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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 5, 2016 4:00pm-4:55pm EDT

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now for headlines at 4:00: number one, look at that, hurricane matthew. our max defender 8 radar is all in place so we are all over the story as storm. this is a live look at west palm beach where we have meteorologist looking out for the first signs of matthew. number 3, schools close link . polk county school and its -- students -- schools closing . polk county schools will be out tomorrow and friday. number 4 we will take you over matthew with our hurricane hunters as the governor orders national guardsman into duty.
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this is first at 4. 8 on your side wants to know how hurricane matthew will affect those of us in the bay area. let's check in with our storm team 8 meteorologist. that is a big question everyone wants to know, how it will affect their area. right now hurricane matthew still a major category 3 storm as it is moving toward the bahamas. it will approach florida as we head into tomorrow evening. hurricane warnings have been posted along the east coast coast is under a hurricane warning. tropical storm warnings in effect for polk and highland counties. tropical for storm winds are possible within the next 24 hours. here's the 2 pm advisory. you can see max winds still at 120 miles power . it moves off to the northwest at 12 miles power. as we head into tomorrow evening here's a look at the track. we're expecting it to become very close to the east coast of florida. the strongest ones
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to the west coast were if it does make landfall that makes things considerably worse along the east coast. regardless, this is expected to be a category 4 storm as it moves up the east coast. we will see some strong winds and are inland counties. as we head closer toward our coast, those conditions come -- improve considerably . the storm is expected to curve up the east coast then potentially curve back south. that is still something you will have to stay tuned for as we continue to after model run. at this point, tropical storm force winds expected up the east coast of florida and also for polk and highland counties. that is where the winds will be strongest as we head into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. currently on max defender 8 you can see things pretty quiet at this point, just a few isolated showers around. we will take a look at the radar and then also have another look at hurricane matthew coming up.
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channel a crews will be fanned out all over the state waiting for hurricane matthew. they are all traveling to the east coast to bring you live team coverage of hurricane matthew. storm team 8 meteorologist ian oliver. he is already there. >> today is preparation day for those living on the coast. we have hurricane warnings in effect from the way up to daytona beach and that includes the palm beach shores where we are at. you can see the seas are still very quiet at this point but the waves are expected to build throughout the overnight hours tonight in through the day tomorrow and that will eventually be on top of the 3 to 5 foot storm surge that is forecasted for this ar. asjuli e east coast of florida. to any ship to the west will mean -- shift to the west will mean greater impact. as we were traveling in we saw
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waste from the -- away from the coast. also the gas stations were out of fuel or have large lines . it appeals many people are -- appears many people are making the smart choice and getting out of the way of the biggest on the atlantic has seen in over a decade. >> that is nice right now but that is sure to change. we will check back with you later. just so you know the governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation for barrier islands in brevard county. also, everything you ready you can find at . we have breaking news into the newsroom. tampa fire rescue on scene to a 2 alarm fire. let's send it out to paul with the latest. >> reporter: it afternoon, it looks like for the most part the fire is out. we have seen smoke a right now the fire is out. let me zoom in and show you the damage. you can see where the flames ripped through the roof of this condominium.
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can see the fire came through the roof of the building. the firefighters were on top of the ladder truck trying to get through the front of the building were smoke was still billowing up. they seem to now have it under control but you can see there is a lot of damage . will you can see her crews are trying to pump out sewage from a busted main. the county is advising residents to avoid the polluted water. >> if they were directly
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from going into the backyard -- their backyard . as soon as we get that cleaned up it will be safe once again.>> for living in the area are telling us about -- a lot about the county's swift response we will have that angle i 5:30. school districts and law enforcement across the bay area are dealing with clown chaos right now and not because of a real threat but because of all of the hoaxes. pasco sheriff arrested 12-year-old boy ey t every time someone makes a threat online and it is reported, they have to look into it. that means they are using more resources than normal. they want you know, ifw old you are, you will be arrted. now yoquote 16 you-- vote 2016: it is back to the campaign trail following a contentious debate for the price presidential nominees if
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russia, police shootings, abortion and immigration but the overriding theme seems to be accusing the other campaign of iults. e raec llhere in just a matter are you election ready? >> 8 on your side is here to help and rod carter joins us now . >> it afternoon guys. there is a group of people here. we are very unfortunate to have -- very fortunate to have the supervisors from hillsboro county, and pope county and they are -- polk their staff. there sitting here quiet because the phone is not ringing. they are here to answer your questions regarding this election. that is the noise we want to hear, the phone ringing. if you have a question about what is going to be on the ballot they can help you out. a lot of people think there is just one thing going on, the presidential race that there are a lot of things going on on the ballot. you want to call in, ask your questions. ask your questions about registering to vote and all of those good things the
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they will be here until 630 tonight. -- 6:30 tonight. coming up we will speak with deborah clark so we can get her position on the terms of the season. >> just so you know rod is headed to st. louis. he will cover the 2nd of the fee presidential debates for us. he will report live starting saturday. the debate is sunday night in st. louis. still ahead: we promised to take you inside hurricane what we will do. it is a right along with
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have you ever heard of chronic sitting syndrome? it is a thing many of us sit at our desks and it can lead to heaven serious back pain today we have simple stretch as you can do at home to help alleviate that discomfort. >> reporter: a lot of people think of exercising just to get in shape, but did you know there are certain moves that could relieve pain all while toning your body. stuck at a desk all day? there are simple moves trending on pinterest to help you ease away back pain >> lower back pain is a chronic issue for so many people. a lot of the times it has to do with pelvic alignment from sitting from long periods of times, from being in the sedentary position. >> reporter: at pilates by dena she shows how easy it is to do the three-way hip stretch. first, align yourself on a map -- met . >> keeping yourself neutral you will pull the right knee into
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>> reporter: for this next moves you don't have to have a magic ring, a towel work. >> exhale nice and easy lengthening the lead up to the ceiling. start at a 90 degree angle first so you can make sure the pelvis is in good alignment. from here you really don't need to pull the lead close to the body to increase the stretch. you can just flex the heal up to the ceiling to elongate and that will give you the stretch and through the calf. >> reporter: hold each move for 30 to 60 seconds. don't forget to breathe and relax. >> working with the muscles takes me. you have to warm them up here key have to be gentle with them not raing, not uncing. >> reporter: next guide your leg across her body. >> we're changing up the stretch to hit the outside of the strong -- thigh . >> reporter: hold it for 30 to 60 seconds and stretch the inner thigh. don't worry if you are not this flexible. >> do you can do. make sure you are not straining but really relaxing into it.
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>> reporter: a simple stretch to ease the tension in your back so you can facer day. -- face your day. >> gail has put some pins on exercises designed to stretch out your back on her pinterest board. check it out. now back to hurricane matthew: if you have a medical issue what should you be doing now just in case the storm knocks out your power or perhaps even traps you in ur today we have answers. joining me now is my friend doctor jail. thank you for being here. these things make us all anxious. you keep watching the forecast and wonder if it will shift and come your way. it is so important to be prepared especially medically prepared. >> for one -- i feel like i sound like a broken record a they always mention this, but have a personal health record. i learned -- on your iphone for example there is an apple help after where you can use to put
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information just in case there is an emergency and you need to go to the hospital and it is really trent and it is readily available. you also need to consider what types of medicines you are on, do have enough? always have a seven-day supply because of the hurricane does turn to the left you will be prepared. obviously if you have medical devices like oxygen you need to be prepared. >> other than medicine, what other items should we stock up on? >> fo nonperishable foods. plenty of water not only to drink but to bathe wi, use the restroom. you want to make sure you have batteries, flashlights, candles, anything you would need in case the power goes out. >> after storm dangers, even after it passes sometimes that is the bigger mess. >> exactly, flooding is one. don't let your kids play in the flood. there is infection risk, you can fall, sometimes wires are down and you can get
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infection risk with like the zika virus and standing water. >> it is a lot to think about and a lot for people to be prepared for. >> really the east coast is need to be prepared and have it on track but it could just be a little bit less -- left and we will feel some effects. now, the world's most powerful radar and yours forecast with meteorologist julie phillips. >> we do have your max defender 8 image right now. you can see a few er we are tracking a few isolated showers and storms currently out there expecting a 30 percent chance of rain for the rest of this afternoon and this evening. we can see heavier showers and storms rolling through how to handle county -- hernando county . will see if these hold together but we are tracking brief heavy downpours rolling through there. also tracking heavy rain headed toward the frostproof area. it will not last too long but it
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you head into southwestern pull county -- polk county . you can see showers in the southern part of sarasota county and then spotty showers lingering -- out to the east. rain will be isolated at best for the rest of this afternoon and this evening. as we do head into the afternoon and evening hours we can see that right now things look great. 89 degrees with winds coming in out of the north at around 5 miles power . location just yet. like i said the rain will stay fairly isolated for us. and 9. like i said the rain will stay fairly isolated for us. and 9 pm lingering showers on the radar -- at 9 pm lingering showers on the radar . muggy start for us tomorrow morning. we have deeper moisture that has rolled through some extra clouds around once again to start off your day. we will bring in about a 30 percent afternoon shower chance as we head into thursday afternoon and thursday evening. matthew is still well off to the south and east moving into
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clouds are going to linger through the overnight hours. this morning you d the cloudy muggy start. it will be a similar feel tomorrow. not much in the way of rainfall but as we head into the afternoon and evening hours we will bring in about a 30 percent chance of rain or so. rain chances as you head toward polk or highland county is higher as we head into thursday night into friday morning that is where we are looking at a 40 percent chance of rain. friday morning our rain chances do go up as we have matthew moving florida. strong winds expected . winds is going to pick up there's a night into friday. they won't ease up until friday night. here's the latest advisory. we're still looking at the 2 pm advisory. as we head into tomorrow night notice it will near the east coast. it is possible that i will make landfall but too close to call
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east coast. for us our affects are going to be about the same. polk, highland counties since you are closer to the storm you will see stronger winds. as you had to our coast the wind will ease up. as we next week we're watching for the potential that this curves back around off toward the south, but it is too early to tell you the exact track. what you do need to know a strong winds continue through friday and then drier conditions are right just in time for the weekend -- arrive just in time for the weekend. these are the vital part of protecting the path of the storm. news channel 8 reporter flew around and above matthew to chart a's tonight it's path. >> they are those who fly over
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a job this team take seriously. >> there are not a lot of jobs where you can go home at the end of the day where you really feel like you made a difference. we flew up from across florida, the bahamas, over jamaica, around cuba and then back up to the florida panhandle. along the way the crew drops measuring devices called drop sons at predetermined points to collect information. >> humidity, winds speeds , and pressure. >> the information gathered will help the path of math you but also improve computer models for future storms. we are really glad we are able to do this. we are proud of the work that we do and we hope we get the right data to the people who can make the right decisions and get the right people out of the way. >> during the flight i interviewed the crew about their jobs. as we cruised to 40
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they allowed me to release one of the drop sons. the information is used to generate the cone that we are now all familiar with. it shows the potential path of the storm. the noaa hurricane hunters know that path is critical. >> we think about making sure the right people leave, the flip side of that is making sure the right people don't leave because as you know when you start evacuate evacuating people that find out they didn't need to that has a negative impact in the future. >> the goal is to improve forecasting to make sure the right people are evacuated at the right time to potentially save lives. we are going to get another look at the track of hurricane matthew in our local or cast coming up at 4:30. up next with the storm looming on the east coast some college football games are in jeopardy. we will have those
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developments on all today's biggest stories on tampa a's most convenient primetime newscast every night at 8:00. we will be right back.
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. medicine? with amendment 2, this is what "medicine" will look like: pot, packaged like candy. up to twenty times stronger than it once was. marketed to kids. sold next to schools. in nearly two thousand pot shops across florida. no medical standards. no pharmacists. no prescriptions. and no way to stop it...
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welcome back. let's check in with sports. it is one of the rare times in the weather and sports world and they connect. canceled. we will tell you about those. we have weather danger and then what kind of services are available to cover the game. we will see what happens as the next couple of days go by but the hurricane has claimed all high school football games in polk county. ucf has postponed its game. florida gators we have an announcement after 5:00 on the
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for now florida state and miami are still good to go. saturday night that game is down in miami. another game that is on for saturday at noon, usf hosting east carolina. the bulls are back in bigness to 9 business. we have one?zero -- business. they have a one?zero record. marlon became the all-time leading rusher. mac and quarterback have helped the offense become potent once again. >> it is a lot of fun because you never know. one play you he gets stop -15 yards in the next play you can make a touchdown. >> we have good communication back there. we tell each other what we see. we travel put our offense in a good situation. everyday we just come out and
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used to seeing or not doing -- used to seeing or used to doing against our offense. baseball got underway tuesday night in dramatic fashion. this was an 11th inning 3 more in homer to win the game against the toronto. up with the blue jays into the divisional series against the texas rangers. after the game while the bubbly was flowing in the toronto clubhouse, orioles manager criticized for not using his tran pitcher zach during the critical situation -- pitcher zach during the critical situation. they said they gambled and didn't win.
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wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built narrator: the duke utility tax is costing florida families. yet congressman david jolly does nothing. he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them from collecting for a power plant that could never be built. wife: someone needs to stand up to duke energy. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for
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hurricane matthew looks like we can expect mostly strong winds and much of the bay area. the central andes coast of florida are another story. polk county closed schools tomorrow and friday 500 national guard -- guards are now on duty . by tomorrow morning it will already begin to have significant effect in florida and then has the potential to strengthen coast. >> the president is telling the nation you can always rebuild property but you cannot replace a life. if you live along the east coast and you are ordered to evacuate, listen to that order. number 3, traffic on the east coast. here's a live look at i 26 in south carolina just outside of charleston. all 6 lanes are going in the same direction. that road is packed and it
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very packed. people leaving the area ahead of hurricane matthew. it has been this way for most of the day. number for the fiercest caribbean storm in almost a decade is now powering toward the bahamas this after battering haiti and cuba with torrential rains and killing at least 10 people. images from haiti show the severity of the devastation debris strewn about including a boat in the middle of the street. now hurricane matthew first therefore, here's our storm team 8 meteorologist >> it is devastating to see those photos coming out of haiti right now. at one time this was a category 5 hurricane but at this point a category 3 making it a major hurricane with maximum winds at 120 miles per hour . it has made the turn toward the northwest moving at 12 miles power. it is moving through the bahamas for the next 24 hours then it is taking aim at florida . as we head into tomorrow evening, this is expected to be
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it is possible it could make landfall and obviously the further west the worst tran 9 worse the conditions will be for our friends and family. along the east coast it will still be a major hurricane. again, that is thursday night into friday and that it will continue to move around and potentially even curving down a little bit. we will watch that closely as we head into the weekend and early next week. too close to call at this point . for us, we will mainly see afternoon, thursday night hour winds will pick up . inland spots like polk and highland counties, we're expecting tropical storm force gust. that is over 40 mile-per-hour, probably 40 to 50 miles per hour . on the east coast they are preparing for hurricane force gust. friday night the wins will begin to ease up. as far as rain is concerned, heavy rain is expected along the coast depending on where the eye is in relation to the coast. for us along our coast it is fairly drive as you head into
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may see a few showers and storms rolling through. at this point on the radar max defender 8 of course our new really powerful radar you can see a few showers lingering. we will have another look at the radar and also more on matthew coming up in a few minutes. polk county is now under a tropical storm warning which means they will likely experience tropical storm force winds . >> schools close thursday and friday because of hurricane matthew. management center, staffer closely following the storm. tomorrow morning a special- needs shelter will open at the department of health and bartow . people living in mobile homes could consider going to a shelter most important people should be prepared -- importantly people should be prepared. >> a very small increase in forward speed and things could be different as far as what they impacts are in polk county
4:35 pm
>> news channel 8 is helping you prepare we have a list of sam bad locations in shelters on our website at . we're waiting for hurricane matthew to come up the east coast. our meteorologist is live in west palm beach. ian what can you tell us? >> reporter: preparation is the word today up and down the florida atlantic coast. that includes us here in palm beach shores of that preparation. look behind me. you notice this giant lifeguard stand is change down -- chained down up the beach. residents tell me in normally lives closer to the beach as you might expect, but back and sandy it didn't require any manpower. the storm tossed it will up into the dunes and residents from here do have other concerns as we head into the day tomorrow with matthew.
4:36 pm
hurricane sandy took away tremendous quantities of our sand dunes. that is what concerns me the most, the erosion of our shoreline and the sand dunes that protect the ocean from coming into our homes. >> reporter: that is a legitimate concern with people staying here. a lot of people made the decision to leave. we saw a lot of traffic away from the coast. we saw gas stations, many of which were out ofls have gas. >> you are obviously ahead of the storm, the waves behind you -- we see some whitecaps back there . is this a regular day west palm beach or is the storm starting to feel the effects? >> reporter: it is starting to get a little bit breezy. you can see behind me some small waves. overnight tonight that is when the winds really pick up . once we had into the 2nd half of the day tomorrow that is when we will see conditions deteriorating. those waves will be on top of a
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>> enjoy the sun while it is there. we will check back in with you for the days to come. beginning tomorrow news channel a crews will be stand out all ianover the state joining, jeff patterson, candace mccowan, peter ryan all going to the east coast to bring you live team coverage of hurricane matthew. when a switch it up now and talk about your vote 2016: the general election november 8. are you election ready? >> 8 on your side is here now. he is live in the 8 on your side call center. or mac it afternoon, we have great group of people here from pinellas county, hillsboro county and pasco county waiting to take your calls. the number to call is one 800 528. the number to call is 1-800-528- 0808. they can answer all of your election related questions. they look a little bit more right now so we need to get the phones ringing -- board right now so we need to get the
4:38 pm
you think the number one issue is that people are having with the elections? is there one thing people need to know to be election ready? >> people need to remember there is in a boater 29 voter registration deadline. for the people that are registered they need to make sure we had there current information. current name, address, current signature , and this is a great opportunity tonight. thank you for hosting us. it is a great chance for people to call in. have about voter registration, early voting, requesting mail ballots, any questions they might have we can take care of that now. >> reporter: we talked a little bit about this in our last half- hour but people think there is really only one election going on, but there are a lot of things on the ballot the people need to know about. they can get a sample ballot too ; right? >> absolutely. we will be happy to discuss what is on the ballot. it is a long ballot for the
4:39 pm
counties with multiple languages it is longer. i think that is why more voters are requesting mail ballots so they can do that after home, take their time and then take the ballot to the election office and mail them back. it is a convenient way for people to participate. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you being here thank you for bringing all of these great folks to answer this question for us. there is only one person that is not on the phone and it is th we will be here until 6:30. the number is 1-800-528-0808 hillsborough, pinellas and pasco coty all here to ansr your phone call. give. sure his one is working? ke >> they are working. i will prove it to you. they are all on the phone except this one poor gentleman >> acthe y,esn't have a phone t why he's not on it. >> see your blaming him.
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to host this 2nd of 4 presidential debes the debate is on sunday night. hurricane matthew and your travel plans: 8 on your side is checking with airlines to find out if you will get your money back or not. you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> s florida braces for hurricane matthew, some residents are turning their attention to haiti. coming up we will talk to locals about relief efforts here extract upside down windows, no insulation, rainsoaked drywall. it is all here and you better pay attention because you paid for.
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if you have a flight coming up, you may not have problems getting to your destination bu you could have problems getting back expect that is right mary mcguire takes a look at how airlines are trying to help travelers. >> reporter: ahead of hurricane matthew several airlines
4:44 pm
already waiting change fleas try 9 fees for flyers headed to and from areas that could be impacted. make room for matthew: delta, united, jeff luc and american all -- jetblue and american are allwaiv change fees. hundreds of miles of coastlineinlife is
4:45 pm
we are concerned >> reporter: people are just worried about getting to their destinations, but about where they will stay when they get there. >> they are concerned about the hotel because if everyone wants to book the hotel, i hope they can stay in the hotel. >> reporter: airport representatives say they don't know what impact if any hurricane matthew could have, but that they are monitoring the weather closely so they are prepared as possible. eaier this ekdepartment issued a travel warning to citizens traveling outside of the united states to areas that could be matthew like jamaica and the bahamas. >finally do have max defender 8 to show you. iw our . it is one-of-a-kind and incredibly powerful. we are excited to have it to be
4:46 pm
we're not too bad on the radar at this point just a few isolated showers and storms to show you. you can see some of these in hernando county passing over i 75 and fading away as it moves closer toward the coast. inland, polk county, we're seeing more showers and storms starting up now. heavier rain approaching haines city. heavy rain south of highland park and also tracking spotty showers and storms that have moved through north port headed toward inglewood and the sarasota county coastline. we will watch over the next several hours. can see on our visible satellite imagery, this is a look at matthew at this hour. it will move over the bahamas as we head throughout the night and into them tonight into tomorrow. the 5 pm advisory -- into tomorrow. the 5 pm advisory just came in and it shows is it is moving at 12 miles per hour with 150 sustained winds hundred 50 mile- per-hour sustained winds . it is moving up the east coast.
4:47 pm
storm , but parts of thtampa arg winds with the storm. the latest track is curving the storm background. we will have to wait and see if it causes florida any problems as we head into next week. we sure hope not. here's a look at our current models. they are inconsistent bringing up the east coast -- inconsistence -- in consensus bring it up the east coas east coast of florida is under a hurricane warning, polk and highland county under a tropical storm warning. we are expecting tropical storm conditions as we head into tomorrow and friday. right now 87 degrees in new port richey no rain in this location. we will keep the rain chances a 30 percent for the rest of the evening. winds go up a little bit for our inland spots . all of us will have breezy if not windy
4:48 pm
drier air moves in and the rain chances drop back to near zero by sunday. for everything you need to know about hurricane matthew and to be ready, you can always go to . stay close. we will be right back. this is mike's office. he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. now we have and 8 on your side medical report. do think that glass of wine is helping you sleep at night? it is not. today we find out which food and drinks are the worst at a time. >> reporter: sleep tight and don't let your snacking bite, serial, coughing, piece of turning coffee, pizza just a few items of food that can affect your sleeping. sugary foods make your blood sugar rise and then drop and then you don't sleep as well. almost anything sweet will mess up your sleep including coffee. >> 6 hours before his when you want to cut off your caffeine.
4:52 pm
>> alcohol is one that many people will drink to get them to go to sleep. it does make you tired initially, but it definitely messes with your sleep patterns. you do not sleep as well and as deep. >> reporter: and it could be downright painful to sleep if you are prone to acid reflux.>> pizza is greasy, but that it also has the acidic tomato sauce and the high-fat in the pizza and then general high-fat meals, burgers meals, that kind of thing. they will disrupt your digestive track so you will be uncomfortable at night and are more likely to cause acid reflux . for some people that include spicy foods and anything citrus . >> we could talk hours about this but we will elaborate a little bit for you on this 8 on your side story. joining us now is abigail girardi. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, as always. >> a lot of people are hungry
4:53 pm
befored, say it is a no go -- wine . you say is a no go . >> i have heard so many times but it helps so much better. you think you are sleeping better because you might fall asleep faster but it is not as good of sleep. what happens is you don't get into the deep sleep or the rem sleep and then you end up waking up a lot easier which content to happen and then it is harder to get back to sleep. you wake up in the morning, you don't feel restful. you might've fallen asleep quicker but it wasn't good sleep. >> more glasses is not the answer? >> more glasses is not the answer. it really is one of those hard things to say but it is the truth. >> when it comes to food, high- fat, citrus and spicy foods is just problematic. >> just think about the way they sit in your stomach. high- fat foods don't digest as quickly. it takes longer to digest those high-fat foods. it will sit in there while you
4:54 pm
probably feeling very good especially the spicy foods. people with acid reflux and then those also not with acid reflux 2nd tend to come up and not feel so good when you are trying to sleep. citrus, same things, but you know your dy. either way i was say stay away from those pre-bedparents are g for this next one, coffee. my mom if she had a cup of coffee at 6 pm she wouldn't sleep my dad can have it 10:30 and it and go to sleep. why is ways that it affects your body but really want to stay away tobecause it can still affect your sleep cycle. even if maybe her dad can go right to sleep, my husband can do the same thing, but it might not be as restful sleep. a better option will be that t -- non-caffeinated tea in herbal tea before bed and really trying to stay away from those high sugary foods also. those tend to spike your blood sugar. it is harder to go to sleep and
4:55 pm
time of night. i know we tend to crave them, better options may be a handful of trail mix with some dried fruit and a little bit of dark chocolate. that will be a lot nicer on your stomach if you need something. >> once you get good sleep, you know it and you love it. >> that is so true. >> thanks so much. very good tips. coming up: hurricane matthew is trending online for a lot of reasons and this is one of them. to see the face inside that storm? we will sh
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wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husban paying for a plant that's never goio be bui he's taken thousands from duke but has not stopped them from collecting r a poweat cr. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for
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what's trending online today. >> beginning with musical police officers. [ drum beat ] >> that's new zealand police in an auckland police station elevator. it is part of an ongoing recruitment campaign. pretty catchy. have you seen this? it is a picture of hurricane wi inside. th storm. you can see that all over social media. >> much more coming your way. newschannel8 at 5:00 is next. hurricane matthew is barreling toward florida. >> regardless if there is a direct hit or not, impacts will be devastating. >> reporter: it has already decimated entire towns in haiti and cuba and it could strengthen before it reaches the east coast.
5:00 pm
hurricane matthew. >> i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. we just got the update of hurricane matthew's forecast track. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> our coverage begins with chief meteorologist steve jerve. where is it headed now? >> the track looks similar. the east coast of florida. we are on the west so we are on the weaker side. it will track close to the east coast. the eye wall is where it will be the strongest. not much of a storm rge suup th happy to have this online. our million watt radar. you can see shower activity off to the east and inland areas. we will expect over the next couple of days, that should become much more active. here is the latest from hurricane matthew. 120 miles an hour winds moving rnings in effect for the bahamas. hurricane warnings for the east coast of florida all the way up


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