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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  October 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. our top story this morning: hurricane matthew closing in on the florida coast. it is battering parts of the caribbean as it heads north toward the us. will show you how the bay area is now expected to and we are getting a look at the damage the storm can do this morning. images from haiti show mass deception in some areas. -- destruction in some areas . of course now the storm shifts to florida. residents are prepared on the east coast. we will show you what they are doing to prepare but also what we are doing in the bay area. good morning, welcome to news
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>> there are now tropical storm watch is in effect in the bay area. >> that happened just after midnight for sumter, highland and polk county. i don't think you will fill the force winds today . even though the watch was issued it means 48 hours because we expect the stronger stand for -- winds tomorrow and on into friday. hereth is still a category 3 storm. it interacted a bit with the eastern portion of cuba. it weakens slightly to 125 mile- per-hour trend for. it will strengthen again by tomorrow afternoon. this is thursday at 2 pm at 130 mile per hour winds making it a category 4 storm. the forecast keeps it close to the cape canaveral area as we head into friday afternoon and early saturday morning.
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polk county are in this threat zone but all of the models are in the agreement that it will help along the eastern coast of florida. once it gets up into the carolinas that is when things get iffy. a lot of models are starting to disagree. i will show you that the first let's focus on what we will feel locally. the yellow shaded area is the extension of the tropical storm force winds. as we mentioned those places could feel those wins as it heads up to the -- s has a to the north and east . the gsf and the-year-old computer models are more you reliable ones -- euro models are more reliable ones. new this morning: south carolina residents already evacuating ahead of hurricane
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traffic leaving out of charleston, south carolina. >> governor risk scott telling us here in florida -- rick scott that we are in the path -- if we're in the path of the storm we need to leave as soon as we can . truffle -- traffic troubles are also concerns as the hurricane birls down on the us. >> reporter: trouble concerns are so great the several aies are already offering to waive change fees for flyers that are traveling to or from areas that could be impacted by hurricane matthew. for florida this could be the 2nd hurricane that has devastated the state in 2 months.hurricane hermine triggered flooding and power outages. hundreds of miles of coastline could be affected. the governor is urging people to be prepared. >> if you think you are going to have to evacuate, go do it
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>> reporter: the governor did issue a state of emergency for the entire state in the wake of hurricane matthew. airport officials tell me they cannot say exactly what impact hurricane matthew could have on air travel but there certainly monitoring the weather, forecast very carefully so that the impact isn't too great for flyers here. parts of the caribbean are already dealing with the devastation hurricane matthew. take a look at this video from haiti. you can see flooding, lots of destruction. you can't even tell what was there before. we have learned at least 11 people are dead. the southern coast of the island was hit especially hard. this is the worst natural disaster to hit haiti since powerful quake 2010. matthews just now leaving cuba after hammering the island's east coast. in the hours before it hit people in santiago prepared for
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as soon as it comes in. in the us people are preparing all the way from the florida keys to the carolina coastline. president obama has canceled his trip to meet with fema officials about the storm preparations. residence in south florida are taking no chances with her came matthew. look at this: and pompano beach, flies are falling off of shelves . the number one item in demand: batteries and gas. gas station so long lines yesterday and drivers expect the same today. >> i'm hearing a lot of screeching of tires and i'm just waiting my time because i know it will be worse tomorrow. >> the harbor at port canaveral will close this afternoon to prepare for matthew. that means the harbor is close to crews, cargo ship as well as recreational and commercial fishing boats. most people are
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right now local parents and kids are growing more uneasy over threats made involving creepy clowns. the online trend now has a 12-year-old boy facing a felony charge. this child is accused of making a death threat. >> is really scary. pairs of middle schoolers probably know about the app called . it is a popular way to post messages, videos that anyone can see. police say the that clown threat. 12-year-old is now accused of using to make a profile that looks like account -- clown and post the death threat to the school. he said he was going to kill sixth- graders. children sought and told her parents. -- their parents . a cybercrime unit got involved in the boy was arrested.
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that you are going to kill even if you never act on it. the boy will be charged and as an adult. another case involving a creepy clown on facebook, jack the clone 15 rights i am coming for you martinez middle school. you are all going to die. i'm so happy to kill you. the hillsboro school district said they are taking it seriously but don't believe anyone will carry out the threat. today the call is for parents to be more communicate with children that if they see something say something and know the apps that they are using. >> the fact that the 12-year- old is being tried as an adult and could face 15 years in prison, that is going to send out a strong message to anyone else who wants to make these kind of threatening post. we are seconds away from 6:08 on this wednesday morning and lots to talk about weatherwise. >> that is white -- right.
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matthew. it has just push north. as we have mentioned, the tropical storm watch is still in effect for sumter, highland, and pope county. within 48 hours you can feel tropical storm force winds . i say that to remind you we will not feel tropical storm force winds . our forecast today is similar to yesterday. we will see pockets of rain but it won't have anything to do with her percent chance with a high of 89 degrees. let's talk about the effects we will feel. winds will create in -- will increase overnight. tomorrow night is when we really start to see those winds speeds increasing to close to 30 miles-per-hour for us, closer to 40 on the east coast. we had into friday morning and look at that, vero beach, 71 mile-per-hour gust. those are tropical storm force gust expected friday morning and
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better as we head into friday night. breezy today but much stronger winds thursday and friday . we are thankfully on the dry side of the storm. it is not a huge concern. we drought significantly after matthew. since we talked about the flooding potential, let me show you the amount of rainfall we could see between now and friday night. this is more of a broad brush. look at the trend, the further east you go the more rain we will see. closer to our coast, one maybe up to an inch and a half of in inches in polk or highland county. now we will check on traffic on the 8s because at least it is dry. >> when he does get windy we will keep an eye on the skyway bridge. hopefully that will close because it's always a nightmare. right now it looks fantastic. no problems on our bay area roads. let's take a look at the surface roads. northbound bruce, some of those northbound lanes are taken away.
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reported. let's move down to the suncoast area, south on us 41 we have lanes taken away at 73rd street . that is south of 275. this of course in manatee county and all of the construction on i 75 has been suspended for today and tomorrow to keep roads open. crews have been working through the night in pinellas county to clean up a smelly and discussing problem. >> you know what the problem is gallons of it. next, what neighbors need to know about their water.
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marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up. he's voted for a plan that would cut social security... and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education... and has voted for billions in education cuts. marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when
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breaking news for you know: palm beach county has raised there emergency operation center to full activation. so far palm beach county is the first quarter county to upgrade to this level. full activation is reserved for major storms and other incidents with potential loss of life. right now a stinky mess in palm harbor. crews are working to clean up thousands of gallons
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just one it cleaned up soon. what you think about the smell? >> it is disgusting. it smells like rotten eggs. it is all in the house. >> is it in the house? >> yes. >> utility crews tell us the mess was caused by sewer main that ruptured. the sewage came close to dozens of backyards spewed thousand gallons a minute for 11 hours managed to isolate the broken section of that sewer main to begin repairs. there is a request to limit water usage until it is fixed. officials will address the situation at 10:00 this morning. vice presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail after a contentious debate in virginia. >> you can have someone at the top who demeans every group he talks about. >> this is small potatoes compared to hillary clinton
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supporters deplorable. >> they bickered over controversy surrounding there running mates. the time right now is 6:16 with her came matthew passing just to the east. it is a vivid reminder that we are still in hurricane season. very much so as we plan for halloween and fall festivals we find out why hurricanes showed -- still should be at the top of your min struck i major hurricane was back in 1921 but it happened october 25, so late in the season. don't be fold but that 85 year gap, october is still a vulnerable time for us. anything looking like it is coming to the gulf of mexico is my worst nightmares. >> reporter: hurricanes are types of things that keep sally bishop up at night. she is the emergency management director for pinellas county. during a storm she and leaders
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rated fortress. >> is much easier to correlate operations we have somebody here to do it with face-to-face and trying to do it over the telephone. >> reporter: if she has one the message for you it is this: stay prepared for storms even as it gets cooler. >> this is actually the month to be the most prepared for hurricane season as far as i'm concerned because it is our best opportunity to see a big storm land on the west coast of florida. >> reporter: here's why: the strong atlantic warm waters of the caribbean and golf allowing the storm to strengthen. what makes october unique is the cold front pushes into the gulf of mexico and can turn the storm for the west coast of florida. what can they do in october to stay ready? >> besides the fact of making sure their kit is still intact, i am actually thinking this is a good time of year to go out and look at some of the bigger
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tackle>> reporter: new roofs, garage doors, window coverings, even do-it-yourself options. >> there are more on the market options for window protection that a homeowner to manage themselves. >> obviously you want to make sure you have time to finish the projects. late-season storms can form in the caribbean. there is not as much time to track it across the atlantic. one of the no, hermine, a storm to have a big impact on anything in the gulf of mexico . hurricane season does go until november 30. we're still a long time to go. >> interesting that october creates this recipe for disaster when it comes to hurricanes. >> i had already planned to do this story before matthew became close to us but it is now a vivid reminder that we may be drinking our pumpkin spice lattes but it is still hurricane season. now we will talk about matthew because that is our threat. still it is just north
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have tropical storm watches for sumter, highland and polk counties. that means tropical storm force winds 40 miles per hour or higher are expected in the next 48 hours. we will start to feel it late tomorrow. a few clouds this morning. today will be a lot like yesterday, still mostly dried noon, 85 at noon, 89 at 4 pm the low to mid 70s. there is a light breeze. normally this time of mourning we see a lot of zeros, a lot of home conditions but we just have a life -- light breeze coming from the east northeast . while i do think we will see pockets of rain, it will be like the pockets of rain we would normally see even if there wasn't a hurricane coming our way. those storms will get push toward the coast. starting tomorrow, that is where we will
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. it will increase our winds speeds as it gets closer , but we're still on the driver side of the storm. watch as the storm has a east coast. places like polk and highland county will see heavy pockets of rain. toward the gulf coast it is not a whole lot. that could change as the forecast track could change. thursday afternoon through friday night that is when it is going to be the closest to us. we will watch that very carefully. in the long-term we actually get drier air to come in we will start off here in the wesley chapel area. we have a couple of issues. we just a little bit of a slowdown. we have an accident here but it looks like it might be to the north because this is southbound i 75. that is where we are seeing the slowdown. it is quite a bit before state route 54. allow for a little bit of extra time. northbound bruce we have one lane taken away but not seeing
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have one accident and state route 56 that involves injuries. we also have one on 41 at 73rd street. one lane was taken away southbound. it was a hit-and-run. in the orange part that is the toll plaza. don't worry about that. hurricane matthew is messing with the popular concert with the country superstar. still ahead: what you need to know. the storm is also stranding passengers were dreaming of tropical vacation. will tell storm team a weather brought you by florida pain
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
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hurricane matthew is stranding cruise passengers there were planning on tropical vacation and they are not too thrilled. >> we all have eating suits,
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one passenger is now stuck in new york. crews -- the crews left baltimore but was diverted to the big apple. hurricane mathews is also causing problems for garth brooks concert in orlando. the country superstar rescheduled tomorrow's performance. that concert will happen sunday. the concert on saturday and sunday are still going on as planned. wait too long. florida and the east coast are on high alert this morning. >> we continue watching hurricane matthew as it moves towards the bahama -- bahamas. we're on top of the storm with team coverage. weather and traffic on the 8s is next.
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she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid.
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i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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i know we are focusing a lot on hurricane matthew, but we won't feel the effects today so kids at the bus stop will feel nice this morning. we have a few clouds it will be 75 degrees. a little breezy by the afternoon took a couple of thunderstorms with a high of 89 percent. our rain chances go to 30 percent today, 30 percent thursday and friday before going down by the weekend.hurre . tropical storm force winds extend hundred and 60 miles from the center . we will have the latest forecast tracking it's impact coming up. take a look at pasco county, i 75 flowing at pretty good speeds. i was seeing a little bit of delay southbound. we do have an accident before you get to state route 54 but those delays are gone and traffic are moving despite this collision. in the wesley chapel area we have at least one of the northbound
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as you read the northern apex, it is a good drive and 275 into
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hurricane matthew still on track this morning to impact florida. tropical storm watches are already in effect for highland, polk and sumter county governor calling on us to prepare. already people are guessing up and getting out of south florida where the impact could be felt in the next 24 hours. as we wait and watch what hurricane matthew will do next we are already getting our first look at the damage it left behind in haiti and cuba take it is absolutely devastating. good morning and welcome to channel 8 today. >> we have team coverage of hurricane matthew. our storm
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latest damage reports. were also finding out how the storm is impacting travel. this find out what is happening with the storm -- let's find out what is happening with the storm . >> as mentioned, there is a tropical storm watch for sumter, highland and polk county. in those areas you can see 35 mile-per-hour winds or higher in the next 48 hours . whitening this out, there is a hurricane warning southeast florida. the difference, th will feel hurricane force winds within 36 hours . as the storm gets closer some of these watches will turn into warnings as a gets closer to win we will feel those winds speeds . the latest forecast came in at 5:00 this morning and it is a little slower than the previous one. it is still expected to restrain been to a category 4 hurricane with winds 130 minute
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by friday morning it is just off the west palm beach coast. that is a significant slowdown as it goes along the east coast. any deviation will have great impacts on the effects we will feel locally. saturday morning, category 2 storm off of the jacksonville coastline before it moves up off the carolina coast and back off into the atlantic. with the forecast, do see the yellow area? that is the tropical storm force wind field. as we head into friday morning, polk , feel tropical storm force winds . that is why you have the tropical storm watch. it heads up to the east portion of the carolinas. interesting thing that happened overnight, still all of the computer models are staying off the east coast. this was a huge change overnight. a lot of the models take us back out into the atlantic and they almost loop it. we will talk about that as far as the rain and potential we will see here. matthew was a category 4
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in haiti. >> you can see all of the destruction here, raging waters, downed power lines, a lot of destruction and death. at least 11 people are dead this morning. meredith is in the new center. it is pretty difficult to get a good assessment of the damage and loss of life. it is hard to get this information out of haiti. >> reporter: exactly. entire villages are cut off. the full extent of the destruction is unknown. you can see there roads are washed away or blocked. the mobile network is down in the only bridge connecting the capital to the southern region has collapsed. there is an ongoing threat of mudslides. we are getting some images from inside the impact areas. and mayor tweeted a video of his town where the roof was blown off of the hospital. at least 10,000 people are in shelters. haitian authorities tried to evacuate people from the most vulnerable areas, but
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a haitian who now lives in the states was visiting family when the hurricane struck. >> they have nothing. it is chaos because unfortunately haiti is not prepared for this type of catastrophe. we do get these quite often but because of the infrastructure, money and all of that we are not able. >> reporter: the us is providing $400,000 in initial relief assistance and disaster response team has been deployed. again, no word be actually able to reach people . governor rick scott is taking action on hurricane matthew. he has declared a state of emergency and plans to activate hundreds of national guards troops today with thousands more on standby. the governor is urging floridians to pay attention and act now. >> this is a deadly storm approaching our coast. i cannot stretch -- stress that
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focus on them -- on the fact that with them either -- minor deviation it could have a great impact on our state. the governor will brief us at 8:45 this morning. we will carry that live for you right here news channel 8 and on our website. with the governor -- with the call to action people in south florida started moving. they packed stores to buy hurricane supplies. at one store batteries and flashlights, look closely, they are empty. >> all i was able to find is this little tiny flashlight. i would be lucky to find my car keys with that. >> shopper stocked up on plywood to board up their windows and also generate is a -- generators are hot items just in case of a power outage. check out the demand of gas in south florida. drivers got in slow-moving lines to fill up there cars gas tank and also additional gas
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generator later. this is the scene at a gas station in davie florida. a similar scene in south carolina where evacuation orders were issued this morning . that created this traffic jam that you are looking at right now in charleston. people are trying to get an early start on evacuation orders. mary mcguire joins us live from tampa international airport this morning where there are a lot of forks that one of -- folks that want to get out of town. >> reporter: storms like this have ripple effects across country. this morning we have not seen any delays or cancellations due to hurricane matthew just yet that is not the case in south carolina where evacuation orders are already in order. because of the storm, governor nikki haley has ordered more than 1 million people to evacuate the coast by 3 pm this afternoon. millions who could be in the path of the storm making sure that they are ready if matthew turns their way even changing there travel plans right here in tampa.
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coast is because actually live in florida. my wife is afraid to go back there. we stay by friends in the tampa area. >> several airlines are offering to waive transfer fleas -- fees for travelers that are traveling to and from areas that could be affected by the hurricane. i spoke with officials and they say cancellations and delays are possible this week close eye on the storm. they are currently under tropical storm watch. right now emergency officials are watching the storm's track. they are worried a small shift can make a big difference. >> in this kind of the storm it could go either way. we need to make sure we don't go overboard and get people over prepared. >> many people remember when hurricane charley hit there in 2004. look at the images.
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homes and businesses. hurricane measures have been out making critical measurements to track the path of the hurricane. jeff patterson was with them yesterday. the team made a's way over the bahamas, south over haiti than over jamaica and south of cuba. later today jeff will show us what it is like to fly over a major hurricane at 45,000 feet and why the science of the mission is so important al is going. it is very interesting stuff. what is going on now in the tropics? maybe some of the information that the scientist collected change the computer models overnight. once we get the data in who put it into the computer models and run the equations and we get these forecast the big change is now some of them are taking the storm back out to sea after
6:39 am
here's where it is right now. it is for enough away that i don't expect to see -- far enough away that i don't expect to see affects today . it is the steamy day, 89 around 4 pm. hour rainfall chances are like yesterday, dry through the midday time period and then pockets of rain, some have made -- heavy but not ride spread . now we will focus in on the rainfall potential over the next couple of days. obviously we're not going to get the deta to notice the trend, the further west you are the less amount of rain you will see between now and friday. same thing goes for the winds. by tomorrow morning it will be breezy, 20 mile per hour winds . by tomorrow night we're up to 30 mile per hour winds in our area and 40 on the east coast . by friday morning 60 to 70 rob powers winds on the east coast
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remember you are under the tropical storm. storm force winds are expected friday morning . it is windy, today, tomorrow and friday and actual -- actually lower humidity . we do have a couple issues going on on the roadways. we're moving into rush-hour so we're starting to see some slowdowns but overall it is a good drive. we're up to 24 minute on 275. here's a live look. you can see it is very heavy here, to 75 at martin luther king -- 275 at martin luther king . this is southbound on i 75. no accident but it is very thick coming away from our. it does ease up a little bit after this particular area. westbound i-4 is also a little
6:41 am
this crash. new update: eastbound state route 56, left lane taken away into lanes taken away in the intersection of bruce b downs. raw sewage running down the streets of a palm harbor neighborhood. >> still ahead: how cruiser cleaning up the disgusting mess -- crews are cleaning up
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up. he's voted for a plan that would cut social security... and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education... and has voted for billions in education cuts. marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when he shows up.
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right now a stinky mess and palm harbor. crews are working to clean up thousands of gallons of raw sewage have flooded through the streets
6:45 am
>> reporter: crews are still at it. they have been here all morning long. you can see 2 pumper trucks here right now. there were 5 at one point. it is gross and it smells and neighbors wanted cleaned up. what you think about the so? >> it is disgusting. it smells like rotten eggs. it is all in the house. >> is it in the house? >> reporter: crews tell us the mass was caused by us to remain that ruptured. the sewage came close to dozens of backyards and spewed at a rate of 1000 gallons a minute for 11 hours. crews managed to isolate the broken section of the main to begin repairs. there is a request to limit water usage until it is fixed. county officials address the drinking water is safe to
6:46 am
the press during a 10:00 press, -- press conference . students and parents are on edge after creepy clown threat out of pasco county and now another in hillsboro. deputies caught the 12-year-old pasco county boy was facing a felony charge. he threatened to kill sixth-graders through an profile. asked for jack the clone 15, he writes on facebook, i am coming for you martinez middle school. students and parents are scared to death. >> it scared me because i thought it was real. it was really scary thinking someone threatened to kill everyone. the hillsboro school district reports they are taking the 2nd case seriously but don't believe anyone will carry out the threat. the 12-year-old in pasco will be charged as an adult possibly
6:47 am
bars. tim kaine and mike pence faced off in the first and only vice presidential debate 2016 and the accusations and eruptions came early and came often -- interruptions came early and often in the contentious debate. mike pence tried to paint the clinton and tim kaine ticket as career politicians while tim kaine talked about donald trump's controversial em >> the newly emboldened aggression of russia whether it was in ukraine -- >> you guys have both said vladimir putin is a better leader than the president. >> a poll right after the debate declared mike pence the winner with 40 percent compared to tim kaine's 42 percent. hillary clinton may be pulling ahead of donald trump
6:48 am
according to a poll it finds clinton leading donald trump by 24 points among latinos in florida. she holds a 54 percent preference among latinos compared to donald trump 30 percent. that is a big contrast to the u.s. senate race. in that race latinos favor marco rubio by 40 percent over patrick murphy who has 39 percent. let's see what is going on weatherwise. >> we had that tropical storm watch. it was just issued after midnight fort sumter, highland and polk counties. tropical storm force conditions expected within 48 hours meeting not today but certainly tomorrow. whining this out you see there is a hurricane watch for the east coast north of the cape canaveral area for further to the south at force peers. it is a -- fort pierce . is a hurricane warning meaning hurricane force winds expected within 48 hours . the hurricane is expected to
6:49 am
hour just before the florida coastline. tomorrow morning it will be a category 4 storm off the coast of west palm beach just barely, by a few miles with winds at 130 miles-per-hour . that is friday morning through saturday morning just around the jacksonville area. late thursday night through friday afternoon will be the worst weather and then the system heads up into the carolina. a t to take the storm or out in the atlantic rather than further up the east coast. here's the reason why the hurricane center said that. i have been watching this computer models overnight and saw a huge change. first of all it is slowing down. friday morning, it is off the miami coastline. we are on the dry side of this so our coastline will be drier than places like polk county. the heaviest rain over on the east coast.
6:50 am
toward south carolina and north carolina. the big change is that the computer models are starting to loop the system back to the south out in the atlantic off the south carolina coast. it will bear watching in the long-term. for today 70 5 am, 89 at 4 pm. it is a typical day today. our weather will be determined by matthew, thursday and friday. we are holding onto a decent drive typical. we have slowing southbound 275 at martin luther king. what i mean decent i mean for this hour of the morning. we still have about 30 minute delay pretty typical tie for -- on i-4 as you move into downtown . let's take a look at i 75. look how slow it is. no accident but very heavy fowler all the way down to i-4. this is southbound i 75.
6:51 am
slow coming off the howard franklin bridge and also leaving the plant city area. things are heating up. we also have an accident on 56 and bruce b downs. what you need to know before you head out the door is next including a scare for some area schools with concerns about a creepy clown pier schools are responding. wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built is just ridiculous. narrator: the duke utility tax is costing florida families. yet congressman david jolly does nothing. he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them from collecting for a power plant that could never be built. wife: someone needs to stand up to duke energy. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for
6:52 am
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keeping you 9 hurricane matthew as it moves closer and closer florida.>> tropical storm watches are in effect in polk, highland and sumter county. the governor is advising people to take action. >> if you think you are going
6:55 am
before the roads get club. the governor will brief us this morning on the storm in the state's preparations. we will carry that live at 8:45. let's check in with our storm team 8 meteorologist. >> the storm is big just north of cuba which means it will head through the bahamas. sumter, polk and highland counties under this tropical storm watch pick you could feel tropical storm force winds within 48 hours . i don't think you will feel them today for starting late tomorrow those winds will increase . as paralleling right along the coast of florida friday -- thursday night into friday morning , any deviation a little to the west could really mean major devastation. we're watching it very closely. the other thing i am paying attention to is the shift the track long-term out into the atlantic. that is in response to the computer models that came in overnight early this morning almost taking this in a loop. that is throwing us a little
6:56 am
something we expect to have. in the short-term we know we will see increasing winds, increasing rain chances thursday and friday but then drier as we head into the weekend. things were really bad as this moved through haiti and cuba. at least 11 people are confirmed dead from hurricane matthew, but the full extent of the loss of life still unknown in haiti. the storm knocked down communications and washed out roads and a bridge that links the capital and the southern part of very difficult for emergency aid to reach the region. at least a 10,000 people are in shelters and there is a report of overcrowded hospitals suffering a shortage of fresh water. airport officials are already bracing for the potential impact of hurricane matthew. several airlines have offered to waive change fees for flyers that could be traveling to areas that would
6:57 am
officials advise checking with your airline before heading to the airport because cancellations and delays are possible. pinellas county crews are cleaning up a mess caused by a ruptured sewer main. it spewed at a rate of 1000 gallons per minute for 11 hours. there is a request to limit water usage until the sewer main his 5th. a 12-year-old pasco county boys facing a felony charge. middle school students through an app. just the clown 15 writes on facebook i am coming leigh martinez middle school. let's take a look at traffic right now: we're over to 4 minutes on southbound 275. cell phone i 75 very heavy coming away from new tampa down
6:58 am
right by brandon you hitting the brakes. we have a big crash with lanes block east way roads. take us 19. let's take a live look at some of the traffic. this is westbound i-4. let's move our thai 75. it is even worse. that is what it looks like. that is through tampa down to i- 4. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. stay safe and get ready. we will stay on top of news, weather and traffic. check your updates -- during the two-day's show. after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse,
6:59 am
demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending. you've got to be kidding. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love.
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. breaking news. hurricane matthew inching closer to the u.s. mainland. emergency declarations in four states, evacuations under way. the storm now bearing down on the bahamas after wreaking havoc in c at least 11 people dead so far. > sparks fly. >> no, no, no, don't put words in my mouth. >> mike pence and tim kaine duke it out in the one and only vice presidential debate, going head to head over the presidential contenders. >> you can't have somebody at the top who demeans every group that he talks about. >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton, and that's because they're paying attention. >> did either of them emerge


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