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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the final presidential debate is over but still has plenty of people talking. we will show you some of the moments that matter allegations of voter fraud in the bay area, but is it really happening or is this all just talk? 8 on your side investigates. an inmate accused of taking his guardhouse edge and making a run for it, we will tell you about the new charges he faces after that wild ride. good morning, >> thank you for joining us. let's get a check of the rather with our meteorologist leigh
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using max defender 8 to scan the skies. locally things are nice and clear for you as you get your thursday started. you might notice it is a little cooler than yesterday. lake linden 64. 61 crystal river. 70 sarasota. this is your 24-hour temperature change. you guys are all about 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. brooksville is 8 degrees cooler . this bright red color is extremely dry air especially in the mid and up atmosphere which is why we will be lucky to get this 10 percent rain chance and why it will be pretty comfortable today with a high of 86. coming up i have in a day temperature trend where we trend much cooler. where good and dry with a good drive across the water. lake linden is up to speed as well as the interstate between the parkways. 13 minutes in and out of wesley chapel.
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to speed on i 75. a quick look on to 75 -- 275. it is wonderful. there are not a lot of vehicles on the roadway yet . the final presidential debate of 2016 is now in the books but the controversy is just getting started. hillary clinton and donald trump's face-off included name- calling and plenty of accusations on both sides. meredith joins us from our mp through some of these big moments everyone is talking about this morning. >> the debate had plenty of one- liners that you will hear about today. a battle over immigration led to a fight over emails released by wikileaks. donald trump insisted clinton wanted to open the nation's orders but clinton said he is all talk. >> we have some bad people here we're going to get them out. >> when it comes to the wall he
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mexico and had a meeting with the mexican president but he didn't even raise it. he choked. >> donald trump says clinton wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. clinton denied the charge and fired back that russia is helping wikileaks hoping to influence the us election in response to requests by donald trump. >> he would rather have a puppet then president of the united states. >> you are the puppet >> do you condemn any interference by russia and the american election? >> our brochure anybody else. >> do you condemn their in offenders -- by russia or anybody else . >> do you condemn their interference? >> of course i do. i don't know putin. >> donald trump says clinton should not be allowed to run
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donald trump was asked if you would accept the election results. he declined to say if you would but said he would only know that after november 8. big question this morning, who won the debate? big-name supporters for clinton and trump have their own opinions in our own keith cate was there for all of it. >> good morning from las vegas. what a night it was presidential debate. they were going at it on some of the big issues like immigration, entitlements, they were talking about national security. so much of this debate came down to the personal attacks about allegations of sexual harassment, about the wikileaks emails, the hacks, vladimir putin and russia, the connection, will this collection -- election be certified in the mine of donald trump , will he
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he seems to question that tonight. all of these people came out to support their candidates. the surrogates believe that their candidate won this debate and will eventually win the selection . >> on a scale of 1 to 10 how did hillary clinton do? >> i would give her a 7 or 8 and i would say if you knit out the delta on his comment about not accepting the outcome she beat him by 15. >> i think the performance was very good. he was able to pivot and really get the point across . >> donald trump saying he will keep us in suspense about whether he will accept the outcome of a free and fair election. >> i suspect he is going to accept it -- but that is now he said . >> i am telling you what i suspect. >> both sides thinking they did extremely well, but it is up to voters to decide. we have less than 3 weeks especially in the state of florida where the race is so close.
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november 8. it is only down to a few days. both campaigns are hitting the trail hard for the next few days. donald trump will hold rallies and 4 battleground states over the next 3 days. mike pence will visit several battleground states. hillary clinton will resume campaign appearances tomorrow when she had to ohio. today her supporters will campaign on her behalf president obama, first lady michelle obama, and vice president biden are leading clinton rallies. this collection -- election will have a major impact on the setup of the supreme court. justice mayor says she and her colleagues are doing there best with only 8 supreme court
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the polk county prisoner accused of escaping and kidnapping a corrections officer and then leaving law enforcement on a chase through pinellas county has his first court appearance. we're joined live now from one county. mary, how did this guy over power that corrections officer? >> reporter: that is the question a lot of people want the answer to this morning. this inmate had a nice and that is how he was ab how did he get that. this all begin 142-year-old david ross was on work detail in the early afternoon at mosaic park and bartow. somehow he used a knife to take the corrections officer half its , handcuffed him, locked his fellow inmates in a building and then took off in the city
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>> they caught the guy. he was down on the ground and 3 cops had their guns on him telling him not to move. you would at some point pick up his head and kick his feet and they were telling him not to move. >> the corrections officer is fine. during the arrest no deputies were injured. ross was considered to be a minimum security risk inmate. he was behind bars on forgery charges sentenced to 5 years in prison back in 2014. today he faces a whole host of other charges in pinellas and polk county and a lot more time behind bars it is 5:38 let's get a check on the weather. >> it actually feels really comfortable out there today. we have mostly clear skies. we will take a look out from our tower camera. it is 69 degrees with a nice northeast breeze at 6 miles-per-hour. once the sun comes up notice the temperature start to climb.
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degrees at 1:00 and an afternoon high of 86. the rain chance is there but notice as we head throughout the morning maybe if few passing clouds. winds get a little stronger coming from the northeast. that may bring in a quick shower. otherwise we have high today of 86. we go down 80 for tomorrow which is average. tomorrow night a strong cold front comes through in highs will only be at 79 saturday and sunday. has cleared up here click take a look at travel times. wonderful drive across all of our bay area bridges. here's the construction i was talking about. earlier we did have this construction on the exit ramps. that cleared up and we still have some fun university under i 75. that has cleared. a usually clears up by about 6 am. let's take a look at travel
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the only reason this yellow is here is you have a lot of surface lights to go through. to the venice area we are looking very good in southern sarasota county. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. this morning a former tampa middle school teacher convicted of having sex with her students is back on the streets. she was the released early after good behavior. she was a teacher at tampa davison middle school when e then ages 14 and 16. she was convicted in 2010. officials say for now she will be staying at the continental inn on us 19. deputies responded to reports of a woman shot. the sheriffs office will not confirm if someone's a shot -- someone washout are not .>>
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more. he landed his gyrocopter on the white house lawn. here what he thinks about the presidential race. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying.
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my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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we're back with more on your vote this morning. a bay area man claims members of his family plan to vote illegally this november. jorge is from puerto rico but lives in riverview. he claims his relatives in puerto rico plan to come here to florida to vote in the presidential election. he believes many puerto ricans plan on doing the same thing.
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>> those born in puerto rico are us citizens. while they can vote in the primaries, they cannot vote in the presidential election. 8 on your side made phone calls. state officials claim they have no knowledge of this happening. we're still waiting to hear back from the hillsboro county supervisor of elections. the man who landed his gyrocopter on the presidential month is talking more about his to the need of campaign finance fund. he says corporations are investing in the campaign as a pipe dream.>> it will not change anything because we haven't done anything yet to address money and politics. clinton stance too close to the money and donald trump is the money. >> he spent 4 months in prison for his stump -- stunt . he said that was the right thing
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north korea testfired another missile but it failed after takeoff. on saturday you will remember north korea also tried and failed to launch the same type of missile. this happened hours after the us and south korea decided to get tougher on the missile test . a couple of major issues on this year's presidential race. vladimir putin says he is will indefinitely. the us and other world leaders have been pushing russia to stop helping the syrians bombard the rebel held city. meanwhile, iraq you fighters continue there fight -- iraqi fighters continued their fight against isis in the
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for pregnant women who lived in or visited miami-dade since august 1 whether they have symptoms of the zika virus or not. assayer -- a sheriffs deputy is dead . 31-year-old jack hopkins was shot and killed when responding to a disturbance call in northeast california. he joined the force just last year. the name of the shooter and details released. a mentally ill woman shot to death by new york city police officer will be remembered today in a prayer vigil. officers responded to the 66- year-olds's apartment after a disturbance. the surgeon says she was armed with scissors and charged at him with a baseball bat. the mayor called the shooting unsuccessful -- unacceptable . 8 people were injured after
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the gas company explained construction in the area cause the gas line to rupture. they are working to find out what caused the gas leak to ignite. baylor university is being investigated because of there handling of sexual assault cases. these are the title ix cases. the coordinator who resigned says rather than protecting students administrators made sure that they were protecting rhode island are focused on expectant mothers asking whether inducing labor at 39 weeks is best for the baby's health. the study includes about 370 patients. the principal investigator explains the results may fly in the face of conventional wisdom. >> look at data on how babies do . they have the fewest problems
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inspected -- expectant mothers . those who agree to participate are randomized into different groups. our national bird hit by a jeep on a busy florida highway. the bald eagle was saved. the trooper rolled up to the eagle in this video shows him tending to the eagle. eventually he picks it up and puts it in the back of his sure the eagle was checked out. surprisingly, x-ray show no broken bones. this equal will likely -- eagle will likely friday free -- fly free again . max defender 8 using 1 million watts of power we can see not only our area but i can see all the over here to the point saint lucie.
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break down the rest of the day: 69 degrees and very pleasant at 8 am even maybe a little cooler than yesterday morning. 81 at noon. 86 for the day with about a 10 percent rain chance. 16 zephyrhills. 63 inverness. brooksville 63. long-range forecasts, lloyd do we have a nice long-range today mild again with temperatures running a degree or 2 above average with ace slim rain chance. this cold front will keep this low well out into the atlantic. when it comes through late friday it is going to help usher in a cool fall breeze below average temperatures on saturday. sunday morning a little chilly in the 50s with highs only around 79. looking at traffic we have good drive on the surface
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in the yellow it just means you have lights to go through. palmetto area is up to speed on 301. it looks very good. inbreeding 10 us 41 looks great. manatee avenue state road 72 it will take you about 30 minutes on us 41. into downtown tampa, ybor looks very good also 275 southbound that will take you 10 minutes. across the howard franklin br minute commute. candy decorations, costumes, the usual halloween items but this year american spend -- are spending more than ever before . coming up, how animals are behind the spending trend. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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the national retail federation says our spending money on pets is a part of the half-billion dollars we have spent on halloween.
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parties as part of the experience. >> it is all a growing trend with family members -- pets being treating -- treated more like family members. make sure your pup it's the right costume fit. consider the breed, weight and your pup 's measurements. my dog would just freeze if i put anything on her head if you call out sick be careful what you post online. a new survey finds out more than a 3rd of employers have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking social media. 27 percent of employers fired the employee. 55 percent were more forgiving and only reprimanded the employee. >> have you ever seen anybody post the picture of the medicine or night will bottle? i feel like that is going too far. >> the final presidential
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show you the moments getting the most attention this morning. plus concerns of a dangerous road outside of a pasco county middle school, but no designated school zone. we went to the county to find out why. first a live look at interstate 270 5 and mears avenue. traffic is moving along . we will have an update coming up for you in just a couple of minutes.-- 275 and mears avenue . traffic is moving along. we will have en for you in just a couple of
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it should be a really comfortable day. nice and comfortable this morning. lower humidity, 86 degrees in the afternoon. lots of sunshine. back down in the upper 60s tonight but the big story: the cold front that comes through tomorrow night. 79 degrees on saturday and sunday. cool mornings with that light breeze. hernando is making the
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this is that linden drive and mariner boulevard. we do have lanes that are taken away due to this crash. we also have an accident over in pinellas 54 avenue north right at 22nd street north. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. [ video playback ] an inmate takes a corrections officer hostage. how it happened in the new charges the inmate faces. plus unsafe school zones. 80s on your side after a teenage girl contacted us to a port speeding drivers -- report speeding drivers near her school


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