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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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she has no idea whether it is russia, china, she has no idea. a heated reacting to some of the most shocking moments of the final face-off. an inmate takes a corrections officer hostage. the new charges the inmate faces today. plus, unsafe school zones. it on your side is reporting this morning after a 13-year-old called to report speeding drivers near her school. good morning, time now is
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and now we have look at your weather. >> it is feeling pretty comfortable this morning. i'm using max defender 8 to scan the skies. it is giving us the all clear. we are not seeing any rain. it is cooler and clearer than this time yesterday. look at dade city, wesley chapel us 60 for. we're 2 degrees cooler in tampa with 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in brenda brandon in about a degrees cooler and brooksville. humidity is not too bad . i almost put it in the pleasant category. today's afternoon high, 86 just 2 degrees above the average. at 5:08 i will take you hour by hour through your thursday you can make your plans. the roadways look pretty good overall. i have an update on the construction i just told you about.
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so now you have lanes taken away on university underneath i 75 sarasota. popping over here still trying to wrap up but no delays state road 52 in oak street -- and oak street. downtown dade city is up to speed and we are looking very good through ybor city. the veterans expressway is up to speed as well. in your vote: we don't gain anything. >> debate. there were accusations, personal attacks and as you just heard the candidates were talking over each other. they sling one-liners that had the internet buzzing. >> no question there were some big moments in this final face- off. we're joined now from the tampa new center. manus, what are some of those hot debate topics we're going
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both sides during the debate with both candidates telling voters to do their homework online. donald trump rejected evidence that he supported the war in iraq but clinton challenge viewers to google it and see it for yourself. >> google donald trump iraq in you will see the dozens of sources that verify he was for the invasion of iraq. you can actually hear the audio of him same that -- saying >> donald trump says clinton has a history of bad decisions. >> wikileaks came out and john podesta says the horrible things about you. he said you have some terrible instincts. bernie sanders said you have bad judgment. i agree with most -- both . >> there was some mudslinging
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raise taxes on the rich to tackle debt and entitlement. >> my social security payroll contribution will go up as well donald's. what we wanted to is to replenish a trust fund by making sure that we have sufficient resources. >> finally donald trump refused to say whether or not he will accept the results of the election. he says he will make that decision after november 8. clinto quote, horrifying. this morning, the big question, who won that debate? we want you to join the conversation. let us know what you think about the debate and who won. you can log on to our facebook page to do that. share your thoughts and joined the all-important conversation this morning. if you want to watch the debate again or revisit one of the hot topics can find it on our facebook
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president obama will be in florida to campaign for hillary clinton. the president is scheduled to attend a rally at florida memorial university in miami gardens. bill clinton will also campaign for his wife here in florida. he will address the florida education association delegate assembly tomorrow in orlando. he will leave on a bus tour of the state to support his wife's campaign. you are looking at some of the test in the county supervisor of elections as each voting using -- unit is tested for logic and accuracy several times and 4 can be used. several actors and actresses have voiced their opinions. michael moore is joining them with the new movie. michael moore and trump land opened in select theaters
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clinton and donald trump. it praises her political career and her potential for greatness as president of the united states. the movie is also available on itunes. happening today, a questions -- corrections officer taken hostage and driven across county lines is safe. the inmate accused of kidnapping him is behind bars. this man let authorities on a wild chase through multiple counties. >> good morning to you. this inmate thought he could make his great escape while on work detail but things di david ross began his escape attempt in the early afternoon at mosaic park and bartow. he was on prison detail with 4 other inmates. he used a knife to take the corrections officer hostage, handcuff him, locked his fellow inmates in a building and then took off in a city work truck. it was the other inmates who first alerted people to ross's
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passing motorist. >> ross made it all the way to st. petersburg before being taken down. the corrections officer is fine . during the arrest no deputies were injured. a little bit later this morning ross will make his first appearance in front of a judge to face the charges that he committed in st. petersburg which include fleeing arrest. he will then have to be extradited over to pull county to face other charges -- po they are. in total he was only freak for about 2 hours. another comfortable morning out there. we are really getting a treat and we haven't even gotten to the cold front that will bring in the real fall weather so enjoy. let me take you hour by hour through the day so you can plan things out: by 8 am we're still in the
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might see a few passing clouds through the day but i left it at 10 percent rain chance. i don't think a lot of us will see the rainfall. we're at 84 degrees by 4:00. plenty of sunshine with temperatures slightly above average. the cold front arrives late tomorrow. breezes will pick up. i don't expect that much rain but i do expect much cooler air. breakout the scarves. we will have low humidity and sunny sks. right now it only has about 55 percent of developing. the cold front will keep that away from the us coastline. at 5:08 we will check in with traffic on the 8s is people get their day started. we have a little bit of construction in sarasota. that has pretty much cleared up at the exit ramps. morgan street right at the selmon expressway has a little
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let's take a look at the skyway bridge. it will take you 6 minutes to cross the water. we're up to speed on the courtney campbell. we have wonderful drive to 75. while you were sleeping 2 deadly crashes -- the first one a deadly motorcycle crash on the howard franklin bridge. this was the scene just before midnight. no word on whether moyc just after midnight one person killed in this crash. it happened on to 75 -- 275. this was a single vehicle crash. we're making calls on both accident and will bring you updates. polk county will conduct a survey at the intersection of a serious crash. a mother and daughter were hit. neighbors want lights and
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they will take a look at traffic, speed, lighting and whether traffic stop signs are needed. this morning anthony junior is facing new charges after the more -- 4 victims claimed he had sexual contact with them he was arrested after one of his patients called police. investigators believe there are more victims out there. time to dust off your resume and press a nice suit also a deadly construction accident. what investigators are saying about this crane collapse. first, 80s on your side this morning. we are answering the call of a 13-year-old -- 8 on your side this morning. we are answering the call of a 13-year-old concerned about the speedy near her school.
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a cruise lake eighth-grader remains frustrated with an inner 7 -- intersection outside of her school . she contacted 8 on your side after witnessing a crash. >> reporter: recently pasco county spent over 2 and half million dollars to create a+ type intersection in front of
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this was to fix elevation and to improve safety for many local commuters are not satisfied. the intersection is shady hills road at softwood lane. the 13-year-old says it needs a traffic light or an enforceable school zone. >> what is the issue at the intersection? >> the speed limit, people don't really care about the speed limit they just plow through there. they don't stop. they are not aware of what is going on >> i tested her concerns. there is a 35 mile-per-hour advisory sign but it is not enforceable. i clock to vehicles going 60 miles-per- hour during school zone times. i also discovered in the past year there were 13 accidents within one mile and 3 at the intersection. so why no enforceable school zone? >> since the school a setback the traffic coming to and from the school comes down the side street there is not activity
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7 miles away hudson avenue has a designated school zone although there are no schools on hudson avenue. and, there are other complaints. >> there is a blind corner. you can see cars coming from your left when you are trying to exit the school. >> i see close calls every day. it is a bad road. >> i brought these concerns to traffic management. >> we will measure the volumes of the roads and see if a warranted at this location. >> in the meantime they will reevaluate the need for an enforceable school down -- zone. >> they will collect data at the end of this month. i will follow up with pasco county traffic management for an update on their findings. >> it will be interesting to see how they decide rich words are school zones -- which roads are school zones.
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takes place on the side street there are some that still use that. >> and yes they are flying by. i went out there with the radar gun to check it out. you have to take a look at how many kids are out there. hudson avenue has a school zone but there is no school there. >> good thing you are bringing this flight. 8 on your side is getting results nightmare in new port richey. donna johnson claims her pasco residence is being eaten alive after a ditch flooded. it was only when she called 8 on your side that the county went out to test the water. the inspector says it is likely coming from a creek nearby and they promised to monitor the area. and orlando man is spreading love like creating a memorial in honor of the pulse
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he is the author of the baltimore club project. he decided to come back to his hometown to help out. >> the first thing you want to do is help. with the tragedy like this sometimes you just don't know how. >> he is doing what he knows best, painting. the love mural is located across the street from the club. he is adding a flower around the word love to represent the 49 people who others injured when the scaffolding fell from a high rise building under construction in miami. a 50- year-old man had a heart attack when he ran from the accident and later died. it was a structural collapse. the investigation into what what wrong continue this morning. the building is a 60 floor condominium. a calf that washed ashore had to be put down.
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was separated from his mother. the will will be taken into see what went wrong. happening today a career fair in polk county. more than 50 employers are looking to hire right now. the event runs from 330 -- 3:30 until 7 pm. there is also early entrance for veterans. it actually feels really comfortable outside defender 8 scanning the skies. we are seeing rain way over here on the east coast that that is as far as we can see with our max defender 8 otherwise it is telling us it is a gorgeous morning. let me break down the rest of the day: 8 am we are pleasant, sunny around 69 degrees. 81 at noon. 86 at 4 pm. we have really nice day on tap with a 10 percent rain chance. tonight will be the peak of the meteor shower.
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degrees right now in zephyrhills. 55 brooksville. north port 67. it is another pleasant mild morning with the 10 percent rain chance and temperatures running a degree or 2 above average. on friday a cold front moves into the southeast. cross hour winds will pick up slightly throughout the day ahead of this front. i don't expect this front. 86 today, 80 for tomorrow, 70s and 50s this weekend. we're looking forward to nice weather. we have pretty nice traffic as well. i-4 looks wonderful also i 75 coming through pasco county looks very good as well. we have good drive in the suncoast area. we are free of any collisions. 301 and i 75 looks pretty good. we do have lingering
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clearing up right now. we did have some of the exit ramps that are clear but on university underneath i 75 he still may see a lane or 2 blocks. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. store been -- brand credit cards have peeling incentives -- appealing incentives. coming up we look at how these off. >> don't forget to follow me on social media this morning. lots of talk and mudslinging between the different people representing different parties, all of the stuff we have been seeing as of late. wait until you see a letter that we posted on both our twitter and facebook . it was a letter that george bush left for president bill clinton. you have to read
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a new study finds store branded charging record high interest rates. credit reports that ever storebrand cards charges 24 percent. the national average for all cards is just around 15 percent . fiat chrysler is recalling more than 200,000 suvs.
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jeep wranglers sold in the united states and canada. wiring can come loose cutting of signals to an airbag computer meaning they may not inflate during a crash. this was discovered during a crash test. samsung rolling out it's new app. you download the app and simply scan the barcode on the items. once you are finished shopping pay through the app with your sam's club account. show your receipt and you are on your way. the services available at all sam some -- sam's club stores right now. we have live look this morning at the skyway bridge. weather and traffic coming your way in just a few minutes. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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>>ct years. he also authored a book called what is wrong with my thyroid. what is wrong with so many people's thyroid?>> people can have symptoms had to tell brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue and inability to lose weight. >> tell us about the testing? >> we do standard blood testing for thyroid phone but i also do specific testing like -- function but i also do
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there are problems affecting the thyroid. >> is there hope for these people suffering? >> tremendous amount of hope. people can take a quiz. people can take a
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on this thursday morning when you send the kids out to the bus stop it feels pretty nice. skies will be clear in temperatures will be in the upper 60s. we have 10 percent or less of a chance of rain. check out this mugginess forecast. today and tomorrow not too bad but boy do we drop as we head into the weekend. we drop into the invigorating categories with dewpoints in the 40s which is really fall- have a picture-perfect fall weather on sunday. would look fantastic on our suncoast parkway. it is a great drive here. sometimes there is a little bit of construction but traffic is moving very smoothly. 54 to ehrlich road about a 7 minute commute. i 75 looks great in manatee county. 9 minutes from 64 to
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nice drive in the dennis area. veterans expressway wonderful. howard franklin bridge it will only take you 6 minutes to cross. 7 on the courtney campbell crossway.-- causeway . attorney mark ober decided rd to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. if mark ober can't protect our families,
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the final presidential debate is over but still has plenty of people talking. we will show you some of the moments that matter allegations of voter fraud in the bay area, but is it really happening or is this all just talk? 8 on your side investigates. an inmate accused of taking his guardhouse edge and making a run for it, we will tell you about the new charges he faces after that wild ride. good morning, >> thank you for joining us. let's get a check of the rather with our meteorologist leigh


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