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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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our top story: hurricane matthew closing in on the florida coast. it is battering parts of the caribbean as it heads north toward the us. area is expected to be impacted. >> we're looking at the damage from the storm. pictures and haiti show mass destruction. >> florida residents up and down the coast are preparing for a powerful category 3 hurricane. we will show you how they are preparing as far north as the north carolina's -- the carolinas. >> our meteorologist joins us now with the latest on the matthew track. we understand
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>> parts of florida sumter, highland and polk county, it is a tropical storm watch. that means we expect tropical storm force winds at least 40 miles power within 48 hours. we have been telling you that for a while. that is the official watch. the red shaded area is the hurricane watch. they could feel hurricane force winds within 48 hours. here it is, the latest information from the hurricane center. as a came in, category 3 storms still at 128 miles-per-hour. it is expected to gain strength by tomorrow afternoon. thursday at 2 pm, category 4 hurricane. here the changes i have noticed. the storm is slower. friday morning it is still in south florida. it takes only into saturday morning to make it to jacksonville. it will be really close to the
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ships a mile or 2 basically to the rest -- west it could make landfall in the cape canaveral area before it turns up to the carolinas. by monday this will turn out into the atlantic ocean. i wanted to show you these forecast the winds . i have been showing you this which is why we knew we would see tropical storm force friday morning. we could even citrus county community early saturday. here's the big came -- change , here are the systems we watch. both models are in agreement, a slower entrance toward east florida by friday afternoon. here's the biggest change, after saturday they both loop it around heading back toward the bahamas. this bears watching for sure. hour rainfall today not associated with matthew. we
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storms move closer to the coast . what i'm going to do a show you the rain and wind potential . new this morning, south carolina residents already evacuating had a hurricane matthew. these pictures are from last night showing heavy traffic backed up leaving charleston, south carolina. you see a lot of folks trying to get an early jump on evacuation orders. >> lots of people on those roads. governor rick scott is telling he we're in the storm's path to leave if we can't. travel troubles are a big concern. mary mcguire continues our team coverage live from tampa international airport this morning. >> several airlines are already offering to waive change fees for flyers who might be traveling to and from areas impacted by hurricane matthew. if this does make landfall in
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devastating hurricane in 2 months. hundreds of miles of coastline could be pounded taking aim at the state's east coast. the governor is urging folks to be prepared. >> if you think you're going to have to evacuate, go do it now before the roads get clogged. >> reporter: the governor issued a state of emergency for the entire state of florida in the wake of hurricane matthew. or say right now they cannot tell how great of an impact it would be, but they are urging travelers to check with their airlines to make sure there are no cancellations or delays before heading out to the airports. the state department issued a travel warning for any us citizens that might be traveling to jamaica, the bahamas and cuba. parts of the caribbean are already dealing with the devastation left by powerful hurricane matthew. this is
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see flooding and destruction. look at this. you cannot tell what was there before. at least 11 people are dead. the southern coast of the island was hit especially hard. this is the worst natural disaster to hit haiti since that powerful earthquake from 2010. matthews just moving away from cuba right now. in hours before the storm struck, people in havana prepared for the worst. course the area is expected to be the worst hit. we are waiting on images from the eastern part of cuba. the eye of the storm has now moved off shore. we will have video from the aftermath -- out the aftermath as soon as it comes in. here in the us people are preparing all the way from the florida keys to the carolina coast. president obama has scheduled his plan trips to meet with fema officials about storm
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chances with hurricane matthew. and pompano beach supplies are flying off of -- in pompano beach supplies are flying off shelves. the number one item in demand, bottled water also gas stations and batteries -- gas and batteries. >> i'm hearing a lot of screeching of tires. i am waiting my time because i know it will be worse tomorrow. >> the harbor airport canaveral will close to prepare for matthew. that means it is closed for crews and cargo ships as well as recreational and commercial fishing boats. most people are listening to the warnings and leaving nothing to chance. >> looking at the forecast we just decided to buy plywood and just start battening down the hatches. >> mandatory evacuations begin
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further up the coast in south carolina or than 1 million people are being urged to evacuate starting today. other residents are stocking up and boarding up. grocers are working hard to keep bread and water on the shelves. home-improvement stores also busy keeping lumber and the essentials in stock. >> we are preparing buying raingear, flashlights. >> i came to pick up generators and extra fuel tanks. >> the naon south carolina is warning residents hurricane matthew is not a storm to take likely -- lightly . parents and children are growing uneasy over threats involving creepy clowns. the online trend has a 12-year- old boy facing a felony charge. >> parents of middle schoolers probably know about this app.
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. police say the boy they arrested used this app to make that clown threat. now the 12- year-old is accused of using to make a definite saying he was going to kill sixth-graders. >> is scared me. i thought it was real. it was scary thinking that so a cybercrime unit got involved in the boy was arrested. it is a felony to make a claim you're going to kill even if you never act on it. the boy will be charged as an adult and is facing up to 15 years. another case involving a creepy clown on facebook. jack the clown 15 right time coming for you martinez middle school. you are all going to die. so happy to kill you. the hillsboro school district
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anyone will carry out the threat. the call is for parents to be more vigilant with our kids. i just downloaded to keep an eye on my stepdaughter . communicate with children that if they see something, say some and knew about the apps they are using. it is just babies on here, little babies. >> my kids are on and they were talking about the clown threats. we are going to turn things over because there is a lot to talk about weatherwise. >> we're trng into the atlantic. it has passed over the tip of cuba. they have already issued the tropical storm watch for polk county, highlands county, and sumter county. that is within 48 hours. not necessarily today -- i don't want me thinking today will be the bad day. today will be a lot like yesterday . we will be at 77 and 9, 87 at noon with a chance for afternoon storms. let's talk about the effects we will see: when speeds will be breezy.
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will be breezy. everything gets crazy this afternoon. a notice on the east coast, that is what the heaviest and strongest winds will be . look at vero beach friday morning, 70 miles-per- hour. we are lighter along the coast. in our headlines we are breezy today is stronger winds thursday and friday . we are on the dry side of the storm. flooding is not a huge concern we get to dry out after matthew. here's the rainfall potential between now and friday night. you can just see the trend, the further east you are the heavier and the most rain you will see. about an inch to an inch and a half near the gulf coast of to about 5 inches on the east coast. we will check in with traffic as people get going. today is not the rough day. it will get worse. >> today is a great drive. right now it looks wonderful across all of our interstate.
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and tampa -- looks great in saint pete and tampa. construction has been suspended on i 75 just in case they have to use it as an evacuation route for south florida. crews have been working through the night in a dallas county neighborhood to clean up a smelly and disgusting problem . >> we're talking raw sewage, thousands and -- of gallons of it.
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and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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right now crews continue to pump raw sewage from a broken main. it ruptured hours ago make a huge mess is he in this would neighborhood. we're live in palm harbor. ryan, lots of work happening there overnight. >> reporter: good morning to you . once again utility crews have used these trucks behind me to get rid of a lot of that war -- raw sewage . they hope to
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>> yes, how can you not smell it. the winds was blowing into came into my front door really strong . i went down to the marina to get away from the over -- older and have lunch . >> crews tell us the mess was caused by a sewer main that ruptured. the sewage crept right up to dozens of backyards at a rate of 1000 gallons a minute for 11 hours. crews managed to isolate the broken section of the main to begin repairs. officials advise residents to limit there use of toilet, shower, laundry systems and dishwashing. they do stress the drinking water in this area is safe to drink at this point. officials will address this entire situation at a press conference at 10:00.
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hurricane matthew is passing just to the east and it is a vivid reminder that we are still in hurricane season. >> as we start planning for halloween, fall festivals, all of the fun stuff, we find out why hurricanes she'll be -- should be at the top of our mind . >> the last time tampa bay struck by a major hurricane was back in 1921 but it happened on october 25. october vulnerable time for us. >> anything that looks like it is coming into the gulf of mexico probably is my worst nightmare. >> hurricanes are the kind of things that keeps sally bishop up at night. >> she is the emergency management director for pinellas county. during a storm she and leaders convene in this category 5 rated fortress. >> it is much easier to courtney operations when you have somebody here to do it
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it over the telephone. >> reporter: she has one message for you: stay prepared for storms even as a gets cooler. >> this is the month to be the most prepared for hurricane season as far as i'm concerned because it is our best opportunity to see a big storm land on the west coast of florida. the strong atlantic high- pressure can steer hurricane through the warm waters of the caribbean and golf allowing the storm to strengthen. what makes october unique is that cold fronts pushed into the gulf of me quickly turn a storm to the west coast of florida. >> what they can do in october -- what can they do in october to stay ready ? >> despite the fact that they are making sure that their kit is intact. i think it is a great time of year to go look at the bigger projects you want to tackle>> reporter: new roofs, garage doors, window coverings. >> there are more on the market
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homeowner can manage themselves . >> reporter: late-season storms can form in the caribbean so there is not a much -- as much time to track it. one note: hermine was a great reminder. hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november. i was already planning to set the story up before matthew was en >> it is easy to forget when you start thinking about pumpkin spice lattes. >> you switch gears and you forget we are still in the heat of it. >> again, october is the most vulnerable. now let's focus in on the actual threat that we have. we have hurricane matthew headed into the bahamas. we have already been issued tropical storm watches for sumter county, polk county and
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hours. our forecast does not include this. 75 degrees at 8 am, 85 at noon and 89 at 4 pm with a 30 percent rain chance. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. i'm just checking in on the winds speeds . they are light. usually in the morning they are called. the fact there is a light breeze it is an indication that things are changing. we will see mostly dry conditions this morning. winds from the east so that the storms that do form will push from east to with about a 30 percent rain chance. then comes tomorrow. matthew will check through the bahamas. by tomorrow morning winds speeds are starting to increase as the system gets closer to us. notice we will see the stronger winds late thursday into friday , but we are also on the drier side of the storm. yes some rain will come in but this is not looking like flooding potential. hurricane matthew's latest forecast is a little bit slower . we have even longer to
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afternoon category 4 storm just after -- off the miami coastline getting very close to the east coast of florida. this is what we do have the tropical storm watch is in effect for polk county and highland county. the storm will head up to the carolinas. as that happens we draw in drier air for us. take a look out here: we have a pretty good drive overall. the bay area interstates look very good. we do have a little bit of a delay both east and west bound right around rocky point. we had slowdowns in the area. it was not too bad but it did slowdown a little bit due to an accident. that is a look at weather and traffic on the needs -- 8s back to you. in the presidential great -- race it was the running mate's turn. plus, part of the bay area
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being made in polk county this
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in the race for the white house: early reaction to last night's price -- vice presidential debate is in . >> according to polls mike pence is the winner. viewers gave him a 48 percent edge, this over 42 percent for
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many issues including hillary clinton's controversial emails. >> senator, if your son or my son handle classified information they would be -- he would be marshaled and you know that. >> the fbi did an investigation and they concluded that there was no reasonable prosecutor that would take it further. >> senator mccain and governor pence, please. >> as for the next presidential debate hillary clinton and donald trump a face-off the sunday, october 9 university. rod carter will be there for live coverage starting on saturday. florida and the east coast are on high alert this morning. >> we continue watching her came matthew as it moves towards the bahama -- bahamas. we're on top of the storm with team coverage for the potential impact on us and how the state is preparing. >> closed captioning is brought
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we're focusing on hurricane matthew, but today we don't see a lot of effects locally. the me break it down. the bus stop this morning should feel pretty nice, 79 degrees with a few clouds. a couple of storms freaking out when they come home. 89 degrees and warm. it is a little bit breezy today and a 30 percent chance thursday and friday. winds speeds will be stronger thursday and friday . inland areas are a little higher but then they go down significantly into the weekend. we will have the latest information in just a minute or 2. we have a great drive on all of our bay area interstates. over here on the tampa side right by rocky point we do have a collision. i am no longer seeing eastbound lanes but i see westbound delays that have
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reason to get on any other bridge. keep this in mind: maybe you're looking at a couple of minutes of delay due to that crash. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely.
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our top stories, hurricane matthew still on track to impact florida. tropical storm watches are already in effect for polk county, highland county and sumter county. t us to prepare now. people are gassing up in getting out of south florida where the impact could be felt in the next 24 hours. >> as we wait and watch, we're already getting a look at the damage matthew left behind in haiti, and cuba. it is devastating. good morning and welcome 2 news channel 8 today. >> we have seen coverage this morning of hurricane matthew, our storm team 8 meteorologist is tracking the storm.


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