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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  October 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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our top story: hurricane matthew on track to impact florida. tropical storm watches are already in effect. >> the governor all of us to prepare. people are gassing up and getting out of south florida were impact could be felt the next 24 hours . as we wait and watch we're already getting our first look at the damage matthew left behind in haiti and in cuba and it is pretty bad. good morning and welcome to share late today. >> we have team coverage of hurricane matthew. our meteorologist is tracking the
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the latest damage reports and we will show you the storm is impacting travel. were going to start and see what is going on with the storm. the latest update that we had is now some of our area is under a tropical storm watch. it is this orange area of sumter, poke and highland county -- poll -- polk and highland county. inland portion of the state, will feel the effects of the hurricane. the center has just passed to the north of this eastern portion of cuba. obviously they are getting strong winds , strong rain and still in the haiti area. this is our latest advisory. is a category 3 storm at 180 mile-per-hour winds . it is expected to regain category 4 status by tomorrow
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canaveral area. we will watch that closely thursday night into friday morning. of course now portions of our area is under the threat cone. we may see the storm push further toward the west. then we will pay attention to the places further to the north, but there's a lot i need to talk about. here's the forecast: it is the shallow area that is tropical storm 4 will start to feel it in highlands county, a lot of the area into friday morning could feel tropical storm force winds . that is as of the current forecast. here's the interesting thing: in the last few minutes we got these new computer models and a lot of them are starting to turn this back to the north going up to the carolinas and within back around. it will really be interesting to see what the national hurricane does with these new computer models and
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term forecast. for us we won't necessarily see any part of matthew today, but we will talk more about the effects we could see in the coming days. matthew was a category 4 hurricane we made landfall in haiti. >> you can see the raging waters left behind, power lines down, lots of destruction in haiti. at least 11 people are dead there this morning. it is pretty difficult to good assessment of the damage and the loss of life right now.>> entire villages are cut off in the full extent of the destruction is unknown. bridges, roads are washed away. loads are rock -- blocked in communication port. there is an ongoing threat of mudslides.
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her came matthew slamming into the city. the hardest hit area is the rural southern peninsulas. they tried to evacuate some but many refused to leave. >> you have nothing. it is chaos because unfortunately, haiti we are not prepared for these kinds of catastrophes we do get this quite often but because of the infrastructure, money, we're not able to prepare. >> the us is providing $400,000 in initial relief assistance and a disaster response team has been deployed. governor rick scott is taking action on hurricane matthew here key has declared a state of emergency and plans to act of a of 100s of national guard street today with hundreds and thousands on standby. the governor is urging
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action now. >> this is a deadly storm approaching our coast. i cannot stress that enough. don't focus on the path, focus on the fact that with the minor deviation it could have a direct impact on the state. >> the governor will brief us later on the storm preparation. that is scheduled to happen to 8:45. we will carry that live. hacked stores to buy hurricane supplies. >> all i was able to find is this little tiny flashlight which i would be lucky to find my car keys with that. it is insane. >> shoppers stopped up on plywood to board windows as well as generators in case of a power outage. check out the demand in gas stations.
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lines to fill up there cars, gas tanks, as well as containers . this is the scene at a gas station in dayton. similar scene in south carolina where evacuation orders were issued this morning . that created this traffic jam that you're looking at right now. mary mcguire joins us live from tampa international airport this morning for some folks are the storm. >> reporter: out here at tampa international we haven't seen the impact of hurricane matthew just yet. if you take a look at the flight board you can see that most of the flights are on time this morning with no delays or cancellations, but all across the southeastern portion of the country evacuations are in place. hurricane matthew could make a turn toward the united states in south carolina, more than 1 million on the coast, have been
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be in the path are making sure they are ready if matthew turns their way. >> are trying to get an early jump on the rush of water, food, canned goods, things for the past. >> we have flashlights, watering case of anything. >> reporter: several airlines including american, jetblue, delta, and united are already waiting change fees for flyers in the wake of hurricane matthew . back at tampa airport be aware that delays and cancellations are possible. the best thing you can do is check in with your airline to make sure there are no delays or cancellations before coming out to the airport. poll county is keeping a strong eye on the storm. is included in the cone of uncertainty. right now emergency officials are watching the storm's track. they are worried that a small
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>> in the storm were we're on the edge it could go either way. we need to make sure we don't go overboard and get people over prepare for. many people and pope county -- polk county remembered with the storm did in 2004. the city of windhaven is helping it's residents get ready. the chain of lakes complex the winter haven fire station our locations we can purchase sandbags. we're still tracking this category 3 hurricane that has just passed over cuba, but it is a monster storm. it is very wide so it is still bringing unfortunately more storms right now to cuba and haiti as this
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on our forecast today because today's affects will be anything from matthew. we need to get through the day before we start talking about those affects. 74 degrees at 4 am. it will be a warm day today, 89 degrees with spotty storms. hour rainfall potential is basically dry just like yesterday through lunchtime. we will get these areas of rain that generally move from east to west. i'm going to switch this over to the rainfall potential over the coming days between now and saturday morning. this is really going to show you a good trend. the further east you go the more rain you are going to get. we go from a half of a foot to about 2 inches of rain polk county and highly county . everyone strand for speeds start increasing tomorrow, 20 to 24 miles-per-hour. tomorrow night we get into 30 mile-per-
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hurricane forecast on the east coast about 45 mile-per-hour winds and 30 to 35 along the coast. it is 89 degrees today, 80 tomorrow, breezy, windy. behind this it does look like we try out -- dry out for the weekend . the florida department of transportation, the area that encompasses our suncoast area, suspended all of the construction. that will not only be for today but for tomorrow if that is to make sure in case they need to use i 75 as an emergency evacuation, there will not be any roadwork on the roads. i'm also not seeing any construction right now in the bay area, tampa bay, all about bear area interstates look great -- all of our bay area interstates look great. lovesick live look at downtown tampa. we couldn't ask for a better drive here.
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coming away from pope county through plant city. it looks fantastic on the interstate. that is a look at weather and traffic back to you. the vice presidential candidates face-off in virginia . still ahead, the fiery confrontations in the latest
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new oikos yogurt drink. be unstoppably you. right now is stinky mess and palm harbor. crews are working thousands of gallons of raw sewage. it flowed through the streets. writing joins us live -- ryan joins us live cleanup could take quite a while there. >> reporter: good morning to you, crews are still hard at work. they have been here overnight cleaning up this must take a look behind me. you can see 5 big-rigs parts here. they are all here to get
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this. what he think of the smell? >> it is discussing. it smells like -- disgusting. it smells like right next . it is all in the house. >> reporter: utility crews tell us the mess was called -- caused by a sewer main. the sewage came close to dozens of backyards. it has spewed at a rate at 1000 gallons per crews managed to isolate the broken section of the main. there is a request to limit water usage until it is fixed. they say the water in this area is safe to drink at this point. they plan to address this situation at 10:00 this morning. >> what a mess. i'm sure those residents want it resolved asap. students and parents are on edge after a creepy clown threat in pasco county and now
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deputies caught the 12-year-old who is now facing a felony charge. he threatened to kill the sixth-graders at 7 springs middle school through an online profile. asked for jack the clone 15, he writes on facebook i'm coming for you martines middle school. students and parents are scared to death. >> it scared me. i thought it was real. >> it was really scary to think that someone threatened to kill everyone. >> the hillsboro schools district the 2nd case seriously but do not believe anyone will carry out the threat. the 12-year-old in pasco will be charged as an adult possibly facing up to 15 years behind bars. time now at 4:46, in your vote, governor mike pence and senator tim kaine faced off for the first time. the interruptions and accusations came early in this tension us debate.
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-- mike pence try to paint the hillary clinton ticket as a clear normal ticket.>> your heavy-handed approach. >> you both have said vladimir is a better leader than the president. >> a cnn poll after the bait declared mike pence the winner with 40 percent compared to tim kaine 42 percent. the spotlight returns to the top of the ticket when hillary clinton and donald trump take the stage for their 2nd debate. the next presidential debate, hillary clinton versus donald trump round 2 is happening sunday october night at washington university in st. louis. rod carter will be there with like -- live coverage starting saturday . coming up on 4:48 and we want to get the check on the latest of hurricane matthew and
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>> so far we're tracking a couple of showers on the east coast of florida and obviously that is where we will see the most affects as we head through the next 72 hours. closer to the center of the state, sumter, polk county and highlands counties you are under a thunderstorm watch. here's the reason why was just issued after midnight. the storm will trek through th it will be a category 4 hurricane and very close to the coast -- east coast of florida . any deviation from the west to the east will make a huge difference on the effects we will see, but what we do know the bad weather will be thursday night into friday morning before this heads up to the north. however, we will get a new update on the hurricane center within the next 5 to 10 minutes. it could change. the reason is, a lot of the computer
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has been steady as she goes every time telling us it will be close to florida. friday morning, it is slower as the storm is just off the east coast early friday morning bringing heavy rain to our inland areas and then pushing up toward the carolinas by friday evening. here's the thing that changes, once it gets to about north carolina, it starts to come back down to the south. more of the computer models are starting to say that. will see what the hurricane center does with it. 75 des -- 85 at noon , still a chance for afternoon storms. rain chances will increase for thursday and friday. that is more for inland areas but we still expect to see dry conditions early next week. we have a wonderful drive on the bay area interstates. in the suncoast area, all the construction has been suspended so you will not see me slowdowns
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speed. taking a look at the suncoast parkway. great drive connected with the veterans expressway. we're not seeing delays. we also have a nice drive on to 75 across the skyway bridge. all of the bay area bridges looks very good. a touching tribute to a school shooting victim. >> still ahead, how the family of the six-year-old wants their son remembered new jersey home explodes into thousands of pieces. the strange sounds witnesses reported hearing right before the blast. in her came matthew devastating impact prompted evacuation orders in the united states. will take a look at how the storm is affecting travel in florida and along the east
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in south carolina family and friends will say they are final goodbye to a did -- their final goodbye to a little boy that was shot and killed at school. dozen showed up to a vigil to honor the little boy. many were dressed in superhero costumes and t-shirts. his family wanted the special tribute to focus on what he loves, superheroes. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the house in new jersey to explode. the home was destroyed and also
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-- nearby . surveillance video shows the moment the house blowup. everyone inside managed to get out safely before the blast. many reported hearing a hissing and then smelling gas. investigators are trying to determine if a gas leak is to blame for the explosion. investigators are analyzing a crucial piece of evidence in the deadly commuter train crash in hoboken new jersey. crews recovered 2nd blac and it -- in the trying -- and the train 's operator cell phone . one person died and more than 100 others were injured when a new jersey transit train crashed. florida in the east coast are on high alert this morning. >> we continue watching her came matthew as it moves towards the bahamas and eventually the east coast of our state. we're on top of the coverage.
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way in just 3 minutes. >> closed captioning is brought
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time for weather and traffic: big updates happening overnight is that sumter county, highland county and polk county is under the storm watch. you might notice a little bi we're calling on 30 percent chance of storms developing. this will not have anything to do with high -- hurricane matthew. we will have a high of 89 . >> we're looking fantastic on the bay area interstates. i 75 is a very good drive through manatee and sarasota counties -- county . in the suncoast area all of the construction has been suspended today and
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out there and that is because the florida department of transportation wants to make sure i 75 will be easy and open to use just in case they needed
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our top story: hurricane matthew closing in on the florida coast. it is battering parts of the caribbean as it heads north toward the us. area is expected to be impacted. >> we're looking at the damage from the storm. pictures and haiti show mass destruction. >> florida residents up and down the coast are preparing for a powerful category 3 hurricane. we will show you how they are preparing as far north as the north carolina's -- the carolinas. >> our meteorologist joins us now with the latest on the matthew track. we understand


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