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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  October 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a life-saving drug in short supply. the reason a bay area mother is having trouble finding medicine her daughter needs. 22 days until voters head to the ballot box. why donald trump claims the 2016 election is rigged. i'm keith cate. i'm stacie schaible and thanks for joining us. homeowners in a mobile home park are on edge. over the last few days a depression formed on the same street where a sinkhole swallowe today crews were brought in to fill the hole and bring life back to normal. >> many are uneasy about this and john rogers joins us live from holiday to update us on the situation and i don't blame them and i would be nervous too, john. >> good evening and shortly after we arrived we were quickly escorted off the property and told the issue was resolved. people came out and said they are still worried. >> reporter: over the past few
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and a few feet deep. if that is not troubling enough, look at this. two years ago a sinkhole formed on that same street swallowing an suv. soon after a second depression formed and now this third hole opened up all within feet of each other. >> i heard on channel 8 news. >> reporter: jack has relatives here and after he heard the latest news he went to see of life or death i suppose. >> reporter: today a construction company filled in the sinkhole and county officials didn't inspect the crevice because it was private property. locals are worried about the string of depressions in the same neighborhood. >> especially when they stay here in that one place, it's suspicious. >> reporter: an official from the mobile home park told 8 on your side now that the hole is
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>> we lost john rogers who was reporting live and holiday but those people still concerned and that's something they will continue to monitor. an update on another story about another huge sinkhole. new information on the size of that mosaic sinkhole we talked about. the whole opened up in august but the public didn't know about it until 8 on your side broke the story. sinkhole. we now know it's about 220 feet deep from the top of it and the wider spot measures 152 feet across. the company plans to put for concrete in the sinkhole in december and melissa marino has details about the project and how long it will take coming up tonight at 6:00. a life-saving drug shortage making life difficult for a sarasota mom and her daughter
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shows us what's behind this very serious situation. >> reporter: 2-year-old ava comes here to all children's to get her chemotherapy but 10 days ago her mom found out there is not enough of the medicine that her daughter desperately needs. every few days ava and minnie mouse come here for chemotherapy. after a false mom melissa learned about the drug shortage she was ready to cross borders to get it. >> we talked to hospitals in canadao it there. >> reporter: after calling more than 50 places the manufacturer and fda, melissa got nowhere. >> i don't understand and 2016 when we have great health insurance other could be a shortage of a key component of a leukemia drug. >> reporter: the type of
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erwinia. >> anytime a drug is on shortage in a has to be omitted from the regimen as a physician you can't counsel families about the curate because the studies incorporate that.>> reporter: a helpless feeling for melissa.>> this hinders her chances for success and that's her chance for survival. >> reporter: and frustration for doctors. >> there's nothing i can do about it. i can't make it or order more. >> reporter: doctors and melissa said the shortage came after a shortage at a warehouse where the drug was made but luckily she got a call this mog treatment but ava needs more than three doses. >> it won't be the last. i talked to the manufacturer and the fda and both said it isn't the first issue. >> reporter: doctors say they have been communicating with the manufacturer about the shortage and in the meantime looking for other ways to treat their patients. reporting in st. petersburg, janet jones news channel 8. a deadly explosion at the world's largest chemical plant under investigation in germany.
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liquids and liquefied gas. at least one person is dead and six are injured and several other still missing. no word yet what caused the explosion. the long-awaited of offensive to reclaim iraq's second-largest city from isis is underway. mosul was held by militants for more than two years and the last major stronghold in the un and kurdish troops. it's expected to be the toughest operation since american troops left direct five years ago. the governor of north carolina calls it an attack on democracy. republican party field office in an orange county strip mall firebombed over the weekend.
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working to figure out who was behind the attack. meanwhile a group of democrats quickly raise more than $10,000 online to reopen the office. just 22 days to go until the election and if the latest polls are correct democratic nominee hillary clinton maintains a double-digit lead nationwide. this despite a new wave of controversy stemming from hacked emails. the latest headline, and fbi document shows the state department and fbi discussed keeping a clinton email and classified in return for placing more agents in iraq. a deal both agents lycie ultimately did not happen. >> no quid pro quo, no exchange here. >> the criticism is unjustified. >> content is taking the fight to red states like georgia and arizona hoping to prove at the polls that this is a fair fight. donald trump heads to wisconsin. he's still on the stump ahead of wednesday's final presidential debate but not politics as usual you might say with trump making new
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channel 8 dc bureau. >> it may be winner take all at wednesday's debate in las vegas but before either candidate makes it to sin city were watching donald trump's campaign called the election quote rigged even though he's not offering any evidence or signs of wrongdoing in any of the states where voting is underway. for hi it's a state where clinton is leading in the polls by 7 to 8 points. house speaker paul ryan is a wisconsin native and won't be at the rally. it could have something to do with the tweets that trump has been sending out including this one from this morning. he tweeted quote of course there is large-scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. why the republican leaders deny what is going on? so naove. it's an allegation trump double down on this weekend. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations
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>> the campaign is not providing any evidence of wrongdoing and it's a big question going forward, will voters have confidence in the election? were just 22 days away from november 8. clinton is staying off the trail to get ready for the debate while trump goes to colorado tuesda because it's in las vegas. reporting in washington, mark meredith news channel 8.>> the final debate takes place at the thomas and mack center at the university of las vegas campus wednesday night and i had there tomorrow so tune in for the live coverage as well as some postdebate reaction right here on news channel 8. medical records locked up one a mammogram facility close and put women at risk.
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uncovered while digging deeper in the problem. a daring rescue caught on camera. will show you what a group of strangers did to save a man trapped inside a burning car. parts of the tampa bay area made it into the 90s this afternoon but change is coming in the form of a cold front. we will have the details in the full forecast. that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8 , the station that's always on
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a group of people risk their lives to save a man trapped in a burning car in south florida and the entire ordeal caught on camera. a two vehicle car accident sent one car careening down an embankment down a highway and
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to free the man and pulled over to help. they band together forming a human chain and pulled him to safety moments before the car exploded.>> everyone jumped in to save the person. it was impressive to watch and be a part of. it was a miracle and a blessing just to see the kindness and hospital with minor injuries and no other injuries were reported. now max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with meteorologist julie phillips.>> and max defender 8 this afternoon is tracking a few showers rolling through the area and most of these made it towards the coast already. the majority of the area looking fairly dry but max
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port richey, tarpon springs area and you see nice definition in the cells in the heaviest rain is where you see the bright red color between tarpon springs and new port richey and southern pasco county. also tracking pockets of heavy rains and southern sarasota county and you see these heading towards the inglewood area towards venice as well. looking at a small chance for a few more showers developing the next few hours and temperatures next few days are finally going to be dropping. tomorrow ano h afternoon hours you see it will be warmed up and by saturday looking at highs dropping significantly and close to 80 degrees. rest of the evening partly cloudy and mostly dry. when you wake up tomorrow near 70 and close to average this time of year. by the afternoon hours when we start to feel the heat and bring in a 10% chance of a passing shower. at this point no rain at the automall and 84 degrees. winds coming out of the east
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temperatures running above average the last couple of days and some 90s on the map this afternoon. 90 in bradenton. 86 and wimauma. plant city 82. 82 lakeland. 88 northport. the temperatures are up there and dry heir in place and dew point starting to feel a little bit more muggy but plenty of dry air rain we see the rest of the afternoon and that's the bright red color you see on the water vapor imagery. rest of the evening rain chance of low at 10%. overnight hours rain chances fade away and the skies clear. when you wake up tomorrow morning expect to see a few clouds by the afternoon and the northeasterly flow we've seen all week long brings in a few more clouds and a 10% rain chance. dry wednesday morning and temperatures close to 70 them by the afternoon a 10% chance
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cold front we are tracking expect to make it into the area by the end of the week and when it does, dew points drop significantly. will feel excellent heading into this coming weekend. not so great right now. red tide still an issue especially in parts of manatee and sarasota county. medium to high concentration detected and small concentrations in pinellas county like nicole continues to move away from us to the north and east of the open atlantic. also watching an area near the bahamas with a 60% chance of development but at this point not expecting any florida impact that we will monitor closely for you. next two days rain chances stay near 10% and the front passes and the temperatures drop nicely going into this coming weekend. if you have been cheated or when you need help, she is on your side. that or call behnken.
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records locked in a storage facility. women, some you could describe in life-threatening situations are desperate to get the records back after brandon's women's diagnostic center abruptly closed. they knew they better call behnken. shannon behnken joins me now on a story you have been following quite some time. >> i been on the story for weeks and some women have been trying to deal with this on their own for more than six months contact me begging for help so i won't let this go. >> you can't even leave a message on his phone. >> nancy is upset and weirded out that this man has her mammogram records and will give them back. >> i need my records immediately. >> she has been trying since may. >> he didn't return my doctor's office calls. >> does that make you angry?
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>> women's diagnostic center and brandon shut down last fall. the owner john parker admits he has thousands of women's files locked away in a storage facility somewhere in pinellas county. we left a facebook damage -- message to email him and sometimes he agrees to hand over records and unprofessional places like parking lots at hard rock casino at starbucks. i tag along with one woman. shell company records do you have left? how he wouldn't answer but insisted he couldn't afford to hire a third-party company to do this the right way. >> it's unprofessional, inappropriate and risky. >> reporter: he is a professor at the university of south florida and not only a medical doctor but also an attorney and said parker's record-keeping methods are illegal. >> the person who owns the clinic is not a physician. driving around with those
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one year since the clinic closed and he tells me it's time for the state to step in. >> the department of health and the board of medicine, it's time for them to step in now that they have been alerted and take control of the records to make sure the women who have their names in the records are protected.>> reporter: that is all he wants.>> mammograms are important and they have to be compared. we can't get misdiagnosed or something. >> a spokesman for the florida department of health said the state could step in and in that case a third-party company would become the custodian of the records and make sure women get them back. that's why it's so important for the women to register their complaints with the state and i put links on our website and on my facebook page showing you where you can go to do that.>>
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owner of the center, he shouldn't even be looking at the record so who should be in charge of them>> it's the medical director. the medical director for the center is legally responsible for the records, not the sky driving around in his car. at the state steps and they will look at that and why the medical director isn't doing his job and could go after him. >> it doesn't seem to be that complicated. common sense is what are you doing driving around with these records? stay on it. if behnken. tampa bay hard walk a few weeks away and today marks a bittersweet milestone for me and my family. it was 15 years ago today that my sister carrie at the age of 40 suffered a
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required heart bypass surgery. she's a survivor but it changed her life and prompted me to raise awareness about the dangers of heart disease. my father is a heart attack, stroke, and heart bypass survivor. they are the reason why each year i worked hard to raise funds for the hard walk and our goal this year's $100,000. tia has agreed to match the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as two and we are two thirds of the way to the goal. the hard walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium. just go to to donate or join my team. holidays is not cheap. going anywhere during the holidays, there are ways to cut the cost. >> coming up and 8 on your side look to show what you can do to get the best bang for your buck
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target is the latest company to pull creepy clown masks from its stores and online. a spokesperson tells us there are only a few in-store clown mask options and they are no longer available. target also edited down its clown assortment online and police in several states including florida dealing with threats from people wearing clown masks. pepsico pledging to slash the calorie count in its beverages by 2025. the company says two thirds of its beverages will contain 100 calories or less per 12 ounce serving by 2025. the pledge comes as pepsico looks to counter health concerns about sugar sweetened beverages. are you planning to travel during thanksgiving or christmas this year? you won't be alone. a survey by orbitz travel says
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americans. adding to congestion at airports is the low cost flights. air for on average is 12% cheaper than it was this time last year. to get the best deals experts suggest booking by the end back of the month of picking the earliest flight possible. >> 5:30, 6:00 a.m. flights are the first out and typically less expensive and more on time than the flights later in the day. >> you want to avoid flying the wednesday before and after thanksgiving, the sunday after thanksgiving if keep in mind christmas is on a sunday this year so flying anytime the week before christmas is going to be a premium. you have to be smart about that and you are pretty good about that. i'm a sucker last minute.>> that can help out if you put it
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nonstop flights for holidays and staying with the topic. it seems impossible and we want to know why. see what drives that trend and what you should do to make your holiday travel smoother especially nonstop flights. a standoff and pascoe county ends up with deputy shooting and killing a man. why they say they were forced to open fire to end the standoff. what if one of the biggest
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simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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right now a news channel 8 at 5:30. tonight storm water runoff and backed up sewage is a stinky problem that needs a solution. >> good evening i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson and thanks for being with us today. >> a task force tackling storm water issues met for the first time to get to the bottom of the problem plaguing pinellas


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