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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. right now on news channel 8 first at 4:00. now four headlines at 4:00, number one, under water accident. right now investigators are trying to figure out what happened to two experienced divers. measuring the mosaic sink the hole's actual size. number three, short supply, a mother tells 8 on your side she's having problems fighting her daughter's cancer fighting medication. comedian kick back, we'll show you why people walked out of amy schumer's tampa show last night. good afternoon everyone. thanks for being here. this is first at 4:00. and right now, a tragedy in w
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>> eagle 8 hd flew over the area a few hours ago. two friends, patrick peacock and chris writtenmeyer planned to do a dive at eagles nest with him. all divers went into the water at 2:00. at 3:00, he waited and they didn't show up. he went back every 30 deputies. rescue divers found the bodies in a very dangerous area of the cave. it's the same area where a father and son were killed on christmas day of 2013. also right now, we're just learning how big that mosaic sink hole is. the company is releasing mapping results from technology used to measure inside the sink hole. that hole opened up in august. but the public didn't know about it until 8 on your side
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the massive sink hole swallowed 200 million-gallons of radioactive water into the aquaphor. melissa moreno has more on the results and what's next. >> reporter: good afternoon. for the first time, we're getting a look at the specialized equipment used to measure the inside of the sink hole. this is eagle 8 hd video as mosaic crews dropped specialized equipment into the sink hole to measure how big it is. we're told the sink hole is about 220 feet deep from the the widest spot measuring 152 feet across. as for the depth, that's unclear, company officials tell 8 on your side the next step is fixing it. these measurements will help crews find a safe area to begin repairs. >> once we define what's underneath it, then we'll know where to pump the concrete type material. >> the company plans to pour concrete into the sink hole in december with the gulf of mexico of having it completely
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melissa moreno, news channel 8. a depression that formed in a mobile home park is filling in. that hole was in front of a home on torch street. it developed over the past few days. 15 feet wide. a few feet deep. a few years ago, a large sink hole formed on that same street. officials told us there's no cause for alarm. the expenses were handled by the property owner's insurance bridge in sarasota today. police tell us the driver is safe. and only one lane of traffic had to be closed for a time. drivers were asked to find alternate routes. now let's check your first at 4:00 workweek weather. here's julie phillips. we're tracking a few showers that are passing through on max defender 8. you can take a closer look in at a few of these showers moving from northeast to southwest across the tampa bay area.
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look at these showers as they're moving across the bay. places in pinellas county could see light showers north of the courtney campbell. tracking spotty showers in parts of south tampa. farther to the west, we're tracking a few light showers as well in places around polk county. besides that, all the quiet on the radar. you can see from the lake club, 86 degrees right now. winds light coming out of the north. this afternoon. made it into the upper 80s, a few 90s on spots in the map. 90 in bradenton. 85 in zephyr hills. the humidity in the not too bad range. we're flirting with that uncomfortable range at this point. but nothing like summertime levels. for the rest of the afternoon and evening, we'll keep the chance for a passing shower
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passed sunset, things will quiet down, skies will clear, things will be fairly quiet into the over night hours, and temperatures will be hot again tomorrow afternoon. thin we're seeing a nice drop as we head into the end of the week and the weekend. we'll talk about that cold front coming up in your full forecast. right now 8 on your side is looking into a national shortage of a potentially life saving drug. it's used to treat cancer patients a battling leukemia. doctors tell us her 90% cure rate is based off using that drug. >> any time a drug is on shortage and you have to omit it from the regimen, you're not able as a physician to council families about what to expect about the cure rate. all the studies incorporate disparages. >> he tells 8 on your side the shortage comes after a manufacturing problem at the warehouse where the drug is
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of the drug. according to dr. heal, they're working on different treatment plans now. comedian amy schumer is known for controversial comments on everything from sex to gun control. >> she's in hot water over statements she made last night in tampa. news channel 8 found out some people booed and walked out of the show. >> reporter: this all started after the comedian pulled a male fan on stage last night and grilled him about why he in a you tube video up loaded by user mama payne, schumer can be seen pulling a fan named dave on stage and asking him why he supports republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> this isn't going to be a rally. i just really want to know. tell me why trump has your vote. >> because i can't trust hillary. >> after that schumer went on to call trump a quote, orange, sexually assaulting, fake college starting monster.
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>> of course, i found this week real triggering. >> users both supported and condemned the comedian. one user tweeted amazing show in tampa. sorry you had to experience the idiot trump supporters, glad they at least paid you to walk out. >> on facebook another attendee spoke out writing in part, big slap in the face was when we realized we just paid hillary rally. sumer did respond. she quoted a review of her show on twitter early this morning with the caption, all love tampa. sunday night's performance was her only performance scheduled in tampa. her next stop new york city on tuesday. still ahead, coming up, we'll tell you what you can do right now to make holiday travel easier.
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consumer watch. check out this guy. you're going to see more of him. and your full weather forecast as well.
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welcome back. now your consumer watch first at 4:00, target is the latest company to pull creepy clown masks from its stores and online. a target spokesperson tells us there were only a few in store target edited down its clown assortment line. police in several states are dealing with threats and pranks related to people wearing clown masks. it looks like holiday shoppers will spend more this year while still being more frugal. an annual survey finds 44% of shoppers plan to spend more but they're also looking for a deal. 81% plan to find the best price by shopping the web before hitting the stores.
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most purchased item this holiday season. pepsi co is pledging to slash the calorie count of its beverages. 2/3 of the company's beverages will contain 100-calories or less by 2025, that pledge comes as pepsi co looks to avoid additional taxes being proposed for sugary drinks. there's something you can do now more smoothly. >> chris clackham explains in this 8 on your side consumer watch. if you're planning to travel around or between thanksgiving and christmas this year, a survey by orbitz travel finds you'll be joined by nearly 3/4 of your fellow americans. adding to congestion at airports, are air fairs that
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year if you book now. >> the closer you get to the holiday, the more expensive tickets get. >> orbitz senior editor says booking by the end of october gets the most desirable flights and advises the real cheap flights are the first of the day. >> the 5:36:00 a.m. flights are the first out. they're typically less expensive and typically more on time than flights later in the before and sunday after thanksgiving if you can. and she says save more by flying on the actual holiday. plus, keep in mind, christmas is on sunday this year. so flying any time the week before will be at a premium. chris clackham, nbc news. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast,
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afternoon showing a few small showers making their way through the tampa bay area. these generally moving from northeast to southwest due to the northeasterly flow we're left with. but again. not a whole lot in that department. but we're tracking this shower beginning to fall apart as it moves toward clear water. we could see lieing rain roll through clear water and clear water beach. farther east in polk county, some spotty showers rolling through max defender 8 pinpointing these small showers that pop up and fade away pretty quickly. for the rest of the evening, that's generally what we're dealing with. partly cloudy skies, mostly dry conditions, when you wake up tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine to start the day, temperatures close to 70 degrees. we top out in the upper 80s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be toasty. we'll binge ever bring in a 10% chance of rain.
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you can see fair weather clouds. no rain at this location. it's been dry across much of the tampa bay area. i want to share awesome video we got from lauren clark, this is of a dolphin chasing a fish next to the wall at venoi park. thanks for capturing that. a nice way to start off a monday. it can be a slow start sometimes. i like to see that video. thanks for sharing that with us. for us, a small chance of rain in the forecast, generally, rolled in. that bright red color on the water vapor imagery is that dry air. high pressure off to the north across the southeast, we have a northeasterly flow continuing across our area, and we're going to keep that small shower chance in the forecast through sunset tonight. then it looks quiet into the over night hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning, mostly clear to begin the day. not going to be seeing showers in the morning.
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of rain. temperatures will be hot again reaching back into the upper 80s. wednesday morning, near 70 again. and then about a 10% chance of rain. in the front you see just off to the north and west wednesday afternoon, that's going to move through by the end of the week and really bring fall-like temperatures as we head into this coming weekend. that's something you can look forward to. notice this huge drop in the humidity. the mugginess in the air as we head into next week. it's not too we head into next weekend. feeling more fall-like. at this point, still summer beach weather. and unfortunately, red tide still a major issue, especially in places like manatee and northern sarasota county. where we have medium to high concentrations. low concentrations found in pinellas county. in cease that key beach, some of the areas that we're tracking that red tide. in the tropics, hurricane
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of development, this is not expected to impact florida at this point. we'll keep a close eye on it. it's not developed yet. we're expecting it to move away from us. we're left with a 10% chance of rain for the rest of the week. fairly quiet week. still a warm week. but then the front moves through. look at the temperatures fall. >> that weekend looks good. >> we all remember hurricane matthew. one charleston woman who went into labor while the city was flooding didn't let the the hospital. she called emt's but was told there'd be a delay because of the rising flood waters. she decided to walk alone. she got five blocks before someone picked her up and gave her a ride to the hospital where she gave birth to her son. matthews herself was born during a major hurricane. her mother gave birth two days before hurricane hugo. unreal. and her last name is matthews.
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tom hanks is number one, and his movie is not even in american theaters yet. what do second graders know about politics, more than we thought. first at 4:00 sports, we're at bucks practice as they come by from a biweek. get the developments on the biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime time news cast, every night on great 38
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five... steak 'n shake. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
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and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at welcome back. during this fiery election, we're wondering how much do second graders know about politics. >> garry went to calhoun school in new york city across central park, from donald trump's home. and 33 miles from hillary clinton's home. here's a little of what they had to say. >> what are the names of the people running for president?
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trump. >> and which is republican and which is democrat? >> donald trump is the republican, and hillary clinton is the democrat. >> what does donald trump do for a living? >> he tells people to build buildings so he can make money. >> does he build the buildings. is he out there with a hard hat, but he makes a lot of money though, right? how much money do you think donald trump has? what do you think? >> at least 1 million a day. >> at least 1 million a day. >> $900. >> $900. what clinton's job is? >> i think her job is to go on the ellen show. >> i always watch it and she's always on. >> i think her husband was president all ready and she was all ready a first lady. >> that's right. do you know what her husband's name is? >> bill clinton. >> george washington. bill clinton is old but not as old as george washington would have been. >> if you want kids to believe
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proper way how to talk to other people and give people a turn so like little kids can be inspired. >> all right. smart kids there. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in florida. the election is coming up november 8th. making lighter news across america, check this out. we're going to go back here, an anchor at a tv station in texas videotaped his hospital visit after being bitten by a foot. he told ktrk he stepped outside his house to grab something from his car, when the copperhead hitten under the tire came out and bit his left foot. his son killed the snake. he's expected to recover. here's a good excuse to cheat on your diet. today is national pasta day. pasta is the staple food of italian cuisine. but did you know there are several hundred varieties of pasta? did you know that? >> i can imagine.
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they want. >> tom hanks' movie is all ready a big hit. >> david daniel has the story in your hollywood minute. >> donte's inferno isn't fiction. it's a prophesy. someone created a plague. >> inferno is red hot. the latest tom hanks thriller based on a dan brown novel grossed $50 billion in its international debut. following the pattern set by the and demons. inferno hits theaters october 28th. >> if i were a man, people would listen and say okay, that would be so restful. >> certain women is big in britain. the indie drama starring kristen stewart, michelle williams, won the best film award. it was praised as a humane and poignant story that highlights
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rural america. robert deniro, hometown hero, the oscar winner is the 44th recipient of its biggest honor. the chaplain award. he'll be honored next may for his celebrated on camera career and his work championing independent cinema with the tribeca film festival. the bucks ar practicing today after the biweek. dan lucas is out at one buck place where the team is warming up for what they hope will be another win. >> they return for an extra practice day coming off the biweek the team feels pretty good and they're ready to get on a role against the 49ers. >> it feels like that. the guys are encouraged and enthusiastic and excited about being here.
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getting guys back healthy, we feel encouraged about next week. >> we'll be almost at full strength. that's great for us. now we can get back to our regular rotations and how we do things. i feel like as a team, we're hitting our stride at the perfect time. no better time than after the biweek to get things rolling. >> it's a matter of what you do in terms of taking that extra step to get it going. we're going to come to work on >> we're not going to get official word on the return of the injured players until at least wednesday. but there's one guy back in action. wide receiver lewis murphy activated to a 21 day practice, coming off a torn acl. >> it felt great. no real issues. we attacked rehab really hard. you know. it was days where you know, i felt like not pushing man. and they pushed me to the limit. >> it's going to be another
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opponent, himming and hollering over which quarterback they want to use. colin kaepernick started for the 49ers on sunday. but blaine could get the call against the bucks. dan lucas, news channel 8 sports. speaking with coach cutter for cutter's corner tonight. the bucks play in san francisco this sunday. we'll be back with more first
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now four hypers at 4:30, number one, cancer moon shot. vice president joe biden speaking at the edward m kennedy institute today. he's calling for cancer research across the country to speed up and save lives. president obama called for the cancer moon shot like president kennedy before him calling on scientists to take on a huge task. this time helping cancer patients instead of going to the moon. you may remember biden lost his adult son to cancer. number two, early voting,
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these are people lining up just to vote early. election day is november 8th. we still have one more debate to go. keith cate will be in las vegas for that debate wednesday night. the long awaited fight to reclaim the city of mosul from isis has begun. u.s. led coalition forces are backing curdish troops in what is expected to be the toughest operation since american troops left iraq five years ago. take. a florida man who fired a gun during a road range rage confrontation sentenced to 20 years in prison. zimmerman said 38-year-old matthew showed no regard for human life. he was acquitted of second- degree murder after fatally shooting unarmed teenager trayvon martin. getting rid of storm water continues to be a big problem in pinellas county. government is hosting their
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cities and counties want engineers from various municipalities to communicate with each other when one is experiencing problems. the task force will identify solutions and mitigate situations and develop short- term and long-term strategies. >> we have the technical people, the engineers, the utility guys, the smart people in the room who can come together and say here's our system. here's our system. i don't know they've ever done that. i don't know that they've ha past. you have a needs assessment and an area where okay, where can we target together to collaborate. >> an action plan is expected to be in place within the next 90 days. your first at 4:00 weather with julie phillips. a toasty afternoon for us. max defenderring is showing us a few spotty showers developed across the tampa bay area. so far today, you can see it's
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up on small showers as they move from northeast to southwest across the tampa bay area. you can see a few of these just north of the crystal area. these are not going to last long. but still just enough probably to ruin a car wash at this point. you can see light showers developing along the coast. moving out of new port richey. light showers near clear water beach as well. we'll keep the chance of rain through the center. 86 degrees. winds coming in out of the southeast near 5 miles per hour. not much in the way of rain around there. and also looking dry from nissan of venice, 86 degrees with winds coming in out of the eaves between 5 to 10 miles per hour -- out of the east between 5 to 10 miles per hour. we're sitting at 90 in tampa. average this time of the year, 85. 90 in sarasota as well.
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temperatures are up. dew points are also up a little bit. you notice some low 70s on the map. upper 60s. this get into the muggy range. but not to worry. things are changing. we'll keep the rain chances fairly low the next few days. but temperatures will be dropping with the next front. we'll have a look at that coming up in our full forecast. in your vote 2016 cnn's latest pole shows that democrat hillary clinton is leading republican rival donald trump by eight points. the po that clinton has 47% of the vote from likely voters. and trump has 39%. the pole analyzes data from four of the most recent surveys. including ones from fox news, nbc news, and the wall street journal. with 22 dayings to go until the election, donald trump claims the election is rigged alleged a conspiracy between the news media, his opponent and individual poling places.
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to get his campaign back on track. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today preparing for wednesday's third and final debate. she's also grappling with the fall out from daily wiki leaks document dumps. in this new batch clinton seems to imply she took action against wall street for political purposes. if you have a sloppy scribbled signature and you've mailed in your ballot, you can have peace of to fix your john hancock and make sure your vote counts. here's matt with more. >> a blistering ruling ripped florida's policy on mismatching signatures on mail in ballots which federal judge mark walker called disenfranchisement and obscene. florida didn't provide voters the chance to fix the problem before having their votes thrown out. even though voters who forgot
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to make the situation right. the judge's resuming should change that. in florida, any little bit counts and it's really important we make sure every vote is counted. >> in the 2012 election, 23,000 votes weren't counted because of the mix matching signature problems. more than 513,000 floridians have returned their vote by >> keith cate covers the third and final presidential debate live from las vegas tonight. it's an expensive american habit. bottled water. do we need to pay? does tap water taste just as good. >> remember when there was no bottled water. tap water has been in the news with some cities reporting led contamination but experts say in most of the country, tap water is not only safe, it's
4:37 pm
water. but can you really tell the difference? >> it's light, it's crisp. it's good. it's really good. >> we always hear drink more water. >> we buy cases of water. >> i buy water all the time. >> the bottled water market is booming. americans spending $20 billion a year on it. 20billion. but can you really taste the here's what we're doing. we're coming over here. in this container, we're putting tap water. out of the sink. in this container, we have this expensive bottled water. $3 a bottle. i'm pouring it in. if your didn't know which was which. they look the same and smell the same. could you pick it out? let's see. we're setting up shop at newport center in new jersey. >> are you ready for the magic? >> putting both types of water
4:38 pm
you like better? >> oh he's swishing it around. >> it's my wine tasting ability. >> right away, some can't taste the difference. >> i think they both taste the same. it tastes like plain water. >> there's no difference. >> no difference. >> but remember, there is a difference. this water is free. and this water is about $3 a bottle. you chose the expensive bottled water over the tap. when they ask you bottle, i want bottles. >> you're an expensive date when it comes to bottled. >> you chose bottled water. you have a fancy palate. >> i can't afford my own palate. >> don't count the tap out yet. >> are you happy you chose the tap water. >> i drink that at home. our tax money is paying for great water. >> i always trust somebody wearing a bow tie.
4:39 pm
everything automatically. >> there you go. >> you like bottled water better. >> tap water. >> but by the end of the day, after testing more than two dozen people, we have a winner. >> i like this one better. >> this one. i like this one a little more. 55% saying the tap tastes better. a narrow victory. but a big savings. do you know what this is? this is tap water. you chose it over expensive bottled water. no. i don't ha water any more. >> is that a little dance i saw? >> that's the save money dance. >> [ laughter ] >> he likes the tap water. that was jeff rossen reporting. bottled water is more popular than ever. this could be the first year bottled water out sells soda. still ahead -- >> we have a chef right here in studio to show us what's new at epcot's food and wine festival.
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your side stories. who has access to your medical files ? i'm trying to help thousands of women get their mammogram records back from a man who's not supposed to have them. >> this pinellas county excavation interrupted water service for thousands of customers. but they're still paying for
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eagle 8 hd coverage brought to you by your sun coast dealers. shop epcot's food and wine festival is going on now in orlando. >> this is when we wish we had smell a vision. if you've never been, it's an event celebrating food and drinks from all over the world. today 8 on your side has a chef with not only treats but answers. joining us is chef julia, we appreciate you being here. >> i love the spread too.
4:44 pm
what's but that this year. >> we have 30 global market -- this year. and five will be new. this is actually one of the first dishes. this is going to be heirloom tomato salad with we have grape tomatoes. marinated in a tomato vinegarrette. garnished with goat cheese and basil. >> it's tomato overload but you don't notice it. look at that beautiful plate. >> this will be in the greenhouse room. it's focus one of the other marketplaces this year, we have that peanut butter mouse. >> tell us about this. we're both ogling over the peanut butter moose. >> peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts on top. you can not go wrong. >> it's kind of small. so it doesn't look like it would make you completely guilt ridden by looking like that. >> you could have two or three. >> or four or five. tell us about the nachos.
4:45 pm
marketplace. it's got pita chips, a greek sausage, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a cashew tasiki, that we make out of cashews, and almond milk. >> and you're doing cooking classes this year. >> we have culinary demonstrations in the resorts. we have culinary demonstrations for those who want to learn how to make these. we have the food and wine cook book that you can get at festival. >> i'm grabbing the wine. you can't forget the wine. it's the food and wine festival. >> i would pair it with a cabernet for most of the dishes on the table now. what's great about this, it's a specific wine for the food and wine festival. and we also have great other things going on. we have the burger bash. we have lots of premium -- you can still book. we have the party of the census. and all those chef demonstrations out there. >> this appears to be more of
4:46 pm
but there are things for the kids too. like a scavenger hunt. >> yes, we have the hide and squeak. from ratatouille. the kids get to find remmy throughout the park. we have everything designated with a little eggplant for kid- friendly options. >> kids love the passports where they can stamp all the countries. >> we actually have stickers this year. it's all enclosed in the book. >> as a chef, what's >> i have several favorites. the other favorite is going to be in the greenhouse guru as well. the duck with creamy polente and a fire roasted salsa. thank you for coming in. this is awesome. what a spread here. >> you made all of this over in epcot and brought it to us. and the food and wine festival goes until november 14th. >> there's still just about a
4:47 pm
as is the wine. stay close. we'll be right back. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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now, max defender 8. the world east most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast. with meteorologist julie phillips. and max defender 8 this afternoon is tracking a few showers. making their way through the tampa bay area. these aren't large in nature. but yes, don't be surprised if you do see a quick passing shower moving toward the south and west. you can see max defender 8 showing you a hernando county. these aren't lasting long. they're pulsing up a little bit. you can see with our max defender 8 radar, that they're not lasting very long. if you do see rain, it's only going to last 15 minutes or so. not a lot in the way of rainfall totals. we're seeing heavier rain rolling toward citrus park at this moment. south of town and country, across the courtney campbell bridge, and farther to the south, you can see around north
4:51 pm
the south and west. we'll keep rain in the forecast for the next several hours until at least sunset tonight. then rain chances will come to an end. here's the view from brandon, 83 degrees out at this location with winds coming in out of the north, hoola bay, great view as well. 86 degrees. with a few fair weather cumulus clouds. no rain at this location so far this afternoon. a great sunrise this morning. jackie sent in this photo. if you have any great photos, twitter. we always love to see those weather photos. be sure to keep sending them to us. for the rest of the evening, temperatures should stay comfortable. we'll keep a 10% chance for showers in the forecast. we're in the low 80s, clouds around. tomorrow morning we start the day close to 70. from there we heat up quickly. we're back in the upper 80s as we head into the afternoon hours. could see 90s on the map again. temperatures will be above average. high pressure in place keeping things fairly quiet.
4:52 pm
rest of this evening. tomorrow morning remains dry. we'll just see a couple clouds around. by the afternoon and evening hours, notice with that northeasterly flow, we'll see a few more clouds build in. a few more small passing showers. nothing major, but yes, you could see a quick passing shower at your house. wednesday morning, a similar story, quiet start to the day, then with that northeasterly flow continuing, we'll see a couple showers developing. but nothing should be too heavy. the rain chance is it's been fairly warm the last couple days. there's the cold front we're watching, wednesday afternoon, still a good ways away. by the end of the week, that front will pass through. and that will bring us great weather as we head into the coming weekend. tropics, nothing too much to worry about right there. turny coal expected to remain -- hurricane nicole expected to remain at sea. we have one area of interest in the bahamas with a 60% chance of development.
4:53 pm
we'll keep a close eye on that for you. notice temperatures as we head into this weekend, dropping back to around 80. lows near 60 by sunday morning. guys. thanks julie. today marks a bittersweet milestone for me and my family. 15 years ago today my sister carrie at the age of 40 suffered a massive heart attack and required emergency bypass surgery. it was a day that changed her life forever and prompted me to begin raising awareness about the dangers of heart disease. my father is also a attack, stroke, and heart bypass survivor. that's why every year i push so hard to raise funds for the american heart association. it's money that's used for research and education, our goal this year is $100,000. kia agreed to match the first 50,000 we raised. every dollar you donate counts as 2. go to >> carolyn hayes one of our viewers made a donation, so
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keep them coming in. now for today's send it to stacy. >> where we feature your pictures on tv. take a look. this is our first shot from bev jacobs. proof that fall is on its way to florida. tony tweeted me this shot. she managed to snap this pick. but says there are two squirrels that call this tree home. she's trying to capture both of them and will send us that picture as well. next we have close up of a butterfly. perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful. what a picture. that's hard to get. and tim wilder of tampa, he must be feeling reminiscent. he's sharing memories of the pier. an iconic landmark in st. petersburg gone he says but not forgotten. it'll be nice to see what replaces it. the new one coming soon. send it to stacy by tweeting
4:55 pm
#sendittostacy. and share them with me on my wfla facebook page. coming up this halloween, you can stay in dracula's castle if you want. the real one in transylvania. get all the details when first at 4:00 returns in a few
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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let's look at what's trending online beginning with things that sound like
4:59 pm
>> that's right. who has this kind of time? the survival compilations that sound like everybody's favorite wilke and the latest thing on social media and dozens posted online. funny stuff. training on facebook airbnb is offering to set you up in the real dracula's castle in romania this halloween. they launched a contest one has spent the night in this castle since 1948. the guests will be wined and dined and left alone to snoozing velvet lined coffins. if those are too creepy, they are also provided. we of more news coming your way and news channel 8 at 5:00 with stacie and keith starts right now. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. a depression that formed in a pasco county mobile home park has now filled in. you see why people we spoke
5:00 pm
a life-saving drug in short supply. the reason a bay area mother is having trouble finding medicine her daughter needs. 22 days until voters head to the ballot box. why donald trump claims the 2016 election is rigged. i'm keith cate. i'm stacie schaible and thanks for joining us. homeowners in a mobile home park are on edge. over the last few days a depression formed on the same street where a sinkhole swallowe today crews were brought in to fill the hole and bring life back to normal. >> many are uneasy about this and john rogers joins us live from holiday to update us on the situation and i don't blame them and i would be nervous too, john. >> good evening and shortly after we arrived we were quickly escorted off the property and told the issue was resolved. people came out and said they are still worried. >> reporter: over the past few


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