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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. now for our headlines: number one legoland bomb scare. the bay area park is evacuated. we will take you there live for number 2, dear family: would break into a rehab center in her wild deer? that is what investigators are trying to figure out. number 3, flights to cuba: now discounted airline is offering island travel through tia. number 4: not even category 4 hurricane matthew could start -- stop our high school blitz from covering football . coming up, team of the week
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first set forth. right now a bomb scare -- this is first at 4. right now a bomb scare at legoland. rod carter joins us live from winter haven. rob, what is going on? >> we don't know exactly what the nature of the threat was. we do know there was a note found at the park saying there was some sort of bomb but at this point note. we know was enough to make them clear out the park in the hotel and do that rather immediately. we want you to look at video. a park goer gave us this video of people leaving the park around noon. within the past hour the general manager of the park, adrian jones, held a quick news briefing that said they believed this threat to be a hoax but out of an abundance of caution the park will stay
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entire property which is about 150 acres including the hotel. right now the threat appears to be a hoax, nothing has happened . it is important to reiterate that, but again it was enough of a threat that they wanted to close the park out of an abundance of caution. coming up we will talk to some people that had to evacuate the park and their hotel and get there take -- their take him what it was like to leave here. right now a plant is facing charges accused of crashing his truck into a lakeland home and killing 76 your old woman inside. deputies are telling us the driver could not pass a field sobriety test. candace has the latest from fitzgerald road in lakeland. >> reporter: this such a tragic story. it was before the sun came up this morning when a car came flying through the front
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bedroom, 76 rolled janice folds. she died upon impact. the sheriffs department -- 76 rolled janice folds . she died upon impact. the sheriffs department tells us the driver was likely under the influence. he came down the road and loss control down the runway before slamming into the house. he told investigators he was only going 40 miles-per-hour but they think he was going much faster. the judge says he failed miserably when it was time for him to take family of janice folds, her husband was also inside the house. he is okay but she leaves behind kids and grandchildren and there waiting for more information as they continue the investigation. right now tampa family is going through unimaginable grief . the mother of 17-year-old ashley perdomo is pleading for help to find her daughter's
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working part-time at a grocery store to save up money for college. she left work around 8:00 last night and was killed while crossing hillsboro avenue. florida highway patrol is still looking for the driver. florida fish and wildlife officers are investigating a senseless crime. someone killed 2 deer in hillsboro county and injured a 3rd. they were in a pen and being hand fed. they were easily approachable. the incident happened a little more than a suspects. people who live in the area are outraged. >> i have lived here for 20 years and i have never heard a monstrosity like that. i have visited natures classroom. i have volunteered there, and to have someone come in there and do that to animals that are used to being around people and fed -- >> officers have not said how the deer were killed only that it was a senseless violent
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southwest airlines after flying in and out of tampa bay for 20 years, it is launching an entirely new destination. is now offering daily nonstop lights to cuba. the service will begin monday, december 12 from tia. for a ticket cost of $59 you catch a connecting flight from tia through fort lauderdale. the only stipulation is you take the trip before april 24. now your first at 4 weather with storm team it is a quiet day. you can see that on max defender 8 radar. not much to show you at this point. will keep a small 10 percent chance of a passing shower in the forecast for the rest of the day. for many of you we're dealing with partly cloudy skies. then is 84 degrees with a light breeze coming in out of the northeast between 5 and 10 miles-per-hour. right now temperatures are sitting in the mid to upper 80s. it is kind of a hot afternoon
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89 braiding 10. venice 86 -- braiding 10 -- bradenton. venice 86 degrees. it is a little bit breezy but not quite as breezy as yesterday was. at 9 pm we're sitting near 77. by midnight we're dropping back near the mid-70s. rain chances are going up a little bit as we head toward the weekend. we will have few minutes. making history today, bob dylan. he is the newest recipient of the nobel prize in literature. this is the first time the prestigious award has been given to someone primarily seen as a musician. ever shop or something online and then find the ad starts popping up all over your social media feet? well, that is no accident. we will tell you what other sorts of information the sites are mining coming up.
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we were there at pratt this today. we're live outside of the arena right now. that is coming up in first 4
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right now breaking news about the arrest of a pinellas county deputy. there he is. we learned from the sheriff that stephen smith sold his sheriff drugs. he was arrested yesterday. this is his mug shot . we're learning more about his arrest from the sheriff. we will have more on that coming up tonight at 5. now 2 new concerns about your privacy online. with just 27 days left until the election presidential candidates are on overdrive on facebook and across social media hoping to win your vote . what you may not know is that
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you like to do. we have this 8 on your side consumer watch. >> reporter: the average user spends almost an hour a day on facebook scrolling, liking and commenting. each move you make if the data point. facebook is scooping up or than your age, location, and will -- relationship status working together more than 50 personal things about you including how long you have lived in your home, how many credit lines you have even what kind of medication you are using. >> i was a bit freaked out by it for sure. >> reporter: tyler has been on social media for 8 years and lately he feels like a little ads are following him around. >> if you feel like your information is being sold or spread to parties or into teasing you have no idea and loses that sense of trust that you feel in the medium. >> the data is especially useful because political campaigns
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>> i can look at a zip code, taylor specific interests within the zip code, you can address those people directly with the message that will resonate. >> would you target? >> these are for people who are into coal issues. >> reporter: he says target facebook ads alone has helped his candidates move up in the polls and they are much cheaper than tv commercials. >> this is a live or die for politicians of being able to t the polls is totally essential. the hillary clinton campaign says it is spending $30 million on digital ads between now and election day.>> [ video playback ] >> on facebook where in competition for your attention with your best friend, spouse, kids, if we are not able to produce a message or video or whatever it is that is actually compelling than you know perfectly well you can scroll pass it or click on any other
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reporter: campaigns match voter information on your facebook data to get out the vote. donald trump's campaign uses his twitter following gathering information from twitter than matching it to find you on facebook and show you ads. >> when mister trump sends out a tweet and the tweets are retweeted, we are then able to pull that data in use it. >> reporter: privacy advocates call it the surveillance business model, every click you make will impact what you see in the future >> it means that when you are going on facebook, you're likely going to be presented with ads and information that are based on what your patterns have done in the past. is not neutral. it is not supposed to be neutral. >> digital rights experts say all of that store data could be made more available to the government and hackers. the more that is collected the more it is a target. now nbc reached out to facebook and they responded that their ad model is standard
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adjust your ad preferences. you know, there is no way to keep these people from collecting your data besides ending your account. scary is this information that they are collecting? today 8 on your side has answers. joining me now is our social media expert jonathan sellers with some valuable online resources that can help us. >> thank you jonathan for being here. i don't think any of us know how this is collected, but this isn't just happening in board. >> like you in did that last segment, it is standard across the industry. this is how social networks work . this isn't just for the advertisements but this is how you see everything that is in your newsfeed, timeline or wherever you are. they are using these algorithms to basically build the content that they think is what you want . they think this is beneficial for you and it is a computer. it is not a person handling --
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computer based off of them thinking you did this and you want to see that next. sack if you click on a donald trump add or hillary clinton added, you are likely to see more of those ads. >> right. if you see one coming out of the big media outlet, this probably has happened to a lot of us out there, we click on an ad, come back to facebook and now there is another article and media below about the same topic. if you continue down facebook unintentionally they you are really interested in this information so they will keep showing you more information similar to that. >> is this dangerous or does this scare you with>> the scary side of it would be, there is mention of if the government was using all of this data may be they are monitoring things -- it is an invasion of privacy . but i think from a hacker standpoint this would involve
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reasons for what they want to use this data for. this is just data points meeting you click this, click this, click so it is not specific information. >> it doesn't spell out a story . >> right. it is designed to benefit you in the networks and i don't think it is as dangerous as some people might think. >> if you thought about that all night and it was something that bothered you you would have trouble gettin >> i can see. i have looked at address on a certain website. if i don't purchase it that dress will keep popping up in my feet. i finally bought it and i am wearing it today, but sometimes that is the reminder you need; right? >> definitely. >> we are going to head over to julie now. max defender 8 showing you
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not tracking any showers or storms on the radar just yet. we will keep our rain chance small for the rest of the day. take a look outside out in brandon. 84 degrees at this location. fairweather cumulus clouds around but overall a nice afternoon. it will be warm in the sun but not too bad for this time of year. we also have a live look outside over downtown tampa. you can see a very similar photo. you can see some cumulus and about enjoying the decent weather that we are left with after a long hot summer. for the rest of the summer it will stay pretty wild -- quite. rain chances are going to stay steady. when you wake up tomorrow morning a good amount of sunshine around feeling pleasant. we will top out in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow afternoon. the evenings, the mornings they are great and the humidity is saying in the not too bad range . dewpoints are generally
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head throughout the rest of the night will put our high resin model in motion you can see it is staying quiet. we can't rule out a sprinkle or 2 but we don't think we will see much in the way of showers. the north easterly flow continues fairly light throughout the overnight hours. the rain chance state small throughout the night. tomorrow morning we should see sunshine around not too much in the way a ring. friday afternoon is when we bring in a 10 percent rain and that quick light moving showers possible through the afternoon and evening hours. by saturday the morning looks pretty good. we have a few clouds around but our rain chances are a little bit higher for the weekend. we're bumping them up to 20 percent but it is a little bit more likely that you could see a passing shower in the afternoon and evening hours. keep that in mind as you make your plans. we're also still tracking what
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winds at 150 miles-per-hour. it will not impact the us and has just moved away from bermuda express, our forecast is consistent with small rain chances tomorrow. rain chances to go up a little bit for this weekend but it is not looking bad. next week looks the same, mid- to for 80s. coming up: a warning about sliders. we're not talking about those yummy burgers. these are thieves that strike when you're not looking. first, 7 still have bay area teams that are still undefeated. coming up, the victory teams in the running to take one of these bad boys home. in just a moment i am live at the arena as the tampa bay lightning drop the puck on the 2016 season against the detroit red wings. i will preview the bad blood against these 2 rivals ahead in sports. you can get developments on today's stories on our most convenient primetime newscast
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storm team 8 weather is brought to you by the law
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now let's see the big 3 high school football teams fine to be our team of the week. anthony allred has highlights. tampa bay what it do? this weekend high skilled football the threat -- high school foot caused football games to be canceled all across border -- florida . as you sit back relax and think about who would you choose, i'm going to make these highlights do what they do. >> not even the threat of a category 4 hurricane could stop the friday night blitz and
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the indians defense snagged 4 interceptions, picked up a fourth-quarter 37 yard field goal, scored 2 touchdowns to win the game. at the jefferson, football dragon, hillsboro terriers defense hadn't been scored on in 3 games but in a shootout against the jefferson the defense learned in the red were able to sl the terriers, high-octane offense scored 39 points to win the game . faced with the last home game of the regular season, the yellow jackets dressed in gold center seniors out with a bang. the yellow jackets are in the end zone for a touchdown.
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falcons 27 - zero. i want to send a special shout out to our university of tampa sports intern candace martino, paul ryan, and dan lucas for weathering the storm so we could have highlights for the picture. coming up at 5:30, you know the drill. i will revealed was taking home the team of the week -- was taking home the team of the week . time now for your first at 4 sports paul, i am wearing my bolts of blue because it is the season again. >> reporter: it feels like hockey season never left. it feels like just the other day we were sitting here for the end of the eastern conference finals but times drop the puck on the 2016?2017 season. the tampa bay lightning host the detroit red wings. 2 teams have a stop 21 times in
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is more than any other 2 teams in the entire league. there is a time to discuss the overlapping venn diagram between the two franchises. for both general managers to the relationship tween jeff and john, to appear bloody playoff series for the last 2 years with tampa bay winning both. ever since the nhl realigned in the red wings move to the eastern conference they have been clashing with the bolts and it is safe to ensue -- assume fireworks in the opener. there is a rivalry going on it will be pretty similar to the type of game that we play on the other side. >> there is a unique relationship with us and right -- detroit. we have a little bit of a budding rivalry. bottom line, we have met twice in the playoffs and that just creates a rivalry back there -- right there. it should be a good one out of
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there will be a new face in the place tonight as brady makes his national hockey league debut wearing number 21 in blue and white. he was a third- round pick in 2014 and has been one of the premier up-and- coming talents in the tampa bay organization since then here key is a score, racking up over 100 goals over the last 3 seasons. he will get time 5 on 5 as well as on the power play. he is stoked to make his appearance with the mix what an coach cooper is happy to have him. >> i'm sure every player dreams about playing in th so it is exciting. is kind of surreal but i'm looking forward to it. >> we are not handing out roster spots for free. the guys on the. braden was really close to earning one last year and he most definitely earned one this year. >> of course all of those familiar faces back in the lineup a set for ryan callahan
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recovers from surgery. it is great to see these guys back on the ice today after a season of uncertainty. >> power all those guys in the locker room? >> all of those guys are re- signed. -- got a little bit of hazing because he got to miss out on training camp, but no doubt this franchise is happy to have all of those guys back in blue. their stanley cup window is wide open and it starts tonight against the wings. >> looking forward to the lightning are playing the red wings tonight. the puck drops at 7:30. we will be right back with more
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now for headlines of 4:30: number one, legoland had to be evacuated after a bomb scare. all of the guests and staff were asked to leave the property while the park is being inspected by officers,
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have been found. number 2, 6 days after hurricane matthew, north carolina continues to deal with the aftermath. 43 shelters are so open across the state. housing 34 people. the federal government authority distributed -- housing 34,000 people the federal government has are the issued 2 point 2.6 million $2.6 million in age. number 3, allegations a donald trump inappropriately. beauty pageant contestants also allege that he walked in on them while they are changing. donald trump denies it all entrance tissue -- soup. wikileaks releasing several thousand new emails this week. there can -- the clinton campaign calls it a faux
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is florida voting information in the hands of russian hackers? the feds think it might be, but a state agency is claiming all is well. that has that story today. hacking fears have spread here to florida. the most important swing state in the country ahead of the election and now the department of state is facing some questions. national media reported the federal investigators think russian hackers hit of florida election vendor a conference call with election officials throughout the state last week. >> to my call -- knowledge i have no information to confirm the florida has been penetrated or even scan. >> he maintains that the voting process in the state is secure, but says that disruptions like even casting a little bit of doubt in a voter's mind can help -- hurt the process . extracted now to more stories
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. the florida man accused of kidnapping a 4-year-old girl from her home is expected to arrive back and bartow and any minute. he was arrested in memphis tennessee this week with the little 4-year-old girl in tow. she is okay and home with her family right now. we're waiting to hear exactly what charges he will be facing. hurricane nicole is now a massive category 3 storm. this is a picture taken from space. the eye pass right over this highly island nation of your meetup. it is packing winds are 100 . it is packing winds are 120 miles-per- hour -- all of 120 miles-per- hour. so far no deaths. now we have breaking news on the story we just brought you. the man accused of kidnapping a 4-year-old girl from her home is now back and bartow. you
4:35 pm
now. paul we were just telling people that we are expecting him any moment. is this that moment? >> that is right they just pulled into the sally port as you saw just about 10 seconds ago. he is in the back. you can see right now share deputies, investigators are about to get him -- sheriff deputies, investigators are about to get him out of the car. he is about to take into the processing area here. he has been extradited back from tennessee. this is his first apan you can see, if you look at his feet, he is shackled as well. why did you do this? paul mueller from this channel 8 . why did you do something like this? a 4-year-old girl? did you think of becky? tell us what you thought? tellis, why would you kidnap a 4-year-old girl? do you want to apologize to the
4:36 pm
there you have it. he is not responding to any questions from the media. you can see he is being booked right now. this is the processing station where they're going to take all of his information right there and go ahead and put all of the ducks in a row. -- all of their ducks in a row. we know of one kidnapping ar right now as well as other charges from other states because obviously this band 7 states. we are not sure -- they have not told us about any additional charges but again he was extradited back here to polk county after kidnapping 4- year-old rebecca back on saturday. will toss it back to you.
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suspected people across the country. crooks are targeting women while they are distracted at the gas pump. these people are called sliders because they slide in your car quickly and quietly racing away with all of your stuff. we explode -- exposed this a few years ago but now police tell us sliders are back. >> you are watching a brazen crime in progress. see this woman pumping gas, now watch this silver car pull up next . as the woman is focusing on the gas, watch, the thief crouches down, opens her passenger door, slides in and grabs her purse. the entire crime takes 19 seconds. police call these crooks sliders . this is the lowest of the low before the victim even knows that the purse is missing.>>
4:38 pm
for herself. they pull up alongside and know what -- no one would even notice and then they called them sliders. they slide out festivities the doorframes so no one on the other side can see me open the door up and look here's the pocketbook right here. i grabbed the bag, close the door, slide back into my own car, no one knows and i have her bag and i am out of here. how long did that take, just nd from lindsay's point of view. she is looking at the pump, right there do see that? no. i opened her passenger door. you can barely see it. i will highlighted. i get her bag, close the door and speed away. did you hear the door open or close? >> i knew you were coming and i didn't see or hear anything. music is playing loud, i'm pumping my guess, there are
4:39 pm
around the country. watch this man snatch the victim's purse from the front seat. by the time she notices he's running away. she chases his down -- him down climbing onto the car and hitting him with the wallet. he still gets away. in detroit another new case, this thief wait until the woman is looking at the pump and strikes right there. best device is lock the door. if you see someone next to a car sliding out and taking property get a description, get us a license plates, things to help us put the bad guy away. >> the thieves are targeting women because we leave our bags typically on the seat with our wallet, keys, cell phone, everything we need inside. it is one-stop shopping for criminal. there is a warning. you might have an old cell
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wasting an opportunity to make money. we will show you how to sell that old cell phone coming up. then you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. she insist the signature on her voter registration application is not hers, so whose is it and why couldn't she get his attention? after 7 years, detectives finally identify a homicide victim. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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right now i want to say thank you for your generosity yesterday, 14 our heart walk phonebank yielded tremendous results. we asked and you delivered with donations ranging from $10 all the way up to $5000.
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bevy of volunteers manning the phones as the lines lit up. after our phonebank look at our grand total. we have now raised 27,000 look at our grand total. we have now raised $27,067 which means we are well on our way to reach over $100,000 goal . the heart walk is still a month away so if you missed the phonebank you still have time to donate and join our team.fucchilo kia is matching the first $50,000 every raise. every dollar you november 12 at raymond james stadium. you can go to walk for details. max defender 8 is showing us we have pretty nice thursday afternoon. no rain on the radar just yet. we will keep our shower chance is pretty low
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we can't rule out a few drops on the windshield but don't think we will see a whole lot. here's the current you from who live a. no rain at this location so far today with winds coming in out of the north between 5 and 10 miles- per-hour. the humidity is doing all right at this point. what to expect the next few days, temperatures are going to be staying a little bit above normal. we're talking the mid-to upper 80s. mornings will still be very comfortable right near 70 degrees each day. out in the tropics we're tracking hurricane nicole no threat to the us, but it is still a very strong hurricane with winds at 110 miles-per- hour making it a category 2 which was downgraded from a category 3. it will stay well off land as we head into the next several days. for us this evening we're still close to 80 degrees in we have that slim rain chance in the forecast for
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our rain chances are even lower than they were yesterday. when you wake up tomorrow morning we will be in the low 70s to start off with. the low 60s are gone for now but we will be in the low 70s for the morning hours topping out into mid to the upper 70s as we head into the afternoon. that a similar with what we are dealing with today. you can see mid-to upper 80s on the math. 87 tampa. 86 wimauma. 86 brooksville. 82 inverness. dewpoints, we're talking about the mid-60s for the most part this time of year. not too bad as far as the humidity is concerned. we have cold front off to the north. it will not have much of an impact on our forecast. for the much -- rest of the evening we have 10 percent chance of a shower headed into tomorrow morning. sunshine to start the day, not a whole lot of cloud cover. rain chances is about -- at about 10 percent. we will keep our rain chance small but headed into the weekend we start to see a
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in. starting off saturday looks nice and then we will bring our rain chances up to 20 percent as we head through saturday afternoon . you can see our temperatures trending close to average for this time of year. for the mornings where in the low 70s for the most part maybe even a few places will drop back into the upper 60s for the next few mornings. the rain chances are not bad but we do want to make mention that there was a little bit of a better chance to see a quick passing shower to cool us off of it. >> it has been so nice to get rid of some of that humidity. i walked for a while this morning and it felt really good. >> it is a lot easier to do at this time of year. check this out, scientists using the hubble telescope now claim there are 10 times more galaxies in the universe than we first thought. we're talking about 1 trillion maybe even 2 trillion galaxies or more. that information was just released today. you never know what is out
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. a bit. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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right now plant city man is being booked into jail. ryan talent is accused of crashing his truck into a home killing his 76 rolled -- killing a 76-year-old. he cannot pass a sobriety test out of his truck and tried to leave the scene but was stopped by several people. if you are like a lot of families you might have a junk drawer that has at least one old smartphone in it and that money is going to waste. meredith has 8 on your side device -- advice for getting the most cash for your old phone. >> start by knowing the exact model, how many gigs of storage it has in whether it is unlocked. >> if your phone is tied to our carrier it will not have as much value. >> honestly assess your phone's
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broken, or damaged. >> if it doesn't turn on there will be services that will take it and give you a few dollars. >> including the original box and assess risk can get you top dollars. some colors are more valuable than others. >> gold phones aren't as popular as space gray phones. when you are trading it in it could be a $10 difference. >> trading it into your current wireless carrier could be easy but not neceil switching carriers my payoff. the in-store trade-in route can give you instant gratification but at a price. typically in-store trade-in programs do not pay out as much is sending in your device. shipping it to online sites can often give you the most bang for your buck. >> things like that cell and amazon, they typically will give you a better price. >> locking in that price before new phone models are released
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before you give away your phone remove personal content. >> there are 3 steps to protect personal data on your phone before trading it in. first, encrypt data by setting a password on an iphone and also selecting encryption on androids . disassociate your accounts from the device through google or i cloud. finally, do the factory reset. also making consumer news, sony started selling it's playstation virtual reality headset today. it is a large seen as the biggest test yet for mass- market appeal of the virtual reality experience in homes. the $399 headset operates through the playstation for gaming counsel -- 4 gaming counsel . a halloween costume base on the robbery of -- based on the
4:54 pm
pulled from online. it featured a look-alike dressed in a white robe sporting a giant ring. the parisian high school still was listed on for nearly $70. starbucks has a new handcrafted drink at it's starbuck pet get evening stores . it misses -- starbucks evening stores. it is is served with vanilla. coming up, a company facing heavy fines for hurting harrison ford.
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>> let's take a look at what's trending online. love this. you are watching seven-year-old bryce snyder in his wheelchair lifetime. made possible in an assist with two northern kentucky football teams. that's week, they made sure bryce experienced football on the field and in the end zone. families on the opposing team sideline even helped. that's nice. and, trending on facebook
4:59 pm
million for the accident that broke actor harrison ford's leg. you may remember he had to be hospitalized during the production of the film star wars the force awakens. he is doing okay now. and a hero revealed online. justice league director zach snyder tweeted the first photo of actress amber herd as the character mara. she is approachinom sea. she will eventually marry the character aqua man. time now for newschannel8 at 5:00 with keith and jen. >> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> lego land evacuated after a bomb threat. why the park manager is taking this threat seriously. >> and a family weeping and whaling. a teen killed in the street. what is being done to find a hit and run driver.
5:00 pm
the donald denying ugly allegations involving women who he blamed at a rally in florida. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us, we begin with break news. a deputy on the wrong side of the law accused of pawning his service weapon and stealing drugs. let's get to peter bernard in pinellas county. peter? >> reporter: this is the sad case of a guy apparently addicted to drugd the sheriff fired that deputy yesterday. he had been with the agency since october of 2012. here are pictures of what went on. 32-year-old steve smith had worked as a patrol deputy and a narcotics deputy. the sheriff tells me he had been assigned desk duty after his performance had been falling off.


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