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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  October 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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onald it starts to roll toward there's still a little bit of uncertainty as to where the storm will track as it bypasses cuba. we're still expecting it to head toward cuba and from there, you can see a large spread in the forecast models here in the
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board. once we get beyond, about 4-5 days, some uncertainty. it's fairly quiet, 76 degrees. cooler air to the north. low 70s for crystal river and brooksville and many around 70. near st. pete beach, showers offshore. scattered thunderstorms expected later on today. we'll look at the full weekend forecast and a detailed check coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. this morning, authorities are investigating a suspicious substance mailed to mosaic headquarters. this comes after the massive
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>> the headquarters received the threatening letter containing a suspicious powder last night. nothing dangerous was detected. following the report that 215 million-gallons of water tainted we talk to three of the neighbors who are suing mosaic. >> the fact that the government knew and failed to inform the public, what excuse do they have? they have done. >> they failed to notify the governor's office for 19 days after it was discovered. we have no information on what was in to letter.
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hours to process thank you. new overnight, tampa police are investigating a stabbing at a nightclub overnight. it happened at club sky on east 8th avenue. one person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, another victim suffered minor injuries. we are told police have one detained. we have more questions for police after they were to the middleton high school something happened between a student and is a staff member yesterday, but police haven't told us anything yet. creepy clowns. they've been showing up around pasco county and there's nothing funny about it. kids, parents and sheriffs are concerned they've been seen at multiple schools they're posting scary pictures
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going to die tonight and meet me at certain places. that's concerning. >> the services worry that someone is going to get hurt. any copy cats thinking of scaring people will have one serious conversation with deputies. a woman charged with stealing from a parent-teacher organization. jessica was a treasure at the school and to $16,000 over an 18 month period. now a consumer alert. a crook caught on camera putting a skimmer on an atm in st. petersburg. you can see a woman look around to see if anyone was watching before attaching the device. a clerk later found the skimmer
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owners quoted higher prices to african-american families anilide about whether units were available we haven't heard back. >> police in california have released video of a deadly shooting of an unarmed black man. the footage shows him being approached by two officers when they asked him to show his hands, he grabbed something and took an aggressive pointed the object at the officers. one fired four shots, the other deployed his taser. they commented police for releasing the video. >> this is the action that should follow any and all police-involved shootings. full disclosure to the public builds trust and demonstrates respect.
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vape pen. the police department just got a huge donations to equip officers with protective vests to be worn in dangerous situations how effective they are for police officers. >> 75 tampa officers will be given this layer of protection in the hopes that it never has to be used. they buy the kits. >> the community and the police, we have a lot of problems and
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doing something good and right, that can only help the problem. >> the shooting in june underscores the dangers police face active shooting situations are on the rise and they hope that the vest designed to wear over body armor keep people safe. >> the bad guys keep shooting at them, they have a better chance and that's a good thing. >> so do the officers that put their lives on the line. >> it's what profession. anything that helps me get home to my loved ones >> police leadership hopes to eventually equip all one thousand police officers with these vests. one epileptic man thanks
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and the rights of victims.
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i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. a man finally found what he was looking for, the person who saved his life. william had had a seizure. >> he pulled me out and saved my
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arrange a reunion for the person who saved their loved one. this is the first seizure behind the wheel. he's turning in his license. the jersey swiped is now back where it belongs. someone found it on school property and returned it office. how he didn't let his disability get in the way of a touchdown dream. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back.
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"that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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a story this morning that shows that dreams can come true a four-year-old boy bound to a wheelchair has spent his life dreaming of scoring that winning touchdown. camera. >> reporter: ask any football player and they will tell you, this is sacred ground, where magic is made during glitz and glory. at the age of 4, he has one dream, to score a touchdown. his love of the game is seen from the sidelines
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heart of a quarterback. >> he's talking about playing football and wanted to be on the football field, his dream came true. >> his mom describes this as the greatest moment of her life, the day her four-year-old scored the winning touchdown surrounded by his older brother teammates, the lakeland lumber jacks and the opposing team. a dream come true for a little one pound. >> to the 20, to the 15, to the 5 and scored and it was a touchdown and they surrounded him and jumped up and everybody clapped >> he got the play by play >> he got the play by play, there wasn't a dry eye in sight. >> this is the place where magic happens where those who love the game
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touchdown. >> he's my quarterback all the time >> never let your child down. let them have their dreams >> a big congratulations to him. we love watching that story there was not a dry eye. >> if you have the desire to get on the field, nothing will stop you. tropics, that's been big story weather-wise, this story blew up yesterday. it has come down a little bit in terms of strength. now we look at the season, we have had 13 named storms and we've had 5 become hurricanes matthew the first category 5 of the season.
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155-mile-per-hour winds. hurricane hunters are flying into the system as we speak. that eye only around 15-miles in diameter. it's an organized system here. latest track, it's expected to weaken as it approaches the island of jamaica. it will continue off to the north, expected to cross cuba and heads into the bahamas and still uncertainty as to where it's going to go and it will be moving. at this point, southwest florida now included in that cone of uncertainty. some of the models starting to roll back toward florida. you can see it here in the spaghetti pot. the majority over the bahamas, a few closer to the eastern sea board. this one still bears watching no direct impact expected on our area. heading into the first weekend
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typical late summer, early fall with a chance of thunderstorms. that chance lower for today with dryer air rolling in. 75 this morning getting to 88 this afternoon. that's about a degree above normal. you're waking up to comfortable conditions this morning. 68 this morning. still have an on shore flow. you can pick it out with the dew points. slightly higher moisture to the south. dew points in the 70s. this is refreshing this morning waking up to dew points in the 60s. it's a much more comfortable start this morning north of i- 4. a couple of showers offshore. some of them trying to work their way on shore getting a few drops around holmes beach. there's the water vapor as the front is making its way into central florida. it's not going to make it much further south.
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back to the north, so early next week, the moisture starts to come back, the rain chances going back up by next monday. here's our forecast model you notice, again, more of a widely scattered shower, and as the moisture starts to increase, a dry starts sunday. by sunday afternoon, better coverage of thunderstorms coming our way here. that rain chance gets higher by the time we head toward monday. so the next couple days, rain chances on up to 50%. highs in the upper 80s. and then we will have an indirect effect from matthew by the end of the week. notice the rain chances come down, that's dryer air rolling in we'll be on the dry side of the system. that will be nice for next weekend. did you miss the friday night blitz? if so, you're in luck.
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i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. and good morning. if you missed the friday night blitz last night, shame on you. we're going to give you some good ones here we have some tasty match ups last night, a big one in the
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the district ten title by beating east lake. this time around, east lake playing the role of district favorite. could just decide the long remaining spot in the season. the inside track on the post season picture in the game of the week. >> the patriots come into this game of the week match up averages 35 points per game. op the country side cougars were ready to rumble and they should be because it's homecoming weekend. the patriots are no easy-win team because big boy advance was with the big boys going to need a squad to bring that boy down. andrews, holding the field high and tight to put the patriots up. just about every time the
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could not get out of their own way which made it a long night for jenkins. you can't say he wasn't doing his part. that's 21 push-ups for the patriots cheerleaders just like a hat on graduation day, the maxwell, going up in the air for andrew's second touchdown of again, the cougars know they need to get something going in front of the home crowd, the patriots would go onto shut out the cougars and stay undefeated at 4-0. news channel 8 sports. >> big district game last night. ridgewood hosting the knights. picking it up in the third quarter.
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by mike in the fourth quarter. he comes up with another catch. this time it's a touchdown. >> defense, anyone? >> tackling drills at ridgewood monday. they build a lead and here come the rams right on the keeper we have a 20-16 game. the rams are going for the win. picked off by austin. that was the last play of the game. river ridge 3-0. next up, bartow at lakeland, outside of that, lakeland outscored 208-3. aj davis, score, on the sideline. backed up deep.
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inches more lakeland. james has more hops. sinking the jackets 46-5. >> would that make it royal with cheese. >> cigar city. >> bounce back day today. florida as well we have a lot of fun. >> u verses ifu. that's another good one. miami is on put your feetup, watch fall all day. >> thank you. when it comes to the race for the white house, the sunshine state is a battleground. coming up, trump and clinton, who's ahead of who? the numbers are close.
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rise and shine it's the weekend. you're taking a live look at downtown tampa. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. in our top stories this morning, questions about a suspicious package sent to mosaic's headquarters in wake of the sinkhole. what we know so far about the package and the other item included. scrutiny building over a deadly commuter train crash in new jersey.
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prevented the crash from happening. hurricane matthew dropped to a category 4 storm still it's claimed one life so far in columbia. we're keeping an eye on this storm in case it makes a turn toward us. the latest now on the intensity and track. >> we just got the latest update about an hour and a half ago from the hurricane center. 155-mile-per-hour winds. no longer a category 5, but it's still 4 storm. it's starting to encounter some upper-level wind sheer that helps to weaken the system. we're expecting it to slowly weaken. right now current pressure at 942. hurricane hunters out to the system as we speak. it will make a northwesterly turn on sunday. still maintaining hurricane
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potentially haiti as well. from there, it rolls through cuba and working its way through the bahamas. still up in the air as to how close it will get to the state of florida. it bears watching. forecast models all over the place at this point and once it gets past cuba, it takes it to eastern cuba. we have a large variance meaning there's a large spread at this point. we'll keep a close eye a couple thunderstorms near the sunshine skyway bridge. 76 in tampa. comfortable to the north. we're now in october, a bit of a warm start with a chance of thunderstorms. rain chances getting better by monday an all eyes on matthew churning in the caribbean. we'll cover the rain chances and coming up in the full forecast in a bit.
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morning. a threatening letter containing a suspicious substance was mailed to the headquarters. this is after a massive sinkhole opened up contaminating water. live now in the tampa news center. do we know what was in to letter? >> we don't know just yet. it was transferred to a lab for further testing. results take 48-7 process. a hazmat team and the sheriff's office all reported to the scene last night. a field test was done with negative results meaning nothing dangerous was detected. radio active water contaminated and dep began testing the wells of near by homes they are monitoring creeks and
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site. >> we would rather be out here making sure than waiting to hear from someone else that something is going on. >> mosaic failed to notify the governor's office about the sinkhole for 19 days after the sinkhole was discovered. no word on what was in that letter. we're told it was threatening we're going to keep checking and bringing you updates on air, online and on the news channel 8 app it's a story that has a lot of eyes on it. a lot of pe sinkhole. >> thank you. new this morning, a teen is behind bars after a stabbing near a high school fall game. police in lauderdale lake say an 18 stabbed his cousin several times during an argument. investigators are trying to figure out what caused new jersey's deadly commuter train crash. they have begun to talk to crew
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critter critical data from the black box. officials are under fire for not equipping trains with special automatic braking systems. >> the third largest transit system in the world they have a very good safety record, but no accident is acceptable and we have to get to the bottom of what happened and we will. >> the braking system is called positive train control. it uses gps trackers and transponders in the tracks. a chicago school bus driver was wounded when a bullet grazed his head. the 31-year-old driver is in stable condition. the children on the bus at the time were not hit. police are still investigating where the bullet came from. and the race for the white
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more fallout from an early morning tirade on twitter. he's making light of his attacks on hillary clinton but the targets are answering back. that's not helping the gop nominee in a time when he's struggling with women. >> donald trump turned on the charm. >> you are the smartest people, the most loyal people ever to be involved in a >> he's quoting women voters. >> the most important woman any woman can have is being a mother. >> the former miss universe says that trump insulted her weight. he took to twitter after 3:00 a.m. but singling her out
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>> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. >> trump joked he would be awake to answer that 3:00 a.m. phone call. >> i'm trying to change a few minds. >> trying to change minds as momentum drifts away from donald trump. >> a new mason dixon poll shows hillary clinton with a narrow lead over 46% to trump's 42%. it proves again that it's going to be a close election. >> i expect some major earth shaking event happens, it's going to be a horse race to the end. >> president joe biden will be in sarasota on monday to campaign for hillary clinton at the community center.
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once he wraps up another campaign stop in orlando. patrick murphy is the featured guest speaker at a picnic in venice tonight. day two of a big job fair at tampa international airport will get underway in a few hours hiring traffic specialists and dispatchers you can take your application to the third floor of the main terminal and it's from 10-6 today job seekers have the chance to become a firefighter. the lakeland fire department is hiring. right now, the department is hoping to fill at least 10 positions log onto for more. wells fargo is in big
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the bank is supposed to get a court order before repossessing cars from troops they illegally took 314 cars. team usa athletes who won hardware will get a tax break. president obama is expected to sign a bill getting rid of the so called victory tax. winners have to pay x the cash prizes they're awardedded along with the medals this video is getting a lot of attention on social media. do you see the dark spots in the water? those are alligators a bicycle shop owner captured the scene in lake apopka. he was riding with a group when they spotted at least 50 gators in the pond. i have never seen anything like that. >> we're in florida, so you're used to seeing alligators, but
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>> they're all up just a little bit. >> maybe just a popular hangout for gators. >> i'm not water skiing there. a couple beautiful pictures a nice sunrise, lauren clark, an equally nice sunset. be sure to send us your photos, facebook or twitter. we appreciate them >> the do not call list does
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a special treat for wounded warriors this weekend. many are in texas visiting george w. bush on his ranch. >> it was a chance of a lifetime for those who served their un antonio who took a ride with the 70-year-old commander-in-chief he served under. >> hanging out with these vets helps a lot. >> it's such an honor knowing how many people want to be a part of this. >> it's a dream ride, but a tough one. one hundred kilometers over
6:44 am
ground, some rougher past trees and brush and bushes and mrs. bushes. being on the ranch could be considered miraclous, in 2011, his canopy didn't inflate and he hit the ground at 45 miles per hour. in 2012, he was hit by a truck. >> first of all, i recovery and my sanity to god's grace. >> if that is first, second is cycling, strengthening his body and making him feel free. after riding for so much, it took on a life of its own f. >> as for the president, he's kept his promise on taking care of us >> anybody that has the opportunity to experience this,
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sunshine state is on a sweeter cross country journey. 8-year-old tyler plans to take donuts to every police officer in america here he is in oregon handing out the tasty treats it's part of a movement he started called i donut need a reason to thank a police officer. >> wise quick check of what is happening as we look at the beach forecast. the first weekend of october, september in the books overall, not a bad day ahead. we'll include a chance of a couple of showers or thunderstorms. as we start, the better chances for late in the day. the water temperature at 85, just a light chop today. a comfortable start this morning at 75 degrees. again, a shower possible along
6:46 am
by noon. a mix of sun and clouds and spotty rain developing and by 4:00 p.m., widely scattered showers. temperatures, depending on where you are, it's very refreshing this morning. right now, 70 for brooksville and 76 in tampa. what is making it feel nice is actually the dew points, lower moisture, especially north of i-4 where we have dew points points south of i-4 and that's a front. it's not going to make it much further south, the folks are enjoying the lower humidity and enjoy it while it lasts take a look at what is happening. we have a few showers. a few of them making their way on shore near highway 19 and again, just a couple of them here and there. we're not expecting anything to be too widespread this morning.
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association with the front. deeper moisture to the south. deeper in the caribbean where we have hurricane matthew. the boundary stalling out. north of the boundary, don't think you will see much in terms of rain for today. south of the boundary, the rain chance around 30%. fewer storms on tap for today. starting off quiet, by sunday afternoon, the moisture starts to increase again. we get back to a coverage of showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon. rain chances getting higher by the time we hit monday. lower chances to the north. starting to get higher by i-4 and to the south with rain chances increasing to 40%. there's another look at matthew. 155-mile-per-hour winds this is the strongest storm so far of the 2016 hurricane season. it's expectedded to make that hard right turn, that northerly
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hours right now, southwest florida in that cone a big match up where the seminoles are hosting the tar heels. higher rain chance at 50% by monday and drying out for next week. and maybe very dry by next weekend. >> all eyes on matthew. >> absolutely. thank you. millions and millions of gallons of oil spilled into the sea coming up, the largest disaster of its kind in u.s. history and now there's a new movie about
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box office preview. that's next. ne year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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in 2010, a bp rig in the gulf of mexico of exploded. the tragic story is in theaters this weekend. we have more in the box office preview. >> roughnecks dig deep in deep water horizon. it's based on the explosion of a massive oil rig in the gulf of mexico. they focus on the men and women on the platform many of whom lost their lives.
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called him a liar and a falsifier of history. >> rachel makes history repeat itself in denial. since the case is in the uk, it's up to wise to prove they did. >> i always felt i was destined for a life of adventure. based on a real life robbery in 1997. employees make off with $17 million and leave a trail. halloween is just around the corner. kick off the celebration with your pup. there's excitement in store
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grab your leash, because today is the you must love dogs halloween fest. it looks like puppies from all over the bay area are ready for a tail wagging good time. >> it's going to be a costume contest, a lot of vendors, a lot of rescuers it's a good cause. >> here are some pictures from
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there will be a national pet vac unit for vaccinations and you can even adopt a new four-legging friend. >> she has a double adoption if someone adopts her. >> it kicks off at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 7 p.m. first, there was a massive sinkhole and now a new delivery coming up, fbi at the mosaic headquarters, what was in the
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right now on news channel 8 today. >> thank you for joining us. hurricane matthew weakening overnight. it remains a powerful storm this morning now a category 4 storm with winds up to 155 miles per hour and heavy rain. matthew claiming its first victim when it roared past northeast columbia. here's the storm churning up some waves countless families have been evacuated from the area. joining us now with the latest on the track. >> the 5:00 a.m. advisory had the storm weakening from the peak at category 5 strength.


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