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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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anyway. . now, four headlines at 4:00. one home's troubling test results are in. and as 8 on your side finds out, officialsnt a driver arrested, accused of striking a pedestrian and leaving her on the road. >> three, officer accused. see how the rules are changing now that a cop is facing a second dui charge. a grandmother is asked to move out of her 55 and older community when her grandchild lands in her care. those are the rules. wait until you hear why the two are living together in the first place. >> good afternoon.
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investigation into contaminated drinking water in wells near the mosaic sink hole. >> and we turned to 8 on your side after learning the well had more than five times the acceptable level of radioactive materials. and she is worried about this water coming out of a well she uses for drinking water. she lives less than a mile from the mosaic sink hole that dumped 250 million ga fer. she just learned about this yesterday even though the results were releaseed last week. she says she cannot get answers about safety concerns. mosaic says there are 10 wells with elevated radioactive material, but that is not related to the massive sink hole. the investigator is dig ing into water reports and we'll have much more tonight in our newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. and to request a water test
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we also have the number on our web site at and let's check our weather with julie phillips. >> that he. we are -- that. we are -- thank you. we are dealing with a cooler afternoon. you can see max defender 8 showing all clear and it the rest of this evening. out at new port ritchie, a grief and about -- and about five miles per hour. no rain at this location. the rain chance is going to stay minimal for the rest of today. temperatures, on the other hand, they are sitting above average. we're looking at the mid to upper 80s. up to 91 so far in bradenton.
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as -- inveer necessary. we're looking at the dew point in the mid to upper 60s. generally it is not too bad for us. for the rest of this evening, the temperature also stay in the low 80s. we'll keep a very small shower chance in the forecast. comfortable temperatures expected overnight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, very similar. lots of sunshine to begin with. by tomorrow afternoon we're topping out near 87. another with a small rain chance, but we're tracking a cold front that is really going to change up the weather pattern. we'll have a full look at that coming up in your forecast. >> thank you. a mother and daughter hit by an suv while crossing a dark roadway are both in critical condition now that is according to the sheriff's office. the 41-year-old and her 7-year- old daughter were trying to get to a school bus stop at 8th street north when they were hit. we spoke to the accused driver
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the condensation and didn't see the two crossing in the dark. the driver and his wifestopped to help and called -- wife stopped to help and called 911. another accident and investigators believe the 37- year-old jarvis kendrick hit janice joy on october 6 on tough road in north lakeland. the sheriff grady judd tells us kendrick would not have faced charged if he had called 911. instead we're told he ft damage by staging another accident. right now a st. petersburg police officer is off the force accused of driving while under the influence. the deputies tell us they found officer anthony green sleeping behind the wheel of his personal car. he refused to take a breathalyzer test. green was also arrested for dui back in 2009. starting today any employee
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immediately suspended without pay. a bradenton grandmother is being kicked out of her home because she allowed her young grandson to move in. >> and last year dona sousa brought in her 1-year-old grandson to live with her. the boy's mother is battling drug addiction and unable to care for him, but sousa lives in a retirement community that does not allow children and is being convictein 30 not being consider ts or lenient towards her. >> in my heart i don't understand how people can be so cruel especially when it involve as baby. >> reporter: the owner of the mobile home park told ws channel 8 that she understood the rule0s of the complex. they added she has been given more than six months to find a new home.
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we're going to show you why thousands of the cars are being recalled. >> and then do you look better if you wear fancy make-up? we're going to ask people on the streets if people can tell the difference between drugstore and designer's. that is coming up next first on 4:00. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death,
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so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president.
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now to recall. 2010 to 2016 model years a wiring problem can cause the front passenger air bag to malfunction that means the air bag can inflate when the child is in the seat or deploy with too little force to protect an adult. and watch shares of netflix on wall street. it jumped more tan 20% after the streaming company's earnings beat the economic forecast. netflix is adding 50% more news subscribers than expected.
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the popularity of original shows. netflix plans to spend $6 billion on new shows next year. and amazon wants you share and share alike. it is rolling out a new feature for prime members. it allows members to share free storage. you can invite up to five family members or friends to take advantage of another five gig bites of storage. we found out last week that score doesn't hurt you and you don't get a higher score just because you earn more money. so which other credit score myth cans we debunk today? 8 on your side has answers and joining me is john wax and raymond james. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. thank you. >> this is good, useful information because even as i went think it, there were some things i went really. >> like managing your checking,
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is a myth. >> income doesn't have an impact on your credit score. they're looking at your ability to borrow money and your ability to make payments. >> it is really how responsible you are. that's what they want to know. >> with debt. exactly. >> the next myth, closing credit card accounts actually improves your credit score. another false hood, exactly. because they're not looking at whether you have paid you have credit or removed they're looking what is called credit utation. -- utization. you're reducing the amount you have available and it makes your ratio less favorable. >> is there a magic number or percentage? >> generally speaking, the credit bureaus like to see about a 30% credit utization. >> they don't want to see that
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have. >> yes. >> but that you're responsible. >> can you dispute accurate, accurate is the key here, information on your credit report and have it removed? >> you can dispute anything. the question is once you dispute it, what is the result? they will investigate. if they do an investigation and find out this is accurate, maybe it is not favor for you, but it is accurate information, it will stay. don't believe any of the scams out there that you can pay someone money and they can let's say somebody was late on a house payment or a couple. if you truly were late, you're not going to be able to remove that information. it is going to be there for seven to 10 years. >> it also depends, who your payment is late to. they may not have reported it jet so if you're just a little bit late, call up the lender, let them know you're making the payment. it might not even show up on
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for inaccuracies. >> exactly. >> you want to look at the credit report, not just rely on the bank maybe that you have a credit card or a bank account. you want to look at your credit report because that's where you're going to see anything tied to your name which could also mean you discover identity theft. >> so that is why it is key to keep an eye on it. >> absolutely. >> thank you, john. good information. >> josh? >> thank you. when it comes to your make- up, should you splurge or can you save and still get a glam look. many of expensive. women spend around $15,000 in their lifetime just on make-up alone. but is it worth isn't it? that is the question and today jeff rossen has the beauty brand face-off. >> reporter: designer bowlity brands can cost you big. some say they go on easier and last longer, but does all of that money really buy you a better look or can make-up from the drugstore give you that glamorous look for less?
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identical twins. >> hi, i'm tina. >> yes, those twins, from the discover card commercial. >> awesome sauce. >> lisa? >> joy? >> you sound really different on the phone. >> today something a little different. >> you're going to be wearing the fancy stuff. we're talking about foundation, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and yous is expensive. it costs about $250, you chose the good straw. you are going to drugstore make-up. cover girl. similar shades. yours only cost $60. we're going to see if people on the street can tell the difference. are you ready to get glammed? >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> from their eyes to their lips. >> i love this look. >> yeah, well, we'll see who wore it better. >> our today show make-up artist transforming the twins. >> you're all set. >> thank you! >> and voila!
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the expensive make-up and who is wear diagnose stuff from the drugstore? still can't tell? expensive on the right and drugstore on the left. time to take their looks to the street with a handful of people. >> which look do you like bet summer. >> i'm going to lose on this one somehow. >> no winning. >> some choose the pricey make- up. >> i will say the one on the right. >> you're going to go with her? >> yes. >> that is the expensive stuff. >> that is the way my wife difference at all. >> they look the same. >> they look the same to you. >> yeah. >> but the overwhelming majority -- >> i'm going to go with probably the left. >> on the left. >> left. >> 78% choose the drugstore stuff. >> i like her look better. >> on the left. >> that is drugstore make-up. it costs $60. the one you didn't choose, $250. >> wow that is amazing.
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>> they both look good. >> well, they do. they both look good, yeah. >> and you chose the cheap stuff. >> the cheaper the better. >> that's what i always say. >> picking the bargain brand. >> oh, i believe in that, totally. come on. >> proving you don't have to spend big bucks to look like you did. >> and you saved me money. >> how about that. that was jeff rossen reporting. and max defender 8 radar is showing us a great afternoon. no rain on the radar right now and you can see as the sweep goes by. we're not tracking any showers just yet. so max defender 8 shows all clear for the rest of this afternoon. generally what we'll expect. tomorrow it is going to be another warm one. the temperatures reaching back
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is on the way in the form of a cold front. it is going to feel great dropping below the average of 84. for the rest of this evening it stays fairly comfortable. we'll keep a small 10% chance of rain around. temperatures generally in the low 80s. as we head tomorrow, temperature also be close to 70, topping out into the upper 80s. we'll bring in that small 10% chance of a passing shower. outside currentry from sun city center, 87 degrees this location. beautiful view. just a few fair weather clouds around. also i want to take a live look outside from our towercam from news channel 8 looking out over downtown tampa and the hillsboro river a fantastic tuesday. beautiful blue skies around a few folks out enjoying the nice weather. so for the rest of this evening at northeastly flow we have been seeing, that is going to continue for us a small stray shower is possible, but generally we're looking at
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when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be dry again a few more will work their way in with the northeastly flow. we'll keep our rain chances near 10%. notice our forecast model picking up on a few small spotty showers. the air is too dry at this point. thursday morning, same thing. pleasant temperatures to start the day. a whole lot of sunshine. we'll bring in that small 10% rain chance. by thursday afternoon, this cold front look like it is for sure going to be here by friday. and then by this weekend the coolinger air will settle in and we'll see much drier air as well. out in the tropics, we're watching one area. over the next five days this has an 80% chance of development. so it is likely that this could become auto as we do head into the rest of this week, but we're expecting this to stay offshore, so no impacts for the tampa bay area.
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spaghetti models, all of these keeping this offshore. that is actually thanks to the cold front we're watching. it moves in at the perfect time. so good news out in the tropics there, and generally the only bad news is red tide. still an issue for us. low to medium concentration is being found in parts of the manatee and sarasota county coast. so keep that in mind if you are planning to head out to the beaches. for us, the rain chance, well, they're staying very small through the end of this weekend and as the on the weekend, we just have a 0% chance of rain. the temperatures waking up sunday morning near 60. that means the our northern spots are going to be in the 50s, guys that is the difference. >> that is the change. guess what? m&ms are soon going to have a new flavor. caramel. they will be filled with soft caramel. this will be in addition to the
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available. however, you're going to have to wait a while until you taste these. caramel m&m also not hit the market until may. >> they make them look good. >> a bay area blogger mom is taking out a very specific subject matter. we're going to show you why she wants to be a champion with kids -- for kids with special needs. >> will the bucs lose a key member of their team. >> and you can get the biggest developments with tampa bay's newscast. that is every night at 8:00.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. es me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. elise: we couldn't believe it. thad by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars.
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if mark ober can't protect our families,
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now let's check in with your sports first. >> and the panthers really surged last year and people are thinking this could finally be the rivalry we wanted between
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division rivals. but before taking on the panthers, the lightning will take a glorious look back when the team honors the great vinny lecavalier. vinny's welcome home comes during the first season. he is not a player in the nhl in 17 years. he practically grew up in the bay area playing his first 14 seasons here winning a stanley cup and, of course, eventually wearing that captain c. the impact that vinny has had goes beyond hockey. when yo building the vincent lecavalier wing in all children's hospital . >> he came through the exact same situation i did, so he was there in that regard and obviously a tremendous player, a great leader. i think everyone sees that.
4:25 pm
community and how much he has entrenched himself and his family into this city which is very special. >> by now bucs' fans know the drill when it comes to injuries. silence until the wednesday report and no promises until the weekend. but the tampa bay times reported that yet another player appears to be hurting. the wide receiver vincent jackson reportedly injured his knee during the bucs' game at carolina last monday and underwan is coming to fro us. jackson -- froish. -- fruition. that is less than half of the total for wide receiver mike evans who is having a tremendous hit so far. >> it is one after another after another. >> the problem is if this vincent jackson thing turns out
4:26 pm
revolving door behind jackson and adam humphreys to keep guys in the lineup. they have been bringing guys into the practice squad. i don't like the sounds of this. hi missed a lot of games last year with knee issues. >> there is still a lot of season left. >> so this is not a good sign. >> no, it wouldn't be good and vincent jackson is one of the reasons mike evans is having such a great year. he is drawing attention and now evans is going to get all of that attentiif the field. >> so let's go from one vincent to another. is it vinny night? >> he is going do come out. he is going to be honored for his great career. he will be honored. >> he looks like he can still get on the ice and play. he'll drop the puck. it will be a fun ceremony. personally i would like to see marty's number retired first. and 4 is going to be up in the rafters sooner rather than
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el say tar and vinny is -- elevator and vinny is in there with me and i was just a kid. >> and that was before he punched iginla in the face. fans remember that.
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if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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an hour headlines at 4:30. one day until the third and final presidential debate. and the hohnline poll showing hillary clinton is maintaining her lead over 40%. donald trump remains defiant saying this election is rigged. and news channel 18 on our way to las vegas for the debate. and the wells fargo ceo, did they nee about the fake account problems sooner than he claim ? >> cnn money has letters suggesting he may have. the bank fired 5,-- 5,300
4:31 pm
a 2007 letter by an employee addressed to stumpf warned of wide spread unethical and illegal activity inside of wells fargo. cnn money has not been able to confirm whether stover received the letter. a the police tell us the driver lost control of a stolen suv and struck power lines before crashing into the police have not released the name of the driver and there is no word if anyone was hem at the time of the crash. a sneaky criminal. he had an active felony warrant for violation of probation. he was convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon. this body camera video shows the deputy and where they found taylor, hiding inside of a hollowed out dresser. taylor is now being held on $50,000 bail. florida is right in the
4:32 pm
report correlating state gun laws and gun violence. >> and some democrats say we are going in the right direction. we have that story from our capital bureau. >> reporter: the senator from american progress ranked every state in how the gun laws relate to gun violence. the loosest gun laws had three times the amount of gun violence. florida was right in the middle. and the tallahassee mayor is still >> i think it is appropriate in this state that we take a really good, hard strong look at the laws that we have enabled for absence thereof that are creating the conditions nmy opinion, for gun violence events that nmy opinion, could be prevented. >> about 20 minutes a i way from the capital, they say the laws are working. >> florida has kind of been a trendsetter. a lot of other stytes and laws like the self defense laws in florida are mirrored in a lot
4:33 pm
currently involved in a lawsuit with the nra and other progun groups for refusing to remove an ordinance banning the firing of guns in city parks. a new study from georgetown law calls facial recognition software, the kind used in movies biased and unregulated. many use the software here in the bay area. it claims find it is less likely to be accurate when spotting african- americans. the st. petersburg police department says it is fair and it is only a preliminary part of this investigation.. >> it is not somewhere where we say that is the person. we still have to put our evidence together, interview witnesses and make sure we're talking about the same person. >> the georgetown study also encourages legislatures to
4:34 pm
it is a fast way to start an investigation. guess what? right now it is snowing in oregon. it is the first big snow of the season there, and for those who thrive in it, it is heavenly. the snow boarders are setting out on a two-hour trek up to mount hood with plans to ride back down on that fresh snow. it might be cold and a little bit wet, but it is certainly bringing out smiles for those who live in the area. this is a radar image of a powerful super typhoon that is narrowing in ton philippines right now. the country's northern most island could be in the bull's eye t-storm strengthened to a super typhoon earlier today with 160-mile-per-hour winds. it is forecast to make landfall tomorrow night. and scientists now tell us that last month was the warmest september ever on record that is according to nasa's godard
4:35 pm
s., the september beat 2014's record by a mere 0.004 degrees sell see yous that means -- cell see yous -- sell see use. >> and with that let's check on your weather with julie phillips. >> thank you. on max defender radar, you can see a quiet one. so that is showers. we're not seeing any on max defender 8. all is quiet for the rest of the afternoon. we'll keep our rain chances low. out at veteran sport in tampa, 85 degrees. the winds coming in out of the northeast between five aened 10 miles per hour. and generally just seeing a few clouds around. let's take a look outside at the plantation on crystal river. 87 degrees with our winds coming in out of the east to
4:36 pm
either. temperaturewise across the map, it is feeling toasty. the average for this point in the year is 84 degrees. you see this afternoon all of us pretty much above that. 85 currently and coming in at 91 at sarasota. 86 in st. pete. 87 currently in stefer hills. this is when we start little more of the humidity. not summertime levels, but you're feeling it jaw little bit. at 9:00 p.m. this evening, it will still be warm. pretty much pleasant overnight. pollen count is going autopsy bit in the moderate to high range as we expect as we head through fall and fall-like temperatures by the end of this week. details on that coming up in a few minutes. a bay area mom tells 8 on your side there is not enough advice and support of parents
4:37 pm
and we show you how this mom is growing from her own unique experience. >> when evelynman learned her baby would be born with a defect, she searched unsuccessfully for advice and answers. now she is changing that for every family that their child will be born with extra special needs. like most children, samuel loves his ipad. unlike most children, el world living with the rare genetic defect. >> the life expectancy is really not past birth. >> reporter: when evelyn and her husband learned of samuel's diagnosis, there was little advice available. at the time there were no known survivors that was 11 years ago. >> and most people think miracles happen to other people. and you know what? before samuel, that's what i thought, too.
4:38 pm
about samuel's condition, charting the research that they didn't have as parents of a child with special needs. >> i just did not want to have any other mom going through a challenge like this to feel alone. >> reporter: she is contacted nearly every day by moms going through the pain of losing a child born with samuel's condition. but she is also sharing the every day joys reminder for every parent. >> he had that brilliant smile that takes your breath away. >> reporter: and evelyn says like any family, samuel's accomplishments are celebrated. >> and the milestones, they may be more delayed than others, but i rejoice and i get excited at those milestones just like everybody else. >> evelyn's blog is called miracle man.
4:39 pm
she just published two books. links to her blog on and the 2016 heart walk is just 25 day ace way now and we want to thank all of you who have supported our efforts so far. here is video from last year's walk which drew 30,000 people to raymond james stadium. tampa's heart walk is always one of the top three biggest in the nation. wi raise $100,000 again this year. we're about 2/3 to the way to our goal and kia is matching the first $50,000 that we raise dollar for dollar. i would love to have you join our team and donate. just go to walk for details and i hope to see you saturday morning, november 12th. still ahead, trying to get rid of belly fat? you're in the alone.
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love handles. >> and then you'll want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. bad decisions by st. petersburg are costing you millions. a state representative is demanding the f. d.l. e. investigate the hillsboro county transportation, but so far they are not talking about that that story, coming up. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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welcome back. now it is time to send it to stacey. >> where we feature your pictures on tv. you're asking if we have any full moon pictures. >> some people tweeted me some. the hunter's moon. >> that's what she said. this is the hunter's moon from safety harbor marina. it was just a beautiful evening. i have to agree.
4:44 pm
captioned proof of new life just since hurricane hermine. and shelly hopkins tweeted me this picture of harley quinn waiting to see the 4:00 p.m. news. i hope she is watching so she gets to see herself. what a cutie. >> and finally, here is a good one from lisa dupree. she tweeted me this adorable pick of -- pic of her granddaughter with the hash tag happy fall. >> i think we need your bella. >> the pumpkin patch. >> it is mandatory. >> it looks fun. >> you can share them with me on my wfla facebook page. and max defender 8 this afternoon showing us all clear in the tampa bay area. dry air in place and that is
4:45 pm
for the rest of this evening. outside of the lake club, 84 degrees currently with the winds coming in out of the east at five miles per hour. the view from newport ritchie, the winds coming in out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour and 86 degrees out at sun city center. so beautiful views across the tampa bay area. for the rest of this evening, light winds around. temperatures in the upper 70s. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will bringing in just that small, stray shower chance again tomorrow afternoon. much like we have been seeing, it is going to remain mostly dry. rain chances for the rest of this week. the dry air around is going to keep it that way. the cold front we're watching, that is set to arrive on friday. it is going to pass well south of florida. it is going to keep rolling, and that's going to bring in the nice cool weather for the weekend. lower humidity and noticeably cooler temperatures, so you're
4:46 pm
hours. currently in the tropics we are watching an area near the bahamas. it has an 80% chance of development so it could become auto as we head into the next couple of days so this is not expected to impact the tampa bay area. even as we run all of our spaghetti noted les, you can see it stays offshore. the main reason for that is the correspondent is just going to keep it away from the thankful for that. you can see all of the dry air in place that is the bright red color and that is the dry air that is limiting our rain chances. they will stay low. you can't rule out a very light shower. but the rain chances at res than 10% a dry start to the day. by the afternoon hours we bring in a small rain chance. partly cloudy skies and hot temperatures again. thursday, the story continues. notice that northeastly flow. pleasant temperatures in the
4:47 pm
little more toasty back up into the mid to upper 80s. there is the cold front we have been waiting for. any of the parties, it will feel feel like fall for us that will be a welcome surprise and the humidity, it will just drop off the map. 10% rain chances continue through the end of this week. don't expect to see much in the way of and then completely dry as we head into the weekend. exceptionally dry air will roll in with this front. highs in up ther 70s saturday. 50s in some spots sunday morning. this is a real fall cold front for us. >> i can't wait. >> we have waited a while. >> lit feel like halloween. >> it is going to be great. >> thank you very much. if you give out extra candy to kids dressed in your favorite costumes, you're not alone that is according to a
4:48 pm
animal costumes are the top candy getter followed by princesses an princes. the kids are not tomlin ones enjoying that candy. more than a third of parents flitted to getting excited about halloween so they can swipe some of that candy. we'll be back at first and 4:00. next, a mosaic sink hole fall-out. concerned about her children's safety and health and getting no answers. call. >> their whole concept is it has to be somebody else's
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welcome back. here is something a lot of us struggle with on a daily basis. we all know if you eat less you lose fat. are there any specific exercises you can do to tighten up? you bet there are. joining us now is lauren chamberlain. always a pleasure. what, three weeks left? >> yes. >> a baby boy on the way. congratulations. >> for guys, too, the women, the mid section is a tough place to lose the weight so you say there are exercises we should pinpoint. >> so everyone thinks that targeting that area, doing just crunches or focusing on at-bat
4:52 pm
anything that can get your heart rate up to burn that fat. >> you have to get out and run or walk or -- >> yeah. some exercises, running, walking, swimming, so if you get in the poll and do some laps, it is low impact. spinning, there is jump rope and tennis. if you want to incorporate it into a date night you can go and do some dag. you really need to be burning those calories in order to decrees that body fat and trim the waistline down. >> let's talk about diet because generally is 80% of what you do. >> it is a big part, yes. >> where do you want to start? stay away from the beer, all that stuff. >> and everything in moderation. so if you want to have like one cheat day a week, pick the foods that you want to incorporate into that, but try
4:53 pm
soda. >> all of that. >> you think it is diet. i'm in the clear, but what is the problem with that? what is the problem with that? >> high in sodium. just grab water and maybe infuse it with some fresh fruit overnight in the fridge instead of a diet soda. >> let's say you succeed a bit, you lose the weight and your pants fit again, how do you keep it off? >> by still exercising. so if you work sod hard to get it off, you want to make sure you're keeping up moving into the holidays, make sure you get on top of it now. and make sure you try not to eat the entire wag. pick two or three pieces that is your favorite and that's it. >> that is a good point. we're coming up on the holidays, so you have to really be careful now. >> yes. >> smaller portions, just don't eat as much. >> another big tip when you're doing cardio, a lot of people think breathing in and out of your mouth, you want to take
4:54 pm
again into your body and you will burn more calories. >> good point. >> look it up. it is really important. >> thank you for being here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> back to you. we now have an 8 on your side medical report. it looks like a walk after dinner may help improve blood sugar levels in people with type two diabetes. the researchers found postmeal blood sugar levels were 12% lower when patients walked right after eating. walking after carbohydrates, also improved the glucose levels by 20%. and they spent to study whether dietary supplements improved your health and couldn't find any significant benefit. but a new report says most americans still use supplements at least once a month. and coming up, a baby elephant saves his friend from drowning.
4:55 pm
drowning b, but the elephant really does try to save him that is when we return. next, a woman's water tests positive for radioactive material. concerned about her children's safety and health and get nothing answers. that's when she knew she better call. >> their whole concept has been it those be subpoena else's fault. >> next. >> closed captioning is
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>> welcome back. now, let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with a rare level of cute on display in thailand. it is trending. the cofounder of an elephant foundation shows how loving an brave this little baby is with a mock drowning rescue. as the man calls for help
4:59 pm
to cia her friend sheltering him with her trunk. and here is a story people are talking about. bob dylan won the nobel prize in literature and no one can find him. the swedish academy is making no further attempts to contact him, but they are hoping he will accept the invitation december 10. >> and do see what is trending go to you don't even show up for the nobel peace prize. much more new coming your way. >> newschannel8 at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> drinking toxic water. a woman and her young children are told their water isn't safe to drink. what could be to blame for this dangerous situations? >> plus, he hit her and went
5:00 pm
accident in polk county? >> and we are taking you to las vegas to see how the presidential nominees are preparing to face off. good evening, i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. >> when you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side, better call behnken. >> radioactive material in drinking wells and these wells are less than one mile away from the gigantic ic even bathe in her water and she is not getting any straight answers from mosaic or state health officials. that is when she knew she better call behnken. investigative reporter shannon behnken joins us with more. >> reporter: this is scary guys. mosaic has tested 763 wells so far and ten of them show water that is not safe to drink, but they say their sink hole has nothing to do with it. >> all faucets and taps.


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