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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  October 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> right now, an newschannel8 at 5:3. >> a body found behind a flea market years ago. detectives have identified the victim of a gruesome cold case. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. now, tampa international is your gateway to cuba. we have ha look at the in tampa. >> reporter: jen, this is huge news for many curious about cuba. not just for the travel experience, but of course, for those with family ties to the island nation. the terminal at tampa international was packed today. these travelers are pumped up about a daily nonstop flight to havana cuba. after all, tampa bay has the third largest cuban american population of any city here in the u.s. southwest airlines is the carrier chosen for air service to the island.
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nonstop daily flights will start out of tia. but if you book before november 20, you will get a special rate. >> that's right. $59 for you. free bags, smiles, amazing. a journey of less than an hour. >> reporter: that is for flights operating december 12 through april 24 of next year. the airline also announcing today it is operating a connecting flight through the fort lauderdale deal, the voyage south has to happen before april 24. looking back, it has been 50 years since we have seen flights to cuba from any u.s. city thanks to the communist revolution. jen? >> this is exciting news for a lot of people. southwest is not the first airline to fly to cuba. >> reporter: that's right. jet blue landed first in santa clara. then silver airways and american airlines started as
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new tonight, 14-year-old alexander perez is charged as an adult in a home invasion that killed an 81-year-old man. perez is accused of viciously attacking robert walker. newschannel8 spoke with walker just hours before he died at the hospital. further charges could be filed against perez and we are learning more about what led up to the deputy involved shooting in pinellas county. the sheriff tells us things heated up on tuesday when the landlord was fed up when he cut a power cord in the garage. shots were fired into the neighbor's apartment. amazingly, the tenant was not struck, a painter and a third person were also shot. that is when deputies arrived on the seen and he fired at them. a deputy returned fire. he is now in critical condition. a horrific crime is under investigation right now in jacksonville. someone walked into a crowded restaurant, poured a liquid on a waitress and set her on fire.
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a burn unit in gainsville. no word on her condition at this time. the suspect was arrested and is facing attempted murder charges. and 73 great danes are getting a new leash on life after being rescued from what could be considered a puppy mill. a walton county dog breeder became sick and abandoned the dogs. his family called the authorities and now they are working to state officials are on high alert in the wake of a reported cyber security breach. looked like hackers targeted a florida election vendor and even the feds started asking questions. but as capital bureau reporter matt galka discovered, there was smoke, but no fire. >> reporter: cyber security and hacking have become prominent in the election cycle. federal investigators believe russian hackers are behind attacks in the country.
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that goes wrong, they blame russia. russia did it. they have no idea. we are being hacked because we have people who don't know what they are doing. >> reporter: now, the fbi thinks russian hackers have hit a vendor for florida's election system putting voter data at risk. supervisors of elections around the state were on a conference call last week with the feds regarding cyber security. leanne county election supervisor sanchez was on the . florida has been penetrated or scanned. >> reporter: he maintains elections in florida are secure and better than ever. but even casting a little doubt in a voter's head can hurt the process. >> why hack this data? >> well, i think one of the concern is to make people fearful. you may not vote by mail, but by attacking the state website, they could actually alter for example, your party affiliation. or maybe, cause to have a mail
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you would say oh, i didn't do this. and be apprehensive. >> reporter: the department of state says everything is fine. in a statement, they say they have no indication of a florida issue and they do not use a vendor for florida registration services. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. arizona and illinois are currently investigating possible hacks into their voter registration systems. thousands of voters' personal information may have been compromised. well, we are now less th tampa bay heart walk. >> and thanks to many of you, we are closer to meeting our fund raising goal. coming up, stacie schaible joins us with a look at just how much we raised and some of the great incentives we gave out. plus ... >> defense, offense, and special teams, our team of the week was firing on all cylinders. coming up, i will introduce you to this week's top dog. >> and, it has felt more like
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through the weekend? we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast coming up. >> that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station that is always on your side. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary.
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o solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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>> and right now, we are eagerly awaiting the puck drop. the tampa bay lightning's home opener tonight. this is a live look outside amalie arena. the bolts facing the redwings at 7:30. we'll have highlights and post game analysis live at 11:00. a big fund raising success for the 2016 tampa bay area heart walk. we had a huge response for our newschannel8 phone bank yesterday thanks to you our
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stacie schaible joins us now to reveal just how much we raised. i already know spoiler alert. but i will let you say it. >> reporter: it's good. it's good news. it was a marathon. i'm very grateful to all the viewers who gave us a ring and made a donation yesterday. we started taking calls at 6:00 in the morning and by the end of the phone bank at 7:30 p.m., we had made a big dent in our fund raising goal. we had viewers donate everything from five or ten dollars all the way up $5,000. they scored great prizes as a reward for their generosity. bucs tickets, lightning tickets, newschannel8 mugs, behind the scenes tours of daytime and newschannel8. and there, a cardiac arrest survivor, we had touching stories. it was emotional and there it is. we raised $27,067 toward our goal of $100,000. we are actually more than halfway there now because if we
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the next 50,000 bringing us no the $100,000 goal. in the next 30 days, that is how long it is to the heart walk, we can still look to raise about $23,000. that would get us to 50 and fuccillo would help get us to 100. >> that would be amazing. did it last year. so let's do it again. >> reporter: yes, last year, we raised 60,000 and fuccillo matched it so we raised $120,000. i would love to surpass that. >> thank and again, newschannel8 committed to raising the $100,000 for the 2016 heart walk. fuccillo kia matching the first 50,000. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium. you can go to for the details. we are getting pumped up tonight for the friday night blitz. halfway through the regular season, the hillsborough terriers are undefeated and have a balanced attack on defense, offense, and special teams. when you put all of that together, it spells team of the
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team. >> reporter: with an unbeaten, untied, 5-0, what a season! on the line. the hillsborough terriers found themselves on the road in a shoot-out against the jefferson dragons. >> i got down a little bit. my >> reporter: the terriers defense had not been scored on in 12 games. to stop the bleeding and slow down the dragon's fire breathe offense. >> they have good defense, fast defense. we don't have a lot of size, but we have ha lot of heart. we don't walk to play. >> reporter: doing offense, the terriering averaging 31 points, scored five touchdowns and they
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hillsborough terriers, holler at me! >> burn, burn, burn! >> reporter: i know the trophy says team of the week, but terriers, you guys have been balling all season long. and i have to tell you, what you did to the jefferson dragons definitely took a total team effort. that is why you are newschannel8's team of the week. [ cheers and applause ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: congratulations newschannel8's game of the week. >> hopefully, we will get an undefeated regular seasoned and go to the playoffs and continue on from there. >> reporter: with the hillsborough terriers, anthony allred, newschannel8 sports. >> man! that's a pumped up team, pumped up reporter! it's all going on right there. you can john anthony, dan lucas, and paul ryan for tomorrow's friday night blitz.
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action will kick off at 11:15 tomorrow. more breaking news right nowment we just learned from the highlands county sheriff's office that a deputy weapon stolen from his patrol car has been found. the theft happened during a spring of car burglaries in sebring earlier this week. we are checking out to find out where that gun was found. but, a second firearm stolen from another vehicle during the burglaries is still missing. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 fore w meteorologist julie phillips. >> and, max defender 8, our million watt radar getting a nice break this afternoon. you can see it is quiet at this point, really not tracking much at along the radar so far. not to say we couldn't see a light shower or a sprinkle but overall, the rain chances remain at less than 10%. here is the view from the plantation at crystal river. 82 degrees now with winds out of the northeast at 5 miles an hour.
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nice and dry like in most spots across the tampa bay area this afternoon. and again, the temperatures siting in the low 08s out at the lake club at lakewood ranch, 84 degrees with their winds coming in fairly light out of the east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. so, temperatures are running just a little bit above average. mid to upper 80s . all the way through the extended forecast. but, the mornings. that is where it has felt comfortable. that will remain about the same. it will be os this week, and even into next week. out in the tropics we are watching hurricane nicole in the atlantic. no threat to the u.s. but, it is still a very strong hurricane. a category 2 hurricane as of the 5:00 p.m. advisory. moving off toward the east, northeast, at 21 miles an hour and again, not going to be coming close to our coastline and is now moving away from bermuda thankfully. now, this season has been quite a busy one for us.
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hurricane strength and three of them have now reached major hurricane strength including gaston, matthew, and nicole. rememberrings hurricane season runs through november 30. so still, a little bit of time left. for the rest of this evening, 80 degrees, a slim chance of rain. mostly dry for us. staying warm, when you wake up tomorrow morning, we will be in the low 70s . that is what we saw this morning. warm in the sun, comfortable in the shade. similar to today. we are back to the mid to 08s . at this point, a lot of us are sitting in the mid 80s . 87 in bradenton. 82 currently in crystal river. dew points mid 60s , some places a little bit higher as we start to get closer to the 70-degree dew point. it starts to get a little bit closer to the uncomfortable range. so, we are kind of borderline right now, but not feeling too bad. and, you can see the drier air that has moved in on the water vapor imagery. that bright red is the reason
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around to produce any showers or storms. so, for the rest of this evening not much rain expected northeast winds continue into the overnight hours. waking up tomorrow morning, more sunshine is expected. really, through the day as well. rain chances are still at 10% for the afternoon and evening hours. that front you see making its way through, really kind of nonfactor. not going to change our temperatures, not going to change our rain chances. just kind of a weak frontal passage. as we head into friday evening we will shower chance in the forecast. saturday, a little bit more moisture starts to creep in from the south. and this will help up our rain chances to 20% for saturday and sunday. so, the rain chances are a little bit bet better this weekend. temperatures will stay where they have been at the last few days. mid to upper 80s close to average. average was 85 last year. so we will be all the way into
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and it is great beach weather but red tide is still a major issue. light to moderate concentrations in parts of pinellas, manatee, sarasota county coastline. fish kills, respiratory infections. if you are sensitive, you may want to stay away. lido key, cocina beach, fort de soto and siesta key are all affected. it will be partly cloudy and comfortable. winds coming in out of the northeast between 5 to 10 miles again, starting off your friday and your weekend on a great note. then, as we head into the weekend, rain chances go up just a little bit to 20%. but overall, shaping up to be a very nice weekend guys. warm, and just that slight increase in the rain chance. so, not too bad. >> we will take it. thank you julie. still to come, a mother is suing her children's school system claiming that her children are being put in danger. >> we will tell you why after the break. also coming up, why it would take a long time to figure out
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>> and, of course, you can watch newschannel8 on great 38 tonight with julie phillips, jenn holloway, and i believe rod carter is sitting in tonight. >> ahead for us, high emotion on the campaign trail. donald trump angrily lashing out at his women accusers. the media, and the establishment. while michelle obama delivers impassioned remarks about his treatment of women. we will have full coverage. details of the attack after father and our jeff takes us to understand the threat of exploding batteries on nbc
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what if one of the biggest could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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>> now to what's making headlines across america. two boston police officers are in critical condition r tactical rifle. the officers were called out to the home for an undisclosed reason. when they got there, the man opened fire. other officers who were also shot, who were there, shot and killed that gunman. and, the plane crash in connecticut that left a student pilot dead and his instructor badly burned is under investigation. looks like the crash now was intentional as we reported last night. but, investigators have not found any links to terror.
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and plan to get a search warrant. and news about the deadly train crash in hoboken. according to the safety board, the train's brakes were not working. the train also tripled in speed just before colliding with the station killing one person and injuring 110 other people. investigators are still working to figure out exactly what caused the crash and we will keep you updated on it. a blind mom is she says the system is failing to provide transportation for her children. the family lives within the walk zone. students in that mile-and-a- half radius are not provided transportation unless they have a disability. but, this mom says she can't physically take the kids herself because she is blind. and it is dangerous for them to walk alone. >> these are kids that are new to this neighborhood and the school has made it so they just can't get to school. >> in her suit, the single mom
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disability act, but the school holds the law does in the extend to the children of parents with disabilities. seven years pasco county detectives have new information in a cold case involving murder. investigators have finally identified the remains of a man found in the woods by the usa flea market on u.s. 19. homicide detectives now believe george levine was living in the woods behind usa flea market in pasco county when he was killed by it took them this long to identify a digital composite of him. they can start searching for his killer now they they have the identity. >> because of identifying who it is, we are able to ask for the public's assistance. hopefully, we can get more leads to bring somebody to justice. >> the sheriff says investigators had interaction with levine 14 days before his body was found, but because of
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next. >> stacie schaible has what we are working on. >> a little lake land girl was taken hundreds of miles from home. tonight, wild west hogs is back in the bay area and newschannel8 was there as he was marched in for booking. hear and see what happened. plus, a brutal attack at nature's classroom. investigators want to know who hurt a family of wild deer. >> imagine waking up in your house when this truck comes flying through the this morning it killed a woman. we have information on the driver. >> is it fraud or a mistake? he dismissed it until 8 on your
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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 6:00.
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the life of a bay area pastor's wife. what investigators say the driver was doing just before driving into this home. >> also tonight, hit and left to die. someone took off after hitting a teenager. hear her family's emotional plea for justice. i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. traffic is finally back open on fitzgerald road in lakeland. it was closed for hours today after a driver crashed his truck into a home, killing woman inside. tonight, the community is heartbroken over the death of janice folds. >> she was killed moments after she woke up in her own home. candace mccowan joins us live. this family was shattered within seconds. >> reporter: yeah keith, stacie, this is such a tragic story. they tell us when the driver came barreling through the front of the house that janice fold was killed instantly.
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>> we gave him field sobriety test which he miserablely failed. >> reporter: ryan talent told investigators he was going only 40 miles an hour when he crashed not only into, but through this home. >> you don't wipe out a house at 40 miles an hour. >> reporter: after the crash, investigators say he tried to leave, neighbors stopping him. >> if he had tried to leave, it would be problems for him. he would be skin up. >> reporter: but what happened here is about more than shattered walls. this is reverend wyatt and janice fold married for years. she was gone. >> they were starting their normal morning routine, he was preparing to go to a bible study. his wife walked into the guest bedroom and he said i wasn't ten steps behind her. >> reporter: those who new jan


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