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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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? right now, on newschannel 8 today at 11:00, the man accused in the hit of jail free on bond. hear what he had to say. a new zika hot zone, where the concern is. a shark makes its way into a cage with a driver inside. wait until you see what happens next.
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newschannel eight today at 11:00. plenty of sunshine out there and we're free and clear. we've had a few sprinkles on the east coast that we tracked with our radar here. they may drift inland through the course of the afternoon but most will miss out on the rain. partly cloudy skies, temperatures are up to 80 degrees at this time, 79 in clearwater, degrees for zephyr hills. moisture coming in off of the atlantic. with the dry air aloft, despite the moisture and increased humidity we're expecting about a 10% shot at a shower and most the showers will have a hard time holding together. 85 is your average high and we'll just to 87 later on today. it's going to be a warmer than average day and a warmer than average weekend. we'll take you through that
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a bit. overnight, the man accused of running over a 17-year-old leaving her to die is out on bond. we spoke with him as he walked out of jail. investigators say he hit and killed ashley on hills on the road. we spoke with the man just hours ago. >> reporter: good morning. he doesn't deny being behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed the 17-year-old but he believes if she had been crossing in a lighted cross walk it may have never happened. >> she ran into the path of my vehicle. you know what i mean in there was nothing i could do, nothing you could have done or anybody else. she made the decision to apparently run across a busy
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was the unfortunate tragic consequences of her dying, you know. >> reporter: do you think it was her fault? >> in a way, i would say so because first of all, who ner their -- who in their right mind would run across. >> what one local legal expert feels about that defense. newschannel 8. >> as you can imagine, the family is remember the teen who had plans to attend community college. fighting tears, her brother explains, news is little consolation. >> i'm happy they got him but it won't bring my is sister back. she's not coming back. >> they are remembering the teen with a moment of silence
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on our website, we have an interactive happen showing the five oldest hit-and- run cases in the tampa bay area and surprising facts about hit- and-runs, one, pinellas county is number two for hit and runs. the investigation into a shooting death in st. pete. st. pete police responded to 911 calls of gunfire around 4:00 a.m. they arrived dead inside a car with georgia plates. police don't believe they are dealing with a suicide or random attack either. the apartment and the area is described as a quiet, low crime area. police are asking for the public's help to find the shooter. happening today, a court appearance for 1:00 p.m., the alabama man accused of kidnapping becky lewis.
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week. back in people county he's keeping quiet. >> this 4-year-old, why would you kidnap a 4-year-old girl? do you have anything to say to the family? do you want to apologize to the family? >> you see there, he's offering no response to our reporter. the man and little becky lewis were supported in tennessee before a nurso amber alert spotted the pair. she was brought home safe and sound. watch for more later. also in court this afternoon is the plant city man charged with dui manslaughter after smashing his truck, driving drunk, when he crashed through the house, killing a 76- year-old who was in the front
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she and pastor had been married for 53 years. >> they were starting their normal morning routine and he was preparing to go to a bible study. his wife walked into the guest bedroom and he said, i wasn't 10 steps behind her. >> the sheriff said he failed sobriety tests and has a history of dui and careless driving. newschannel 8 will be this afternoon. new information about a deadly motorcycle crash that caused a backup on interstates. a 44-year-old lost control of his bike and hit a guard rail. he was thrown off his bike and died.
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commute. knew zika virus concerns in miami. it's spread to another neighborhood. five people in the little river neighborhood tested positive for zika. the one square mile area, five miles north of miami, and a larger portion of miami beach remains an active zika infection zone. there's more than a thousand people with zika in florida and 155 of those were infected in our state. 8 on your side is the fight over ride-sharing services. newschannel 8 uncovered e-mails that revealed a close relationship between the county's public transportation business and the businessesthy are supposed to regulate. the ptc regulates taxis and limos and toe trucks and fighting to keep uber and lyft off the roads. e-mails to the director include, quote, talking points about how to argue against these ride-sharing companies. the director though claims the
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the raiders are preparing for an epic battle, facing the durant high cougars tonight. we see more about this, and it's not just about school pride either. >> we are out here at the high school this morning, and as you can see the kids are so excited, a sea of orange. this is a cross-town rivalry game between plant city high school and durant. these are big-time rivals. this is a big-time game. they aren't just school pride. they are playing for the
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the two principals at the two rival high schools have more in common than you think. susan sullivan and pamela bowden are sisters. >> friday night we'll be on opposite sides of the field. but we'll walk over and talk to one another. >> it's a good rivalry. i brings out the best in both schools and teams and we always tend to play harder, step up our game. >> reporter: tonight it's a battle between two teams on the gridiron and two sisters for the james l. redmond cup named after their late fathe as for who will take home the cup tonight. >> if history repeats itself, plants city has won is six times and durant has won it three times. >> reporter: kick-off, 7:30, and we'll see who takes home the cup for another year. the 2016 walk is around the corner and we are committed to raising $100,000 but we need
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as two. the walk is happening november 12. head over to our website for more details. one week later, hurricane matthew's effect is still happening, flooding, and it's only getting worse. this video exploding online today, an incredible story behind it, a shark gets inside a shark cage with a driver inside. plus, human trafficking is very real in florida, even here
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welcome back. i've got ed here. we'll talk weather in a second. this amazing video, a wild confrontation caught on camera. >> this is off of mexico's west coast. watch this. during this diving trip, somehow a great white shark manages to get inside the shark
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still inside the cage. >> that poor guy. that thrashing may lead you to believe that something bad is about to happen. don't worry, the experienced diver got out and the shark also got out and then got away, but as for how it got inside that cage in the first place, here's a working theory. the shark lunged for bait >> can you imagine? my life would be flashing before my life. the driver kept his cool. >> i don't care how trained you are, you may not keep your cool in that situation. weather-wise, let's get right to it. it's friday, heading into the weekend, so far so good for this friday, from the plantation on crystal river, 80 degrees, midday, light
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a few passing clouds on the lake club. winds are more easterly. temperatures will stay warmer than average, mid-to upper 80s for today, and rain chances, they will stay low but they'll be around through the weekend and thankfully now the tropics, nicole is heading out into the north atlantic, weakening, and the tropical atlantic is looking ir humid, and a slim chance of a shower, 87 degrees for your afternoon high. still hanging on to 79 for inverness. 79, bartow. the easterly breeze and clouds and a few sprinkles on the east coast of florida. some of those may hold together and work their way into our area but with this dry air aloft, we're expecting that the showers will have a hard time
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through, through the afternoon. the rain chance is 10%. tomorrow morning, slightly better moisture and slightly less dry air aloft leading to a slightly better coverage of hours, so the rain chance is low, only round 20%. don'tforget, it's friday, friday night blitz, 72 when at kick-off and 78 at halftime. a mix of clouds and sunshine as we go into perhaps up to 15 miles per hour in some spots. 20% rain chances. we get back to typical weather, 85 degrees by monday. >> my little kayaking adventure looks okay. >> i think you are. >> maybe a sprinkle? >> just a sprinkl s. the war against human
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several steps the state of florida is now taking. >> i had the chance to sit down with a woman who works at the state level and right here in tampa bay to help victims of a crime dubbed modern day slavery. law enforcement is on the hunt for human trafficking rings across the state and one arrester made the victims themselves won't be caught which believe it or not was not always the case until a new law went into effect this month. >> we says, no child under the age of 18 can be arrested as a prostitute, which is huge, you know, and you have heard this, no child ever, you know, says when they are little, i want to grow up to be a prostitute. so we have to treat our children as children and as victims. >> reporter: oftentimes women working in hot adult entertainment industry did not choose this life path. instead, they were forced into
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have been known to be grooming grounds for sex trafficking. >> reporter: alongside the ministry workers, they go into the clubs and offer a way out. >> we just want to -- no agenda, just to let them know that we see you and we care about you and if you ever want to talk about how to to get out of this industry and into something else, we're there to help you. >> reporter: finally, 5,000 law enforcement and first responders are now in training to help victims when they are finally located. >> a lot of victims have been brainwashed to believe that law enforcement is their enemy and not their friends. >> there's safety nets being formed right now to stop human trafficking. >> the next big hurdle for the state is finding shelter for human trafficking victims once they've been rescued. minors are cared for by state agencies but adult victims need
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support to transition back to a normal life. >> florida ranks third in the nation for calls to the national human trafficking hotline. state officials hope that's because people are more aware of what to look for and calling in those tips. right now rivers in north carolina continue to rise one week after hurricane matthew made its way up. the neuse river is supposed to crest today at a record 29 feet. they are warning home own are and businesses about the flood victims pick and choose what to salvage. >> terrified, and nice memories, and i've been over here four times and i didn't know what to pick up. course the family pictures but other is tha that mean so much, box that you have and i just didn't know what to pick up. >> u.s. 70 in north carolina is closed under more than a foot of water right now, adding the difficulty of getting around to people already dealing with so much there.
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of cuba. it shows what people there dealt with during hurricane matthew. look. this is how fast a hurricane storm surge can fill your home, pretty impressive. it starts off with a small rush of water and keep watching. within 30 seconds or so it surges, and eventually filled up half of this room. look at that, so powerful and a powerful reminder too, why it's so important to evacuate ahead of a big storm. you always want to heed the warnings. rn roaring across bermuda 24 hours ago, snapping trees and damaging buildings and boats, winds of up to 115 mph swept through the island, and people there are dealing with flooding and power outages, so far though no deaths are reported. this morning in japan ameteorology event, a castle in the sky. it appears to be floating on a bed of clouds. cool. weather conditions have to be
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surrounding basin to get this effect. locals say this typically happens about 10 times a year but we're in late october and this is just the first time you see this, this year. cool. coming up, a lot happening in sports. the baseball championship series are set and the lightning win their open opener and the match between florida and lsu now has a new date. it also has a new location. one team is not too happy about that. that's all ahead on newschannel 8 today at 11:00 a.m.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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we're back. the lightning beat the read wings 6-4 on opening night. the game started slow, the red wings taking the early lead.
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they needed. they face the devils tomorrow here at home. hurricane matthew forced florida officials to postpone the gator game against lsu, now rescheduled for november 29, however, it's now also an away game. it will be played in baton rouge, louisiana, and lsu has to buy out their home game against south alabama and move florida into that spot and to make up for the gator's lost home game, the tigers play in gainesville in 2017 and 2018. and the final piece of the baseball championship series is now in place. check it out, the dodgers managed to get past the nationals in game five and a dramatic event, two on two, out in the 9th inning, dodgers up by one, l. a. manager, dave roberts, calling on kershaw to close it out. he had one day of rest after getting the starting job tuesday and what does the
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difo to end the game. you see the party on the mound, a celebration. here is how the alcs and nlcs look. the dodgers, with their win, face the cubs in the national league, starting starting saturday in chicago. and the indians and bluejays start tomorrow at 8:00. the buccaneers are off this week after the second win on monday night football against the panthers. it's no secret. the kicker had agh until his game-winning kick. that sparked a friendly belt at blake high when the music teacher said he could kick a 30- yard field goal, no problem. he took to the gridiron today and won that bet. he makes it look easy. that kick was pretty low, probably would have been blocked had their been some defenders there of course. we'll let him have his moment of glory. the war of wars intensity in the race for the white
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lashing out at hilary clinton and the review of donald
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right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00, president barack obama and the first lady team up against donald trump, the republican nominee trying to defend even more women accusing him of sexual assault. a 5-year-old child being called a hero this morning for saving his baby brother from a semi truck. a medical miracle this morning as conjoined twins are successfully separated. we have an update on how they are doing. thanks for sticking with me here on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. let's go over to ed for your friday forecast. >> we're warming up nicely this midday. i venture to say a lot of folks taking the lunch how outside. why not. it's warm and still comfortable, looking at a lot of sunny there from our tower
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we have a little bit of a northeast breeze, around 9 mph. at this point the satellite radar picture is quiet, a few showers on the east coast of florida now, 83 for apollo beach, up to 84 for venice, cooler to the north, 79, crystal river, 81 for inverness and brooksville. it's quiet, northeast breezes continue, and into the afternoon, we can't rule out just a few hit and miss showers. they will be quick-moving and likely not again otherwise a mix of clouds and sunny. temperatures likely staying above average today, the high around 87 degrees, which is about 2 degrees above where we should be for this time of year, with a mix of clouds and sunny. rain chances improve for the weekend. we'll take you through that forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> i'll check back in a bit. raw emotion on the campaign trail from donald trump, now in full defense mode over allegations of sexual
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republicans and first lady michelle obama outraged by trump's comments about women. more this morning. >> enough is enough. [cheering-applause] >> this has got to stop right now. >> reporter: clinton's most powerful voice in disbelief over trump's words about women. >> i can't stop thinking about this. it has shaken me it's cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. >> reporter: clinton's reaction on ellen airing later today. >> the speech that she gave i think put into words what so many people are feeling and not just women and girls, men and boys. >> reporter: president barack obama blames republicans for acting too late. >> don't act like this started with donald trump.
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he didn't come out of nowhere. >> it's a disgrace. >> reporter: trump fighting fire with fire denying accusations by five women unverified by nbc. >> i never met these people. i don't even know who they are. they are made-up stories filed right before the election, right before the election. this is a conspiracy. >> reporter: polls show him down in ohio, two of the four states he's focusing on to win. nbc news, washington. >> the other two, florida and pennsylvania, polls show the races are tight in both states. the candidates vp picks are in florida, mike pence, campaigning in pence pensacola.
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nbc's bush. he's defending himself through his lawyer now. it was told that he would have been fired from his then job if he had been passive or scrolledded trump. he joined as co-host of the third hour of today but has since been suspended. nbc is set to be privately negotiating his exit. across america this morning, a pretrial conference is set for hedge fund manager who was arrested on allegations of securities fraud, accused of using $11 million from his company to pay off investors he suspected of defrauding in a hedge fund he ran. the official trial is set for june 26 of 2017. today in vermont, a man there accused of driving the wrong way on an interstate will be arraigned. the 36-year-old is accused of driving the wrong way and crashing into one car killing the five teens inside. he stole a police cruiser and
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at least seven other vehicles. he is charged with five counts of second degree murder. he faces up to life in prison. listen to this, a 5-year- oldcredited with saving his toddler brother after a fatal semi truck accident happening in houston overnight. early this morning a truck hit a guard rail and the driver lost control. the 18-wheeler carrying a family of three, a father and two young boys, slammed in flames. the dad died sadly but the 5- year-old pulled his baby brother, two years of age, out of the fiery truck. the younger brother has severe burns but isexpected to be okay thanks to the help of his older brother. plans to collect data on how often police use force and how often civilians die in police custody. they are beginning a pilot program early next year. the earliest participants would
11:36 am
federal agencies such as the fbi, the dea, and more. the new richard nixon presidential library and museum opens today, featuring exhibits and 30 multimedia experiences, 11 original films and interactive and more than 600 of wall murals, and attendees include former secretary of state, henry kissinger, and arnold schwarzenegger and president nixon's children and grandchildren. more than 600 marines will graduate following basic training, including 510 men and 118 women. normal family day activities are usually scheduled a day early early but this time
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following hurricane matthew. 6,000 recruits had been to evacuated off the coast of south carolina last week as matthew went by. a large wildfire broke out in south lake tahoe this morning. the fire has grown to about 200 acres and is burning off of highway 89. no ward on its estimated containment. fire officials say 40 mph winds are fueling the blaze which is moving toward the lake. more than 500 people have been evacuated near cascade lake and emerald outages but power has been restored to some. no reports of any injuries. talk about a giant gator. check this out. it could be the biggest ever captured in the state of texas. crews pulled it out of a lake east of houston, measuring 13 feet, eight inches, weighing more than 900 pounds. they removed the gator after complaints it was getting aggressive with people there. it will live at an alligator
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a bay area woman says somebody tried to commit voter registration fraud using her name and she turned to election officials for help and didn't get any. see what happens when our senior investigative reporter steps in and starts asking questions. twins conjoined at the head, successfully separated. we'll have the latest from this incredible procedure coming up
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i'm back with a pretty amazing story. yove just a few hours ago doctors successfully separated conjoined twins. they were joined at the head, incredible work by the doctors. it took nearly 17 hours of surgery to separate them. they are the 59th september
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there's still uncertain with one twin. another twin, he had five hours of surgery following the separation and he's in recovery and the mother posted pictures on facebook saying in part that she's just happy, saying "happy row-birthday." we wish them the best. let's get to the forecast. looking good this afternoon, starting off with the skies and not finding too we're looking at mostly sunny skies, a few passing clouds build up in the warmth of the day and it's getting more humid out there. we have a few showers on the east coast that will try to work their way across the peninsula through the afternoon. rain chances are slim, around 10%. there's some beautiful pictures this morning of the sunrise, in tampa bay, that picture from
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day in lakeland, and here is our sky cast, 84 degrees, 1:00, and 87 for the afternoon high which is a bit above average. 82 degrees at 7:00 p.m. it's looking good for all the high school football games later tonight. 80 right now in north port and 81 for tampa bay and clearwater, so for the rest of the afternoon, we are going to call for some scattered clouds, winds out of the and there's extra moisture on the east coast and that will push across the peninsula, but above the heads, we have drier air. the showers, the environment is not conducive for them to develop into much of anything, so a few quick-moving showers for the afternoon. tomorrow morning, starting off not too bad there for your saturday morning as the weekend gets underway, but by the afternoon, we could see a few more of the spot showers developing. i don't think we'll see much in the way of thunderstorm
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for thunderstorms this weekend. friday night blitz, all the games, weather-wise, looking good, dry, certainly by the time you leave the games, 76 degrees, can't rule out a stray shower around game time as the kick-off gets underway. 87 degrees on saturday and 86 degrees on sunday and the rain chances are coming up just a bit, up to 20%, but, again, it's still fairly low, so don't expect to see too much in the way of shower activity but just make sure you have the umbrella just in case one of showers were to drift over your head. morning lows near 70 next week and highs around 85, which is right on cue for this time of year, right on par, looking at perhaps better rain chances by the end of next week. >> looking good going into the week. >> yes. make sure you head out and cheer on your team this evening. >> you got it. sounds good. thank you very much. now, an 8 on your side investigation. a live-long republican
11:45 am
hers. a woman is outraged somebody would use her name to commit voter registration fraud here in a swing state where every note is so important. she's more bottomerred that the supervisor of elections office was not taking her seriously until senior investigative reporter steven andrews adjusted asking questions. >> rep hold it sacred. when life-long republican augusta received a new voter id card that said she was now a registered democrat, she and her daughter headed to the election office to find out why. >> they insisted she did it and that she must have forgotten. she was irate. they discovered a group, submitted a new voter registration application for her and this is the signature
11:46 am
completely different. >> reporter: she provided us with her signature. you be the judge. supervisor of elections spokesperson, jerry kramer. >> you tell me. >> they look a little bit different. they don't look a lot different. >> reporter: the birth year on the application also doesn't match her voter id card. >> it doesn't maybe arise to informing law enforcement? >> all i i don't know that, uhm -- i don't have anything that tells me that this is illegal. there's identity theft, to an extent, the forged signature and, uhm, the voter registration. there's three things going on here. >> reporter: the supervisor of elections office only contacted her after we started asking questions. i went to her in tampa and they
11:47 am
state. >> reporter: the executive director spoke with movie a skype, and he claims they are investigating the 200 other applications submitted by the person who filled out hers. >> we'll do the due-diligence and contact every single one of the applications submitted. >> the organization apologized to her. the person who filled out the voter registration in her name no longe either. neuse morning's consumer watch, samsung is expecting to take a big loss over the production of the note 7, losing close to $3 billion. they announced earlier they are ending all production and sales of the note 7 and offering a $100 credit to customers who trade it in for any other samsung phone. a parking brake issue prompting the recall of 350,000 hondas.
11:48 am
the 2016 civic coops and sedans. a software glitch may prevent the electronic -- they will notify owners next month and dealers will fix it for free. travel troubles for united airlines passengers, with a computer outage that delayed more than 60 flights all over the world. they say the problem was related to the weight-reporting system and it was fixed around 3:00 a.m. but the impact of the outag will carry on throughout the rest of the day, the third computer glitch to hit united in several months. another retailer is announcing it won't be open for business. office depot will keep stores closed on turkey day. last year they offered thanksgiving day sales and this year they explain you can still get the good deals. you'll just have to get them online. more than two dozen retailers
11:49 am
too will close on thanksgiving day. wal-mart is slashing prices on health checkups, offering free check-ups at least for a day. tomorrow the retailer will hold what it calls wal-martwellness at thousands of stores nationwide. licensed pharmacists will be there to provide flu shots. this is happening this saturday, october 15, from noon to 4:00. employ boy magazine playboy magazine is being offered -- the digital initiatives are geared towards respiratory towards -- earlier this year
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pages. coming up, we'll introduce
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a great story. this morning a dad is enjoying a second chance at life thanks to his daughter's social skills. after months of dialysis, his kidneys were failing. >> he was on the list for a donor but hi facebook. >> i was sitting there, in the back of my mind, saying, this waiting thing is not happening. i can find something, do something. >> get this. in just one day, her prayers were answered. a student from her home city wanted to get tasted and days later learned she was a 100% match. that's when she flew to detroit
11:54 am
> [ inaudible ] >> rhyming. how great is that. they both cried and hugged. he had the surgery and now he's doing a whole lot better. we're happy to hear that. one texas teen became a knight in shining armor for a young girl who was about to have a heartbreaking home plate. >> out of san antonio. this 9-year-old was performing at a football game last weekend when the other cheerleaders were joined by their fathers and lifted onto their shoulder california and she was left alone. >> but not for long. it was at that moment when a high school senior rushed toward her and lifted the fourth grader onto his shoulders. >> i ran down from the bleachers right here and i just hopped the fence and went over and kneeled down and talked to her and said, are you okay? >> what a great guy. the mother called that touching moment a beautiful thing. it sure was. >> yes. >> a little girl from kansas is
11:55 am
more common among adults. >> this 4-year-old may be small but she sure is mighty. get this. she's a boxer and a well- trained one. she can keep up with the kids, more than double her age. >> i'll keep my distance if i spot her down the street. when her dad approached her coach about training, the coach was not so sure so she made a deal. the coach trains her and the dad teaches the coach about weight lifting and the rest is history, nearing her two-month mark and coach couldn't be prouder. >> as she grows up, if she sticks with it and wants to, we'll keep doing it's. >> she has plenty of time to practice before her first official match. the rules state she has to be at least eight years old to compete. >> she's going to be amazing, a future olympian.
11:56 am
with dating. she can take care of herself. a quick check of what you can expect today. a little warm this time of year but nothing we can't han did he, 87 degrees, a mix of cloud and sun, but hang onto the umbrella. we can't rule out a stray shower into the afternoon, and of course the weekend is almost here, 87 degrees for saturday, 86 degrees on sunday, and the rain chance comes up just a tad, only to around 20% and another push of dry air for next week, 10% rain chances monday through tuesday, 85 degrees, and the rain chances start to go back up by the end of the week, moisture increasing a bit, but overall the weekend is not too bad. >> looking pretty great actually. >> thank you. i think we'll see you again early next week, monday and tuesday. >> yes. >> thank you very much for joining us. have a great friday, wishing you a very safe and blessed
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you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh -- we have arrived at friday, october 14, 2016. kathie lee 's off. my pal jenna bush hager is filling in. >> hi. >> we want to find out where jenna's been. a busy girl, before we do, do you know who's singing? >> kings of bleeon.


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