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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  October 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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our guys are going to put 30, 35 points on the board. and tonight, they sort of flip that on its ear defensively and started attacking. and you end up with this score, 43-7. you wonder how good this team might be. >> al: a bobble ld snap. that was hubbard. in around here, pouncey is out of the game. and you saw the snap. you saw it with your own eyes. >> cris: i've seen it before, where the center thinks that the quarterback is under center. you know. that's just been terrible
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into the kansas city bench, around the 35 or so yard line. even farther up. make it the 38 yard line. so, let's take a look around the national football league. week four. ryan and jones, alluded to by michelle. 300 passing yards, 5 hur receiving yards. buffalho 16-0. patriots haven't been shut out at home, since '93. brady comes back next week. undefeated teams, denver, philly, and minnesota. and the other winless team, cleveland. >> cris: you know who the mvp of the league is right now? >> al: let me think. that goes to the outside here. well, i mean, ryan is in the neighborhood, right? >> cris: that's who i was going to say.
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and came back and put up 500. and this one. and 300 of them to julio jones. and i don't know how the player of the month couldn't be considered the mvp after that was his next game following winning that award. >> al: second down and eight. and bursting through the middle, is spencer ware. and spencer ware will get taken down from behind at about the 15 yard line. vince williams, chases him down, after a big gain of 46 yards, to the 14 yard line. >> cris: don't let me ever say vince williams lacks speed again. watch him get this guy. you have spencer ware, who is a legitimate player. and then, it's going to be vince williams, the only one back there and he caught him. >> al: when did you say he
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>> cris: i inferred it wasn't the perfect match-up. >> al: i have to go back and look at the tape. ware had the fumble early on. three in two games. and now, he's got it high and tight. >> cris: we have to look for the whistle again. that's perfect form there. >> al: williams, able to get him from behind. the clock kicking down to the two-minute warning. there's a flag for interference. arms around chris conley. that will take us to the
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the call from ron tolbert. >> referee: before the pass was thrown, automatic penalty, first down. this is the two-minute warning. >> al: it is. off and on rain tonight. but the steelers reign at home.
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>> al: coming up shortly, the michele on the field. bob, tony, mike, break it down
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there goes outlaw jesse james. and one more time, to markus wheaton, which made up for the one last week. and mike tomlin gives a hand shake. a little fist bump with todd haley. and hit the showers. >> al: 1:58. on the draw. and ware takes the ball to the 5 yard line. most games with five or more t.d. passes, drew brees, who had a comeback win for the saints in staying. peyton manning had nine. >> cris: remember when ben had back-to-back six-touchdown games. >> al: we did one of them.
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we did one of manning's seven touchdown games, as i recall. >> cris: vince williams making another tackle out there. just a comfortable night. all of the what ifs about this team coming in, and oh, they look like on defense, and the two signal callers are gone. and le'veon bell, how long will it take him? we had all of those things. >> al: now, the kansas city fan base goes, what happened? tomlin takes his team, keeps them right here, to take on the jets. they go to miami. they have new england coming in on october 23rd. and the chiefs will have a week off, regroup, and andy's group
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of october. >> cris: that's no picnic. >> al: no. not these days. fourth and goal. they take a time-out. they had too many -- guys in the backfield. trying to line up to the right side. and alex smith has stayed in the whole way. you're wondering who the backup quarterback is, ithe that's our match-up. "football night in america" will begin at 7:00 eastern time. the giants will play the vikings. and then, the packers off this week. they seemed to get everything back together, certainly offensively, last week against detroit. the giants and the packers from lambeau.
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>> cris: it will be a good one. "saturday night live," you see any of that last night? >> al: i missed it. >> cris: oh, it was good. >> al: what are you doing up that hour? >> cris: west coast time. >> al: i got you. fourth and goal. in the end zone. that's caught for a touchdown by travis kelce. so, the kansas city chiefs, with two late touchdowns, to at least put something on the board. >> cris: harrison drops underneath it. and smith moves right. and smith was able to sneak it in.
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happened. >> al: santos will attempt the conversion here. and that makes it 43-14. the steelers, you look at their whole schedule. they never leave the eastern time z never. there it is. the whole schedule, being played out for you. even indianapolis, which used to be -- would go to standard for a while. they're on eastern full-time. i don't get that schedule. not that schedule. >> cris: you don't want that one. >> al: don't want that one.
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ben, he wrecked the defense from kansas city tonight. they did not allow 27 points in a game. two days short of a full year. they had 29 at halftime. came out opening quarter on camera. telling what a great defense this is. andy reid and bob sutton, second in points allowed only to seattle. they have big ben tonight. who are you voting for? >> al: matt ryan. >> cris: there you two. >> al: go for villanueva, after tomlin talked about him. >> cris: yeah.
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>> al: one more kneeldown, and they can pick this one back to the locker room. we can begin to think about the green bay/giants match-up. >> cris: congratulations to kevin green. got the hall of fame ring tonight. down there, reminiscing about the quarterback occasionally. >> al: congratulations to melissa horton in the booth tonight. almost had to put her on p.u.p. >> cris: yeah. >> al: active for the entire game. and that's going to wrap it up from heinz field. ben, 300 yards, 5 t.d.s. volkswagen postgame report coming up on the other side of
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welcome to the postgame report. here, now, bob costas. >> all-steelers from the jump. they win it, 43-14. the game balls go to ben roethlisberger and le'veon bell, coming into this game. ben roethlisberger had six touchdown passes and four interceptions. tonight, he threw for five scores without a pick.
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carried 18 times for 144 yards. also caught five passes. here they are, with michele. >> mike tomlin called this redemption sunday. and yu came out so aggressively on offense, right from the get-go. what was the mentality? >> good to have 26 sacks. the guys up front, it starts with them. i told the guys before this game. i said, hey, we're drive in the car with a broken rear-view mirror. we did a goob >> five touchdown passes. three came on three-consecutive throws in the first quarter. what was that stretch like for you? >> we didn't use up much clock. but guys made plays. you put it up there. it's raining. not easy to make those plays. and proud of the way everyone stepped up tonight. everyone got involved. that makes us all happy. you win like this, it feels
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>> you mentioned le'veon bell. what a difference is he in there? >> we asked him to do a lot this week. and i felt he answered the bell. literally and figuratively, i guess. he did a good job of not being overwhelmed and stepping up. and just kudos to him. good to be on the film with him. >> congratulations. >> thanks, michele. appreciate it. >> he said you answered the bell. receiving and rushing combined for 178 yards in this first game back for you from that knee injury last year. why did things go so well out of the gate for you? >> i this v to thank the guys up front. ben put me in on the right plays. gave me the ball in open field. my conditioning in the off-season and getting ready for the game. i kind of use my suspension to get in better shape. i ran a lot of routes. and i felt great today. >> your teammates have said how thrilled they are to have you back. a suspension to start last
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how are you sure that those issues are behind you? >> i grew from it. you know what i mean? i made two mistakes. i'm a human being. i'm not a perfect person. i can't say i'm a perfect person. i'm going to try to be. i'm going to do what i can to move forward and put everything else behind me. >> bob? >> michele, thank you. let's bring in tony dungy. the steelers were blown out last week by the eagles. what made it so differt >> michele talked about mike tomlin putting the pressure on them to get redemption. it started with the defensive line. they got more pressure tonight than they did last week against philadelphia. but offensively, ben roethlisberger and those receivers, are so tough to match up with. all of the man coverage with kansas city. it started off the bat. they attacked upfield. they took advantage of those match-ups. and they were just too much for
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tony, thanks, as always. we will shift over to mike florio, so many quarterbacks injured. what's the latest information? >> let's start with cam newton. the panthers quarterback. he took a wicked hit on a two-point conversion try to n the loss to the atlanta falcons. left the game for concussion evaluation. the panthers said he does have a concussion. he won't be able to practice or play until he's cleared by an independent neurologists. carson palmer sustained a concussion in the loss to the l.a. rams. they play thursday night in san francisco. less time for palmer to get cleared to play. and trevor siemian, the broncos quarterback, landed hard on his left shoulder. he came back to the sidelines. could have returned to the game. that's what gary kubiak said after the win over tampa bay. but don't be surprised if
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introducing the new turbocharged golf alltrack. [ clearing throat ] the new golf alltrack. with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be...everywhere. welcome back to the volkswagen golf postgame report. ? oh, sunday night oh, sunday night ? >> that's the match-up next week as we go to lambeau field. the green bay packers win on opening day. and they lose to minnesota. people go, what's happening? and aaron rodgers doesn't look great. too early for him to say relax.
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the giants, 2-1. and pending tomorrow night's game. it was manning versus rodgers, which is special. >> anytime you get a quarterback match-up like that against guys who have taken their team all the way to the world championship, it makes for great excitement. and can't get to get up there. i think green bay, you know, now, jordy nelson is getting healthier. you start to see it. start to work better on offense. could be an offensive explosion out there. playoff games at lambeau field. >> he has. he has. with a cold nose and the whole bit. >> you bet. we will see you next sunday night, from lambeau field. that's your final score here. the steelers go on to win it, 43-14. for now, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the whole gang. the pregame show and the guys in the truck, saying good night
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p.a. >> nbc thanks you for watching in special presentation of the
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>> right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. >> bracing for the wrath of hurricane matthew. we are tracking the storm as it inches closer and closer. donald trump exposed by the new york times.
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taxes. i'm rod carter. thank you for joining us on this sunday evening. we're tracking hurricane matthew for. the storm is barreling through the caribbean, putting many countries on high alert tonight. miguel is reporting tonight for us from jamaica. >> reporter: tonight after slamming the coast of columbia, one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes in nearly a decade is barreling towards jamaica, haiti and cuba. matthew, which peaked at 150 miles per hour winds is now a violent category 4 hurricane, washing away homes, roads and bridges. lashing out and lighting up aruba, the monster surf has officials for locals to stay away from the beach. not everyone is heeding the warning. in jamaica, millions are bracing. >> how worried are you about
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>> reporter: a run on supply, lumber, groceries and gas. >> it's all in god's hands. there's no point in worrying. if it's going to come, it's going to come. but you would be foolish if you didn't prepare for it. >> reporter: jamaica isn't the only country set to feel the wrath of matthew. in haiti, matthew is expected to have a catastrophic impact. the huts cannot withstand the powerful hurricane areas are struggling to recover after the earthquake in 2010. matthew will dump 40 inches of rain in some areas. that could trigger mudslides. farther north, hurricane warnings in cuba. >> this is terry sanders in cuba where they are preparing for a direct hit. those on the eastern end of the island, they have been told to batten down the hatches.
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has a base here, guantanamo bay where nonessential employees are now being evacuated. >> reporter: back in jamaica, up to 20 inches of rain could quickly fall as winds like these get set to pound a region, hunkering down for impact. >> and now let's go to meteorologist ian oliver with the latest updates. ro expected to begin tonight. eventually hurricane conditions that take us into the day tomorrow. this is the latest update from the national hurricane center. the 11:00 p.m. update. no change to its intensity. still maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. its motion now has made the turn to the north at 5 miles per hour. that's what we have been waiting for throughout the weekend. turn to the northwest earlier today. now it is moving due north at 5
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moving into the jamaica area as a dangerous category 4 hurricane. 40 inches of rain income for parts of haiti with the isolated amounts up to 40 miles per hour. still a category 3 storm as it moves over eastern parts of cuba. eventually up into the bahama as a category 2 hurricane. that would come towards the end of the workweek off of the east coast. we're seeing tropical force winds close to 200 miles from the impacts could be felt in florida. we will be tracking this storm closely over the next few days. >> thank you, ian. remember you can track the weather any time by using our weather max app. it is free to download in your app store. residents at mosley motel are making final preparations to leave. this comes after the new owners bought the old property that was in foreclosure. live from st. petersburg where
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>> reporter: good evening, rod. everyone must be off of this property by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. some tonight still looking for a place to go. the mosley motel has been deanna's home since june. but now she is forced to find another place to live after the new owners served eviction notices to all of the residents last week. >> i think it's wrong putting families and their children out. it is totally wrong. >> reporter: the motel has income families for decades. art bought the property located on 34th street north from the previous owner who was fighting foreclosure. according to city officials, the new owners will demolish the old building and turn it into new development. people who have lived here for years must be off the property by monday morning, leaving some scrambling at the last minute.
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he was guaranteeing us a house or another apartment. and he is throwing us out in the road. >> we have been able to get most of them into permanent housing, out of a tiny motel room to somewhere they can live. >> reporter: social services has reserved space at local shelters for those who have no place to go. >> it has to be upsetting if you've been here for a while. people's nerves are on edge tonight. >> reporter: like stafford who is desperately looking for a e >> it's my home. >> reporter: now, many residents, including stafford, were able to find a room at a local motel just across the street from here. the sheriff, social services, animal control, they will be out here in the morning to help any other residents that are still here on the property. rod. >> thank you. two boaters are in the hospital tonight after a speed boat flipped during the clear
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championship race. the victims were rushed to the medical center in st. petersburg. we still don't know their conditions. we have an update to a deadly pedestrian crash. the driver will not be charged. the 57-year-old pedestrian was hit on the boulevard near duncan avenue and clear water. police say a man stumbled into the road and that is when the bmw slammed into him. all right. a couple of burger king employees, one of them named mcdonald, not joking here, tried to have it their and got caught. lake wales police say that rochelle van looked up -- locked up the restaurant and failed to set the burglar alarm. mcdonald and van returned later that night and used the keys to break into the restaurant safe. mcdonald took more than $4,000 according to detectives. they recovered $3,900. both women are charged with
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dragged away an atm. the crooks pried that machine away from the wall using an suv. this was at a strip mall. they loaded it into the back and took off. we don't know how much money was inside the machine. no one has been arrested. crew members, families and loved ones marked the one-year anniversary of the sinking of the el faro cargo ship. 33 people lost their lives after drifting into hurricane joaquin. a small lighthouse bearing a plaque with the names of the crew members was unveiled in jacksonville. it means lighthouse in spanish. >> an appropriate acknowledgment of the bravery, grace and dignity that our families have endured the grief. >> the coast guard is investigating exactly why the
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joaquin. major developments in the race for the white house. for the first time in this presidential race we are getting a look at donald trump's taxes but not because he released them. the new york times released the 1995 tax records showing he lost almost a billion dollars. as news channel 8 explains tonight, this creates a loophole that allowed trump to skip paying federal taxes for 18 years. >> reporter: trump supporter george farrell tells me the news from the new york times report showing trump lost than $916 million in 1995 is nothing new. >> the taxes were released. people know that he has some failed businesses. it's public knowledge. but it's nothing surprising there. the knowledge has been out there. >> reporter: the tax document sent to the new york times showed the large loss after several businesses flopped in the early '90s, including casinos and a poorly timed purchase of the hotel. the tax experts say the loss could have allowed trump to legally skip paying federal
12:05 am
he is a charlottian and he doesn't support the troops, he doesn't give to charities. we don't know because he won't say. it reconfirms that there's a reason that he didn't release the tax return snooze what it doesn't include are the '95 tax returns, how much he gave to charity. now we will see if he feels pressure to release the returns. >> looking at tax returns from 1995, it doesn't give you -- >> we need to see them. >> and we know that when hillary releases the e-mails. >> he doesn't make as much money as he says he does. >> reporter: the report giving the clinton campaign new material for attacks with just five weeks until election day. candace mccowan, news channel 8 l. >> donald trump responded on twitter saying, quote, i know our complex tax laws better


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