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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. breaking news. hurricane matthew inching closer to the u.s. mainland. emergency declarations in four states, evacuations under way. the storm now bearing down on the bahamas after wreaking havoc in c at least 11 people dead so far. > sparks fly. >> no, no, no, don't put words in my mouth. >> mike pence and tim kaine duke it out in the one and only vice presidential debate, going head to head over the presidential contenders. >> you can't have somebody at the top who demeans every group that he talks about. >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton, and that's because they're paying attention. >> did either of them emerge
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down. snooping scandal. yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer under fire for reportedly complying with the government's request to secretly search hundreds of millions of e-mail accounts, a massive invasion of privacy or an important tool in the war on terror? and "today" exclusive, it's behind these walls that one of the biggest pop stars lived and recorded many of his hits. only a select few have ever been inside, but this morning tre paisley park just for us, and we're getting a first-ever live tour, today, wednesday, october 5th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning.
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just continues to get more and more ominous for the united states. >> not to be all al roker about it, but it seems like those models have converged and it's headed this way. >> that is our top story. preparations are under way for matthew across the south as the storm cuts a path of destruction through the caribbean that will eventually bring it here to the u.s. we have it all covered beginning with dylan dreyer. she's in the orange room that we've turned into a hurricane center as the track of the sto dylan. >> that's right, matt, we are keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew. after cuba it has downgraded to a category 3 hurricane with pin winds up to 125 miles an hour. that's still a major hurricane and we're still expecting some fluctuation in intensity over the next couple of days. so it's most likely going to regenerate back up into a category 4 storm as it takes nearly a day and a half to make its way into the bahamas. here we are friday 2:00 a.m.
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hurricane and then it tracks right along the coast of florida as we go into the weekend. but now it's not looking like north carolina is going to get that landfall. instead even some models have this wrapped back around into the bahamas and then rehit southern florida, possibly as we go into next week. still way to early to determine that part of the forecast, but we have a lot to watch in the meantime. we could see a 10 to 15-foot storm surge in the southern bahamas starting today. we could end up with a 15 inches of rain. as it gets closer to florida, we'll see the outer bands begin to move in on thursday, closer enough to produce a 3 to 4-foot storm surge. if the storm goes a little further west, this could make possible landfall in florida so that's the situation we're running into. it's only 50 to 100 miles offshore. if it goes a little farther to the west, which the models have been trending to do with this storm, we could see greater impacts for florida.
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very much. gabe gutierrez is in port-au-prince, haiti, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: matt and savannah, good morning. we've seen more rain here in port-au-prince but a large swath of the southwestern part of the country remains cut off from communications so the full extent of damage is not yet known. this was a powerful hurricane, the strongest to hit haiti in more than 50 years. this morning hurricane matthew is on the move. th is churning towards the u.s. packing winds of 140 miles an hour, matthew's eye sweeping across eastern cuba overnight and now targeting the bahamas. after slamming into haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, still recovering from a massive earthquake, now reeling from yet another natural disaster. today the u.s. is sending several naval ships to help with the relief effort.
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this woman told us. the hurricane now blamed for at least 11 deaths, including four in the dominican republic where this tornado was caught on camera. torrential downpours and a devastating storm surge hitting parts of jamaica. hardest hit, haiti's rural southern peninsula where many ignored evacuation warnings and rode out the storm in a shack, a key bridge washed away. floods and homes. the strongest hurricane in haiti's recent memory now has the u.s. east coast on high alert. today a massive cleanup effort is under way in haiti, as aid organizations scramble to reach the southwestern part of the country that so far remains cut off. matt and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. as we said, here at home millions up and down the east coast are preparing for matthew with states of emergency in
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carolin carolinas. nbc's miguel almaguer is in charleston, south carolina, where evacuations under way. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. that number is staggering, 1.1 million people along south carolina's coast asked to evacuate, asked to move 100 miles inland. the governor here ordering a state of emergency as grocery stores' shelves are running low, gas is running low, the governor has said everyone needs three days of food and water re people that should be on the move, even including lane reversals. later on today some 280 school buses will be set up ready to load and take people inland if they're not able to drive their own vehicles that way. schools have been cancelled in half of the state here today, matt, and it's not just south carolina, but parts of florida that are bracing for 100-mile-an-hour winds. many told to be on the alert and also to evacuate up and down the eastern seaboard as matthew
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back to you guys. >> thanks. >> we are watching this storm and have more as we go on this morning. now to the battle for the white house and the state of the race today. 34 days to go until election day and vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine sparred for 90 minutes last night. this was their one and only debate and the candidates used a lot of that time to attack hillary clinton and donald trump. >> so how did they do? according to a cnn poll taken just after that debate 48% felt pence was the winner. donald trump will hold rallies in nevada today. this is his first trip to that state since august. hillary clinton has no scheduled campaign event on her calendar. we have a lot to cover with our decision 2016 team. let's begin with hallie jackson and talk about last night's debate. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the vice presidential candidates are back out on the campaign trail today after a debate here in virginia that was really more about the top of the ticket.
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mike pence on defense, attacking frequently, as pence tried to play it cool and show he's a steady hand. while this debate may not move the needle for voters come november, it did reveal more about the strategy each side is hoping to show to win come election day. finally their turn to talk and the vp nominees couldn't seem to stop. >> the people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. >> i'm just trying to keep up th on the other side of the table. >> you know what, i'm just saying facts about your running mate and i know you can't defend them. >> reporter: that was part of mike pence's mission, counterbalance donald trump's controversies, even as tim kaine pushed pence to directly defend his candidate, like trump's comments on women and mexicans. >> senator, you've ripped out that mexican thing again. >> reporter:
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>> in all cases he's refused -- >> don't put words in my mouth. >> and yet he is asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend. >> reporter: on style, kaine coming under fire for sounding too rehearsed and too pushy. ronald reagan said something really interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s. he said the problem with nuclear proliferation is that some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event. and i think that's who who president reagan warned us about. >> senator, that was even beneath you and hillary clinton, and that's pretty low. >> reporter: on substance, a split on russia. pence, unlike trump, suggesting strikes against the russian-backed syrian regime. also unlike trump, slamming president vladimir putin. >> the small and bullying leader of russia. >> reporter: less than a month ago. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a
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than barack obama has been in this country. >> donald trump and mike pence have said he's a great leader. and donald trump -- >> no, we haven't. >> reporter: pence hitting hillary clinton's e-mail and the clinton foundation controversies. answering questions about his running mate's nearly billion dollar loss in 1995 revealed in tax documents leaked to "the new york times." >> but he used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used and he did it brilliantly. >> reporter: this morning a new interview with trump's former accountant w returns. >> he knew that we would produce the lowest possible tax to him within the law. he never went into the details. >> reporter: donald trump's taxes likely to remain in the spotlight. but as for the debate here at longwood university, hillary clinton watched it from her home in new york, donald trump from the campaign trail out west, live tweeting and, no surprise, declaring mike pence the winner. but it's the republican national committee that apparently got
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the debate even happened. you can see it on the screen, praising mike pence for certain talking points like in their words hitting hillary clinton's scandals. matt, savannah. >> all right, thank you very much. >> let's bring in chuck todd and nicolle wallace. good morning. last night you were asked what are we going to be talking about tomorrow morning and you said the next debate on sunday night. >> i left out matthew. that i am serious about. >> the storm, absolutely. but seriously what's the headline from this vp >> long term we'll talk about how mike pence did mike pence a lot of good. the question is going to be did he, while he gave the trump campaign a positive headline after eight days of a debacle, did he do enough to defend trump. are we talking -- or are we going to be talking about too many areas where the two of them disagree. >> actually on that point, tim kaine went after him on taxes, on temperament, on some of the insulting comments trump has made about different groups over
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that he had made those comments, even though they exist on tape. what's that strategy? >> yeah, i think this is where it was pence won the 90 minutes and didn't engage in the back and forth, but in the way that the clinton campaign will say, well, wait a minute, he said this, but you were wrong, trump did say x and trump did say y. it's all up to the moment, but who's watching and who wins. the post-spin could matter. substance but style and tim kaine did take a lot of criticism for his style being overly amped up, aggressive, interrupting too much. do you think that will matter? >> if you were watching, it matters. i mean he talked all over a female moderator, which is tricky and doesn't go over well among any viewer.
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and he was picked to address some of her diplomacy issues where she's weak. i don't think he was a very good ambassador for her last night. when you're up six, you don't have to deliver the kind of performance that he delivered last night. >> there's another aspect of this. in addition to attacking the top of the other ticket and going on the offensive, did either of them present themselves as ready to be commander in chief should that situation occur? did they seem that question is i think there are people in both parties that would have preferred to have seen either man at the top of the ticket. they both passed that test. they both passed that test when they took it to the table, which is what makes kaine's performance all the more inexplicable. trump is already on the defensive because of his own poor performance in his own debate. so for kaine to have squandered the opportunity to further hillary clinton's cause and spend the whole time
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sort of a mind-boggling strategic decision. >> real quickly, perhaps it won't change the outcome of the actual election, but did pence manage to swing the momentum back in trump's favor? >> i don't know. i think a lot matters on whether they could have done something today. i think part of it is i don't think they get much out of this debate after really this morning, to be honest. >> all right, chuck and nicolle, go get some rest. thank you. i want to turn to a closely wa father charged with murder after his son died inside of a hot suv. for the first time, dash cam video from the scene has been released. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: never-before-seen dash cam video played for the jury in the ross harris trial. it shows the moments when police first arrived on a horrific scene. a spot where harris said he found his son, cooper, dead in
7:15 am
police say harris was pacing and on the phone and became argumentative when they approached him. once in cuffs and in a cruiser, police testified harris was unemotional and complained about the heat. in opening statements tuesday, harris' attorney defending his reaction. >> we expect that you're going to hear lots of state's witnesses comen didn't act right, he didn't cry enough. none of them knew ross. none of them know his coping mechanism for trauma. >> reporter: harris' defense team also addressed accusations of lewd sexual behavior but said it didn't amount to murder. >> ross's sex life, no matter how perverse and nasty and wrong
7:16 am
have a thing in the world to do with the fact that he forgot that little boy. >> reporter: adding that harris' ex-wife will testify on his behalf. >> the woman who's got every reason in the world to despise his guts, she's going to say the truth. she's going to tell you they got it wrong. >> reporter: that's for the jury to decide. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. and now to a new report and it's raising questions about privacy online. at the government's request secretly searched its users' incoming e-mails. pete williams is following that for us. pete, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the company isn't saying much, but tellingly no one familiar with the report is denying it and it comes at a time when yahoo! is already under fire for the massive data breach that it recently revealed. according to a report from the
7:17 am
obey rather than fight a u.s. government directive to have its own computers scan all incoming e-mail messages last year, looking for a specific term that had intelligence agencies on the lookout. the company says just this, yahoo! is a law-abiding company and complies with the laws of the united states. ceo mayer said at a tech conference in 2013 that yahoo! does fight some government demands. >> on each request we review it, scrutinize >> privacy matters. >> reporter: three years ago edward snowden's leak said its computers searched for specific terms to investigate potential terrorists. but last year yahoo! began encrypting its e-mails making it impossible for the government to scan him. reuters said yahoo! was doing the searching last year on realtime on millions of incoming messages looking for a term supplied by the government.
7:18 am
and turn it over to the government, what you're doing is exposing your users to criminal investigation. >> reporter: yahoo! itself has been scanning user e-mail content for years, looking for terms it can use to tailor ads to individual users. the website's user policy is explicit. quote, yahoo! analyzes and stores content from incoming and outgoing e-mail. both google, the world's largest e-mail provider, and microsoft, say they have never performed such scans of e-mail traffic for the government. twitter says that ift to court. matt, savannah. >> pete williams in our washington newsroom, thank you. let us go back over to dylan for the rest of her forecast. >> we are watching matthew but the rain we're going to see, scattered storms and showers in florida not related to hurricane matthew just yet. that will change as we got to the end of the week. we have a chance of strong storms today right through the middle of the country including indiana and illinois. we also have some rain making its way into the pacific
7:19 am
strachan 75 out there pick there is a storm watch for highlands, sumter and polk county. that is them for 48 hours. we will see that throughout
7:20 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up, what investigators are now revealing about that terrifying armed robbery of kim kardashian as her friends open up on how she's doing. and al takes us inside paisley park, prince's home and studio, to give us a look at the life and love and prince's sister speaks out about prince's
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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it is 727 and that means we're talking hurricane matthew still hard to stop. there are storm watches for polk , su winds today. that is for tomorrow and later on into friday. notice what happens with the storm. it will stay very strong off of florida's southeast coastline. friday morning notice we're on the drier side of this. inland areas and obviously toward the east coast a lot more rain and windier conditions. we will feel some relatively gusty winds on our coastline. we drought as we head into next
7:28 am
75 coming away from the northern apex down around i-4. this is southbound on i 75 and even 275. it will take you half an hour on to 75 to get into downtown tampa. you can see very heavy westbound i-4 heading into the junction. we have a very intense accident here. all of the lanes southbound on east lake road are blocked at lance brook park way backed up to about trinity. us 19 is an alternate.
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
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7:30 now on wednesday morning, the 5th of october, 2016. this is prince's paisley park in his beloved home state of minnesota. it is getting set to open as a al is there and is going to give us a sneak peek inside. we'll talk to prince's sister. >> very interesting. let's get a check of the headlines first. hurricane matthew made landfall in cuba last night. right now the bahamas are feeling the brunt of that powerful storm as it inches
7:31 am
the national guard is being activated, coastal evacuations are under way in south carolina. we'll go there live in a moment. president obama plans to campaign for hillary clinton in florida today but because of matthew he has cancelled that trip. instead he will visit fema headquarters and get a briefing on the storm. things got heated in last night's vice presidential debate with tim kaine and mike pence sparring repeatedly over the names at the top of the tickets. >> when donald trump says women rapists are criminals, or john mccain isn't a hero, he is showing you who he is. -- all of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> still on the subject of the debate, while their running mates face off, hillary clinton and donald trump weren't just
7:32 am
hillary clinton wrote the number of times trump has tweeted about rosie o'donnell, 65. number of times he has tweeted in support of his running mate, 21. meanwhile he retweeted a post that said tim kaine looks like an evil crook out of a batman movie. let's get back to hurricane matthew and its potential impact on the u.s. nbc's miguel almaguer is in charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: matt, good morning. those evacuation orders are in place here in south carolina. 1.1 million people asked to move 100 miles inland for those residents that live along the water line here in south carolina. the historic order was issued from the governor late yesterday. at 3:00 this afternoon they'll load up 280 school buses for anyone who can't drive their own vehicle out of this area. grocery store shelves are going bare. gas lines are long.
7:33 am
the governor says everyone should have three days of food and water at the ready. the governor says everyone also needs to take this threat very seriously. the state is bracing for 100-mile-an-hour winds here. the storm is expected to arrive thursday and friday here, but the governor wants many of those mass evacuations to begin today because they are concerned the roads here will be clocked. they are all prepping here up and down the eastern seaboard, matt, for hurricane matthew as it works its way north. back to you. >> okay, much. let's turn it over to dylan who's got her eye on all of it. dylan, good morning again. >> good morning, guys. its interaction with cuba has caused hurricane matthew to downgrade to a category 3 hurricane, but it is expected to get back up to a category 4 as it makes its way through the bahamas. winds are up to 125 miles per hour, still a major hurricane at this time. we have hurricane warnings all across the bahamas, still for eastern cuba and western haiti. look at what's going on in florida. in palm beach we have a
7:34 am
north. now that this storm is expected to track closer and closer to florida, now is the time to prepare. so here is a look at our hurricane wind forecast. you can see the closer you get to the eye of the storm, that's where we have your hurricane force winds, but we are still looking at perhaps 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds just offshore, so if this were to track a little farther to the west, which the models have been trending, then we would see those hurricane-force winds make their way onshore. southeast coast and it is now looking like north carolina will not see a direct landfall as it starts to turn out to sea. we're still looking at some of our heaviest rainfall totals across the coast of south carolina with as much as 10 inches of rain and coastal
7:35 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. and there are new questions this morning about that armed robbery of kim kardashian in paris over the weekend. the police are narrowing the search for suspects. tamron is following this onc >> a lot of new details on this. kim kardashian remains surrounded by heavy security in her new york city apartment as we learn new minute-by-minute details about her terrifying detail. >> kim, are you okay? >> kim kardashian, now safely back in new york, visited by concerned friends on tuesday. this as chilling new details are emerging about her ordeal inside this paris hotel. a source close to the
7:36 am
masked burglars wearing police jackets entered the building. no security was on duty, only an overnight receptionist. the burglars bound him and forced him to take two of them to kardashian's suite on the second floor. there they gagged and bound her and placed her in the bathtub. the thieves stole over $10 million in jewelry, none kept in a safe, all of it left out in her room, including this 20 carat diamond ring instagram. according to e! news, kardashian's close friend and hairstylist simon haroush was also inside the suite. upon hearing the commotion, she locked herself in a bathroom. she texted kardashian's bodyguard and her sister, kourtney. kardashian told her to jump off
7:37 am
caitlyn jenner posting i'm so thankful she's okay. >> i don't understand why she was in a hotel with no security and things like that. >> fashion designer carl loggerfeld criticizing kardashian for flaunting her jewelry on social media. >> you cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you. >> oar celebs coming to her defense. >> that they should shut the -- up and leave this poor woman alone and let her recover. >> regardless of being held at gunpoint in her room. just don't say anything. >> now, as for how the burglars got in, was the front door open, was there security needed? so far police have not commented and "people" magazine says kim kardashian is blaming herself because she snapchatted her room so much and wore it all the time. >> tamron, thank you so much. stay on it. coming up, trending, did a hospital just charge a couple to
7:38 am
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7:43 am
we're here in chanhassen, minnesota, just outside of minneapolis. this is studio a in paisley park. and what's amazing about this place, everything has been left just as prince left it. for example, on this music stand, handwritten notes. they have not moved them, not touched them. and a few lucky people are going to get a chance to come in here over the next few days and then paisley park opens up as a museum to the publ. sneak peek. we got to go around and even i got to talk to a couple of prince's sisters. paisley park is the epicenter for all things prince. now ready to open its doors to the public as a music museum for prince fans from all around the world to see the history behind all those hits. this is the control room of
7:44 am
about. the microphone set where prince would sit in this chair, record his music overnight, leaving recordings for his engineers to work on later in the day. a keyboard, one of the 27 instruments he played and all that music flowed through this control board. just before his death, prince was using this studio to work on a jazz album that will one day be released. forecast, 100% baby. ? purple rain, purple rain ? >> the next stop, the purple rain room. with "purple rain" playing in the background, folks get to see the keyboard, script, guitar, wardrobe, the oscar and one of the motorcycles that prince rides in this monster hit movie. in fact so big he had the number one movie, song and album all at the same time. he was the first person to ever
7:45 am
hallways lined with awards guide visitors to prince's performance area named after his iconic backing band. back in the day prince was a pretty good basketball player, everybody says so, so he built this great basketball facility and then the music took off, so he decided to turn it into mpg music club. it's an intimate space where he would entertain friends and even perform for ? >> from the club to prince's costumes, it's all here. >> if you notice the label inside? >> prince. >> prince. all his clothes were custom made, everything piece of clothing he has. >> angie is the archivist. >> mm-hmm. >> you must have a tremendous responsibility and an amazing inventory. >> we do have an amazing inventory because prince saved everything. >> he was a pack rat. >> he really was.
7:46 am
joined by two of prince's sisters who saw the exhibit here for the first time. >> he's putting all of his energy in that song, you can just feel it. >> can you feel his presence in here? >> absolutely. >> yes, yes, uh-huh. the spirit of prince is here. >> really beautiful. >> it's a pretty good representation of his legacy. >> it is. and he did plan it to be a museum. everything is strategically placed. when the fans come in, they'll see that it is. >> it's he thought all this through. he had a vision. he finished it. >> and that vision is on display. this is one of the many drum kits that they have. they actually have in storage here every drum kit that prince used on concert, when he was on concert tour, just amazing stuff. coming up, we're going to be
7:47 am
the next hour. guys, this room here, not only did prince record his music, but folks like celine dion, stevie wonder, and other great music stars came to record. and you can feel the presence and the energy in here even still. >> al, that's very, very cool stuff. not only a working facility but where he lived as well, just in a different area, right? >> absolutely, yeah, that's right. that is off limits to the public, but there's a lot of him and what people are comin >> very cool. al, thank you very much. up next, we'll take a turn. why those creepy clown sightings have college students taking to the streets. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time the learning the virtue of sharing
7:48 am
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we're back at 7:51. it always seems a little funny when you say it, these creepy clown sightings, but it's very serious and police and neighborhoods are on edge. >> penn state's campus went from monday night here. panicked students sprinting through the streets in search of clowns. hundreds of students swarmed the campus after a rumor circulated on social media saying that clowns had been spotted in the area. according to police, there were no reports of injury or violence that night and no confirmed clown sightings except for this image of a clown projected onto a nearby apartment building.
7:52 am
uprisings in this creepy clown phenomenon that has stretched across the country. it started back in august when there were reports of clowns luring children into the woods. locally here in new haven, connecticut, officials have banned clown costumes or clown-like attire this halloween after instagram posts surfaced with captions reading watch out and wait and see. unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the last we're going to be hearing about this creepy clown phenomenon, guys.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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taking a look outside of our
7:57 am
we do expect to see afternoon storms that will push east- west. it may be breezy but the storms will have anything to do with her came matthew. starting tomorrow morning as matthew tracks through the bahamas and strengthens, our winds speeds will strengthen through the day . remember we are still on the weaker side, drier side for the storm. the further inland you live that is where you will have the highest amount of rain falls. when speeds and su, highland county you are under the tropical storm watch. you could feel tropical force storm winds . we're still heavy southbound to 75 coming away from the northern apex -- 270 wife ryan glascow and 75 coming away from the northern apex. things look better on i 75 through tampa. i 40 not too bad, 14 minutes from ehrlich to 275.
7:58 am
road. i mentioned this crash. it is a west -- messed. southbound is like is backed up before trinity. the lanes are closed by lance brook park way. 19 is an excellent alternate southbound. use that until that is completely cleared up. let's take a look at 275 coming off the howard franklin bridge. it is a little bit slow and go as you move toward downtown you ease up past dale maybury. traffic brough tampa honda. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig.
7:59 am
no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, hurricane matthew targets the u.s. after battering islands across the caribbean, it turns nth are told to evacuate. we're tracking it all. then ben stiller's stunning revelation. >> one of the main things i felt was i was really lucky. >> what he says about the cancer test that saved his life and why all men should take it. dr. oz joins us to break down the myths and the facts. and mounting a comeback. seven months after she was
8:01 am
test -- >> a huge mistake. i don't want to end my career this way. >> tennis star maria sharapova opens up about being banned from the and her plans to return to the court. today, wednesday, october 5th, 2016. >> all the way from washington state. ? >> hello! >> the great state of tennessee. we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 5th day of october,
8:02 am
eye on hurricane matthew to find out where it is headed. we're going to take a look inside, we have maria sharapova here. it was a big day for her yesterday. the court of arbitration for sport coming down with a ruling in her case. she'll be here to talk about it in just a couple of minutes. and staying cozy and stylish is no easy feat when the temperature is chilly. thank goodness jill martin is here with a request "steals and deals." first let's stories. here is the news at 8:00. >> reporter: good morning. this morning we begin with both vice presidential candidates back on the campaign trail after the debate in virginia. i'm hallie jackson in farmville where the tone turned testy as tim kaine's interruptions put mike pence on defense. the debate really more about the top of the ticket with pence forced to try and defend his candidate's controversies.
8:03 am
>> if donald trump had said all the things that you said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> reporter: mike pence trying to clean up his candidate's controversies, like donald trump's statements on women and mexicans. >> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing #thatmexicanthingagain trending on twitter overnight with tim kaine pushing pence to directly defend trump. >> six times tonight i have said to governor pence i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. and in all six cases, he's refused to defend his running mate. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> reporter: both vps clearly well prepped. >> did donald trump apologize after taking after somebody in a
8:04 am
her weight? >> did you work on that one a long time? because that had a lot of really creative lines in it. >> well, i'm going to see if you can defend any of it. >> reporter: at times, tough to handle. >> gentlemen, the people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. >> reporter: both sides declaring victory for their candidate. donald trump doing it on twitter, but it was the gop website getting ahead of itself, posting this hours before the debate had started. quote, the consensus was clear af t pence was the clear winner of the debate. >> i don't think it was prepublished. it was some inactive link somebody found. but look, we're so confident in mike pence that we have no problem declaring him the victor at any time. >> reporter: hillary clinton meanwhile watching the vp debate from her home in new york. while last night's showdown may not move the needle much with voters, it does set the stage for sunday night when hillary clinton and donald trump face off town hall style. matt. >> all right, hallie, thank you very much.
8:05 am
effect from florida to the carolinas as hurricane matthew approaches. the deadly storm has already caused widespread damage in the caribbean. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in port-au-prince, haiti. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt and savannah, good morning. we've seen more rain here in port-au-prince overnight but a large swath of the southwestern part of the country remains cut off so the full extent of the damage is not yet known. this was a powerful hurricane, the strongest to hit haiti in more than 50 years. the hurricane now blamed for at that is expected to climb, as aid organizations scramble to rush into that southwestern tip of haiti and assess the damage today. hurricane matthew slamming into the eastern tip of cuba overnight as well as threatening the bahamas and now the u.s. east coast. today there is a massive cleanup effort under way here in haiti. matt and savannah, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, gabe, thank you very much. a little boy who died after last week's elementary school shooting in south carolina will
8:06 am
at his parents' request, 6-year-old jacob will be given a superheroes funeral. they are encouraging people to wear costumes and character t-shirts to remember their son in a way he would enjoy. his mom says jacob loves anything to do with goodness and with helping others. just ahead, ben stiller opens up about the cancer test that he said saved his life. so should that test be given to all men of a certain age? we'll talk about oz. and tennis superstar maria sharapova is here to talk about her just reduced ban from the sport and mounting a comeback.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
8:10. ben stiller in a blog he wrote i got diagnosed with prostate cancer friday, june 13th, 2014. on september 17th of that same year i got the test back telling me i was cancer-free. the three months in between were a crazy roller coaster ride with which about 180,000 men a year in america can identify. stiller also talked about his diagnosis in an interview with howard stern. >> at first i didn't know what was going to happen so i was scared. you know, i was scared. >> sure.
8:11 am
just stops everything in your life. one of the main things i felt was i was really lucky as i learned more about prostate cancer. i learned that i was someone who had a case that could be treated. there are a lot of people who can't. >> stiller credits a diagnostic test known as the psa with his life but the guidance is a little mixed, both on just how valuable that test is and when men should start screening. we asked dr. oz to stop by a he was 46. no history, no symptoms. is he the kind of guy to get a psa test? >> there's a reason that all the major medical societies agree that it should not be part of a routine screening. for every thousand men who get screened for the psa, you only save one life. so identifying who that one person is becomes a bit of a challenge. >> so you're saying it's a double-edged sword? because in addition to the one person, and he says that test saved his life, you get a lot of
8:12 am
it's not necessary? >> it may have saved ben stiller's life but just to be clear, he didn't jump into surgery when he was diagnosed. he took a while to figure out if he could do things to reduce his psa number. that's the big problem. a lot of men panic when they have an elevated psa. psa stands for prostate-specific antigen. it doesn't mean you have cancer, it means there's something wrong with your prostate. it could be an infection, irritation, or it could be cancer. but you're probably going to be panicked if your spouse has an elevated psa so you go to the doctor and get it whacked out. so that causes problems with impotence, inkaucontinence and sometimes people die. >> so you don't treat the number, you treat the entirety of the patient. >> just like ben stiller did. you go to the best experts out there that you think might make sense for you. for example, if you have an infection, treat the infection
8:13 am
you'll have biopsies done. >> but the message is a little bit mixed. what would you say to the guys sitting out there with no history and no symptoms. should he or should he not get the psa screening? >> i would follow the government guidelines. here's the catch what would mehmet oz do, i'd say get the test. information is power. if i have an elevated do a couple of things. i can look for a problem or i can start doing things that might reverse the chances of my developing advanced prostate cancer. we now have data on how powerful lifestyle is. detecting whether you might have elevated psa and prostate cancer is not the same as acting differently in your own life. the things that work, for example, to prevent heart disease from killing you also work for prostate cancer. so fruits and vegetables, making sure you have oily fish in your
8:14 am
sugar, exercise, these reduce the chance of dying from prostate cancer. that may be the biggest takeaway and the ben stiller effect. the aware of how powerful this is. we're coming back in two weeks, men's health on the "today" show. there's a whole opportunity there. >> dr. oz, always good to see you. thank you very much. of course you can see more of him weekdays. check your local listings. let's turn to dylan now for a check of the weather. >> thanks, matt. we had just gotten the latest update on hurricane win winds are still keeping it as a major category 3 hurricane and it is moving to the north. there will be some fluctuations in intensity as it moves through the bahamas. there's still the possibility it could strengthen up to a category 4 hurricane as we go into thursday, possibly even as a category 4 hurricane just off the coast of florida. again, this is the track we're watching because now it's a little bit closer to the eastern coast of florida than it was
8:15 am
the fact that it's not looking like it's going to make landfall in north carolina, it will wrap its way around. we could see a storm surge 3 to we're 89 degrees a little bit breezy. there is a tropical storm watch for sumter, highlands and polk county. winds were expected within 48 hours. we will see that increase as we head through the rest of the work week. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. now let's get to what's trending today. apparently shoulders are not trending, if you look at dylan and hoda.
8:16 am
>> carson has no shoulders on his shirt. >> here is an update to a story we first told you about late last year. a creative way to expand airlines, recruiting people who have little experience and then turning them into pilots. bloomberg reports the program has now kicked off. it costs $125,000 in training fees to join. among the six participants, a supermarket clerk, a baggage handler and an equipment operator. ey aerodynamics and aircraft systems. next week the recruits start seven months of actual flight training. the goal is to turn them into full-fledged pilots by 2020. >> is that a reality show? >> i don't think so, no. >> it's like up with yaerd wa u. a hospital just charged a
8:17 am
newborn. just look at the itemized bill. this is what the parents got in the mail. look at the highlight. skin-to-skin charge for contact with the baby, $39.95. now, online people were outraged and confused, what does this all mean? well, this morning the hospital tells us the charge is not for actually holding your baby, it's actually for the cost of bringing an additional caregiver into the o.r. after the c-section. the hospital says this ensures the highest level of patient safe amusing. >> even skin-to-skin doesn't sound right. >> but holding your baby for $39.95, good price. >> i was looking at the total cost. is it really that expensive. >> whatever it was, yes, yes. all right, carson. >> oh, this one's for you, hoda. let's start with the first couple of country music. faith hill and tim mcgraw had
8:18 am
and last night in nashville they made a big announcement. >> all right, okay, so we are going back on the road on tour. >> pretty cool. for the first time in a decade, faith and tim will go next april but you're not going to have to wait that long to see them because faith and tim are joining our family at "the voice." this month they will be the key advisers who will work with all four of our teams. we are thrilled about two of the greatest people, forget in music but in general. >> can i come? >> please. we're going to move on to lin manuel miranda, the show of "hamilton." he's hosting snl this weekend. and this cast member learned something strange about him. >> i just saw "hamilton." >> you've seen it? i'm so jealous. >> you haven't seen it? >> no.
8:19 am
i can't get tickets. >> i'm just worried we're not going to get along. >> why is that? >> well, i'm -- i'm more of a lin manuel samantha. >> i thought about what samantha said that week. i thought new york is -- >> lin, you're not the carry. please sign my "hamilton" -- >> a little "sex and the city" humor at snl. we're going to end on dolly parton. she's collaborated with a lot of stars, but guess who she might like to work with next. any guesses? that's right, snoop dogg. she said that her husband not only loves him but can relate to him. so that got us thinking what would a dolly parton/snoop sound like?
8:20 am
hot/jolene special there. >> things you learn. all right, carson, thanks. let's send it over to matt. >> thank you, savannah. back in march, maria sharapova was wanted from tennis for two years for failing a drug test at the australian open. sharapova claimed she was unaware that the substance she had been using banned. here's part of what she had to say at the time. >> i take great responsibility and professionalism in my job every single day, and i made a huge mistake. i know that with this i face consequences and i've -- i don't want to end my career this way, and i really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game.
8:21 am
months, meaning she can return to tennis in april. she's joining us now. maria, it's nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i want to take you back to that press conference. you said "i made a huge mistake." but in your mind it was an honest mistake, is that a fair assessment? >> yes, absolutely. when i got the e-mail that i made this violation back in march, my first instinct was i need to go to the world and tell the truth in wha happened. i did it within a couple of days and i'm actually proud of the moment because what i said from the first day is the same thing that i'm saying today. >> and so when the punishment was handed down and it was a two-year suspension, which i understand the itf, the international tennis federation, had actually wanted a longer ban, did you think that the punishment fit the crime? >> for an honest mistake, a two-year ban i don't think was correct. i had admitted my mistake.
8:22 am
other organizations had in order to notify me of new prohibitive substances, especially when someone was taking a substance that was completely legal for ten years and from one day to the next it becomes illegal and you have no notices, no e-mails, no direct communications that other fed raising did. >> so here comes the court of arbitration for sport and they basically agree with you. they say they found no deliberate attempt to dope. to cover up doping. they say it's an honest mistake and that raises a question. so why didn't they just release the suspension today? why do you think you have to continue through 15 months? >> well, the least i could have received was one year based on the current rules. the itf rule book. so i received 15 months because i didn't delegate the job to my agent well enough. i didn't check with him at the end of 2015 and make sure that he was checking that list.
8:23 am
extra months for. >> but there's nothing else we don't know. so when you say you made a huge mistake, there's nothing as to why this court of arbitration may have continued with 15 months? >> nothing at all. the last things itf has made has been overturned by c.a.s.t. >> you know this created an uproar when it was announced. there were other players that said you cheated. you're a cheater. what kind of back do you think you're going to get to the sport from your peers? let's start with your peers first. >> i think i've been respected as an athlete ever since i came on tour. i'm tenacious, i'm a fighter, i show a lot of spirit out on the court and i think a lot of players and a lot of fans really respect that. the impact that i've had on millions of lives, i really recognize in these last seven months and the people that have
8:24 am
airports, in cars and just said i can't wait to see you back. it's been pretty incredible. >> and yet for all the supportive people, there are probably people on the other side of the fence. might you face some boos? are you prepared for that? >> i faced boos before. i'm sure i'll face boos in the future for different reasons. but that's part of sport. that's what makes it exciting, that adds that extra pressure and i love it. >> what about getting back to the sport and getting back to the top of the sport. you're g before you take to the court again. >> yes. >> can you get back into top form? >> that's my goal and that's what i asked for. i feel that ever since i received that e-mail in march, i started my comeback. i knew i would be out for a year at least and i knew i had to put my mind in the right -- be in the right frame of mind to start my comeback. and i've had that in my mind and i can't wait. >> is there an impact in not
8:25 am
said perhaps increased your lung capacity. can you have the endurance you once had without using that substance? >> well, i will look with my medical team for a substitute, for something that is legal and okay to take. >> what's the takeaway from all of this? what's the lesson? >> i think the biggest lesson for me is that i don't think anything is handed to you in life that you can't hands. as an athlete it's probably one of the toughest thing i've had to handle. i had shoulder surgery after my years old that came out of nowhere. i've had to face this in the last seven months. everything -- you think why is this happening, what is the real core message. but at the end of the day it makes you stronger. i'm 29 years old. i have an incredible future ahead of me and i just can't wait to get back on the court. >> woe appreciate you taking the time to stop by and talk about it so openly, maria, thanks very much. let's head over to carson. >> come on, guys, we're on the air. get ready.
8:26 am
adopting a new pet and jill's
8:27 am
good wednesday morning. we have been busy today. hurricane matthew a slow-moving as it moves into the bahamas.
8:28 am
yellow shaded area is where we are expecting tropical storm force trend or. look at this, friday morning, polk, highland county you can feel 30 mile per hour winds are higher before things start to improve as we head into saturday . outside right now we have clouds around. 73 degrees on the camera. 30 percent chance of afternoon storms more impact for matthew tomorrow and friday. traffic is easing but we still have heavy traffic pearson avenue to still about 40 minutes from i 75 s. i 75 s. lanes are open here but it is still drowned -- jammed of the trinity. take us 19 if you're leaving the house soon. the governor expressing concern over hurricane matthew. he has declared a state of emergency and plans to brief us
8:29 am
into that. if you can't you can see online
8:30 am
we're back now. it's 8:30. good morning. it's a beautiful wednesday, the 5th of october and we are happy to have a nice crowd out here. coming up, are you already under a pile of covers and blankets overnight? jill martin has a fall edition of "steals & deals." >> can i show you the wildest
8:31 am
where are you? where are you? i'm sorry. but that happens every now and then. a little shoutout. and then adoption 101 for animal lovers. we're going to teach you everything you need to know about adding a furry new member to your family. >> how about sugar cookies? we're going to get a jump start on your holiday cookie platters. we'll show you how to master the perfect sugar cookie. >> and we've got fun news for parents. when it comes to babies, we know messy is often pretty darn cute so "parents" magazine wants to your little ones. they're having an america's messiest baby cover contest. so share your photos and one will get cleaned up, a professional photo shoot and an opportunity to be on the may cover. head to for all the details. >> is vale in that club? >> no. >> all right, double duty.
8:32 am
we of course have been focusing on hurricane matthew as it approaches florida. the rain we're going to see down in florida today doesn't have a whole lot to do with matthew. that will change as we continue through the end of the week. some storms are possible in the middle of the country today, some mountain snow and high fire danger in the southwest, santa ana winds drying things out. any fire that develops could spread pretty rapidly. now, tomorrow we do have a better chance of severe storms moving through areas like iowa, stretching down into northern texas. florida as some of the outer bands of rain get closer as well. in the northeast, it's going to be sunny and very nice. temperatures around 75 to nearly 80 degrees. still dealing with a fire danger out in the southwest. in the northwest we are watching for winds as the next system
8:33 am
and that's your latest forecast. matt. >> dylan, thank you very much. al is not here this morning because he's in minnesota at prince's iconic >> and good morning to you, matt. of course this is a legendary place where prince worked, he lived, and he always planned to turn this into a living museum for his fans. joining me now is his sister, tyka nelson, who is a musician and an artist in her own right. first of all, still our condolences and our thoughts and prayers to you.
8:34 am
prince's passing. >> right. >> how are you and your family doing? >> i think my family is doing well. i was probably -- not probably, i am -- i was closest to him, so i think i'm taking it the hardest. in the beginning it was maybe 90% he's not gone and 10% maybe. and now it's finally slipping. >> is this -- when you come into this you still feel prince here? >> oh, definitely. any time you look at his clothes or his shoes or you hear a song, because sometimes they'll play music in here, and then, of course, the dove. >> majesty. >> and divinity. >> i heard these sounds all of a sudden when i was here earlier
8:35 am
>> after they passed they weren't talking so i was like where are the doves, what's going on? they said they're up there, they're not talking. you need to play some prince music, maybe they'll talk. >> and there is normally music playing here. this will open up tomorrow as a museum and a living legacy to your brother. >> right. >> how difficult was it getting this ready in a fairly short period museum? >> it actually wasn't difficult at all because prince had already planned -- preplanned a lot of things and so paisley park, you see what it looked like when prince was here. then joel came in and he did a fantastic job and his staff has been extremely nice and courteous. they have taken care with prince's things. >> when people come through here, what do you want fans and
8:36 am
>> i want them to maybe feel like maybe they saw prince up close. sometimes when you're a fan you only get to see him from a seat. but this way you're almost face to face with him. and then when you hear the -- see the different eras and also hear the different music, i want you to go away with your memories. >> well, people will definitely do that. tyka nelson, prince's sister, appreciate it. savannah, it's a real experience. it is the prince experience. back to you. >> we really enjoyed the tour. give our best to tyka, thank you so much. al, as you'll see, it's "steals & deals" time. it's getting chilly and jill is here to solve all our problems.
8:37 am
8:38 am
spent building thisount was the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
8:39 am
welcome back, everybody. "steals and deals" time. jill martin is here with deals to keep us warm and cozy. this is a little sneak preview. good morning. >> good morning. i thought i'd be wearing a puffy coat and be hot outside, but today it said we have to do "steals and deals" to be comfy and cozy for winter, now fall. and we have a lot of people in blankets already because they're helping out, so let's start the jacket because we have women and men. these coats retail $198 to $300. they're wol coats, machine washable and all down. so you see all the different versions. go on to see. this is faux fur on the hood to keep you warm. the retail $198 to $300. the deal, $64 to $74. >> to get a deal like that right as winter is approaching is a
8:40 am
for someone, what a beautiful gift. >> what about the dudes? >> the dudes are super cool. these are izod men's coats. izod is a popular brand for many decades. retail is $200 to $250. this comes with the scarf but the scarf comes off. >> oh, that's nice. >> so you can wear it with other jackets. there's lining in some of them. so on we have all the versions. the retail is $200 to $250. the deal i up to 73% off. >> okay, great. we've done the coats. let's move on to the gloves. >> these are always super popular. the isotoner gloves, retail $45 to $52. i have my phone in here just to show that you can use these, you see, they have the smart touch technology. >> that's huge. >> so you can use it, you can swipe, you can type, because we always have to be on our phones, although i'm trying to detox a
8:41 am
the deal $14. up to 73% off. and these are super cool, also a great gift because there's a lot of interest here in addition to being functional. >> check out the website because they don't all have the swiping ability. >> they don't all have them. you can see the different ones. >> okay, great. >> so now we're moving on. you always love these. >> i do. >> beautiful candles which also come in boxes which already have the bows, which i think is so nice because then you're set and you're done. >> i know, a holiday gift. >> the you have two choices. the 15-ounce and 18-ounce so again you can see all the colors and all the different versions on the retail is $85. the deal is $25. 71% off. >> i like that. do they have a fragrance? >> yeah. i think they're -- no, they're not. >> i like it. >> depending on your taste. and then we have the pillows
8:42 am
so it's faux fur. you can either get the 12 x 20 or the 18 x 18 square. the retail is $118.99. the deal is $29. 76% off. >> these are soft pillows. >> and if you need a little bit of a pop for fall and winter. now, it's cold so we have helped out -- hi. these are the woollen mill throw blankets, retail $140. not only are these comfy and cozy, they come in so many different colors and they're super comfortable, right? so we are using them as -- >> it's kind of working, though. is that not crazy to wear a blanket around your neck? >> i'm into blankets. so merino wool. the retail $140. the deal $42. that's 70% off. >> we love it. all right, thank you so much. let's run through the products one more time. we have women's coats from larry
8:43 am
th gloves, candles from dl company, the pillows and the throws from farribault woolen mills. coming up next, pet adoption and finding the right friend for your family. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this is medicine. medicine. at "medicine" will look like: pot, packaged like candy. up to twenty times stronger than it once was. marketed to kids. sold next to schools. in nearly two thousand pot shops across florida. no medical standards. no pharmacists. no prescriptions. and no way to stop it...
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>> announcer: pets on the plaza is created with our sponsor, subaru, through the subaru loves pets. subaru has donated over $16 million to animal welfare. >> if you are looking to add a furry new friend to your family, adoption might be the way to go. >> andrea arden is here with every single thing we need to know.
8:46 am
from ran manimal rescue up for adoption today. why is adoption a good idea? >> first of all, you're saving a dog's life. when you go to a rescue or a shelter, they have such a wide variety of animals of all ages, all breeds, mixes, and they're really well equipped to guide you to finding a good match for your family. >> i'm holding mabel here. mabel is a 12-year-old shih tzu. a little problem being diabetic and some eyesight issues. this can be a difficult adoption experience for >> and it has been for mabel. she's actually been up for adoption for a year. she's a special needs dog. but for empty nesters or they're retired, mabel could be a perfect match because she does require a little extra time. she does need shots to treat her diabetes. but other than that, she's a lovely dog. >> she's adorable. >> really sweet. >> i've got little baylor here. now, baylor is 5, a schnauzer but you said a lot of people might be tempted to get a puppy but you might try a dog like
8:47 am
raising a puppy with children is the way to go, but puppies can be very challenging for children. they're very mouthy, very jumpy, very epnergetic. adopting an adult dog, you see what you get. you get to know if they're good with kids. oftentimes they're house trained and a lot calmer than a puppy. >> i've got grayson here. grayson is a great dane. and this guy is okay for an apartm up a lot of space. but a lot of times the very large breeds like graeat danes r greyhounds are suitable for smaller spaces because they tend to be couch potatoes. they need lots of exercise but when they're inside it's not like they romp around. this is molly, a blue heeler. this is an example and you can't tell right now because she's so chill of a very energetic dog. so if you like to go camping or
8:48 am
>> and if you can't adopt a dog right now, are there other ways you can help? >> shelters and rescues across the country need us to donate money but also donate products. whether it be towels for bedding or toys for the dogs and the cats. and there's other ways you can help too. you can donate your time, you can volunteer. and probably one of the easiest ways to help is just by pressing a share button, sharing a picture of a dog or cat that's up for adoption. it makes a >> take me home. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's go to carson in the orange room with more. >> some great dogs out there, guys, thanks. speaking of october, it is subaru loves pets month. they're going to be hosting pet adoptions, toy drives and so much more over the next couple of weeks. we're working with subaru and their #makeadogsday to celebrate all the way people are making a difference with animals. we'll start with al roker and
8:49 am
people are sharing pictures of their adopted pups. we've got another one from renee. this is my rescue, penny, adopted two and a half years ago. she's my princess and my heart. she definitely lives the good life now. this is a nice sentiment coming in from kate. this is bailey. he rescued me just about a year ago. i can't imagine my life without him. now to keep sharing your pictures and we're going to be supporting this cause, use this hash tag, #makeadogsday. coming up baking with mark about bitman. his key for making the perfect sugar cookie. coming up first, this is "today" on nbc. wife: our electric bill just keeps going up a and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built is just ridiculous. narrator: the duke utility tax is costing florida families. yet congressman david jolly does nothing. he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them
8:50 am
narrator: house majority pac is responsible for
8:51 am
we are back now with today food. we're about to master the art of perfect cooking with our help of mark bitman and his new book "how to b great to see you. >> good to be here. >> you tackle all kinds of baking. you keep it simple. >> as usual, and the idea is not only is there margin for error, you can improvise, you can play around. once you learn a few basic techniques, you're in business. it's not any harder than cooking. >> as i mention you cover all things but we are doing cookies today, sugar cookies. >> we're doing cookies like 12 ways. so we cream butter and sugar
8:52 am
you can use a food processor for this or do it by hand. and just egg, sugar, salt, flour, vanilla extract, butter. let's turn this off. >> go ahead. we're going to lift this up a little bit. >> yeah, go ahead. >> add an egg. >> perfect. some vanilla. >> and our flour. >> we go back at it now? >> if we're doing it, we >> okay. >> salt and baking powder. and then you can just let this go. you want it combined. you don't want to overwork the dough because then cookies get tougher. >> how long should the dough take you? >> five minutes. and in a food processor, no time at all. >> all right, perfect. here's what it looks like when you're finished. >> now you have three or four options. one is -- if you have time and you can refrigerate it in between then and now, it makes
8:53 am
options. one is to roll it out. and you take a floured board or saran wrap or parchment paper and you just roll it out and you want to get it to the place where it looks like that. >> and that's because you're going to use i cookie cutter? >> there are two options. you have it rolled out, you can do a cookie cutter. and obviously all kinds of fun shapes for kids, it's and holidays and so on. everybody knows this, when you cut them all up, you recombine the dough and start over again. the thing that's actually the easiest is to roll it into a log. saran wrap really helps. this could be refrigerated for an hour or two or frozen forever. then when you're ready to cook, you just start cutting slices and that's the easiest thing. before we run over there --
8:54 am
of there. >> you can just drop them. >> all right. now let's talk about what we do after we bake them? >> they bake at 375 for less than 10 minutes. these are fast. and this is pure really good ingredients and simple as can be. now you can drizzle, this is a white frosting or a caramel or some jam or chocolate, just drizzle or decorate. >> guys downstairs, how are these going? >> oh, they're going. going, going, gone. >> we like them. >>'v on some of these? >> this is an improvised pastry bag. take a plastic bag, fill it with frosting, cut the tip off and squeeze it out. >> i like the way you tip in chocolate over here. basically the same and they are pure goodness. mark, thank you very much. good to see you. again, the book is "how to bake everything." you can get this recipe at
8:55 am
celebrate a few birthdays. >> i've got jelly and frosting all over my hands. speaking of jelly, let's get right to the smucker's jar and see who we're celebrating today. first up, happy 100th birthday to glen bru baker. he is from frederick, maryland and still volunteers for the local fire department. lorraine mcmertry is 104 years old. when she was 100 she served as the grand marshal in hometown festival's parade. happy 100th birthday to ak el du jay. he's a retired fireman and loves to go on daily walks. evelyn atkinson is 100 years old and enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. janet kelly is also 100. she's a retired math teacher and holds a ph.d. in education. and a happy 100th birthday to
8:56 am
he owned his own convenience store and didn't retire until he was 93 years old. you can keep the celebration going at >> when i say you've got to be careful you don't spill on yourself, savannah. >> she has a smucker's segment on her dress. >> i have jelly all over. >> was tha spent building thisount was controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
8:57 am
z251cz zi0z
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, time now is 8:59. we're watching her came matthew closely. the governor is going to give us an update on the preparation. we will bring that to live when it happens. let's get a check on what is happening with our meteorologist. >> whistle have cloud ve 74 degrees of the lake club. we have the tropical storm watch for polk, highland and sumter county. tropical force winds are expected within 48 hours. not today. you may fill a light breeze but that is it. this winds get stronger into thursday. yellow areas with a tropical storm force winds. friday morning is when i expect to see the strongest winds for places like polk and
9:00 am
getting up to 20 to 25 miles per hour tomorrow. this is a general look, stronger winds further on east coast. highs today 89 and 88 tomorrow . taking a look at the roadways, westbound i-4 starting to hit the brakes. we had an earlier crash year. the crash cleared from the roadway, but there are still some residual congestion. veterans expressway looks pretty good. little pockets of slowing but not bad. we continue waiting on governor rick scott who will join us live in just a few minutes from tallahassee brief us on the latest on hurricane matthew. right now we take you back to nbc and today. "today's take" roker, tamron hall and billy e" bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, october 5th, 2016. al is at paisley park in minnesota. tamron is here. she is freezing.
9:01 am
the south where it's kind of warm where you feel this transition outside. but whenever you're inside your office, they don't realize it. we did a story l governor rick scott is joining us live from tallahassee. let's listen in. sack our number one priority is protecting life. if matthew directly impacts florida there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. again, this is a deadly storm approaching our state. this week i issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency for every florida county due to the severity and magnitude of the storm. every county has been included in the order to ensure we have the resources for evacuations, sheltering and other logistical
9:02 am
the worst but hoping for the best, and we're not taking any chances. i was just briefed by the team at dm on the current weather at 11 to 15 hours speak with the national hurricane center in dollars turn all of the counties. i have been in contact with sheriffs, mayors, utility companies, and emergency management officials all across the state. here is what we know now: hurricane matthew made landfall in cuba last night and is headed directly toward the bahamas. matthew has a maximum sustained winds of 150 miles- per-hour and is currently a category 3 hurricane. it is a very slow-moving storm. we should not focus on the projected path. we should think about if it does hit landfall what we will do. the eye of the storm continues to
9:03 am
there is now some forecast that put a direct hit on our state. regardless if there is a direct hit or not the impacts will be devastating. i cannot emphasize enough that everyone in our state must prepare for a direct hit. be prepared for a direct hit. don't trust that the storm path is correct. just remember with the storm going off the coast, a small deviation from this track could mean change along florida's east coast. we have to prepare for a direct hit. we will likely start to see impacts in our state within the next 24 hours and last through the weekend. it is a very slow-moving storm. that means people have less than 24 hours left to prepare, evacuate, and shelter. having a plan in place could mean the difference between life and death when it comes to the storm
9:04 am
see impacts all along the florida east coast. we're still focused on the i-95 corridor of the state. impacts of hurricane matthew could include: heavy rain, 47 inches of rain from the upper keys north will -- northward. it could be up to 10 inches in some of these areas . let's think about prior storms. we have seen bands that have dropped more than that. storm surge: to be above ground forecast at 3 to 5 feet from north palm beach to the volusia county line . rip currents: beach erosion, tornadoes, and hurricane force winds , even if the storm remains offshore winds will extend into the state. as of now wind strength is the biggest concern regardless if
9:05 am
speeds has continued to increase as the forecast develops. the probability for hurricane strength winds continues to increase, but again this could quickly change and become much worse. these are all projections and we must prepare to be hit by devastating hurricane. remember, these are simply projections. hurricane warnings are in effect from north of golden beach and miami-dade county to sebastian, inland, and lake hurricane watch for sebastian and fernandina beach and nassau county. there is a tropical storm morning for colusa hatching, tallahassee, call your county to golden beach, florida keys to 7 mile bridge eastward and florida bay. this is a dangerous storm and it is never too early to evacuate. it is never too early to evacuate.
9:06 am
on a very island or an area prone to flooding, you need to consider making your plans now to leave. don't wait for the order to do it. if you know that you are prone to flooding in a very island, a low-lying area, go ahead and leave. current evacuations include brevard county, mandatory evacuation for beer islands is at 3 pm today. st. lucie county, voluntary evacuations have already started. counties and i stressed -- stressed the plan to get evacuations ready now. the state will help counties was safe sheltering and evacuations of any local communities. i expect to hear more this morning from coastal counties under evacuation planes. again, i fully expect to hear more this morning from our coastal counties on their evacuation plans. our number one priority
9:07 am
has already killed multiple people and we should expect the same impact in florida if people do not take this seriously. if an evacuation order is issued for your area, don't wait leave immediately. once the storm comes we cannot put first responder's life at risk. you must leave before it is too late. during the storm we cannot put first responder's life at risk. u we can rebuild the business, we can rebuild a home, but we cannot rebuild your life. followed the directions of your local officials. listen to them. this a serious injure safety depends on you being prepared and staying alert to all warnings and orders. many coastal counties are prepared to open shelters today. these are shelters for special
9:08 am
population. they are shelters for everyone. there is absolutely no excuse not to evacuate. there is a lady down in panacea and hurricane eoc 5 -- hermine . she did not evacuate in a mandatory evacuation with 4 pets. once she decided to go out the waters were so high she would've perished. there are special needs shelters and pet shrs can take your pets. if you are on the east coast you shall know today where you have to go if you need to evacuate. know your evacuation plans now. don't wait to an evacuation order. if you are able to leave early do it. if you wait there will be a lot of traffic. go now. we will do everything we can to mitigate the traffic that there will be traffic in a mandatory evacuation. there always is. no one should take any risk.
9:09 am
taking a risk or any family taking a risk . i urge you to visit florida is very important that you know where you can go for shelter before you need it because you don't know when you are going to lose power. now is the time to know your evacuation plan because you don't know when you are going to lose power. please check the website with your local officials or your local news. this can save your life. just remember, when you able to find out this information. school closures, brevard county close thursday and friday. broward county close thursday and friday. martin county school will be dismissed early today. schools close thursday and friday. indian river, there will be early dismissal today but schools close thursday and friday. palm beach county
9:10 am
early dismissal today. schools close thursday and friday. the school for deaf and blind close today thursday and friday . each county school board is responsible for school closings . each county school board will make these decisions. i know we will continue to make these decisions today. we have activated 200 national guard members across the state. this morning activated another 300. we're staging them around the state to addition we have over 6000 more national guard members ready to be activated. the national guard will be folks at stations to research search and rescue. with the storm of this magnitude we are concerned about prolonged power outages. just remember what happened with hermine and how long in the leon county we were without power. that can happen anywhere around
9:11 am
i have stayed in constant contact with utilities across the state and was glad to hear yesterday that many have reported to have already pre- positioned resources to be in -- to ensure they can respond quickly . we had a conference call with utilities and asked what the pre-positioned plan was if they have any. once the storm hits utilities will report outages and get the information to the state. the department of transportation is currently doing the ow halted all the roadwork project -- projects. they have removed materials to facilitate possible evacuations . they'll focus on making sure roads are clear. they are ensuring there is fuel in preparing possible evacuation routes. for information on road and bridge closures please
9:12 am
priorities helping people move to safety. there is an entire plan ready to be activated. fish and wildlife is also the -- preparing to deploy troops . fish and wildlife has teams and equipments in place to help rescue. the state has been nt partners and that this time there is no shortage. we have 3 veteran nursing homes on the east coast. all have generators and are preparing staff and supplies to care for their residence. we are already hearing a couple of places where there is fuel services -- shortages but it is at the station area.
9:13 am
for brevard county. all ports and airports remain open at this time. they are working with tourist officials to ensure people are kept safe and unharmed. analysis time to check on your neighbors. if you have a neighbor that you know is elderly has special needs, is disabled, has any reason why they might not be able to react quickly and can't take care of themselves, go take care everybody. we saw people do this constantly doing hermine and they did a great job taking care of people . we all have to work together to make sure we don't lose one life. remember, this is potentially catastrophic. each individual, 3 days of water in 3 days of food, medication, battery- powered radio, battery backups, fully charge cell phones. once
9:14 am
able to recharge your cell phone. your cell phone might be your only contact with somebody else or your only way of getting information. again, if matthew directly impacts florida destruction could be catastrophic and you need to be prepared. we are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best and we're not going to take any chances. i hope no one in the state takes any chances. florida knows how to prepare and everyone must take this seriously. do not take c be ready now, know your evacuation zone, if you anticipate you will have to evacuate, don't wait until the traffic is up. if you think you are going to have to evacuate, do it now and do not wait. when there is a mandatory evacuation there will be traffic . you will be stuck in traffic. it will be harder to evacuate and harder to get to where you know you need to go. we're focused on protecting life. we will continue to provide
9:15 am
develops and approach our state. the next briefing will be at 1115 -- 11:15th and i will head to st. lucie county now -- 1115 -- 11:15 and i will head to st. lucie county now. i will talk and make sure everybody is repaired and take it -- taking this seriously . i will answer any questions anyone has. >> governor, you mentioned wind 5 a from going through that storm that you think could help better prepare people for this? >> the one thing i saw was that the co-ops worked with the co- ops, the lisa pulls worked with the municipals and the big public train worked with each other. my goal is i want them all to work together. if they get all the resources they need, that is great. i want to make sure if they need resources that one, they are pre-positioned resources
9:16 am
co-ops for the co-ops, the municipals for the melissa pulls in the big for -- municipals and the big 4 for the big for. i want them to work together and quickly. if you think about hermine think about how money people had there jobs impacted, school impacted in there lives -- their lives were changed because it took us a few days to get power back . i don't want that to happen again. >> listening in to cover risk -- rick scott -- governor rick scott the biggest concern is the strength of the storm. he said if you can evacuate and you are in the path of the storm evacuate but even if you're not in the path be aware that this can move one way or the other an impact a greater area. >> basically warning floridians to brace yourself for a direct hit because the tracks are all over the place. one shows it looping around and
9:17 am
it is a very scary situation and definitely you want to be prepared. he is activated the national guard and the entire state is under a state of emergency. he is trying to give us -- get us already . at this moment, just after midnight polk county, sumter county and highlands county were placed under a tropical storm watch. that means we will feel tropical storm force winds within 48 hours. i do not expect to feel those in the short-term for the next again here this is a forecast the winds . dc this yellow area ? that is where the tropical storm force winds extends. the red areas hurricane force winds . through the day today maybe a light breeze is all you will feel coming from the east. it will get breezy or and breezy or as the gate -- day goes on on thursday . have tropical storm force winds tomorrow afternoon south of
9:18 am
you see the winds are higher. that is all the way until friday morning, 48 hours from now and then the system will head to the north and hour winds speeds will begin to decrease. what about the rainfall potential? this is what most of the computer models are saying that it will move slowly to the north and west which would have it off the miami coastline late thursday. remember, we are also on the driver side of the storm. as it s east coast, again there is a chance it could make landfall depending on where it actually arrives. inland areas -- not only do you have the strongest winds potential but the highest rainfall potential. as you head toward the gulf coast there's a lot less rain because we are on the dry side. as it heads up toward the carolinas here's the big change . here's what gale was talking about. a lot of the computer models are looping the system back around earlier next week
9:19 am
a big change from yesterday if you are just waking up. that is one reason we are saying everyone needs to be ready because the storm is not 7 storm. rainfall potential -- don't necessarily look at the individual numbers to look at the trend, one in 1 1/2 inches of rain on the gulf coast, 2 to 3 inches of rain in the center portion of the state and 45 inches closer to the east coast -- for to 5 inches closer to the east coast. the impact will depend on the track of you live. the closer you live to the goals the less affects -- golf of mexico the less affects. we do expected to get dryer into early next week. a lot still to be watched with the storm for sure. we will continue to follow hurricane matthew. we will have re uates throughout the morning and of course another full hour of news running at 11 am. we take you back to nbc and
9:20 am
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you're acting so funny, what's wrong, billy? are they contagious? i don't think so. contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow! back now with some of the coolest gadgets to hit stores this call. katie is here with a roundup of some of the best. i just read this stat, like 34
9:23 am
>> it's crazy. >> so for us people who are behind, i guess, this is classic nintendo. >> this is the first tv look. i am so excited about this. this is nintendo's nes classic edition. >> mario! >> 30 games, iconic favorite classics. look at the miniaturized version. i want to pause it and show you it's a miniaturized version. your favorites from mega man to excite bike to bubble bobble. $59.99 coming out november 11th. >> that's beautiful. i'm so excited with the chill-o-matic. this chills a beer or soda 240 times faster? >> you know when you have friends coming over and there's no cold beverages? problem solved. this is the chill-o-matic from one of my favorites companies, perpetual kids. you turn it on and just let it go for 60 seconds. if you want it really, really cold let it go for 90 seconds. everyone doesn't believe it but
9:24 am
done. you have yourself an icy cold beverage. >> it's just rotating through the ice like that, how smart. i've always wanted to jump rope and i can't. >> let's do it. you've just got to get a few jumps in there. l.e.d. smart rope. the cool part is it will telly your calorie its, how many jumps you've had and track all your workouts so it is interactive with 23 l.e.d.s on the jump rope. so very cool, very interactive, smart and high fantastic. you just hang on to these right here. it will give you a little pulse report? >> it's not a pancake maker. cut it some slack. >> it could be a pancake maker. katie will be back later on. more fun tech gadgets. it's going to be cool. what are those, we have -- >> oh, my gosh, we have an electric bike that lights up, a pony, a zebra, an nfl light. all of it. >> cynthia nixon is coming up >> cynthia nixon is coming up after your
9:25 am
? ? mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all
9:26 am
9:27 am
good morning, no 9:27 what does the track of matthew look like? >> it is actually off to the south. as we head through the day today we will warm-up in the mid-to the upper 80s and 30 percent rain chance which again will not have anything to do with matthew.
9:28 am
will certainly be because of matthew but it will get dryer next week. polk county is keeping a close eye on her came matthew. emergency officials are watching the storm track because they are wearing a small shift -- worried that a small shift could prove dangerous. governor rick scott also said resident should leave if there can turn if they can. airlines are trying to make it easier for us waving change fees for flyers all of this related to hurricane matthew. we will continue to have updates here as well as our next local update coming
9:29 am
9:30 am
well, between the two of them. cynthia nixon and tim matheson have appeared in more than 250 movies and tv shows. >> that's amazing. >> you may remember tim from his role as vice president in the hit nbc series "the west which earned him two emmy nominations and of course we love cynthia in many roles but she always will be miranda hobbs from hbo's "sex and the city." >> and now tim and cynthia are taking on ronald reagan and nancy reagan in "killing reagan" based on a book of the same name. at the heart of the film is the love story of the reagans and now they navigated the election before the assassination attempt by john hinckley jr.
9:31 am
>> well, everything hinges off this debate. politics is just like show business. you give them a hell of an opening, coast for a little while and give them a big finale. >> i'm going to go. >> i think you are more nervous than i am. >> break a leg. >> oh. >> well, the hair on both is absolutely tim, cynthia, have you seen much of this? >> i haven't seen the whole thing. have you seen it? >> i've seen it, yes. >> did you decide not to see it? did you decide to see it? >> well, you've been so busy. >> i have. >> you didn't have a chance but i got a dvd so i got a chance to see it. >> there is something exciting about seeing it for the first time. a little nerve racking. >> it's like whoa. >> i have to say, tim, your reagan impersonation, i'd think
9:32 am
be -- that whole thing everybody does. but yours is very subtle. t how did you perfect it? how did you find it? >> well, i worked from inside out and tried not to have enough of it there so the audience would just say, okay, yeah, that's him. but i -- i thought the trap for me was to do an impression, because i would have ended up sounding like johnny carson doing reagan. and johnny did a very good one. >> but it wouldn't have worked for this. >> i think it would have gotten >> and i played eleanor roosevelt one time and so it's the same sort of challenge in that you're used to how they are when they're making speeches or in public, but you tone that down and try and say a flavor of that but what are these people really like in their private moments. >> and that's the thing, their private moments is fascinating. after nancy reagan passed away, their daughter talked about how they were more in love with each other than almost being parents.
9:33 am
>> i think nancy was very honest about that. i think she owned up to it. she said it was my goal in life to be the best wife and the best mother that there had ever been. she said, well, i succeeded in one better than the other. >> she was also a great campaign manager. she handled the white house and she handled his world so that everything worked out for him and he didn't have to worry about it. he was like a good -- an actor in a role as president that let -- he just handle that white house around him. >> and related to people, including gorbachev. she could do all the worrying and the fixing and he could be spontaneous and just relate to people. >> that was his strength. >> when you talk about her strength, behind the scenes at the time she was the most controversial woman in politics, down to the legendary red that you're wearing down. >> yes. >> that she wore, which was her
9:34 am
you know, you see first ladies like michelle obama or hillary clinton who really have issues they want to speak about. she didn't really want to do that. she wanted to give him the spotlight but always be looking great and make sure he was looking great and the house was looking great. that's where she really put a lot of her energy. >> is red a coincidence today? >> you know, a little -- >> nancy red. >> tim, who was your "sex and the city" question. >> cynthia. >> miranda. >> miranda, absolutely. it was a dream come true. >> well, congratulations on this. we know the series is hugely popular, so many eyeballs will be watching with you for the first time. >> tim, i may put you in the hair hall of fame. >> tim and his hair, thank you very much. by the way, "killing reagan"
9:35 am
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9:40 am
peek and can bring it to you. paisley park, the place where prince worked his musical magic since '87 now a museum, keeping his memory alive for folks all over the world. this is the control room of studio a. handwritten notes still out. the microphone set where prince would sit in this chair, record his music overnight, leaving recordings for his engineers to work on later in the day. keyboard, one of the 27 instruments he played and all that music flowed through this control board. lining the hallways, prince paying tribute to artists that moved him. welcome to inspiration hall. this was already a concept that prince had. he had this put up. people who inspired him, like james brown, earth, wind and fire, stevie wonder, carlos santa santana. through another corridor, a walk through prince's many achievements.
9:41 am
it's a pick tore al timeline of his awards, like the mtv awards, the american music awards and the granddaddy of them all, the grammys. and it's not just prince's awards on display -- >> there are over 6,000 pieces of wardrobe, we have guitars, we have drum kits from every tour he ever did dating back to the 1999 tour. he just kept everything. >> archivist angie things from his 2007 super bowl performance. >> you know, when you see it, it's amazing, but you forget what a little guy he was. >> he was a very tiny guy, which actually brings us to very unique and unusual circumstances sometimes finding mannequins to be able to display the clothing. >> i never would have thought about that. >> like the purple rain outfits that you'll see here, prince had a 22 1/2 inch waist at the time in 1984.
9:42 am
>> prince had a shoe with went with every outfit so we have over 1,000 pairs of shoes. these are the ones from raspberry beret. >> and it's even a weather theme, i like that. >> the blue cloud shoes. 3-inch heels, 5'7". >> and finally, the room i was waiting for. the forecast, 100% purple rain, come on. with the movie "purple rain" playing in the background, folks see the keyboard, the script, the guitar, even the oscar and one of the motorcycles prince rode in this iconic movie. a movie that was number one, an album that sold 20 million copies, spent 27 weeks at number one, prince being the first person to ever have the number one movie, number one song and number one album of all time. >> he did have a gift, no doubt about that. and he shared it with all of his
9:43 am
first time, prince's sisters noreen and sharon nelson. >> maybe it was planned to be a museum. it's a pretty good representation of his legacy. >> it is. and he did plan it to be a museum. everything is strategically placed. and when the fans come in, they'll see that it is, and it is and will be the greatest museum ever. >> this was a guy who could have hollywood or something like that, but he stayed here. why? >> well, he was well accepted here and he could be himself. he'd go to the grocery store. he could run down the street. he could do whatever he wanted. he felt like he was home. >> can you feel his presence here? >> absolutely, yes. >> uh-huh. the spirit of prince is here. no doubt. and when the fans and other friends come, they feel --
9:44 am
>> yeah, i've got to tell you, guys, it was really exciting. i was in the control room of studio a where prince was working on a jazz album that is going to be released some day, so can't wait to hear that. now for the latest weather, dylan, what's going on? >> so cool, al. we are keeping a close eye of course on hurricane matthew. the rain that we're going to see, the scattered showers and storms in florida today not related to it, but that will change as we get to the end of the week. we're also looking at strong we are looking at the storms from hurricane matthew. we also looking at strong storms to you will see a mix of running clouds. most of the rain will hold up until after that time. we will see rain push to the east and west. some of those could he heavy but they don't have anything to do with hurricane matthew. the rain chances for thursday and friday have a little bit more to do with the storm. winds speeds will increase as
9:45 am
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bran. and try kellogg's raisin bran crunch now with more crunchy clusters. hey there, we're back with tech expert, we just love her so much, katie stuck around to show us more fun ganldgets and gear r the fall. i'm obsessed for this because i believe one of the smelliest things, top five, boys sneakers. >> this is going to help you. this is the stink it deodorizes, disinfects and dries any of those dirty shoes. kids come back from soccer, lacrosse, throw them in, turn it on. and there you have it, it's great for a mud room. deodorizes and disinfects. >> can you fit an entire husband in there? >> i hope so. maybe in version 2 .0 we can ask them to work on that. >> does it need any detergent or anything?
9:50 am
fan boy version? >> fan girl maybe. >> this is r2d2. >> this is the only one that exists in the world. this is an r2 french press. the coffee will taste so much better when it's from our favorite droid. it will fit four cups of coffee in there. it's one of my favorite companies -- >> man, this is awesome. hey, give that >> pull up, man, pull up. >> hold on. >> we're going to save him from the wall this time. tamron, that's all on you. >> i'm a terrible baby-sitter. >> it comes in a zebra, a unicorn. no electronics, no wires, it's all moving just from aiden. i actually love this for my niece and nephew because it's so quiet around the home. >> it's not battery powered or anything. >> you're having such a great time, right, aiden? >> get on the back, you can get on there.
9:51 am
billy's birthday is coming up and i've got to get billy this for his birthday. surprise. >> this is another awesome gadget, brand, brand new from genesis and it is called the transformer. you're looking at one that is completely ready to ride at 20 miles per hour. it is an electric bike. billy has been flying around the studio in this thing. it is so lightweight and compact, it folds up. >> aiden, i'm happy you have a helmet on, honey. this is crazy. >> i lightweight and you can take it on the go. >> so this is like thousands of dollars? >> i would put $2500 on this, $499. again, it's called the transformer from ride >> does it come in green and black? >> green, black and orange. >> what color do you want for your birthday? >> i want a bigger one. >> they do have a bigger option. >> last but not least, this is exclusive -- >> it only comes in the jets. >> no, in every single team. you can project your favorite
9:52 am
as you can see there. there's some new england patriots. what a way to show your team spirit and it's so easy. just turn the on button, put it in the ground and it's ready to go. >> awesome. >> i'm very mad at the giants right now. i'm going to get over it. >> understood. >> when i am, i will put their logo on. >> aiden, take it for a ride again. >> katie, you're a legend, thank you very much. these are great ideas. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> go, cowboy!
9:53 am
spent building thisount was controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending. o be kidding. wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built is just ridiculous. narrator: the duke utility tax is costing florida families. yet congressman david jolly does nothing. he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them from collecting for a power plant that could never be built.
9:54 am
the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? okay. we need your halloween pictures. >> what do you mean? >> if you have a good halloween shot, a good costume out there, send it to us on our facebook page. today's take facebook page. here's mine from last year. do you remember this internet sensation? >> what? >> do you remember this? >> that's a pizza wrap.
9:55 am
this was on the "today" show. who was i? >> you were a bride. >> no. >> you are -- you are -- >> katy perry. remember, you're hot -- >> you're hot no matter what you do, okay. >> i don't know why i come here. all it does is remind me of how old i am. >> look at the pizza wrap at the bottom. >> and gorgeous. >> look at billy being snatched away. >> we have not had one discussion on what we're it's getting very tick tock. kelly clarkson -- who did you guys have? >> today tim matheson and cynthia nixon. >> i did hear about that.
9:56 am
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9:58 am
good morning, it is 9:the 8 . our meteorologist has your wake-up weather. >> the tropical storm watch continues for sumter, polk manheim counties. you can feel tropical storm force winds within 48 hours little bit breezy but much stronger winds for thursday and friday. we're on the driver side for her came matthew . flooding is not a cure -- a huge concern for the tampa bay area. after matthew more humid and more sunshine as we head through the weekend. high today 89. the governors taking action on hurricane matthew expressing concern. he has declared a state of emergency implants activate hundreds of national guard troops today with thousands more on standby. at
9:59 am
he encouraged all residents to evacuate immediately . after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
10:00 am
>> coming up on "daytime," this chef is fun and talented, too. >> we're going to be serving our shaved ribeye steak sandwich that won the judges' and people's choice award for best sides and small plate. >> plus bike decorating and family fun in st. pete. that and a whole lot more because "daytime" starts right now. ? ? ? ? ? >> hello there. i'm cyndi edwards. >> and i'm jerry penacoli. nice to see you this morning. are you thirsty? >> i'm a little thirsty. but you know what. you probably won't see much of these in about 10 years. >> god, i hope so. is this a move toward -- >> this is a move. >> getting rid of these darn plastic bottles.


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