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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  October 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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leaving death and destruction in its path. the storm aimed at florida and time to honker down. >> supplies of gas and groceries now running low as millions right here in our state brace for a potential devastating storm. >> we are in preparation mode. >> the clock is ticking and we all need to be prepared. good evening. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i'm keith cate. hu has caused devastation in haiti. one area is cut off after a crucial bridge collapsed. people are stranded on both sides desperately trying to get homes to loved ones. >> blasted a small town in cuba. the entire state of florida is
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we want to begin with steve gervy. >> 115-mile winds and weaker as the last advisory at 5:00 according to the national hurricane center. decent weather conditions. this storm is expected to restrengthen. a look at max defender. you can see a few showers over on florida's east coast and right now things are quiet across the area and we do expect it to pick up tomorrow and on through friday. 115 miles per hour winds moving northwest at ten miles per hour. battering the bahama. every time you see the icon that is where the storm is located. this is the forecast track. thursday at 8:00 p.m. with 130 miles per hour winds and coming close to land fall around the space coast that is highly unusual for this area to
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off of the coast. the worst part of the storm to the east of the center. friday at 8:00 a.m. with 130 miles per hour winds and moving up the coast to just off of jacksonville and then curbing to the northeast. some of these models did a loopy loop and it would weaken the storm as if it would come highland county and a watch is placed, tropical storm watch with wind gusts on the western side of the storm this is a the weaker part. wind gusts are the main concern and especially interior portions. i think they are talking 1.2 million floridians have been told to evacuate. 12 million people in florida in the path of the storm. so many people evacuated and i
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for us. >> people on the east coast of the state are honkerring down or taking off. we have more from palm beach and the governor is worried about ed about what is to come. >> people are really honkering down. we s people getting things boarded up. as we were driving around this spot earlier. we saw people making the best of a bad situation. we have got video to show you. this is a pizza and cigars shop. both of the owners with plywood and table saw and they made sure that both the businesses were prepared.
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owner. >> i want to get the shutters up and everything off of the ground. on the island we are expecting to see flooding and those are my main two concerns. that is the difficult spot. people have made preparations that were important and now what we hope for is that we don't see matthew's the next 48 hours. jen. >> absolutely. and you have been out there. have you seen any noticeable change over the last few hours or is it still too far away to have any impact. >> what i would say is the relative lack of people that i have seen. there was hustle and bustle happening early this afternoon and once we got to this evening it cleared out and all of the traffic off of the bridge was westbound off of the bridge
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gone or they are in their homes hunkered down. thank you, ian. matthew is cutting a devastating path. in haiti the death toll is rising sharply and the storm is pounding the bahamas. we have a look at where matthew has left its mark. one haitian mayor believes 14 people are dead community. you will see this resident fighting for his life against this raging river and enough to have the governor worried. >> governor rick scott wants us to ready for matthew no matter the track. >> we are preparing for the worse and hoping for the best and not taking chances. >> it is images like these that have him on edge. roads remain flooded and supply lines ravished. making it difficult to reach
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on the horizon. limited access to fresh water. what was once clean sources are murky, muddy waters. people in the bahamas sought shelter and stocked up on supplies. >> i got syrup and a few other things for my kids. i did shopping yesterday but i just came out to do shopping. >> thousands cut short the vacations and flee. most every setter left deserted and quiet except for the wind and rain. >> while most people left some were thrill seekers over the hurricane forced winds. >> some say the disaster is worse than 2010 earthquake that leveled most of the island.
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communities are looking ahead. >> in polk county people are stocking up ahead of the storm. lines everywhere. bread and bottled water seemed to be the fastest. our team coverage continues with paul muler. >> people not wanting to be kept offline. especially as gas stations. the lines have dwindled but tomorrow. >> what is the rush? >> the rush is to get gas. we have to get gas to get around. >> trying to fill up. drivers waiting in lines and finding these signs and gas stations out of gas and so bad in some places that people following the fuel truck driver around. >> as soon as i came here and when i got hooked up they were packed. >> more lines, this time inside this walmart.
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>> we had to take turns. >> getting water. >> yes. >> people devouring the bread and the shelves bare. >> people buying up the store and trying to get as much as they can before the storm hits. >> and others thinking what they can do. >> candles. >> and not everyone is shopping at a frantic pace. >> we are not too worried. >> why not? >> because we have what we need we think. >> the polk county emergency management agency busy their advice. >> prepare their homes and prepare their planning just like they would for a hurricane impacting us. >> some folks making sure that everything is tied down. >> that is nothing to play with, you have anchor things down. >> one thing are for sure you never know what will happen but with the faith of the lord we will be all right. >> and schools in polk county closed tomorrow and friday. at last check three of the
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jen. >> paul, i waited in a short line for gas near my home in lakeland. did you find as you made your way through the county to the east the prep sort of intensifying closer to the east coast that you got? >> as as we traveled throughout polk county we noticed the fewer lines and by lakeland and haines city and davenport, people were taking the storm further towards the east coast and that's why there was so many lines. >> and those were the same folks hit in 2004 by charlie, francis and jean. paul muler, thank you. well, further north people are preparing for hurricane matthew's fury. the mayor of jacksonville are urging people to evacuate and move inland and people that stay run the risk of not having resources once the storm hits.
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new channel 8 crews are heading out all over the state. we will be all over the coast to bring you live coverage beginning tomorrow. i have an uncle in cocoa. already has the boards on the window and was thinking about doing the evacuation but hunkering down. >> we will be thinking about him. >> a lot of people are working on above of those people and they are there before the winds stopped howling. the way the fl bay area power companies are poised and ready to help as matthew bears down on the state. >> and millions will travel on the roadways.
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keep the
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safe. time to hunker down. hurricane matthew on its way
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>> members of the crews are making their way to the east coast where it looks like they may be getting a direct hit. peter bernard is at a substation where there is a lot of help on the way and that's the case in a big storm like this. >> always is and it is good to know there is a team of professionals ready to respond. and it looks like things will get hairy. they are ready to restore the power and make water rescues in a moment's notice. >> if hurricane matthew traps people in their homes this will be a welcome site. the florida national guard troops have zodiac and flat bottom boats ready to respond. >> help to do a reconnaissance of the area and while we are doing that, if people should happen to need to be rescue we will do that as well.
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to join others in orlando and here in stark. they are part of a 500 person force authorized by governor rick scott. >> we are now in full on preparation mode. >> tampa electric crews are getting ready for the onslot of high wind and pelting rains. it has been through this before. >> we have more than 850 people ready to be in the field to restore more power as quickly and safely as possible. >> we know that matthew is a monster storm. >> at the these screens will alert the company of power outages. >> we are preparing crews and looking at the staffing models and we are carefully monitoring the storm. >> the enemy is matthew and this force will battle back. >> the state of florida, the national guard and the state partners will be there to help them. >> good to know duke and tiko
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called upon. and the national guardsmen got the act together in two days and ready to go. back to you. >> we know it is worth mentioning the two power customers have customers that could be hard hit by the storm. >> especially for duke, they have customers in volusia county and tiko goes as far as poke and up to dade city and pasco county. they will be busy for the next few i suspect so. peter, thank you. >> south florida getting ready for hurricane matthew. the long lines like this gas station in fort lauderdale ran out and that frustrated drivers. governor rick scott assured floridians that we are not running out of fuel and even if all of the ports were to close there is enough fuel to last 8 days. to make sure you are not
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bondy has the price gauging hotline. 18889 no scam. storm price gouging, all of that is illegal. >> with hurricane matthew barreling towards the mainland interstate will be full of evacuees so every trooper will be clear out accident scenes. construction on i-75 is on hold until the storm passes through. we will be using the interstate and the roadways must be clear. >> the i-75 construction will resume. once people have made it safely back to their homes. despite the best efforts they recommend that you be patient if you hit the roads this week.
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walt disney world is operating under normal conditions. however, sea world, orlando will not be open on friday. lego land in winter haven will be closed on friday and both of those parks expect to reopen on saturday. although matthew has not made land fall in the u.s. it is making a mess of travel plans in the southeast. port canaveral and miami and jacksonville and everglades clos lines to change their itineraries. max defender 8. the world most powerful radar. >> with the new radar we can see further and the live sweep and a few showers off of the
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they continue to drift to the west and over the next 24 and 48 hours we will see much more activity developing. we will continue to share that with you. linda got a great shop from highlands county. we mentioned a couple of minutes ago. made for a great sunset and it is getting in the early morning hours of friday and throughout the day from south to north is the storm passes to the east. at 7:00 a.m., 76 degrees and a muggy start and high dew point and long term, is gone, we hope for dryer air. at 4:00 p.m. 88 degrees and a warm one, 91 a warm one. 78 in clearwater beach and 79 in treasure island. inland mostly 70s and won't drop too much more because the dew points are so high. probable get used to seeing the map over the next several days, the winds coming light out of the east. 8 miles per hour gusts that
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and 48 hours. a few showers off the coast of jacksonville. that's a look at our hurricane matthew passing through the bahamas. the stronger seas over 20 feet we observed from the platform and we noticed the higher winds on the east side. when you see this, note that, the eastern side and to the right of the eye is the strongest and the weakest side the advancing side and the strongest and with the counterclockwise circulation we will get a stronger one here. even a land fall around brevard county and indian river county. 130 miles per hour winds and i mention historically it is rare to get one in the state. the last since 1851 we have not seen direct land fall. friday at 8:00 p.m. 125 miles per hour winds going up the coast with the stronger winds on the east and in the
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the strongest winds are located rough. storm surge a strong concern and not as bad as it would hit on the coast. i talked about the curving and the loopy loop. it will help to weaken the storm. these are the computer models consent us along coastal areas is where you would draw it. the models don't agree. if it does loop it would be much weaker. that's important to point out. there is a look at the satellite imagery. the reds is where it is. the there. 115 miles per hour winds and a category 3 hurricane and moving in that northwest fashion. as we look at the wind gusts they will pick up through thursday evening. stronger on the east coast and for friday morning you can see the winds potentially up to 40 miles per hour and out around points east of that. know you can see the strong winds thursday and friday. rain chances 30% and that is for tomorrow and up to 40% for friday, the day we are talking
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later friday, once the storm clears the area and we actually get winds around on the northwest side and that will be dryer air. we will likely especially by sunday feel lower humidity and plenty of sunshine and just drop the rain chances at that point. it will change things around. tropical weather is a huge influence on the entire southeast when you have a big area of low pressure. we will be sitting around here many part of the tampa going what is the big deal? >> interior portions may not be saying something about the strong one of thes. we will have a windy day and watch the squalls. stan lucas has information for college football games that will plan to attend a game this weekend. and the bucks injury reports comes out tomorrow. is there a chance that gerald mccoy will play against the panthers. remember the heart walk in november and now is the time to join a team matching the first
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walk for details. tonight's picture of the
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gary. sports is sponsored by your coast hyundai dealers. >> college football is far from the priority in the state of florida. there are games on the schedule this weekend. thousands of people traveling around this state. schools are on hurricane watch. if you have tickets, miami and florida state, l 8:00 saturday night for now. florida and lsu set for noon on saturday. florida will make a final decision on kickoff time tomorrow afternoon. usf and east carolina in tampa good to go. florida atlantic is in a holding pattern until the storm passes and so far the only postponement ucf and tulane made up november 5th. the bucks injury report comes out thursday afternoon
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we think regarding gerald mccoy. one report says his mri revealed a calf strain and not a tear. maybe that opens up the possibility of mccoy playing monday night against the carolina panthers. mccoy injured his calf last sunday against the broncos. the bucks brought back running back russell hansbro and signed to the practice squad on tuesday. jock rogers and peyton barber were the only running backs taking part in practice. they are banged up. nl wild card. giants and mets, a pitchers duo. brandon belt gets a hold of one and curtis granderson. noah syndergaard out of the game and a three-run homer from connor ja last lap pea. giants win and move on to play
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on our man here for forgeting to wear his hat. >> the little things. >> never leave your house without your hat. all right. good for the giants. exactly.
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the winning lottery numbers. winning lottery numbers, 5, 3, pick three, 702, and pick four 4632, and pick five, 42735. the powerball, 8, 18, 29, 60. the powerball is 15. still getting educated on max defender. >> a million watts. >> we can see further. the further you go the higher one cell to see another. a lot of times you lose energy on that first cell. so you are able to basically see further in greater detail. i digressed what is it going to look like tomorrow. >> i will look at the hurricane, the number one priority obviously. especially for the east coast and we are concerned for high wind gusts and perhaps most important to look at that forecast you can see the timing. we have seen the track shift
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land fall and directly over the coast or dissecting the coast with the center of the storm. west is the weaker side and we are concerned for high wind gusts. thanks for joining us. jimmy fallon is coming up next. good night. after an obscene amount was spent building this
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when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending. you've got to be kidding. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ashton kutcher, issa rae,


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