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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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new overnight, hurricane matthew strengthening to our south. now the big question, where is it headed? and pasco students show up t robes just like the kkk. this morning, parents are outraged but not just about the controversial costumes. new information in a deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. we know more about the engineer but questions remain, why didn't the train slow down in time. good morning. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. happy friday. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's find out about the tropics this morning.
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hunters were founding that hurricane matthew had rapidly strengthened so they put out a special update on it. 100miles per hour winds making it to a category two hurricane and now expected to be a category three or major hurricane by the evening before it makes to the turn to the north this weekend. this is a time stamp here about sunday evening. we don't have to worry this weekend, this will be near jamaica early monday to be -- evening, expected to be in the bahamas. and we are keeping a close eye on it. some of the models are starting to shift a little bit to the west. most take it over the eastern portion of cuba but one or two are sneaking closer to the florida's east coast. we will keep an eye on it. the main concern is when it makes the turn to the north. and while we think we have passed the peak of hurricane season, that was september
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downward spiral where 60% of all storms form in this area. and we get another bump in late october as well. locally, already seeing actually thunderstorms purke onshore in citrus county -- thunderstorms pushing onshore in citrus county and lighter rain in manatee county. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will take you hour-by- hour through the friday and leslee lacey has the friday commute. yeah, a possible fatal accident. not good news as we kick-off the morning commute this is southbound i-75. it's near fowler. fhp tells me that all of the southbound lanes are currently blocked at this point. i'm not seeing delays but there's no that many vehicles on the roadway. let me go ahead and give you a look here. this is the sunshine skyway bridge camera. as we move over, the howard frankland bridge camera. we have a picture in the area so i will try to get the cameras working in the area
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traffic. back the to gene and gayle. >> thank you. right now, three bay area students are suspended after showing up at school dressed like members of the kk. >> paul mueller shows us how a complaint brought action. >> reporter: students claim they were dressing up like ghosts but the ghosts wasn't buying. >> usually pointed hats. >> for him to see this today hurt his spirit. >> outrage. just complete outrage. >> reporter: and another student wearing a confederate flag. >> what message does that send to a student? >> a horrible message there. needed to be a lesson. the fact that you cannot walk around spewing hate. >> reporter: the superintendent calls the costumes unacceptable. >> it was dealt with quickly this morning. >> reporter: though parents
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swept under the rug if they hadn't gotten on social media. either way, a big lesson for the school community. just a costume or what it stands for? >> if our kids are bringing this type of stuff to school, we need to try to hit it on the head and try to prevent it from happening. >> the race relations and everything going on across the country, the last thing we need is to have any student dressed up regardless of race, dressed up in that type of costume. >> reporter: channel 8. >> for the three students wearing the costume, they'll be suspended anywhere from one to 10 days. the student with the confederate flag is not facing action. we are learning more about the woman tragically killed in the train crash in new jersey. she does have ties to florida and there are questions about the crash. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is in the news center with the latest. >> reporter: well, that woman
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identified. the 34-year-old woman was a married mom of an 18-month-old girl. she spent years in florida where she certained her mba. -- she obtained her mba. she is a native of brazil. she was on the platform when the train barreled into during rush hour. more than a hundred people were hurt. today the ntsb hopes to talk to the man in control of the train. he has been a train engineer so far, he has a clean record. >> we don't know the cause of it going too the fast. a system failure? was it humaner error? was it a medical emergency involving the engineer? >> reporter: in addition to talking to the engineer, the ntsb will be examine the event recorder there. is no indication, gayle, of any terrorism involved in thursday morning's crash. >> still a lot of questions.
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family, friends and teammates have said their final good-byes to jose fernandez. wearing his no. 16 on their jerseys and holding a first, eight teammates carried the coffin. the 23-year-old was one of three people killed monday morning when the boat crashed into a jetty sunday morning. along with great sadness, there's anger and frustration over a following a memorial for fernandez who was a star player at the school, someone stole one of his jerseys from the dugout. the school posted on social media letting everyone know what happened. >> we are angry and upset. there was frustration. there was disgust. it ran the gamut. the head of wells fargo
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grilling. -- faced lawmakers on capitol hill for another day of grilling. 5300 people were fired. john stump and another executive forfeited millions in stock options but many lawmakers feel that's not enough. >> you have to also admit that criminal activity was going on in your bank and then you should be fired. >> you think today is tough? it's coming. when the prosecutors get ahold lot of fun. >> wells fargo first addressed it as a problem that began in 2011 but last week extended the search for unauthorized accounts dating back to 2009 and 2010. governor rick scott's office wasn't made aware of a sinkhole dumping toxic water into florida's aquifer for week, not until after our 8 on your side. the state representative wants to know more about what the governor's office is expanning
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-- expanding a public records request. we will keep you posted: good morning. right now, i am tracking showers and thunderstorms pushing from the gulf of mexico onshore. let me show you where that is. some may be hearing the the thunder, especially in the western portion of citrus county. west of sugar mill woods. and there's been spotty light rain in pinellas palm harbor right now. and heavier rain in manatee county, memphis, bay shore gardens and the sunshine skyway bridge. and that's why i left in the small rain chance along the coast this morning. 79degrees at 9:00 a.m. 84 at noon. up to 88 degrees around 3:00 p.m. and just like yesterday, i good scattering of thunderstorms through the afternoon. there's the 40% chance today. and down to 30% tomorrow. and back up to 40% sunday. and 50% on monday.
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coast and push inland. rain chances as i mentioned slightly higher early next week. and then hurricane matthew. at this point, still expected to the stay off florida's east coast. and if that happen, it may bring drier air but that's the middle to end of next week. let's check on traffic on the 8s. very sad news this morning. a fatal crash on i-75. and it's southbound. it's right near fowler. and i'm already seeing a back- if you're coming from the pasco county area, just take u.s. 301 if you can instead of 75. or come over on 275 and make your way over. if you live in the area, take surface roads instead. southbound 75, past fowler, we have a fatal crash. and we know there was a person possibly walking around in the area. so we're still watching this one. i will keep you updated on what is going on. right now, traffic is backed
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back to gene and gayle. >> all right, leslee. ray jay is going to the dogs so grab your leash and get ready for the you must love dog thes halloween fest. it kicks off tomorrow at -- dogs halloween fest. it kicks off tomorrow at raymond james stadium. >> puppies are getting ready for a tail-wagging good time. >> a lot of rescue, to benefit humane society of pinellas. a good cause. >> a few pictures from st about 2,000 people showed up. there will be a national pet unit for vaccinations and imizations, a fire safety demonstration and you can even adopt a new four-legged friend. >> i like that. >> she has a little boyfriend named buddy. she is a double adoption if someone adopts her. >> that's right, wherefore she goes, the boyfriend goes.
4:11 am fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise. for every dollar you donate, it counts as two. the walk is happening november 12th. this is also happening at raymond james stadium. head to for more details. new drama in the ryan lochte theft case. >> what the olympian that proves his son is innocent. plus, do you know how to spot someone having a seizure or stroke? still ahead, how a tampa woman is on a mission to educate all of us on how to help.
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we're back. in your vote, senator marco rubio is responding to reports that donald trump's company violated the u.s. embargo against cuba. rubio calls the allegations troubling. a news week report found that trump's hotel and casino company secretly violated the embargo back in 1998 spending at least $68,000 there.
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until we know all the facts and after trump responds. officials may think that ryan lochte made up the story about being robbed in rio but his father believes his son is inspect. he has won a dozen olympic medal, six of them gold but his recent accomplishments were overshadow thed after accusations that lochte lied about a night. his father says there's a three minute de guards with guns pointed at his son and proving he was robbed. >> it's been found. it shows that the security guards had guns pointed to my son's chest. and money was extracted. so i don't know what you call that but i know what i would call it. >> i'm just trying to move on and move forward. and you know, now that i'm putting that all behind me. >> the u.s. olympic committee has banned lochte from swimming
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well one little pooch found himself way up high. check this out. yeah, here he is stuck on the roof. roofus on the roof. this is on an arizona home. the homeowner says he heard scratching noises and he went outside to check it out. and there was a dog on his roof. no one knows how the dog got up there but animal control officials were able to get the little guy off. one special baby rhino made visitors gathered to see this little guy. well, not really so little, he already weighs 130 pounds. he and his parents are three of the 57 black eastern rhinos left in the united states making them part of a breeding program for endangered species. scratch my belly, would you? now an 8 on your side alert. slurred speech, uncontrollable movements or partial paralysis. witnessing the effects of
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us to freeze or worse, pan and i can cause more harm than good. that's why a tampa woman is on a mission to educate our community. >> i was laying on my parent's bed. and watching tv. and the next thing i knew, i was laying on the floor. >> reporter: patty was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 years old. more than the 40 years later, she still suffers from seizure, almost monthly. >> it brings all the air out of my body. >> reporter: her husband jumps in to help in moments like these. but patty fears those with neurological disorder, if alone, can find themselves in trouble. and so can those surrounded by people who don't know how to react. >> the one thing you don't want to is put anything in their mouth. and we say, make the area safe. get them to the ground. and just roll them on their side. the thought is that they won't choke. >> reporter: this neurologist
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immediately. he is one of several doctors helping patty create awareness about neurological disorders and stroke. the message, we all need to learn how to help and patient cans have full live, like patty, a married mom with a career and a cause. >> i have a beautiful family. i didn't let epilepsy stop me from living a great life. >> well, patty put together a knewology awareness fair so neurology awareness fair. it's tomorrow from noon to 4:00 at edgewater park in downtown dunedin. yeah, dealing with rain that's coming in off the gulf of mexico. this has been the pattern all week long. so watch up here in citrus county. once the rain comes onshore, it fizzles out quickly. and you get rain along the coast like in citrus county, spotty showers onshore at times
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pasco and pinellas. here's the sunshine skyway bridge in manatee county. you may be hearing thunder. most of the rain near the coast this morning. a few more storm, meaning the coverage gets better by noon when it's 84 degrees. and bringing that rain chance up to 40% by 4:00 p.m. and temperatures at that point around 87. lakeland, you're starting the day at 72. a little more humid out there. 72 in inverness and brooksville. 75 in sebring. and stalled cold front. sadly not moving farther to the south. all it flow intact. the morning showers along the coast. and look at this, this scattered thunderstorms. now the rain will move at any one point from west to east. but you can see rounds of rain. it's going to be like yesterday. front actually begins to lift to the north. so a very small rain chance tomorrow morning. and then notice we start to get the southeast wind meaning later storms in the afternoon pushing toward the coast. hurricane matthew, still rapidly strengthening overnight and now a category two
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major hurricane in the caribbean. at this point, it's off florida's east coast but certainly something we will keep an eye on. rain chances up to 40 to 50% early next week. how about traffic on the 8s? we are following this breaking traffic where we have a possible fatal crash southbound 75 past fowler avenue. what you are looking at as far as the roadways here, southbound 75, almost have a 20 minute delay from bruce b downs. it's actually up to so take 301 or the surface streets depending on where you live. this was all red down to here. but you are backed up to about fletcher. what you can do is actually exit fletcher and make your way down so you don't get tied up. they are detouring people off. get off at fletcher and it will make your life easier. sunshine skyway bridge looks great here. and also no delays on the howard frankland bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle.
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much, leslee. amazon could have competition brewing online. >> how walmart is positioning itself to make a run at
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it looks like walmart is targeting amazon looking to make a big splash in online sales. walmart is in talks to make a large investment in a ecommerce firm worth 16 billion dollars.
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$3 billion. there are also plans to open up an online store for walmart's sam's club warehouse. >> a lot of people shopping online. walmart is recalling more than 46,000 tripod stools that may cause you to fall. this recall involves macco stools. the fall hazard has to do with the plastic collars that hold the three legs. they can break. they were sold at you can return for a full refund. the centers for disease control concerned more kids will get the flu this year. >> why their concerns are over the flu vaccine and what parents should do. plus, former governor jeb bush talks about who he will vote for this november and who he won't. first, beautiful downtown tampa and the hillsborough river all lit up dark and early on this friday morning. we have weather and traffic on
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three minutes. ? ? ? ? ?
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it is 4:28. with an onshore wind flow, tracking pockets of rain, citrus county, a cup until pinellas county and some of the heaviest in manatee county. so the kids at the bus stop, areas along the coast have the chance for showers but most areas along and east of il be dry, right around 77. and 88 degrees when they come home with a 40% chance of rain. similar to yesterday. 30% for saturday. and back up to 40% sunday. and leslee lacey has the update this morning. i do. we're going to take a live look. this is a fatal accident on i- 75. it's southbound just past fowler avenue. all of the southbound lanes right there on i-75 past fowler are completely blocked. you can see activity out here.
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i want you to exit on fletcher. the detour is fowler but you're
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new this morning, hurricane matthew strengths to a powerful category two storm. where the hurricane is heading. and new information on the deadly new jersey commuter train crash. a new mom with ties to florida is among is former florida governor jeb bush turning on donald trump? why some think he could be casting his ballot for another party this fall. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and thank you for waking up with us. i am gene ramirez. a deadly crash in hillsborough county. this is a live picture north of the i-4 junction. right now the southbound lanes of 75 are completely shut down.


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