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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. botched ballots: 8 on your side find out more than 200 voters ha taking a deputy hostage: we will find out what is next for prisoner that is in trouble with the law again. watch out for the interest rate on your store specific credit card. it may be way higher than you think. number 4: the team of the week trophy is looking for a new place to call home. coming up to 3 teams in the running to take one of these home. good afternoon everyone. this is first of 4. thank you
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we do have breaking news right now, a violent carjacking in sarasota and a criminal is on the loose. >> john is live. >> reporter: police are still on scene. there still crime scene tape of where this all started. there is a dangerous man on the loose and venice police need your help to get them caught. >> at around 8:00 last night a man attacked a masseuse. he jumped onto the back of a truck on th parking lot and hit the brakes so the suspects flew off -- suspect flew off. he tried to carjack an employee and then attacked an employee before running away. police later find the masseuse -- found the masseuse them injured. >> we have victim that is seriously injured. we hope that works out well and we hope she is able to provide us with additional information
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this morning. he is described as being in his 30s, wearing a red shirt, and running south. if you know anything about this, please contact venice police. >> do police still think he is in the area? >> police believe he may have fled the area. they are interviewing other witnesses and other people so we hope we get more information soon. presidential debate now in the history books.>> republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton face-off in vegas last night. all watchers say clinton won that debate. what everyone is talking about on donald trump comments on whether he will accept the outcome of the election. >> will you accept the results of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now.
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will let you know at the time. >> laura ingram tweeted he should have said he will accept the results of the election. that debate did pretty well in terms of your ships. early numbers indicate more than 70 million -- viewership . early numbers indicate more than 70 people -- 70 million people tuned in . people received ballots and then know -- noticed one of the races >> more than 250 voters living in the city of largo had to be mailed of these notices after the first batch of mail in ballots excluded the city commission race. a largo resident noticed neither candidate was on the mail in ballots and inform city officials. several areas in largo were annexed, but the information was not updated with the supervisor of elections office. this is after the ballots had
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this is after the ballots had already started to go out on october 4. city officials alerted election representatives october 11, and replacement ballot started to go out 2 days later with the notice to voters. wants annexation ordinances are adopted by the city commission, they record them in the official public records of pinellas county and copies are sent electronically to the supervisor of elections office. the city clerk said the miscommunication was on their and. they recorded the notices -- and then failed to send them. >> just a reminder, election day is november 8. to check out our print up a ballot in your county our web team compiled a list of links on new details on the corrections officers taken hostage by an inmate. a cafeteria worker from a nearby school saved the day by calling
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were just released, the woman explains how she was eating lunch in nearby mosaic park when 4 panicked inmates came running up to her. the trustees told her the officers that was -- the officer that was supervising them was taken hostage and held a knife point by fellow inmate. >> there was about 4 inmates that came running up to me. they said one of the other inmates kidnapped the officer and they left in the truck. they were pointing which way his work detail, david ross, grabbed a stake night -- steak knife from a park restroom , held the corrections officer hostage and then fled. the corrections officer managed to escape when the 2 stopped at a gas station along the way. now your weather with storm team 8 meteorologists. >> we are looking at a fantastic afternoon on max
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any rain around this afternoon. we have been watching a few spotty showers in our far inland spots earlier today, but at this point all is quiet. we are expecting it to generally stay that way for the rest of the evening. out of venice 80 degrees. at this point no rain at this location just a beautiful view. blue skies and some fairweather cumulus clouds. temperatures have still been warm this afternoon. in tampa we're sitting at 88 degrees time of year. near record he continues but the cold front is on the way. we are waiting for it at this point. not expecting to see much rain because we have dry air in place . you can visibly see that on the water vapor imagery. this has been what is limiting the rain for the last few days. all week it has been quiet. as we head throughout the rest of the day will continue to see our northeast winds infill a
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bit of a breeze . we will keep our rain chances at or less than 10 percent. temperatures will drop to around 70 with mostly clear skies. our rain chances look low tomorrow and then completely out of the picture as we head into the we can into the start of next week. the changes come with our temperatures. we will take a look at those coming up in your full forecast. after review of the school calendar year it looks like polk county schools will not have to make up the days that were missed due to rr >> earlier this month schools were closed due to the weather conditions associated with that storm. again, those days will not have to be made up. a recall to tell you about. it looks like the sun roofs and some of these cars can fly off all you are driving. details coming up. dumping snoopy copan -- one huge insurance company is planning to change it's logo and image.
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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you know those store branded credit cards in your wallets? study showed they are charging high interest rates. the average store branded card charges 24 percent, that is much higher than the national average which is a little over 15 percent. many customers sign up for the store branded cars for the incent b generous. condi is recalling -- hyundai is recalling nearly 63,000 cars because they are sunroofs can blow off in traffic. we are told if the owner tries to force the sunroof close while driving, the sunroof can fly off. metlife is dumping snoopy, charlie brown and other members of the peanut gang from their adds. they plan to replace it with
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gone is the giant blimp featuring snoopy and his world war i pilot gear. metlife said they will have a letter m as it's logo. coming up, see how employees get caught faking sick while they're not sick. that is coming up. will the lightning start the season off for - zero? we will take a look at tonight's matchup. you can get all the stories on tampa bays most convenient prime time newscast. it is on at 8. we will be right back. storm team a weather is brought to you by the law
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here's a look at max defender 8. our new radar will be able to give us a more accurate view when we have storms roll through, but this afternoon it is completely quiet at this point. we expected to stay quiet over the next several days. great view from brandon, 85 degrees with winds coming out of the east, northeast and fairly light at this point. we want to show yoso morning. the schools taken -- this was taken of the moon during the daylight . nice to see those beautiful blue skies throughout the day. we have the dry air in place. for us over the next couple of days expect conditions to continue. for tonight, pleasant temperatures with about a 10 percent chance of rain as we head through the evening hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning is still it is -- it
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tomorrow afternoon we are looking at the mid-80s, but the cold front will arrive later in the day and that is when we will see those temperatures starting to drop as we head into saturday morning. for the rest of this evening it will stay mostly dry for us. the dry air continues even with the front. we're not expecting much rain maybe a little patchy fog in our inland spots to start off the day. friday afternoon out ahead of it it will still be warm. slim rain chance as the front passes. behind it the cooler air will begin to wake up saturday morning it will be breezy and much cooler. we're talking temperatures in the low 60s and even some 50s on the map. by saturday afternoon we see some cool air settle in. nothing but low sunshine in temperatures expected into the upper 70s. highs in the 70s all we can long. as we head into next week we gradually warm back up. in the tropics we're watching one area that has a 50 percent chance of
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the front keeps the system away from us and we are left with drier conditions for the rest of the week. cooler temperatures through most of next week as well. if you ever called out to work but i'm really sick, be careful what you post online. more than a 3rd of employers have caught an employee lying about being sick i checking their social media. 27 percent have actually fired the employee. the study found the they are not sick has declined over the last year. here now are some 8 on your side answers. helping with those is our social media expert, jonathan sellers. that is a problem, you take a sick day and you're not being honest about it and then you get busted by posting something online. >> posting it or you go out with some friends who aren't really concerned about your story that you have crafted,
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bossy it and now you have written evidence proving that you live -- boss sees it and now you have written evidence proving that you live.-- lied . >> should you be connected to your boss? there are 2 things to take into account: one, your culture. is it a place where people are friends on social media or is it a place wh you need to nsider that. also it is your personal use. if you use your way -- your social media to vent that maybe be careful with who you are friending. >> a lot of people have lost their jobs because of what they post. it is about posting, negative comments about the job. >> when i started researching this i found story after story where the said happen and it was commonly people posting
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were posting negative information about their job or their company -- or jobhunting . >> none of these things will make your employer happy. >> of course not especially the part about negative comments about your jobs. people say freedom of speech, but the company has a right to -- when you represent them and you are in a public forum posting negative things, they have a right to protect themselves. >> so you can expect to hear about it of those. >> you can also talk politics are saying things about your job they you are unhappy with. i have seen examples of everything you are talking about and i am always amazed by it. >> there are some instances where a company let an employee go because of something happen in the employee -- the company was found in the wrong . the vast majority of cases, the company has the right to make their decision and it really
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>> this is the take away. >> this is your job. if you are serious about your job you have to keep these kind of things in mind and keep it to yourself. yes, because it is out there. once it is in writing -- even if you delete it someone else could already have a screenshot. once you put it out there, it is out there. >> good information. sometimes you feel like you don't have to tell people this you really do because we see it all is week 8 of high school football and this late in the season teams are playing hard hoping to make it to the postseason. today we want to highlight big 3 teams that are sure to make the playoffs. here's anthony allred with our team of the week. tampa bay, what it do. some of the best high school football in the state of florida displayed right here in the tampa bay area. i say that because 5 of the top 10 teams in class lxxviii are from right
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teams in class evan 8 going at it for -- 7 a going at it for district title. >> the undefeated venice football indians really put on a show in front of their home crowd. the defense donning the forest green uniforms got after the quarterback getting several sex, forced -- sat -- sacks, the braided river pirates -- brandon river pirates . in polk county, and looked like the lakeland red not ship was sinking fast -- knocks ship found themselves sinking fast. in the 2nd half they scored 28 unanswered points by returning a 60 yard punt, catching a 17 you -- 72 yard touchdown pass
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devils 35?23. and manatee county it wasn't quite a full moon but the moonlight shined bright on another big bay area game, the sarasota riverview rams wearing the white found themselves in a shootout caught up in a category t hurricane. just like a storm team news channel 8 reporter, the rams handled their business and upset the manatee hurricanes, 42 - 33. sarasota riverview rams. coming up: i will let you know if it is enough to take one of these bad boys right here home. let's check in with first step for sport paul ryan -- 4 sport paul ryan. >> this is the best of both day ever.
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they were 3rd last year but 70th when jeff bought the club back in 2010. they are number one in the nhl standings. the only 3 - zero team in the entire eastern conference. they are putting that on the line against colorado. they skated this morning at emily arena. they are focusing on starting fast in this one. tampa bay has given up the first goal in all 3 games this year against the . that could be a recipe for disaster. >> obviously we have tough opponent tonight. there is a lot of skill over there. it will be important to play our game, focus on defense. >> we obviously wanna be successful in the 4th game. >> i know we would like to
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to the end of the last few games. it would be nice to play with the lead for a little while. scrap -- when you say the name colin kaepernick what comes to mind? a capable qb who has rightfully regained his starting job. maybe think he is a sideshow, unpatriotic, civil rights activist, foar a platfo to promote equality and draw attention to so sues? there is no black and whe answer his protest exist in a shade of gray. no matter what they think of what he is doing or why he is doing it many of his nfl colleagues respect the man who has gone against the grain, often times all alone in pursuit of what he believes is right. i asked the quarterback jamison winston what he thought of colin kaepernick kneeling and
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what he is doing and hinted he would stand up for fellow buccaneer if the team a wanted to support colin kaepernick's cause. >> if someone felt strong about that on our team and decided to take a stand, i'm pretty sure a lot of people would be with them. that is what i feel about colin kaepernick. a lot of people support him because he is someone that shows strength. he shows perseverance and he is doing this alone. you have to respect that him. he is a great man. >> colin kaepernick expected to start the game against the buccaneers. have you been surprised that none of the buccaneers have joined him on his crusade? >> i'm not surprised and asked jamison that as well and he said he's not surprised. he said he believes it is a team by team decision. i think it is a locker room
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one behind him. >> it is the united states and you can do you want and say what you want.
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this year the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. e'll always stand with you.
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donald trump is now saying he won't commit to honoring the results of november's election because he wants to reserve his right to file a legal challenge in a case of a donald trump told the crowd of course he would acpt the election results. new details being released in the government's case against a former contractor. coractors believe navy veteran harold martin told -- stole top-secret information. they are now calling it taking. >> he is accused of stealing government materials dating from 1996 to 2016. north korea is testing missiles at an unprecedented
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calling the launch of failure and claims it does not pose a threat to north america. the capability to mount a nuclear warhead on one of those missiles is especially worrying for south korea and japan. the president live in miami right now. this is a live look at the president speaking at miami-dade college. we are told he is there to encourage people, especially young people to sign up for the healthcare coverage available under the affordable care there are some clinton campaign signs around him as well. open enrollment for affordable care begins in 2 weeks. a new warning about gas explosions as yet another building goes up in flames. >> the most recent explosions happen in portland oregon rocking an entire neighborhood. some of the neighbor smelled gas and made quick decisions that definitely save the lives. what you supposed to do if you
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gas leak or catch it with of the rotten egg smell? we do know what to do next? jeff is going to show you. this latest explosion caught on camera. people were running for their lives with an entire building up in flames. >> the building is obliterated. part of the building is all over the street. it is a catastrophe. >> the culprit, a gas leak. 8 people injured including emergency responders making desperate calls for help 2 weeks ago another gas explosion in new jersey. to homes completely leveled. luckily only minor injuries. believe it or not it is more common than you think. >> [ audio playback ] >> families running from their homes as flames issued in the air. >> [ audio playback ]
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bit. >> it was big flames coming from the house. >> police dashcam rolling as this house explodes injuring 15 . what do you do if you hear that hiss or smell gas inside your home? >> there are a few things you can do. >> james is captain of the santa monica fire department. >> what is first? >> walk over to the stove to make sure all your burners are turned off. someone may on and now you have free- flowing gas.>> if it is off than what? >> make sure you don't use lights or any flames. don't use the lights because that could lead into a spark which causes an explosion. have a flashlight handy. the next step, then a late the house by opening up all the doors and windows. >> do that to get all the gases out. >> ventilate the house. >> when you open this door and
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your gas meter is. >> when there is no emergency, outside your house in know where it is. >> know where it is and know how to operate it. this valve while it is on is up and down. perpendicular means it is off. put the ranch on it and quarter turn it -- ranch on and corner turn it -- quarter turn it . make sure you get away from your home. you want to make sure across the street or once you get there want to make sure to dial 911. >> simple tips to keep your family safe and your home standing. >> some powerful video. i was just reporting. if you suddenly notice your grass, weeds or shrubs have changed color looking more browner rusty, that could be a sign of a leak. the gas could be pouring out of pipes outdoors.
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call 911 safely and immediately and then call the gas company. now making news across america: a small plane runs out of gas and look where it needs to make an emergency landing, right on the georgia highway. according to the federal aviation administration, this twin engine landed at the intersection of highway 166 near i 20 in carrollton today. the pilot was the only person on board and the faa is investigating. a texas police ce saved a choking toddler is being called a hero today. his police dashcam recorded the whole incident. you can see the boy's mother holding her unresponsive 3-year-old as granberry officer chase miller pulls up. the boy had a seizure outside of a fast food restaurant and it caused him to stop breathing. officer miller immediately began cpr and minutes later he began breathing again. check this out: this is
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as it was parked in miami today . the president is in miami to talk about affordable healthcare . you can see the dark clouds rolling in just before the rain starts. i thought that was pretty good video to share. thousands of floridians took advantage of an extended voter registration deadline, but giving them -- getting them verified in time for early voting did not pan out. >> florida democrats were going for the trifecta themselves in federal court for the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks seeking more changes to state boating laws. this time they wanted the state to allow newly registered voters who had not yet been verified to cast regular ballots and not provisional ones. ultimately, the judge denied the promotion -- the motion. >> when you judge a ballot it is not counted unless it is
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proof that the voter is an eligible to vote. you obviously would rather vote a regular ballot if you can expect about 60,000 people registered when the voter registration deadline was extended and early voting starts monday. hello there hope you are enjoying your afternoon. we went awry mind you construction -- remind you about construction that will take place tonight in overnight . >> university park way we can tune you to see a lot of construction on i 75 and lately it is around the exit ramps. a usually clears up by about 6 am . you will be able to get by but remember lane closures. for the skyway bridge we see one or 2 lanes closed overnight into the early hours of the morning.
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and maureen. that is a look at the traffic tomorrow morning but what about the weather? >> it will still feel pretty pleasant tomorrow morning. the breeze will start to increase out ahead of a cold front. we will start the day in the high 60s then cooler for the weekend. you can catch them every weekday morning with weather and traffic on the 8s starting at 4:30 a.m. starting at 4:30 a.m. the tampa bay heart walk is getting closer every day to it we are bringing you stories of survival. today, she's just 16 years old and has already gotten her 2nd heart transplant. maddie shares her amazing story with me coming up. you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side tories: newly uncovered emails showing much closer relationship between the -- stories : newly uncovered emails showing much closer relationships between the head of the transportation industry
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negotiations with. a woman says 8 on your side is right, residents and puerto rico are illegally voting in our elections and she asked of the state to investigate a
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a tinseltown tussle over the credits and a >> david daniel has it all in your hollywood minute. fans who were hooked on a feeling 2 summers ago are rejoicing over the first sneak peek of guardians of the galaxy volume 2 opening next may. along with the familiar soundtrack we get the gang together.
4:43 pm
because warren beatty wrote, directed and produced the movie and also 15 other people are also listed as producers included some of the richest people connected -- including some of the races -- richest people connected to hollywood . >> [ video playback ] spinal tap -- this is spinal tap don't add up . the costar ofthe mocker entry -- mockery is suing . he says despite decades of live shows each of the movie's principle has made less than $200 in royalties. he is suing for $125 million plus rights to the film.
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max defender 8 this afternoon getting a nice break. we're not tracking much out there, a few very light sprinkles in our inland spots earlier today, but at this point all is dry. expected to stay mostly dry for the rest of the day. great view from chula bay . no rain out at this location and it is looking good from innis broke -- innesbrook and palm harbor. we're watching for the meteor shower that will peak tonight and tomorrow morning. due to the moon there will be an extra glare this year. that might impede some of your viewing, but it will be peaking
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. temperatures tomorrow morning are still going to be warm close to 70 degrees. the cold front arrives tomorrow, but tomorrow will still be a warm day. we're still going to make it into the mid-80s by the afternoon. by the evening hours we will start to see the temperatures drop a bit quicker. 77 degrees out a kickoff if you're headed out to any friday night football games. we are looking at just a 10 percent rain chance along this front. most of us will stay temperatures dropping back in starting to feel cooler by the final play. you may want the light sweater because it is going to be breezy and a little bit cooler by the end of the game. temperatures right now mid-to upper 80s. 80 88 in tampa. 79 clearwater. our dewpoints, mid-to low 60s. we are in the not too bad range. behind this front is some
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our way. it is still off to the north and west. the rest of the evening will stay mostly dry with a few clouds around. when you wake up tomorrow morning temperatures will be close to 70 degrees. by the afternoon hours we will make it into the mid-80s with a small rain chance along the front. the front rolls through and you will notice hour north winds will pick up . it will be breezy overnight and much cooler by saturday morning. we are looking at temperatures from the low 60s to mid-5th and some of our the cooler air will settle in and build in as we head throughout the day. the front will sweep well to the south. nothing but sunshine and we are looking at below average temperatures saturday afternoon . out in the tropics this front will keep the area that we are watching to our east. it will stay there. only a 50 percent chance of development. even if the storm does develop it will not come toward the florida coast. that
4:47 pm
it will continue to move off toward the north. you can see our spaghetti models doing the same thing with that track. for us, the dry stretch will continue. the much drier air filters in as we head into the weekend. notice on sunday we will have temperatures starting off in the 50s for all of us. it will stay dry through most of next week. we will slowly bring back up the temperatures in the rain chances but this weekend shaping up to be a top 10 we can . it is hard to t -- weekend . it is hard to get better than that. stay close. we will be right back. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs
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heart transplants are not nearly as rare as they used to be. 30 percent of all heart transplant recipients now will need a 2nd trans-plan in their lifetime. one very strong and resilient teenager has just received her heart transplant
4:51 pm
to maddie price, she was just 11 years old and her best friend was her little dog named coco.>> i never had a puppy before and he just loves to play. >> fast-forward 5 years and look at maddie now. she is 16, driving, and she is thriving after just spending 7 months at the johns hopkins all children's hospital in st. petersburg. that is a long time for teenager 16 and i want to be out hanging out with friends on the weekend in the football game friday night but they just came to see me instead of me going to them. >> maddie was born with congenital heart disease and had her first open heart surgery i just 7 days old and her first heart transplant just before her fix the birthday. >> when we first met maddie back in 2011 we knew her first transplant would not last forever.
4:52 pm
on a number of medicines at this point just to keep her stable, to keep her system so that it is not compromised. is >> her first heart lasted nearly 10 years, 7 years longer than doctors expected, but then this march just before his 16th birthday she was put back on the transplant list. >> we were told wednesday and listed thursday. >> this is her pediatric heart surgeon >> you become more prone to rejecting a new heart, so that is one of the reasons why patients will want to go -- patients who undergo a 2nd heart transplant tend to struggle the 2nd time around. >> at first i was very weak and i was just giving up because i didn't think anything would get utter, but i feel -- better , but i feel better than i did before the first heart. i feel stronger and i can do a lot
4:53 pm
good? >> i do. >> maddie is now back home and will return to her junior year in high school in january. >> now her muscles are very good because she has overcome all of the initial herders -- hurdles . she really has to take good care of this heart. that is what it boils down to. >> i think she plans to take good care of that heart. the 2016 heart walk is 3 our hundred thousand dollars fundraising goal. fucchilo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise. every dollar you donate counts us to. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium. i hope you will come and join our wfla team. just go to walk for details. researchers at the cleveland clinic asked 33
4:54 pm
eat a whole-grain diet for 8 weeks and a refined grain diet for another 8 weeks. participants shoulder a threefold improvement in diastolic blood pressure when on the whole-grain diet. that change alone can reduce the risk of heart disease death by one third and a risk of stroke that by 2/5 -- death by 2/5. the cleveland clinic also looked at staying hydrated. studies found those who do not drink enough water may have a negatively impact memory, mood and attention span. >> a lot of times when you are dehydrated you confused that for hunger. you end up picking up food and things like that where maybe you don't really need to eat because you're actually dehydrated. >> there are immense benefits to staying hydrated such as keeping muscles working officially especially the heart
4:55 pm
for his dog and the video is taking off. >> we will show you how he came up with this idea when first at 4 returns. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure
4:56 pm
and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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>> let's take a look at what's trending online beginning with a backpack for your dog. this thing has nearly 17 million views on facebook since last week. the inventer came up with the idea when his dog stepped on a piece of glass while he was biking. he tied a shirt around the dog and carried him home. you slide the dog in and put it on like a traditional backpack. the new trailer for the third wolverine movie called
4:59 pm
scars. you may remember his superpower is regeneration, so this mow movie is set well into the future. deadpool 2 starts january 12 as well. and this is not an ordinary debate, so don't use any pain relief says excedrin. the the tweet got more than a thousand likes an trending on twitter. we have much more nows coming your way. newschannel8 at 5:00 starting right now. >> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:00 ... >> a violent dangerous man running from police. where he went on a crime spree before disappearing. >> plus, a ballot blunder in pinellas county. local races left off. 8 on your side gets answers. >> and will donald trump accept the results of the upcoming
5:00 pm
last night's debate. good evening everybody, i'm rod carter. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. >> fi police are on the hunt for a dangerous man now. he violently attacked a woman and tried to carjack a stranger in an effort to get away. let's go straight to newschannel8's john rogers two is live on the scene with the story. bring us up to date. >> reporter: it is a very scare story. it started here at this massage parlor. nearly 24 hours since the crime, police are despel venice police say this criminal is a very violent man. just before 8:00 wednesday night, he attacked a woman who worked at the 88 spa off tamiami trail in venice. then he popped into the back of a public driving toward publix. >> the driver noticed the person, was able to hit the brakes causing the person to call from the pickup. >> reporter: in the lot, the


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