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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> business as usual at lego land today after a bomb threat. 8 on your side wants to know how the park is helping customers who had their visit cut short. good evening, i'm keith cate. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for exactly what the threat was that shut down the winter haven park. police are interviewing everyone at lego land to find out what happened. as newschannel8's rod carter shows us, the park's closing was nothing that had to be done. >> reporter: good evening, lego land is back open after a bomb threat closed it down yesterday and the hotel as well. it was a disruptive process. everyone looks for excitement at a theme park.
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anything but. after a bomb threat forced the place to close and guests had to leave. >> we never want to disappoint our guests. we never want to inconvenience them. especially children. >> reporter: today, it is back to business as usual. the park is open and the guests are milling about having fun. but, what did the sudden unexpected shut down cost the theme park? lego land officials will not say how much it cost them. >> our general manager talks there was really no question about whether or not this was the right thing to do. >> reporter: park officials said each guest would be taken care of. >> the safety and security of our guests and our employees, will always be our highest burden. that will always come first. >> reporter: new guests certainly hope so. they would like to make it up to their little ones. >> they say it is the first time it has ever happened.
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use their tickets yesterday by reschedules the tickets and if they can't reschedule them to come a different day, they will go ahead and refund them. rod carter, newschannel8. a small difference in handwriting could mean your mail-in ballot won't count in the upcoming election. if your signature does not match, your ballot could be discarded. the democratic party rule. matt galka breaks down what this really means. matt, this is a big deal and it is an issue before a federal judge right now. >> reporter: yeah, keith, that's right. and here's the issue. i want you think about what your signature looked like when you were 18 compared to what it looks like today. does it look a little different? i know min does. and that could cost you a vote.
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because your signature has changed? state and national democrats don't think so. it could cause your vote not to count on a mail-in ballot. but people who forget to sign the ballots altogether are given the chance to correct the mistake. mismatched signatures are not. >> there is no reason to change the two categories of voters differently. and to have the one category totally disenfranchised. >> reporter: 1% of florida mail ballwe 2012 presidential election. that is 23,000 votes. ultimately, it sup to a county canvassing board to make the final call on rejection. each county has their own standards meaning results can vary. >> the judge didn't rule in another hearing is scheduled monday. >> can i ask you a question? >> reporter: attorneys representing the state didn't provide comment after the hearing. the judge in the case ruled earlier this week in favor of democrats. he extended florida's voter registration deadline to the 18th because of hurricane
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and of course, this case is going on when nearly 3 million vote by mail ballots are out to floridians. that is almost one of four registered voter ins the state. matt galka, newschannel8. >> well, before you go matt, let's talk about that hearing on monday. are we going to have a ruling on that? >> reporter: well it is possible. in the ruling, the judge did rule from the bench, that was he was under more of a time crunch so we could get one on monday or this could continue. >> matt galka, thank you. a new zika zone is declared in south florida. the one mile zone is in a residential area of miami-dade. five people tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. mosquito patrol plans to step
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despite federal funding being approved the state has yet to receive any federal money. a change in the rules on what you can bring back from cuba. the old $100 limit on cuban rum and cigars is now gone. the move is part of a round of executive actions to increase trade and travel with the communist island. there is a catch though. you can't order cuban rum and cigars online and then have them shipped to the states. and now, to an 8 on your side consumer t. popular civic coupes and sedans because the parking brakes may not work. this involves coupes and desans from the 2016 model year. sold in the united states. honda says the electric parking brake may not work if it is applied immediately after turning the ignition off. no crashes or injuries have been reported and they will repair the vehicles at no charge. and, new tonight, the faa
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galaxy note 7 phones from flights. and we just learned that many u.s. airlines are adding fireproof bags on board flights just in case someone tries to slip them through. mobile phone giant samsung expects to take a whopping $3 billion loss over these phones. it ended production of the smartphone after reports of those phones catching fire. the replacements also caught fire. office depot, the latest retailer to announce it will was open on thanksgiving last year, but this year, they won't open until black friday at 6:00 a.m. american girl, hh gregg, nordstrom rack and the mall of america will also stay closed on thanksgiving. it is a crime many are calling modern day slavery. >> and florida is considered a hot bed for human trafficking. >> coming up next, the way a new law is helping victims of this awful crime.
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iron man's face on a piece of fruit. >> and, rain chances will go up slightly. we will have a full look at the the weekend forecast coming up. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8,
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing
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. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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>> florida is ramping up the war against human trafficking. a new state law aims to help victims. as 8 on your side's gayle guyardo explains, it is just one of several stems the state is staking. >> reporter: i had the chance to sit down with a woman who works at the state level and
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tampa bay and help victims of modern day slavery. law enforcement is on the hunt for human trafficking rings across the state. when arrests are made, the victims themselves won't be cuffed which believe it or not, wasn't always the case. until a new law went into effect this month. >> we had to create a law that says no child under the age of 18 can be arrested as a prostitute. which is huge. you know. again, you have heard this. no child ever says when be a prostitute. so, we have to treat our children as children and as victims. >> reporter: and oftentimes women working in the adult entertainment industry did not choose this life path. instead, they were forced into it. >> strip clubs, unfortunately, have been known to be grooming grounds for sex trafficking. >> reporter: and dottie grover skipper alongside ministry workers go into those clubs and
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>> we just want to ... no agenda, just to let them know, we see you, we care about you. and if you ever want to talk about, you know, how to find a way to get out of this industry, and into something else, we are will to help you. >> reporter: and finally, 5,000 law enforcement and first responders are now trained to help victims when they are finally located. >> a lot of victims have been brainwashed to believe law enforcement is their enemy and not their friend. >> reporter: but there are safety nets being to stop human trafficking. well, the next big hurdle for the state is finding shelter for human trafficking victims. once they have been rescued. minors are cared for by state agencies but adult victims need a safe place to stay and support to transition back into a normal life. >> that was gayle guyardo reporting. florida ranks third in the nation for calls to the national human trafficking hot line. state officials hope it is because people are more aware of what to look for and calling
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coming soon to men's bathrooms in federal buildings. president obama signed a law saying both men's and women's restrooms have the changing tables. the new law had bipartisan support. it will affect social security offices, post office buildings and federal courthouses among other places. and the local produce aisle may look like you are at the movies. dole and sn characters from disney, pixar, star wars, and marvel. it is to help children make healthier choices. dozensover artists took the stage in minnesota last night for prince tribute day. the day was officially declared by the lieutenant governor and governor. stevie wonder and dozens of
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comedian chris rock is making a come back after an eight year absence from standup. he signed a megadeal with netflix. rock will be paid a record $40 million for two specials according to the report. in the hollywood reporter. chris rock will report his first show in 2017 and follow it up with a world tour. and the man who won the hearts of millions during the last presidential debate will be reporting from the next one. this guy, from jimmy kimmel live. he became a pop culture phenomenon after asking a thoughtful question about energy. we are just hours away from the friday night blitz. our game of the week takes us down south to the home of the venice indians. >> on paper, both the brayden river pirates and the indians are undefeated and rank in the top five in 7a.
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the week guru and he joins us now live from venice. so we know both teams have high powered offenses. how do you see this one playing out? >> reporter: jen, let me touch a little on the high powered offense. wow in and out be surprised if both teams didn't score 100 points combined on tonight's game and if i was a betting man i would bet on the over. i talked to venice's head coach about the game plan tot. fast paste offense. we have explosive players. we return most of our stars on defense last year. they are a veteran group. and we have new pieces that have stepped up and did a great job. we have been playing pretty solid. our defense has scored five touchdowns so far. and i think this puts the winner of this is in the drivers seat to win the district. obviously, there is still palmetto left undefeated in the district. whoever wins this one is in the
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champ in the second round as well. so, not only is it going to, you know, decide who is the district champ. i think it is going to decide who will be home the first three rounds of the playoffs. we just have to focus on getting to the ball. and i think all the stats and all the wreckers and the yards, that goes out the window tonight. lit be who wants a little bit more and who is willing to get to the ball and it will be a battle and i don't think either of us have been in a battle yet. so hopefully, we will be venice indians have been blasting music from the press box ever since we got here. so, i would have to say, that is a pretty good indication they are ready to rock. let me show you one of hi favorite things. they have a pick screen back there. it reminds me of raymond james stadium. but i don't know if that will give us any help. we will have the high heights at 11:00. >> it will be a good one. remember, you can join aa,
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tonight for the results after the 11:00 news tonight for the results of that game and many more. the friday night blitz starts around 11:15. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast with meteorologist julie phillips. >> and, we are looking at some great weather tonight for the friday night blitz. max defender 8 will show you it is quiet on the radar. so, far, this evening have not seen any rain around at all. and expegging it to as we head into the next couple of hours. here is a look at veterans ford. 82 degrees. winds light at about 5 miles an hour. no rain at this location. and, like most places, we are looking at dry conditions. just a few fair weather cumulus clouds around. as we head into the weekend, well, it is looking pretty nice still. a little warmer saturday afternoon. we will top out near 88. we hit 88 today in tampa. so, a very similar day, penn,
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about a 20% chance of rain saturday and sunday. during the afternoon hours. so, don't be surprised if you see a quick passing shower and this weekend, we have some college football games to watch. the bulls, playing at home in tampa. 82 degrees. slight chance of a passing shower if you are headed out to that game. the gators playing in gainsville, partly cloudy. 84. excellent football weather. fsu in tallahassee, 83 degrees as they take on wake forest with partly miami. a better chance of seeing some rain during that game. ucf playing at home in orlando. 78 degrees. a small rain chance there. and, the rattlers playing up in delaware. 65 degrees. mostly dry fall weather. for us, a light breeze will continue at 9:00 p.m. temperatures sitting in the upper 70s still. when you wake up tomorrow morning. a little bit of a warm start to
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80s as we bring in our 20% rain chance. currently, we are still sitting in the mid 80s . it is 84 in apollo beach. 84 in weeki wachee. 85 currently in crystal river. now the humidity, boy, was it nice. now it is creeping back up a little bit. we are somewhere near the not too bad and uncomfortable range. so you can feel that a little bit as we head into the afternoon hours. not much rain is expected. the noas it will stay mostly dry. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it is already warm though. we will heat back up into the upper 80s as we head into the afternoon. about a 20% chance of seeing showers and storms developing. sunday, very similar story. dry during the morning hours. then the chance to see a passing shower or a storm into the afternoon. high temperatures staying at or just a little bit above average the next several days in the mid to upper 80s . out in the
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a category 1 storm. not going to be impacting the u.s. for us, pleasant weekend ahead. yes, rain chances a little bit higher. by 20%. that is not too bad. next week, we see a similar pattern continuing until the end of the week. and that is when we could see our next cold front roll through. so rain chances go up a bit and we are looking at the potential for the following weekend to be a little bit cooler. so, that would be a change. but for this weekend, still looking at temperatures that are pretty warm. like we have been seeing the last few days. guys? >> all riggs julie. still ahead tonight, a dog attack ends in gunfire. >> coming up, whether the police officer who fires the shots would face the charges. >> plus, an explosion that looked like it shook the entire city. a home blown to bits. ahead, we will explain what led up to the frightening moment. >> and don't forget, you can join us for newschannel8 on great 38 every night from 8:00 to 9:00. actually, can join jenn holloway, josh benson, and julie phillips. they hold down the fort. >> ahead for us tonight, our
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badly donald trump has been hurt by those hot mic comments about women. north carolina struggleing to night out of the massive and deadly flooding hurricane matthew left behind. and, samsung reassessing after reports of more burning phones. this time, replacement models on nbc nightly news. what if one of the biggest challenges we face down here... could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power
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good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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>> now, to what's making headlines across america. a home explosion rocked the city of port clinton ohio. fire from the explosion spread to nearby houses and debris spread 60 feet away. the home itself, look at that. is destroyed. officials believe two people inside the house when it blew up are expected to survive. neighbors nearby say they smelled gas fo today's explosion. and suspect a gas leak is to blame. an off duty police officer walking his dog in houston ended up shooting a man. investigators report the officer's dog was attacked by another man's dog. the officer confronted that man. and that is when the officer claims the man started punching him. he was afraid the man would take his gun so he opened fire. no word on if either will be charged. a small plane crashed practicing maneuvers in western pennsylvania.
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flying over arnold palmer airport in the small town of unity. it flipped and crashed. the pilot on board was hurt. local officials are not sure if other passengers were also on board. if you wear glasses and you need to get your passport picture taken, you need to leave the spectacles at home. because starting on november 1, the state department is banning people from wearing eyeglasses in their id photos. officials say glare and shadows can delay the processing. more than 200,000 applications were held of the photo problems. >> hm. well, newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> here is accused loot a what we are working on. a pinellas veteran was 12,395th on a valating list. that was until 8 on your side went to bat for him. see where things stand today. >> and thieves try to steal your hard earned money. we will show you where this skimmer was found. plus ... >> coming up, new e-mails
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head of the public transportation commission that was set up to regulate them. >> a man accused of slamming into a lakeland home and killing the woman inside has his day in court. i'll have more coming up. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas. coming up on newschannel8, the station that is always on your
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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> exposing a questionable connection. the relationship revealed by e- mails obtained by 8 on your side. >> and finding compassion in the midst of heart ache. the way friends and family of a crash victim are dealing with their grief without anger.
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back on a list until 8 on your side went to bat for him. >> i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us. >> now, an 8 on your side investigation. a questionable connection. >> 8 on your side is uncovering new information in the fight over ride sharing services in hillsborough county. e-mails obtained by 8 on your side show a questionable relationship between the head of the public transportation commission and, the regulates. one state senator told us it is a true case of the fox guarding the hen house. jeff patterson joins us now with the report he broke last night. >> reporter: yeah, good evening keith. you know, the ptc was set up to regulate cab and limo companies. tow truck, and ambulance companies. but, new e-mails show a very close relationship between the head of the ptc and cab


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