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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  October 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm melissa marino. thank you so much for joining us on a saturday morning. we're following a were of developing story this is morning. first let's check on your forecast with ed -- >> a little bit of a wet start for some of us. we have been tracking very light showers. we'll take a look the skies all over the state of florida. it's all sliding from east to west. nothing too heavy out there. looking at a few drops falling near see bring and avon park. into polk county we go. highland park and lake walls, seeing a little more robust shower activity. a few more spotty showers from auburn dale back to mulberry. within the last few minutes, a little shower
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hillsborough bay to downtown tampa. thankfully this will not likely last too long. temps are mild this morning. we're in the low to mid-70s, 72 for clearwater and lakeland, 75 in tampa, and 70 up toward inverness. temperatures going to stay above average. we should normally be at 85. but we'll hit 87 this afternoon. that will change long tomorrow. we'll have the full 8-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. melissa? . >> thank you, ed: we're following breaking morning. two police-involved shootings overnight a. san francisco police officer was shot and injured friday night, prompting a massive man hunt before the suspect was taken into custody. that officer is expected to survive. : in dallas, a shoot out left a suspect dead and another officer injured. police say the officer intervened during a neighborhood shooting when someone fired at him. the suspect died at the hospital. the officer is expected to be okay. right now, clearwater police are investigating a shooting. a man was taken to the hospital
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intersection of golf debay boulevard. we're told the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. investigators are searching for a suspect. one person is dead this morning in what's being called a road-rage confrontation near a busy shopping mall in brandon. the shooting happened around 6:30 friday night. him. multiple people watched this unfolded. >> all the sunday, hear pop, pop, pop. three or four quick shots. we're all sitting there like -- we're all seeing it. chaotic, everybody going nuts. people go out, help him. you know, he's -- he was already begun by the time people helped him. >> the shooter, we're told pulled off the road and
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no word right now if he will face any charges. happening today, people living in saint petersburg will get the chance to check out water treatment plans and see how they work. there will be open houses, and also public tours. janet, since hermine, there's been a lot of questions about these facilities. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. since there was so much rain over the span of 4 days since hermine, some waste water was bay. now, this open house and tour does come after the sewage overflow problem: the ground was very saturated during hermine, and because of that, leaks were happening in the underground sewer pipes. tangor said the city was forced to discharge partially treated waste water into the bay. those who were expected to come today and ask questions at the open house are those who are directly impacted by the sewage
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know, utilize the resourceses that we have. we can't kayak. we county go to the beach. >> reporter: if you're interested in seeing how this water facility works, the tours are from 9 until noon today. melissa? . >> janna jones live from saint petersburg. thank you, janna. a former contestant on "the apprentice" claims that trump made unwanted advances at her. summer servo said she was looking for a job, and met with trump in new york. she was taken back by what happened next >> as i was about to leave, he again kissed me on the limbs. this made me feel nervous and embarrassed. >> sirva said she felt she had to come forward after hearing the teams of trump's lewd comments from 2005. donald trump is campaigning in new hampshire, in maine today. he's using his time on the
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friday he kicked off a rally in greensboro, carolina, by showing off members of his women for trump coalition. trump also responded to the claims that sirva made, by saying "i vaguely remember ms. sirva, and to be clear, i never met her at a hotel." president obama is tweeting a link at a web site aimed at stopping sexual assault. president obama tweeted the link to a site called it'son that, quote, "catastrophe is on the ballot in this presidential election." . this morning, more revelations for hillary clinton's e-mails. they show she did not want her husband to pull out of a speech in front of wall street. according to the e-mails, hillary clinton's aids had to change her mind. they were concerned the clintons would appear too close to wall street banks. clinton is taking time off from the campaign trail
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debate in los angeles. and our own keith kate will be heading to vegas for that final presidential debate. tune in to news channel 8 for live coverage. with donald trump's polling numbers slipping, could that cause republicans a majority in the house and senate? alex shuman takes a look at how this could play out with some local races. >> thank you. >> reporter: the country is watching the race between hillary clinton and donald trump, but local races could have just as big of an impact. >> i wanted to be able support my party's nominee. >> reporter: new hampshire senator kelly aod is among the senate republicans in a tough race. key contests in north carolina, pennsylvania, nevada, and illinois will also play a part. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: democrats need 0 seats to take a majority in the house, and five to take a majority in the senate. paul ryan reminded republican voters john mccain
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>> i would like to take a break from all the mud slinging and mess that's out there on tv. >> reporter: trump is down by 10%, meaning the damage could be even worse. democrats winning these seats appeared unrealistic a few months ago, but accusations of sexual assault against trump along with the audio from a 2005 "access hollywood" appearance are changing that out look. >> these vicious claims about me of in and absolutely false. >> reporter: an average of the polls shows the democrats are likely to win back three seats this november, which is not enough to take back the majority. in washington, i'm alex shuman. happening today, walmart is again offering free health check ups at more than 4,600 stores nationwide, including many stores right here in the bay area. the newly named walmart wellness day is taking place
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blood pressure, glucose, and vision screenings where available along with product samples and information on headlight insurance options. licensed pharmacists will also be on hand to provide immunizations such as flu shots. new this morning, a major effort to fight climate change. nations have reached a deal to limit the use of greenhouse gases more powerful than carbon dioxide. the agreement cams andrewss the use of greenhouse gases in a gradual process beginning in 2019. more countries, including china, will start taking action in 2024. well good news for american tourists going to cuba. the obama summation is lifting the $100 limit of rum and cigars that american travelers can carry home. most tourists will now be able to bring back up to 100 cigars and several bottles
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we're told the extradition could happen in january or february of 2017. a lawyer for guzman saying that a court could rule on his extradition around the end of the year, but either side would then be able to appeal. wall just ahead, heavy rain and winds hitting the northwest this weekend. we'll take a look at the pacific typhoon affecting
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the pacific northwest is in for a second round of high winds and heavy rain this week. it's the remnants of a pacific typhoon. take a closer look at this road in portland. it looks more like a river. heavy rain led to flooding through the city friday evening. police say many streets are flooding, and drivers are stranded around the ci. this as residents of one or community are cleaning up after 2 tornadoes touched down. forty-six people were rescued, the tornadoes damaging 30 trees, toppled telephone poles, and damaged rooftops. shocking body cam video released by the chicago police department. take a look as a man allegedly high on pcp punching and body slamming a chicago police officer trying to handcuff him. the more than three hours of footage was released on friday. superintendent eddy johnson says the officer who was attacked thought she was going to die. that officer remains hospitalized. well, take a look at this
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three men jumped into a pond to rescue a woman from her sinking suv. this happened in arlington, mass, just northwest of boston. police say the 68-year-old driver was trying to back into a parking space when she drove into that pond. the driver is expected to be okay. well now to an 8 on your side alert. starting today, samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones are band from air mass. that means you can not carry the phones on board or pack them in your with these phones will have them taken away. they could also face fines. multiple fires have been reported, including one recently on a southwest airlines flight. in the wake of this fire hazard, alaska airlines now the first airline to carry fireproof bags. the bags have been on board the plane since may, long before the recall. the bags can withstand temperatures as high as 3,200 degrees. delta also plans to carry these
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full forecast. >> also ahead, hurricane matthew now blamed for another death in the u.s. . >> and don't forget, the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner. news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000, but we need your help. and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8.
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rescuers warned him that two rivers near the town were rising fast last weekend. flooding from the hurricane people from the u.s., and more than 500 people in haiti. more aid is getting to those victims of hurricane matthew in haiti. haiti's southwestern peninsula is one of the areas hit hardest by the hurricane last week. food, clean water, and construction materials now making their way into the area. you can see residents watched as u.s. soldiers unloaded water bottles and boxes of food from a helicopter. well the hurricane took a
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us to a deaf interpreter in south carolina who grabbed everyone's attention without saying a word. jack kow,nzi shares his story. >> reporter: as hurricane matthew took aim at the palm,tto state, there he stood, right next to the governor, certified deaf interpreter jason h,rduch of charleston, complaining the crisis as only he could. >> i'm deaf, and i can come date to the deaf needs, the culture, the language, and meet th >> at first, i was a little bit nervous with all the cameras. >> reporter: h,rdich trancelated critical information from haily and other state leaders, and his animated facial and hand gestures drew instanted a ration from viewers of all couldn't, including the governor, who said this after the storm had passed. >> "jason h,rdich has become a rock star, and so i want to personally thank you
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done." . >> well honestly, i'm just doing my job, but facial instructions is part of the american sign language grammar linguistics. it is so critical to the language. just like the spoken language you hear, the volume rising, you see those same features on my face. >> reporter: you walk down the street. do people say, "hey, i know that guy"? . >> yes it does. it happens. i didn't expect so coming up, hollering at me. ''hey, i've seen you on tv." . now, about 7:20 on this saturday morning, and really not the way we want to start off our weekend. a gloomy scene looking from veteran's fort here, raining on the veterans expressway. got a report from gary in odessa. rain coming down there as well. it's very light stuff. but again, the roads are going
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just keep that in mind wherever you're headed this moing. 71 degrees now for tampa. not raining in crystal river. we are seeing a lot of cloudiness out there. 71 there as well. lakewood ranch, we've had a few more breaks in the clouds. right now, starting off with a mostly cloudy sky this morning, 71 degrees there at the lake club. we are looking at max defender 8, and were again tracking these showers this morning. very light stuff, sliding from east to west across the peninsa. morning. good downpour heading over sebring at this time. scattered shower activity over polk county. bartow, you're getting wet now. we'll have a few of these spotty showers along i-4 as well throughout the course of the morning. these are very low topped showers, nothing severe, no lightning with these. but again, just enough to wet things down a bit. in hillsborough county, a batch
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own as it generally slides through toward odessa and northern pinellas county. we'll continue to keep our close eye on that as we go through time. there's your forecast as we take you hour by hour. a few spot showers as we go through new the day. we're expecting this to be -- again, fairly low rain chances here, but those chances are going to stay fairly low, right on into the rest of the day, but they'll be sticking around. 75 now in tampa, 73 for plant city, 73 in brandon. over the southeast, we are looking at high pressure still the main weather feature there. you can see it there in the mid- atlanta, and we're giving you this easterly flow across our area. that east wind will likely continue as we go through today. so we'll have a steady breeze. with some drier air aloft, we're expecting that to sort of limit the shower activity. don't think we'll see much more than we're seeing out there now. just have the umbrellas in case one of these showers were to venture over your head.
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atmosphere will be more conducive for thunderstorms. lower rain chances by monday or tuesday, highs around 86 degrees. >> overall, pretty good forecast >> not too bad. we'll have some breaks of sunningly like that. thank you, ed. just ahead, brady river takes on the indians. we'll have all of your high school football action
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what if one of the biggest challenges we face down here... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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and good morning. week 8 of the friday night blitz in the books. we had a good one last night, paul. on paper, this one looked like maybe the game of the year. brad,n river, number two in class 7-a, heading to venice to take on the fifth ranked indians. by brad,n river. anthony allred was in venice last night where the indians tried to get an inside track on the district title in our friday night blitz game of the week. >> not losing in the regular season in 25 games. so can they slow down or stop venice's high-powered offense? i don't know. so to the highlights we go. in front of a substantial doubting-room only crowd, this game was everything and
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cracked up to be. . but when the two teams weren't scoring in the 1st half, they were exchanging pleasantries like this. and how do you dos like this. and mama said knock you out like this. >> this is our house. >> reporter: but then, in the 2nd half, head coach kirk bradley said, "i got something for you. let's run and new quarterback louise okimo knows what that means. collins sprints all the way home to tie it up at 21. but the indians, averaging more than 50 points a game, say, "anything you can do, we can do better." fire a canon. touchdown tampa bay. but then back come the pirates to tie it up at 21 apiece. but the indians would go on to win it, and stay undefeated at 6-0, teaching you to never sleep on
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anthony allred, news channel 8 sports. keeping in class 7a, the blue devils trying to beat lakeland for the first time since 1992. nd of the road by boys ii men was the number one song. charlie tape, big man, like father, like song. william tat,, going from a boy to a man on that throw. few plays later, kate trucks it across the goal line and south to give the devils a 6-0 lead. shotgun snapmo jackson falls on it for a touchdown. it's 13-0 winter haven. it was 20-0 in the 2nd -- a.j. davis, one of his 3 touchdowns on the night. 23-7 winter haven at halftime. that's when i had to leave to drive back to the station. >> what could possibly happen? . >> this could go wrong. thankfully brighthouse is there. lakeland scoring 2 touchdowns,
7:28 am
the dread naughts out score the devils 28-zip in the 2nd half, and win 35-23. boys ii men streak stays alive. how does he keep his feet? a top of the goal line gets it for the that. karlton potter at the back of the end zone. watch a catch by brandon myers. 16-6 at that point. the raiders performed well on offense. they just couldn't score touchdowns. corey king to the end zone there, tipped right into the hands of christopher gay, and he's coming out for a goody rant possession. durant wins this 16-6. >> also huge upset last night. >> manatee going down to river view.
7:29 am
win. congratulations. that's a district game as well. so critical game. >> and congrats to our game of the week last week. keep it here on news channel 8. . >> thank you. could a vote drive millennials to the polls? how this controversial issue could change the out come of the presidential
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a man was taken to the hospital after being shot multiple times. happened last night near the intersection of gulf to ba we're told the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. investigators are searching for a suspect. one person is dead this morning in what's being called a road-rage confrontation near a busy brandon shopping mall. the shooting happened around 6:30 on friday night on bloomingdal, avenue. apparently the victim and shooter, changed words while stopped in traffic. when the guy in the front car got out, the guy behind shot and killed him. the shooter waited for deputies
7:33 am
charges. two police-involved shootings overnight, one in dallas. a police-involved shooting left a suspect dead and officer injured. one in san francisco, a police officer was shot and injured friday night. both officers are expected to survive. more on just a minute; but let's check on your forecast. >> a little bit of a gloomy start this morning. we've got shower activity, and we're tracking it with max defender 8. right new, we're seeing more showers, especially for our inland ca hillsborough county. a few spotty showers there on the pinellas side of the howard franklin bridge. again, just a few drops coming down now. but as you slide inland, you are seeing some better -- more robust activity over central polk county. eagle lake, polk city getting wet this morning. these are very low top showers here that we're monitoring, and you can see that in our 3-dimensional volumeetric view.
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morning, and a few more showers coming down over highlands and, of course, hardy county as well. take a look at what happens with our view here. a gloomy start overdowntown tampa. it's 75 degrees. we expect those numbers to get in the mid-80s today with that chance of rain continuing. we'll talk more about this rain chance, your full weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, ed. a motor-vehicle ride is dead after a crash in pinellas park. we're told the bike collided with a car in the southbound lanes of u.s. highway 19. a younrl was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. well, the driver who hit and killed a hillsborough high school student is out of jail and defending himself. nicholas constantano walked out of jail friday morning after posting a $15,000 bond. he says the victim, 17-year-old ashley pergomo darted out in front of him on hillsborough avenue. he admitted he hit her, but kept driving. >> you hit her? . >> no.
7:35 am
me. >> reporter: why didn't you stop? . >> because it took me, like, a couple block to stop; and when i stopped, i didn't realize what it was. all i knew was my window was getting cracked. >> well, when he filed an insurance claim to get his car fixed, the agent notified authorities. there will be open houses at the treatment facilities and public tours. ja in,na jones is joining us saint pete. there may be a reason behind this event. >> reporter: melissa, those with the plant say that the tours will be educational, and they just want to show those who live in this area, the day-to-day operations at an up- close look. but this does come after a lot of people have questions, since wastewater did leak into the bay. saint petersburgurg officials blame excessive rain water since tropical storm
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ground was saturated, and leaks happened in the underground sewer pipes. because of that, some partially traded waste water was released into the bay. to date, the florida department of environmental protection revealed more than 148 million gallons of waste water have been dumped into the bay. saint petersburg officials say it could take two years for the waste water problems to be fixed. now, again, those with the waste water treatment facility have not said if this is bec want to show people the day-to-day operations; but those who are expected to attend will probably ask questions about sewage problems that are going on. melissa? . >> absolutely. janna jones, live in saint petersburg. thank you, janna. republican presidential candidate donald trump will campaign in new hampshire and maine today. rival hillary clinton has no scheduled events until wednesday's presidential debate in los angeles.
7:37 am
kain, will campaign all weekend in florida. senator kaine has a voter registration event in miami, and another one tomorrow in palm beach county. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is campaigning here in florida. he attended a rally in miami on friday. governor pence will join senator marco rubio at a campaign dinner in tampa today. the victory dinner event brings together influential grassroots leaders from across the state. the event is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. they're young. before, and they may hold the out come of this year's election in their hands. nbc's jacob soborov looks at whether marijuana on the ballot can drive millennial voters to the polls. >> this is a voter registration booth. normally you'd see one of these things at a college campus or dmv, but this is a medical marijuana dispensary in los angeles. have you seen a lot of people registering to vote at this dispensary? . >> absolutely. >> reporter: with medical pot already legal in nevada, the state's question two, a law that would
7:38 am
this november. >> do you get a sense people are registering because they want to vote for marijuana? they want to vet for president? both? . >> i feel like, even if people aren't interested in the presidential election, they're definitely interested in making sure question two passes. >> i know i'm going for donald trump. he's republican, right? . >> uh-huh. >> reporter: first time registering? . >> first time i feel like it matters. >> reporter: according to pugh, a majority of voters from both parties support multiple shade of green. >> this is very walter white. >> breaking green. >> reporter: all of this marijuana, everything around us, under the medical marijuana legal cause of nevada currently, is completely? . >> it's legal in the state of nevada. >> reporter: if recreational marijuana is legalized in november, all of this stuff can be filled to anybody under those rules, too? . >> hopefully. >> reporter: in a state where
7:39 am
hoping for a share of the weed vote. >> reporter: are you going to vote for weed? . >> i'm unsure. >> reporter: are you going to vote for the legalization measure in november? . >> yes i am. >> reporter: you going to vote for president this time around, too? . >> yes. >> reporter: who are you going to vote for? . >> gary johnson. my mother is very adamant about the fact i will be voting for hillary clinton. >> reporter: which candidate wins it weed vote and whether it makes a difference in nevada will remain hazy until election angeles. >> florida will be voting on medical marijuana for the second election cycle in a row. medical marijuana was defeated by 2% in 2014. in brevard county, a woman was vacuuming up gas that she spilled in her trunk when the machine exploded. the car crash worker ran to put out the flames. the woman drove off, and luckily, no one was hurt.
7:40 am
program is holding its first ever -- drill day in hopes you and your family can practice your fire escape plan. new data finds that only one in five parents routinely practice fire escape plans at home. fifty-five percent of parents say their children know what to do if they have a fire at home. >> i venture more kids know exactly what to do at school as opposed to home. >> right. >> it can >> absolutely. a matter of seconds. so important. and i have pets, so, of course, i have a plan for them. have their carrier ready. just rally important. >> make sure you know that information. couple of great photos submitted. last night's moon, it was gorgeous, submitted by jackie sparrow in tampa. a few of the clouds in front of the moon. for the second week in a row, dolphin pictures. >> look at that. >> how about that? . >> that's from st. pete beach. shane and madilla sending us that amazing photo. send us your great photos as well.
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twitter at storm team 8. here's what you'll see monday morning on news channel 8 today. >> time to start thinking about booking those holiday flights. i'll show you why your final destination may not be your first stop. >> and don't forget to wake one weather and traffic on the 8s with news channel 8 today. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers.
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
7:43 am
this morning, a bradenton
7:44 am
local fast food restaurant. peter bernard shows us why. >> reporter: when alicia griggs leaves her apartment, you can bet her one- year-old poll rainon named onics is right by her side. she's even traveling in this dog guy purse or in her arms. friday morning at this mcdonald's, as alicia ordered a drink at the counter >> they told me no pets, sawed she's not a pet. she's a service dog. they asked me if i had paperwork for her. i said yes. >> reporter:sh at this point, alicia says things got nasty. >> they told me that the paperwork basically wasn't good enough, and they wanted to know what my disability was. >> reporter: alicia called the manatee sheriff's office. a deputy told her mcdonald's had to let her in. so did you go back? . >> i didn't go back. >> reporter: a mcdonald's rep tells me alicia's dog wasn't obviously a service dog. and had nothing to show she was one, calling this incident a misunderstanding. the company issued a statement,
7:45 am
restaurant with service animals. we have reached out to the customer to resolve the issue. alicia isn't looking for money or food coupons. she did get a phone call. >> honestly, i would like a real apology from her. i kind of felt like that's kind of ow,d to me. >> alicia is now considering getting a small dog tag to inform people that onics is, in fact, a service dog. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and forecast with meteorologist ed bloodsworth. >> about a quarter to 8 on this saturday morning, some areas starting off with sun. one of those areas venice. now not too bad. a few patchy clouds out there, and 71 degrees. light east breezes this morning here. but look at brandon. very different scene here. cloudy skies. we've had some light shower activity this morning, 71 there as well. another area where we are seeing some cloudiness, right over the bay there.
7:46 am
bit of a gloomy start for some. for others, not a bad start at all. mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles possible this morning. and then, as we go towards noon today, we'll see more of a mixed bag of clouds and sun, 82. but we will carry a rain chance, even into the afternoon, at 87 degrees for your afternoon high. so let's talk about what we're seeing in terms of the rain on max 8. right now, we're scanning all overtampa bay, and we are watching these showers continuing to slide in from the east at this time. again, very light f. but it is enough to wet the roads down. light showers from oldsmar through citrus park, and a few more sprinkles rolling to central pinellas county. sefn,r and plant city. polk county, you're seeing more robust shower activity. good line developing from auburn dale to hanes city. another shower north of i-4. you can see it with our volumeetric imagery. just very low top showers at this time.
7:47 am
aloft -- that is going to keep these showers fairly week as we go through today. back over through wachula and safos springs as well. a little wet start for some, but we're not expecting anything too heavy today. here's the reason why: water vapor imagery. got dry air in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and that's going to really sort of suppress the overall coverage. the rain chance is only around 20% for areas near the coast. inland 30% shot as we go in the afternoon. have the umbrellas. if you've got any afternoon plans, just in case some of these showers would roll over your head. now, by tomorrow, i think we'll have a little more sun, and i think we'll destablize the atmosphere just enough to still give us a few showers, but maybe even a few embedded thunderstorms as well. then that drier air starts to really settle in as we go into early next week. that means we're going to get back to limited rainfall coverage.
7:48 am
week. most of this will happen during the afternoon. highs middle and upper 80s. we'll keep those temperatures at or slightly above average most of next week as well. lows will be in the 70s, highs around 86 monday through wednesday. programs better rain chances by the end of next week. >> all right. that look outside, it's a little gloomy. i thought it was nice out, because we're down here. >> venice, yeah. it's beautiful. lot of surge. you go a little bit to the north, right over tampa bay. a little bit of a cloudy well, ben affleck is playing a different kind of hero. a look at his latest role and what else is hitting
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syndrome. here's rafael seth with this week's box office preview. >> this guy risks his life. i'm cooking the books for some of the scariest people on the planet. >> reporter: a cpa's ocd could make him doa account at&t. ben affleck plays the title character with some social issues, but his beautiful mind makes him employee of the month for the world's most dangerous criminals, and the cia want to put a stop to kevin hart is a high roller in "what now." the rock star comedian follows up his 2013 film with this offering, which was filmed in a 50,000 seat stadium in philadelphia. kevin hart "what now" is rated r. >> your wife works for you. >> she's a boss actually. >> this indie film follows four
7:53 am
''surgeon women" is in limited release. you can use your energy in many different ways. >> no spider bite needed for these super skills in "max steele." a teenager discovers his body can generate energy resulting from experiments done by his missing ferment when he teams up with a space robot babysitter, they become a powerful force ready to take on inevitable evil. that's the box-office preview. rafael seth, nbc news. a shark encounter a little too going viral, and
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nterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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you can see a great white leap in the air to get pi cage. a diver inside escapes out the bottom, later resurfacing, once the shark swam off. >> i'm sure he will not be diving anytime soon. >> that's why you don't go in a cage around sharks. >> you think shark cages are safe. i'm not saying that they aren't; but they say this shark was lunging with so many force, just busted right through the cage.
7:57 am
dive being weekend? . >> canceling that plan. quick check of the forecast. if you're going to be heading out to ray jay, usf hosting uconn tonight. 82 degrees will be the temperature -- will be the temperature for that game. county rule out a stray shower. may want to bring on rain gear just in case a shower would roll over the stadium. 30% chance of showers and isolated storms tomorrow. be a little drier by monday and tuesday. mid-80s for your afternoon highs, lows in the 70s. >> shark diving weather. thank you. thank you for joining us
7:58 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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good morning. lashing out. donald trump on the attack against the women who an accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> believe me, she now eight. >> false smears for personal fame. o knows? >> this as hillary clinton comes under fire again after a new round of e-mails released by wikilea wikileaks. why her campaign squashed a speech by bill clinton. and 12 million people in the


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