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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new overnight, hurricane matthew strengthening to a powerful category two storm. and now the big question, where is it headed? we are tracking the tropics just ahead. pasco students show up in school in wh the kkk. this morning, parents are outraged. new information on a deadly commuter train crash. a new mother with ties to florida is among the victims but how could it happen. and we are tracking breaking news. a deadly crash on 75 in hillsborough county just north of the i-4 junction. right now the southbound lanes of 75 are completely shut down. just ahead, leslee lacey has the latest on this and also how to get around this for the
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thank you for joining us. i am gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door on this friday morning with the tropics. f0 that is the big news this morning. >> that's right. a 2:00 advisory. a special update from the hurricane center came down because hurricane matthew strengthened rapidly overnight when they flew the hurricane hunters into, a category two hurricane. this is the 5:00 a.m. update, came in about an hour ago. still expected to strengthen to a category three major before making this right-hand turn heading due north toward jamaica, early monday morning passing over the eastern portion of cuba. by wednesday, we will be talking about this for almost a full week. at that point, it will be looking like the it's going to stay off the florida east coast. but let me show you something. the models are in agreement, yes, it will make the turn to the north. most through the bahamas and
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coast of florida. we will continue to keep an eye on it until it is well out to sea. hurricane season, yes, we passed the peak when is september 10th but it's not out of the ordinary. and i am still watching pot and i showers around the pine island, inverness, citrus and hernando county. palm harbor, tarpon springs getting showers and around bradenton as well. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will talk more about today's forecast. and leslee lacey has the commute wh yeah, especially if you're used to taking 75 from pasco county and then down into hillsborough. and this is why, folks, all of the southbound lanes as we have been telling you for hours now are completely blocked here. i'm going to zoom in. you competent get by. so what happens is, you're taken off at fowler avenue and then make your way down. 301 a very good alternate, especially from the eastern part of pasco.
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look at the top, 275, down 75 and used to go over to the right and continuing, you can take 275 southbound and make your way around that way too. and now we have meredyth censullo live at the crash. and she has the latest. meredyth-- >> reporter: so what's happened in the past couple minutes is that the medical examiner has arrived onscene as well as a tow truck. to remove the vehicle that was involved in this accident. not believ of the pedestrian involved. we really don't have any additional information at this point another than it was a pedestrian. fhp and hillsborough county sheriff's office are out here working. trying to get this cleared as quickly as they possibly can. and we are seeing things move pretty quickly here so we are optimistic we will have some lanes re-opened by the height of morning rush hour. but certainly we will let you know. and also, as we get more
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roadway, very early this morning, we will pass that along to you. guys, back to you. >> all right, we will look forward to updates. thank you, meredyth censullo. right now, three bay area students are suspended after showing up at school dressed like members of the kk. now the teens claim they dressed as ghosts but others say that's not so. the attire closely resembles ku klux klan robes. ryan hughes wiregrass ranch high school in wesley chapel. ryan, parents feel the school district only got involved because they went to the media. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. the parents say they are outraged by this and they say they contacted the principal here at wiregrass high school and she claimed the issue was resolved. their son texted again and said the teens were still in the costumes. >> my reaction was how could the school board or the high
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ghosts uniforms. to me, it felt like they were covering it up and they didn't want to address what is a huge issue. >> reporter: the parents contacted the press and then the superintendent of schools addressed the issue and explained how the students were suspended. now this wasn't the only controversy during spirit week at the high school. another student was pictured wearing a confederate flag on his back. that student wasn't reprimanded punish anyone for displaying any kind of flag on school grounds. no word if the rules or guidelines regarding costumes will be changed because of all this. back to you. >> yeah, hot topic. a lot of people talking about this on social media and as well. thank you for the update. we are learning more about the woman tragically killed in
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and there are questions about the crash. the woman killed in the crash was identified. the 34-year-old woman was a married mom of an 18-month-old girl. she spent years in florida where she earned her mba. she is a native of brazil. she was on the platform when the train barreled into during rush hour. more than a hundred people were hurt. today the ntsb hopes to talk to the man in control of the train. for nearly 30 years. so far, he has a clean record. >> we don't know the cause of it going too the fast. a system failure? was it human error? was it a medical emergency involving the engineer? >> in addition to talking to the engineer, the ntsb will be examine the event recorder there. family, friends and teammates have said their final good-byes to jose fernandez.
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16 on their jerseys and holding a fist, eight teammates carried the coffin. the 24-year-old was one of three people killed monday morning when the boat crashed into a jetty sunday morning. along with great sadness, there's anger and frustration over a heartless theft. following a memorial for fernandez who was a star player at the school, someone stole dugout. the school posted on social media letting everyone know what happened. >> we are angry and upset. there was frustration. there was disgust. it ran the gamut. >> the school reported the the theft to the sheriff's office but more than catching the thief, what they really want is the jersey back.
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bank faced lawmakers on capitol hill for another day of grilling. 5300 people were fired. john stump and another executive forfeited millions in stock options but many lawmakers feel that's not enough. >> you have to also admit that criminal activity was going on in your bank and then you should be fired. >> you think today is tough? it's coming. when the prosecutors get ahold of you, you're going to have a lot of fun. >> wells fargo first addressed it as a problem that began in 2011 but last week extended the search for unauthorized accounts dating back to 2009 and 2010. well, 6:08. we made it, leigh spann. >> we have. but the weather pattern has been the same all week long. winds off the gulf of mexico which means we have seen scattered showers along the
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right now this morning. pine ridge, shoe agary mill woods, pipe island and citrus and hernando county, got a stray shower. and continuing rain in western manatee county west of 75. and that's why i left this the 20% rain chance. because if you live west of 75, you have a 20% rain chance. east of 75, basically dry this morning. and then coverage of rain goes up and it will push east of 75. 84 at noon. 88degrees at 3:00 p.m. 40% rain chances right into the evening. and tonight, we have moon. yeah, you probably don't know what that is. well, it's the opposite of a blue moon. a blue moon is when two full moons happen in one month. and tonight will be the second new moon in one month. it happens every 32 months but it's invisible because the new moon can't be seen. but something to think about. storms near the coast, more scattered later today. rain chances getting better sunday and monday. and then hurricane matthew, still expected to stay off florida's east coast. and if that happen, it will
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see exactly where hurricane matthew keeps going. >> i've never seen a black moon. >> you can't see it. it's invisible. >> my humor. it's early. traffic right now, 310 entrance ramp to northbound 75 in manatee county, tying up part of the entrance ramp there. and fruitville road, crash out here, in sarasota, that's off to the shoulder. but of course, the biggest issue that we have been fo is southbound 75. and now a back up because we are getting closer to rush hour past 6:00. and a live look, here's what's going on, southbound 75 is completely blocked just past fowler avenue due to a fatal accident involving a pedestrian. all the traffic is diverted off on to fowler avenue. save yourself a headache and take 301 or coming from pasco on 75, just switch over to 275. it looks very good right now with no delays southbound and
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that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee lacey. n new drama in the ryan lochte theft case. >> what the olympian's father proves that lochte is innocent. f0 and the sharks of brooksville getting pumped up for friday night football. the friday blitz is next. you're watching news channel 8
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officials may think that ryan lochte made up the story about being robbed in rio but his father believes his son is innocent. he has won a dozen olympic medal, six of them gold but his recent accomplishments were overshadowed after accusations that lochte lied about a night. his father says there's a three minute video showiec guards with guns pointed at his son and proving he was robbed. >> it's been found. it shows that the security guards had guns pointed to my son's chest. and money was extracted. so i don't know what you call that but i know what i would call it. >> i'm just trying to move on and move forward. and you know, now that i'm putting that all behind me. >> the u.s. olympic committee has banned lochte from swimming
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night for a charity swim. now an 8 on your side alert. slurred speech, uncontrollable vements or partial paralysis. witnessing the effects of strokes and seizures can cause us to freeze or worse, panic and cause more harm than good. that's why a tampa woman is on a mission to educate our community. >> i was laying on my parent's bed. and watching tv. was laying on the floor. >> reporter: patty was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 years old. more than the 40 years later, she still suffers from seizure, almost monthly. >> it brings all the air out of my body. and i just go --like that. >> reporter: her husband jumps in to help in moments like these. but patty fears those with neurological disorders, if alone, can find themselves in trouble. and so can those surrounded by
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>> the one thing you don't want to is put anything in their mouth. and we say, make the area safe. get them to the ground. and just roll them on their side. the thought is that they won't choke. >> reporter: this neurologist says you want to call 911 immediately. he is one of several doctors helping patty create awareness about neurological disorders and stroke. the message, we all need to learn how to help and patient can have full lives, like career and a cause. >> i have a beautiful family. i didn't let epilepsy stop me from living a great life. >> well, patty put together a neurology awareness fair. it's tomorrow from noon to 4:00 at edgewater park in downtown dunedin. f0 >> i think it's cool that one lady brought these doctors
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her own. >> she sees there's a need for people to educate themselves to know how to help. >> exactly. it's friday and you know what that mean, friday night football is on the horizon. >> the nature coast technical high school sharks are prepared to take a bite out of the competition tonight on the gridiron. our mary mcguire is live at the school in brooksville this morning where the party has already started. everybody is up and early and pumped up. >> reporter: they are certainly pumped up. brooksville where every week is shark week. my goodness, the shark is taking -- [ breaking audio ]. we are so excited. cheerleaders, they are so pumped up for this game. this is a balancing act. [breaking audio ] >> so much school spirit out here.
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the class president, what means the most for school spirit? >> we got to bring the energy. everyone loves the energy. the school loves it. there's no other school that does it like nature coast, look at the energy here. the energy, oh, without us, there's nothing. [breaking audio ] >> wow, looks like the shark took a bite of the guy's shirt. >> y >> and maybe chomping on our camera cables too. i think that's to blame. they're taking on the lake whales highlanders. showers already coming onshore, near the brooksville area where she was up in hernando county. sugar mills, inverness, spotty rain in western hernando. you can see a quick, small shower.
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portions of hillsborough county. and we have seen it all again, spotty rain in manatee as well. what's happening is the onshore flow keeping the rain along the coast this morning. east of 75, dry. 84 at noon. 87 at 4:00 p.m. about a 40% rain chance. and you can't stop talking about friday night blitz. scattered storms at kick-off. and the final play around 78 degrees. stalled cold front to 2 north. never conscious cold front to the north. a good scattering of storms pushing west to east today. the front lifts to the north tomorrow and that will allow for a southeast wind so storms will come our way toward our coast in the evening. hurricane matthew continuing to keep a track on this as it heads up toward jamaica this weekend. and should stay off the florida east coast. so highs in the upper 80s. how about traffic on the 8s? i have been keeping you
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now bruce b down i-4, but it's blocked off at fowler so that's to fowler, 25 minute commute here. starting to see traffic get busier. bearss a two-day to i-4, southbound lanes completely blocked on i-75 past fowler. you are diverted off. take 301 or 275 out of pasco instead. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. halloween is just around the corner. >> and you can kick-off the spooky celebration with your adoption, there's excitement in store at ray jay.
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we're back. ray jay is going to the dogs. get ready for the you must love dogs halloween fest that kicks off tomorrow at raymond james stadium. >> and look at this little guy. looks like puppies from all over the bay area are getting
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time. >> a costume contest there. a lot of vendors and rescues. it's a benefit the humane society of pinellas too so it's a good cause. >> a few pictures from last year. about 2,000 people showed up. more are expected this year. there will be a national pet unit there for vaccinations and immunizations. and a fire safety demonstration and you can adopt a new four- legged friend like sissy. >> sissy has a little boyfriend named buddy. she is a litt adoption. if someone adopts her. >> that's right. package deal. >> that's right, they go together. i put the information about tomorrow's festival on >> sounds like a good time. a warning for parents, the centers for disease control concerned more kids will get the flu this year. >> why their concerns are over the flu vaccine and what parents should do. plus, former governor jeb bush talks about who he will vote for this november and who he won't. his answer might surprise you.
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first, a live look outside. we have your weather and traffic on the 8s with leigh spann and leslee lacey. that's coming your way in three minutes.
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i'm tracking a couple showers off the gulf of mexico, citrus, hernando county getting rains and even spotty rain in western hillsborough county, down into manatee. so kids at the bus stop, if you li near the coast, there's a chance of a shower. inland areas dry at 77. better coverage of downpours at 40% this afternoon at 88. leslee lacey. well, we have traffic now southbound 75 coming away from new tampa. it's up to 24 minutes here and it's due to a crash. meanwhile, manatee county,
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64, an accident. and of course, this is the big back-up, all traffic diverted on to fowler southbound on 75. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings.
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vo: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. and new information on the deadly new jersey commuter train crash. a new mom with ties to florida is among the victims. is former florida governor jeb bush turning on donald trump? why some think he could be casting his ballot for another party this fall. we are tracking breaking news. a deadly crash on 75 north of the i-4 junction. right now the southbound lanes of 75 are completely shut down. and just ahead, leslee lacey has the latest on how to get around this morning for your morning commute. f0 you can see investigators out there. looks like they're spraying
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thousand get around for your commute this morning. stick around for that. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. first, let's get you out the door because the tropic, it's heating up. >> yeah, a big development overnight when the hurricane center had to put out a special advisory at 2:00 because hurricane matthew strengthened so rapidly to a category two hurricane. now the 5:00 a.m. update came in no stronger, still 100 miles per hour. but by weekend, it makes a turn be a major hurricane. heads over cuba. it may weaken slightly back to io category two hurricane as it heads into the bahamas. and still not far off florida's east coast. in fact, a lot of models saying the same thing, it will make the turn toward the north and head to the bahamas. but there's one model that takes it closer to florida's east coast. and these pockets of downpour,
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hernando county. and maybe a drop of rain near the carrollwood area. here's a shower around st. pete beach. and more specifics in weather and traffic on the 8s with the rainfall potential. and leslee lacey has the commute because you may make some alternates. yes, absolutely. especially if you take 75 southbound, folks. out of pasco county here, bruce b downs to i-4, i'm going to change i-4 to fowler because you're diverted off of 75 southbound at fowler due to a and the maps now, and you can see it right there, i will zoom in and you can see where we're really starting to get a back- up here. exit at fletcher. 301 a great alternate at this point. 275, not so much. and meredyth censullo is live on the scene. and i understand we have some new news, meredyth. >> reporter: yeah, i wouldn't be surprised if we have lanes re-opened in the next 20 minutes or so.
6:33 am
morning about this accident. it did involve a pedestrian. we don't the know anymore details another than we didn't see a pedestrian vehicle, anyone's vehicle on the scene. aside from someone who unfortunately was involved striking that pedestrian. so the road has been shut down for about hours. we have for the most part cleared the the scene. they are collecting the last pieces of evidence. and i know in and hillsborough county sheriff's office, they try to get the roads re-opened as soon as they possibly can. so i would expect we have lanes re-open by 645:67:89 we will be out here and as soon as that happen, we will let leslee lacey know so she can pass that information along to all of you. >> we will look forward to up the dates. thank you so much. right now, three pasco f0 unty teens won't be in the f0 teens today.
6:34 am
spirit week. they claimed they dressed in white sheets to look like ghost but many think it was garb like the kkk. ryan hughes is live at the high school in pasco county. the students and parents, some were outraged by this. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. outrage may be an understatement. in 2016, some parents simply can't believe what the teens wore to do school so they took to social media to get their message across. in this. the fact that you cannot walk around spewing hate and discontent, bullying somebody and thinking that, oh, i'm just going to get a slap on the wrist. that's not okay. >> reporter: she tells news channel 8 their 10th grade son texted them when he noticed classmates walking around in the costumes. this is a social media post by one of the teens apparently describing the garb as ghosts. she explained that she called
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said she took care of the issue but her son said the students were wearing the costumes a half hour later so the greens contacted the press. the students were removed from class and suspended for one to 10 days. and now is superintendent stressed his outrage. in the next half hour, another student at the same school was also wearing something controversial. we're told by officials that people are allowed to display any sort of flag they school grounds. >> both controversial and a lot of people commenting on and our social media platforms. ryan, thank you. a deal to keep uber and lyft drivers on the streets of hillsborough county is moving forward. currently uber and lyft driver cans face fines if caught in hillsborough county but the proposed deal requiring extensive background checks and insurance may put an end to the issue. cab companies oppose the plan and it still has to be approved
6:36 am
is onboard with embracing new ideas and new technologies. it would help rebuild the confidence with our state legislature by clearly showing them it's a new day in tampa bay. >> the ptc will vote on the proposed deal at their next meeting in october. happening today, the teenager accused of shooting three people at a south carolina elementary school will appear in juvenile court this morning. the judge has not decided whether cameras will be allowed in. an update for the three people the teen shot and wounded, one student remains in critical condition this morning. and also happening today, the funeral of the former israeli president shimon peres. president barack obama and a delegation of u.s. dignitaries just touched down in israel for the funeral. they'll join world leaders paying tribute to the 93-year- old statesman and one of israel's founding fathers.
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tragic train crash in new jersey is a new mom with ties to florida. there are still a lot of questions about this crash. the 34-year-old it was the married mom of an 18-month-old baby girl. she was born in brazil and once lived in miami where she earned her mba. she was standing on a platform when a train plowed into it during rush hour. more than a hundred people were hurt. the canopy completely >> it was just, it was horrific. there was an explosion of concrete dust, electrical wires. >> today the ntsb hopes to talk to the man in control of the train. he has been a train engineer for nearly 30 years and so far has a clean record. now to coverage of your vote 2016. hillary rodham clinton will be campaigning in florida today. clinton is scheduled to hold rallies in fort pierce and coral springs.
6:38 am
biden is scheduled to campaign in sarasota and orlando on monday. and then on wednesday, president barack obama will speak at usf. donald trump will be in michigan today holding a fund raiser in grand rapids and meeting with donors in detroit. and his running mate, indiana governor mike pence will be off the campaign trail this weekend prepping for tuesday's vice president debate against democrat tim kaine. and former florida governor jeb bush is taking a page from his famous dad by not voting for trump for president. he suggested at a private luncheon that he would vote for gary johnson. bush would not confirm that report. he said neither donald trump or hillary rodham clinton have his vote. let's get a check on the weather. here's leigh spann. >> still dark for the most part. what i am also seeing on radar right now, spotty rain. and that's what i have been tracking basically not only
6:39 am
every morning this week. onshore wind flow, rain in inverness and south of sugar mill woods in hernando county. and new port richey, a spot of rain around the sunshine skyway bridge. a little spot of rain as well. the rainfall potential today, not a lot this morning and it's almost exclusively west of 75. and now the rain chances is going to go up today. 40%. a better coverage of rain with spotty areas. you see the blue color with heavier downpours or an inch of rain. it won't happen everywhere. but you might get heavy rain. and we heat up to 82 at 11:00. 88 around 3:00 p.m. and 88 is above the average of 87. today is the first day the average has dropped to 87. 87 tomorrow. and back to up 89 for sunday and monday with higher rain chances as well. we will check with traffic on the 8s because we know a couple people need to know a couple things. yeah, especially hillsborough county from pasco county. 75 looks fantastic in pasco county. once you come down to the
6:40 am
off to 275 and 75, that's where you really hit problems. southbound i-75, all traffic completely diverted at fowler avenue due to a fatal accident involving a pedestrian. 33 minutes here from bruce b down, actually to fowler. so don't take 75. 275 is extra busy extra early. bearss avenue to i-4, almost 30 minutes due to people taking 275 instead of 75 for the alternate. and at this point, 301 looks fantastic. and there's wh diverted off at fouler and make your way down. 301 an excellent alternate. and since 275 is really jacked up, take 41 from the western part of pasco county as an alternate there. that's a look at the roadways. and now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. looking for a new gig? well, tampa international airport is hosting a job fair the record police officers, dis -- job fair for police officers, dispatchers and other positions. it's a two-day fair that runs from 11:00 a.m.
6:41 am
saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. this is happening at the aviation authority boardroom on level three. you can find more information on this job fair on our website, don't the forget your resumes and you know, look nice. dress up. >> yep. they seem too good to be true. >> an 8 on your side warning about sweepstakes scams and what you can learn from a largo retiree's misfortune. and also, mary mcguire joining us live for the friday blitz. >> reporter: the sharks are getting ready the take an lake whales on the gridiron. this football team is undefeated so a lot on the line tonight. more fun and how the kids are going to get pumped up and stay pumped for the big game coming
6:44 am
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and an 8 on your side health alert this morning. why medical professionals want parents to avoid the nasal flu mist this season. f0 parents like the kid- friendly flu mist but tests have found that the formula is not as good to come fat strains of flu we're likely to see this year. that's why they're telling parents to get the flu shot instead. their 5-year-old son died from the flu. >> we want families to understand that this can happen to you. >> the flu shot is recommended for everyone six months and older. the shot works, by the way. studies show it reduces the risk of catching the flu by 50 to 60%. federal funds to help fight the zika virus may soon start flowing in florida. congress approved spending $1.1 billion to battle the virus. $379 million will go towards
6:46 am
way to the university of south florida where research is already underway. >> we've had several proposals that have been set up that are in the bag and ready to go out and try to do some of the work on the zika virus. >> right now, there are more than 900 cases of zika virus in our state. more than 100 were contracted here in florida rather than overseas. take a good listen to this 8 on your side warning this morning. it's about resin sweepstakes mailings claiming you have won millions. a largo retiree did and now he is broke. his name is ray smith. he started receiving letters promising millions in prizes about two months ago. to collect, he had to send a small fee and then another small fee. and keep adding those up and he sent about $1,600, that's slightly more than his monthly social security check. a friend knew he was in deep trouble. >> little checks in the beginning and then they kept
6:47 am
>> well, red flags to look for. you never want to send money to enter a sweepstakes or contest. it may be disguised as a processing fee. and just having a p.o. box, that's a bad sign. can you hear that? high school students screaming tall way from brooksville this morning. you're about to getting pumped for the friday morning blitz. >> nature coast technical students are up early this morning showing their school pride. news channel 8's mary mcguire is live at the school this morning. these kids are ready for a great game tonight, mary. >> reporter: i was just about to say, i can certainly hear the school spirit here at nature coast technical high school. every week is shark week. check out the kids. they are so excited for a big game against lake whales.
6:48 am
sod they certainly have a lot to cheer for this evening. the game is at 7:30 in brooksville. and it will kick-off right here. and i actually have someone special i want to introduce you to. this is diane. she has been a teacher for 44 years and i think she wins the costume contest tonight. she's already ready for halloween. what was your favorite part of being a shark? >> i love the students. we have the best school in the district. we have the best students we have the best faculty. we have the best support staff. and it's just awesome to be a part of the shark family. >> reporter: and this isn't even all of the shark collection. she has a shark necklace. like i said, the game kicks off at 7:30 right here in brooksville. undefeated team, a lot to cheer for and play for tonight. back to you guys. >> i see a sea of sharks throughout. looks like they'll have a good
6:49 am
the time right now is 6:48. it is friday. how is it looking leigh? >> not bad locally. but i'm going to update you on hurricane matthew. strengthened overnight to 100 miles per hour winds making it a category two hurricane. by the weekend, it may be a powerful category three storm, 120 miles per hour winds south of jamaica. as it turns to the north, it's expected to stay off florida's east coast but you can see the threat cone gets wide as you head out five days so we will keep a cl it's so close to florida. winds off the gulf of mexico. i've kept in a couple showers. not widespread but get under one of them and it will ruin the commute. showers in citrus and hernando and one off the pasco outline. and one tiny area around the sunshine sunshine skyway bridge. so don't be surprised if you live near 75 to be getting a stray shower. and inland area, you will see the rain later today. and now watch what happens, an onshore flow, by 9:00, rain
6:50 am
of rain gets better right through the evening so for the high school football game, especially for the beginning of testify game, might have downpours. and here's a look at matthew as it gets stronger in the warm waters of the caribbean. and then gets pulled to the north for two reasons, a dip in the jet stream in the east coast and the high in 2 atlantic begins to push farther to the east. that's the reason why it's being pulled to the north. and not pushing any farther to the west. eight-day forecast shows upper 80s with scattered rain. how is tr well, still a mess southbound 75 coming away from the northern apex. up to a 40 minute commute here just from bruce b downs down to about fowler, not even i-4. due to a fatal crash that has the southbound lanes blocked at fowler. and also 275 really jammed up, 35 minute commute coming away from the northern apex as people take it as an alternate. and a live look, you can see for yourself out there. now this is the latest. you don't see traffic but you
6:51 am
that's because the last tow trucks have just cleared. any minute, it should be opening up. in the meantime, still closed off. allow for extra time. right now, take 301 instead. and let's go back to the maps and we have issues in manatee county. southbound 75, delays coming across the river here. we have a crash not just at 3:01 and also one in lanes at state road 64. and that's backing you up. and look at this, northbound on the sunshine slowing down getting to the hump. we have a crash taking up lanes there. allow for an extra 10 minute. and southbound u.s. 19, hate to break it to the you, right before park known as gandy, we have a crash, it's jammed up. all the southbound lanes are blocked right here on 19. so come over and take 49th instead. a lot going on traffic-wise and now back to gene and gayle. >> okay, messy. >> thank you, leslee lacey. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> parents in pasco county
6:52 am
like the ones worn by members of the ku klux klan. plus, senator marco rubio reacts to news that donald trump violated the u.s. embargo on cuba. you're watching news channel 8
6:53 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
6:55 am
we are trac traffic news. >> a deadly crash along 75 that's impacting many drivers. meredyth censullo is live just north of the i-4 junction. >> reporter: that's right, you will see behind me, there is not a soul on 75 southbound. not something you expect to see during morning rush hour. all lanes southbound 75 shut down at fowler due to an earlier pedestrian involved crash. we don't know normally find pedestrians on 75. that happened this morning.
6:56 am
open all lanes at any moment now. this accident happened at 3:30 this morning. three pasco county teachers suspended after showing up to school wearing white kkk robes. the students claim they dressed in white sheet to look like ghosts but the superintendent didn't buy it. the wiregrass ranch high school students are suspended one to 10 days. and the search is on for the thief who that belonged to jose fernandez. it was used during a memorial display in the dugout at the high school where fernandez went to school. the miami marlin's pitcher died in a boating crash sunday morning. new information this morning on a deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. the woman killed in the crash, the 34-year-old, a young mother. she has ties to florida. more than 100 people were
6:57 am
train's engineer today. senator marco rubio responding to a report that donald trump's company violated the u.s. am bar go against cuba. he states that he will reserve judgment until we know all of the facts and until trump responds. hillary rodham clinton will be campaigning in florida today. she's scheduled to hold rallies in fort pierce and coral springs. vice president joe biden is scheduled to campaign in sarasota and orlando president barack obama will speak at usf. still tracking the spotty showers pushing onshore this morning. citrus, hernando county, again, not big showers, not covering a locality of area and they are moving quickly to the east. watch hudson and along the pasco county line. through the day, more storms will develop. today we will be like yesterday, 84, steamy at noon, 40% rain chance at 4:00 p.m. and 30% for saturday. and 40% rain chance for sunday. up to 50 monday.
6:58 am
i will zoom in here to pinellas county. southbound u.s. 19. was blocked. they just opened up the lanes but it's an active traffic scene and emergency vehicles. south of 19 before park. take 49th instead. save yourself some headache there. and southbound 75 right around state road 64, a collision and of course, the big mess, southbound at fowler, still blocked, 41 minute commute away from bruce b downs. take 301. >> a lot happening out there. >> thank you. thank you for join >> of course, we will stay on top of the stories all throughout the day for you during the "today" show. have a great weekend. you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people.
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in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first. i always have, and always will. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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with all day breakfast. ? good morning. was it avoidable? federal investigators combing through the wreckage of that deadly train crash in new jersey. the engineer released from the hospital overnight set to be interviewed today. was it human error or problem? we'll talk tthe woman in charge of the investigation. doubling down. attacking hillary clinton for her support. a former ms. universe, alicia macha machado. a major american newspaper that's never taken sides before tells its readers, don't vote for trump. hurricane matthew strengthens. will it impact the u.s. next


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