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critical for both candidates. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm keith cate and we begin with hurricane matthew. right now this major storm is bearing down on several caribbean nations and water already knee-deep in jamaica. haiti, columbia, and aruba feeling the effects in cuba is next. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency for all counties in florida and chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us with the latest on matthew. closer to us and more westward. >> following computer model trend tracking to the west and the official track of the national hurricane center and hurricane hunter aircraft and there today and picking up strong winds. 139 mile-per-hour winds and the folks in 80 have seen a foot of rain in some areas in the storm is not passed yet. stronger winds on the eastern side of the center of the store and the island of in espanol a
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cuba to the north of the storm itself. the stronger part of the storm is to the east of the eye and the eye is very tight which indicates high-intensity. moving north at 7 miles per hour and the hurricane warning's are the red color throughout haiti dominican republic and cuba. the forecast position as at 5:00, this is the difference that west including portions of the bay area in the cone of uncertainty. we have to watch for that over the long haul and the nature of these storms is difficult to forecast. upper level winds change every day and you need to monitor the storm until it's gone from the area.>> we will check on the forecast coming up so we will
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tonight red tide concerns and multiple tampa bay counties including pinellas. is the recent sewage spill making things worse? and environmental group believes sewage is impacting the red tide outbreak and water keepers may sue the city of st. petersburg because of it. jeff patterson joins us live in tampa and help us connect the dots. what is the connection between the sewage spill and red tide rex>> reporter: good evening and i will try to do that. a little bit of a storm storm water runoff taking everything down the street and into the bay is not good. add to that the recent sewage release we had during and after hurricane hermine and environmentalists tell us that is a recipe for trouble. it's the smell you often notice first. a red tide outbreak can kill thousands of fish. when they wash up on the beach, the smell was not pleasant. the algae from red tide can irritate your eyes, nose and lungs. justin believes the
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maybe making red tide words. >> i think the main problem is storm water runoff. i think it's also indisputable that raw sewage or partially treated sewage flowing into waterways contribute to conditions that foster red tide. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife commission tracks red tide and currently there is a plan from track -- tampa bay to charlotte harbor. they maintain red tide is a natural incurrence and sandy is with a group monitors red tide and advocates for laws to reduce pollution and runoff that contribute to the problem. he says this outbreak cannot be tied to the recent sewage release but told me the sewage release isn't hoping. >> it can increase the problem of red tide and other things and that's the kind of nutrient a red tide eats.
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the city of st. petersburg saying they intend to sue if the problem is not corrected. that's the problem of wastewater release into the beautiful bay area water. now to your boat and joe biden is stumping in sarasota for hillary clinton. just wrapping up a campaign stop an hour ago and john rogers is joining us live in sarasota where it's a noisy room. >> reporter: at evening and yes it's a very noisy room and the vice president is still here and mingling and signing autographs. he wrapped up a 30 minute address where at times it was passionate where he talked about his distaste for donald trump. he spent most of the time blasting the republican candidate and questioning his temperament and bringing up alicia machado. he talk about his lack of empathy for small business
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he talked about clinton's plans for increased wages and discussed how the clinton administration would take community college free and stressed the importance of the state of florida and the selection. >> folks look, you have an incredible opportunity here. as usual florida holds the key. [ no audio ], it's not hyperbole we win florida and hillary zero paths for this man to make it to the white house. >> reporter: we expect to hear more from vice president biden shortly in my colleague is about to have an exclusive one- on-one interview with him when he's done here and we will have more on that later on-air and online. >> joe biden probing he loves
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speaking with them shortly. new tonight the fire marshal investigating a mobile home fire that killed two puppies. they found the dogs inside the burning mobile home on hillsborough avenue. paramedics tried to revive them with special oxygen masks but they did not survive. no one was home at the time. investigators waiting a test results to figure out what was inside a threatening letter se t take several days. ap of test conducted friday night did not detected dangerous substance. mosaic and state officials have come under scrutiny for failing to notify the public about a sinkhole that caused contaminated water to leak into the aquifer. a crimestoppers tip led investigators to a man accused of fighting with the deputy. he is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and
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getting out of his car during the traffic stop and struggling with the deputy before running off. a sarasota man playing pokemon go with deputies busted him for having drugs in his car. guillermo cava-nunez was at a park one deputy smelled marijuana in his car and he let them search the car and they found marijuana and some other drugs. plans for the howard frankland bridge are changing. >> what the d.o.t. decides to do about a controversial plan for toll lanes. a paving project you paid for his leaving behind a big mess on davis islands. where these came from and what the city is doing to fix
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. ne what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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transportation officials will not be converting regular lanes of the howard frankland bridge to toll lanes after all. d.o.t. decided to cancel the plan to take away one of four general use lanes and make it a toll lane. they are considering adding toll lanes to the bridge but won't take away lanes to make it happen. hearings on the project schedule this week are postponed. the mosley motel in st. petersburg is completely vacant . the sheriff was there this morning as deputies went door
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residents were served eviction notices after a real estate firm bought the motel and plan to demolish it which is had troubles through the years to make way for a business development. neighbors fed up with the paving project paid for by taxpayers. >> it's leaving behind puddles in what the city has to stay about this problem. touc woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. hood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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y251cy yi0y this is medicine. medicine. uh... medicine? with amendment 2, this is what "medicine" will look like: pot, packaged like candy. up to twenty times stronger than it once was. sold next to schools. in nearly two thousand pot shops across florida. no medical standards. no pharmacists. no prescriptions. and no way to stop it...
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taxpayers paid millions to pave the roads on davis islands but some of them are plagued by stagnant puddles that won't go away. this is a problem raising fears about the zika virus and how long the underwater pavement will last. market is on it tonight because you paid for it and this is the mayor's neighborhood and i was going to ask you how bad can it this. >> i hope he's watching tonight because it's bad enough that the puddles are filled with tadpoles that are growing in them. we scooped up this chart of tadpoles out of the street friday when there wasn't a storm cloud in sight. this water has nowhere to go. chelsea is a young mom who tosses dump tablets into
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about zika. >> i'm doing everything in my power to keep my property free of mosquitoes. >> reporter: the homeowners say it's not just a rainy day problem. the stagnant pools have been around since april and here is the proof. we scooped up dozens of tadpoles and saw hundred swimming in puddles all on davis islands streets that taxpayers like chelsea paid contractors $2 million to repave a year or two ago. do you think you got your money's worth knicks>> say no. >> the tadpoles sure did. she insists complaints by her and her neighbors fall on deaf ears so we personally delivered some tadpoles to tampa's director of transportation and storm water services. she said they been around since april and long enough to grow tadpoles. is that acceptable? >> i would say it's not acceptable to have water for 6
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>> reporter: after we started asking questions gene duncan personally checked out pesky puddles over the weekend. >> if the water sits on the pavement it will form potholes and it will erode and the life is short and. we want to keep the water off the streets as much as we can. >> reporter: she says contractors have paid two thirds of davis islands streets and will soon pave the yellow colored ones. and when the you don't want mark douglas out there with a jar of tadpoles. >> i hope he's coming back and saying isn't it awesome that you are paying for this because you did an excellent job.>> reporter: we will see about that. she says when they show up to finish repaving she will see if
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finished and due to the flat terrain it's difficult to make streets drain properly but doesn't want them showing up with these fellows again. >> what about complaints falling on deaf ears?>> she says call the storm water hotline and we are putting that number online so everyone can call who needs to. >> in the meantime how many frogs will we have when this is done?>> dozens. you can take them home. out in brandon 79 degrees. don't know what the rain ages working but mostly like stuff coming down but traffic moving along good and 60. 81 degrees and hula bay and rainfall and overcast. helping to hold down temperatures across the area clouds and lack of sunshine. beautiful 77 degrees and palm
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way of rainfall. and the lake club lakewood ranch with the rain shower and 72 degrees. almost 4/10 of an inch at lakewood ranch. showers and thunderstorms move south from the north end surfaced winds from the northeast and steering current looking at north. heavier showers and thunderstorms developing. computer model suggested could happen with heavy rains at times. heavier activity offshore in yellows and reds. lightning strikes the border between citrus and hernando and offshore you see heavy rains developing. thunderstorms over the sky weightlifting towards downtown st. petersbu see showers. harris manatee and sarasota county with good coverage of rain out to lake placid. heavy rains in northport earlier. slowly lifting to the north. if you have not seen showers yet and polk county you still may. great shot from christina in bradenton. interesting cloud formations
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mostly in the 70s and in pinellas a few 80s and the map. 80 dade city. 81 brooksville. showers and thunderstorms mostly across central and southern portion of peninsula and offshore south west coast. this is something we want to pay attention to over the next several days. 140 mile-per-hour winds and we talked about haiti and the movement northeast. takoma of air includes portion of the bay the weaker side of the hurricane is the western side and stronger on the advancing side as well as the counterclockwise rotation. this will cause stronger gusts and the reason the hurricane center has shifted the track to the west is the model trend. big area of high pressure back in this area steers matthew norris west and more of an influence from this is the reason the computer model
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by the weekend a trough of low pressure emerges across the eastern part of the country and pyxis -- picks it up and moves it northeast. visible satellite imagery you see a clearly defined eye on the western side of the island of hispaniola. this is a forecast computer model and if you have not seen rain yet you might see more showers and thunderstorms generate. instability in the atmosphere which can be seen by looking at 30% chance of thunderstorms tuesday and 30% chance wednesday. mostly in the afternoon but this is by the end of the week where we see the movement of matthew which plays an important part in the forecast of florida. strong wind gusts at the end of the week and something we have
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this. >> and were pulling for the cold front.>> the tampa bay hard walk is 40 days from today and a long way to go to reach our fundraising goal. for me this is personal. i walked for my dad and sister who are heart attack and heart bypass survivors and chances are you know someone affected by heart disease. the goal is to raise $100,000 and thanks to viewers like kristof who donated $500 and nancy $100, we're inching closer to the goal. and we're having the first $50,000 matched so every dollar you donate counts as two. all of those who have given us money and donated, we appreciate it. the walk is november 12 and go to to donate and join my team. in sports tonight another
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tough day for the coach. >> and we sat down with dirk kotter and need to see if jamies winston is losing
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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news channel 8 is your official station for the bucs and here is dan lucas. the bucs signed a defensive tackle john hughes who will fill in for the injured gerald mccoy. that was one of several difficult moments to watch in the 27-7 loss to the denver broncos. and the the bucs bonus quarter i want to know what's going on with quarterback jamies went in
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year. >> the day after a game you know more once you've seen it on tape. let's get into the two interceptions. 11 guys on the field but is it all quarterback in this case? different things and play? what went wrong on those plays?>> the bottom line is you can't turn it over. were putting the defense in a bad position and we are so far down in turnover margin right now. we have to stop beating ourselves. the first win jamies forced it into coverage too much and the second one we were not in the right spot on the route and jamies trying to look it off and then talib made a nice play to get the interception. >> jamies is a confidence guy and do you sense it cracking in him? >> definitely fresh asian. frustration everywhere. frustration with the fans and the players and with the
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will bounce back. a similar situation to this at this time last year through the first four games we turned it over too much on offense. we pulled out a bit and went through streets were jamies played strong and the offense rallied around here and confident we can do it again. >> and mccoy leaves in its avoid in many ways your thoughts on his absence matter how long this is? >> is such a disruptive player on the inside. he often requires a double team from the other side antifreeze other guys up to go one-on-one and we started the day with eight defensive lines and by halftime we were down to six. we had two other guys who stepped up and had the best games of the year and they needed to step up. >> and it's ironic in this division, the team that lost on
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together and a chance if you get on a roll this is far from a bad season. just forecast the week you are going into a hornets nest on monday night against carolina and what is at stake? >> in the division now atlanta is playing good football and their only losses to us that there play so they are sitting at 3-1 with the two all the same at 1-3. none of us are very happy with where we're at. there's still 12 games left to go in the division and every reason to think the division will come down to the last week. we have to worry about what we do. >> the other defensive lineman he's talking about his noah spence who is in a sling and an injury report on that and keep our eye on cam newton of the carolina panthers who left the game yesterday with a concussion. coming up next monday.>> that's the news now and in the --
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tonight, monster hurricane. matthew blasts the caribbean. the deadly category 4 storm bringing historical rain, flash floods, and potentially krat strofic wind. tonight, the growing threat it will strike the u.s. earthquake fear, a quakes triggering an unprecedented warning. new worries that t big one may be coming. trump's taxes. trump boasts he's used taxes to his benefit, after a bombshell report alleges he may not have paid anything for two decades. mystery illness. growing concerns that a virus which may cause paralysis in children is making a comeback. and $10 million heist.


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