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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  October 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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our top story morning, tracking hurricane hermine. the powerful category four storm is packing winds of 130 miles per hour. take a look at the image just coming into the newsroom. and things are only expected to get worse. in cuba, they're boarding up windows and take down signs that could blow away by hurricane hermine's strong winds this as u.s. military families are evacuated away from the military base. good morning.
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i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. everyone is keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew to see what the powerful storm is going to do. we want to check in with meteorologist leigh spann. >> it advertise has winds of 130 miles per hour which is down from the weekend when it was a category five hurricane. now pushing to the north at 6 miles per hour. it's going to put jamaica on the weaker side of the storm. yes, still bad but not as bad as what we were thinking a few days ago when it was going to be a direct hit. and now i'm putting the worst weather and the biggest storm surge in haiti where they need it at all. as it moves north over the guantanamo way area, 130 miles per hour early wednesday and then passes through the bahamas and then stays off the east coast. but any wiggle room toward the west could bring more impacts for us here on the west coast of florida. let me show you two of the more reliable computer models. both are similar through thursday as it moves into the atlantic and into the bahamas.
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slower and closer to florida. and the gfs pulls out but saturday, the european off the south carolina and north carolina coastline. so long-term, a lot to be figured out. right now 69 in brooksville. 72 in lakeland. i expect heavier downpours through the afternoon, 87 degrees. and more about the rainfall potential at are 5:38. yeah, a good drive. the overnight construction is we have a little bit on the veterans expressway. sun coast parkway looks fantastic right now. and eight minute commute here. and connecting with the veterans expressway, as you continue down towards hillsborough county, a wonderful drive without any delays. all right, let's hop over and look at the sunshine skyway bridge. again, up to speed. no delays through palmetto. manatee county looks good. and a live look at the hump. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle.
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right now, north port police are on control at a charter school are on alert this morning after threats from two students. the principal says two students made threats. news channel 8 isogyre live at the school. >> reporter: we know that the threats were made on friday verbally by two students to do some sort of harm here at the upper campus. the principal can did request that north port police patrol the campus here on monday to make sure that it is safe. the two students have been class today. the school still asked for a police presence this morning to reassure students, families and staff that the campus is indeed safe and the principal did assure them of that. north port police say that law enforcement has to deal with these types of threats from time to time and it's important for them to take each threat seriously. now we do plan on speaking with parents and school officials here today to find out more
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and how they are going to downpour deal with this situation in the future, gayle. >> sounds like a scary situation. thank you, guy. a st. petersburg motel that's been home to low-income families for years is closing for good. and people who live at the hotel have just a few hours left to pack up and get out. the building will be demolished to make way for a new development there. and news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from the hotel. and some of the residents are scrambling and have to find a new place to live. >> reporter: they are. and time is running out. this place is supposed to be empty by 8:00 this morning and some residents are making last- minute arrangements to leave and many are upset by the prospect of moving. >> i think it's wrong. putting families and their children out. >> reporter: one resident was so upset she could bare by talk to us. they were served eviction
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find new homes. a real estate development company bought the property after it went into foreclosure. the new owners plan to turn it into a commercial development. social services has reserved space at a local shelter for those who have nowhere to go. sheriff deputies and animal control officers will be here this morning to help people move out. animal control officers will take pets that cannot go with their owners. we will be here as the process >> tough enough enough to the find a new place to live and might have to part ways with pets as well. terrible. thank you. in your vote, some big names are campaigning in had florida this week for democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton. president barack obama and vice president joe biden. today vice president joe biden will attend a rally in sarasota and our jennifer leigh will sit down one on one with the vice president to discuss the election and important issues. on wednesday, president barack obama is scheduled to make stops at the university of
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the presidential nominees starting the week battling tax records. >> an anonymous tipster sent the new york times three pages of trump's 1995 tax returns. how a loophole allowed trump to skip paying federal taxes for 18 years. f0 >> reporter: yeah, the clinton team has launched a full scale assault online citing the york times return. the tax return shows trump declared almost $1 billion in losses in 1995. and that would allow him through the tax code to potentially not pay any federal income tax for 18 years. trump's campaign says he has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the years. and the candidate tweeted sunday that he knows the country's complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever
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only one who can fix them. >> he's a genius. what he did the was, he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise and did something we admire in america, he came back. >> reporter: now other news outlets point out that hillary rodham clinton's tax return in 2015 shows she used the same legal process to avoid paying current tacks. although that year she noted a loss examine how all of this is going to affect the election. that's coming up in a couple of hours. >> okay, we will be watching. i'm sure there's much more 20 come from this since it broke over the weekend. meredyth censullo, thank you. a burger king burglary in f0 lake whales is being called an side and job. police put the cuffs on the night shift manager. they claim she deliberately did not set the alarm saturday night when she locked up. she is accused of letting a former employee jennifer
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into the burger king. police tell us she took about $4,000 from the safe. all right, a lot going on in the tropics. >> that's right. hurricane joaquin, again, winds of 130 miles per hour -- hurricane hermine, again -- hurricane matthew, 10 hour -- hurricane matthew, 130 miles per hour. locally, not an impact today. in the mid-70s. and then we climb up to around 84 at noon. and 87 at 3:00 p.m. and also around 87 at 4:00 because after that, that's when i expect the heaviest rain. yes, there may be a couple showers, mostly for inland areas like polk county and highlands county. in the early afternoon, but as the storms push towards the coast just like yesterday, late in the afternoon, early evening
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this out, we're 87 today which is average. and 88 tuesday and wednesday. and into the weekend, not only do temperatures come down to the mid-80s, the humidity level is going to come down and that's thanks to hurricane matthew as it heads to the north. it will draw in the drier air. we will check on traffic on the 8s and make sure everything is okay on this monday. so far, it's a nice start. basically just overnight construction out there. the accidents that we do have, they are off to the side of the roadway, 275 avenue, starting to see more traffic out here as people start to get out of the house and head to work. but a great drive southbound nonetheless. and let's take a look at the maps. actually north of sun city center and south of gibsonton, we have an accident northbound i-75 right at big bend road but it's off to the side of the roadway. and no injuries reported in that crash. no delays. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a driver who hit and killed a man crossing the road in
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charges. police believe the pedestrian is to blame. the crash happened on gulf to bay boulevard near duncan avenue sunday morning. the driver of a bmw hit the 57- year-old man. police believe that man just stumbled into traffic. and we are making calls to find out more information about f0 a boat crash during the earwater superboat national championship race. a speedboat flipped during the race and two people were rushed to the hospital. we are working to find out the latest on their conditions. a pair of baby manatees are rescued in the florida keys. these manatees needed help after their mom died. wildlife experts took them to the aquarium. the plan is to care for them there until they are able to fend for themselves and then they'll be released back into the wild. so a rough day for the bucs. >> yeah, a rough season so far. still ahead, a look at what went wrong as the denver broncos ran all over the pirates. and kim kardashian held up
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the bold paris robbery. how her husband kanye west reacted. plus, the powerful storm moves toward haiti, jamaica and cuba.
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well this morning, reality tv star kim kardashian is said f0 be badly shaken but physically unharmed after being held up at gun point sunday night in paris. a spokesperson says two armed men held her up in her hotel room. she is in paris for fashion
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performing in new york city. this is video of the performance at the meadows festival. he left the show early because of the incident telling fans he had a family emergency. and breaking news out of california this morning where the fatal shooting of an african-american teen saturday sparked this protest in south los angeles. you see dozens of people blocking the intersection there. l.a.p.d. made arre the protest started after a vigil in honor of an 18-year- old shot and killed by police after taking off from a car being pursued. across america, a murder trial involving a georgia toddler left to die in a hot suv is expected to begin today. in 2014, ross harris is accused of leaving his 22-month-old son cooper in the suv for hours. harris claims it was an accident but prosecutors have charged him with murder. they claim he was unhappy in his marriage and was seeking other relationships at the time
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two college students in north carolina are shot to death at a house party. gunfire erupted after a fight at the house near the campus of north carolina. a 21-year-old and a 19-year-old died. no one else was hurt. investigators are now working to find the shooter. new mexico's balloon fiesta took a dangerous turn when two balloons crashed into power this is cellphone video showing the moment one of the balloons hit the lines and a second balloon also hit power lines but that was a separate incident. no one was hurt in either crash. the ntsb and faa are now investigating. on saturday, a 32-year-old was paddling on the surf board
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side. and on sunday, a 21-year-old was bitten on the foot. despite that, beachgoers are still worried. >> it makes me not want to go out in the ocean a lot. makes me not want to go in the deep end. and just not at all. >> according to officials, these are the 13th and 14th shark bites so far this year in the county. > it is no secret, filling up the gas tank can be expresencive but talk abou >> how about $10,000? >> he filled the car up, maybe $20 or something like that. used his credit card. >> that's susan explaining when her husband did when he filled up the tank at a valero gas station in may. they didn't realize there was a problem until the next day when they tried to use the card again and they were denied. when he checked the account, the station charged him $24,000
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recently was credited back the money. wow. another tough sunday for the bucs. the team falls to 1-3 after a beating from the broncos. the former cornerback made two interceptions. one of them leading to the run that gave the broncos that 14-7 lead. denver then cashed in on more mistakes by the bucs. the broncos remain unbeaten. backer says it is time to step it up boys. >> we got to do better. we got to pick it up. i know y'all get tired of hearing the the same thing over and over. just got to do better, man. we just got to go in, got to do extra. we ain't doing enough. >> next monday, the bucs play the panthers in north carolina. an upbeat end to the season for the rays. they beat the play-off-bound rangers in their final game of
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he had a great night with four hits. a 10th inning double. f0 the rangers face baltimore or toronto in the play-offs on thursday. >> my husband switched to golf yesterday. because he controls the tv on the weekend and he was not having that buc's game. >> no, but good news in the golf world, the first american winner. >> yeah. >> there go. since 2008, i think it was, good stuff. let's get a check on the weather. >> and they did not have a rain delie like the buc, again, second week in a row. and today's forecast, similar. a few clouds this morning. 75degrees. actually not feeling too bad this morning after the rain helped to bring out some of the humidity. and a stray shower as early as noon. and look at that 50% after 4:00 p.m. and could be heavy rain too with a high of 87. again, a little bit more comfortable this morning thanks
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74 in bartow. 73 in venice. and my weather watcher rich in oldsmar got about an inch of rain and it's 72 at his house. the day is going to start out dry. we have a wind flow from the east. and that's important because we know what that will do to the forecast later in the day. it stars the rain in tin land areas and it pushes the storms, possibly even heavy downpours through the evening toward our shoreline. this is 9:00 p.m., same thing that happened yesterday. tomorrow, the similar pattern in place, mostly dry in the many afternoon storms. rain chance down to about 40% tomorrow. and then of course all eyes are on matthew as it slowly heads north, bringing possible treacherous conditions to haiti and cuba. and this thunder sleet is going to move into the bahamas thursday and friday. and at this point, expected to stay off the florida east coast. and may actually help to improve our weather long-term with drier, less humid air for friday and the weekend. how about traffic on the 8s, leslee lacey?
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drive, folks, especially through the sun coast area on 75 through manatee county and sarasota. no delays. and also great drive across the sunshine skyway bridge. and let's go ahead and look north of the sun city center area, south of gibsonton, it's off to the side of the roadway. and no delays there. great drive here, 275 right around bearss avenue. when i come back, we will look at polk county. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, and a bad habit for parents in a cash crunch. how parents are using a financial fix that could put their child's future in jeopardy. you're watching news channel 8
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in this morning's consumer alert, a new survey reveals a bad habit some parents are developing, tapping into their child's college funds. parents that saved money. nearly half have dipped into the saving, often for reasons that weren't very educational, like paying for a wedding or going on vacation. experts say this could be financially crippling. >> the survey about 21% of people said that they don't think there's penalty to tapping the funds early, which sorry, there's a penalty and
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that are in the account. >> experts also say the best way to avoid irs scrutiny is to leave the 529 money alone, even if unused for college expenses down the road. >> try to explain that to the kids later. >> yeah, sorry, no college. why the do not call list appears to not be working anymore. you're watching neha today. and let's take you outside. leigh spann will tell you how the day will shape up and
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time for weather and
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right now, it's 74 degrees at tampa international airport. it's still dark out there. remember the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter. dew point of 71 so the evening rain helped to clear out some of the humidity. so it's not so uncomfortable. however, i expect more heavy downpours late many the afternoon and into the evening before the rain comes, about 87 degrees. and then 74 degrees overnight. the storms do come to an end overnight. and become partly cloudy. and of course, all ey major already in -- major hurricane already in the caribbean. we have an accident on the shoulder. it's northbound on 75. and it is before you get to big bend, away from the sun city center area. again, off to the shoulder. no injuries involved. not going to slow you down at all but you might see activity. let's take a live look at i-4. polk county, looks great.
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on i-4 and a great drive on 275 around bearss, southbound all
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our stop stories this morning, hurricane hermine jamaica and haiti. right now it's a powerful category four storms with 130 miles per hour winds. leigh spann tracking the story in a moment. police at a sarasota county school thi what the principal is telling parents and what the school is doing about the two students. and time is running out for the residents at this st. pete motel. they have until 8:00 this morning to find a new place to live. why some say the eviction will leave them homeless. > good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. f0 >> yeah, good morning.


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