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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 4, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 today at 11:00. hurricane matthew is getting closer and closer to florida. it slammed into haiti earlier this morning. and is now heading toward cuba. we got the latest advisory. emergency. governor scott made the declaration yesterday. and just an hour ago spoke about the state's preparations. we will have complete coverage of hurricane matthew right now on news channel 8 today at 11:00. good morning i'm gene ramirez. >> we want to go to lee span for the latest on the track. >> we have hurricane matthew. it did not weaken. even though it passed over this small area of haiti.
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it's a category 4 hurricane. and it should cross over the eastern portion of cuba before making it into the atlantic near the bahamas. still a category 4 hurricane. and it's still expected to make this turn toward the west. the only small difference now is that polk county and highlands county no longer in this cone of uncertainty. this threat cone. this will wobble back and forth over the next couple days. this is thursday morning. this is friday morning with winds, 125 miles per hour winds just off the shore line. the yellow shaded area. that's where we expect tropical storm force winds. this red area. that's hurricane force. as we head into thursday afternoon, we could see at least portions of polk and highlands county with 40 miles per hour. 30 miles per hour winds continue into friday morning. then the winds head farther
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as we go through the day tomorrow and thursday morning. winds about 25 miles per hour. they get stronger thursday night. 32, 34 miles per hour winds. obviously stronger over here on the east coast, 50 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour winds. friday morning will be the breeziest day. 35 to 45 miles per hour winds. after that things improve. all the computer models in agreement that it's going to hang off florida's east coast. one change with this suite computer models is it's pushing in closer along the south carolina and north carolina coast. but look at this. this could effect just about everybody on the east coast of the united states by the time this is said and done. and about two minutes ago, tropical storm nicole formed out in the atlantic. at this point, it's not expected to bother anyone. it's going to be a tropical storm for a while and sit and spin out there. a lot going on in the tropics. we'll talk about our local forecast, coming up. right now florida son alert.
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closely monitoring this storm. >> we heard from governor rick scott about what's being done to prepare for hurricane matthew here in florida. news channel 8's meredith joins us now from the tampa news center. >> the governor said we cannot rule out a direct hit on florida. we really need to take this storm seriously. >> the problem we have with this storm is the projected path is right along our coast. if it turns, we're not going to have a lot of time to make a prepared and not take any chances. >> governor scott saying hurricane watches and warnings may be issued today along with evacuation orders for the east coast. the florida highway patrol and florida department of transportation are ready in case evacuations are required. the national guard is also on stand-by just in case. the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday making those resources available for
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hot line has been activated. state law prohibits extreme price increases on essentials lib like food, water, ice, and hotels. if you expect price gouging, contact the attorney general's office, the number right there on your screen, 1866-9-no-scam. or 1(866)96 website as well. matthew made land fall around 7:00 this morning. sustained winds near 145 miles per hour. the storm pounded the southwestern coast of haiti. threatening a largely rural corner of that impoverished country. matthew expected to pass very close to or make a second land fall on the eastern tip of cuba this evening. life threatening conditions are very likely. including flooding rainfall, storm surge, and mud slides.
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ready mobilized resources and personnel to assist with international relief efforts in haiti. a link to a site where you can donate directly to the efforts is on the home page of >> lots of people effected by this. thank you. matthew may or may not make land fall in florida. but its winds could reach far inland. that would pose a problem for blood donations. one blood's big red buses. one blood is asking eligible blood donors to donate now. hurricanes can disrupt blood collections for several days and the most critical time for donation is before the storm hits. right now there's a need for platelets ab positive. as well as o- and o+ blood. >> happening today, national night out against crime. in clear water the event will be held at the clear water mall
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in st. petersburg, it'll be held in the parking lot of the target store on martin luther king jr. street north. both events start at 5:00 p.m. we posted more information on meanwhile the city of tampa just received $1.9 million in federal funds. it's part of $119,000,000.000000000 dolled out for the hiring of new police officers. tampa can now hire 1r5 new beats. something mayor bob buckhorn and tpd police chief eric ward agree is a huge boost to keeping our city safe. sarasota county is making a push against the fight against zika virus. a team of representatives from all faith food bank, the department of health, and sarasota mosquito management are working on the fight the bite campaign aimed to create awareness of mosquito bites and
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mosquito repellent to people who may need it. this campaign will distribute more than 28,000 can of insect repellent in sarasota county over the next 30 days. good news for commuters this morning. transportation officials will not convert regular lanes on the howard franklin bridge to toll lanes. the d.o.t. decided to nix the plan to replace one of four general use lanes with a toll lane. tolls could be added to the bridge. but they won't take away lanes to make that public hearings originally scheduled for this week are now postponed. a new center opening doors in tampa aimed as easing the pain felt after losing a pet. the pet loss center has locations across texas and florida. the latest location offers cremation, an open door policy and a 24 hour phone line. they offer services to veterinarians and vet techs who deal with death on a daily
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clinics to provide cremation support. whether it's talking through a client through a euthanasia or whether it's handling their own stress from dealing with that on a day to day basis. >> the center will officially open at the end of this month. good news for music lovers. early bird ticks for the music festival go on sale. it's march 11th and 1st. two-ge tickets available for $40. vip tickets, $115. both available online at keep in mind, you're doing this a little bit on faith. the concert lineup will not be announced until mid november. it's time to freshen up your resume, today employers are recruiting for more than 500 jobs at a community career fair. it's happening at the george
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drive. it kicked off at 10:00 this morning. find out more at also coming up, the 2016 heart walk. and news channel 8 is committed again to raising $100,000. but we need your help. kia is generously matching the first $50,000 that we raise. every dollar you donate right now really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. gene will be there with me. weha go to to donate or join our team. >> it's a great cause and good fun too. fans of gilmore girls, tomorrow is a day especially for you. >> four bay area coffee shops are transforming into luke's diner. the iconic restaurant from the show. it's all in honor of the 16th anniversary of the series and a reminder of next month's four episode revival on net flix.
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coffee at the coffee and tea house in temple terrace, and both blind tiger locations in tampa and at the lab in tampa. some official merchandise will be available for sale. including t-shirts and branded aprons. lots of people looking forward to the return of gilmore girls. she waited month for medical records. she got nothing. >> when she got fed up. she knew she better call behnken. shannon confronts the man who admits he has thousands of mammogram records sitting in a warehouse. >> dinner made easy. we'll tell you what's inside martha stewart's thanksgiving
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welcome back. some of you may celebrate taco tuesday every week. now today we can do it with the rest of the country.
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now you know what most people are eating today. >> there are some special deals out there for you as well. tijuana flats is offering 2- dollar tacos. qdoba is offering a free drink. try something local. according to yelp, the most popular taco spot is here tampa called lolee's. i've been wanting to check that out. we're known to go to lunch every once in a while. i asked her this morning. she still hasn't said yes. she must have better plans. >> i'm a little busy with the hurricane. let me tell you again, hurricane matthew has been keeping me busy all morning long. i just read where it was the strongest hurricane to hit
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>> we're waiting to see images coming out of there. >> they're still dealing with effects from the earthquake. they had the deforestation. we have better weather here for today. lake club and lakewood ranch. 82 degrees. east winds. light. freedom plaza, 87 degrees. but not bad. partly cloudy skies, and a few showers will start around lunch time, 1:00. rain chance goes up to 4% by 4:00 p.m. similar set up to yesterday. we'll see lingering storms through 7:00 p.m. before things taper off. with this mix of sun and clouds temperatures are warming up. 81 degrees in lake land. a touch humid. 85 in sarasota. 81 clearwater. 81 in brooksville.
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but the general wind flow is light coming from the east. the storms will start during the afternoon and evening. and they'll generally migrate toward the coast. that's where i expect to see heavier rain. that's what's happening today. tomorrow morning also starting out dry. but starting tomorrow afternoon, that's when we'll turn our attention to matthew in the bahamas as a hurricane at that point. with the general counterclockwise wind flow around it, our winds increase. we'll see an east rain chance tomorrow at 30%. let's focus on matthew. the latest advisory as of 11:00, north at 10 miles per hour. it's going to thread this needle. it's not going to interact with a lot of land. it was just over this small penninsula. it's going to graze passed the eastern part of cuba. it's not allowing it to weaken. it's a category four hurricane through wednesday evening. getting close to the east coast of florida. but again, at this point, not
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this point. with the winds around it, we could still see strong windy conditions as we head into thursday and friday morning. but we're also on the dryer side of this storm. so the heaviest rain would be on the east side. we're going to be on the dryer side. places like polk and highlands county, you could see heavier rain thursday into friday. but closer to tampa and st. petersburg, less rain. then it's going to head up the east coast, talk about the rainfall potential. notice what happens here. this is a we don't get detailed with this forecast, we're trying to go out for so long in time. notice the east coast here, that's where the heaviest rain will be. through 11:00 p.m. on thursday. look at this, friday, 3 to 4 inches there. 1 inch to 2 inches in polk and highland county. a 30% rain chance for wednesday, thursday, and friday, strong winds, and less humid air, comfortable weather for the weekend.
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side. better call behnken. they are records that help doctors make life and death decisions and they're locked away in a storage facility. this is a situation nearly a year after a mammogram facility shut down in the bay area. a woman who needed help knew she better call behnken. >> i walked in and the records aren't there. >> she needs her mammogram records so her doctor can compare them test and decide what type of procedure she needs next. but the brandon center she visited for nearly 18 years is now closed. >> no response to my emails. no response to my numerous phone calls. it goes to voice mail on his phone. i would leave the same message and i would hear nothing. >> she's not the only one, women's diagnostic center in brandon abruptly shut down a year ago. yet its facebook page still has
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she's been trying to reach the owner since july. minutes after she set up her appointment with me, that owner called her back. perhaps sensing what was to come. they met in a starbucks parking lot and he handed over some of her records. we tagged along. >> i'm shannon with channel 8. i want to talk to you about what's going on. we've been hearing from a lot of women who say you have their successful business but closed because of financial problems after investing in new technology. >> we then did everything that we could do to transfer the records to another imaging facility in the market. we were told no. >> he claims to have a storage facility somewhere in pinellas county filled with records. >> how many records do you have left? how many women's records are you holding? it just seems bizarre that all
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some secure facility somewhere. how do you make sure it's secure? >> i answered your question. >> is it in line a storage bin? >> i spoke with parker again this afternoon on the phone and he tells me he's all ready handed over more than 3,000 patient files. and he pledges that he will continue until everyone has their files back. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. if you have a problem that needs solving, you better call behnken, behnken. the iphone 7 is no longer the latest must have mobile device. today it's all about the pixel. el it will likely replace the nexus line of phones. that places it at the high end of the market. google is also expected to
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to compete with amazon's echo and a virtual reality headset. facebook is looking to make buying and selling items easier with the launch of facebook marketplace. the social media giant found 450 million people use the site to buy and sell things through groups. the new marketplace section makes that easier for us users. all you have to do is tap on the shop icon at the bottom of the facebook app to explore what's for sale. the most popular and sold include furniture, cars and clothing. >> thanksgiving dinner got a lot easier thanks to martha stewart. her company is offering two thanksgiving boxes for next month's holiday. the boxes have all the ingredients needed to make a holiday dibber for eight to ten people. one includes a 12 to 14-pound free range turkey, three sides and a pie. you'll also get step by step recipes and preportioned ingredients for stewart's
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cherry, cream cheese mashed potatoes roasted brussels sprouts and brown butter apple pie. >> if we can ship martha to the house so she can cook and i can watch with a glass of wine. that would be a good thanksgiving. >> he asked her what day it was, the answer october 3rd, on october 4th. we get to tell you about a new show coming to broadway that promises to be so fetch. we have exciting news for harry potter fans, all eight movies are returning to theaters for one week only.
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welcome back. the harry potter movies are coming back to theaters. imax and warner brothers announced all eight potter films will be shown in imax theaters for one week only starting october 13th.
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film version of fantastic beasts and where to find them. each imax screening will include content from fantastic beasts and greetings from the new film's cast. mean girls the movie is a preteen. it's 12 years old now. it's still hugely popular. in fact, so much so that it's now getting the broadway treatment. and that's fetch. in fact, even regina george is excited about this one. mean girls the musical debuts next fall in washington dc. it's a newly created twitter account made the announcement yesterday october 3rd which fans of the movie know is mean girls day, duh. tina fay who created the movie is involved with the stage version and yes, people are still trying to make fetch happen.
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>> 12 years old. >> in the next half hour, the show down in virginia. >> is the vice presidential candidates faceoff in their first debate tonight. what's at stake as they work to woo voters. plus jen lee's one on one interview with vice president joe biden. you're watching news channel 8 today at 11:00. marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up.
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and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education... and has voted for billions in education cuts. marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when he shows up.
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right now on news channel 1 today at 11:00. all eyes matthew now. it's tracking to come dangerously close to florida and governor rick scott is not taking any chances. his latest comments coming up. plus tonight is the one and only chance for the vice presidential candidates to make their mark. a quick preview of tonight's debate, coming up. and space x is still scratching its head over last month's explosion on the launch pad. they're starting to suspect something a little more sinister. we'll explain in more detail,
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check in with meteorologist lee span to get the latest on hurricane matthew. 145 miles per hour winds. a very strong category 4 hurricane. and it's passed over this small penninsula of haiti. unfortunately, we'll be watching video coming out of haiti throughout the they today. it's expected to be pretty rough there. it's going to skirt by the eastern tip of cuba. moving into the bahamas. it's still a category four hurricane on wednesday evening and west. it's still expected to for the most part stay off florida's east coast. we've had tropical storm and hurricane watches issued for the southeastern portion of the state. notice, not necessarily in the cone of uncertainty at this point. but there's a category three hurricane off the coastline thursday night into friday morning. now the track takes this storm on shore between charleston, the outer banks of north
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marva penninsula. here's this area of tropical storm force winds. that's the yellow color. the red color is hurricane force. the yellow color, that's tropical storm force wind making its way into eastern portions of polk and highlands county late thursday into friday morning. that's when we'll see the strongest winds. after that we start to draw in slightly dryer air. you may have been watching us yesterday. this forecast track is a little closer to the state of florida. i wanted to explain what happenhe pressure that is clockwise winds was going to steer hurricane matthew over cuba into the bahamas. we also thought a dip in the jet stream or a trough was going to come in and keep matthew off the coastline. this is going to be a little bit closer than what we expected. this ridge moves farther west. that also then pushes matthew a little closer to the coastline. the afternoon storms over the
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with matthew. it's closest to us thursday and friday. winds increase then. but once matthew gets to the north and goes up toward the carolinas, it's going to draw in less humid air, a pleasant weekend ahead. that's good news guys. >> even though the storm is a few days away, governor rick scott declared a state of emergency for the entire state. especially for the southern and eastern coast. palm beach county moved to a heightened state of alert. officials are keeping a close eye on the storm with conference clock. also staff on stand by, about an hour ago, we heard from governor rick scott talk a little more about the storm and the importance of everyone in the state being prepared for it. >> think of how many people have never been through one. they think they can hunker down. you can't. you need to listen to local officials. you need to have three days of food. three days of water. make sure you have your
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we lost power in hurricane hermine. some people lost power for a week up in tallahassee. >> as you've been hearing from lee, even though the storm is coming from the east, we could still feel tropical storm force winds in our inland counties. you want to make sure you're prepared for those conditions by staying on top of our storm team 8 updates. pam activated the state's price gouging hot line. she's urging anyone suspects price gouging to call 1866-9-no-scam. or 1(866)966-7226. we'll have that on as well. state law prohibits extreme price increases on essential items including food, water, ice, gas, and hotels as well. in your vote, tonight is the one and only faceoff between the vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine will debate for an hour
11:35 am
and tracy pots has more on that plus donald trump fighting back. >> i can't wait. republican mike pence all ready in virginia giving a hint to what he'll focus on tonight. >> hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes. and it wouldn't be a pretty picture. >> democrat tim kaine is off the campaign trail presumably getting ready for his one and only debate. at times both have disagreed with their running mates. tonight pence may find himself >> i knew how to use the tax code to rebuild my company when others didn't have a clue. >> the new york times report on donald trump's tax return has him explaining why he took such a big loss. $1billion in one year. qualifying for nearly two decades of zero taxes. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? >> trump hasn't confirmed or denied whether he avoided paying taxes.
11:36 am
care. >> any good businessman should never pay taxes. >> zero tacks means zero for our vets. zero for our military. zero for pell grants to send young people to college. zero for health. zero for education. >> hillary clinton's in pennsylvania today with bill clinton, michelle obama, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren all out campaigning for her. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. trump is in emergency -- he's expected to get the highest police unions endorsements. this new pole by npc in survey monkey show clinton ahead by 6 points. she's at 50%. while trump is at 44. today first lady michelle obama will hit the campaign trail for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton the first lady will hold a rally in charlotte at
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she'll lay out what's at stake in november and urge north carolinians to register to vote ahead of the october 14th deadline. clinton is getting help from president obama and vice president joe biden. tomorrow, the president will campaign at u.s.f. biden attended a monday rally in sarasota where he spoke with supporters. after words our own jennifer lee caught up with the vice president getting an excollusive one on one interview. we want to show you a snippet of what he told jen about the their minds made up can have their minds changed by your candidate. >> imagine a president of the united states who gets up at 3:30 in the morning to tweet about somebody being obese. this is beyond the pale. and i think the american people are beginning to figure out how totally uninformed and mean this guy is. >> the vice president had a lot more to say. you can watch the entire
11:38 am
biden on our website. head to news from across america, congress is looking for answers as to why the cost of epipens skyrocketed over the last ten years. in a letter to myelin ceo heather, the top members of the house over sight committee called on myelin to hand over information on epipens profit margins. he testified before the committee last month saying myelin makes about $50 per pen on just over $600. but the washington post reports the pretax epipen profit is more like $80 a pen. another report by the washington post says space x is considering sabotage as the reason for last month's rocket explosion. here's why. space x ceo elan musk calls the incident the most difficult and complex failure the company has ever he had. speaking recently. he said he and his team have
11:39 am
caused the explosion. what remains are less probable answers, these comments plus a space x employee visiting a united launch alliance building a mile from that launch pad and asking to see the roof has some believing that musk suspects sabotage. >> interesting developments there. coming up, making a difference through art. >> still ahead this morning, we're going to show you how one local nonprofit organization is using art to help people with autism. plus hurricane matthew made ago. cuba is next. and florida is also in the path. lee span will tell you where the category four storm is headed over the next few days,
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world
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covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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welcome back. welcome to eagle nesting season. >> the florida fish and wildlife caught on camera an intense air battle between two bald eagles. it even continued on the ground. take a look.
11:43 am
birds with their talons locked together and initially thought they were dead. for two to three hours the stubborn eagles lay gripped in a stand off with neither willing to be the bigger bird and release the grip. at one point the battling birds made an attempt to escape but they were still entangled. finally the eagles called a truce and flew away. interesting. i've seen video of that death grip. and they spiral down. i was told at the zoo, i don't know if they were mating or fighting. but whatever it was. >> we're sorry, we were intrusive. >> sorry we saw that. >> well, it was interesting video none the less. >> we have patchy clouds out there this morning. i found found any rain out there. today's rain won't have anything to do with matthew. we'll talk about what's going to happen through the rest of the day as you make plans for today. and then we'll talk long-term about matthew. in venice camera, you can see
11:44 am
degrees. southeast wind. 83 degrees. partly cloudy skies. and a lake land auto mall, around 85 at this point. there have been a couple clouds. heavy rain off the coastline, and spotty showers in the gulf. things are dry locally. during the afternoon, i expect to see the showers pop up similar to the past couple days. a little more cloud cover in our northern area. it's a little cooler there. 81 85 in venice. 86 in plant city. let me show you what to expect through the day. at 1:00, we'll see one or two of these showers developing. with a general flow from the east, they'll migrate west. it's not a swift movement. they'll drift in this general direction. with the heaviest rain and the most widespread showers and thunderstorms happening between 5:00 and 8:00 this evening before things really begin to taper off. that's today. now we'll go a little more long-
11:45 am
matthew. it's passed over haiti. and it will eventually, in the near future, head into the atlantic ocean. this is one computer model. but it tells a good story. i'm going to walk you through what's going to happen. it heads through the bahamas. it gets very close to the southeast portion of florida. there have been hurricane watches and tropical storm watches now in place. this is 2:00 on thursday. so continue to kind of look at the time stamp here. as this skirts right up florida's east co notice places right along the coastline, very dry. the farther inland you go into polk and highlands county, you'll see higher rainfall totals thursday into friday. it's where the strongest winds will be. once this system gets to the north, it actually really begins to draw in that less humid air. this is going to move up toward the carolinas. as far as our wind speeds are concerned between now and let's say thursday morning, 20 to 25 miles per hour winds to start thursday. thursday night, we go up to 30
11:46 am
close to tropical storm force for polk county and highlands county. and of course much stronger on the east coast, but locally, it's going to get pretty gusty as we head into friday morning. but after that things begin to improve. meaning the wind speeds go down. the rain chances go down. and actually the weekend is looking fantastic. i didn't have time to talk about the brand new tropical storm that we have in the atlantic. it was just issued at 11:00 this morning. tropical storm nicole is out there. it's not really going to be an issue all eyes will be on matthew as we look forward to, you know, the much nicer weekend we have ahead. >> we'll stay focused on that. in the inland counties, you may want to bring in plants. >> exactly. thank you lee. >> with state budget cuts, many nonprofits are looking for ways to continue to serve people in need. >> gail joins us with a shinning example of one right here in the bay area that's been helping people for decades.
11:47 am
it's not easy for not for profits to have that kind of staying power. so how does park out of pinellas county that caters to children and adults with autism and other disabilities stay cutting edge? the key is helping clients stand on their own. >> it's bright, whimsical, and art that's a hot commodity. the artists are from park and pinellas county. park serves children and adults with developmental disabilities. and brings in professional artists to teach clients how to use the right techniques and textures to create their own works of art. they've been thrilled by learning about the different pieces and different ways of doing art. but when you sell the pieces of art and get 50% of the commission, their sense of being and their self worth and everything shines through them. they're becoming professional artists.
11:48 am
they can sell their pieces and be an independent artist. they love doing this work. >> the community loves this work. some pieces selling for thousands. others are in museums statewide. at art festivals. online and at the park store front. this weekend, beth's art will be auctioned off at the famous renaissance in st. petersburg. >> i know this will go for a lot of money. >> thank you. >> creativity without disability, it's the motto of these budding artists that hope you will want to next masterpiece. and i will be at parks annual fundraiser this weekend which raises a lot of money to keep the agency up and running. but i wanted to show you small ways that you can help by donating supplies, offering your time to teach the clients at park or if you want to buy some art, i've put a link on so you can connect with park. the link gail put on to shop online for
11:49 am
artist. this is cool. that way you can get to know the person behind the art work when you purchase that work. well, in sports this morning, a public memorial service is being held as we speak for iconic golfer arnold palmer. thousands are expected to attend the service that will be held at saint vincents college basilica in latrobe pennsylvania. vince gill is expected to sing and legendary golfer and palmer's rival jack nicklaus is he died at the age of 86 from heart complications. barry bonds is no longer a hitting coach for the miami marlins. the 14 time all-star served as one of the team's hitting coaches since last december. sources say miami decided to part ways with him due to lack luster results on offense. the club finished the season second in the national league in batting average. they were 13th in runs scored. and 14th in walks and home
11:50 am
players. this is pretty cool. she was probably so surprised. not a bad way to spend your time in the penalty box. putting a smile on this girl's face. the picture on the team's instagram shows four-year-old leila smiling with steve and dillon grinning in the background the caption says the girl was quote hit with a penalty box i'm sure she's going to get 26,000 more likes by the end of the day. a drive-thru for your pets. >> coming up, a clever restaurant that's booming in popularity up north. plus this guy covered his car in pennies. why? because he wanted to. why else? but it's the amount of time he took that's pretty incredible. that story is coming up,
11:51 am
wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built is just ridiculous.
11:52 am
he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them from collecting for a power plant that could never be built. wife: someone needs to stand up to duke energy. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for
11:53 am
dog's in pennsylvania's leehigh valley have a restaurant of
11:54 am
they opened its doors saturday. it's a drive-thru restaurant just for dogs. owners can pick from meat, vegetables, and fruit, and add a few items for taste and preference. >> i just wanted a place that could be just for them that would cater to them. and their needs. it's all fresh pet. so it's all fresh meats and fruits and vegetables. >> owner hopes to brand her business across the region. >> there's a man in north carolina who just turned his 2,000 chevy blazer into a lincoln. it's made of cents. take a look. he covered his ride in pennies. 51,300 pennies. this did add several hundred pounds of weight. driving it i'm sure feels a little different. he says it's been quite an
11:55 am
but it's paid off. >> i had to put them on one by one. and it took like seven weeks, six or seven hours a day. and it took 80 tubes of silicone glue and three gallons of fiberglass boat glue. it's supposed to be all heads. but there's a few i got on tails somehow or another. but when you're gluing that many penni. anything. >> not sure what that was all about. but i'm wondering if you crash into this guy, you hit the jackpot. >> see a penny, pick it up. >> it's hard to lift the hood on that thing. >> some flew off. all that for nothing. he's dropping pennies left and right. >> unfortunately we need to talk about something a little more serious. >> we have hurricane matthew. it's still a major category 4 hurricane.
11:56 am
toward cuba. here's the forecast. there's hurricane warnings up for the bahamas. through wednesday it'll be a category 4 hurricane there. we just now have had hurricane watches and tropical storm watches up for portions of florida. thursday night into friday morning, that's when we should see the worst effects from this storm before it heads toward the carolinas and it may make land fall saturdays a category 2 hurricane. the storms that develop today won't have anything to do with ma 30% rain chance again on wednesday. and actually, once matthew headed to our north, we get this dryer air to come in for saturday and sunday. but our rain chances will be varied as we head through thursday and friday depending on where you live. i'll see you back here
11:58 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! welcome t booze day tuesday. also spanky tuesday. >> oh it is. >> if mine cooperate. >> never know. >> it's october 4th, if anybody cares. that's b"body moves" by dnc. >> we are busting. we have olivia newton-john here with a new project she's going to talk to us about. >> four-time grammar winner. >> inspiring one, especially


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