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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  October 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> we gave him field sobriety test which he miserablely failed. >> reporter: ryan talent told investigators he was going only 40 miles an hour when he crashed not only into, but through this home. >> you don't wipe out a house at 40 miles an hour. >> reporter: after the crash, investigators say he tried to leave, neighbors stopping him. >> if he had tried to leave, it would be problems for him. he would be skin up. >> reporter: but what happened here is about more than shattered walls. this is reverend wyatt and janice fold married for years. she was gone. >> they were starting their normal morning routine, he was preparing to go to a bible study. his wife walked into the guest bedroom and he said i wasn't ten steps behind her. >> reporter: those who new jan
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ryan talent than himself. reverend fold stood by surrounded by families and friends as the truck was pulled from his home. he says there are. >> we got bad deals, and real bad deals. this was a real bad deal. >> reporter: yeah, reverend fold was just feet away from his wife when this accident happened but we understand that he janice fold leaves behind two kids and several grandchildren. >> this is not ryan talent's first run-in with the law is it candace? >> reporter: yeah, he faced charges before, a battery of theft. also, a previous dui charge which he served some time for probation. and, he was off of probation for that charge. keith? >> thanks, candace mccowan live. thank you.
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17-year-old daughter who was hit by a car and left to die. the family of ashley prodomo begged for help finding her killer. she worked at a grocery store to help pay for college. as she tried to take the bus, someone hit her and took off. >> don't run over somebody and leave them there, especially a teenaged girl. just starting to live. we don't ... we forward. if anybody saw something, if there were any cameras that captured anything. please. please call us or call the highway patrol. >> the driver is still on the loose tonight. searching for ashley's killer continues. florida highway patrol is now investigating the case. a deputy on the wrong side of the law accused of pawning his service weapon and stealing drugs. off the job, and facing charges
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sheriff bob tells us that the former deputy stole oxycodone pills from a citizen who brought them to a dunedin station to be destroyed. the sheriff said addiction can affect anybody an deputy's life was spiraling downward. >> this guy was on a complete spiral. >> former deputy smith will likely face additional charges in pasco county. the man charged with kidnapping a four-year-old polk county girl and taking her to tennessee is back in florida tonight. and, behind bars. deputies brought west wild hogs back to the bartow jail today from memphis. newschannel8 was there when they brought him in for processing.
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listen in. >> mr. hogs, this four-year- old, why would you kidnap a four-year-old girl? >> do you have anything to say? to the family? >> do you want to apologize to the family? >> at this point, hogs is facing kidnapping charges and another charge of auto theft. he is expected to face more charges from the fbi. he will face a judge tomorrow afternoon. lego land closed down today after a bomb threat. a park goer gave us some video of people leaving right around noon today. thrk just a hoax. people staying at the hotel were allowed to go back to their rooms about an hour ago. and, a man who investigators say tried to steal a car with a teenager inside has been caught. this happened outside a 7/11 in largo saturday. they found john jurgenshn at a hotel in clearwater today. he was charged with attempted kidnapping. hockey fans rejoice. the bolts are back.
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here in tampa to face the detroit red wings tonight. paul ryan joins us now live. he is at amalie arena and paul, i know you are looking forward to the start of the regular season. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. there is no better place in tampa to be tonight. it seems like we were just here for game six of the eastern conference final. hockey season never rests. what better way to kick off the season than with a rivalry clash with the red wings. this franchise had more but, steve iserman had himself a dream season. resigning stephen stamkos, nikita kucherov, and others keeping the nucleus of the squad intact for years to come. they continue their quest for a second stanley cup featuring an all too familiar foe, the detroit redwings on opening night. >> it is the first game i see, we go out there, it is a fun time. and there is definitely a little jump in our game.
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first playoff game. i always think opening night. it is just the energy in the building. it is really an exciting time. so, it is not so much the sleep before. it is like a nap i get in right before the game. >> reporter: hopefully, coach cooper set an alarm. he needs to get going in about an hour. i will have much more on the bad blood between these two budding rivals coming up a little later in sports. >> paul, quickly, give us something to keep an eye on tonight. what should we be looking for? >> reporter: i wiiv braden point. but if you are more on a traditionalist. look at tyler johnson. he says he is as healthy as he has ever been. we are looking for him to have a bounce back. >> we will see if he will score. thank you very much paul. a bay area woman says someone tried to commit voter registration fraud using her name. >> she turned to election officials for help with no
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>> and a brutal attack at a place meant to teach children about nature's beauty. the senseless crime that has left many heartbroken and in disbelief. >> rain has been fairly limited over the past week. but, the moisture does increase a bit as we head into this weekend. a full look at the weekend
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>> florida fish and wildlife officers are on the search for the persons who killed two deer and injured a two at a nature's classroom in hillsborough county. >> a spokesperson for the agency says this is the definition of a senseless crime. chip osowski joins us now live. what are authorities telling you about this chip? >> reporter: this is one of those cases that really makes you shake your head. fwc isn't saying much about what happened out here at nature active and an ongoing investigation. the two deer killed affectionately named buckie and rosie were found in their pen dead. a third deer injured. nature's classroom is a facility where hillsborough county sixth graders experience the outdoors and learn about the animals here. >> as far as the investigation is concerned, we are looking at every aspect. >> reporter: gary morris with fish and wildlife says it
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killers brutally attacked the animals while they were in a secure pen. >> you say this appears to be a senseless act? >> i have been with the agency 39 years. this is one of the more senseless act i have heard of. >> that is just mean. >> reporter: people who live in the area are angry and upset. these pictures provided by the school district show the animals were easily approachable. that anyone would attack a defenseless animal in deplorable. >> so many children go in and enjoy the field trips here. there are almost daily trips to see the animals. the community is very close. and it is very sad. >> i have lived here 20 years and i have never heard of a monstrosity like that. i have visited nature's classroom. i have volunteered there. and, to have somebody just come in there and do that to animals that are used to being around people and fed?
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district. the school district pose woman told me that she was referring all questions to fwc because of the fact that this is still an active and ongoing investigation. >> chip, is there a possibility of surveillance video in this case? >> reporter: i did ask about that. as you can see, there are signs that say there are surveillance cameras. but fwc is saying because this is still an ongoing investigation, they are not discussing exactly what they are looking into. >> all right, welshing let's you very much. and now, an update to our breaking news. a suspect is now arrested in the deadly hit and run that killed a 17-year-old tampa girl. 56-year-old nicholas costantinu was arrested at his home charged with leaving the scene of a crash that resulted in death. ashley was crossing the street when the car hit her. still ahead, a hillsborough
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voter idea card. >> hear why hillsborough was not that concerned about it until 8 on your side started
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>> now, an 8 on your side investigation. >> a live long republican discovers she is a democrat, but the signature verifying that change is not her. a hillsborough woman told her daughter something is wrong.
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someone would use her name to commit voter registration fraud here in florida, a swing state where every vote is important. she is more bothered that the hillsborough county board of elections was not taking her seriously. but that changed when steve andrews standarded asking questions. >> reporter: when i questioned craig latimer and her staff, they would say she probably forgot she filled out since then, a lot has gone down. voting, choosing those who prepresent us. a right many of us hold sacred. so when lifelong republican marina received a new id card saying she was a registered democrat, she and her daughter minerva headed to the hillsborough county supervisor of elections office to find out why. >> they insisted that she had done it. and that, you must have
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irate. >> reporter: they discovered a group called mi familia voter submitted an application for her. this is the signature. >> i sign different. completely different. >> reporter: she provided us with the signature, you be the judge. >> you tell me. >> they look a little bit different. they don't look a lot different to me. >> reporter: the birth year on the application also doesn't match marina's informing law enforcement? signature? >> all i have is this form. i don't know that ... um ... i don't have anything that tells me that this is illegal. >> there is identity theft to an extent. you know, the forged signature. and, the voter registration. i mean e there are three things
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elections office only contacted mi familia after we started asking questions. we went there and would not open the door to us. the executive director spoke to me from skype. he says they are investigating the 200 other applications submitted by the person who filled out marina's. >> we are going to go with due diligence and contact every >> reporter: the person who filled out the registration no longer works for mi familia. was this voter registration fraud? she not sure and he is going to investigate further. >> so this group is basically investigating its on application like the fox in the hen house here. what about hillsborough county supervisor of election? >> reporter: they contend it is not up to them but the state
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applications. they say safeguards are in place to protect against voter fraud. there are thousands of these applications that were submitted in the last few months. >> where you see one, you think there are more your friend texts me during the story. how widespread could this be? that's the question. thanks steve. now, if you have a problem you think need to be investigated, call our 8 on your side help line. the number is on the screen. 1-800-338-0808. world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with meteorologist julie phillips. >> and, max defender 8, while pretty quiet at this point, not tracking any showers or storms around. and we are expecting it to stay pretty quiet for the rest of this evening. not much in the way at all of rain around. you can see the view from hyundai of new port richey. 82 degrees with the wind coming out of the northeast, 10 miles an hour. and so, rain chances the next
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going to be only around 10% or so. but, by the weekend, they will go up a smudge. so it is looking a little bit more likely that we could see a passing shower. definitely in the a wash-out by any means. rain chances are still fairly low. by 9:00 p.m., we are still warm. upper 70s . when you wake up tomorrow morning, another pleasant start to the day. more sunshine. low 70s . kind of a brisk 60s we were seeing earlier this week, that has left us. it wi a mix of sun and clowns. a little warmer into the afternoon hours. we will top out in the upper 80s as we head into the afternoon. then, friday night blitz is looking good this week. a 10% rain chance at kickoff. so most of the game should go on without a hitch close to 80 degrees at the start. by the final play, we are any the mid 70s looking at a nice night with lingering clouds around. wind speeds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. slightly breezy.
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are dealing with and it is getting a little breezy all the way through the evening hours but not too bad. winds will ease up a little bit. 83 in tampa. 80 in zephyr hills. 82 in apollo beach. 82 in crystal river. so, temperatures are warm. thankfully, the humidity is in the not too bad range. dew points in the mid 60s . kind of what we would expect in early fall for us. so, not feeling too bad at all. northeast winds continue and ou show you that, really not looking at much in the way of rain. stays dry through the overnight houser. as we head into tomorrow morning as well. notice this weak front. the temperatures stay warm. getting back up into the mid to upper 80s and the rain chances will stay small, near 10% on friday. but by saturday, some slightly deeper moisture from the south creeping back in.
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for saturday afternoon. and sunday as well. so, we bring up the rain chances just a little bit. then the rest of next week, is looking good. but, notice by the end of next week, we will raise our rain chances a little bit. and, we also, are watching the potential for a front to move through friday or maybe into the weekend. so, that will of course bring us a little bit more rain. and, hey, we could see a bigger cooldown in store. so we will have to wait and see. >> thank you hockey fans have been waiting for. >> the bolts are back and ready to take on the red wings. we will take you live to amalie arena for a closer look at the
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>> welcome back live to amalie arena. we are just about to drop the puck on the 2016 hockey campaign. what better way to start the hockey season than perhaps your greatest rival. these two teams have faced off 21 times in the last two years alone. and there is not enough time in the show to discuss the overlap in the diagram between the two franchises. for the bolts general manager to the relationship between to a pair of bloody playoff series the last two series. tampa bay winning both of course. since the nhl realigned and the redwings moved to the eastern conference, they have clashed with the bolts. >> it is a little rivalry going on with detroit. now, it will be a similar type of game as the playoffs. >> there is a unique relationship between us and
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their coach. we have a budding rivally. we have met twice in the playoffs and that just creates a rivalry right there. it should be a good one. >> reporter: most of the lightning roster is exactly as you remember it from last season. but, there will be a new face in this place tonight. as braden point makes his debut wearing number 21 and blue and white. he was a third round pick in 12013 and has premier up and coming talents in the organization since then. he is a goal scorer wracking up 100 goals over the last three seasons. he will get time in five on five. he is stoked to get his first appearance and coach cooper seems happy to have him. >> i'm sure every player dreams of playing in the nhl. it is what you play for as a kid. it is exciting and surreal. just looking forward to it.
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roster spots for free. like, the guys are in them. and, braden was really close to earning one last year. and he most definitely earned one this year. what do you do now? >> reporter: point is still in the roster spot left by ryan callahan who is out until november from an injury. we will see if he is key against the redwings. with all the success tampa bay had last year, the bolts finished 28th in le the numbers have to be better and he could be the difference make tore night. i'll have highlights and locker room reaction coming up at 11:00. but for now, i'm paul ryan, newschannel8 sports. remind me stacie, what color are the redwings? >> i think they are red. >> oh, that's a large mistake i made this morning getting dressed. >> you didn't think about it. >> last night, we were all blue. now we are all blue and red.
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there. >> nightly news is next. >> followed by newschannel8 at
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breaking news tonight, donald trump's furious tirade as a number of women accuse him of sexual assault. >> they're pure fiction, and they're outright lies. >> trump lashing out him, as michelle obama declares enough is enough. >> it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> the first lady like we've never heard her before. america strikes back after iranian-backed rebels open fire on a u.s. destroyer, an alarming provocation. exploding danger, we go inside the lab exploring what can happen to cell phones when they're overcharged.


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