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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  October 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a hurricane warning for haiti and jamaica as powerful hurricane matthew heads towards the islands. the latest on the track and the impact florida. the trump responding to the release of donald trump's 1995 taxes. how it could impact the race for the white house. a suspicious letter delivered. what federal investigators are saying was inside the envelope. good sunday morning, i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. we are tracking hurricane matthew, and this morning the hurricane warnings from have been issued for jamaica and parts of haiti.
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matthew. the gas stations were filled with people lining up to fill their cars and plastic storage containers. leaders in the country are preparing people for the worst. >> the island, the entire jamaica will be affected by rains, but there's a greater concentration in the eastern part of the island. >> this morning the waves have picked up coast. look at that. matthew is the strongest hurricane since felix in 2007. the columbia eastern providences are bracing for matthew. the country declared the first stage of an emergency. raul castro led a meeting as they oversaw the storm preparations. this is a bird's eye view of hurricane matthew. the hurricane hunters will fly
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coming days. ed bloodsworth has the latest on where it is headed and what impacts it will have on florida this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are looking at an extremely powerful category 4 hurricane. the winds 150 miles an hour, and you can seat eye there. it's not looking quite as organized as it was earlier this morning, and i'm getting a lit bit of dry air wrapping into the system here. the pressure is down to 9:40, and now the north westerly movement. general turnoff to the north it looks like it's happening right now. hurricane sunter the are just arriving on the scene right now. flying through hurricane matthew. they just reported 75-mile an hour winds, but they have not made it to the core of the system yet. we are likely going to see higher winds from the hurricane hunters. hurricane warnings for cuba, haiti, and jamaica.
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as much strength as initially thought. the waters over the bahamas are very, very warm. as for how close it gets to the florida coast? that's up in the air, but the general conclusion is that it will be far enough east to have minimal effect on th matthew and also on the conditions here at home. 75-degrees in downtown tampa, and not much rain out there now. later today, 88 degrees, and we are anticipating a better coverage of showers and thunderstorms. we will talk about matthew in greater detail and have the complete sunday forecast in a bit. candace? >> ed, thank you. right now we are following breaking news out of clear
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scene in the last 30 minutes, and the clear water police have a warning for pedestrians? >> reporter: they have urged pedestrians f you have to walk somewhere, they are begging you to please use the crosswalk. that's the safest way and the smartest way. around 4:30 this morning, that's when the pedestrian crash happened here at duncan avenue, and they said a pedestrian stumbled into the road, and that is when a struck him. again, it happened around 4:30 this morning, and this is the second pedestrian death in just four days on the boulevard. on thursday a pedestrian was pushing a wheel share fewer than 100 yards from a marked crosswalk. and again, police want you to use the crosswalk. we don't have the man's identity right now. we are expecting to learn it. the medical examiner did just
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and online when we find out the details. >> jana, thank you. target the new york city times, donald trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, and this could have allowed him to legally avoid pay anything federal income taxes for up to 18 years. he declined to comment, and campaign said he is a highly skilled businessman who a fiduciary responsibility to pay no more tax than legally required. robbie mook says it shows the colossal matter of donald trump's business failures and how long he has avoided paying income taxes whatsoever."
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trump and the former miss universe, and donald trump is trying to tie her to her marital misdeeds for her husband. >> reporter: taking a page out of the donald trump playbook, hillary clinton tweeted at 3:00 a.m. on saturday, slamming haters just like donald trump if his twitter tirade on saturday >> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him it proves yet again he is temperamentally unfit to be no president and commander-in- chief. >> reporter: trump is hitting back, taking aim at bill clinton's marriage infidelity, and he called hillary clinton an enabler, and the campaign members are going further. >> if she's a champion for women, she doesn't have a leg to stand on.
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work? trump himself has been married three times and went through an ugly divorce amid accusations of infidelity. supporters in pennsylvania are split. >> i don't like to see the emotional outbursts. he has to think of what the people want to hear. >> all the stuff in the white house, do you want that again? >> reporter: clinton and trump's running mates are preparing for their only debate in virginia. >> hillary clinton will campaign in ohio tomorrow, and vice presidential biden wi florida. he has rallies in orlando and sarasota, and trump will be in colorado. the lithia office got a threatening letter with a suspicious substance it follows
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radioactive went into an aquafir. >> this puts mosaic in the position of having to take corrective action in advance of the problem, and apparently they didn't, or we wouldn't have had this problem. >> as for who sent the threatening letter, we are working to learn if police have any leads. st. petersburg police are investigating the death of a man found floating in concerns, and they want answers. >> it's not a good thing. i come into the park every day, and that's not something i want to see. >> as soon as we learn more information, we will bring it to you on air and online. a largo woman was hit and killed overnight in st. petersburg. the driver swerved but his
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he immediately stopped and called 911. the victim died at the hospital. two people are recovering after an overnight stabbing at club sky on east 8th avenue. one person was rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, and another victim suffered minor injuries, and we are told police detained one person, but we don't know how they are involve involved. happening today, the clear water superboat races. sit back and take in the action from pier 60. the first race wi noon, the second at 1:30, and the last race today at 3:00. for v.i.p. passes, go to beach's website, and shepherd's beach will be hosting the after party.
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his mother's message of
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. across america a warning for southern california residents. an earthquake alert until tuesday. it followses a series of tremors under the sea. a sad update this morning.
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south carolina school has died. the bullet hit one of jacob hull's main artery. >> jacob was more than everything to us. jacob was everything to everybody, and jacob was an angel brought to this earth to show love, kindness, and forgiveness. jacob never had a bad intention ever in his body in his little 6.5 years he loved me, his mommy, and we had a bond like no mother and son will ever have, and he loved his daddy, and he loved to tell stories, and he had an imagination that was as big as he was. >> i can't imagine her heart break. investigators said the gunman killed his father before driving to the school. he is now charged as a juvenile with murder, and officials don't know the motive. the national transportation safety board is investigating
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jersey. they found a data recorder in the back of the train, but they are looking for the second one. the search is difficult because the site is still not safe. the recorders should reveal how fast the rain was going when it killed one victim and injured more than 100 others. video of one heart warming touchdown gone viral, and look at this. this bowers. had has muscular dystrophy, and he has never missed a practice. he helps the coaches from the sideline, but his family wanted him to experience everything. why signs are switching. nasa's latest zodiac discovery.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here!
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is responsible
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welcome back. the way you live your life in you believe in the zodiac may be completely wrong. nasa has confirmed another sign. >> reporter: john mayers has known this all along. >> it's old, and it's been there and had an effect.
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created 3,000 years ago. >> originally we had 14 signs. >> reporter: for the first time anyone born november 29- december 17 is the -- december 17th is the serpent. >> reporter: if your sign changed, add that to your list of regrettable tattoos. >> sometimes it's regrettable like a name forget. >> reporter: as sharon explains -- >> ty are a leo and feel like a virgo or whatever. i guess they can come and try to get it switched up. >> reporter: how much can updating the $50 tattoo cost? >> double or triple the size of the area to cover up. definitely more than 100. >> reporter: the silver lining?
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who you are. it's about who you are becoming. >> nasa said they didn't change any signs, they just did the math. look at the math we are crunching this morning. the season update in terms of the tropical season, now up to 13 named storms in the actual tropics of the atlantic, and right now a couple of hurricanes. five hurricanes so far, and the latest matthew, a major and matthew both major hurricanes, and we expect the season to continue into the end of november. not out of the question we could get more activity. here's matthew. 150-mile an hour winds here, and you can see the pinpoint eye, and we just got the latest update from the hurricane hunters, and they are flying through the center of matthew, and they are reporting winds near 140 miles an hour, and that's category strength here, and expecting it to continue to
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impacting the islands of jamaica, haiti, and cuba, all under hurricane warnings this morning, and from there. we expect the trek to continue through the bahamas, and just offshore of florida, 200 to 300 miles offshore here by friday. this will greatly dictate the effects florida will have. increased wave activity and the increased threat of rip currents as well. back at home, nice-looking start lakewood ranch, 73 degrees this morning. tall winds, and a few high clouds to get us started. nice looking start to the day, and we expect a beautiful sunrise, and it should be happening right about now. 84 for noon today, and the numbers climb to 88 by 4 :00 p.m., and we will call for a slightly better shot at seeing widespread hour and thunderstorm activity, and all of thatment p cooing after lunchtime today. 68 for zephyrhills and
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yesterday. partly cloudy skies right now, and we expect building clouds through the middle of the day, and we will call for a 40% chance of rain. as the sea breezes develop, everything will slide back to the coast on the day. monday, the commute is looking good. by the afternoon, you need the umbrellas and scattered tropical downpours expected. we will be stuck in the pattern for the next few days, but long- telo 40% for today and tomorrow, and that will slowly but steadily drop over the next 8 days, and high temperatures mid- to upper 80s, and typical for this time of the year with the lows in the 70s, the big takeaway here, into the weekend, a shot of drier air, lower humidity, and this time of the year, that's always a good thing. we will certainly take that. >> i'm not complaining. i can't wait to see it. fans filling in college
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the brim. it was another exciting saturday of college football, heart breaking for some. we have all the highlights next for you on news channel 8. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... ares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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yards shy of snapping the all time rushing record. mac daddy with the lead headed into the locker room. that's 24-20 usf. in the 3rd. quintin flowers, and he's more elusive than an uber on south howard at closing. surge pricing! that's a pick 6 by johnny ward. one of 3 ints for the ll to break the all time usf rushing record with the run. south florida stops cincinnati 45-20. florida state hosting north carolina, and it was a wild one. battling back, and the tarheels take the lead with under 3 inmutts to play. thomas jackson taking it up the sideline for a score, and the extra point is locked, and that will allow fsu to march down
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and deandre dodge, duck, dive, dip, dodge, and score a touchdown. the extra point is true, and florida state is going up, but the knowles left too much time on the clock, and nick wilder with the 54-yard field goal for the win, and cash! the tarheels snap the 22-game winning streak with the 37-35 upset. keeping it in the acc. miami honoring jose fernadez the helmet sticker. the defense showing out for number 16. shaq quarterman, and she's got one scoop, one score here. the next yellowjackets' possession. the u gets the dub. 35-21. vanderbilt, scarlet starts the scoring with the 4-yard t.d.
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game quite frankly. one min tout play. the commodores driving, and nick washington, more like pick washington. despite the offense, the gators hold on to win it. if you prefer directional schools. central florida, and east carolina. time to get the 100-yard touchdown, and the knights were up in the 4th until garden minsu doesn't see the ma in front of him. hayes, another big fella with the pick 6, and the knights win it. florida a & m is winless no longer. the rowdie making a push for
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fc. miami would tally the equalizer, but the rowdies with the critical point in the 1-1 draw. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. this morning the new york times is releasing donald trump's 1995 tax records. what they are saying about how it could impact the race for the white house, and tests find more mosquitoes with the zika virus here in florida. time now 7:28.
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marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up. he's voted for a plan that would cut social security... and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education... and has voted for billions in education cuts. marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when he shows up. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago and still smell like springtime? unstopables in-wash scent boosters. the more you pour, the more scent you'll savor. toss it in before your clothes for luxurious scent up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy.
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is. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. we are tracking matthew, and ed bloodsworth has the latest develops. >> reporter: still a category 5, but the hurricane hunters are reporting back strong winds here. sustained winds as of the 5:00 a.m. adry making it a strong category 4, and then the movement, that's a big change and the movement, drifting to the north and west, this is part of the northerly turn we have been expecting for the last couple of days here. as i mentioned, hurricane hunters are now inside of the system. they have been making several passes through the eye. they are about to turn and make another pass through the eye.
7:32 am
cuba as the system is only about a day or day and a half away from now, but from now, we are expected to maintain major hurricane status through the bahamas, and then friday morning, this is off the east coast of florida. we are thinking 200 to 300 miles offshore, and you can see this is getting closer to the coast. how close it will get, dictate what the effects will be. look at the folks down in jamaica. they are preparing for a direct hit from matthew, and they have been boarding up windows, hitting the grocery stores, and stocking up on what they need to make it through the storm. again, the strongest storm in the atlantic since 2007, and also the storm has been battering south america. look at the extremely high
7:33 am
hard. we expect to to affect the caribbean. this will eventually drive off to the north, and it will put it it off the coast of florida. back home, temperatures in the 60s and 70s this morning, and the numbers into the upper 80s with scattered thunderstorms for the afternoon. we will take a close look at the local forecast in a bit, candace. >> thank you, ed. now to breaking news out of clear water, police are as drivers to avoid gulftobay boulevard as they investigate a deadly crash. jana jones is live there this morning. the last half an hour you said you spoke to the medical examiner who just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us about the victim. >> reporter: the medical examiner did just leave. the vick tiff was -- the victim was a man, and it happened around 4:30 this morning at. part of the road right now is still blocked off, and they are
7:34 am
if you plan to make your morning commute here soon, keep that in your travel plans this morning. it will take you longer on this boulevard this is not the first pedestrian crash that has happened over the last few days this is the second pedestrian death in the last 4 days. on thursday a pedestrian was pushing a wheel share, fewer than 100 yards from a marked crosswalk, and clear water police urge you to always use the crosswalk if you plan to cross the road. victim's identity some time later today, and we will update you on air and online. candace? >> jana, thank you very much. mt. wake of the mosaic sink hole, a suspicious package has been sent to the company. they are facing a lawsuit from three nearby families. a man's body was discovered at booker creek park, and this
7:35 am
will bring you updates on the case as it comes in. a 6-year-old boy shot at his school in south carolina earlier this beak has died. a bullet struck one of jacob hull's main arteries. he passed away saturday afternoon. the gunman is a 14-year-old who killed his father just before he drove to the school. he is charged as a juvenile with murder. in your vote, hillary clinton's campaign is seizing on a about donald trump's 1995 tax records. according to the times, trump declared a $169 million loss on his 1995 returns, and it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years. trump has declined to comment on the documents but his
7:36 am
statement. . this morning we are also hearing from robbie hook who said this bomb shell report reveals donald trump donald trump business failures and how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever. it seems like everyone has an opinion about the candidates, and gary spoke to the younger generation to see what they think of donald trump and hillary clinton. >> reporter: at the woodward park academy in georgia. we spoke to 8-year-old and 9- year-old 3rd graders. thank you for inviting us to your school. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: it's nice to meet all of you. >> you, too. >> reporter: do you know we have a presidential election coming up? >> yes. >> it's very complicated. >> ever who is running for president? >> trump and hillary clinton. >> reporter: which one is the man and which is the girl. >> trump is the man and hillary is the girl. >> reporter: the girl? >> hillary is the girl, and trump is the boy.
7:37 am
both of their stories. >> reporter: uh-uh. >> trump has a wife, and she's like a model kind of, and then hillary, her husband or father was the president. >> reporter: her husband, bill clinton. she would be the second president clinton. what's the first thing that you think a new president should do? >> make an announcement that everything, like houses and stuff, it's half the price for whole month. >> that's good. who grease with >> no, half price cars, and half price everything. >> what do you think, lexie, about the candidates yelling at each other? >> i don't like that. >> reporter: why don't you like that? >> i don't like violence. >> reporter: they have not touched each other. >> it's screaming violence. >> that's what i mean. >> reporter: did you hear they just had a debate? >> yeah! >> reporter: what did you think of it? >> i thought it was torture. >> reporter: why was it
7:38 am
this video and want you to watch. tell me what you think when you're done. >> she was totally out of control. i said there's a person with a problem. >> reporter: did you see her shoulders? what did you think of that? >> cool! >> reporter: what? >> boogie. >> kind of boogie awesome. >> reporter: trying to boogie at the debate. whatvi if they were at this table? >> i would say stop interrupting people. >> follow the golden rule, if you interrupt the other person, you will probably get interrupted when you try to say something. >> they should just calm down, take a timeout and talk quiet. >> reporter: if hillary clinton and donald trump were here, you
7:39 am
>> take a chill pill. just take the chill pill. >> reporter: thank you for inviting us to your school. >> you're welcome. no shortage of opinions there. donald trump and hillary clinton are taking time off from the campaign trail to prepare for next sunday's presidential debate. new tests suggest some mosquitoes in miami beach may be infected with the zika sample in the area tested positive for the disease and the tests need to be confirmed by the cdc. if confirmed that's the sixth sample from miami beach with a positive test. a memorial for the late jose fernadez was discovered floating off the coast of florida. it shows his initials and number. the cuban flag is in the middle of the memorial for his home
7:40 am
a new ferry service in st. pete is finally up and running. the goal is to give people a different way to get around the city, and a view you can't beat. captain mark hubbard said it's a decade in the making. >> a one-way ticket is $10 or $20 for an all-day pass. the full weekday service will begin on march 1s more information, go to happening today, columbians are voting over a peace deal with the country's largest rebel movement. it's to ratify or reject the deal of the half century of hostilities with the revolutionary of columbia the yes votes was favored by an almost 2-to-1 margin. it's going be a great game today. we are playing the buc!
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broncos. both a b team. >> the reigning super bowl champs will be in town. we will look at the forecast for that, and we have beautiful photos to show you there. nice start to the day yesterday on bay show boulevard, and towering clouds yesterday. that is a beautiful shot. the latest update on matthew, and i will share that with you in the full fore cast coming up. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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weapons and farming are not a natural combination, or is it? the military is taking weapons of war and producing a product that is being used by farmers. >> reporter: it's called williepete by those in the military. it is used in shells, mortars, and hand grenades to produce a it's effective at obscuring the military. as the rounds age, they must be disposed. years ago it was burned, but that produces acid rain. crane army ammunition started to develop a safe process. >> it converted and reduced the
7:45 am
utilization in the agricultural industry. >> reporter: that's right they are eventually making it into fertilizer. first the shell is and then it's sent into a furnace. >> look at this. >> reporter: heat waves coming off basically a furnace with 4- inch thick stainless steal walls, and that's part of the no process to turn it into acid, and it's hot. >> reporter: temperatures over 1,000 degrees drawing the gas out of the shells, and then it is mixed with an acid water mixture, stored in the tanks until a fertilizer contractor
7:46 am
conversion from a weapon to a fertilizer. >> it's awesome to drive around the state of indiana and see the crops being grown and thinking maybe we had a part of the process of being able to help the farmers. >> reporter: greg johnson and his farm didn't know about the weapons to farm operations. >> anything that can help the farmer, that can benefit us, and that's good. >> initial funding is from department of defense. the mill their recoops some of the money when it it sells the acid to the fertilizer contractor. a good sunday morning, and within the last 5 minutes, we just received the newest update on hurricane matthew, and here it. is still holding with 150-mile an hour winds, and what we noticed the measure has actually come up, and when that number rises, the winds will come down, and it will be
7:47 am
come down, and we will just expect it. we expect this to lose the strength move together north. it's moving northwest at 5 miles an hour, and hurricane hunters now investigating the system. they have been flying in the there for the better part of an hour or so, finding stronger winds, with the wind gusts through the first pass through the storm. several more passes to and haiti. will reemerge into the extreme western atlantic, rolling through the bahamas. the done of uncertainty is skirting the coast of florida. most computer models are keeping it 200 to 300 miles off the florida coast, but we can an tilt pate high winds and waves and rip currents as well, and maybe minor beach erosion on the eastward facing beaches
7:48 am
beautiful start to the guy, sun sit sensor, northeast winds out there. 72-degrees in venice, and you're starting off comfortable this morning. i have the high, thin veil of clouds, and a nice little peek of sunshine there from tampa. 72degrees, and the forecast looks like this. middle clouds by midday. passing clouds, and a 450% chance of rain later today, and the temperatures will climb into a cooler 70 in inverness, and due points have been coming up. an indication that the moisture is starting to climb out there, and that's where we are noting a slightly more humid start to yesterday. and there's the forecast model, rolling through it here, showers and thunderstorms are developing inland along the sea breeze, and then everything will work back to the coast as we go into the elk. similar looking story for monday, and starting off dry, and bit afternoon, showers and thunderstorms as welt. have your umbrellas for the
7:49 am
the sky for the bucs's game today hosting the broncos. could see storms. 87degrees for the game. temperatures seasonal in the middle to upper 80s. rain chances will start to come down with drier air being pulled in by matthew. thankfully no direct impact on tampa bay. but we may have the first taste of fall by next weekend. >> i'm so looking forward it. >> we all are. the well-known rules of tinder are being applied elsewhere. it has nothing to do with dating but arguably something everyone usually agrees is
7:50 am
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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this morning's consumer watch, there's apps to find
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love with food. >> reporter: if you're used to swiping left or right for tinder, consider downloading tender for food. left to save the recipe or right to swipe over it. this app waits in line for you, and no wait is being used in 4,000 restaurants across the country. once your food is in picture with foodie. there's 26 pictures customizable for facebook, instagram, or any other social media site. great tips for those headed out to dinner. we will be right back on news channel 8 for a last check on
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finally this baldwin is -- alec baldwin is winning in his snl debut as donald trump. his orange face is all over twitter, take a listen. >> i think i'm going to be president. [ cheers ] [ applause ] i mean,
7:57 am
commander-in-chief. >> prong. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. [ laughter ] >> that was great. it was so funny to watch it this morning. you have to watch it. >> i will make sure i do that. the latest on matthew, category 4 storm, looking good here at home, expecting a another full update on matthew at 11:00, and as we go into the afternoon, all eyes are on especially conditions at rayja. >> our next newscast is at 9. see you then. er on my spinal cr but i spenhole life fighting bac so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms."
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okay, you know i was your governor. but there' s some things you may not know. my hair used to be way better. i played quarterback. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare,
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essage. because i'll put the people first. always have, and always will. the rain feels like it never stops. >> i have a much better temperament. >> whoo, okay. anybody, pick any leader. ? good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. a day into october, just over five weeks from election day, a break in the mystery surrounding donald trump's tax returns. "new york times" reporting overnight trump may not have paid federal taxes for 18 years. trump, of course, has not released his taxes to the public. we'll get into that story and its implications with chuck todd


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