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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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deputies say he was driving drunk when he plowed into a polk county home, killed a much loved grandmother right in front of her husband. up next, the suspect headed to court to legoland ready to open its doors after a bomb threat shut down the park. coming up, what we are learning about the incident and what he go land is doing for the people forced to leave on thursday. plus, fighting human trafficking. can a new law save vulnerable teens from being exploited and forced into a life on the streets? good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this friday morning.
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us. >> yeah, happy friday to you guys. we are starting off with a little bit of rain this morning. it's difficult to pick out but when we zoom in to polk county, you will see a couple showers sliding in from the east coast. we had this throughout much of the night here. we can't rule out a stray shower for inland locations this morning. otherwise, mild temperatures. upper 60s and low 70s. that's where we're starting off this morning. and your temperatures will climb above average. normally right ar 8 again, just a stray shower possible as we go into the afternoon. now coming up, we will look at the day hour-by-hour. but for right now, a quick check of what's happening on the roadways this morning. good morning, leslee lacey. we are having a tough morning. waking-up to a fatal accident in the heart of downtown tampa. what you're looking at is a picture of the junction. in the distance, the white light, that's actually westbound i-4. cannot transition on to southbound 275
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eric. he has got a look on the street for you. you can see right here, to the left, it's completely blocked. as you look down there, those are the emergency vehicles. again, this is westbound i-4 leading into 275. so what happens here is you're actually diverted on to northbound 275. and as eric pans over, you can see that's where the vehicles are going. they are heading north on 275. at martin luther king, you can exit and turn around and southbound. i will watch this one for you. and just got word, there's a possible fatal accident out in polk county. and i'll have more on that coming up in the next report. and now back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you, leslee lacey. happening today, a plant city man is facing manslaughter charges after he crashed his pickup truck into a lakeland home killing the wife of a retired pastor. this was the horrific scene 24 hours ago. investigators tell us 76-year- old janice folds was killed instantly.
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news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the polk county sheriff's office. ryan, sheriff grady juddic explained that the driver was drunk at the time -- judd explained that the driver was drunk at the time? >> reporter: gayle, good morning. the sheriff said this act has caused a lot of grief. listen. >> ryan talent, with his recklessness, changed the life of this beautiful family forever. and through the criminal justice system, change ryan talent's life. >> reporter: this is video of ryan talent as he was booked into jail. the sheriff went on to say his pickup truck flew off fitzgerald road and slammed into the home. janice and her husband, the reverend ryan fold, had just woken up when the truck plowed through the home, ending up through two rooms. the reverend watched as the truck was pulled from the home.
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of the scene after the crash but neighbors stopped him. in the past, he has been arrested for grand theft and dui charges. the folds were married for 53 years. >> gosh, what a sad, sad story. thank you, ryan. well, west wild hogs, the man accused of kidnapping a 4- year-old polk county girl, is expected in court this afternoon. hogs was transported back to florida from tennessee thursday. he and little becky lewis were o week. becky was returned to her parents safe and sound wednesday. hogs is due in court at 1:00 p.m. new this morning, the driver accused of hitting a 17- year-old girl on hillsborough avenue and leaving her to die posted bond overnight. he is believed to have been driving this hyundai when he hit and killed the 17-year-old wednesday night. now a tip from an insurance agent helped state troopers arrest him. and this morning, we are
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a pinellas county man went on a shooting rampage, firing at neighbors, and even at a deputy. this video shows the 65-year- old firing off nine rounds. wait for it. the sheriff tells us that he was just served eviction papers and he wanted to get back at his neighbor sean smith. >> he was on a ram as many people as he could wednesday. >> and he shot at a man painting and a deputy who confronted him. for years, he has argued with neighbors. and he has been accused of exposing himself to kids and s. and-- kids. right now, his neighbor remains hospitalized. they are both listed in critical condition. a pinellas county deputy is off the job and out on bond this morning. he is accused of pawning his service weapon and stealing
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32-year-old steve smith stole pills from a citizen who brought them to the dunedin substation to be destroyed. and he is accused of pawning his agency-issued hand gun. he is charged with two counts of felony grand theft and one could want of possession of a controlled substance. the man who investigators say tried to steal a with a teenager inside and is wake up in jail. the incident happened outside of this 7-eleven in largo saturday. investigators tell us th at the hotel in clearwater thursday. he was arrested and is being charged with attempted carjacking. and this morning, new zika virus concerns in miami. health officials say mosquitoes have spread the virus to yet another neighborhood there. five people in the little river neighborhood tested positive for zika virus. the one square mile area is about five miles north of downtown miami. a large portion of miami beach remains an active zika virus
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florida. 155 were infected here in our state. happening today, legoland will re-open this morning after a day at the theme park was cut short on thursday. >> yeah, scary afternoon for a lot of families out there. meredyth censullo has the latest on what happened there and legoland's response. >> reporter: okay, so any parent can imagine the disappointment, you have taken your kids to the theme park, and then you have to leave at lunchtime. that's exactly what happened on thursday when someone called we have video from someone there at the theme park of the mass evacuation yesterday of the park and the onsite hotel. for several hours, the park was combed for explosives, but there were none. now it's been determined the whole thing was a hoax. legoland says they'll re-open at 10:00 a.m. and they are offering refunds to anyone at the park or hotel yesterday. they say they'll also offer
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and as you can imagine, there are a lot of disappointed guests posted to facebook that they can't return for another day or with questions about not only the ticket prices but the fees for parking too. legoland is responding to all of those cases individually. there is an email set up to handle that. it is now posted on our website, just filed that story for you so you can go there and get the email address and hopefully get taken care of. by the way, the police department is st charged with making that threat. >> well, that's too bad. when you go to the park with a child, that's like packing for a day trip, juice boxes and strollers and diaper bags. >> i'm sure they're happy it was just what it was. >> but some people have posted and say, hey, i can't come back. so it was their scheduled day to be there. >> yeah, sometimes people live far away. >> yeah, unfortunate. well, a lot of folks
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this upcoming weekend. one more work day and you may need to bring along the umbrella just in case you get caught under a shower. temperature-wise, as we take you hour-by-hour, the numbers get to 87 which is slightly above average. we will have scattered cloudy throughout the day. 71 in venice. and 68 for zephyrhills, inverness and crystal river. so a milder start. we also have a little bit of a breeze, especially along the coast. but the breeze is coming from the north pattern for the last couple days. we will have cloudiness and a few sprinkles will start sliding in from the east coast into the afternoon. that's why i mentioned, bring along the umbrella, just in case you get caught under a shower. and you may run into that for the afternoon commute as well. first, we have to focus on the morning commute. and it's already a busy start this morning. i'll tell you what, waking up to a tough morning, folks. we have a huge crash in the
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a motorcyclist. it is a fatal crash. and that translates to, as far as traffic, this is going to be closed for a while. this is southbound 275 right from i-4. so westbound i-4 is blocked to southbound 275. traffic is taken off and diverted north. and i want to have you take a quick look here. this is northbound, you have to exit at martin luther king and then come back down on south 275. let's go to eric live on the scene there. you can see again westbound completely blocked. the vehicle is on and detoured on to northbound 275. all right, let's go back to the maps now talk about another possible fatal crash. this one is at the lakeland county line right in polk county right at gateway boulevard. and a delay here on u.s. 92 north of that. that could be actually backing it up. i will watch this one. again, possible fatal out here in the polk county area. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you so much, leslee lacey.
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and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 but we need your help. fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for details. a delicate surgery to separate conjoined twins. the update on the procedure and what the family is saying about the outpouring of support the country. plus, a kidney surprise. a dad gets a second chance at life. how his daughter managed to find him a kidney donor in just 24 hours. first, what local and state officials are doing to prevent human trafficking in the bay area.
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in an 8 on your side alert this morning, there is a lot going on in our state in the war against human trafficking. as of this month, there are more boots on the ground to help victims. this morning, i sit down with a woman who works here in tampa
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on the hunt for human trafficking rings across the state. and when arrests are made, the victims themselves won't be cuffed, which believe it or not, wasn't always the case until a new law went into effect this month. >> we had to create a law that says, no child under the age of 18 can be arrested as a prostitute. which is huge. you know, again, you've heard this, no child ever, you know, says when they're little, i want to grow up to be a prostitute. so victims. >> reporter: and often time, women working in the adult entertainment industry did not choose this life path. instead, they were forced into it. >> strip clubs, unfortunately, have been known to be grooming grounds for sex trafficking. >> reporter: she along side the salvation army ministry workers go into the clubs and offer a way out.
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you and if you ever want to talk about how to find a way to get out of this industry and into something else, we're there to help you. >> reporter: and finally, 5,000 law enforcement and first responders are now trained to help victims when they are finally located. >> a lot of victims have been brainwashed to believe that law enforcement is their enemy and not their friend. >> reporter: but there are safety nets being formed right now. to stop human trafficking. >> the next big hurdle state is finding shelter for human trafficking victims. once they have been rescued, minors are cared for by state agencies but adult victims need a safe place to stay and support to transition into a normal life. >> and i am impressed that they go to these places and give them that option to get out of the business to avoid turning into something else. >> and more impressive, a lot of the places allow them in and support this. you know -- >> so they know what's going on. >> and they don't, you know, keep them out.
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all right. thank you, gayle. across america this morning, a pre-trial conference is set for the former pharmaceutical ceo. he is accused of looting pharmaceutical company of $11 million to pay off investors he suspected of previously defrauding through a hedge fund he managed. the trial is set for next june. multiple agencies are investigating a deadly crash involving a tour bus and a tractor-trailer. this happened in gegi 48 people were on the bus at the time of the crash. the bus driver was killed and 43 others were injured. all of them are expected to be okay though. this morning, doctors in new york are closely monitoring a pair of twins conjoined at the head. the very long surgery to separate the two started thursday morning. the twins have lived for 13 months connected by the tops of their heads. the boys share a blood vessel and some brain tissue.
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the support in the last couple days. >> i just never knew that there was that many caring and generous people out there. but it's really been great for those kids. because, you know, we were concerned about them. how this was all going to take place. >> the twins joined at the are exceedingly rare, occurring in one out of every 2.5 million births. >> wow. a dad is enjoying a second chance at life thanks to his daughter's social skills. after months of dialysis, jeff charter's kidneys were failing and he was on the list for a donor but his daughter knew he was running out of time. she turned to facebook. >> i was sitting in the back of my mind i was like, this wait list thing, that's not happening.
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>> wusa 9 one day, her prayers were answered. a graduate student from her home city wanted to get tested and days later, they learned he was a 100% match. she flew to the detroit to surprise her dad. >> i'm tired of being a winier and moaner. dad, i found you a kidney donor. >> what a great moment. they cried and hugged. now he is doing a whole lot better today very nice. let's get a check on the weather. >> yeah, our friends in bermuda, they were dealing with a category three hurricane yesterday. still a category two but things will improve as nicole works off toward the north atlantic. otherwise, the atlantic is quiet this morning. 74 at tampa international airport here. as we go through the day, we have an easterly breeze that will likely continue and that will keep us with moist which
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expecting a few showers. quick showers. better chances for inland locations. so if polk county, h ighlands,hardee the county, you have better rain chances. 20% into the upcoming weekend. temperatures right around 87 to 86 degrees. and then next week, we look at some slightly more seasonable weather with mid-80s on tap. and morninws with rain chances. and another look at the roads with leslee lacey. a look out here. here's what's going on, i-4, seeing a slow down the now. we're up to 10 minutes from 301 to 275, that's coming through ybor city. it is all due to the fatal accident involving a motorcyclist that has westbound i-4 at the transition to 275 completely blocked. so you are not able to go from i-4 westbound on to southbound 275. you are taken northbound. if you have to exit at martin
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let's go to eric with a live look again there. you can see to the left, completely blocked westbound. but to the right, cars being diverted on to 275. and that's what's causing that back-up now. and that's going to get worse and closed for about an hour and a half more because it's a fatal accident. and with the fatal crash, you have an investigation. and i want to go back to the maps now because we have another possible fatal crash, this is county line road at gateway boulevard right at the polk county line in lakeland. keep that in mind. and injury accident that has the intersection blocked at powell road. so we have significant issues out there on the roads for you this morning but i will keep you posted on them. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to the gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. the latest retail store joining the growing list of businesses that will close thanksgiving day. first, hear how much those fire-prone cellphones are costing samsung and what the company is now doing to keep
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this morning, samsung is expected to take a big loss over its decision to stop production of the galaxy note 7. the company is estimating they'll lose close to $3 billion between now and march. samsung announced this week that they are ending all production and sales of the note 7. and they are offering a $100 credit to customers who
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office depot is joining the list of retailors closing their stores for thanksgiving. the office supply chain says shopper cans get deals online on its website but the stores won't open until black friday at 6:00 a.m. other stores not closed last year have announced they'll close this year, including american girl, and the mall of america. >> just in case you want to stock up on paper clip, do it online. >> exactly.
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we have a couple light showers rolling through polk county. very, very light stuff. not much so these but you may encounter a few drops on the
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for today. westbound i-4, it's getting slammed due to a fatal accident at the junk. you are detoured to northbound 275. leave the house 20 minutes early or take the selmon expressway into downtown tampa
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> breaking overnight, the man accused of killing a hillsborough high senior in a hit-and-run crash is out of jail. he is charged with running down after-school job. the emotional vigil to remember a life cut short is just ahead. and deputies say he kidnapped a 4-year-old polk county girl and drove her across the southeastern united states. today we will hear what the accused abductor has to say for himself. the war of words intensifies this morning. how donald trump is lashing out at hillary rodham clinton and the first lady's strong rebuke to trump's so-called locker room language.


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