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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now at 4:00, now four headlines at 4:00. hurricane matthew, we'll show you the latest projected math as the strengthening storm moves closer to land. >> the bay area is is it latest part of the coun creepy clowns scaring school kids. a man arrested for illegally using a milk crate. a precious stolen jersey is returned. but the criminal investigation isn't going away just yet. good afternoon. thanks for being here. i'm josh benson. >> this is first at 4:00. and hurricane matthew is getting stronger as we head toward the weekend. storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips is tracking the storm. hi julie.
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hurricane, matthew is sitting at category three status due to max winds at 120 miles per hour. still moving off toward the west in the southern caribbean at 12 miles per hour. so it says slow down a bit. but you can see the eye formed in the center of the storm there as it moves south in the southern portions of the caribbean sea. here's the track. it's looking similar to what we've been looking at the last couple days. it's going to continue moving into sunday, it turns toward the north. it will head through jamaica as a very strong hurricane. and then continue to make its way north as we head into early next week. now depending on if it's more toward the western or eastern side of this cone will determine if the east coast of florida does see impacts from this storm, depending on the exact path. but at this point, this looks to be the track of it. and we've been looking at this general track over the last couple days now.
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in agreement. you can see bringing it toward the bahamas as we head into next week. depending on how far west or east it moves would change the impacts for the east coast of florida and our forecast as well. hurricane hunters are out there investigating this storm now. and we can show you the latest wind gusts. 135 miles per hour is the strongest wind gust its found so far today. we'll continue to monitor hurricane matthew for you and talk about your weekend forecast coming up in a minutes. thank you. this is no joke. clown sightings putting people in fear. and today several students at largo mid school reported seeing a person dressed like a clown near the track. the pinellas county school system sent out an automated phone message telling us about the incident. >> i seen a clown over on the
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screaming and everything. i don't know. i seen it though. >> there have been similar reports in pasco county. this may be part of a national trend of people dressing as clowns to scare children. his deputies are taking it seriously. a polk county man is in jail for illegally using a milk crate. timothy troller is charged with possession of stolen property and he was hauled off to jail. 8 on your side's explains why this is a crime. >> this is what we're talking about right here. a milk crate similar to this. you can see it says right on it, prohibited by law. getting busted with one could land you in jail. that happened to timothy troller of auburndale. a deputy saw him riding his bike thursday night. the deputy also spotted the crate which had the business name of sunshine state dairy farms. >> they're out there proactively looking for things that don't look right.
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they see somebody riding a bike at 10:00 at night, they may stop and have a conversation with them. right now troller is still in the polk county jail. we're told he has his first appearance tomorrow morning. in polk county, melissa moreno, news channel 8. a florida congress woman is where i happening governor scott and the department of environmental protection. on wednesday senior investigative reporter steve andrews revealed that in addition to keeping the public in the dark, mosaic, and radioactive water leaks in mulberry from the governor for three weeks. according to congress woman gwen graham, either they knew about it and didn't alert the public. either scenario she says is appalling. see the full story today at 6:00. now to your vote 2016.
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and the latest post debate pole numbers in the presidential race prove that. according to mason dickson democrat hillary clinton has a 46% lead over donald trump in the sunshine state. libertarian gary johnson is supported by 7%. green party candidate jill stein. political analysts are surprised, especially after monday's debate. clinton's better showing she might have bumped herself up. if i were here i'm concerned. and if i'm donald trump, i'm elated. >> clinton currently has a slight advantage. a 14-year-old south carolina boy accused of killing his father and wounding three
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tried as a juvenile or an adult. a judge ordered that teen to continue to be held in custody. he's accused of killing his father at their home on wednesday before driving to a nearby school and opening fire. two students and a teacher at an elementary school were wounded. a six-year-old boy is in extremely critical condition at this point. meanwhile an anti violence group stops at the state capitol to support common sense change to keep guns out of the wrong hands. our capitol bureau correspondent mike vas linda has this story. it began in orlando because of the pulse nightclub shootings there. it was here in the state capitol because of the shooting at florida state university in 2014. urging voters to choose candidates promoting gun restrictions. >> common sense gun regulations need to happen this november.
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who attended a prep school in jacksonville. she works for the chapter of keep guns off campus. >> guns in the hands of students with minimal training and limited schools are not going to make campuses safer. >> this campaign maybe a little late. the august 30th primary, the nra backed candidates won more than 75% of the time in florida. reporting from the state capitol, mike vas linda. >> it's the and faculty were hoping for. the stolen jersey has been returned. >> someone swiped the jersey wednesday night. members of the school's buster club went on social media trying to shame the thief into returning the stolen jersey. a family found an envelope with the jersey in it and brought it back to school. still ahead, a recall from fords. find it why it claims 75,000
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paid paid vacation. why a company is paying employees to get out of town. that story coming up on first at 4:00. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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now your consumer watch first at 4:00, ford recalling 74,000 focus hatch back vehicles with manual transmissions because the hatches can be unlatched too easily when the cars are moving. the recall 2013 to 201-7340 dell years. ford will contact you with repair details. this gives the phrase paid vacation a whole new meaning. a utah company is paying its employees to take vacation. bamboo hr, a software company, has a new program called paid paid vacation. bamboo hr is reimbursing employees up to $2,000 for vacation costs, including
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meals. they have 200 employees. the owner believes you only work to make money to live your life. dunken donuts just announced plans to bottle coffee in a partnership with coca-cola. that means dunken donuts iced coffee will be available in grocery stores and convenience stores. the ready to drink coffee is set to hit stores in 2017. coming up your first at 4:00 weekend weather. and another look at the track hurricane matthew is on. and also tonight's friday night blitz. we'll take you to a high energy spirit rally that's coming up. in first at 4:00 sports, you can expect trash talking this weekend from a former bucks player. and you can get developments in the day's biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime time news cast every night on great 38 at 8:00. we'll be right back.
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by the law office of catania and catania.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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here is julie phillips. >> we have a decent forecast. here's a look outside downtown in tampa. you can see partly cloudy skies right now. no rain at this location. but we've been tracking scattered showers and storms throughout the day today. but all point. near friday, late afternoon, here's the view from new port richey, it's 85 degrees in right now. with the winds coming out of the northwest, picked up a little rain out of this location earlier today. and over all you can see another nice view, 85 degrees. we picked up 3/10 of an inch of rain this morning on the coast. as we head throughout tonight, friday night football is going, storms will be mainly in inland spots. if you're going to games east
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see showers at kickoff, by halftime, most of the rain should be wrapping up. we'll be near 80 degrees. by the final play, mostly dry, temperatures in the upper 70s. so waking up tomorrow morning, we'll feel fairly pleasant, mid 70s to start off with, near 74. topping out in the upper 80s as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. another warm day. but not too bad for us. isolated activity right now on the map. we are tracking pockets of heavy rain in portions of polk toward wesley chapel and zephyr hills. heavy rain south of miaka city tracking rain as well. if you haven't seen rain recently, most of you are looking at temperatures close to 90 degrees. it's 88 in tampa. 89 in bartow. and 89 in inverness as well. through the rest of the evening, the isolated activity will push inland, after sunset tonight, the rain should
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too much rain around, a small coastal shower chance to start the day as we head into the afternoon hours. we'll bring in our rain chances. looking at a 30% chance of rain. south of i-4, rain chances look better. sunday morning, partly cloudy, mostly dry, temperatures in the mid 70s to begin with. and then by the afternoon hours, we bring in about a 40% chance of rain, the rain chances start to go back up a bit. this front maybe brings in slightly dryer air to northern counties saturday. but we'rt big difference for weekend. if you're headed to the bucks game. we had storms roll through last week. it's possible again this week. so keep the ponchos handy. you may need them. 89 degrees at 4:00 as that game begins. another look at the track of hurricane matthew if you missed it earlier in the news cast, you can see it's at category three strength. in the southern caribbean moving west, still looking at that turn toward the north as we head into early next week.
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still a pretty strong hurricane, and generally we're looking at this moving east of florida, but depending on how far east, we'll be determining any florida impacts. we're watching this storm very closely for you at this point. 30% rain chance for us tomorrow. rain chances going up to 50% by monday. and looking a little bit dryer as we head into the end of next week. they thanks julie. alec baldwin will play the role of donald trump on saturday night live is kate mackinnon will be back at hillary clinton. and the season premier is tomorrow night. three movies going up against the magnificent 7 at the box office. >> right on time. delighted to meet ewe. >> the doors are opening to miss paragrin's home for peculiar children this weekend.
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reporter. the movie is tracking to debut with $25 million defeat current box office champ the magnificent 7. based on the 2010 bp oil rig disaster, deep water horizon's opening numbers appear cloudy. pun dents say the film will open in the high teens. master minds hit screens due to relative media's bankruptcy. it's pegged to open in the 8 million to 10 million-dollar range. a couple options there. if you're still making weekend plans, there's a lot going on in the bay area. 8 on your side has answers for you. joining me now, katie summers. thanks for being here. we have quite a set up this week. a job fair at tampa international airport.
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tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. they have a ton of jobs. anything from police officers to dispatchers, so you can check that out at tampa we are national. >> a little work weekend if you will. >> the super boat national championship. >> this is all weekend, clear water beach. this is boat races, there are tons of block parties, there's fire works, it's free if you want to watch it from the shore. if you want to get on peer 60, $26. >> the tailgate taste. >> this is the third annual. i'm like why am i this starts tomorrow at 3:00. they'll have college games on the big screen and there will be tampa bay area restaurants who are competing who has the best tailgate foods. >> they do that a lot in the park. get a bunch of vendors and go from booth to booth. >> free admission and you pay for various wristbands. >> the screamagedon. >> this is in dade city. six acres of florida forest. and it's scary.
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you can like walk through like a farm or a prison and like there's like some things you can do where people like grab you and like hang on to you and hold you captive. >> some people love that. i'm not into that kind of thing. then there's one more. this doesn't sound too pleasant. the vault of souls. >> this is in downtown tampa. in the national exchange bank. they turn into these spooky 1920s gin spots. there's four then you get a tarot card reading too. if you want to know your future. i have no time for that. >> if you love halloween, this is the time. >> super fun and spooky. >> thanks for being with us. >> when we team up every friday to bring you screaming high school football fans. this week they're getting pumped up in brooksville. here's mary maguire. >> hello from brooksville we're
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school. every week is shark week. all the shark fans are excited for a big game against lake wales tonight. this is an undefeated football team. they have a lot on the line tonight. a lot to play for on the gridiron. we just spoke with one teacher who has been teaching for 44 years. she explained what she loves so much about the sharks. >> we have the best students. we have the best administration. we have the best faculty. we have the best support staff. it's awesome to be part of the >> kickoff in that big football game is tonight at 7:30. mary maguire, news channel 8. all right, now let's check in on your first at 4:00 sports. >> i hope those kids have a voice left for tonight. >> that's early too. >> big bucks game this weekend. they have to figure out a way to get this turned around. >> the super bowl champs. >> no challenge there. the broncos, this trevor simeon guy is a pretty good yak.
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against a familiar player on sunday, and when bucks fan say the name aqib talib, what do you think of? taxicab driver abuse, swinging helmets at practice, guess what? they love aqib talib in denver. he's been great. believe it or not, he's closing in on a prestigious nfl record. he recently returned his ninth career interception for a touchdown tieing hall of famer de on sanders for fourth all time on the nfl list. the guy owns a and says he's a more mature player and person than he was earlier in his career. if bucks fans still harbor aqib talib anger let him hear you. he still lets receivers his mouth. mike evans is looking forward to facing both broncos corner backs. >> they're both real physical at the line of scrimmage. i have to be as physical as those guys. they're two pro bowl guys.
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physical receiver in the league. i have to prove it by going out and dominating physical corner backs. he likes to talk. we'll see. i like to trash talk myself. so we'll see. >> all right. late thursday night after the rain drops, the rays beat the white sox 5-3 for win 66 on the season, more important, pitcher chris archer avoided becoming baseball's first 20 game loser since 2003. archer finishes his a 9 and 19 record that's difficult to explain, 1st inning woes hurt him early in the year. but he finishes the season with 233 strikeouts. second in the american league behind the tigers justin verlander. not bad. archer's earned run average 4.02 is better than pitcher's like david price who has 17 wins this year for the red sox. go figure. >> how does that work.
4:26 pm
as talented as archer have that many losses. >> he got in trouble early against the blue jays. and never got out of the hole. he pitched himself out of games with pitch count. he didn't give up many runs. he allowed three runs or less. what's the problem there? the rays didn't hit for him. that's one of the things we're going to talk about all winter long. >> all right. thank you much. breaking news we want to get to you now. we're being told there's an accident eastbound on i-4. let's go out to we can. that's the mess right there. this is where you can see an accident. we believe it's a box truck that's rolled. this is i-4 eastbound at mackintosh road. we're told this is a crash with injuries at this point. but as you can see, a big mess if you're headed in that direction. there's a better shot of the truck that over turned in this area. it looks like traffic is getting by very slowly. but you know how busy i-4 can be in that direction. so you're going to be wanting to check in before you head out
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direction. but an injury accident, eastbound i-4 at mackintosh road. we're going to keep an eye on this and we'll have updates on the traffic patterns as soon as we get them in. in the mean time, stay close, we'll be right back. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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a new pole shows florida favors hillary clinton over donald trump but by a small margin. mason dickson took the pole off the debate monday night and found clinton leading trump 46% to 42 percent. margin of error. 4% are undecided. number two, south carolina's school shooting. a 14-year-old is being charged as a juvenile in the shooting death of his own father and the attempted murder of two elementary school students and a teacher at a nearby school. in their search for a motive, investigators are looking into whether or not the suspected gunman may have been bullied a source close to his family says he brought a hatchet and a machete to his middle school
4:31 pm
internet unless four republican state attorneys can help stop it. they're suing to stop the obama administration from transferring over sight of the internet to an international body. since 1998 the department of commerce has been keeping a list of which names are assigned to what ip addresses but their contract ends tonight at midnight. the lawsuit is trying to extend that contract. number four, deadly train crash, investigators now say the train that plowed through the hoboken terminal during rush hour slow down and it hit the building at a high rate of speed. the crash killed one woman waiting on the platform and injured more than 100 others. the national transportation safety board tells us it will take a week or more to determine exactly what happened. if tragedy strikes and you're stuck in a train crash, would you know what to do? >> we don't know what happened in new jersey but one thing investigators will look at is the engineer. did he have a medical emergency? did he fall asleep?
4:32 pm
today jeff rossen is answering important questions for you, where is the safest place to sit on a train in case there is a crash? and how do you get out alive? >> reporter: in this latest accident, chaos,. >> loud shrieks, people just screaming for their lives. >> reporter: passengers scrambling to make it out alive. >> we just heard people screaming in the first car that they were trapped. they couldn't get out. >> would you know how to get out in a crash? >> to show us how to survive, we're here with ul transportation, and i have always wondered on a commuter train like this, where is the safest place to sit, the middle of the train, the middle cars, the front of the car, the back of the car, where. >> the middle of the train, it's the least likely set of cars to derail. you don't want to be on either end, if there's a crash, that's where the energy is. the energy does the damage. you want to be in the middle of the train. >> just look at these crashes. in 2008, a commuter train in california colliding with a
4:33 pm
people. 22 of them sitting in the first car. and last year, another train hitting an suv in new york, killing five on board. all sitting in the first car. some experts say you should also sit facing backwards. if the train stops short or crashes, you're pushed back into your seat, instead of thrown forward. after a crash, you want to get out of that train asap. you were saying the cr loud speaker. you want to follow those. but the best way out maybe the window. >> this is an emergency window. held in by a rubber strip. you want to pull on those handles and pull them all the way down. and lift the window out. >> do i want to push it out the window? >> no, pull it in and set it down. >> it's really heavy by the way. >> then you want to get out. >> by the way, this is an 8 or 9-foot drop down.
4:34 pm
you're about to climb out the window. it's a long way down, you still have to be careful. if you can get to the door, it turns out, there's a way to pop them open manually. safety experts in philadelphia showing us how. >> every train in the country has emergency signs. if you see the sign, you can open the main door of the train you came in on and follow the instructions. >> if the conductor or engineer are too busy or chaotic to open the door, you can open it yourself. >> lift and pull it push this red handle down. and the door's released. you can see it pops the door open about an inch and i can open it the rest of the way, the emergency tips we all need when tragedy strikes. >> and that was jeff rossen reporting in the case of the crash in new jersey, the transit service there remains suspended indeferently both in and out of that terminal. now the latest on the track of hurricane matthew, let's check in with storm team 8
4:35 pm
we're going off that 2:00 p.m. advisory waiting for the 5:00 to come down. at 2:00 p.m., max winds at 120 miles per hour. pressure, 960 millibars. and the hurricane hunters are finding lower pressure than that. you can see the eye that formed within the storm. it's currently moving west at 12 miles per hour in the southern caribbean. and we're expecting it to continue that westward track until we head into this weekend. then it will curve off toward the north. strong hurricane, and then off toward the bahamas as we head into early next week. notice this cone, depending if it moves more east or a little bit more west, will have a big impact on whatever impacts we could see in florida. we'll watch the storm closely for you. i want to show you the upper level set up of why this makes that turn to the north. the upper level winds steer it toward the north. that's why we have that southern shift. and another trough on the west
4:36 pm
just off the coast of florida. how far off the coast? that's still up in the air and to be determined over the next couple days. you can see the latest spaghetti models bringing most of it over the bahamas by the middle of next week. we'll have more on matthew and your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. also making news across america, this is video of the tulsa police officer accused of killing an unarmed man walking out of court today. officer betty shelby is in the white shirt. she pleaded not guilty to first degree manslaughter. she's accused of killing an unarmed black man whose suv was abandoned if the middle of the road. scary moments when the power went out. it stranded riders on two rides, the fire department was on stand by to assist. no riders were in distress. just waiting for the power to come back on. firefighters helped to remove some of the riders. power was restored by noon. if you're ever in the mood
4:37 pm
deli in midtown, you better get there soon. the most famous deli, it's been open since 1937, it's closing its flag ship location on december 31st. the deli's owner told employees today. the midtown store is the only location that's closing. the deli is known for its gigantic pastrami sandwiches. and it's crunch time this election season and people on both sides of the medical marijuana issue in florida are ramping up >> and today a strong voice in the state legislature is saying no to amendment two. capitol bureau correspondent matt has more on the story. >> reporter: a powerful state senator opposing florida's medical marijuana amendment two. legalizing medical marijuana and putting it in the florida constitution ties the legislature's hands and will prevent them from improving the law. >> i don't want this to come to
4:38 pm
be out in candy dishes in people's homes where children can take advantage of it. i just see too many opportunities for abuse. >> they launched an ad urging people to vote no on the amendment in the five week lead up to the election. >> a frightening sight in central florida, 50 alligators all in a man on his bike spotted the gators while riding a trail. they stopped to get the video. the only thing you could hear is the birds chirping as a group of cyclists watched this group of gators in silence. >> it was just like you said in awe. >> an amazing sight. denis jones who took the video has never seen before. >> i've never seen that many -- i've seen maybe 10 or 15 in
4:39 pm
>> he owns the winter garden wheel works bike shop and takes groups out at least once a week. >> as we got closer there was just more and more and more. >> he posted the video to his shop's facebook page yesterday and that's how this resident saw it. >> for the past couple years i've been infatuated with gators. and my brother knows it. >> making her brother launch their airboat off this evening to see it for themselves. >> the one we seen was between 10 and 12-foot. we were 15-foot from him. i was terrified. i told my brother i'm getting scared. let's go. >> it's a sight another resident byron patrick has no desire to see. >> i'm surprised about how many. if that's on a trail near where i'm at. i'm skeptical about walking where i am right now. >> what a sight.
4:40 pm
reporting, more than 111,000 people have watched that alligator video on facebook all ready. still ahead -- >> can your over the counterpane killer be harming your heart? we'll show you the results of a study coming up. stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> i have received so many calls and emails about a window company that i knew it was time for me to get involved. customers tell me they have forked over thousands of dollars but the company delivered. i'm gene ramirez, a patient here has been living with a neurological disorder for 40 years. how we can all help save lives like hers. tonight's matchup takes us to the home of the 3 and 1 country side cougars where they're taking on the undefeated pinellas park patriots. coming up, i'll break down this
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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here's a question for you, what do johnny depp, michelle phifer, daisy ridley and kenneth brana all have in common? casting new, major casting news, 20th century fox has announced johnny depp, michelle fire, daisy wrigley, and judy dench all cast in the remake of ag orient express. the movie will be directed by kenneth brena who will star as the detective. >> hollywood does a courtyard of dreams. and we're standing in it right now. >> jeffrey has become a member of the courtyard of dreams after placing his hands and feet in the cement of the court of the chinese theater in hollywood. he was joined at the event by
4:45 pm
there? >> a bit of interview magic. during an interview with empire magazine, benedict revealed quote, the logistical challenge of aligning his schedule with those of robert downey jr., leaving many to speculate his dr. strange character will join the cast of the avengers infinity. time for a look weather. we're keeping a close eye on the tropics. julie is here again. >> i think we'll have a good idea as to where that track will shift to and looking at the weekend forecast too. not going to effect weekend plans. that's good. temperatures this weekend, going to be hot in the upper 80s each afternoon. saturday, slightly dryer. especially in the morning hours. by the afternoon, a 30% chance of rain, on sunday, sunshine to start the day.
4:46 pm
football as well. the bulls taking on cincinnati in cincinnati, a few showers in the mid 60s, the gators will be playing in nashville. fsu taking on north carolina in tallahassee, 87 degrees. and mostly dry there. the u taking on georgia tech, sunny and pleasant for that game. ucf playing a 20% chance of rain in north carolina for that. and the rattlers taking on savannah state, tallahassee, 84 around. just a few clouds is what we're seeing in lakewood ranch as well. 87 degrees. no rain at this location so far today. but we are tracking a few showers and storms on the radar. we can show you some of those. in northern hillsborough county around zephyr hills. and wesley chapel. farther to if south. we have some heavier rain and stronger storms in southeastern highlands county right now. so for the rest of the evening,
4:47 pm
will push generally east of i- 75. we'll keep our rain chance about 30% or so. tomorrow morning, a stray shower possible near the coast. but not as much in the way of morning rain, and the rain chances are best south of i-4 tomorrow. we'll bring in a 30% chance of storms later in the day. by sunday, a dry start in the morning, temperatures in the mid 70s. then we're looking at a 40% chance of storms as we head into the afternoon hours. of course hurricane matthew, a category three, we're waiting for that it hasn't just yet. the track still making that turn to the north as we head into the weekend. bringing it just off the coast of florida. how much will depend on where the exact track is in the cone. that cone will narrow into the next couple days. at this point, it looks like a typical summer weekend for us through the weekend. then into next week, it looks slightly dryer as we head into the end of next week. if you're going to shoot your mouth off during a golf
4:48 pm
up. >> luckily this guy was. this fan in the red sweater was heckling the players during the ryder cup practice claiming he could make a put they kept missing. the players invited him to the green, laid down $100, and what do you think happened? he made it. the golfers gave him that 100- dollar bill after they all signed it. he was very excited as you can see. memories for a lifetime. we'll be back with more first
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sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza?. i want to check back in with breaking news we told you about earlier in the show. this is a live look at eastbound i-4 near mackintosh road. as you can see, it's backed up and getting worse. not much has changed here. let's take a look at why this is happening. that box truck there has flipped over. you see the left lane is blocked at this point. it looks like a few cars are getting by on the right side. but this back up is starting to grow. and this scene doesn't look like it's getting fixed up any time soon. if you're headed in that
4:52 pm
lake land, you'll want to try to figure out a way around this or make alternate plans. so we're going to keep checking in to see how this situation transpires in the next couple minutes. we'll give you updates as soon as we know, or as soon as we receive an update to the news room. that's the latest. we'll send it to stacy. at sometime or another, i think we've all wondered about how to spot autism in a child. what should parents and others be on the look out for. today 8 on your side has psychologist dr. stacy. there's a lot of debate about this subject and what causes autism. where do you stand on the cause of autism? >> there are several causes that the research specifically points to. most of the research points to, 90%, genes or some sort of specific set of genes. there's also environmental factors. there's also toxins or viruses that could be privy to the
4:53 pm
no research, stacy, that says there's a link between getting vaccinations and autism. and that i really want people to hear. because vaccinations are so important. there's no empirical research that's linking those two together. and that's really important for people to hear. >> tell us some signs, especially early signs, what you might want to be on the look out for when it comes to children who might be autistic. >> the classic signs are any type lack or deficit in social interactions. so i think we have up on the screen, and it's important to look at them, there's no big smiles or other warm joyful types of interaction. no back and forth. if i smile at hannah, she's not going to smile back. no babbling back and forth gestures, pointing, waving, and any loss of speech, which this is really important, if your child has learned to talk and then there's a decrease and
4:54 pm
any type of deficit in communication. >> so what should a parent do if they suspect that their child might be autistic or somewhere on the spectrum? >> there's a number of professionals trained to evaluate it. the first step would be your pediatrician. every couple months when you go for vaccinations they give you a form. we leave and we're supposed to check different physical and social developments. if you spot that your chil not communicating, you would ask your pediatrician for a specialist, a pediatric psychologist or a child psychologist such as myself to do a full evaluation. the sooner the better. i want to say to parents out there. if your child does have autism or is on the spectrum, there is help you can help strengthen those weaknesses and they can be happy and productive in society. >> great information as always. thank you doctor. and we'll head back to josh
4:55 pm
medical report. it looks like common painkillers like ibuprofen are now linked to heart problems. people currently using one of the painkillers had a 19% higher risk of heart failure. cox two inhibitors which have caused the most concern when it comes to the heart are a big concern were linked to the same rate of heart related hospitalizations than the over the counterpane ll around the corner we need your help to meet our lofty goal. we'd like to raise $100,000 to benefit the american heart association. and kia is matching the first $50,000 that we raise. so every dollar you donate right now counts as 2. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. and i walk every year because of my family. go to walk to join my team and donate.
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a panda doing sit-ups. this is good video. we'll explain when we come back. first at 4:00 returns in three
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> and we want to leave you with a panda doing situps trying to get in shape. the panda's trick amused visitors who saw the little guy in china. >> pretty good stuff. much more news coming your way. newschannel8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. >> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> surprising storm, hurricane
5:00 pm
how soon it might atect florida. >> plus, who does florida favor? a new poll reveals where the sunshine state is leaning after monday's presidential debate. >> and, some customers paid big bucks for window work when all they got was excused so they knew they better call behnken. good evening, i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. hurricane matthew is getting stronger and stronger as it approaches land. we just learned, in fact, just moments ago, that matthew is now a it strengthened into a category 2 overnight, then a 3. now up to 4. it is in the central caribbean right now. you can see the big blob there. so, how will matthew affect florida if at all, and when might it happen? storm team meteorologist julie phillips has the latest forecast track. we were all a little surprised by this. >> it is really rapidly intensifying. this storm within the last 48 hours or so, that advisory just


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