for that? >> a lot. hundreds of thousands to maybe in the millions. he bought it nationwide. >> and that's something for people who are into social media and create &, maybe they get an idea and sell to it candidates. >> yes. and i think that's going -- there's going to be a lot of that because people want to get the witty, cool, new ways of
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them. >> witty and also wise. >> witty and wise, yep. >> for sure. and what do you think won on social media during the debate? >> well, the it's hard the to say because of so many source of information and so much just action out there. but if you look at it from pure just volume, donald trump as the whole campaign has been was far and away the most commented about person. so it could be positive or negative but on facebook, 80% the conversation. on twit e 56 conversation was about him. and on facebook, we're talking like hundreds of millions of mentions. 33million people mentioned him on facebook. 28million people mentioned hillary. on twitter, you get into some -- i have notes here. i don't want to mess this up. top trending tweets, stop and frisk, 38,000 comments on twitter about that. and when he said hillary has
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life, 31,000. and hillary's comment, i know you live in your own reality, trump, that was about 26,000 people. and her economic comment, trump dump and trickle down got over 20,000 comments. and you go off social to just the internet, the cyber, there was a 3,000% increase in the traffic to fact checking websites. so people were really taking the the information and then going online, on their device to find out the answers. >> knowledge is power. >> but don't believe everything you hear or read on the internet. >> and definitely, i would make a quick comment about that. after the debate, trump's side was posting a picture of the polls. i would just make a note, those polls are not controlled and it was found out that basically reddit users were directing people to the polls in large numbers to get those results. >> do your research.
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for the information. >> glad to be here. maybe you're just looking at am pie online, food can dominate facebook, instagram and even pinterest. listen up. an 8 on your side's consumer watch today, apps that foodies will love. >> reporter: if you're used to swiping left or right for dates on tinder, consider downloading tender, it's considered the tinder for recipes from all over the world. swipe right to save a recipe or swipe left to skip over it. want to go to eat, download no wait. you will get a text when your table is ready. once you have your food, take the perfect picture with foodie, the app has 26 filters customized for food pictures and then share away to facebook, instagram or other
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and the best part, they're free. for consumer watch. well, riel ride sharing week is usually reserved for the last two weeks of the high school football season but this year some of our bay area teams couldn't. >> so here's the big three -- couldn't wait. >> so here's the big three in the running for the trophy. >> tampa bay, one of the nonfootball things i love about high school football is when students start talking smac paint their faces and bodies for the game. and that's exactly where we start with the three times in the running to take our coveted news channel 8 team of the week trophy home. >> come out to our house tonight. going to get it, boys. >> reporter: forget game of the week, this was the game of the season for close to 4,000 south tampa fans. the panthers started by scoring on an team that hadn't given up
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getting after the quarterback like it was running down a deer for dinner. and just the little further north in hillsborough county, the middleton rivalry goes back to segregation the yellow jackets wearing the road white put a serious beat down on the tigers scoring 33 point, and held the tigers to 100 total yard, recovered two fumbles and an interception on their way the to shutting out the tigers the palm harbor university hurricanes pulled out all the stops on the way to their first win of the season. the hurricanes got a key sack, stopped the ram's attack with less than two minutes throat go this n the game. and the offense kept putting up points to beat the sarasota riverview rams 35-30. the hurricanes won their first game of the season by beating a divisional opponent. that's what i'm talking about. but will it be enough to take
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i'll let you know how the judges decide coming up at 5:30. anthony allred, news channel 8 sports. let's check in on the rest of the sports with paul ryan. >> you see the trophies. he look like the vince lombardy trophy. >> not as heavy though. the broncos know a thing or two about winning a trophy. they took the first overall pick in the draft in tampa. 249 selections, he came off the board in the seventh round, the seventh of seven quarterbacks taken that year. and this year they welcome the broncos to raymond james stadium and a homecoming for the native. 3-0 as a starter but more impress self the way he has progressed from game manager to bona fide nfl caliber quarterback in a matter of weeks. the former northwestern wildcat
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a win on sunday. anyone who tells you they saw this coming is a liar, well, almost anyone. one guy unsurprised by his surge towards stardom, his former teammate at northwestern, the tight end. >> obviously, good buddies with them. i have seen it and kind of known, especially in a pro- style offense, that's a great fit for him. and coaches and a staff with ellway who can develop a guy that's a raw just ended up in a great situation as well. not surprised at all to be honest with you. the tampa bay lightning are getting set for a match-up with the alligator alley rival florida panthers in pre-season game number two tonight. the bolts trimmed be roster by 22 players yesterday but it still has a distinct syracuse crunch to it. johnson is going to sit it out but he's stoked for pre-season
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love to compete and play in these games. you can only do so much in practice. you can battle each other but the game say different ball game. looking forward to the pre- season. i think we have been waiting for it. and can't wait for tonight's game. if you stayed up to watch the ray's game last night, you went to bed disappointed unless you love rain delays, in which case, you do you. stroking the solo home run in the 7th inning and that was the white sox win 1-0. a four-game sweep of tampa bay tonight. archer gets his final start of the season for the rays, hoping to avoid his 20th loss of the year. >> it's important that they have to get this win. >> yeah, the rays not playing for much except for pride at this point. and a big focus tonight is just not allowing archer to lose the 20th game. he would be the second pitcher in the last 35 years to lose 20 games. former taking, the other guy. big game for the rays tonight. maybe the last one that means
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>> thank you very much.
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number one, a woman is dead and more than a hundred injured after a train slammed into a new jersey train station. this was taken shortly after the new jersey transit train crashed into the hoboken station before 9:00 this morning. it caused part of the terminal to collapse. it appears the train went through a bumper track and came area and platform. surveillance video just released that shows a store clerk being kidnapped. according to police in los angeles, the 29-year-old jose carl had been stalking the victim. he wanted a relationship and she did not. eventually she did get away and now he is in custody. police believe he was armed with a hammer. number three, more trouble brewing for wells fargo as the future of ceo john stump hangs in the balance. stump is appearing before the
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committee on capitol hill today after the bank cut $41 million from the ceo's compensation package. this month, wells fargo admitted they created up to 2 million fake accounts to meet aggressive sales target, sticking customers with improper fees. number four, voters in new hampshire are now free to snap a selfie with their ballots this november and share it on social media. a federal appeals court just radio ruled the state's 2014 ballot selfie ban state lawmakers were worried that pictures of the ballots could be used to help buy votes. today a volunteer firefighter is being hailed a hero for stop eighteen shooter in south carolina. >> the teen's mom says she is shocked and sadden. her son is accused of killing his father, shooting two students and a teacher at a rural elementary school. the community is coming together. >> reporter: the pictures are too familiar. parents holding their children,
4:34 pm
shooting, this one at townville elementary school in south carolina. the 14-year-old gunman now in custody. >> she just told me they went to the bathroom and she was glad she didn't get shot. >> reporter: a teacher and two students, one just six years old were hit by bullets. as investigators look for a motive, a volunteer firefighter is being hailed a hero for taking down the 9 sheer. the fire chief spoke to him. >> my reaction to yesterday's event was no different than any other fire or law rc well trained teachers are also getting praise for saving lives. >> the teachers and staff of the town ill elementary school who protected those children in the moments following those gunshots are heroes just as well. >> reporter: the shooting began wednesday afternoon at the teen's house two miles away. he shot and killed his father, 47-year-old jeffrey osbourne before calling his mother in
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the first 911 call from the school with reports of shot ringing out at recess, the teen walking up and opening fire. >> we have a gun on the playground. >> reporter: school is canceled this week as the community tries to heal. a process that will take time as the investigation into the shooting continueses. nbc news. >> police have not yet released the name of the teen gunman what and while police have questioned him, his mom said in part, she is shocked and old jacob hall was shot in the leg. he is in critical condition. a teacher and another student have also been shot but have been treated and released. also making news across america, a teenager won a multi- million dollar lawsuit from chipotle after she was sexually assaulted by her manager. she started working in houston in 2013 and soon after the 26- year-old assistant manager started touching her inappropriately according to reports. it took the jury only three
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$7.65 million in damages and chipotle must foot the bill. the main message from public health officials today is this, the time to get your flu shot is now. companies have already distributed the vaccine across the nation. there have been a few small outbreaks of the flu though it's too early to tell whether this year's shot a good match. and heavy rain is flooding parts of fayetteville, north carolina right now. take a look at the mayor signed a state of emergency declaration which allows the city to be reimbursed from state and federal agent us and people in the area are being urged to avoid driving through that standing water. and now another look at hurricane matthew. storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips is tracking the latest. >> thank you. and yes, still tracking hurricane matthew. it became a hurricane this afternoon. yesterday morning it was still just an area of investigation
4:37 pm
strength fairly rapidly. right now, a category one storm with max winds 75 miles per hour. the track expected to stay west until we head into the weekend and then the curve off towards the north. and depending upon just how quickly it turns, we will have huge impacts on not just the track but also if the u.s. will see impacts. obviously the sooner it turns and the farther east it stays north, the better for us. the farther west along the cone, the worse for us. again, watchi strengthen as we head off towards the end of the weekend and next week. possibly moving over cuba as a category two storm. again, this is the 5:00 p.m. update. just came in. taking a look at the satellite imagery. a close look at the storm. definitely better formed than it was at this time yesterday. you can see it's a fairly large storm as it moves through central caribbean. and our models generally in consensus at this point, bringing it west and then the
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a lot are staying east of florida but with the proximity, we will watch this closely for you. and of course, more on what your rain chances are looking like and have your full weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. well, certainly satellite images are vital for weather forecasting and scientists are now preparing to launch a new supersatellite. >> that's right. and storm team 8 meteorologist ian roller severe was the only bay area reporter to get at the modern marvel. >> reporter: it's so sophisticated, the it's confined to a sterile room. this is the operational environmental satellite. and it's going to change how we observe our atmosphere. for the first time in 40 years, we are introducing a whole new technologyment. >> reporter: the last satellite came online in 2010 loaded with technology from the late 2000s. >> if you think about how much has changed just in the smart
4:39 pm
10 yearsing and we didn't and now with this, the evolution of the development of the satellite and the technology, it's leaps and bounds ahead. >> reporter: a rocket will launch it into orbit more than 22,000 miles above us. so we had to head into the clean room to get a look at it before the satellite leaves earth in early november. it will send back images of the atmosphere above us four times better resolution than the current that's like going from a tube tv to a hd tv. and it will send the images back five times faster. and we are flighting a lightning mapper. it's basically a giant camera that's take an image 200 times a second so we can see the entire field across the united states. this say big upgrade over the bound-based methods we currently use, allowing to see lightning over the open ocean. >> what that means for like a
4:40 pm
lightning intensity actually increases as the early sign of a change in that event. >> reporter: it will help meteorologists make more accurate tropical forecastses. >> for that hurricane, i can watch it every 30 seconds with that fine resolution and now with the lightning, they'll be able to much more precisely know not only where it's going but what intensity levels that it's going to have. >> reporter: that's one small step for man, one giant leap for ian oliver, storm team 8. >> and when that and the sister satellite come-on line, they'll produce more data in six months than of the weather satellites over the last 30 years combined. ian plans to be there for the launch in november. stay tuned. still ahead -- >> reporter: driving means
4:41 pm
how do you tell an aging parent they might need to hang up the keys? and then stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: a woman brought a dog to animal services in really bad shape and she said it was a stray but turns out, it was her dog and she mistreated it. i'll have the details. today on better call behnken, i have an update the a story that struck a nerve. a manatee county woman who turned to me for help laying her to husband to rest after 19 days finally the st. pete housing authority has negotiated a new deal for the sale of jordan park. you paid for it but not as much as the last deal. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch...
4:42 pm
backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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check this out. a picture from iceland and the northern lights. people were asked to keep their homes dark between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
4:45 pm
get a clearer picture. very cool to see. and that is spectacular. look at that. let's check the forecast one more time. storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. >> never seen the northern lights. on the checklist. >> i grew up in minnesota. it's right there. >> yes. and no northern lights here, of course, for us. just more heat. still this the forecast. we're looking at scattered storms for the rest of the evening. they'll continue to push inland. low 80s throughout the evening hours. and then into tomorrow the, it's going to very similar to what we saw today. we start off with showers. and temperatures in the mid- 70s. topping out in the mid- to upper 80s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. so going to be a warm day. expect to see the showers and storms continuing throughout the day. so friday night football, kick- off, in the low 80s. expect to see some scattered storms around. some of you may be getting wet as you watch some of the games.
4:46 pm
lingering showers around. temperatures close to 8 0 degrees. and by the final play, as you head home, should be mostly dry with the neaps the upper 70s. so currently tracking the showers and thunderstorms again moving from west to east across the tampa bay area. the heaviest of the storms currently sitting over polk county. you can see a lot of heavy rain centered around bartow, fort meade, lightning within the storms. and tracking spotty showers and thunderstorms through manatee and sarasota county. right along the coast we're tracking rain right the beaches. so that's not a great place to be with some lightning within the storms. >> currently in downtown tampa, it's 87 degrees. dew points in the low 70s. so still fairly muggy for us, and haven't seen the drier air move in yet. and temperatures sitting right around average for this time of the year. and there's the front that we have been watching. we were hope it's going to make it into the area. but looks like it's going to stall to the north and we're not going to be able to tap into the drier air. for the evening, scattered
4:47 pm
coast for your morning commute. and then we will see scattered storms into the afternoon hours as well. we head into saturday, this is when we see a touch drier air. so it will be mostly dry in the morning hours and we will see some of that move in from the north. so the rain chances drop back to 30%. one last look at hurricane matthew, just missed it a few minutes ago, the 5:00 p.m. advisory and max winds are at 75 miles per hour. and it's moving off towards the west at 17 miles per hour. and steve will have the full 5:00. for us tomorrow, 40% rain chance. 30% saturday. and then we're even back up higher as we head into the beginning of next week. >> thank you. now to the first harry potter spin-off fill. and the new trailer. >> we have that and much more in the hollywood minute. >> so, you have a case full? >> news travels fast. >> reporter: as fast as
4:48 pm
fantastic beasts and where to find them is out now. it gives a look of the new characters and the beast mentioned in the title. set in new york city decade before the harry potter film, it comes november 18th. >> i would like to see them. >> reporter: prince's film works are getting a special treatment. warner brothers is releasing a bluray set featuring the three actor roles including purple rain an which was prince's direct debut. the set drops october 4th. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: the la times reports the 93-year-old lee traveled to marvel's atlanta georgia studios to shoot four signature cameos for four different the upcoming films in the universe.
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admitting when it's time to hang up the car keys could be a difficult decision for aging drivers. today leslee lacey explores how to navigate this the delicate conversation. >> reporter: well, baby boomers are known for loving cars. a generation raised with hot rods, drive-in theaters and curb side service but by 2030, one in four drivers will be over the age of 65. and with those golden years comes health issues that can affect safe driving. ki up the independence of driving can be a rough conversation. joe knows all about it. >> i had to do that with my mother. >> reporter: how did that go? >> she was not real happy about it but she realized her limitations. >> reporter: the national highway transportation and safety administration reports that medical conditions associated with elderly drivers can cause unsafe driving by restricting movement, vision and decision making.
4:53 pm
when to -- counsels people on how and when to have the talk. >> you have to approach the conversation with love and empathy. >> reporter: he adds, it's not always a black and white situation. >> dementia or even diagnosis of alzheimer's disease does not necessarily mean that a driver has to give up the keys. but it's a warning sign. >> reporter: there are also plenty of tests online specifically designed for aging drivers. he says first, work with small conversations. imagine if the tables were turned on you. >> i would have no problem with it. >> reporter: how would you want them to approach you? >> oh, well, they would just -- i can tell you how they would do. they would come in and say, mom, you need give me your keys. >> reporter: and you would be okay with that? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> reporter: and keep in mind, your mom or dad may just need
4:54 pm
with medical conditions like arthritis. >> the transportation and safety administration reports fatal crashes and involving drivers over the age of 65 increased 9% nationwide last year. aarp has a free seminar called need to the talk this saturday in palm harbor. and tom will be speaking and providing tests and resources to make that conversation and transition f needed, a little bit easier. i have posted the location and the times of the seminar on a story that will bring you the to tears. a dream comes true for a 4-year- old boy in a wheelchair as he scores a touchdown. check out this video from lakeland. he is physically challenged and he has always watched his older brother from the sidelines dreaming that one day we would be the one to score a touchdown. and look at this, it'd happened over the weekend. the entire team escorted their buddy all the way to the end zone. >> the football was always in
4:55 pm
wheeling him out for practice. he has a football spirit but his capabilities -- so we just decided we're going the make his day and have him score a touchdown. >> no doubt we are happy to see this dream come true. and a job very well done. very nice to see. that. coming up, a table full of baby panda bearss. >> yeah, adorable. where these pandas came from next when first at returns.
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now, let's take a look at
4:59 pm
potential world record for swinging. the redbull sky dive team is trying to set a record for the longest swing. swooping below two hot air balloons. they drop on giant swings more than 400 feet before parachuting all the way to the ground. >> very cool. and 23 baby pandas on the table. the panda cubs aged one to four months were born in the same research facility in china this year. this is cute panda video for you as we say good-bye. >> you in the meantime, newschannel8 at 5:00 starts with jen and keith right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00....?. >> tragedy on the tracks. a speeding train careens into a busy station. we sift through the wreckage for answers. >> finally, funding for the fight against zika. what more than a billion dollars could buy here in florida. >> and a widow unable to honor
5:00 pm
after weeks without answers she knew she better call behnken. good evening, i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us. the search for answers after a tragedy on the tracks. one woman dead, more than 100 people hurt when a train smashed into a station in hoboken, new jersey. it happened during rush hour this morning. dozens of people reported video of the platform in the aftermath. we have learned the train caught on camera before the crash accident. nbc's chris pilone has the latest. >> reporter: passengers say the new jersey transit train never slowed at all as it entered the hoboken train station. it blasted through a barrier, jumped the tracks and smashed into a wall. now investigators are trying to figure out why. witnesses say things went from calm to chaos in an instant.


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