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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 18, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- chris pratt -- seth and miley cyrus become friends -- co-creators of "high maintenance" ben sinclair and tj featuring the 8g band with elaine bradley. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers, this is late night. how 's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. good crowd tonight. [ light laughter ] let's get to the news. senator elizabeth warren said yesterday that donald trump is too chicken to release his tax
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too chicken? i don't know. he looks more like ham to me. [ light laughter ] vice presidential nominee tim kaine said this week, that when donald trump insults hillary clinton it makes him furious. and you wouldn't want to see tim kaine when he is furious. no, actually, let's see that. oh -- [ laughter ] the clinton foundation has reportedly alerted staff that there will be dozens of lay offs at the end of the year. said one staffer, please be me, oh please be me. that's available. [ applause ] donald trump said yesterday that there will be a great place for former presidential candidate dr. ben carson and his administration if he wins, although i'm guessing it won't be secretary of energy. [ light laughter ] a new poll has found that almost
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rhetoric and the other 30% said, which one's rhetoric? [ laughter ] facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced a $3 billion initiative yesterday, to cure or manage all diseases within the next lifetime. hopefully to include whatever disease it is that makes my aunt think i want to play candy crush saga. [ laughter ] you're sick. re [ cheers and applause ] today is the official start of fall, but analysts say that global warming will cause temperatures consistent with late july. on the bright side if your pumpkin spice latte gets cold you can just set it on the sidewalk for a few minutes. [ light laughter ] and finally -- sorry, just laughing about that pumpkin latte joke. [ laughter ] because someone had to.
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[ cheers and applause ] a young man worked very hard on that joke. [ laughter ] and that young man has parents. and now they're going to watch the show and say which one did you get on? and he'll say i wrote the pumpkin latte one and they'll say, all right. so -- we assume you're moving home. [ laughter ] where were we. oh right. lee admitted yesterday that he lied to his constituents about the bridgegate scandal because he was quote petrified of chris christie. him? he didn't even look scary when he was causing all of that trouble for the ghost busters. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, from the new film "the magnificent seven," one of our favorites, chris pratt, is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] we have another edition of nbc's "forced friends" with miley cyrus.
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"high maintenance" ben sinclair and and katja blichfeld. so first -- first, before all that, with presidential election less than two months away, new polls are coming out every day. for example this week a new cnn poll found that donald trump was beating hillary clinton 45 to 43% but these polls don't just give a national picture. they also break down certain demographics in the electorate, and they get really, really specific. so let's dig deeper in this new cnn poll -- to this new cnn po in a segment we call "specific demographics." m? [ applause ] >> seth: okay. so we know the overall that also in this cnn poll among women clinton is leading 53-38. among white males trump is ahead 48% to 41% and among white males who call their friend group "the wolf pack" it's trump up big 86-14. [ light laughter ]
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separate piece of paper before they fill out the actual card it's clinton 100, trump zero. [ laughter ] this one, i found very interesting. among men who claim to be femininst just to get laid, dead heat, clinton 50, trump 50. [ light laughter ] among dads who can whistle with two fingers, trump 97, clinton three. among people who blame their flatulence on the dog it's trump ahead 89 to clinton's 11. but among people whome hormones injected into farm factory meat you can flip it, clinton 89, trump 11. among people who flex their arm when someone touches it. that's trump 75, clinton 25. among aunts who scream when the d.j. plays "the electric slide" at a wedding reception, clinton 93, trump seven. however among uncles who mutter "there she goes again," every time the aunt gets excited about the electric slide, trump 93,
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morning thinking about fried chicken then they get to lunch sigh, and order grilled chicken instead. clinton 63. trump 37. [ light laughter ] among women who were last seen at burning man wearing nothing but a puka shell necklace it's green party candidate jill stein in a landslide -- [ laughter ] -- with 98% of the vote. among people who say their favorite all time song lyric is, ? pinching nurses asses while i'm [bleep] off with jurgens that i'm jerking ? ? by this whole bag of viagra isn't working ? ? every single person is a slim shady sure lurki dead heat, 50-50. surprised me. [ laughter ] [ applause ] and finally among pollsters, who have been polling on the 2016 election so long, they haven't had time to focus on their own lives, their own issues and whether or not it's still possible to win their ex-wife back after all of these years, or if it's even worth trying since she fell in love with kevin and he treats her well -- much better since, then some workaholic poster ever could. it's clinton 73, trump 27.
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. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody, our first guest tonight is a talented actor, who you know from his work on the nbc hit "parks & recreation" and the blockbuster films "guardians of the galaxy" and "jurassic world."
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project the "magnificent 7." which is in theaters and imax on friday let's take a look. >> how about we take them over in to that mine there? >> eh, no this is as good a place as any. easy. gentlemen allow me a moment to show you something quite miraculous. >> you just show us our money, faraday. >> pick a card. is this your card? hey that was pretty -- [ the show, our friend chris pratt. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> seth: gun slinger. >> huh? >> seth: you're a gunslinger. >> i get to be a gunslinger. >> seth: you sling guns all over this movie. >> yeah, there's a lot of guns
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>> seth: slung, yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: guns, slung. [ laughter ] now, "magnificent 7," classic film. >> yeah. >> seth: this is, what you remake, updating? what would you call it? >> i guess you'd call it -- originally the film, the "magnificent 7" from the 60s had yul brynner, steve mcqueen, great cast, it was considered a remake of a japanese film, by kurosawa. >> seth: sure. >> called "the seven samurai." and so this is like a reimagining of that story. >> seth: fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: i know this is a big because you've graced many -- the cover of many a magazine. >> but now. >> seth: but thanks to this. >> yeah. >> seth: i mean -- >> i got the big one. >> seth: you g got the big one. >> seth: you're on the cover of "cowboys and indians." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: hey, you look good. >> thanks, yeah. >> seth: i bet cowboys are on the cover of this magazine more than indians. >> you think so? >> seth: yeah, i think that, maybe. >> there's got to -- i have to. >> seth: yeah. >> you know what, i'm going to go home and look >> seth: okay,
12:50 am
>> seth: but, this is great you're a movie star. but because you were on the cover after "jurassic world," you're on the cover of "dinosaurs." right? >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: on "dinosaur magazine?" >> i was in "dinosaur magazine." we did -- >> seth: space man. >>"space man magazine." >> seth: with the guardians? >> yep, yep. we did lego minifig-magazine. >> seth: oh that's right. [ laughter ] you've been on the cover of a lot of magazines? >> yeah, a lot of magazines. >> seth: the movie looks beautiful. >> thank you, it is beautiful. i'm so proud of it. >> seth: and this is -- because you've been in films with a lot of cgi before. >> right. >> seth: but this less. this is all practical. >> all pract a real horses, real guns. real cowboys. >> seth: that clip, that guy died. >> yeah. >> seth: that guy really died. [ laughter ] >>i'm wanted for murder. >> seth: you're wanted for murder. >> in baton rouge, for killing that guy. >> seth: so, you're currently on the lamb? >> i'm on the lamb. >> seth: that's great. >> but i wanted to take a second, because i just love to come to this show. >> seth: thank you so much. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: for you to be on the lamb and taking time out for us. [ laughter ] >> anything for you. >> seth: and i -- you know, usually when people are on the lamb, they're real skittish. >> yeah. >> seth: but you just seem settled. >> yeah, calm. >> seth: you're calm, you're ready to go. >> cold blooded killer.
12:51 am
>> you also -- you're a gambler in this film. >> yeah. >> seth: so you do some card trickery. >> yes. that trick i did in the clip, this -- that thing? [ laughter ] that was not fake. >> seth: really? >> that was real, yeah. >> seth: and did you have any previous card trick experience? >> you know i did. i learned from one of my high school teachers, mr. sigler taught me a lot of card tricks, back in the day so i -- >> seth: what was he supposed to be teaching you? what was the class? was it intro to magic? >> it was after -- he was a -- i want to -- don't even remember. [ laughter ] >> but he taught me bird calls and magic tricks. [ laughter ] >> seth: wow! >> i think that may have been the class. bird calls and magic tricks. >> seth: that sounds like -- >> i went to a really alternative high school. >> seth: yeah. are you going to do a trick for us now? >> do you want to see a card trick? >> seth: i would love to. >> you want to see a card trick? [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> nothing up my sleeve, just this watch i borrowed from cartier that i have to give back, which is pretty cool. [ laughter ]
12:52 am
>> seth: uh huh. >> ooh. >> seth: that's it. that's the sound cards make. >> yeah, pretty good, huh? >> seth: yeah that's great, you're off to a great start. [ cheers ] >> so what would you say is the most powerful card in the deck? >> seth: the most powerful card in the deck? >> yeah. >> seth: the ace. >> the ace, i like the ace of spades. >> seth: that's a good one. >> tell me when to stop on the ace of spades. >> seth: stop. woah! >> pretty good, huh? >> seth: that's great. there are many, many cards. >> seth: well, i tip my cap to mr. sigler? was it mr. sigler? >> yeah, satchel sigler. >> seth: well, since we saw how good that is, can you do a bird call for us? >> i don't have. i -- i don't have. he -- i don't have the bird calls with me. >> seth: okay. >> it wasn't like with my mouth. he had a little -- >> seth: oh, gotcha. >>calls that i would use. >> seth: well that seems like a little bit like cheating. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we had actual birds. >> seth: yeah, oh okay.
12:53 am
>> yeah, i'm riding a ton of horses. >> seth: is this a skill you had previous to this film? >> oh, gosh, no. i've been -- i'm bad, bad. i guess that's how i would describe my -- >> seth: okay. >> horse riding skills. >> seth: would the horses agree? do you think they can sense your -- >> most definitely yep. >> seth: okay. >> those horses, they can sense. and they see me, and i'm a big guy, and they're like, "all right, buddy, don't get on me and not know how to ride. [ laughter ] you're too heavy to carry around if you don't know how to ride." and i get on there, i'm like "howdie cowboy!" they're like, ah[ but i, you know -- >> seth: have you -- so in your whole career, you've never had to ride a horse for anything? >> never for any kind of movies no. i was embarrassed on horses, a few times in my life growing up, so i had a contentious relationship with -- >> seth: okay. >> the equine. >> seth: was it just that you lacked the fundamental understanding of how horses work? >> i treated them like jet skis. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i was like, "i know, i'm just going to jump on you, and hit the gas and you go, right?" >> seth: gotcha, right. >> and they're like "i'm a living being, i'm going to crush you now." >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah i just didn't fully put
12:54 am
>> seth: well why would you? >> why would you, who gives a [ bleep ]. no but i would just jump and say, and also, my confidence would quickly outgrow my skill. like in almost everything in my life. [ laughter ] >> seth: so you only need to do something for a second to think, i got this. >> to think i got this. >> seth: right? >> yeah. oh so this --so you hit it with this and it walks? going to hit it real hard and make it sprint. >> seth: okay, yeah. >> and then yeah, i had to get rescued, one time, by the girl i was dating. >> seth: oh, no. >> yeah that was -- >> seth: were you -- the both of you were on horses? this beach, it was supposed to -- >> seth: so romantic, yeah. >> be romantic, and the horse took off running, and i -- my feet came out of the stirrups. [ laughter ] and my feet were up in the air, and my -- i was holding the very end of the reigns. >> seth: uh huh. >> and my head was bouncing off of the back of the horses ass. [ laughter ] i was seconds from death. [ laughter ] this thing is going about 40 miles an hour -- >> seth: uh huh. >> down a rocky beach. >> seth: that's not good. >> i'm like, this is it, i'm going to die. >> seth: yeah. >> and i hear "hyah, hyah!"
12:55 am
>> seth: oh yeah. [ light laughter ] >> she had to grab my reigns and calm the horse. "hyah!" and i was just like, that was it [ unintelligible ] and that moment we broke up in my head. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, yeah. slowly. >> seth: you can't -- >> in her head too. she was like, yeah, i used to like you -- >> seth: it's probably the end of it. >> but it's over, yeah. >> seth: we've established outside of horseback riding a man of many skills, you have a -- your son is four now? >> yes. >> seth: we have video on a show, what were you trying -- this was pancakes? >> oh yeah -- [ light laughter ] you know, you can make things out of pancakes. >> seth: different shapes. >> i wanted to make a donald duck pancake. >> seth: okay. >> for my son he loves donald duck. >> seth: sure. >> so i made a donald duck pancake and he just wasn't impressed. >> seth: he was not -- let's take a look real quick. >> jack, what do you think of your donald duck pancake? >> it doesn't look like donald duck. >> what do you mean? >> daddy, look at it. [ light laughter ] >> yeah but see, i see, it looks exactly like donald duck.
12:56 am
>> no, he does -- he doesn't have a tail. >> where's his tail? >> yeah. >> it's just his head. >> seth: poor guy. so sweet. i feel like he's very sweet. he's giving you very constructive criticism. >> so kind, yeah, he's really kind. >> seth: it's very nice. >> yeah. >> seth: you won't give it up very quickly. it is donald duck. >> it is donald -- when i saw it, i was like, damn that looks exactly like donald duck. [ light laughter ] i thought he was going to go "dad, what is this magic skill you have?" >> seth: did he even eat the pancakes? >> oh, yeah, he ate it. >> seth: okay, there you go. >> out of kindness. >> seth: you've got that going for you. >> i don't think it tasted very good either. >> seth: is it true, early on in your career that you would list on your head shots, on your resume, on the back of your head shot, that you were good at kung fu? [ laughter ]
12:57 am
>> i didn't know if that was going to tip the scales in my favor, you know? >> seth: but it's -- >> you got a resume two guys, could be either one, let's look at his skills. oh this one knows kung fu, hire him. [ laughter ] >> seth: gotcha. well, don't you think if that was the tipping point then you would have to prove you knew kung fu? >> huh. >> seth: what is the level of your kung fu? >> i hadn't thought it that far ahead. >> seth: what is the level of your kung fu? >> same as horses -- >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> which i also had listed. i did the same thing, i did a movie years ago,20 had to play a snowboarding secret agent. >> seth: okay. >> uh huh. >> seth: this was a hit film. >> yeah, it was a huge hit. [ light laughter ] and they said, "you know how to snowboard?" i was like "yeah, i grew up like in a town called lake stevens. beneath stevens pass. skied and snowboard my whole life. they're great." got there, zero idea how to do it, they had to postpone the movie by a month and train us all how to do it. >> seth: oh, my god. >> so just fake it until you make it, man. >> seth: oh my god, i don't think -- >> always fake it til you make it. >> seth: i don't think that is the moral of this.
12:58 am
instagram? was this something you instagrammed? >> yeah. >> seth: because you were on set, and you did a little set decorating. >> set decorating yeah. they're -- >> seth: explain what you saw and why you did it? >> well, it's an authentic set, this was like -- >> seth: an authentic old west set. >> authentic old west set. and they had, i think those are yams and carrots, like vegetables that some merchant would be selling. >> seth: is this something that people in the old west would think is funny? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: is that like an old west joke? [ laughter ] >> i took two of the onions an >> seth: yeah. >> and then i just put them on display. i hope it made the movie, i didn't tell anybody i did it. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> but that was in the background. i always like to go in and just readjust the background. >> seth: yeah. >> because they really get a kick out of that. >> seth: that's your alfred hitchcock. >> yeah. every movie you do has a dick and balls in the background. >> every movie has that dick and balls in it. yeah, yeah. rewatch the lego movie, you'll see. they're all over. >> seth: they're all over, that one. there's more than one. >> oh tons. tons of just dicks, dicks everywhere. [ laughter ]
12:59 am
>> seth: i cannot stress to you what a pleasure it is to see you. >> oh buddy, it's always so -- >> seth: every time you're here. >> seth: congrats on the film >> thank you. >> seth: everybody give it up for chris pratt. [ cheers and applause ] the manificent theater -- "magnificent 7" is in theaters and imax friday. we'll be right back with more "late night." ? initiating retrieval sequence. activating thrusters. target acquired. dang it! ah! come on! astronauts can vote from space. take a break from the election with red or blue tea. make time for snapple. why the phelps face? old computer slowing you down? you know... i know. new computers are super-fast.
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? >> seth: welcome back to "late night." now, as many of you know, this program airs on nbc which is a huge broadcasting company and the executives here for better or worse like to make sure all of us get along and become friends. this has periodically lead to a segment on this show called "forced friendships" where i and a member of the nbc family have been forced to hang out. we did this once with nbc anchor lester holt. there we are on carousel. dateline correspondent keith morrison. we hung out at an arcade.
1:04 am
the newest coach of "the voice" miley cyrus, and because of that they ordered me a 42 year old man with a wife and a son to become friends with miley cyrus, a 23-year-old pop star, and some may say i maybe tried too hard but now you can see for yourself in "forced friends with seth and miley." ? >> seth: hey guys, what's up? seth meyers here and i'm about to take the newest coach of the voice and latest edition to the c fa tour of rockefeller center. and just to show her i'm a cool young guy who can hang i got my septum pierced. [ laughter ] >> come in. hey seth, how's it going? >> seth: hey! what's up playa? you ready to get lit? [ laughter ] that was a dab. i do dabbing. [ light laughter ] >> is that a septum piercing? >> seth: yes! this is a septum ring. >> is it real or fake?
1:05 am
>> no. >> seth: it's fake. [ light laughter ] here, i'll show you. ow, ow, ow. >> oh, stop, stop. ? >> seth: so, this is studio 8g where [ laughter ] i do my show but if you think this is lame, and you'd rather do graffiti on subway cars we can totally do that. >> no thanks, this is great. >> seth: oh cool, cool, fine. that's totally chill. that's totes adorbs chill af. [ laughter ] do you know what af stands for? >> yes, i do. >> seth: yeah, me too. [ light laughter ] had sex on that desk once. >> ew. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what if i told you it's a three way. >> i wouldn't believe you. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what if i told you it was a one way? [ laughter ]
1:06 am
>> seth: so this here is the shop at nbc studios. >> it's pretty cool. >> seth: yeah it is. pretty cool. >> oh, seth meyers. >> seth: what? >> i'm a teen and i think your brand is totally on fleek. also, you're the best at snapchat filters. >> seth: oh, well thanks man. hey, you know what? stay out of school. >> oh, right on. [ laughter ] that was so weird. happens all the time. i guess i'm pretty cool with teenagers. >> you clearly paid that guy and he was like 30. [ light laughter ] >> seth: uh, you know what? forget about that miley. should we maybe steal some stuff? >> why would you do that? you have money. you could just buy it. >> seth: i'm sorry but that's not how my gang and i does it. [ light laughter ] >> what? you're in a gang? with who? >> seth: with who, am i in a gang with? uh, joey.
1:07 am
chandler. [ light laughter ] >> are you looking at that "friends" poster and just naming all their names? >> seth: no. ? >> seth: so this is my dressing room. it's where i get lifted before the shows. do you want to chief up? >> no, i'm good. >> seth: all right well i'm going to partake. >> okay. well i think i'm actually just, going to go to the bathroom. >> seth: all right, don't fall in. >> what? >> seth: um, don't fall in? >> to the toilet? [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah, it's an expression. >> okay i'll make sure that i don't fall into the toilet while i'm going to the bathroom. >> seth: stupid meyers. ? >> seth? >> seth: miley, i'm down here. [ light laughter ] i'm freaking out miley. i'm freaking out. >> seth, what are you doing
1:08 am
>> seth: i don't know. it must have been all that weed that i ate. >> you ate those loose leaves of weed? seth, you're not supposed to do that. >> seth: i know, but i was just trying to be cool and connect with you but, i'm not cool. i'm so lame. my idea of rebelling is going a day without shampoo and i did hire a 30-year-old man to pretend to be a teenager. miley, i did do that. [ light laughter ] >> come on, seth. come out from underneath there. oh god. listen, you don't have to pretend to be young to impress me. what would really impress is you just being real which is exactly what will impress me in "the voice" chair. [ laughter ] now let me see that weed you ate. [ sniffing ] seth, this is basil. >> seth: that makes sense, it smelled and tasted like basil.
1:09 am
>> seth: this has been "forced friends with seth and miley." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much to miley cyrus for hanging out with me. you can see "the voice" mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 p.m., 7 central right here on nbc. we'll be right back with more "late night." ? [ applause ] this is pepsi zero sugar. zero sugar. zero calories.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. now, a question for you. you guys familiar with these dog shaming websites? the way it works is people take a picture of their dog looking guilty next to a little sign that says what the dog did. here's an example. i ate my daddy's $300 sunglasses. pretty cute, right? here's another one. i enjoy digging the flower beds up and eating mulch because i'm bored. adorable, but these are all minor offenses. and after searching around the internet, we found some websites much, much worse things. we like to show you them now in a segment we call "extreme dog shaming." [ cheers and applause ] ? extreme indeed. let's take a look at our first dog. he looks adorable. i can't imagine he'd do anything too bad. it takes me three full minutes to get my bag into the overhead bin. [ light laughter ] if the bin doesn't --
1:15 am
i'm 36 and just swiped right on a 19 year old. bad dog. bad dog. [ light laughter ] who's next? now this is a little buster brown. what did this fella do? i end sentences with, you feel me? [ light laughter ] [ applause ] bad dog. who do we have next? i like this guy. i say i work out when in reality i walk on the treadmill for ten minutes and then sit on the [ applause ] people are waiting to use that treadmill. bad dog. who's up next? i love a boxer. boxers are good guys. i ate hillary's missing e-mails. [ cheers ] [ applause ] who's next? adorable. adorable, adorable! i think johnny depp was the better wonka.
1:16 am
mind, dog. [ laughter and applause ] bad dog. who's next? aww, this one's the best. i peed on a fire hydrant in rio and said i was robbed. [ cheers and applause ] what's the upside there? wow. who do we have next? what did you do little guy? i think sully was just show boating. the audience turned against you, dog. who's next? aww, this guy's too cute. i correct people's pronunciation of the word bruschetta. [ light laughter ] it sucks. who's next? i like a big guy. what did he do? when my owner had to go to the
1:17 am
that's not bad, yeah. that's sweet. oh wait, i'm sorry, there's more. to finish the job. [ laughter ] bad dog! who's next? aww, man. so cute. i want one. what did you do? rusty likes to refer to himself in the third person. you're an ass[ bleep ]. [ light laughter ] who's next, folks? they make them any cuter than this? i sold my dog house to a hipster couple who thought it was a tiny home. [ cheers and applause ] well, you know what? bad hipsters. put that on the hipsters. who do we have next? oh, wait a minute, everybody. this is my dog frisbee. frisbee, what'd you do? sometimes seth uses my pee fence. 12 times. it was 12 times. that was "extreme dog shaming." we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guests are the co-creators of hbo's new series "high maintenance" which airs friday nights. let's take a look. >> i sell mushrooms, they're fun. i'm doing them tomorrow for my birthday, actually. >> eh, i don't think we're really a shrooms crowd. >> oh, did you hear that? it's his birthday too. a couple of scorpios. >> oh really? >> what year? >> 84. >> holy [ bleep ] you're a baby. >> oh no i don't think so. >> this is really quite the beard. can i grab it? >> well yeah, go for it. >> it feels like pubic hair. [ light laughter ] >> seth: please welcome to the show ben sinclair and katja blichfeld. [ applause ] ?
1:24 am
>> seth: hi guys. >> hi. >> hey, hey. >> seth: i'm so happy that you're here. i'm a big fan of the show. this show, for those who don't know, started on vimeo. you did sort of short episodes on vimeo and now it's on hbo. >> yeah. >> seth: that's an upgrade. that's a big deal. >> huge, upgrade. >> seth: but you guys have not upgraded your life. would you say that's safe to say. >> no. >> oh you've heard. >> seth: oh, i saw a photo. maybe you guys can explain the photo. >> yeah, well, that's just how we prefer to sleep now to be honest. it's just -- >> seth: so this is true. you have been sleeping in hammocks. >> yeah. >> well we went on a road trip sleeping in hammocks and parks. and -- >> well this is us camping, obviously. >> camping and all that. >> which is like a totally normal setting for a hammock. >> seth: that's a normal -- yeah to camp a hammock is not crazy. >> it's like it folds up this big. it's the ultimate sleeping method. >> seth: that's great when you're in the words. >> right, right. >> seth: but now you're not. >> so then we got to l.a. and then we would stay at friend's
1:25 am
because, we have the best way to sleep. and everyone would look at us very cockeyed. it did not get a great response. >> no, everyone was like we have a perfectly lovely guest room. new mattress. this and that, and we were not interested and that really confounded our family members. >> seth: did some -- were there ever children who thought you were the coolest people on earth? >> yes our nieces and nephews. >> yeah, we were telling their parents, my brothers and sisters that we put the hbo in hobo. >> they liked that. >> seth: yeah. >> seth: they were into that. i'm into that. yeah, call me a kid. >> but yeah, we would wake up in the morning and these like little, you know, curious faces would be popping out of the windows to come look at their weirdo hobo aunt and uncle. >> homeless aunt and uncle. >> seth: well that's the dream that you can as an adult succeed and still then live in a hammock. >> yeah. >> yeah, you're succeeding so much you don't need a home. you are like -- >> seth: you transcended. >> home free. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah that's the expression. home free. >> yeah, i believe it is. >> seth: you're home free.
1:26 am
>> seth: so you play a weed dealer on the show. >> true. >> seth: you're that guy. >> the guy. >> seth: the guy. >> the guy. >> seth: and so -- >> that guy is someone else. >> seth: that guy right. he's great on the show, too. we'll have to have him on. >> yeah. >> seth: but, what is great about the show is a lot of different people who smoke weed. and a lot of different kinds of people and they don't fit into the stereotypes of what we learned to expect in media as far as weed users. so are people are fans of the show, are you guys approached by >> oh, yeah. a lot of people seem to appreciate that and even people coming up to us, you know, saying like "oh thanks for opening up the dialogue for me and my parents." like i have been keeping my stonerdom a secret for them, for like years. [ laughter ] and like, they watched the show and thought it was funny and then i was able to be like "hey, i'm a stoner too and so are my friends. and then it was all better." >> so after -- the day after we got married, we were standing with my parents by the car and
1:27 am
[ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and like that's kind of how we deal with stress and my dad's like "well some people eat donuts." and that was great. >> it's true. >> seth: that's great. >> wise words. >> seth: i love that you waited until your wedding day. >> oh yeah. >> i thought it was weird timing. that was you just kind of -- >> yeah we were signing the ketubah just like really going for it. no, it wasn't like that. ketubah joke, i'm glad i got to slide that in there. >> yeah, how'd you get that in there? >> also i mean, some people do stop him on the street. to say that they're aware -- they'll say like i'm doing what you do. and he'll have -- >> seth: oh, weed delivery men? >> yes. >> oh yeah. >> seth: well you might, i mean again, because there really hasn't been ever shown on television, i felt like you are now technically the guy and also the guy for them. >> oh, well, that's just depends who they are really. >> seth: right, are they excited? >> yeah, i mean no, so like i
1:28 am
be very discreet. they're like "hey i do what you do." i'm like "you deliver weed!" because, i have a show about that. [ laughter ] like it was very not cool. it does happen more often than not. they're kind of everywhere. >> it turns out -- >> if you see a person riding on a bike with like a big backpack and they kind of look like they're just -- >> there's a possibility. it's not everybody. >> there's a large possibility. >> let's not start profiling. >> eh, okay yeah, but yeah. >> but maybe. >> seth: i guess that's true because they look like food >> which i'm like why don't you get like a food delivery bag for those guys? so it's like -- >> put it like in a pizza box. >> yeah put it in a pizza box. come on guys. hide it a little. i don't know. >> seth: i think someone like you they would say no you're making yourself too conspicuous. >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: because then it would be a weird dude with a pizza box looking super nervous. >> i'd be like ooh pizza. >> i don't know or someone was tracking them they just would be like is he ever going to drop off that pizza? >> right, yeah, exactly. >> just like carrying around
1:29 am
directions? >> yeah. >> seth: so, you guys write these episodes together and then on set, obviously you're married, but is it true even on set you sort of have a mother-father relationship? and if so how does that manifest itself? >> well, we're the directors too, of the whole thing. >> yeah, we're very much a team, very much a partnership. yeah it sort of feels like we're like the mother and father of a family of, i was going to say stoners but that's not true, of a very lovely crew. >> yeah, we are mother and father who was like that's like let's smoke after we finish work today. >> yeah, everybody work first. >> and like, don't fight in front of the kids. we're very nurturing. lots of hugging on our set. >> seth: is there expectations from people who might not understand how hard it is to put a show together, that you guys get stoned the whole time? >> yeah, well. [ laughter ] >> some people think that, yeah. >> i will say there is this thing of where like, you realize that people are looking at your face to determine how they're doing, you know. so it's like there's like keeping your face a certain kind of -- i don't want to reveal that anything is going wrong
1:30 am
talk about this. where no one can see us. >> seth: oh you mean when you guys might not completely agree? >> oh, sure. yeah, like don't fight in front of the kids. is like a rule. >> on set. >> sure. >> seth: do you think people -- i would always clock when my parents were doing that. >> oh yeah. >> seth: they think they're fooling you, but all of a sudden mom and dad look at each other and leave the room and you know oh they're going to fight. >> tell us more, i'm interested in what you're telling me. >> tell us your secrets. >> seth: it was rough, man. it wasn't until my wedding day when i was signing the ketubah that -- [ light laughter ] amy ryan, fantastic actress, who we saw in that clip. >> so good. >> seth: you're friends with her in real life, and her husband eric slovin. >> you know him. >> seth: who i used to work with, >> so good. >> seth: he's a fantastic comedy writer, but you guys know that as well. >> we do. we actually wrote some episodes of this current season at their lake house. >> seth: that's very nice. >> they were very kind to us. >> they were so gracious. >> and they -- >> we got a little overzealous eating all of their stuff though.
1:31 am
hospitable and generous and of course, as they were leaving they're like please help yourself to anything not realizing they're dealing with a couple of like former fat kids. who love sneaking snacks. >> we're fat inside still. >> seth: okay. >> and not that there's anything wrong with that either. we're very body positive people. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> but i just want -- >> but like we ate all of their crackers. [ laughter ] i have a problem with crackers. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i -- yeah. >> like we went into like stale sociables like really, like the crackers they forgot about. [ laughter ] >> we ate like -- >> ate them all up. crackers that it was not okay that you ate -- >> i mean it was excessive. >> i mean, it wasn't okay because it was too many crackers. >> it was too many. like nobody should eat that many crackers. >> it was a lot. i'm sure she thought we would eat a half a box with cheese or something but we ate like 8 boxes. i was like, we have to go to whole foods and replace all these fancy crackers. >> seth: sure. >> because there's like gluten-free variety and -- >> then we went nuts at whole foods. >> then we bought three times as many crackers. >> seth: so you just went to whole foods and bought more crackers? >> yeah, out-crackered them. [ laughter ]
1:32 am
but i don't know what they're eating so. >> they're very healthy. they're very health conscious. >> seth: you probably did them a favor eating the crackers they didn't want to eat. >> no but then we double dipped. >> yeah. >> seth: at the end you guys are very generous but probably not the kind house guests they want to have back. >> yeah. >> i don't know you'll have to ask. i really hope to be asked back. that was a great lake house. >> seth: i want to get this right, because you're called the guy and we were looking at your imbd pag,e and you have a history of this because you have been in rolls. you played a guy before. a >> mm-hmm. >> seth: "wild eyed guy." >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: so this is perfect for you. >> he was destined for it. >> yeah you know people are projecting homeless and wild eyed onto me and i'm like, let's just be real. >> seth: yeah. >> i'm just a guy. >> seth: you're just a guy. >>yeah. you wanted to lose all those labels. >> yeah. >> seth: and just be you. >> strip it down. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and you do casting, still. >> i don't but i did for many years. >> seth: you did for -- >> when we started the show i was working on "30 rock" actually. >> seth: gotcha. a fantastic show. incredibly well cast. >> it was a really good show,
1:33 am
head shots, two versions of his head shots, in your casting classes. >> oh yeah, i did these classes. like, there's classes around new york that you can take if you're an actor to become better at auditioning or, you know, learn some tricks to the trade and i did these classes where i was trying to help people discover like what type they came across as. >> seth: gotcha. >> like to discover like their types. and ben i would use your head shot -- his old head shot and then his current head shot and talk about him. story, eventually. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: gotcha. because his success story is where he is now. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: you look at that and you're like people would say "oh i know that he's perfect for this part." >> right. >> because he looks homeless. >> seth: he looks homeless. >> no you look like mischievous. >> seth: but then that early on. and that's a different guy. >> yeah, who's that guy? >> who's that guy? >> who is that guy though? >> seth: who's that guy, yeah. >> i never met that guy. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that guy looks like the cop that who comes in and says the ballistics are back. >> and you know like, i've never even like, done anything
1:34 am
>> i'm just never going to get those parts. >> yeah. >> seth: so it's better for you to just fully commit to this. >> same leather jacket -- same pleatehr jacket from member's only, though. >> seth: really? >> the same --yeah. same jacket. >> seth: that speaks volumes to how much the man makes the jacket. >> i love member's only. >> seth: well there you go. is anyone watching from member's only? because i love you. >> seth: if not we'll get them this tape. >> yeah, please. >> thank you. >> seth: thank you guys so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: congratulations on the show. >> thank you. >> seth: i'm a big fan of both of you. [ cheers and applause ] ben sinclair and katja blichfeld everybody. new episodes of "high the original webisodes are available on hbo go and hbo now.
1:35 am
1:36 am
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to chris pratt, miley cyrus, ben sinclair and katja blichfeld. elaine bradley, and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. see you tomorrow. ? 4333 ? ? >> carson: what's up everybody, this is 230 fifth i'm


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